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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  January 2, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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accused in the istanbul terrorist attack. >> and some nasty weather is making for dangerous travel as the holiday season comes to an end with snow and ice in parts of the north. and the threat of tornadoes in parts of the south to boot. hundreds of delays are already being reported. i'm richard lui in for tamron hall. coming to you live from our msnbc headquarters in new york city. right now that frantic search on for the gunman who opened fire at a popular night club in istanbul, tuauthorities releasi new images of a suspect still on the loose. now isis is claiming responsibility for that attack, calling the gunman a hero of the caliphate. they did not name the person.
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among those injured, a defense contractor from pennsylvania, jake raak. he talked to richard engel. >> i was shot in the hip. the bullet traveled to my knee and is lodged in my knee. i was with nine people, seven of us were shot. >> kelly, police have detained eight people in connection with the night club attack but that the gunman was not among those eight. we also have new pictures of who they believe that suspect might be. so some developments just on this monday. >> yes, definitely, richard. you can imagine the intensity surrounding the search for this gunman. authorities have been pretty adamant all along that it is only one gunman they're looking for but as you mentioned, there
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are these repor in state media that eight people have been arrested -- sorry, not arrested but detained for questioning in connection with this attack. we don't know the specific surrounding why they were brought in and questioned, very tight lipped on the part of officials regarding this investigation, only that the gunman, as you mentioned, was not among them. we do have these pictures, these grainy pictures from security camera footage. these pictures were given to turkish media by turkish police. two pictures. this is the man they're looking for. we don't yet have a name to put to the face. but just in the past few minutes, the deputy prime minister has told reporters here in istanbul that they do have fingerprints and that they have these very clear pictures and they're working hard to identify this person. we should mention that the reina night club is directly across the water from us. it sits right on the water and
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the prime minister was saying yesterday that they believe that the gunman used the chaos of the moment to escape into the crowd but that he left his gun behind and that very well may prove to be a crucial piece of evidence, richard. >> kelly, do they know where he might be, how he did escape in you mentioned he may have used that chaos to escape during that period when there were so many questions. do we know how they're going about finding this suspect on the loose? >> not sure how eescapehe escap. there are lots of stories floating around, none have been confirmed by police or government officials. a very chaotic moment. it was dark as it is now. darkish in the night club as well. there was complete panic inside, the 500 or 600 people who had
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gone there to celebrate the holiday. at first people thought it was a fight and then they knew it was a gun attack. more than 100 shots fired. you can imagine just the chaos inside that club. and people actually running for the back of the club, running for the terrace to get away and jumping into the water. they're not sure how he escaped but there was enough chaos he would be able to escape and melt into the crowd. the concern is that he's made it out of istanbul and could be anywhere or potentially cross the border into syria. >> with that new information coming out of istanbul, turkey, where we did not have a lot of information in the last 24 hours, they're keeping a very tight lip there in turkey. thank you for that new information. kelly cobiella. i will bring in the executive editor of the national security and defense news web site,
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defense one. what do you think about this new information? >> a couple things. i think it's interesting this was not a suicide kind of attack. you've got a case similar to the berlin attack recently of someone who wants to make a run for it. that's a little different, too. and u.s. intelligence officials and military officials are really going to want to know if this guy was not just inspired but directed. did he come from syria and iraq? what's the network that helped him out. how much intelligence can they find? >> they're claiming according to the islamic state-linked news agency that they're responsible for this attack in istanbul, partially reading in this news agency's report, quote, heroic soldier of the caliphate who attacked the most famous night club where christians were celebrating their pagan feast and also the servant of the
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cross, alluding to those individuals at this night club. how close, if at all, might this attacker be to isis? we're just getting this report again to the isis-linked news agency. >> that's the question. i'm waiting for more evidence frankly. unless i saw a video of this guy before the attack, announcing he's about to do it like you would see in the normal type of suicide back in the day, we know that isis can try to make the claim. it may be true, it may be not. we'll find out soon enough. the only reason it important again is because it would link him to a certain network of other individual and future attacks that could be stopped. i think the bigger question if i could is what is this place turkey in the fight against isis. the united states has been struggling with erdogan. i'm a pentagon reporter and one of our colleagues was detained trying to get out for two days,
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a report from her the wall street journal. on the other hand, if you're a u.s. military official, you need turkey to fight isis. you need their bases, you need their fighters in syria. so turkey has gone from being a staunch nato ally to where these weren't thoughts we worried about to something like juegypta strong man like -- it's hard to put any screws to turkey when you need them so much and you're fighting a common enemy. >> it's certainly a complex relationship over the 65 years that turkey has been part of nato. you bring up that dichotomy between the united states and turkey, especially its leader, which has been so controversial. we talked about it in the media over recent years. but drill down more on yet at
