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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 4, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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schumer here, the new leader of the democrats in the senate and senator bernie sanders here. hoping to make a standing date with senator sanders in the months ahead. this morning an about-face for republicans. they ditched a plan after public outcry from president-elect donald trump. and congress has been sworn in. house speaker paul ryan is promising unity among members of the gop as democrats work to do the same. and as authorities continue the massive search for the istanbul attacker, we're getting a look at new security footage that appears to show the gunman.
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good morning, everyone. it is july 4, and i'm alex witt. the house republican caucus held a private vote behind closed doors on a federal holiday. lawmakers awoke to outrage with a torrent of angry constituent calls. >> at 8:00 this morning when i got in the office, the first phone call i picked up was from what a citizen said in my district that was so upset that the republican majority would have made this decision to eliminate this influence from the outside group to make sure we followed the ethics rules of the house. >> and there was displeasure from incoming president donald trump, with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independent ethics watchdog, as unfair as they may be?
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their number one act and priority focus on tax reform, health care and so many other things to drain the swamp. it's a question lawmakers struggles to answer. >> reporter: why is this the most important thing for congress to be focused on right now? >> it isn't. it's not. >> the house republicans went into an emergency meeting in the basement of the capitol where robert costa wrote, kevin mccarthy asked members if they ran on repealing the affordable care act and tax reform or ethics. that room went silent. the house republicans pulled the ethics change while vowing to hold members to a high standard. they spoke to president-elect trump by phone as jack abramoff
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spoke about this. >> they want to keep the office in place but they have serious things the congress has to do to make some reform in washington and, in fact, to clean up the government. don't they realize what the election was about in november? it was about that americans are sick and tired of what goes on in washington. >> and president-elect donald trump had been slated to address ethics concerns about his business empire in a news conference last month until it was indefinitely postponed. but now there's a date with trump confirming to hold a news conference on january 11th, one week from today. if trump keeps the appearance, it will be 168 days between his last formal news conference. and congressman paul ryan has been re-elected to serve another term as speaker of the house. he received 239 votes, three more votes than he received in 2015. congressman thomas massey of kentucky was the only house republican to vote against ryan. in a brief speech after taking the gavel, house speaker ryan
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stressed the need for unity and promised to listen to voters. >> it's no secret that millions and millions of americans across this country are deeply dissatisfied with their current situation. now they have let up a great roar. now we, their elected representatives, must listen. so i want to say to the american people, we hear you. we will do right by you. and we will deliver. >> nancy pelosi will also remain house minority leader and vote for other members of the house. newly-minted majority leader chuck schumer is one day into the job and is looking to usher in new democratic leadership in the wabke of his successor harr reid. speaking with politico, more than a dozen senators and top
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aides say schumer is working hard to bring sections of the democratic party together. the most of course change is the leadership time. that's a shift from the smaller group of tenants that practiced a hard-line approach. while senator schumer previously said he's willing to work with president-elect trump in some areas, he used his remay recollect remarks yesterday to warn the commander in chief. >> we'll hold president-elect trump accountable to the values that truly make america great. but we'll find him tooth and nail to instincts that have ruined this country, too often plagued this country and too often plagued his campaign. our challenges too entrenched
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for mere training. making america great again requires more than 140 characters. with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. many americans are afraid, mr president-elect to roll up their sleeves, but for you twitter suffices. i am not afraid of donald trump, i'm not afraid of republicans and we're going to hold their feet to the fire. i am actually excited about this opportunity. >> one member of the senator's leadership team, senator bernie sanders, says he's confident in the minority leader's abilities to lead the democrats during the trump era. >> i think trump is off to a good start. he's brought together some very, very good people. and he understands something, and that is that at the end of the day, the way we're going to bring about change, the way
