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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  December 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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where i am concerned about our freedoms being in danger as time goes by. >> jan chamberlain, now a former member of the mormon tabernacle choir. happy new year. >> thank you. >> that are will do it for this hour and this year for me. happy new year, everyone. i will see you in 2017 and i want to wish my aunt and uncle, look at this. guess what. 50 years together. 50th anniversary. mtp daily starts now. if it's friday, payack for putin puts trump on a collision course with his own party. tonight cyber showdown. president-elect trump says move on, but his fellow republicans disagree. will his first fight in office with his own party? plus, spy games. what was really going on behind closed doors at the russian
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retreats. >> it is a fantastic estate. >> the 2016 campaign didn't break the rules, it demolished them. what does that mean for 2017 and a trump presidency. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening to you. today on mtp daily, the big story is also the big story in american politics. the battle over russian hacking. the biggest confrontation in the future won't be between the u.s. and russia. not yet. the first real battle is shipping up in the wake of o bam's retaliation pitting trump against his own party. even as republicans called for tougher sanctions against russia, the new measures with donald trump who ran in the other direction potentially
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under cutting the current sanctions by praising put ib for the decision to deli any retaliation. here's what donald trump wrote on twitter. great move on deby by v. putin. i always knew he was very smart. trump's tweet comes after last night saying it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. he did commit to a meeting on the intelligence community. he said he is not retaliating and his emphasis is on waiting to work with the incoming administration as the outgoing dolls out punishment against the expected push for a reset when he takes the oath of office. is it in the u.s. interest to move on after a major adversary tried to distort american elections and what will happen under a trump administration? it appears the republican-led congress and trump are on a collision course. they want putin punish and he doesn't. top republicans praised the
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actions against putin's russia for forevering in the u.s. election. calling them a good initial step. speaker ryan saying they are overdue. senator rubio calling to strengthen the penalties with gain gain and graham. and then here come the hearings. they will hold a hearing three days into the new congress. including the director james clapper, mike rogers and under secretary of defense for intelligence are scheduled to testify. we want to be clear other committees have vowed hearings as well. let's bring in telly o'donnell in florida covering the trump transition. what is the latest where you are? >> good afternoon. we know that donald trump held four meetings with announced guests who came to talk about issues that could relate to cabinet positions that remain open. meetings in total with staff and others taking phone calls.
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the work of setting up the administration going forward. on the issue of russia, i said the tweet you read speaks for itself not offering context or clarification about what donald trump is saying and to bring about sanctions and to expel russian diplomats. they are letting the president-elect to use twitter to be a way to keep this issue open and in fact raising more questions by again praising vladimir putin in the wake of what is taking place about his decision not to expel americans from russia. now that we are upon another holiday weekend, our best estimate from talking to advisers is there is nothing planned on the president-elect's schedule to do anything in addition about this issue. he is going to commit to that meeting with intelligence officials and i'm told that is
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not and pop authorized that crump and mike pence could have access. i'm told that the meeting scheduled for early next week will be with very high level intelligence officials and it will be focused on the issue of what did russia do and the extent of the hacking. it's surprising that the president-elect doesn't possess this information and they are pointing us towards that meeting. perhaps it will be official comment or position. >> thank you very much. we want to turn now and chair of the house republican policy committee. appreciate you joining us tonight.
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your reaction? >> what donald trump is saying is we have to do both. we have to move on and we have a lot of work to do and we have to get to the bottom of this. we can't have he is good on social media. i'm not sure we have to step back from the sanctions. ultimately russia needs a strong response. i wish the obama obama administration tries to get tough on russia. >> he might continue or expand the sanctions? >> listen, when you say he's a smart guy, it's smart not to make new policy when you have an outgoing president in the waning days of his pedestrian.
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and it's almost laughable. as he responds to clarity and strength and i think he will get both of those when and he said we don't know. take a listen and talk about what we don't know. the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on. i'm not sure you have the
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computer you need. do you think there is knowledge that russia was involved here? it's probable that they were involved and i think the president has known this for months and didn't act until the waning days of his presidency. what's bothering the the president-elect is this is being used to under cut the legitimacy of his election. for the president to act only now is highly political. >> let me ask you about that. if the foreign espionage is targeting an election and the administration has a view, that is a difficult pickle. you don't think this timing was appropriate and when would be the more appropriate time? >> when the president knew the facts. if he knew the fact that is the
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prussians were trying to interfere, he should have come forward then. he didn't. we should know the truth. we need to if russia was targeting interests here, frankly i think a strong posture has been long overdue and i'm confident that you will see strength and clarity which is what we need. >> do you think russia should pay in a new administration? >> if the allegations are true and everyication is that we are, we need to have a strong response of what we it's also important to be true about what the allegations are.