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the same time turkey has put out troops on the ground here just since that attack, they were claiming they've had some 100 attacks along with russia against isis targets and isis-related targets in syria. >> right. so, you know, the edge of turkey to syria could not be more complex with, you know, syrian kurds, turkish kurds, the turkish military, all trying to battle over the same space. you've got turkey claiming that some of the turkish fighters, the pkk, are terrorists that attacked them and frankly they are. the united states has had to defend some of those kurdish fighters like they have others in syria and iraq against isis. isis in the most recent statements even after this shooting is proclaiming turkey as a puppet of the west and everything bad against what they believe. it's almost a three or four-part
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sanction. where it becomes visible is in october we traveled to turkey with a second ash carter, we were on the way to abu dhabi for an iraq visit. the secretary didn't even stay overnight. we weren't sure of the schedule, we knew he would meet with the defense minister. he did meet with erdogan. we didn't find out until after. this is not the behavior when you have a nato al lie. so against, the united states is almost trying to pretend that woo don't have to deal with turkey when they're bad but we need them when they're a good guy. >> since you understand since you were there recently, tell me about that, how they're talking about it in turkey. i was looking a the a list from the a.p. some 30 attacks in that time frame in that country. how are they discussing this new reality, if it is a new reality. what does this mean for turkey
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and its relationship and what it means on the war on terror, if you will. >> that might be a better question for richard engal, who lives there. from what i ert and not just what's the role of the turkish government, what's the role of the united states hyped this, going all the way back to the coup. i do see a lotf pride in the informationism because once you're being inhow that affects the war on terrorism is it put on the united states a little bit of pressure to have to deal with this government, with this anti-democratic, you know, increasingly friend when you
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need their fighters, when you need american fighter jets can with much more frequency and far less cost attack isis from the air than if woo had to do it from other bases in the region. you can't emphasize how strongly enough that base is. it realizes from day to day a practical, kugs on the war on terrorism toee geo political questions of the efficacy of nato. >> turkey so important when talk about the military, somewhat to what guam is when you look at the theater of asia. thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> it's back to business for president-elect donald trump. he's holding meetings today at trump tower with 2016 in the rear view mirror for him and inauguration day just around the corner. all the interference that led to sanctions in the baum administration, this morning his
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incoming press secretary tried to clarify the president-elect's position opinion -- >> what we're really trying to figure out is how proportional is the response to what happened. what he's not going to do is politicize intelligence and would decide to shoot from the him before he has a complete picture of what's happening. >> nbc white house correspondent kristen walker is live outside of trump tower. hey, kristen. i want to remind our viewers that mr. trump said about this issue on new year's eve -- well, play a little of that first, kristen, and then we'll get to you. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove so it could be somebody else. i also know things that other people don't know. so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> kristen, that's the backdrop, this as the president-elect is expected to receive his intelligence briefing this week
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on wednesday. >> reporter: that's right. and signaling that after that, he may give more information about what it is that he knows that other people don't know. he was pressed by reporters to give more details and he wouldn't do it over the weekend in mar-a-lago. but, richard, the bottom line here is that this could be setting up the first big battle between president elect trump and congress, including members of his own party who say they do believe the intelligence and that they're prepare to scale back. >> we believe that putin has hand into our elections in america, that he's trying to undermine democracy all over the world and it time for new sanctions to hit him hard as an individual, his energy sector, his banking sector. >> vladimir putin, unless we stand up to him, will continue his aggression and we must stand
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up to vladimir putin. >> and you have members of congress also calling for congressional inquiries into exactly what happened in terms of the russian hacking of the u.s. election. but this is creating a lot of confusion, richard, about what may happen next in u.s. and russian relations with the current commander in chief and incoming commander in chief sending very different messages. richard? >> looking at that realignment considering what has been said so far. since we have you, kristen, let's look at the transition. new names out there, sonny purdue considered to be a new choice. >> that's right. as the president-elect considers his agricultural secretary he also has to name his veterans affairs secretary. that was a very big issue for him on the campaign trail. charles cosgrove, the head of
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the veterans administration and carly fiorina, as he has named cyber security key. and the president-elect saying in a press conference, he will map out how he's going to disentangle himself from his vast empire. >> kristen, also new video surfacing of president-elect trump on new year's avenuer aea. what do you know about this? >> he talked a lot about his priorities starting on day one when he takes office. i think we have some of that video. let's play it.