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we're going to stop trump is not just inside the beltway. you need an outside the beltway strategy. >> meanwhile, the president-elect's picks start meeting this week. but senator schumer says he regrets his decision to change senate rules and lower the threshold for cabinet picks to a simple majority vote. >> i argued against it at the time and said both supreme court and cabinet should be 60. those are such important positions, there should be some degree of bipartisan. won on supreme court, lost on cabinet, but that's what we have to live with now. >> republicans are making no time to repeal obamacare. a resolution was filed yesterday just hours after t new congress convened to pave the way for republicans to try to overturn the federal health law. the move by the senate's budget chairman committee involves a budget resolution to require a simple majority to pass in the senate instead of 260 votes
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normally needed to repeal the hurdles. the process could take months and developing insurance plans could take years. house speaker paul ryan cheered the move saying in part in a statement, quote, this resolution sets the stage for repeal followed by a stable transition to a better health care system. our goal is to ensure patients will be in control of their health care and have greater access to quality, affordable coverage. the move came just one day before president obama heads to capitol hill to meet with democratic leaders to discuss ways to save the key piece of his administration's legacy. vice president-elect pence will also be on the hill today meeting with republicans to discuss their plan to dismantle the law. and president-elect donald trump took to twitter yesterday to sound off on the u.s. military prison at guantanamo bay. he tweeted, there should be no further released from gitmo, these are extremely dangerous people and should not be allowed back onto the battlefield. hours later the white house
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press secretary josh earnest said trump's tweet would not factor into president obama's decision on the prison. >> i can't speak to any individual notifications he made to congress or give you a specific preview about potential upcoming transfers, but i think i would expect at this point additional transfers to be announced before january 20. several members of naacp were arrested last night after occupying the mobile, alabama, office of senator jeff sessions. the group was protesting his nomination to be the country's next attorney general. the organization's national president cornell williams brooks posted a photo of himself with other protesters pledging to stay in that office until sessions withdraws his name from consideration or until they were arrested. they said it ended when the building manager asked the protesters to leave and they refused. at least six protesters were escorted out by officers and placed under arrest. brooks later tweeted, after the jeff sessions sit-in, these
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mugshots aren't pretty but their pictures of naacp determination. the foreign minister announced they have identified the suspect behind last weekend's deadly terror attack on the istanbul nightclub. but they are not releasing more information about the suspect at this time. the suspect remains at large. new security video obtained by the dha news agency shows the alleged gunman walking into a bus terminal in the turkish city last month. the newspaper reports that sources say the suspect entered turkey from syria and went to the area in november. the two men were detained at istanbul's airport in connection with the attack, which adds they were stopped at the entrance to the airport's international departure's terminal. so far 16 people have been arrested relating to the investigation. and meanwhile president obama expressed his condolences to turkey's president erdogan
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during a phone call yesterday. the branch of the kkk has claimed responsibility for other attacks. a group of gop senators put forth legislation to move the u.s. embassy and israel to jerusalem from tel aviv. the jerusalem embassy and recognition act introduced by ted cruz and marco rubio would introduce this as israel's official can capital. president-elect trump said he will move the embassy to jerusalem and david friedman is a big proponent. and a true college tuition plan for the state of new york was proposed. students with an annual household income of $125,000 or less will be allowed to attend state or community colleges for
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free. vermont senator bernie sanders who ran his 2016 presidential campaign on a free college education reform joined governor cuomo for that announcement. >> at a time when we have a president-elect who thinks it's a great idea to give hundreds of billions of dollars to tax breaks to the top 1% or 2%, we have a better idea. and that idea is to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. if new york state does it this year, mark my words, state after state will follow. >> and nearly a million families in new york with college-aged children will qualify under the plan, which is estimated to cost about $163 million depending on participation. still ahead, an update to a story we previously told you about involving american soldiers forced to pay back their bonuses. plus a dangerous moment caught on camera after a boy was left dangling on a ski lift in
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utah. who does that? those stories and a check on weather, kind of a gloomy morning on capitol hill. we'll come right back.
