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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 20, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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incoming administration, particularly the new head of the justice department, likely to be attorney general jeff sessions. will he recuse himself from overseeing something like this or the fbi's part of it. dramatic time. "first look" is up next. so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger, i'm just the messenger. we're going to do things that haven't been done for our country for many, many decades. it's going to change. i promise you, it's going to change. >> just hours from now donald trump will be sworn in as america's 45th president. throngs of supporters are gathering in the nation's capital to celebrate the peaceful transition of power.
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but at the same time, a weekend of protest began last night. in washington, d.c., police in riot gear had to control demonstrators that took to the streets. and confirmation hearings continue with rick perry no longer wanting to dissolve the energy department. and steve mnuchin facing tough questions over foreclosures. good morning, everyone. it's inauguration friday, january 20th. i'm alex witt. in just a few hours donald trump, a real estate developer born in queen, new york, becomes the 58th president.
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mike pence and donald trump will be sworn in around noon. trump will place his hands on one bible, one given to him by his mother before his 9th birthday, and the one abraham lincoln swore on in 1961. the speech is said to be on his agenda being sincere in tone. the speech is expected to be about 20 minutes. among the topics set to touch on, outsourcing, infrastructure, immigration, education and american manufacturing. afterward, president trump and vice president pence will review the armed forces and lead the inaugural parade with 8,000 participants from the capitol down pennsylvania avenue. keeping with tradition, the president-elect spent the night
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at the blare house across from the white house. he offered a first salute as the next commander and chief. there was also a somber moment. the president-elect traveling to arlington national cemetery where he and vice president-elect pence laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. and last night the official welcome concert at the lincoln memorial headlined by toby keith. the president-elect walking out stopping to salute the lincoln statue before descending down the stairs with mrs. trump to watch the show. rain is in forecast for washington dmt c. today. but at the black tie, the dinner for donors last night, trump said he was ready for the weather. >> tomorrow we have a speech, possibly around 12:00, it may rain, it may not rain, i don't care. it doesn't matter. i mean, the truth is, if it really pours, that's okay, because people will realize it's my real hair. and that's okay.
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that's oak. might be a mess. but they are going to see that it's my real hair. >> some humor there. nearly 70 members of congress will sit out the inauguration and protests are already underway. things got a bit out of hand in washington yesterday. in fact, this was the scene outside the national press club. the officials say one person was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit an assault. we are told the search continues for two other people. meanwhile in new york, it was several a-list celebrities leading the protest. robert de niro, michael moore and cher among the celebrities speaking out against the president-elect at what was billed the night we stand rally. >> we are all rooting for the new administration to abandon the divisive racist massagist ignorant plan it's trumpeting and lead us with intelligence and compassion. >> i thauns half the people were
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so desperate to pick this man, this unbelievable nars narcissist that can change the world. >> i remember the night after the election. a bunch of us randomly got in the street and marched to trump tower. anybody there that night? there weren't a lot of us, but there were a few hundred people, and he's up there in his tower in his penthouse tweeting, demonstrators outside my home. unfair. unfair. >> joining us from washington, we have nbc news capitol hill correspondent kasie hunt. we have seen these reports that the trump transition is missing
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a few chess pieces as the president is being sworn in. how are they to govern? >> reporter: yeah, we have the morning scramble here in order to get everything ready for the show coming up, but the trump campaign, the administration as of today, is still scrambling to fill quite a few executive slots. there's been announcements they will keep on about 50 obama personnel who work in key jobs in national security. those are political appointments, but the trump administration is behind the pace that other administrations have kept behind where chris christie until recently had been running the transition team, thought they should be. so that is going to be a little bit of a hurdle for them in the initial days of governing. there's also been some delays on capitol hill. only about two of his appointments, general james mattis and general john kelly at the department of homeland security, mattis for defense, are set to be voted on by the senate later today. those are two cabinet officials expected to be confirmed on day
