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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  January 6, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, follow the show online on facebook and twitte twitter @mitchellreports. craig melvin is up next here on msnbc. >> andrea good to see you. don't go too far. good afternoon. let's get right to it. you are looking at live pictures right now, this is a live look on the house floor, i believe we have it, vice president joe biden leading a joint session of congress for the final count.
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there's speaker paul ryan there. speaker ryan waiting on vice president joe biden literally bringing the box of votes in, there we have it right there on cue for us. they will be counting those votes. this is for all practical intents and purposes a formality but vice president biden joining speaker paul ryan any moment now for the final count of the electoral votes. face-off, at this moment top intelligence officials briefing president-elect donald trump behind closed doors, at trump tower. they have arriving over the last 30, 45 minutes. they'll be briefing him about russia's hacking efforts. will their top secret report finally convince him of russia's role in disrupting the election? we are expecting a declassified version of that report to be released to the public any moment now. and hate crime charges. four people due in a chicago courtroom in about an hour and a half facing multiple charges for that torture video that was
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streamed live on facebook. also on this friday afternoon, the first lady's legacy. michelle obama delivering an emotional final speech from the white house, exactly two weeks before the end of her husband's presidency. we'll get to those stories in a moment. let's start with donald trump and that intel briefing. senior intelligence official telling nbc news they have more proof of rush ayasia's cupabili giving wikileaks information that would be damaging to hillary clinton. that same official also says they picked up senior russian figures celebrating trump's win as beneficial. this after the democratic leader in the house described that report today. >> it was really quite stunning disclosure. when you see this report, you will see with confidence how the intelligence community has
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identified what we have seen and i knew from the disruption of athe d triple c. we knew it was the russians. >> nancy pelosi there this morning. let's get to hans nichols in washington, kristen welker at trump tower. again, trump tower manhattan, where that intel meeting happening as we speak. hans, let me start with you, sir. what do we know to be inside that report? >> well we know that there is, they have identified russian agents that were the transmitters of these hacked emails of the hacked intelligence and then transferred those to wikileaks, and then as you were mentioning earlier on this notion of celebration, craig, i want to make a distinction here. there's a difference between celebrating and congratulating and i think what we're reporting is congratulations, because congratulations implies that they had some sort of role in the ultimate outcome. the idea that certain embassies or pockets across the globe would be celebrating the victory of one candidate versus another seems pretty standard to me, right? i have a variety of friends in
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europe, those that work in embassies i suspect they would have been celebrating hillary clinton's victory, but congratulations is an entirely different matter. that's an indication they had some role in it. now we also have to track this against some other intelligence we have, and that is that russian officials were just as surprised about donald trump's victory as others. the extent those two pieces of intelligence conflict with each other we'll be trying to get a better readout in the private report and of course the report that's going to be made publicly here in just a couple of hours. craig? >> to be clear, hans, our reporting, celebrating or congratulating, which one are we reporting? >> we're going with congratul e congratulating which is stronger. >> not celebrating. definitely stronger. what's not going to be in the report, what do we not expect to see? >> well, sources and methods, right? this is what nancy pelosi was talking about earlier, being disappointing in the public version of it it's not making a stronger case. this is always the challenge with intelligence, what extent
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do you prove your case and sort of hurt your ability to make that case down the line because you never want to compromise sources and methods. folks in the intel community are very, very strict about this. craig? >> hans nichols, as we have this conversation in the halls of congress, vice president joe biden, speaker paul ryan counting the votes from this election. we're keeping a very close eye on that. i want to bring in kristen welker at trump tower, again where this briefing is happening. i believe we just saw bob corker there, senator corker from tennessee on the floor. kristen, who is giving the president-elect this briefing? >> reporter: well these are the nation's top intelligence officials, craig. this is the head of the fbi, the cia, the nsa and the director of national intelligence. these are the same officials, craig, who president-elect donald trump has been disparaging for weeks now on social media, including jt
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last night, he questioned their intelligence, and their findings. he will be joined by some of his top advisers, including vice president-elect mike pence and his national security adviser michael flynn, who is of course a very controversial figure. he was actually occupanusted fr position atop an intelligence agency by james clapper. just imagine the tensions in that room heading into this briefing. we are told based on our conversations with sources that, look, these intelligence officials are used to briefing presidents. they're not going in to have some type of adversaryial interaction with the president-elect. at the same time they're prepared to defend their intelligence and to get tough if they need to, craig, but the backdrop to this intelligence briefing could not be more tense or more heated, given what we have seen from the president-elect, essentially waging a war of words against the intelligence community, what many have called an unprecedented rift between an incoming commander in chief and the intelligence officials he's
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about to leave -- lead, craig. >> kristen, do we expect to hear from the president-elect after this briefing at all? have we been given any indication whether that might happen? >> reporter: we don't know if we're going to hear from the president-elect. we know he'll have a news conference next week, craig, but we heard from him in a matter of sorts. he called in to the "new york times" just a few hours ago. let me read you what he had to say, really teeing up and increasing the tensions heading into this meeting. he told the "new york times" "china relatively recently hacked 20 million government names. how come nobody ever talks about that? this is a political witch hunt." a political witch hunt, craig, those are fighting words. the media did talk quite extensively about the hacks by china that took place several years ago and discovered several years ago and this say recent instance the intelligence community, members of congress are looking into and i think what you're seeing is the president-elect increasingly isolated in terms of his viewpoint that the intelligence is wrong here.