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you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. welcome back, everyone. thousands of veterans forced to pay back millions of bonuses they received for fighting in iraq and afghanistan will now be giving their money back. the pentagon will reimburse or eliminate the debts of 15,000 members of the california army national guard who received the bonuses between 2004 and 2010. a few hundred guardsmen who did not fulfill their enlistment terms will still have to repay. a pentagon official hopes to have every case finished by july 1st. and check out this pretty scary moment for a child skiing at sundance resort in utah. the video shows a boy stuck on a ski lift chair.
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his back got caught leaving him dangling midair. that's scary. it's also the second time in two weeks the same scenario played out at that resort. crews stopped the lift and climbed up to rescue him. officials at the resort warned people not to wear a backpack on the ski lift unless it is in the front so it does not get caught. i was watching that thinking, who would wear a backpack on their back on a ski lift? that's going to happen. >> i know. usually there are big signs with a big cross, no backpacks, don't do that. this storm is pretty epic. i know you love yourself some skiing in california, alex. if you can get there, this is as good as it gets. this is a hose that has been spraying here on all the mountains. and the mountains give you a lift, they intend to ring out the moisture. while we did have epic rainfall amounts, the area has gotten 5 inches of rain n the mountains
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we have 3 feet of snow. in addition to that, now we'll get another 2 to 4 feet over the next 24 hours. this is just storm one. they have three of these big storms over the next 10 days. this is a huge event in california. some areas will end up with 10 to 15 feet of snow by the time we get to the middle of next week. so again, it's mostly from mount whitney to mammoth lakes and the tahoe area. if you're joining us this morning early in areas of new hampshire and maine, overnight you had freezing rain and snow. it's still snowing hard north of i-95 in the portland to bangor route. we do have lake-effect snow starting. this will pile up pretty good. we are getting a little off lake michigan and lake erie. but the bull's-eye spot coming off the lake of ontario south of watertown. that's the possibility of 2 feet of snow. so again, that's i-81 going north there of syracuse to watertown. so the other story is the cold. it hasn't been that cold lately. we'll show you the shot of d.c.
2:19 am
earlier. it's going to be 54 degrees and wet out there. so still kind of foggy. if you head to washington, d.c., the fog will be a problem today. a little in the midatlantic, but then it will burn off. 54. enjoy it. this is the warmest it will be for the next week. new york at 49. same for you in boston. we are talking about the snow possibility from boston out to cape cod come friday. but the real cold is in the middle of the country. that will track into the great lakes and then the northeast going through your thursday and friday. so alex, the ski season, obviously in the west with the amount of snow is in northern new england where they are doing really well. they got dumped on over the holidays. and they look pretty good with the cold coming in to lock the snow in, too. >> but did you have to show me the snow in mammoth on my day back, bill. really? >> you can get there. but when the snow stops today, thursday and friday, they will be fantastic. then another 4 feet of snow over
2:20 am
the weekend. we can talk about your usc/penn state football game. >> that was so great, the rose bowl. i'm sure you already talked about it. >> we did. it's a little dated now. one more story to tell you about, 2017 is off to a great start because we're getting two new flavors of girl scout cookies. as a way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the girl scout cookie, they are offering smores with a layer of cream icing and a bit of chocolate over a gram cracker wafer. and the smore recipe was published way back in 1925. coming up ahead of the playoffs, several teams are making requests for a championship title. we'll have more in sports. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late
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welcome back. time now for the latest on sports heading into wild card weekend. brock osweiler will start against the raiders. he was benching until last week's loss against the titans. he will reportedly be matched against oakland rookie quarterback connor cook making his first start in the playoffs. unbelievable story line there. meanwhile, the seahawks have signed devon hester.