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one. that's fewer than the seven that president obama had when he first came into office back in 2009. it's possible we'll also see mikeompeo confirmed really quickly. rex tillerson is up nt on the list. but the cabinet picks are controversial, the treasury secretary tom price at, the department of health and human services. there are delays there, and donald trump will have to get started without most of his cabinet in place. >> given your perch there in capitol hill, what are the signs you're seeing in terms of their ability to work with congress? >> reporter: well, look, the question is, mike pence will play a key role in this. there's still a lot of getting to know each other. the members in congress are getting to know how things go,
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any time donald trump tweets something, they figure out what it means for their priority. so i think those lines of communication are going to be important for the incoming trump administration to work with republicans on capitol hill, if they want to get anything done. i think there is also a real question mark how he may work with democrats like chuck schumer. that has some republicans on a little bit of an edge. alex? >> are you hearing any buzz over his ambassador to the court of saint james? >> mr. woody johnson. for somebody who has such a reputation for loyalty, woody johnson was in charge of jeb bush's fund-raising until may. that says a lot about what woody johnson did for trump during the general election. >> i think it does. casey hunt, thank you. steve mnuchin faced a
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firewall yesterday over allegations that he profited during his time and had a property in the cayman islands. >> can you honestly say your bank made every effort to keep seniors in their homes when they were robo signing one document every three minute >> senator, yes, i can absolutely say we made every effort. >> is it true that one west independent audit firm said it violated the service members civil act when 54 military active duties -- >> you have the document in front of you, i don't. we did foreclose on people in the military. it was quite unfortunate and inappropriate. we responded to these people and
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made them whole. as i said, every single opportunity had the opportunity to have their mortgage reviewed and we corrected the errors. our errors are not less than anybody else. >> i wouldn't be proud of these findings. >> you did not answer in that questionnaire listing your position as director of the cayman islands corporation, as manager, director and chairman of eight additional shell corporations and holding companies and nearly $100 million in real estate. isn't it true that what you did here is take these companies, put them offshore so you could help your clients when you were making money from, avoid u.s. taxation? >> that's not true at all. >> then why would you -- >> i did not use a cayman island entity in any way to avoid taxes for myself. i paid u.s. taxes on all that
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income, okay? so there was no benefit to me from the cayman entity. as i said, the cayman entity was set up to accommodate nonprofit and pension funds that want to invest through offshore in a certain number -- >> so you helped others avoid paying taxes? >> again, i'm not going to comment -- they didn't devoid, they followed the law. the other big hearing on capitol hill yesterday, rick perry up for energy secretary. a highly-critical article in "the new york times" loomed over perry, the one we told you about yesterday. the paper faced plenty of backlash and drew scrutiny over its sourcing including the claim that perry didn't really understand that the department of energy had per view over maintaining america's nuclear arsenal. perry's camp said the person quoted hardly knows the governor and had no involvement in his preparation. one of the people quoted in the article says his comments that perry was facing a learning curve were taken out of context. "the times" is reflecting what multiple high-level sources told
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their reporters. for more on this, we'll go to louis burgdorf. so louis, the governor got some big reviews? >> reporter: that's right. even in press, some wanted to get rid of the energy departm t department. >> you know, louis, we're having a little bit of mike trouble with you, so we'll get that fixed up, all right? and let me just go through a little bit of the details here. we have a sound bite that we can hear. we'll get back to you at that point. still here, after spending years on the run, the notorious drug lord joaquin el chapo is on his way to the u.s. and we'll cover all the events in the day ahead for the inauguration. we'll be right back. boost
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mexican drug kingpin joaquin el chapo landed at mccarthur airport last night in manhattan. he was taken to the manhattan correctional officer where he was greeted by a chapo chant by fellow prisoners. he is charged with six separate incidents in the u.s. guzman escaped in 2015 when he escaped prison via a mile-long tunnel with a motorcycle track dug underneath the prison housing him. now we'll check on the weather with meteorologist bill karins. what does it look like in d.c.? >> they are allowing small totem