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we saw that unfold yesterday on capitol hill when there was bipartisan agreement, and belief that the intelligence community was right in its findings that russia was n fact, behind the hackings that we saw during the 2016 race. so the big question goes back to what you said at the top, is president-elect donald trump going to believe his briefers today and if so, what will very to say to the public in the wake of that. >> kristen welker for us there at trump tower here in new york city, kristen, thank you. i believe i still have hans nichols. hans, do i still have you there in d.c.? >> yes. >> one more question quickly while i have you. it was roughly an hour ago that the president-elect did tweet something related to an nbc news exclusive, what he did say? >> craig, the good news is the president-elect is watching nbc news. the bad news is he's not necessarily always pleased with our coverage but you and i don't really care about that. we'll keep reporting. here is what the president-elect said on twitter "i am asking the chairs of the house and senate
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committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with nbc prior to me see it." craig, what's remarkable about that is not only he's calling for investigations into what should be considered respectable first amendment rights, but that he seems to be upset that we saw it first, not that we published it but it preceded his seeing it. that seems to be his concern. that's the latest from the president-elect, some media criticism from the president-elect. >> hans nichols in washington, d.c., thank you, as always. short time ago my colleague and friend andrea mitchell sat down with secretary of state john kerry, it was an exit interview of sorts. she asked him about president-elect trump and his choice to value pro-russian opinions over those of the u.s. intelligence community. it was a wide-ranging conversation.
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andrea joins us with more of what he said. i enjoyed the part where you encouraged him to bring out his inner joe biden and he promised he would after january 20th. >> who wants to wait to see john kerry unplugged? john kerry very carefully and diplomatically if you will did make it clear how he feels about the disparagement of the intelligence community in this russian hacking by the president-elect. let's watch. how damaging is disparagement with our allies, our adversaries, and our work -- >> it has an impact obviously on the workforce, and i think it's going to be really important for the incoming president to repair this relationship to create a relationship, in fact, because it is vital for the president to be able to work effectively with the intel community. >> and not helpful as we were sitting there -- >> andrea -- >> he was calling the "new york times." >> i have to come back to you.
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i do apologize, breaking news here we need to get to right now in florida. ft. lauderdale there has been a shooting at the airport there. at this point we can tell awe cording to the reports here at least six people have been shot. there's a suspect in custody. our investigative unit reporting that there's a possible active shooter situation there. this is the ft. lauderdale airport, for those of you not familiar with the area, this is an airport that is frequently used by folks who are going to miami. it's just a stone's throw from miami. one person at this point, we can tell you one person dead so far in this shooting. nine people, nine people shot at the ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. conflicting reports here, the shooter we're told is in custody, but there's also word that there is a possible active shooter situation. we're working to sift through which is the case. cal perry here has been following this as well, following it closely on social media to a certain extent.
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what more do we know at this point? >> one of the things that happened is ari fleischer is at the airport and tweeting and about 15 minutes ago he tweeted -- >> pictures coming in right now, too, cal, these are live pictures from our affiliate there in miami, wtvj, wtvj. this is broward county, by the way, for those of you familiar with the south florida area, broward county, a massive county in the state of florida, one of the largest, if not the largest there but go ahead, cal, pick. >> it was about 15 minutes ago ari fleischer tweeted i'm at the ft. lauderdale airport. shots have been fired. everyone is running. we know there was chaos when the shots were fired. he's speaking to police there on the ground confirming to him that there was one shooter, and as you said we now know that at least nine people were shot and i'm using the term of course "at least" because this is just how happened, we're just now getting this information. at least nine people shot, one person is dead.