2:24 am
one of the best ever. ahead of saturday night's nfc match-up against the ravens, he's 34 years old now. hester focused a caption that says, quote, i guess god has another chapter in my book of life. he holds an nfl record with 20 return touchdowns. we'll see what he has left. turning to college hoops, no. 3 kansas hosting kansas state. game tie in the final seconds. >> couldn't get it to him. >> for the win -- >> he helped the jayhawks avoid a major upset delivering a buzzer-be buzzer-beater lay-up. the shot is good, but didn't he travel? all right. four or five steps. you're allowed two. that was a little bit of a travel, but they didn't call it. clemson and south carolina, the tigers fell 89-86 to the tar
2:25 am
heels last night in overnight. that loss not sitting well with clemson. look at them going at it. they had choice words. roy williams of all people, too. that's at the handshake where you say nice things to each other. north carolina players reportedly taunted the tigers' bench. the reason there for that encounter. we are doing a 76er story? are we that desperate around here? all right. we're tied with the timberwolves. 1.6 seconds left in regulation. let's go to philly. >> on their feet at wells far fargo -- yes! >> it was all right. robert covington takes the inbound pass and sinks the lay-up just before the buzzer. and the sixers win it 93-91. trust the process. in los angeles one lucky fan, you make this shot you get
2:26 am
$95,000! wow, and you get to wear those nice shorts. l.a., 116-102 win over the grizzlies. those are great moments when a kid hits the shot, gets the scholarship -- >> that was definitely worth the price of admission there. >> the sixers highlight, i did not approve of that. >> we are still laughing here in the studio. see you back here in a minute. meanwhile, still ahead, president-elect donald trump takes a jab at intelligence officials for allegedly delaying a briefing on russian cyber attacks. plus, house speaker paul ryan gets thrown off by a teenager during a swearing in ceremony. there was a lot of explaining to do on that one. it's pretty funny. that's next. your insurance company won't replace
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♪ welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt. we're hitting the bottom of the hour to start this morning's top stories for you. republicans spent their first day of the 115th congress in retreat as they tried to remove independent oversight over u.s. house members in action. later gop lawmakers went into damage repair mode. casey hunt has the details. >> reporter: the first day of the new congress was supposed to be a show of force for republicans ready to remake government with incoming president donald trump. instead, it was an embarrassing start dawning with the headlines
2:31 am
directly at odds with trump's drain the swamp campaign promise. late monday night behind closed doors in defiance of house speaker paul ryan, the gohouse p leader said he would gut the reforms. donald trump tweeted, with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independence watchdog their number one act and priority. ? independent bipartisan watchdog was created in 2008 after jake abr abramoff was sent to jail for fraud and bribery. why is this the most important thing in congress right now. >> that's the thing, it's not. >> reporter: the changes were reversed. >> paul ryan. >> reporter: but it was a damaging distraction from what republicans say are their top priorities, repealing obamacare, reforming the tax code and approving a conservative justice for the supreme court. >> we hear you.
2:32 am
we will do right by you. and we will deliver. >> reporter: trying to stand in the way is senate chuck schumer who vowed he's ready for the fight. >> mr. president, it is not our job to be a rubber stamp. it's our job to do what is best for the american people, the middle class and those struggling to get there. >> and that was kacie hunt reporting there. after saying he knew things others don't know about, president-elect donald trump is taking on the intelligence community with a tweet saying, the intelligence in quotes briefing on so-called russian hacking also in quotes was delayed until friday perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange! a senior u.s. intelligence official with direct knowledge tells nbc news that the heads of the nsa, cia and fbi as well as the director of national intelligence are scheduled to brief trump friday on the russian hack intelligence. the senior official says this was also the plan.