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okay. apparently we don't have that video but bottom line is he laid out a number of his priorities, which he talked about on the campaign trail, reversing obama care and scaling back other actions. president obama really moving to try to cement his legacy on a whole host of issues in his final days in office. of course criticizing israel for its settlements, calling for more transfers from guantanamo bay, all issues that president elect says he is going to address very differently when he takes office in just 18 days from now, richard. >> and we'll talk more about that later this hour, what critics are calling roadblocks being put up by president obama, what they might call solidifying of his legacy. kristen walker, thank you so much. appreciate it. so what does donald trump mean when he says he knows things
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about russia alleged lily hacki the united states? we'll talk to a former cyber crime investigator a little bit later. plus president obama returns from his hawaiian vacation. just moments from now we expect him to have wheel down and get back to the white house for his final three weeks in office. he's gearing up for republicans to save obama care. >> and nasty weather to watch out for to start out the new year for you to try to get home. why getting to home after the holidays could be rough going. i'm hall of famer, jerry west, and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years.
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you know, if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old fashioned way, because i'll tell you what, no computer is safe. i don't care what they say, no computer is safe. >> president-elect donald trump there turning back the clock a bit on the last day of 2016 with the courier comments. there's a bipartisan concern ongoing over the russian interference in the election that his incoming administration will have to address overtime. steve cohen joins me ahead of the new congress. back to work for you, representative. what do you hope that president-elect trump will do when he does meet with those intelligence leaders during that briefing that we expect to happen on wednesday? >> i hope he'll listen, i hope
8:22 am
he'll understand that we have the best intelligence of any nation on earth. iope he'll forget his falsehood that they gave us weapons of mass destruction because they did not and that's a lie that he keeps putting out and the media sometimes repeats. and that he'll listen to the experts and he'll realize he doesn't know everything because he doesn't know everything and that's the mark of an intelligent person to stand they need advice of people with expertise and the president needs to avail himself to all the ielligence ople we have working for us. >> the report that came out last week outlining what whhad happed with these russian diplomats, some said it was not accurate, it was not comprehensive enough and that potentially the reaction to expelling or the removal of 35 russian diplomats out of the united states may not have been the best next step.
8:23 am
would you agree with that? >> i think we should have acted in october when we had the information. i think the information is solid. i don't know that those people have information, the cia, the fbi and the defense intelligence groups all agree that the russians were responsible for are the hacking. the president said he removed those people not because of hacking but because of their espionage and because of the way they treated our embassy in moscow for years. i was in moscow about four years ago on a code l, we went to the embassy and the ambassador told us how they were harassed at the embassy, how they had espionage right in front of it and how they had arrested and arrested people right outside the embassy. remember, putin is kgb. once kgb, always kgb.
8:24 am
putin had intelligence on cuba and put it back in 2003 to listen in and do intelligence on our nation. kgb has killed people, does kill people, was participating in all kind of espionage against our nation. russia is not our friend. mitt romney was right. and our president needs to get it clear why he gives russia the benefit of the doubt is beyond me. he's the first american president who has ever done that and it not conducive to our country being alert and aware and defending our nation. this is no time to get in bed with the kgb, unless the kgb has something on the president and that's why the intelligence committee needs to subpoena his irs records. somebody needs to find out who he owes money to and who he's obligated to because this is not normal behavior. >> representative, two sides of the aisle. those across the aisle have been
8:25 am
critical of putin's government and we've heard from president-elect trump that he hopes to have better relations with russia and china. how do you put those together as you try to work in a bipartisan in congress in. >> we should have better relationships with russia and work with them where we can against isis and terrorism. thave a lot of that in the caucuses and they have great concern about that and it's hit their country at home many times. we need to be strong with nato. i know the concerns of lithuania and the way the russians taught them and the way the russians treat them. they would like to take them back. we don't need to let putin take in the the baltic states, the rest of rukraine.