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the shooter is in custody so this is not an ongoing situation but as you see they've cleared the airport. the airport went into lockdown, everybody out on the other side of security so this airport has been shut town. >> i have flown into this airport on more than a dozen occasions here. this is a large airport, not as large as miami international, which is the airport that is closest to this one, but this is a very large airport in ft. lauderdale that is frequented by a lot of folks from this part of the country, especially this time of year. jim cavanaugh joining me now. jim cavanaugh of course msnbc law enforcement analyst expert. jim, at this point, and again i don't know if you can see these live pictures that we have, but again, we can see law enforcement there on the tarmac of the airport, courtesy of this chopper, we also see a number of law enforcement officials on the overpasses as well. we're still trying to figure out precisely whether this is an
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active shooter situation or the shooter is in custody, whether there was one shooter or multiple shooters. still lots of questions that we don't have the answers to at this point, jim. but what's law enforcement's top priority at this point, sir? >> to determine, craig, from the shooter they have in custody, who is he and could there be any other plots afoot. that's the critical information that police commanders on the ground want to know and of course everybody, every police commander in any airport or public facility wants to know. so quickly to simplify it you quickly go for his wallet and cell phone, quho who he is, whoe in contact with. you're trying to understand is this a one-off guy, regardless of motive, is he alone or is there something else? had is it one of others? we hate to think that way but that's the requirement for police commanders to think that way, and once they can lock that down, if he's stopped at the ft. lauderdale airport, then they
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can proceed with the investigation. >> jim, stand by for me if you can just for a second. i need to get to kerry sanders here, kerry sanders one of our correspondents based in the miami bureau not far from ft. lauderdale. where are you now? what can you tell us about the situation there? >> reporter: i'm about ten minutes outside the airport. as you can imagine there's a lot of traffic trying to get into the airport but my law enforcement sources tell me that the shooter, and they believe it was just one person at this point, has been taken into custody. they've not assessed any sort of motive at this point, but of course it's very early at this point. i'm told that nine people, as you know, were shot and one person is believed to be dead. the airport design is rather unusual. most airports you get into what is one giant terminal. here you have terminal one, terminal two, terminal three, terminal four, and you actually
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walk from terminal to terminal, and this happened apparently between two terminals. now i'm not sure whether this happened outside on the upper level, which is the departure or the lower level, which is the arrival, but all the passengers as well as many of the employees have been evacuated from the area, and pushed out, and i believe some were even moved out onto the taxiway to put them in a safer zone as the authorities try to figure out if somebody else is still at the airport with a weapon, who is a threat. >> kerry, stick around if you can. i know you're trying to make your way to the scene here. again we've been using ari fleischer, former press secretary. we'll let you go and check back in with you in a bit. ari fleischer, former press secretary to george w. bush tweeting from inside that airport some time ago saying that shots have been fired. everyone is running. this is his most recent tweet "all seems calm now but the police are not letting anyone
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out of the airport, at least not the area where i am." so again, this might seem to be what kerry was reporting that the shooter, one shooter at this point was taken into custod nine people shot. one person dead so far, kerry sanders just reporting a few moments ago according to his law enforcement source there is in south florida that the shooting happened somewhere between the two terminals. at this point, that is about all we have with regards to precisely how this unfolded inside that airport. jim, i cut you off before we went to kerry sanders. let me come back to you again, these live pictures courtesy of our affiliate there, the helicopter there from tvj, wtvy there. the ft. lauderdale airport just a stone's throw from miami. lot of folks like myself who go to miami from time to time instead of flying into miami international you fly in to ft.
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lauderdale, and you make that drive from the ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport. what were you saying before i cut you off a while ago? >> craig, we were talking about the police command responsibility on the ground right now. if they have the one known shooter in custody, which is what seems to be reporting here, then they've got to sweep that guy for intelligence. is he alone? is he acting alone at that spot, or at other spots. if that could be determined, then it ramps down the emergency. of course you still have the public emergency of the injured people, the trauma centers, you have a homicide investigation, but the main thing we'd like to think about is there something else that can be stopped. these parts of the airport, like you're describing, like kerry talked about in between terminals can be sometimes depending on the airport layout public more public spaces than going through security so it just depend on the airport layout. one of the most vulnerable
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places in airports is before security, before the ticket counter. we all know as you go in, like this airport, we've all been through it, or many of us have and many in the country have been through it, as you go in, you go to ticketing, you go through first, there's no real security there until you have to go to your boarding area. so if it's in a public area like that, it's not that hard to get a gun, a handgun or a long g into that public zone. we don't know where this is. >> right. >> but we've got nine or ten people shot, so one of the factors is, was it a public zone that is in front of security or is it a zone past security? of course we'll get into, as the reporting goes forward, motivations, who is he, what's driving him, what weapons, what confederates, et cetera. >> jim, as we watch this unfold again here is some sort of emergency services vehicle it appears to be an ambulance there on the tarmac. one of the things about the
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airports in this country especially since post-9/11 there is typically a very large law enforcement presence there at all times. is that fair to say? >> it is very fair to say, and also, you know, when you're wounded in a place like an airport, you have a better chance of survival. you have so much police and emergency personnel on you instantly. you know, there's a lot more security at an airport than there is at a nightclub like we saw in istanbul the other day when one policeman is killed and you have this massacre. the airport you have the airport police across america. they're always on their games. they're practicing all the time. they're very, very efficient forces. some cities and counties have details that run the airport police. other cities and counties and airports run their own airport police but they're all totally interspersed with local, state and federal law enforcement, and you also have tsa and homeland security and customs service
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agents, like cbp, always at airports. there's a lot of police at airport, and it wouldn't surprise me that some officers stopped this guy from killing more people. wouldn't surprise me at all that once the shooting started that law enforcement was on him quickly. >> cal, i know that you have been tracking what folks, reputable folks are saying on social media. some folks inside this airport. what are you seeing out there? >> people talking about, you see this on the left side of your screen, some people being held out on the tarmac on that runway where the planes take off from. some people are being held on the other side of security at the entrance of the airport so it seems to be a lockdown sort of on t fronts. you have eveone who was past security grouped together in one group and everybody who was supposed to go through security outside to where you would pull up your karlcars. you can see on the left side of your screen folks gathered out by airplanes. at least nine people injured.