2:33 am
and another official told nbc the briefing was on wednesday. the first intelligence official called trump's tweet disturbing and adversarial and added he's calling out the men and women of the intelligence community the way he called out lock key and boeing but these are public servants. john brennan will greet the president-elect on friday to talk about the conclusions they found about russia saying they are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction. >> there was a total review of the review process and the analytic process and the assessments that are done with the intelligence community with a number of steps that were taken to make sure we're going to be as accurate as possible. so it's been light years since that iraq report has been done. and there has been tremendous, i think, further development of our capabilities as well as the intelligence capabilities. in light of recent intelligence findings,
2:34 am
republican senator john mccain is adamantly pushing for a select committee to investigate foreign cyber threats to the united states, but the armed services chairman said yesterday without leader mitch mcconnell's support, a select committee investigation is unlikely. >> without the support of the leadership, then i would imagine no. the founder of wikileaks is speaking out about the united states' expulsion of russian p diplomats during the 2016. this during an interview with the fox news at the ecuadoran embassy in london. >> did russia give you this information or anybody associated with russia? >> our source is not a party, so the answer is no. we published several podesta e-mails which shows podesta
2:35 am
responding to the e-mail. podesta gave out that his password was the word "password." his up staff said, this e-mail that you've received, this is totally legitimate. so this is something a 14-year-old kid, a 14-year-old kid could have hacked. >> based on it viewed that way. >> john brennan described a forthcoming report onpl electio meddling while responding to the claim that russia had no involvement. >> he's not exactly a bastian of truth and integrity. so i would not ascribe to the individuals making comments that it is providing the whole and varnished truth. again, this report is going to include what it is that we know about what happened, what was collected, what was disclosed
2:36 am
and what the purpose and intent of that effort was. >> senate confirmation hearings are being scheduled for president-elect donald trump's cabinet appointments. judiciary hearings on attorney general nominee jeff sessions will be this tuesday, january 10. the fourth-time senator will be introduced by susan collins of maine and alabama senior senator richard shelby. secretary of state rex tillerson will begin his meetings next wednesday, january 11. and the hearings with the senate health committee are tentatively scheduled to start on thursday. and this is one person who did not make the final cut. kansas city secretary of state kris kobach is lined up for a creative position of immigration czar with no senate confirmation. and soon-to-be first daughter ivanka trump and jared kushner will live two blocks away from where president obama will live
2:37 am
after he leaves office. and omarosa manigault will be joining president obama's staff as well. and we are hearing that the 42nd president and hillary clinton will be joining the inauguration. and george w. bush's office announced that he and first lady laura will be in attendance. also jimmy carter will be there on january 20th as trump takes the oath of office. however, president george h.w. bush and barb will not make the event due to health concerns. jim mcgrath says they are not able to attend the inauguration this month. he was also unable to attend in 2013. as is tradition, current
2:38 am
president obama will be at the inauguration of his successor. and president-elect trump is pushing to create jobs in the u.s. following ford's announcement that it is scrapping to build a plant in mexico. the second largest automaker announced yesterday it will invest $700 million in a michigan plant creating 700 new jobs. trump urged ford to abandon the mexico project during the election campaign. and speaking with msnbc yesterday, the ceo mark fields discussed whether the president-elect's policies played a role in his company's decision. >> clearly, we made this decision in the best interest of the company, but we look at a lot of factors. and one of the factors we looked at is the more positive u.s. manufacturing business environment under president-elect trump. we're looking at some of the pro-growth policies he's been talking about. so clearly this is a vote of confidence that he can deliver on that. >> and president-elect trump celebrated ford's decision on instagram, not twitter, putting up this photo that reads, quote,
2:39 am
instead of driving jobs and wealth away, america will become the great magnet for innovation and job creation. democratic congresswoman debbie dingolt tweeted, this is a great day for manufacturing in michigan and the u.s. ford's highest tech vehicles will be right here in the usa. but the white house is throwing cold water on the perception that ford made its move because of trump's policies. >> i noted that over the last five years or so that ford has actually increased the number of workers at their company by about 28,000. so this is only the latest step in a long running, significant and positive trend for the u.s. economy that those jobs are being protected. >> but this is notable, ford's decision came just hours after trump got into a spat with general motors on twitter threatening stiff tariffs on their vehicles made in mexico. trump wrote, quote, general motors is sending mexican-made