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they tacked into e-mails and tried to embarrass hillary clinton. there are no allegations and impact the election results. it's important that we be clear about that. thanks for your time. the republican strategist. and a former chief speech writer at the white house. given your white house experience, what do you think about where we are now and what is your view? about the president-elect statements about putin. >> the president-elect can tweet and still has the power to act. it's to me breathtaking to have the next president siding or
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sneering at. it is very serious. it's a test that they can look into this in a serious way and we know it changed to make it more pro russia. how are we going to address that in the media. this was public and out there and when you have a president-elect so active, this is typical donald trump. a lot of people make the mistake of assuming he is unpredictable and don't know what he is going to tweet next. he's also very strategic. he is now going in with three weeks left with someone who
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never had any governing experience as dealing with three major countries. israel, russia, and china. he is building up the image of being presidential and that's why. we have one president at a time and he will have years to speak with power. and he is showing foreign policy. >> i want to look at free trade and government spending and the foreign policy issues and the gop primary and russian hacking.
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they are not in favor of playing footsie. john mccain and lindsey graham are some of the big critics and they said that and shared that by the republican leadership. all of these things, the posture towards russia and we have known his position on free trade and entitlements and very out of step with the republican leadership and he is their guy, the leader of their party. they have to see how they can work with him. we don't think that he has a lot of fixed principals. can they work with him and bring
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him around. >> 75% of the republican majority never governed under a republican president. they have to go against something. they have to be a governing body. that's a big difference. they don't like it when one party has control. whether it's like obama or bush, they have gotten to enact what they want. they will own the policies that they previously can complain about, but not have to put out.
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and now president-elect trump is talking about the plan and passed under how are they going to square that? they don't believe the government should be used to prime the pump around roads and bridges and employment. this is a major priority of the leader of their party. what are they going to do? coming up, we will look in the palacial russian retreats that are on american soil. what was going on behind closed doors in the compounds. stay tuned. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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. one of a series of laws that democrats called a partisan power grab has been temporarily
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blocked by a judge in north carolina. that's one of a handful pass two weeks ago in the special legislative session. they were abled at stripping powers away from the state's incoming democratic governor. this specific law that is being temporarily blocked would change the make up of the state's election board and set to go into effect the same day governor-elect roy cooper will be sworn in. cooper told lawmakers during that special session that he intended to sue if the team did find the laws to be unconstitutional. he followed through on that threat and that is what led the judge today to temporarily block the law ruling it could be a risk to free and fair elections. they plan to further review the law next week. we will be back with more mtp daily in a minute. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was.
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the sanctions levied yesterday included an evacuation notice ordering russian diplomats to get out of two giant vacation homes, on long island, new york, and on the eastern shore of maryland. there have been suspicions of what have been going on in the paracial estates. they are tracking all the developments. two miles outside on the eastern shoern. really nice piece of property and worth millions. here's how it was described with four apartments. the compound in its whole and there will be ariels of it. we expected a new year's party
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four lighted tennis courts. four lit tennis courts and a swimming 52 will and a association field on the eastern shore. in 1992, they broke up and the press did a local story. they talked to a who lived nearby. they and that's going to be. what about? new york? >> this is 1954 and bought for $80,000. we don't know as much about this and it's similar in the set up to the house in maryland.