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brel las, that was a change they made yesterday, because there's going to be a period of rain. the area of rain is now heading over the appalachians. so this is heading in the general direction of d.c. and the timing is unfortunately going to be very close to the inauguration itself. so let's go in a little closer. the clouds are beginning to increase in the area. it is actual mild with temperatures in the 40s. it won't be that cold for this time of the year, that's fine, with the showers now picking up and heading to roanoke. we'll take you to the timing of it. this is the futurecast where the computers predict what it will look like throughout the day. this is at 9:00 a.m. we're okay, just cloudy skies overhead. but the time we get to noon with the swearing-in ceremonies at noon, notice the showers around. the bulk of it went through. it's not like it's a downpour. it's going to rain and be wet, but it's not guaranteed to be a soaking rain. it may be brief and very light like shower or drizzle type. then throughout the rest of the afternoon, notice it quickly moves out. i think the parade and 3:00 may
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be completely dry. so that is great news for everyone in the parade or out on the streets watching it go by. here's the inauguration forecast, there will be light rain and showers around. not a washout at noon at 46 degrees. for the parade, 47 degrees. just rain ending and cloudy skies. so it's not a complete problem out there. for everyone else around the country, the other thing to watch this weekend is severe weather in the southeast. i think we'll have some tornadoes to deal with as we go throughout the next three days. watch out for alabama, mississippi, georgia and florida. >> good heads-up on that. now we'll try louis burgdorf again. we'll get to rick perry's confirmation hearing. >> the second time is a charm. luckily i have a guinness here to hold me over. perry famously wanted to get rid of the energy diplomat, but yesterday he said that was a thing of the past. >> if confirmed, my desire is to lead this agency in a thoughtful
2:19 am
manner surrounding myself -- five years ago my thought of abolishing the energy department does not reflect my thinking. after so many reflections from the energy department, i regret my view from five years ago. >> reporter: he told the committee he believes some climate change can be blamed on humans, but that was not enough for some senators. >> i believe the climate is changing. i believe some of it is naturally occurring but some of it is caused by manmade activity. the question is, how we address it in a thoughtful way that doesn't compromise economic growth. it affects the affordability of
2:20 am
our american jobs. >> how much does the science show that climate change is due to human activity. >> i will not say i'm a climate scientist. >> i don't think you're going to be a climate scientist, but you'll be head of the department of energy. >> that's correct. i am going to hire a really good scientist. >> and alex, one more moment to share with you early on in the hearing, rick perry's intent at a bipartisan shift goes awry. take a look at this. >> governor, thank you so much for coming into my office. did you enjoy meeting me? >> i hope you're as much fun on that dias as you are on your couch. may i rephrase that, sir? >> please.
2:21 am
please. please. oh, my lord. oh, my lord. >> well, i think we found our "saturday night live" sound bite. >> that is just too good. rick perry is known for being a wonk. the department tweeted out this picture of him in his natural habitat @earnestmoniz. we have a ton of adoring "morning joe" fans here. it's great to see. >> we can hear the buzz. just ahead, one notable snub
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ambassador. sitting next to the ambassador johnson from saint james. congratulations. >> welcome back, everyone. that was the president-elect calling out his new ambassador to great britain, woody johnson. that's bring back in louis burgdorf. what is the latest? >> reporter: thank you so much, alex. woody johnson is the fourth ambassador pick that could be quite difficult as teresa may pushes britain to leave the european union. as an nfl owner, the jets haven't made the playoffs since 2010 finishing at 5-11. ouch. let's turn to the nba where the all-star selections are in. despite averaging a triple-double over the first 44 games of the season, oklahoma city thunder point guard russell westbrook won't be in the west starting lineup. it's pretty shocking. this year's new voting system included players and the media for the first time.
2:26 am
it was the fans who snubbed westbrook. he was first in voting among the players and media but finished third in fan voti. steph curry starring along james holton for guard for the west finished first. and for last night's action in the nba in new york, the knicks found a late-night comeback against the wizards. while trailing by three with 13 seconds to play, new york's courtney lee hesitates with an open look at a game-tying three-point attempt to delight of the folks here in d.c., the wizards win it 113-110. after the game and as the replay shows, lee told reporters that the washington assistant coach was on the court too close to him keeping him from the potential game-tying shot. there's no word if there's any repercussions from the league, alex. >> competition between new york and washington -- thank you, louis. >> it's good to be here in d.c. look at this crowd, everyone here is bellying up to the bar.
