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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  December 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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not there can be true trust between those two. >> do you, robert? i am going to interrupt you and bring you in benjamin netanyahu switching into english. we are going to listen into his speech >> we are grateful of the support israel has received over many, many decades. our alliance is based on shared values and interests and a sense of shared destiny. a partnership that's endured differences of opinions between our two governments over the best way to advance peace and stability in the middle east. i have no doubt that our alliance will endure the profound disagreement. we have had with the obama administration and we'll become stronger in the future. now, i must express my deep disemployment with today of john
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ker kerry's speech. in a speech extensively between peace between palestinians and israelis. by passionately condemning a policy that enabling jews to live in their historic homeland and in their internal capitol. jewsi jerusalem. they're the reality that the people of is real hrael had to .
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poll sil policies of the time of -- i don't seek applause, i seek the security and peace and prosperity and the future of the jewish state. the jewish people have had their place under the sun for 3,000 years and we are not about to dissuade by mistaken policies that have caused great damage. israelis do not need to be lectured of the important of peace by foreign leaders. we pray. we worked for it everyday since then. thousands of israel families ma made the ultimate sacrifice. my family has been one of them. there are many, many others. no one wants peace more than the
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people of israel. israel remains committed to resolving the outstanding differences between us and the palestinians through die recollect negotiations. this is how we made peace with egypt and jordan. it is the only way we'll make peace with the palestinians. that's always been israel's policy. that's always been america's policy. here is what president obama have said at the u.n. in 2011. he said, peace is hard work. peace will not come from statements or resolutions of the united nation. if it was that easy, it would have been accomplished by now. that's what president obama said. he was right. and until last week, this was repeated over and over again as american policy. secreta
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secretary kerry says the united states cannot vote against its policy. that's exactly what it did at the u.n. that's what israel opposed last week's security solution. it calls for the western wall occupying palestinians territory. that's what it does. because it reflects a radical shift in u.s. policy towards palestinians, on the final status issues, of those issues that we always agree, the u.s. have to be negotiatedd die recolle directly face to face. >> despite the refuse to negotiate peace for the past eight years. despite the palestinian authority -- the entire generation of young
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palestinians. israel looks forward to working with president-elect trump and with the american congress, democrats and republicans to mitigate the damage that this resolution is done and ultimately to repeal it. israel hopes that the out going obama administration will prevent any damage being done to israel at the u.n. in its waiting day is. i wish i could be comforted by the promise that tuu.s. says wel not bring anymore resolutions to the u.n. that's what they acid previously. we have in contestable evidence with the united states, organized and advance and brought this resolution to the united nation security council. we'll share that information with the in coming administration, it is all true.
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you saw some of it in the protocol released and egyptian paper. there is plenty more at the tips of the iceberg. so they say but we did not bring it -- and john kerry's speech at this point, it could be raised in the french international conference a few days from now. so perhaps, we'll bring it or sweden and not a friend of israel. the united states -- well, we cannot vote against our own policy. we just annuniciated. the united states should not come out and say we'll not allow any more resolutions. not we'll bring or will bring,
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we'll not allow any and stop this game of charades. the decisions are vital to israel's interest and the future of its children. that won't be made through speeches in washington or folks in the united nations or conferences in paris. it will be made by the government of israel around the negotiating table, making them behalf of the one and only jewish state a sovereign nation that's a master of its own faith. >> one final thought, i personally know the pain and the loss and the suffering of war that's why i am so committed to peace. for anyone who have experienced it as i have, war and terror are horrible. i want young palestinians to be educated like our children for peace. but, they're not educated for
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peace. the palestinian authorities educated them to murderous israelis. both have a future of mutual recognition of respect a. the palestinian authority tells them they should never accept the assistance of the jewish state. how could you make peace with someone who rejects your very assistance. you see this conflict is not about houses or communities in the west bank or anywhere else. this conflict is and always been about israel's right to exist. that's why my hundreds of calls to sit with president obama for peace thought have gone unanswered. that's why my invitation was never answered and that's why
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the palestinian government continues to plague anyone who murder israelis a monthly salary. recognizing a jewish state remaining the core of conflict. palestinians rejection of israel and support for terrorists are what the nation of the world should focus on if they truly want to advance peace. i can say it is a shame that secreta secretary kerry see this simple truth. thank you. >> i am jacob soboroff, live in headquarters in new york in jerusalem, benjamin netanyahu, responding on john kerry's
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comment of what he called a d disappointme disappointment and criticizing current israelis policies as the ultimate threat to a two-state resolution. >> those countries who are ultimately brought it to florida. if you have more and more settlements being filled in the area that's supposed to be the future of palestine, it makes it harder and harder to have that future palestine. >> we are monitoring a state department, they'll bring to you immediately. lets go to our reporter, joining me now from our london newsroom our chief local correspondence, bill neely, i want to start with you of the benjamin netanyahu's response and some of what we have seen today so far.