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the statehouse took control and the residents talked about helicopters and they say they knew and they didn't try to conceal. they were using it in the open. one of the questions is what happens to them now financially. this one was bought in 1954 and for $80,000. i cannot imagine what it's worth today. >> what are about the fbi wanted list? >> two people keeping our eye on it. he was named by treasury and the fbi. he hacked into e commerce companies that you would have used. he downloaded information and put them on a server and sold that information. he was last seen in athens and that's the biggest reward ever offered for somebody in cyber
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this sunday "meet the press" is kicking off the new year with a special hour focused on the press and donald trump. chuck todd will talk to the top editors about the future of journalism in the trump presidency. plus hear from former press secretaries on how this d main station will and should handle the media. that's coming up thi sunday on your local nbc station. more mtp daily ahead. first kate rogers has the market wrap. >> stocks end lower, but it was a winning year. the dow shed 57 points, but the spp rose more than 9% this year. it jumped over 7% to 2016. they had quite a run and a whopping 45% since january. the pest performae since 2009. a top session after regulators
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donald trump was unlike any candidate in the modern era. while many of the most experience and famous people in politics from both parties decried his style and behavior, it's part of what secured his electoral college victory. it can be revealing to look back on some of what donald trump told chuck todd over the course of this unusual campaign. >> i was amused about this playboy interview in 1990. what is all of this talking about the casino and what it means to you. props for the show. what show is that? it's trump and sold out performances.
2:32 pm
we all part of a show? you know that some of the criticisms, we feel like we are in a reality show? >> this is the real deal. our count rye has to be -- >> you did smile when i read it? >> it's fine. my life has been an interesting life. i had a lot of fun. >> people called you a lot of 2345i78s. some of it is positive and some is negative. some people are calling you the music man of this race. kim carb dashian. george kostanza. pt barnam. any of those you consider a compliment. >> pt barnam. people call you names. we need him because we have to build up the cheerleaders in our country. >> transparency in the white house. will you commit to releasing the names of everybody you meet with as president. >> i would have no problem with it.
2:33 pm
transparency is a great thing. if merkel wants to come over, i'm not looking to embarrass her. if she wants a quiet meeting, i want these people to like trump and this country. i don't think that's the post important thing. i think having to do with campaign financing, everybody should be released and open, but having to do with that, i want to make a country coming to the white house feel comfortable. people coming in from our country and business people, 100%. >> president obama tried to put a ban on it. >> that's a good idea. these guys get out and almost immediately go to work for the company and have the power. the lobbyists and the special interests and the donors have 100%. you can't make it a time ban, but you can make it three or four years. >> he retreated something from
2:34 pm
2016, i mussolini quote that said it is better to live as a lion than 100 years as a sheep. you retweeted it. did you know it was mussolini. >> it's okay. mussolini was mussolini. it's a good and interesting quote. it's an interesting quote. it's an interesting quote and people can talk about it. >> you want to be associated with a fascist? >> no, i want to be associated with interesting quotes. >> why won't you go up on stage and ratchet it back. you used rhetoric about islam hates us. surveillance of mosques and calling mexicans rapists.
2:35 pm
you reap what you so here. the reason there is so much tension is you used divicive rhetoric? do you are regrets? >> the ren there is tension is these people are sick and tired of this country being run by incompetent people who don't know what they are doing in trade deals. our jobs are being ripped out of our country. on isis, we can't beat them with our military. our military is not being taken care of. we can't beat isis. our vets are being treated horribly, worse than illegal immigrants. they are not angry about what i'm saying. i'm i'm just a messenger. for 12 years the workers in this country haven't had a pay increase in 12 years. they haven't had a pay increase. >> you will not call for ratc t ratcheting back the rhetoric? >> i haven't said anything. what have i said that's wrong?
2:36 pm
>> why not release the tax returns that are not involved in the audit. >> i have very big tax returns from the floor up to here. they are complex. >> will you do it before the election? >> i would like to. >> do you pledge to do it before the election? >> sure. if the auditors finish. i will do it as fast as the audit is finished. my financials are worth more than $10 billion worth any stretch of the imagination and i can't do it until i'm finished with the audit. he is going to redefine the bully pulpit. you wrote speeches for a president before we jump on the obvious problems there and i think we can talk about those. with hindsight that this guy did secure the victory, something comes out that was the ability
2:37 pm
to pivot from something that someone else said was wrong with him. and lacking issues and substance, they saw the issues and they talk about jobs and trade and isis. it was not only trump, buthe shocking victory for brexit and england and the rise of conservative right wing populism. we are seeing in the sanders campaign in the democratic primary and the past year has shown a lot of people something they didn't realize was there which was the depth of public anger. he has given voice to that in a way that no candidate has in a while. in a way that we have not seen.