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obviously the priority is putting nearby hospitals on alert, that has been done but clearly we're watching some kind of security protocol unfolding at the airport on the left side of the screen there. >> also, the airport itself, fll flyer is the handle on twitter, confirming that there is an ongoing incident. they're that this ongoing incident is in terminal two baggage claim, terminal two baggage claim, this is coming from the airport itself. also setting up unfortunately what has become all too common in situations like, this being forced to set up a staging area for the numbers of reporters and cameras who have descended on this airport to try to figure out precisely what went down. based on what we're seeing here, jim, it does not appear at this point, it does not appear from this vantage point at least that
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there is necessarily some sort of massive active or excuse me, active shooter operation under way. is that a safe assessment or am i reading too much into what we're seeing? >> no, i think you're seeing it clearly, craig. from what we can see, we see some passengers corralled in one area. we see other passengers there under the jetway who are being held in a static position by airport authorities. it's possible if the report's correct and the shooter, known shooter has been stopped that they're in a more static environment now and trying to, you know, do a quick assessment on what they have and how they can get people safely away. they're probably doing some sweeps close to where the shooting occurred, s.w.a.t., airport police s.w.a.t., broward county s.o. s.w.a.t., fort lauderdale police s.w.a.t., fbi s.w.a.t., whoever is close by. they're going to be doing some checks. they want to make sure there's not somebody else or not a device been placed.
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these guys sometimes come, they have pipe bombs or guns like the guy inis stand bull probably throwing improvised hand grenade or hand grenade into the crowd. you have to prepare could he have left something? san bernardino they left an improvised satchel bomb in a toy car. you don't know what they did ahead of the shooting so law enforcement commanders have to say okay, what could be here? we got to check that. they have to keep everybody kind of static until they make that all safe. and i think that's what we're seeing now. i think you're reading it right. we just can't see everything they're doing right now and we don't know the intelligence they've picked up. >> just to give folks, again, perspective here in terms of this airport, ft. lauderdale-hollywood international we're talking about roughly 30 airlines at this airport, some 70,000, 75,000 passengers every day passing through four terminals,
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325 departures, 325 arrivals. it is one of the 25 busiest airports in the united states of america. again, a popular airport used by folks going to miami typically, and i can give you this from a personal experience, typically it's a little cheaper to fly into this airport than it is miami international airport. we can tell you at this point according to our reporting here, we heard from kerry sanders a short time ago, sources telling him nine people have been shot. one of those people dead. we believe the shooter to be in custody. that's what we know at this point. here's what we do not know. we do not know whether there were more than, whether there was more than one shooter. we also at this point do not know whether this is a situation that is over or whether there
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are folks inside this airport that are either trapped or whether this is some sort of active shooting situation. tom costello is standing by for us as well in washington. of course, tom covers aviation from the network. tom at this point what more do we know? >> we don't know much more than that the at the moment. this is very much breaking as we're all witnessing this live. i would tell you that, craig, you and i know and any american who travels knows, if you go through a ts checkpoint, those officers there, the tsa officers are not armed. it would not be up to them to stop an armed situation. we've seen tsa officers before when they are faced with an armed individual and they call for backup from the local police. the airport police or the local jurisdiction. we have at times as you know seen tsa viper teams, those are the armed s.w.a.t. looking teams patrolling airports to back up the local police jurisdiction, and that kind of is a roaming
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situation. one day they may be at the washington dulles airport, the next day maybe at a train station. they're generally not always stationed at key airports around the country and it's unpredictable. my point being the response to an armed individual is going to be up to the local airport police whether that is an airport police department or whoever is running that operation with the local police jurisdiction. we also checked to see any change on the faa status for ft. lauderdale airport, is there a ground stop in effect, because obviously looking at the imagery there, you've got emergency medicine -- medic, i should say that again, emergency personnel including medics, firefighters and in fact passengers standing out on the ramp. it would seem self-evident at this point you cannot run an airport when you've got people standing out on the ramp. i would assume we're in a ground stop, although officially on the faa's website that is not the case, but from all observations,
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everything has stopped at the ft. lauderdale airport, as they continue to asems the situation on the ground, and looking at those imagery, at the images rather, more police personnel retu running into that airport. as they say in the business code three, lights and sirens. >> tom, how well prepared are our airports in this country for shooters? >> that really varies from airport to airport, craig. we have hey many conversations with airport police jurisdictions around the country who will tell you that you know, some complain about not being, not having enough staffing, not having enough resources and others will say that they feel like they are pretty well prepared. just looking at the this imagery, craig, given how many resources continue to pour into that airport, running emergency lights and sirens, i think we all have to be very mindful of the fact that this is an ongoing situation and we don't know whether more, whether there might be any other suspects at large. >> tom costello, do stand by,