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>> well, john kerry says his speech was going to be candid and i think you heard a candid reply from benjamin netanyahu. he said john kerry's speech was disappointing and regrettable and he used the word shame. >> he says john kerry's speech was unbalanced and biassed against israel and it was all about blaming israel. it was interesting that both a statements he released beforehand and both of that speech was not in hebrew, he was addressing as an american on a global audience. benjamin netanyahu says like the security council resolution that kerri advance inside the u.n., his speech tonight was skewed ger against israel. >> that just failed to veto.
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but, you heard again from benjamin netanyahu, a real bitterness and he said israel had proof that it would show the world that in fact at the united states was behind the drafting of that resolution. benjamin netanyahu says that kerry's speech dealt with settlement to a jewish state. john kerry was in fact, rather even handed in condemning palestinians palestinians. this was the strongest sustained condo nation of jewish settlements in decades like any u.s. secretary of state. i think from benjamin netanyahu, a hint of bitterness there and he was certainly looking forward to working with president-elect
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trump. >> uncontestable evidence, the language that we heard there from prime minister benjamin netanyahu about the united states and being behind this resolution, we have not seen that proof yet. >> what did the secretary trying to accu-- >> well, this was as speech that john kerry has wanted to give for a long time. he was blocked by the white house which believed that hillary clinton was going to become theresidentnd advised john kerry this was not a speech that was good to get. this was a legacy speech for john kerry, he believed the two states solutions for four decades. >> it was in real
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. . . . israel foreign policy dep d depends on the support of the republican and the democrat parties. i think that's bad for is real and it is bad for americans. >> again, something that's not
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unprecedented as you say. secretary kerry spending much of his speech today condemning on the israelis' settlement. >> policies are committed to settlements than any israel in the country. they're leading towards one state. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish or democratic, it cannot be both. >> so he does not come out and say it quite directly there. he lets anybody just about anyone in further line between israel prosettlement policies of what he can arise to an undemocratic state. what's your response to that? >> there is talk about how many jewish settlers there are and most of them are in area that is you would expect to be part of
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israel in a two-state solution. also, israel has demonstrated both in the settlement and of a capacity to remove those settlements that are harmful to a peace process and benjamin netanya netanyahu's party has been at the forefront of removing any settlements that's called for removal for the peace process. there was a ten-month settlement freeze that was not used for the palestinia palestinians. what's most missing is how what's most missing is how outrageous the palestinian
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at msnbc world headquarters in new york. some breaking news this hour just in from "associated press." palestinian president mahmoud abbas says he's ready to resume peace talks if israel freezes settlement. benjamin netanyahu just spoke in jerusalem following secretary of state john kerry's remarks about middle east policy. benjamin netanyahu flatly
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rejected from sustaining from u.n. security vote and why the government is so steadfast in its position on peace talks. >> my position is that israelis and palestinians both have a future of mutual recognition, dignity, respect, co-existence. but the palestinian authority tells them they will never accept and should never accept the existence of a jewish state. so i ask how can you make peace with someone who rejects your very existence. >> joining me by phone human rights attorney from george washington university. i understand you were listening to congressman brad sherman just before the break. do you care to respond to what congressman sherman had to say? >> congressman sherman told viewers and unfortunately constituents end of apartheid regime that distinguishes between palestinians and jewish
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israelis and actually privileges jewish israelis as a matter of law, an apartheid regime is the same thing as removing jews from middle east. that's disingenuous, dangerous, an outright lie, irresponsible for a member of congress to say. jews are part and parcel, an intricate fabric of middle east, morocco, lebanon, tunisia, the rest of north africa. this is not the same thing. even jews to stay in what is palestine and israel is absolutely fine. the request is to end an apartheid regime, not to remove jewish people. those are two differ things. the conflation of those things is very dangerous and why it's become detractable. >> i want to drill down. obviously palestinian sees things differently than israeli prime minister. why is the idea of recognizing israel as a jewish state being characterized as such a