2:38 pm
every four years as january approaches, we talk about what it's like. these are traditions. there is a majesty and a moment to bring the country together. i can't pretend to know what they will do in something like this. it could be a different thing. >> the other thing that jumps out, different moments in the campaign. anger. he seemed genuinely angry. to the extent you can tell, we all covered this. he did look angry. channelling his audience. he was expert at that and knew who his base was and she was channelling their feelings. they are not mad at the other people in the rallies. chuck was asking about the violence and the people getting
2:39 pm
forced. >> chuck was asking a serious question about serious claims. it's not about me. it's about the fact that the country is not treating people well. a lot of us didn't realize that it was as large as it is. he was also able to do one other thing and be forgiven by the people time and time again when it came to the facts. he was loose with the information.
2:40 pm
very few times he came out with serious messages. clean on the first tryout of his mouth. they were very rare. the fact that the campaign kept tacking it back to the voter was amazing. >> hindsight is 20-20. if you had a time machine and they watched his anger and he was about to stack a cabinet with more officials than the past two administrations and no small business owner or main street economics person was going to have a home in the cabinet and it would have the highest net worth and any one of those, maybe. together you have a few that it reverses every trade deal that occurred. >> with his gift for compression, drain the swamp is one of the phrases we remember from the campaign.
2:41 pm
he said he wouldn't hire the lobbiyists. he hired the ceos. >> he went up. >> it went up. this administration has a level of billionaire saturation that is unlike anything we have had in the 469 of the country. do his voters think this shows he knows business? it's a bait and switch. you want me to hire the unsuccessful or the most successful in their field. >> we will pause here and do stick around. ahead in the lid, we will look back at the year that broke you will the rules and what it means for 2017. the big names in poll 2iks and the people who passed away in this eventful year. stay with us. bl
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as we approach the end of the year, we want to look at the people in politics and media who passed away this year. >> you love to argue law, don't you? >> i just love the law. i love to being about and argue the law. >> tonight on washington week in review.
2:44 pm
. >> we must take sides. neutrality helps the oppressor and never the victim. >> this is what the war is all about. >> it's so beautiful up there. you look up and get teary eyed almost.
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>> i don't hate anybody. including my enemies. >> my intention is to box and win a clean fight. in war, the intention is to kill, kill, kill, and continue killing innocent people. >> there is a big wonderful world out there for you. >> thank you for all you do. thank you for your love. and thank you for just being you. ♪ and if you want to be free, be free ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are
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my swthis scarf all thatsara. left to remem... what! she washed this like a month ago the long lasting scent of gain flings >> welcome back to the last lid of 2016 for shattering so many campaign norms. experts agree that winning
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candidates must match or beat opponents in buying tv ads. trump unified votes in the end and did it without many big elected endorsements and normally you need to stay on message and have that good convention and be perceived as doing pretty well in debatings. candidates rack up endorsements from newspapers who keep the rhetoric in check and avoid gaffes. that's how you win. or is it? the candidate who did none of those things will be sworn in as president weeks from today in defiance of the things that people like us so often say. the panel is back. beth, if you were writing up the story for the ap you break one
2:49 pm
or two, you lose. >> that's what his people want and that's what a lot of americans are happy to see even if they didn't support trump necessarily. politics are not popular in this country. some ingrained norms are irrelevant and they don't understand it and they beat back to that and it's refreshing. and whether he is going to continue that going into the white house. the fact that he hasn't had a press conference since july and doesn't take reporters on his plane. he resisteds have a press pool. that may sound arcane, but it's important. the press is there for proxy for the people and if the press is not there, the people are not either. >> didn't trump illustrate that norms and the legitimacy of an institution are linked? if you believe that the american
2:50 pm
medical association is a legitimate institution that looks after the health of americans and see that the doctor is in good standing, that means something to you and likewise, bad standing means somethingright? the institutions that we're setting these norms this year, right, the press, political parties, government in washington, with if you want to call it that, all of those trump exposed at least with his voters don't have a lot of standing. so their norms didn't matter. >> he was able to take advantage of what was basically, in a lot of ways, a hollowed out political system that had lost legitimacy with so many people, so many people felt their interests weren't being heard, so many people felt big money or big interests were dominating. and he was able to smash through all of that. the really scary thing, to me, is a lot of these norms are not just quaint customs. they're the unwritten rules by which a democracy governs itself. and now he's moving into real power. and we need to all stand up and