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sir, if you can there for us in washington. i'm joined by kenneth hoenig, former commanding? er for the port authority at jfk and laguardia airports. ken i'll come to you and start with the same question i just asked tom costello. in terms of preparation, as you watch what's unfolding here at the ft. lauderdale airport, do we know whether this airport, i mean, we probably won't know for some time whether this airport was adequately prepared but on a macrolevel the airports in this country, are they adequately prepared for something like this? >> well the airport police department's, be they an airport police department or a municipal airport with the presence at the airport, work very hard to train and prepare along with the federal agencies that are at those airports, for just this kind of incident. they do tabletop exercises. they do full scale exercises. and what they prepare for is to
10:30 am
be able to get in very quickly, and to stop the action, to stop the danger. one of the things that you know happens, they preach to us the theory of run, hide, fight, where we tell people if you can, get out. if you can't get out, hide someplace safe, get someplace where there's cover and lock yourself in, and then of course if that isn't a possibility, then you have to fight for your life. the police departments come in and they will be looking for the shooter. it's the local police department, it's the federal agencies, at ft. lauderdale you have the low broward county sheriff's department, you have the federal officers from customs and border protection and they also get mutual aid from the local police agencies, the florida state police and the ft. lauderdale police would be able to come in and provide mutual aid and they train together for this kind of incident, unfortunately, since
10:31 am
the world we live in, this is a real focus for them. >> kenneth, stand by for me if you can as well. we have hit the half hour here. i'm going to reset the scene for our viewers for our listeners as well. on the left side of your screen you are looking at florida, hollywood international airport, this is in broward county, florida, shortly after 1:00, word that a shooter had opened fire inside that airport. at this point we can tell you that nine people, nine people were shot. three people are dead so far. justice correspondent pete williams has also been on the phone talking to his sources. pete, what more can you tell us? oh, we don't, okay, i'm sorry, that came from pete williams, our justice correspondent, again, three people dead. the death toll has gone up here within the past few minutes. again, nine shot, three dead. we're told that the shooter is in custody. at this point, we do not know
10:32 am
whether there are other shooters or another shooter inside. we don't know if this is an active scene or if the situation is over. as tom costello pointed out a few moments ago looking at the scene objectively and the number of people, the number of police cars and other law enforcement vehicles that we've seen head toward this airport, it would not seem as if this is a situation that is over right now. again, we're told according to the airport that this is something that happened in the terminal two baggage claim area. this again coming from the airport itself, but again this is a look at the florida international airport. kerry sanders again on the phone for us and again this is kerry's neck of the wood. kerry living there in miami. kerry, have you made it to the airport yet? >> well, i'm now on the perimeter of the airport, and as you can imagine every road is closed off, so if i sound like
10:33 am
i'm out of breath it's because i'm in a small jog trying to make my way through on foot. the authorities tell me now that the broward paramedics are transporting the wounded over to brau co broward health center, used to be known as broward general hospital. i can paint a little bit of a picture what i sea here. along perimeter road you have, that's the road that goes around the loop of the airport, it's not where most cars usually go. this is where airport traffic for like airport personnel, the sheriff's department, sometimes taxis use this back way. it's all closed down. you've got road blocks up. up towards the airport over here at the entrance, which is sort of a little bit of an incline, kind of like a little bridge that takes them up, that's all completely closed down.
10:34 am
i don't think you can hear the sirens because they're overhead right now. i'm under an overpass at the airport but there's sirens and then lights everywhere. there's a little bit of traffic, but it's mostly people leaving. nobody being allowed in. >> kerry, i'm going to let you get a little closer and come back to you in a bit. pete williams our justice correspondent down in d.c., what can you tell us at this point? >> well the federal officials of course at this point are assisting the local authorities there, fbi is involved, atf is responding, and the initial information we have, which is basically what you're seeing at the bottom of the screen, is that the initial information and we always caution in these situations that initial reports are subject to later revision, but the information that's coming in here to washington is that three people have been killed in this shooting. it's unclear whether that's three of the nine or whether
10:35 am
that's clee killed and nine wounded. we don't know that information yet and we haven't heard anything about who this person is with the gun. we assume this person is a male. i don't even know that for sure or what kind of weapon was involved, what the motive was, anything like that. this is all very preliminary information at this point. >> peter your sources telling you they believe this is a situation that is over? >> yes. >> this is a situation that is over? >> well, any time something like this happens, it seems to be over but you always worry there may be more than one person involved, and so they can't say definitively it's over until they do a thorough search and satisfy themselves that no one else was involved, but the immediate threat seems to have ended. >> pete williams highlighting just how much we don't know at.