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roadblock here? >> israel demanded palestines recognize it as reality which they did al roker and formally in 1993. israel has been recognized and has existed as a state since 1948 and entered united nations as a member state in 1949. so this idea that now demanding, upping this demand, moving the needle so that palestinians are short yet again is basically like telling friends we want you to recognize french is french, u.s. are americans but, hey, you have to recognize u.s. is for white americans only or fran is for french americans only. right now within israel, 20% of its population is not jewish. they are muslim and christian palestinian citizens of the state who are treated as a fifth column. what happened when the state is not recognized as a state for israelis but recognized as a
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state for jews only? what happens to those palestinians who are citizens of the state but are christian and muslim. are we okay with that? as a country that's separated in the first amendment -- separated church and state and believes in equality and believes in the treatment of people regardless of creed, color, religion, are we okay with them saying that israel is only for jewish citizens and not for all citizens of the state? i leave that up to your listeners and viewers. i certainly am not. i think when palestinian authority or palestine refuses to recognize israel, it's for similar reasons. it's for the values that we uphold. >> both prime minister benjamin netanyahu and two republican senators today said that the real problem is palestinians. i'm talking about lindsey graham, for instance, that said the palestinians are in complete disarray when it comes to acting like a state. that's a direct quote. what do you say to senator graham? >> i say two things. the first thing is that they are not a state.
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they are a people under occupation. the only person that ever offered a nominal state hood to palestinians fell apart in the year 2000. there's an expectation for people who are functioning under a military occupation and apartheid regime when the prime minister has to literally -- excuse me, the palestinian president has to literally get permission to travel out of palestine to israel and then to turn around and expect them to act the same as the state means we are not providing the needs of palestinians to be able to function. sovereignty is met with responsibility. palestinians have not had that sovereignty and yet have met nearly every demand israelis have imposed on them. the problem is not palestine. kerry said it today in his speech. the settlements do not increase israeli security. the settlements compromise israelis even more by being
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built on palestinian lands, removal, concentration, their militarization just for existing and living there afterwards, how is israel making itself safer? how is it furthering its own cause. obama and now kerry are trying to save israel from itself and unfortunately our members of congress, rather than aiding a democratic leadership and ushering a new era are simply protracting the conflict further and moving us faster into an apartheid reality. >> unfortunately we have to leave it there. thank you for your time today. coming up next, in-depth look at how today's developments at the state department and israel could play out for the president-elect now just a few weeks away from taking that oath of office. all that and more ahead. i discovered a woman my family tree, named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more
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moving high-stakes diplomatic maneuvering involving u.s., israel and palestinians, moments ago ap reporting palestinian president mahmoud abbas is ready to resume peace talks if israel freezes settlement construction. this, of course, follows closely from speeches of prime minister netanyahu and secretary of state john kerry. joining me now from seattle senior fellow at the foreign policy research institute and former fbi double agent and joining us from philadelphia gop strategist and former white house aide to george h.w. bush reverend joe watkins. thank you for joining me. secretary kerry with andrea mitchell talking about the dangers of donald trump moving the embassy to jerusalem. >> the whole world knows that has profound, profound questions
11:36 am
of sovereignty. it would have a huge impact on the arab world's perception of jurisdiction and sovereignty over religious sites. >> could there be violence. >> again, i'm not going to get into predicting violence. you know, i think everybody it make their own judgments about what acts are in citement and what are not. >> intelligence and secure is your background. does moving the embassy to jerusalem make america any safer? >> i would say probably not. i mean, i think kerry is both right and wrong. i mean, the discussion when it comes to palestine and israelis, look, as he pointed out, it's much more to do with israelis, continuation of ongoing war that truthfully in many ways habit closed. looks i think jerusalem should be part of israel. to unilaterally move it in the