2:27 am
>> what does that say about folks bellying up to the bar at 5:30 a.m.? it's just "morning joe fans," that's all it means. thank you. still hours ahead from donald trump's inauguration, we have everything you need to know about today's events. and john kerry left the department for the final time yesterday, but did he forget something? he met up with the man set to replace him. we'll be right back. "h to win at business." step one: suck on and point decisively with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two: before your meeting, choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly so you can prepare to win at business. book now at trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief
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a live look over the u.s. capitol right now on this january 20th, inauguration day in america. in just a couple of hours, donald john trump will become the 45th president of the united states. chief justice john roberts will administer the oath at around noon. the incoming president swearing in on two bibles, the one abraham lincoln placed his hand on in 1861 and the one given to him by his mother when he graduated from sunday school back in 1955. but before that, president-elect trump will attend church services this morning at st. john's episcopal church where every president since james madison attended services at one point. then he and incoming first lady melania trump will meet with president obama and michelle obama at the white house for a tea followed by a processional to the capitol. but on his way, president donald trump will not make his visit to the third branch of government.
2:32 am
president trump cites the court's oral argument schedule and the previous commitments of all concern ed the reason for nt making a stop. and the president sent a night at the blair house across the street from the white house. he and the first-incoming lady landed at john andrew's base yesterday. he and vice president-elect pence laid a tomb at the unknown soldier. and last night the official welcome concert at the lincoln memorial headlined by toby keith. the president-elect walking out, stopping to salute the lincoln statue before descending down the stairs with mrs. trump to watch that show. he closed e concert by thanking the crowd of roughly 10,000 for beingart of what he says is one of the greatest movements in the world.
2:33 am
>> so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger, i'm just the messenger. and we were tired. and i love you. believe me, i love you. we all got tired of seeing what was happening. and we wanted change, but we wanted real change. and i look so forward to tomorrow. we're going to see something that is going to be so amazing. >> he also spoke during a luncheon at his d.c. hotel praising it and the person behind him, his relationship with paul ryan. >> i love him. he's busy writing legislation. he's got so much legislation to write. he's going to get someone to sign it.
2:34 am
i really love paul. i just want to let the world know, we do very well together. we agree. and at one point he said, do me a favor, maybe -- this was like two days ago, he said, let's not talk about the taxes publicly because we want to do this one first, we want to work on health care. it's very complicated stuff. and i said, i know that, but the problem is, i gave an interview five or six days before to "the wall street journal." so i said, absolutely, you're right, i'm not going to talk about taxes. and the following morning, this was an evening call, the following morning it came out, trump on taxes, talking about taxes. i'm like, oh, no, believe it or not, i dpaef thgave that five d but paul ryan is doing a good job. >> joining us, rick tyler, a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> reporter: good morning. >> let's look at the poll numbers here. they show donald trump is pretty
2:35 am
much the least popular president-elect in recent history. so wt do you think his mandate is to serve when he first takes office? and what should he get done immediately to try to reverse that public opinion? >> reporter: well, what he can't do is reverse what he promised to do and that is change. donald trump has had an extraordinary year. he accomplished not just being the president of the united states, but coming from the business background, that's never been done before, defeating 17 republican candidates, 16 republican candidates and hillary clinton. people put her here and they want change. this city does not want change and runs to its own rhythm. the city will either consume him or he will consume it. but i think donald trump uniquely is positioned to be a very transformative president. he does have the will and the force and the popular support behind him to get this city the
2:36 am
change. if he doesn't start right away, though, and doesn't communicate what he's doing along the way, he'll have a tough job like a lot of others trying to change washington, d.c. >> rick, does it start with the inaugural address, when you have 60-plus democratic lawmakers saying they won't attend the ceremony. what do you need to hear from him? >> reporter: well, i've heard he's going to offer a message of unity. he's continually talked about trying to include everybody, including the inner cities, which most notably did not vote for donald trump. but i don't think that's going to be persuasive enough to be addressed. his address backed up by actions is what is going to get people to believe that he actually can change things. and then he's going to actually move the system. this system is extraordinarily hard to move. and you can see that with obamacare, the way they're going to have to repeal obamacare through reconciliation, to be fair, that's how it was passed. and then replace it with something without hurting
2:37 am
millions of americans who don't want to lose health insurance but want high-quality insurance and don't want to pay a price they can't afford for it. >> rick tyler, thank you so much for weighing in. we'll see you again on "morning joe." appreciate that. on the morning of donald trump's inauguration, a new report by the fbi and the cia and treasury department are reviewing intercepted communications and finanal transactions between russian officials and associates of the trump campaign. "the new york times" released a report citing anonymous sources saying the investigation centers in part on trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort who has done business in ukraine and russia and had contracts abroad under surveillance by the national security agency for suspected links to russia's federal security service, a success of the kgb. last night manafort denied contact with russian officials. the reports of two other campaign champion associates are being looked at, carter page, a