10:36 am
point as we watch the scene play out. we see passengers on the tarmac there, a number of emergency personnel, law enforcement personnel. this is one of this country's large e airports in the top 25 in terms of size and traffic on a daily basis here. cal perry also here in this studio and cal, you're following closely what folks are saying out there on social media, and a number of folks inside that terminal have been tweeting and posting. we're working to sift through some of that, but what do you have? >> a number of people are saying what you're saying, something i didn't realize, this is basically miami's second airport. this is just 20 miles north of miami. lot of passengers headed in and out of miami, a lot of people who took a few days off this week, tacked it onto the end of their vacation are now standing out by those airplanes. they have separated the passengers into two groups. if you did not make it through security at this point, you are on the outside of the airport. if you were about to board your
10:37 am
plane or you were waiting for your flight, you're going to be one of those individuals who is out there on the tarmac, where you see that fire engine. we also now have a little bit of a better idea of where this took place. terminal two baggage claim, so as people sort of landed, they would go down that escalator to the baggage claim, pick up your lugage and out to the curb. we talked about this before during the istanbul airport attack and i want to make it clear we don't know the motive here yet. >> right. >> but this is an easily acce accessible part of the airport because you don't go through security to get to baggage claim. it is on the street side of the security system tsa put in place. we have to wait for the investigation. right now the concern is just making sure as you heard from our reporters there's no secondary devices, that this was a single shooter and this incident is in fact over. >> jim cavanaugh, let me bring you back into the conversation cal raised an interesting point and you raised a similar point earlier in terms of access, as
10:38 am
we watch paramedics here on the tarmac. broward county c y paramedics ie process of transporting the wounded to the nearby hospital. at this point we do not know precisely how many wounded we're talking about. we know we have three dead. nine people shot. jim open carry inside the airports around the country, is it legal for folks to take guns inside the airport before you hit security screenings? >> well, it used to be totally illegal in most airports to do that in some cities now, in some states. they're rolling that back and saying you can carry a concealed with a permit up to the security, so it varies now. i don't know if florida's changed that. used to be you couldn't go into any kind of an aviation federally managed aviation facility with a firearm, but the laws have been loosened so much on open carry, concealed carry
10:39 am
with permit so i'm not sure about what florida's status is now. but that airport is, broward county s.o., sheriff's office, does a security there. that's a 3,000-plus member sheriff's department. i was a florida deputy sheriff before i went into atf. the sheriff departments down there are huge. they're like city police departments and they have big units, and broward s.o. can handle that. they've got a lot of people. they have a lot of expertise to get there, bomb squat, s.w.a.t. team all the necessary units so good detective bureau. they'll be all over that and of course if it turns out to be, the fbi is going to have a big play and the terrorism task force will look at this hard. you could have federal charges for the murder in the airport, they could also be state as well but if it's terrorism, the joint
10:40 am
terrorism task force is going to be deeply involved in it. of course you have to trace the gun -- i think the interesting thing you came up with and reported earlier a few minutes ago craig was the baggage claim area. >> hey -- >> general publicly access to those. >> tom costello are you still with us? for folks watching i want to call attention, it appears as if the folks assembled on the tarmac are on the move right now. go ahead, tom, jump in. >> a couple of points. we saw a shot 30 seconds ago american airlines plane taking off which was kind of surprising. i would have expected everything on the ground to be in a holding pattern. started to look like at least one flight was departing from ft. lauderdale, as they continue to move people off of the ramp, which is normally if you've got anybody on the ramp who shouldn't be there, things are very, very much locked down. so why they've decided to move that plane out, i don't know the answer to that. at last check they were not yet in a ground hold, although
10:41 am
clearly when you've got that many people out there, you've got to suspect that's a possibility. i did a quick bit of research while i was sitting here, craig. you may recall the last time that we had shots fired on an airport in which anybody was killed, to my knowledge, it was back in 2013, so about three years ago, november of 2013, in which a suspect at lax killed a transportation security officer before he was shot by the lapd. you may recall about eight months ago or so we had a suspect at dfw who was shot by police when he was attempting to attack his former wife or girlfriend, something of that nature, outside, with rocks, and police at dfw shot him. i think he survived. there have been about a half dozen or so incidents since 9/11 of shots fired at airports around the country, and usually, not always, usually it is somebody who is mentally unstable or is involved in some
10:42 am
sort of a domestic dispute, but to pick up on jim's point, one big concern that you have in a situation like this is that it's a diversion or a distraction for another event, either at that airport or somewhere else in the aviation system. so you can imagine that the word is out at the major airports in the country to lean a little forward and be on your game right now until they know exactly what they have at ft. lauderdale. >> cal perry just pointed out that was the case in istanbul as well. >> that first shooter in istanbul was a diversion to allow the other shooters to get in. one other thing i checked on, you can carry in 44 states at airports. florida is not one of those states. florida has very strict carry laws at airports. >> and again, just to be clear, listeners and viewers we're talking about istanbul but at this point no indication that this was anything like that. still no word on a motivation.