11:37 am
midst of this brouhaha isn't a wise move. at the end of the day i think they are right to claim it as theirs. you know what, not a bad place to put an embassy if that's the case. >> joe, let me get your take. you served bush 41, he like president obama did not support this. if obama was sticking to long-standing policy, why is this such a big deal right now? >> it's a big deal right now because the incoming president will not stick with the policy that president obama that put forth. of course, you can tell by virtue of the ambassador to israel that he's chosen, david freedman, that he has a very different bent from president obama. ambassador friedman, for instance, is a strong proponent of israeli settlements. he's been opposed to palestinian state hood and he's been a strong defender of israel for a number of years. his intent on moving embassy from jersey to tel aviv. this represents a radical
11:38 am
departure from the years of president obama and seshl secretary kerry and their hope for a two-state solution. and donald trump has tweeted as well, you know, get ready forrian 20th. >> friedman by all accounts is a hard-liner when it comes to policy around settlements. as you said moving that embassy to jerusalem. naviyd, israel is a hot button topic not just here in america but across the globe. you saw all but one security councilmember approve that resolution. do you think a donald trump presidency and the approach there to israel is going to change more than just u.s./israeli relations? >> yes. i mean, clearly, united states is in a very difficult position. at the end of eight years whether you are for obama or not, the united states is in a position where our influence on the world stage is in dplin. when you look at israel and many states we're relying on with syria, iraq, certainly with russian forays into that it's
11:39 am
important to continue building those relationships. i think a unilateral approach to israel could potentially put that in jeopardy. you also had the congressman from california who came on that mentioned one point that hasn't been discussed, right of return of palestinian refugees. when it comes to negotiations, settle manitoba and right of return is perhaps the two biggest hot topics that are going to have to be -- there's going to have to be concession on both sides. we talk about settlements but arab states doing no favor to palestinians by allowing refugee camps to not grant citizenship. it's prolonging the issue. >> back to joe. it hard to forts when netanyahu was welcomed here by congress without the invitation of the sitting president to speak before congress. is that relationship and what happened there over the iran deal what defines this era in u.s./israeli relations? >> we've had a long rationship with the state of israel. the u.s., of course, has been a strong supporter of israel.
11:40 am
even though they have had disagreements like this current disagreement, i don't expect that to change. as it stands right now, of course, president-elect donald trump is signaling that he'll be an even stronger, more staunch ally of israel, perhaps giving israel some of what it wants in terms of support for settlements and the like. and he'll be supported by a republican house and republican senate. that's not to say they will go lock step with everything donald trump proposes but that is to say clearly for israel, for the short-term, it means they are looking forward to having a very, very strong ally with regards to all they want to do. now, with regards to the two-state solution, i don't know that this bodes well at all for the two-state solution. >> donald trump, as you mentione tweeted as much today feeling like he will be a stronger ally for israel come january 20th. thank you both very much. as we head to break, i want to do another check of how you are responding to our microsoft polls question. we're asking with three weeks left in the obama administration, secretary of
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start your used car search at look at the stories we're watching this hour. moments ago israel's prime minister responded to secretary
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of state john kerry's critical speech on israel as a two-state solution. netanyahu said kerry paid lip service to terrorism as a factor and said israel can't make peace to people who reject their existence. in his speech secretary kerry condemned israeli settlement construction. he said the u.s. decision on that u.n. vote is aligned with american values and that a two-state solution is the only way to achieve peace in the middle east. he says if israel rejects two-state solution for peace with palestine, it can be jewish or it can be democratic but not both. new developments now in germany where prosecutors say they arrested a tunisian man who they believe may be involved in last week's truck attack on that christmas market in berlin. investigators say they found evidence linking the 40-year-old to the suspected truckdriver who carried out the attack. twelve people were killed. we've learned the man convicted of carrying out the charleston church massacre will not submit evidence to save his