8:26 am
they already took crimea. i'm a member of the helsinki commission that look out for security operations in europe. i'll be going to vienna, austria in february. it will be an opportunity to see how thisey are reacting to russ and putin and what's going on. they are our enemy. putin has never forgotten what we did in arming the mujahideen in afghanistan. they never forget they are our enemy and we need to put america first. >> i want to footnote of course that president-elect trump has not said he wants to make russia great again, he said he wants to make america great again. >> no, that was not a mistake on my part. i'm talking about what he's doing, not what he's saying. >> i just wanted to clarify. i appreciate your time today. have a great new year. >> i'll break down all of these
8:27 am
headlines but in just a few minutes with our political panel, those that were discussed here with the representative. we also have new video in from houston where heavy rain and thunderstorms are forced to ground stop at the houston airport. severe weather is breaking out across the country and many of you are trying to get home. we're live very dallas fort worth airport. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan,
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some pictures just into us here. airs force i just arriving at air force base andrews, carrying th first family home if their
8:31 am
holidays. we expect them to head to congress where obama will try to rally docongress to shield the affordable care act. and they'll head over to marine i over to the white house. he'll deliver his final address next week in chicago. also getting that information in today. we'll continue to watch that as the president does arrive. >> it may be touch going for many people heading back home from their holiday vacations today due to blizzard-like conditions. janet, how does it look there? travelers are trying to get home from what was a probably good holiday. >> reporter: richard, this is one of the busiest travel days of this holiday period. unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating, at least here in the south. we have had big trouble here in dallas and in houston as well. i want to show you some video
8:32 am
just in from houston where the lightning and storms that we experienced earlier this morning took their toll on a home in the city, sparked a fire. that's the type of weather we were dealing that caused ground stops. there a back log of planes trying to get in and out of those airports and there's a ripple effect across the country. most of the problems are associated with houston and dallas. i have some personal experience with this, have a sister in town, a 7:00 flight this morning left at 10:15. again, with all of these planes full or near 100% capacity, anyoneho misses a connection or who runs late is going to have a very challenging time rescheduling. we should also know there is round two in the wings later today. the storms that are clearing here, richard, are moving into louisiana, alabama, mississippi. the possibility of tornadoes and
8:33 am
hail for later today is going to be a problem, not just for airports but people trying to drive to their homes after this holiday period >> janet shamlian, thank you so much. >>he first family returning from their final, if you will, hawaii vacation as the sitting president and first family. they will then head to the white house and we were talking about earlier, these are the final days for president obama, 18 days to go and we'll describe in just a little bit what are some of the issues he'll be working on as the west wing continues to work hard. ron allen is at the white house watching what those issues may be. first off, as we look at what's happening as the president is arriving, he should be in your space, if we will, at the white house very shortly as marine i heads that way. what are we learning about president obama's farewell
8:34 am
address, which we're just learning about will be at mccormack place there in chicago? >> which after two weeks in sunny hawaii, they're back here to gray, rainy, cold washington, which is on some level a m metaphor to what are he's facing here in washington. the farewell speech next tuesday in chicago is going to be a celebration the way the white house and the president termed it when he sent an e-mail around earlier today announcing this event. the convention center holds thousands of people, it will be a joyous event celebrating with the president his accomplishments, saving the economy, bringing american troops home from iran and iraq and some of the other things, marriage equal but of course some of this is under threat.