2:38 am
businessman for foreign campaign adviser to the campaign, and roger stone, a long-time operative. stone said the report is totally false. he said this was orchestrated by the clintons. the investigators have accelerated their efforts who confirmed the existence of the investigation but have found no wrongdoing. some said they were providing information because they feared the new administration would obstruct their efforts. nbc has previously recorded an fbi repr preliminary hearing an we'll hear more about this. and yesterday julian assange
2:39 am
said he will still plan to turn himself over even though his lawyer said he may not. until manning leaves prison, there's going to be a lot of discussions about his future with u.s. officials. >> we look forward to having a conversation with the doj about what the correct way forward is, we say of course that they should immediately drop their case or they should unseal their extradition request if they have one, unseal their charges, if they have one. i'm confident about whipping any u.s. case that is respecting the law of the united states, because wikileaks is a publisher and as a pubbisher, our duties are protected by the first amendment. wikileaks as a publisher has won every single legal procedure that it has been involved in bar
2:40 am
none. >> john kerry left the department for the first time as secretary of state yesterday. kerry said facts are still meaningful and praised the press. >> it is more important today than i can think at any time that i've been in public life that the press be empowered and legitimized, and as you all know, there's nothing more important than the credibility of the press and what people are reading. we're living in a time where that's been put to test. and it's not exclusively being put to test by the abusers. it's also being put to test by some folks in political rural who want to use it.
2:41 am
>> he has not yet met with rex tillerson. he stands by and is ready to meet or even to speak with him over the phone, if that is desired. he's made clear he's willing to do that. at mr. tillerson's convenience and interest. >> kerry has only spoken to tillerson once since he was nominated. that was when tillerson offered congratulations. tom shannon will be at the secretary of state as of 12:01 p.m. today. >> secretary shannon did have a brief meeting with the secretary designate tillerson this morning in the transition offices out in town, not here at the state department. i don't have a read-out of that meeting. i was told it was brief and cordial. starting today, donald trump will have legal authority to issue executive orders and roll back executive actions put in place by the obama administration.
2:42 am
trump has promised action on immigration, health care, trade and more. while he's expected to sign some paperwork today, his team signaled that monday will be the first big work day. >> what i can tell you is that we're going to -- you're going to see on that coming monday morning, the president sit down at his desk and begin to both repeal and put into place executive action that will start the process of implementing the agenda that we ran on. >> he is committed to not just day one but day two, day three of enacting the agenda of real change. and i think you'll see that in the days and weeks to come. part of what he announced in the executive order list around thanksgiving time included the actions on both tpp and nafta. theyill beone by executive order. so i think you'l see those happen very shortly. in this his last full day on the job, president obama began
2:43 am
with the daily presidential briefing in the oval office and was accompanied by vice president joe biden with whom he later had a last lunch with in the private dining room. in one of his final acts as president obama ordered the transfer for four detainees from guantanamo bay. and in a letter to congressional leaders, restated his arguments for closing the prison. 41 men remain in the complex. the president also commuted the prison sentence of 330 federal inmates, the most ever done in a single day. that brings the number of sentences reduced by obama to 1,715. more than any other president in history. obama also made final calls to a foreign lead we are the honor going to germany's angela merkel. and the 44th president also took one final opportunity to thank the american people, expanding on the tradition of meeting his successor and leaving a personal note. he also pinned a parting letter to the americans. he thanks the americans writing, because all that i've learned in my time in office i've learned from you. you made me a better president
2:44 am
and you made me a better man. last night president-elect trump made his remarks before taking office at a candlelight dinner at the union station. he talked about his win and closed by talking about the election night fireworks display that hillary clinton's campaign canceled. >> that was some big victory. that was some victory. the next time, four years from now, the next time we're going to win the old-fashioned way. we're going to win because we did so well. that last two weeks and the last week especially, there was something that was happening. i told the group today, they canceled their fireworks. history has proven that if you're going to lose, you don't want fireworks, right? >> trump contrasts with president obama on the eve of his inauguration in 2009 when he attended a dinner with his opponent john mccain in washington praising him for his
2:45 am
service to the country. he also held dinners for colin powell and vice president joe biden. still ahead, more of our special coverage of the inauguration of donald trump including what could be a damp start to the festivities. and we're following the pain stakingly search for survivors in italy. dozens are buried inside a hotel of snow. we'll have an update. ordinary tissues left dakota's nose sore and red.