2:40 am
model of chevy cruze to u.s. car dealers tax-free across border. make in usa or pay a big border tax. but general motors fired back releasing a statement to say all the chevy cruze's sold on the u.s. market are produced in the u.s. and noted a small amount of vehicles recently being imported from mexico. on the heels of that, we'll turn to business for a three-day decline in u.s. stocks that came to an end yesterday boosted by strong economic data. we'll go to carolin roth with more from london. we're hearing strong manufacturing, that kind of data is what is at play here, yeah? >> yeah, absolutely. it was a pretty healthy start to the year for u.s. equity markets. the dow and the s&p were up by 0.6% and 0.8%. the best two day for the indices in roughly four weeks. we saw energy also out performing despite the fact we saw a bit of a drop in oil prices, but that did turn around in today's trading session so far. we are still waiting for the dow
2:41 am
to crack the 20,000 number. yesterday we were 62 points away from that but didn't quite get there, so the wait obviously continues. and alex, you mentioned some of the very strong manufacturing data for the u.s. for the month of december. a two-year high, so that tells you the u.s. economy is in a fairly healthy state going into 2017. but not such a rosezy picture for electric carmaker tesla with the stock down 2% in after hours trade. that's because the carmaker missed its 2016 sales targets of delivering between 80,000 and 90,000 cars for the fourth quarter. deliveries were down 9.4%. and it is blaming production issues that it simply ran out of time by the end of the year to deliver all the cars to customers. and i want to talk about rex tillerson for secretary of state, he struck a deal with his former employer, with the oil giant exxonmobil, to cut all financial ties. he's going to be given $180
2:42 am
million in stock that will be place in a trust fund. that is a lot of fun. actually, $7 million less than the compensation package he would have gotten if he wasn't tipped for the job. >> we are in the wrong business, that's all i've got to say about that. after swearing in congress yesterday, house speaker paul ryan spent time taking pictures with members of the house. during one photo opportunity, the speaker was taken aback by and teenager. >> you all right? >> i'm all right. >> is my hand in the way? >> okay, okay. were you going to sneeze? >> yeah, he's sneezing. >> the teen was the son of kansas congressman roger marshall doing a move called a dab where a person raises one arm and an elbow and drops their head like they are about to sneeze. i only know that because i'm
2:43 am
reading the words. no idea what dabbing is. ryan tweeted, just finished swearing in photos. nearly 300 members. countless cute kids. still don't get what dabbing is. then roger marshal tweeted, just so you know, ryan, he's grounded. >> in true fashion, he stole the show. take a look. >> hey, guys. hi. this is like my daughter. why don't you kiss me? thank you. mom, i want to know what you're drinking. you look like your sister. >> can i blow you a kiss?
2:44 am
>> he's so comfortable in his own skin. we are so going to miss him. still ahead, a shocking moment caught on camera at a north carolina school. we have the video coming up next. the roses are blooming in herbal essences hair is delightfully fragranced with notes of moroccan rose and the freshness of springtime unforgettable, wherever you go the scents you can't forget... from herbal essences, blooming now!
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief time for a check on the weather with bill karins. how is it looking this morning? >> we are not even in an el nino-type scenario, which is interesting, because last year we were expecting so many horrible storms and didn't get that many. we have gotten a decent amount of snow in northern nevada and through areas of idaho. a little there in utah, but central california, the biggest deal is 52-mile-per-hour winds. some areas have gotten 3 to 5 inches of rain. so the drought will be almost over with completely in central california by the time we are
2:48 am
done with this next week. another 2 to 4 feet of snow in the highest terrain. in the northeast, we are tracking the storm to bring us the gloomy, rainy weather off the east coast. that is almost gone, but it's cold enough in maine for snow and icy travel. not really in portland, but from augusta to bangor along i-95. and western new york, this is the beginning of much colder air to kick off the lake-effect snow machine. 17 in chicago today. this isn't record-breaking cold. this is what you expect for the middle of winter. we get the cold outbreaks every now and then. on thursday, that moves to oklahoma city, st. louis and then to the east. we have two chances of snow over the next couple of days. one is going to be friday, it looks like we'll see a mini snow event in coastal areas of new jersey and out on areas of cape cod. another chance for snow could affect the south. snow accumulations are possible in north carolina, virginia and maybe south carolina and georgia. any time you get snow in the south, that's a big deal.