8:35 am
as we've said, he has just 18 days left here and a very busy agenda. on wednesday of this week, he goes up to the hill to meet with congressional democrat and the focus there is the aforceable care act. we know when a new congress convenes tomorrow that, is the item at the top of their agenda to repeal and replace, the mantra we've heard for so many years from republicans who now control both houses and the white house soon and they are going to go to work to dismantle it. president obama, congressional democrats, will do what they can to salvage obama care. what happens to the 20 million americans who now have health care who did not have health care? what happens to the ability to get health care insurance when you have preexisting conditions? what happens to lifetime caps, what what happens to andy discriminatio
8:36 am
discriminations. so all that is on the table but we know that republicans have been working on this for years. the big question about these 20 million people, what's going to happen to them? the president will do what he can but, boy, it's an uphill battle. this has been at the top of the agenda for republicans for years and now they have the power to do essentially what they want. >> ron allen, thank you so much. we'll talk more about what ron was reporting on as president obama faces putting up these, quote, unquote, roadblocks and what can he do to preserve his legacy? we'll discuss that right after this. or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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welcome back. with just 18 days left until he leaves office, president obama is expected to say good-bye from the same city that launched his political career, chicago. the president will give a farewell speech there next tuesday, as he prepares to head to capitol hill this week to strategize on how to defend his signature health care law with donald trump and republicans, at the same time vowing to try to repeal that. joining me to break this all down is liz smith, rick tyler, republican analyst. thank you for being here on this monday. >> happy new year. >> good to see you. 18 days to go here, rick. long list of issues here that president obama in the west wing will be working on in a very limited amount of time, what is called a roadblocks by those who
8:41 am
are critical of solidifying his legacy. how durable is this list that he will be trying to, again, solidify or of those which could you they -- >> the thing that president obama has had trouble solidifying, including drilling in the atlantic, all of those could be done relatively easily, it appears that president-elect trump will do that, he'll undo executive orders that he can undo as easily as barack obama put them in place. >> as we look back in history, this isn't very different, president bush, w. bush, did the same in mid december as he was putting together iraq strategy and in the end president obama
8:42 am
did follow through with that timeline. do you see any of the issues that president-elect trump might keep, too, that are now being put forward by president obama? >> well, look, it's going to be a long leist. on obama in particular, i think congress is going to undo that. fixing obama care is like redesigning a lead airplane. it's never going to fly. you'll have to redo that through reconciliation. their strategy will be to have a communication strategy with the american people. what is going to happen to the 20 million people that acquired health care under obama care? what's going to happen with preexisting conditions? i suspect the republicans will have answers for those and they'll address them in a piece-by-piece basis. they'll appear obama care by
8:43 am
reconciliation but they'll put a date on it so people won't immediately lose their health care. i don't think you'll see a comprehensive replacement package. >> is what is rick saying more of an analogy or will they go at it line item -- in the beginning they'll repeal it but perhaps going through it line by line and that's also been discussed from the right. >> i think this is going to be tougher for them than they expect. it's never easy dealing with health insurance for millions of people. they've been dealing with this for seven years and there's no consensus, former governor jan union, especially the med case aspects. and think about it this wark it's not just democrats that use
8:44 am
obama care. the two states that benefited most for obama care are states that went heavily for donald trump, west virginia and kentucky. this is where the rubber meets the road and they'll have to deal with this. >> give me a sense of those you know close to the trump administration what they're doing. are they working feverishly to develop strategies? >> with any transition, you do want to protect some of your legacy. this is probably the most jarring transition for him to protect his legacy. especially issue like obama care. not that it's an issue that just he did, tex tended health care for 20 more people. it's not just about him and house of representatives he goes on the history books. it's about, you are know,
8:45 am
preserving something that has helped so many millions of people. >> on that topic i want to play a little bit of wa incoming press secretary sean spicer said. >> on day one he's going to sign a series of executive orders to do two things. one is to repeal a lot of regulations and actions that have hampered economic growth and john creation and secondly, do the same on a forward thinking thing. he's going to start implementing thing and bring a new brand to washington. >> so the question might be here as we he does get rid of many of the issues that administration has in terms of executive orders, what will dronald trump replace it with? does he have the wherewithal, does question has been does he have the right troops, the other
8:46 am
3,000, or 4,000 individuals below that can implement what sean spicer said he's going to do. >> liz said there's no replacement plan. that's factually not true. one plan was put together by paul ryan called "a better way" and the second is by tom price, who will be the incoming hhs secretary. and those plans largely agree. and they deal with things of how to get downward cost pressure so people can afford insurance, that will address part of the 20 million. and it addresses preexisting conditions. what you're not going t see is one big bill like obama wear you'll see a series of bills and hopefully they'll get the american people behind each one of those reforms. in terms of regulation, we don't need any replacement. the regulations are incumbent --
8:47 am
>> rick, do you see what sean spicer is saying there come noon at january 20, all of a sudden the knife is going to come down but the question is what will it be replaced by or do you see a trickle of those issues, of -- i hear democrats talking about war on women, war on seniors, war on everything. there's been a war on jobs for six decades now and they're going to remove the regulation that is an impediment to entrepreneurship and growing jobs and creating wealth. >> one of the rules they want to return is the overtime rule -- >> if they keep their jobs. >> and that goes contrary to everything donald trump campaigned on. if he want higher wages and better jobs, he should support legislation like the overtime rule. >> you get higher wages by
8:48 am
creating more jobs and competitive advantages by different countries. america produces a third of the world's wealth. it's unlike anything in human history. but that's all because of free market, not because of government regulation. >> if you look at this, the overtime threshold hasn't been raised in decades and it will benefit workers to take home more take-home pay. i completely disagree with that. if republicans had their way, they wouldn't support higher and -- >> and so is the way we start the new year, right? liz smith, rick tyler, thank you very much for joining us on this holiday. it's always good to see you. >> up next, what a former administrator knows about russia's alleged hacking.