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as a dancer, i've learned you can't have any doubts. because looking good on stage is one thing. but real confidence comes from feeling good out there. get a free sample at welcome back. amid a peaceful transition of power here in the united states, not so in other parts of the world, in game bia the west african troops are bringing force to senegal after being
2:49 am
forced to leave the country. the leader yahya jammeh refused to relinquish his power. citizens in citizens in the country have been advised to stay in place. and the continued search throughout the night fur survivors in central italy when the avalanche struck the hotel after the wake of five earthquakes that rocked the area. the conditions remain dangerous in the mountain region as rising temperatures make snow falling from peaks more likely and some new earthquakes also remain a threat. that's pretty frightening stuff there. we'll get to the weather here, a little calmer with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> the pictures inside don't look too bad, but the aerial
2:50 am
views make it hard to tell that hotel is there. crazy. the rain should be over by 2:00 at the latest, but the parade looks just fine. the question is, will it be raining when we do the swearing in ceremony? this rain system looks impressive, but it will be falling apart near d.c. you can see the visual clouds in the way. this is the beginning of the rain heading out of the screen here. the futurecast, that's the radar that goes out into the future, this looks impressive. that's the line of the heavier rain and showers. but watch as it approaches d.c. there's 9:00. before this, there's 10:00, there's 11:00. it almost kind of falls apart. so i still think we're going to get a one the two-hour period of light rain and showers over the region. it's not going to be a washout. then by the parade, by 2:00 to 3:00, it's done and completely out of here. so we are mild today, alex. we'll be okay. it does not look like we'll see a washout by any means. if we get lucky, maybe we'll just be cloudy. >> well, let's hope we're lucky then.
2:51 am
thank you very much. there are thousands that don't want a bad hair day and all that. still ahead, more conch ver on the way for the inauguration of donald trump. i wanted to know where my family came from.
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2:55 am
all morning and scouring of who will get the polls of the american people as they prepare to hand over power to president-elect trump. over the last 20 hours, search on the worldwide web for the current president has held a slight lead over the incoming commander in chief. now mr. trump pulls ahead of mr. obama late yesterday morning through the early evening before the president reclaimed the lead. now, in terms of the issues people were searching for when it comes to the outgoing president, his successor topped that list. mr. trump was followed by chelsea manning, israel, edward snowden and ill great lakmmigra. when it comes to the current president, immigration has dominated the searches over the last two days followed by russia. obamacare and jobs transitioned in there and isis stayed at the bottom of the chart. president obama tops the list followed by donald trump. george w. bush comes in third. while abraham lincoln and john f. kennedy round out the top
2:56 am
five. the bottom half of the top ten includes ronald reagan, bill clinton, george washington, fdr and thomas jefferson. i'm so happy to be here at the dubliner. i can't believe it's been eight years since our first show here, alex. and a lot of the crowd, a lot of familiar faces, are all here. we're drinking guinness and getting ready for "morning joe." >> i thought the two folks next to you were drinking beginsguin but they are like, no, that's not us. for other stories making news, we'll be back with historic news from washington. it's beautiful. was it a hard place to get to?
2:57 am
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welcome back on this inauguration day. before we toss it over to "morning joe," we'll check on the other stories making headlines today. the mexican drug lord known as el chapo will make his appearance in court for the first time in a few hours. he arrived in the united states last night after being extradited from mexico. he faces charges including drug
3:00 am
trafficking. and tyke two for the launch air force satellite. the initial launch for last night was scrubbed due to technical issues. once in orbit, the space satellite system will provide i satellite system will provide critical warnings on incoming missiles. that is it for me. "morning joe" starts live from the dubliner in washington right now. ♪ >> so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messger. i'm just the messenger. we are going to do things that haven't been done for our country for many, many decades. it's going to


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