2:49 am
but it's a little early and the computer models argue how about how much will occur. but if you live in the southeast, friday night and saturday could be one of the few chances for snow this winter. >> that's kind of fun for the kids. i got out of mammoth just in time. a north carolina school resource officer is on paid administrative leave after a video was posted to social media appearing to show the officer slamming a female student to the ground. and there are now questions about the events leading up to that incident. kerry sanders has the details. >> reporter: hosted by a high school student to twitter entitled, this is not okay. a uniformed resource officer of roseville, north carolina, hosts a student in the air and tosses her to the ground. that video lasts only nine seconds, but just as that video went viral, another longer video was posted online. it appears to have been recorded before the officer body slammed the female student. that video appears to show a fight between two other female
2:50 am
students. the mayor in roseville telling nbc news the school resource officer involved in the incident is now on paid administrative leave. the city officials say the officer dale santos who worked at the school for four years was wearing a body camera. whatever was recorded will not be released until the investigation is completed. more than a year ago, someone claiming to be a teacher at the school posted a complaint on the web. the vast majority of students at rhs are disrespectful to teachers and do not come to school to learn. tonight a disturbing snip-it of a chaotic moment that has parents and teachers asking, could force at a school like this be justified. >> that was kerry sanders reporting. still ahead, at least 16 people have been arrested in connection with a deadly attack inside an istanbul nightclub on new year's eve. we'll get a live report on the search for the gunman, next. what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david.
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china is responding to president-elect trump's assertion that it is not doing enough to come down on north korea. china has been taking out massive amounts of money and wealth from the u.s. in totally one-sided trade but won't help with north korea?
2:54 am
nice. at a meeting yesterday, north korea said we hope both sides avoid remarks to escalate the situation, adding that china has jointly passed resolutions with other parties on north korea's nuclear program. the manhunt for the suspect behind the weekend's deadly attack in istanbul continues. matt bradley is going to join us live from london with the very latest on that. what a story, matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. bit by bit, investigators are painting a picture of this wanted gunman. his savage attack in the early hours of new year's day killed 39 people. turkish police arrested five people in a raid on two homes in the coastal city of ismir. police said the detained people are islamic state militants. they are part of the turkish police's expanding manhunt for the perpetrator. 14 others were arrested, 2 of them from istanbul's
2:55 am
international airport. why turkish law enforcement have not named the person ray or the, perpetrator, they say they know who he is. they released selfie video of the man walking around taksim square. and there's video of him obtaining a currency exchange in istanbul. most of the victims were foreigners, many from the middle east, but beyond the details, we don't have any information on the suspect or the manhunt because the turkish government imposed an immediate blackout on the investigation. it's a strategy that the turkish officials are using more and more that points to the country's increasing stability and inward looking suspicious. yesterday's turkey government extended the state of emergency for another three months, not necessarily to fight isis, but to fight enemies in the political opposition including the u.s.-baked cleric who they say backed a failed coup attempt
2:56 am
over the summer. >> you correctly assessed that selfie video, that is very strange. matt bradley, thank you for that. when we come back, we'll look at the stories making headlines in the day ahead. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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so before we toss it over to "morning joe," here are stories you'll hear about in the day ahead. the sentencing for the man accused of killing nine church members in charleston will be underway. dylann roof can represent himself during this phase of the trial called the competency hearing. he could be sentenced to death. and vice president-elect mike pence will head to capitol hill to discuss the future of obamacare. he plans to meet with the republicans who hope to dismantle the law. and president obama is going to get a sendoff from members of the armed services. ash carter and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joseph dunford will host the farewell ceremonies as the president prepares to leave office.
3:00 am
i'm alex witt. good to be back. "morning joe" starts right now. >> it's just a few hours before the congress ends and house republicans decided to put ethics oversight. >> it seems like a great opportunity for the incoming president to show his independence and show he wants to drain the swamp. >> this is not zero argument to say there is some question about due process. i think by the time we reconvene tomorrow they will have come to their senses because the optics of it are absurd. >> come on. >> they won't do it tomorrow. >> got to hold it higher on the forehead. >> up here? >> no, up there. >> pointed right here? >> is that what carson did right there? say yeah.


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