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8:53 am
york. you've heard the comments coming from president-elect trump here, leo, about that he might know more than the intelligence community. if he means that he would like to make some changes to the 17 agencies, what might that be, if you were to be that person to make suggestions? >> well, i think there was some room for eliminating duplication of effort. there's a number of missions that are overlapping, perhaps could be some elimination of redundancy. redundancy in the intelligence community is healthy. you don't want a singular point of view or a singular point of failure. there are some technology improvements that can be made, some cross-division sharing, some cross-agency sharing that can be improved, but in terms of trying to improve the intelligence community by continuously doubting their recommendations, i don't think that's very productive especially as he enters office, and tries to absorb all the
8:54 am
material that he needs to know in order to the no make the kind of mistakes that would cost us in terms of american lives. >> we'll see what happens wednesday when he has the meeting we are reporting on as he gets his intelligence briefing. the 35 and families, those diplomats landing back in russia, showing video earlier on this monday, what does that tell you about how deep this may have gone, if indeed they were linked to, again, this hacking, these cyber attacks during the election? we have 35 that are publicly being announced, but what does it tell you as an intelligence analyst and expert? >> well, it's hard to say and i don't think there's any indication that all 35 of these diplomats were somehow involved in the hacking effort. the expulsion of a diplomat is a big deal. it takes a lot of deliberation within the u.s. government before the decision is taken to expel even one diplomat.
8:55 am
the expulsion of 35 is an enormous signal to the government of russia that we take this very seriously but you have to remember that, in the white house statement, the expulsion was also tied to the mistreatment of u.s. diplomats in moscow, so it's not all tied to the alleged hacking by russian intelligence services. >> dpung this is the type of the iceberg? >> there were capable hackers in russia and when you combined criminal hacking groups with russian intelligence service capabilities, you have an enormous number of people and enormous set of capabilities. how much of that was directed at the dnc and how much was directed to influence u.s. election is anybody's guess but i'm sure that the intelligence community knows far more than what they're releasing in these public documents. there's a careful study about protecting sources and methods, and as a result, what's released to the public is only really the tip of the iceberg of what they
8:56 am
know overall. >> you're alluding to the thursday report that came out is what you're doing there, right? >> right, there's a report joint released by the fbi and dhs which publishes a number of indicators technical indicators that were used by the hackers and those indicators show that they are quite sophisticated. >> leo, quickly here, what did that report miss, do you think? >> i think it raises a question about why two separate organizations within the russian intelligce communityargeted the same network. it raises a question in my mind on how well they are deconflicting and coordinating operations. it certainly raises a risk if you're already in a network and collecting and you remain undetected, why would you send another unit in? i think we have a lack of coordination, maybe a number of organizations trying to do the same thing without talking to each other, and so that part and
8:57 am
the explanation of that is still a gap in my mind. >> leo, thank you, great to have a person like you on this topic, really appreciate it, again, formerly of the fbi cyber division in new york. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. thank you, richard. we'll be right back. hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. hei don't want one that's haded a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
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