2:51 pm
say, these norms are there for a reason. that kind of accountability to the public, to the media, to congress, those are there for a reason. give you an example. press conferences. might say, well, why didn't we need press conferences in this day and age? william sapphire, richard nixon's aide, always made the point, it was the act preparing for the press conferences that often made a president ask the president in his own government, hey, what's really going on? what's really going on? so there's a reason we have these things. that's what's alarming to me. >> but susan, the trump voters, and i talked to a lot of them during this year, they felt there was a fundamental media myth here on this. they thought, you know, the media says they're referees and we think they're players on the field. and not just this so-called certain parts of the media. megyn kelly, fox news, right? it wasn't even just the traditional criticism of certain corners. it was the idea that any media, that any fox anchor should be a
2:52 pm
referee. they really said, that's wrong, and they like that he rebutted that. >> they also like that he didn't just break one or two rules, he broke every single one. if he would have only broke a couple, that would have been problematic. >> is that the new rule, break them all? >> i think he had to break them all, because it showed his commme to saying, i say it the way i see it, i represent you, and am not beholden to anybody. and this cycle was very unusual because we went from what we typically say sometimes is an uninformed public to a misinformed public. not just because of traditional news medias, which definitely report the news and do it well, but because there's so many other websites and blogs and other information that's constantly skewed in -- >> which circles to what beth was saying, which is, is it a part in your view of his political strategy to have a misinformed populous? >> the really interesting thing about trump is that trump loves
2:53 pm
media attention. probably more than any other person who's ever served a as a political candidate or as president. he welcomes it, he craves it, he loves people pay attention to him. however, he knows how to channel his base. his base is very mistrustful of traditional media and doesn't mind being misinformed, as long as they're sort of sitting in the same silos, you know, ideological silos where all their friends are sitting, they will take that incoming information and process it based on that and no whether it's actually factually accurate or not. trump knows this. he's going to continue to play to that and he's also going to continue to tweet. that's the way he's going to get out his message. >> can't stop tweeting. that is something that we know is a norm -- a new norm that will stay. i want to thank beth fouhy, susan del percio, michael waldman for our panel time. and after the break, wrapping up the year in politics with a pretty special twist, i'm told. i haven't seen it yet. stay tuned.
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tonight, in case you missed it, 2016 proved beyond a doubt that american politics can be really hard to understand. and in case you missed it, the "mtp daily" producers noticed, i'm told, that in 2016, i kept going back to a certain lyrical source of wisdom to help understand all the twists and turns. so i haven't seen this yet, but the producers told me to play it. here we go. >> no greater authority than jay-z's song "99 problems," when he says, my glove compartment's locked, so's the trunk in the back, i know my rights, you're
2:58 pm
going to need a warrant for that. let's be clear, there's an old saying that after the party comes the after party. it's something that's often called the jay-z test. who famously said, i'm not a businessman, i'm a business, man. folks with, he just channeled aubrey drake graham to basically say, you could thank me now. ice ways said, stop, collaborate, and listen. i sort of feel like donald trump is hitting the diddy test. he famously said, don't worry if i write rhymes, i write checks. thanks, guys! they look different when they're all stacked right up together. but hopefully they were illuminating. all right, i guess the year 2016, we say, that's a wrap! thank you for watching. that is it for tonight in 2016. but if it's 2017, chuck todd will be back with more "mtp daily" here on msnbc. and from everyone at "mtp dai " daily," happy new year.
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good evening. i'm ayman mohyeldin. you're watching msnbc live. great move. donald trump praises vladimir putin as smart for deciding not to expel any u.s. diplomats in retaliation to sanctions imposed by president obama. we're live in florida and hawaii and in moscow. two russian compounds here in the united states shut down, but what went on inside? new reporting on that straight ahead. and incoming white house chief strategist, steve bannon, speaks out. what he's saying this hour about deplorables? all of that, that's straight ahead. but we begin with that breaking news. president-elect donald trump praising russia's vladimir putin. trump tweeting, great move on delay by vladimir putin. i always knew he was very smart. now, the official twitter feed of the russian embassy in the united states also retweeted it, as you can see it, it's circled there, at the very top. trumwa


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