10:43 am
sean henry is with us as well, sean henry, former executive assistant director of the fbi. sean, at this point, what would the fbi's role be on the ground here at ft. lauderdale? >> craig, listening to cal and jim there, just to build upon that, while we certainly don't have a lot of information at this point to know what this is, the fbi has a presence at many international airports, ft. lauderdale large airport, i was just there last week. i think that the terrorism task force will actually start in this case, because of where the targeting occurred, and there will be some fbi presence to start. if this turns out in fact that it's a shooting, because it's a disgruntled employee or it's a domestic type incident, then they'll back away, but i think in today's day and age, with the threat as it is with some of at tacks that we've seen around the globe, particularly at aviation facilities in the last couple years, they will start and look at this until they can rule it
10:44 am
out. and that's because they want to be able to get out in front, should this be a terrorist incident, they want to ensure primarily number one that they are looking for any other potential shooters, any secondary devices, as jim mentioned, and they want to stop any future type of attack. secondly, if it is a terrorist incident, they want to be able to identify who the attacker is, they're doing interviews, if this person is actually in custody now, to determine how they might be motivated, et cetera. so i think that they'll start there, because it's much easier to back off than waiting for many hours or a day or two, and then trying to catch up, if, in fact, it turns out to be terrorism. craig? >> we should update folks right now. again, shooting at the florida hollywood international airport. this is broward county, florida, this is south florida. this is one of this country's 25 largest and busiest airports. word shortly after 1:00 that
10:45 am
someone had opened fire inside the terminal two baggage claim area. at this point we can tell you three people are dead. there are several people who have been injured as well. kerry sanders telling us a short time ago that those folks are in the process of being taken to an area hospital there in broward county. tom costello standing which for us in washington. what more information do you have? >> they have only the south runway operating at ft. lauderdale, south runway only operating at ft. lauderdale. you and i saw the plane taking off. trying to get clarification departures and arrivals are operating or ohm departures on the south runway. 73 travelers, make that 73,000 travelers use ft. lauderdale every single day, it is the 21st in the country in terms of passenger traffic, and they do have nonstop traffic to about 125 u.s. cities. so when you've got 650 flight a day or so going in and out of
10:46 am
ft. lauderdale, and as you know, really considered an extension of miami, this is a major airport in the country now being affected by this, and not to mention the ongoing police and emergency medical situation on the ground. it's going to take some time to recover from this, and simply from a logistical and operational standpoint, craig, you can imagine ft. lauderdale airport is going to be really i would imagine tied up to say the least and in a major kind of a traffic slowdown and delay situation through the rest of the day, that could easily extend into tomorrow, we'll see how that all shakes up, but the immediate priority is dealing with those people on the ramp now and anybody who is still injured. >> tom costello again reporting here that at least one runway appears to be open. we've seen so far one plane take off. we are starting to get our first images, our first pictures from
10:47 am
on the ground. this is a picture from outside terminal two i'm told, and in the distance there you can see one person who appears to be from this vantage point at least appears to be down. this is again outside terminal two. the airport telling us that the incident itself happened in terminal two in the baggage claim area. this is the first quick tour we've gwe have picture we've gotten. a live look at the tarmac there, hundreds of people there on the tarmac. jim cavanaugh, law enforcement officials, are they going to question each of these people, excuse me, sean henry, are law enforcement officials going to be tasked with speaking to all of these people? >> it really depends who they've got and how they're kind of partitioned off there. obviously they'll be looking at video that they've got to determine who the shooter was, if there were, in fact, others
10:48 am
that were there with him or somebody that might have been collaborating with him. they'll want to talk to people as potential witnesses, of course, who are in the general area who might have seen a vehicle pull up. you've mentioned this is in the baggage area and typically in most airports you've got vehicular traffic that has the ability to pull up to that general area. you've got a lot of taxis and the like. so there will be a lot of people who will have seen the shooter come in and engage the victims. so they will be doing as much information intelligence collecting through interview as they possibly can in addition to any technical capabilities through video cameras and the like. craig? >> doug -- sean henry, thank you, sean. doug cass is sitting on a plane we're told near where the shooting happened at florida international airport. doug, do you have me? >> yes, i'm with you. >> craig melvin from msnbc. what do you see outside your window right now? >> i'm on a plane that was
10:49 am
supposed to be headed about noon to los angeles. we've been obviously delayed for about 90 minutes or so. we were told there were mechanical problems. about 20 minutes ago i opened the shade to the window to see right next to me what appears to be the location of the incident. there are numerous, probably 1,000 people outside, i guess passengers from a flight, several flights, ambulances, police cars, and kind of associated law enforcement support groups. >> based on what you're seeing right now -- >> you'll have to talk louder. >> based on what you're seeing right now, doug, and this may be a difficult question to answer, i don't know if you can discern from your vantage point, does this appear to be a situation that's ongoing? does it look like there may be some folks still inside that airport who are trying to get out or can you even tell?
10:50 am
>> it seems to me that the event has passed, and that there is absolutely nothing ongoing right now. just you know a whole bunch ongoing right now. just a whole bunch of people have been crowding around and are slowly walking up the ramps back into -- off the tarmac into the terminal. >> all right. >> there are a number of ambulances, police cars, as i said, other kind of support, fire, firemen, several trucks, of that nature. >> what's the mood on the airplane right now? >> well, we were just informed four or five minutes ago of some sort of security breach in the airport. i happened to be watching, that's msnbc, on the plane. and that's how i was informed of
10:51 am
it. >> again, as we're having this conversation, we can let our viewers and listeners know, broward county sheriff's department confirming multiple people dead, one suspect in custody. three people dead, we're told according to our law enforcement sources, three people dead. nine people shot. at this point, it is unclear whether the three people who have died were among the three shot or that's three people dead and nine people shot in addition to that. again, one subject in custody. at this point we're still trying to figure out whether this was a lone gunman and whether this is a situation that has passed. doug kass, thank you so much. bob foster, on the tarmac, at that airport as well. bob, what are you seeing? what are you hearing from your vantage point? >> i don't think we have bob