11:46 am
life. dylann roof will represent himself next week in court tells a judge he plans on calling no witnesses nor evidence to convince the jury against giving him the death penalty. now back to politics with just 23 days until donald trump takes his oath of office. a new analysis says too simple that james comey moved voters away from hillary clinton. joining me now senior politics editor and more former host. how are you? >> good. >> one of them told you, quote, that was not the nail in the coffin. it was the throwing of gas on a fire. ultimately there was too much baggage with her. another one said, quote, the letter didn't phase me or move
11:47 am
me either way on clinton. but her reaction to it kind of solidified it, hernandez said. if i wanted to say i knew for sure it was when they started attacking comey for doing his job. >> there wasn't a theme. james comey's letters two days or three days before the election were sort of the decisive moment where this close conscious broke towards trump. east. things that were not on our radar all played a role in the
11:48 am
voters pysche. in defense of a non scientific analys analysis, i spent the entire year doing non-scientific analysises a and talking to peo. >> that seems science to me. >> how much of this came down to what i heard over and over again which is my life, frankly right now is not very good. my job may not be good or i may not have one at all or i don't like either of these two, donald trump is the guy that best put me back in the right track. >> well, one of the things i found interesting and one of the ways the clinton theory confirmed by my report is they looked at college educated as a crucial voting block. dating back to day caecades whe they could not bring themselves to vote for hillary clinton.
11:49 am
it comes to whether or not those voters will go to trump. and actuality, as i laid out, it is a bit complicated. they could not wrap their heads around voting for clinton. i look at the big problem that clinton faces was she could be influenced by the comey letter but not necessarily the comey's letter itself. >> this is very much of what i was hearing out there. >> thank you for joining us. >> sam stein, thank you very much at the white house. >> roadblocker, donald trump taking aim at president obama, through twitter accusing him creating unnecessary hurdles days before moving into the white house.
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as u.s. israelis relations taking news. check out this tweet that donald trump sent out today. >> doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o statements. >> joining me our white house reporter, good to see you both,
11:54 am
david, how much truth is there that the obama staff is not helping. >> trump responded a couple of things and not just the administration did with the resolution at u.n. president obama sat on the interview on the radio saying that he would have beaten donald trump had he run for the third term and the president said yesterday at a visit for pearl harbor that we need to remember our common bond and unity. i think he's reacting to that. >> francesca, it feel that is the president-elect is blaming blame to a slow start of this transition at the feet and for some reason at the obama administration. >> those wroroadblocks, he mentioned the u.n. resolutions so he seems to be responding and very specifically today to that resolution which again he has encouraged the obama administration to vote against
11:55 am
and also, that speech yesterday at pearl harbor as david was saying the president senior took a swipe at donald trump when he talked about not demon neuroscienci demon -- demonizing the difference. what do you think his first priorities going to be, wages or taxes? >> he's got a lot on his agenda. it is someone unorthodox. the economic is where he ran to be along are security and i think he's got a lot at stake here to get off a fast start. we'll take credit as these numbers improved. >> francesca, i know we got to run, how smooth is this thing
11:56 am
going to go or lack of smoothness or however you characterize that? >> well, the inaugural committee says they'll still be rolling out more acts before this inauguration. so far, they have a couple of big names including the rockettes and some of the girls say they do not want to perform and now it is a voluntary even. they performed for george h.w. bush in the past. this is different given the comments that donald trump has made for women and minorities. >> thank you very much to you both, we'll be right back.
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that wraps up at this hour, i am jacob soboroff, my colleague craig melvin is pick things up right now. >> jacob soboroff, thank you, i am craig melvin, i am in for kate snow. it is a busy day. here is what's happening on a wednesday right now, i should note. after a week of tensions, two close friends of the united states and israel caught in a back and forth and argument on how to best achieve peace in and around the west bank. it started with john kerry's in-depth attempt to set things straight on the controversial u.s. settlementn