10:52 am
just yet. you there? >> yes. i can just about hear you. >> bob, you're live on television and you're on the tarmac at the airport, as i understand it, correct? >> correct, we are, yes. >> what are you seeing around you? what are you hearing? >> well, the two airlines getting ready to depart. obviously, the airport is open. i assume -- it was closed at the moment. pilt every people around all of the gates on the delta terminal. we were eventually evacuated from the terminal itself. we stayed there until we were given the green light to leave. we did not hear any gunshots, so nothing -- no explosive, but,
10:53 am
again, i don't even know where the attack took place. i assume it was around the delta terminal. as i say, everybody is pretty shaken up. it is what it is. hopefully we'll get back on our planes to depart to the various places people are flying to. >> from your vantage point, it would seem as if the airport is still very much open for business? >> the airport, yes. the airport is open. flights are coming in and out. i think the delta terminal is probably -- again, from my vantage point, it might be the only one shut down at the moment. >> bob, according to our reporting from on the ground, this happened, terminal two, terminal two, the baggage claim
10:54 am
area. where is that in relationship to where you are right now? >> i'm sorry, i -- it's very difficult to hear. >> terminal two, the shooting happened in terminal two baggage claim. >> it did, okay, all right. >> where is that -- >> i'm sure -- >> where is that in relationship to where you are right now? >> well, it is -- it's back in the entrance to the airport. the tsa -- now, the checkpoint we went through outside was delayed a few times prior to in incident, so we were well through the tsa checkpoint. as far as the baggage -- if it happened in the baggage pickup area, i think that's on another floor. i would assume that if that happened down in that area, we were one level above and totally
10:55 am
out of that way. let me just let you know, they're letting us enter the terminal once again. they're insisting my wife and i get back into the terminal area and hopefully board our plane very soon. i hope i've been helpful. just one of those experiences you'll never -- you hopefully never experience. >> bob foster on the ground with helpful reporting. we do appreciate your time. good luck to you and -- >> they're making me leave now. thanks very much. >> thank you, bob. during that conversation i was handed a note fr -- it appears, again, this is from the florida hollywood international twitter account. they just tweeted that all services are temporarily suspended at that airport. they're asking folks to contact their air carrier about flight
10:56 am
information. again, you just saw there from our vantage point, we saw the hundreds, perhaps more than 1,000 folks -- the folks headed back inside the terminal. i want to show a tweet from the broward county sheriff's department, south florida, confirming a shooting at hollywood international airport with multiple people, multiple people dead. one suspect in custody. that's the first official word we've gotten there via twitter from the broward county sheriff's department. i can also tell you the governor is on his way. we have our units on site and around the perimeter to provide assistance. that's actually from the mayor. this is from the governor's office. the governor there, rick scott, we're told, on the way, saying,
10:57 am
quote, we will continue to provide details as we receive them. governor scott currently traveling to ft. lauderdale to be briefed by law enforcement. at this time state law enforcement does not have confirmed information on fatalities, injuries or a motive at this point. tom, let me come back to you. again, i know we reported a short time ago that the south runway was open. again, it would seem as if we just talked to bob foster on the phone. he was on the tarmac telling us he and his wife are going back inside the airport. but we're hearing from the airport that all services are temporarily suspended. what more do we know about what's happening at that airport with regard to service? >> so, you and i were watching as that plane took off right there in front of us. startled some of us. we called the faa back and the faa told us, this was a few minutes ago, flights are landing on runway ten right unless they're parking on the north
10:58 am
side of the airport. flights operating out of terminals other than two are departing normally. flights arriving for terminal two are held on the airfield and not taxiing. however, since that e-mail, we've now got the airport itself, it looks like, shutting everything down. so, this is -- keep in mind, airports are run by local jurisdictions. they can make the decision to shut things down if they decide that's what they're going to do. that's apparent, according to that tweet, what has happened now. ft. lauderdale airport, according to that tweet, would suggest all operations are now suspended on the ground. . you are going into or if you are hoping to flight out of ft. lauderdale today, you may well be in for a good bit of a delay. can you imagine the ripple effects as that will likely affect other operations in florida, especially miami. but when you've got clearly an open scene out on the runway with people who appear to have fled the shooting inside the airport and then running out onto the ramp to get away from
10:59 am
the shooter, everything at this point, can you imagine, is very much up in the air. in terms of security, the perimeter, knowing who is where, knowing whether anybody out on that ramp may have had access to a plane. i'm suspecting they may decide they've got to do a thorough sweep of that -- of that ramp and the planes on the ramp and through the entire terminal. i think they probably are going to have to really put things on hold until they have a better feeling for what's going on there and whether anybody else might have been involved in anything at all that's suspicious. i was also, craig, checking the list of previous shootings we have had at airports over the years. we have had in the past, we have had domestic cases in which somebody who was acting in the name of, it would appear, terrorism, did act. we've also had domestic violence cases. by the way, i need to correct myself. an incident earlier this year was at love field, not dfw.
11:00 am
we've had that and also cases where people were mentally unstable and were shot. at the moment, we don't know exactly what has transpired at ft. lauderdale. we don't know the motivations. it would appear from ft. lauderdale airport that operations are on hold for now. >> tom costello for us in washington, d.c. tom, thanks. let's reset here for our viewers and listeners just to bring you up to speed on what you are seeing. just a few moments ago, at least, you saw folks starting to go back into the terminal at ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. law enforcement officials say three people are dead. gunman open fire after 1:00 eastern. this is an airport that's roughlily 20 miles north of miami. one suspect, we're told, one suspect is in custody. again, you can see live pictures


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