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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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twitter @great greta. "hardball" with chris matt this starts in ten seconds. president trump. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matt this. the era of donald trump commence at noon today as he took the oath of office. it was capitol hill pennsylvania avenue parade. in his first word. he delivered a strong repute to the political establishment much of which surrounded him as he spoke. let's watch. >> today's ceremony has very special meaning because today we
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are not maerly transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from washington d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. [ applause ] >> for too long a small group in our nation's capitol has rooeped the rewards while people have born the cost. their victory have not been your victory. that's trial have not been yours, january 20, 2017, will be remembered the day the people became the ruleers of this nation again. >> the speech was strong and stark. it problems facing the country. >> mother's and children trapped
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in poverty in our inner cities. rusted out factories scat sered like tombstones across the nation. education flushed with cash but leads the young and beautiful students deprived of all knowledge, the crime, gangs and drugs that have stolen and robbed our country of so mo potential. this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> just a few politiblocks away clashed with police this afternoon. 200 were arrested. two officers were hit. leaving
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the oval office. i watched him do it. leaving that note for donald trump. the obamas greeted the trumps on the white house steps. following traditional again, they made their way to the capitol. that was something to listen to. among the dig niaries waiting. for many of the focus, i thought was the focus on the wife former president, secretary hillary clinton who lost to trump on november 8 despite winning 3 million more votes. she was there -- i will never stop believing this our country and its future. he gave finally i should say a consillory tribute to his former
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opponent. here he is. >> i was honored when i heard that president bill clinton and secretary clinton was appropriate to say. i would like you to stand up. i would like you to stand up. [ applause ] honest i there's nothing i can say because i have a lot of respect for those people. >> what a -- performance. american participated in the rital and doing with class and she did it. president obama and michelle obama of the boarded marine 1 for the last time. president trump and first lady saw them off. there they are.
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former president gave his wife a kiss. obama board helicopter with final wave. >> obamas are flying to palm springs. meanwhile, trump's introduction to washington continued. he attended lunch yon. he participated in the review of the troops at first time as commander in chief. inaugural parade kicked off. he and his son stepped out to greet the people along pennsylvania avenue. three inaugural balls. they must exhausted: robert, i have to talk to you about this.
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nobody better than you from day one, i keep thinking of the times i would sure he was finished after i interviewed im. i was sure he was dead meat after bush, he had no tv advertisement yet he won the states he needed to win. michigan, ohio, wisconsin -- he want the table. did he think he won the night before the election. i done think so. talking to kellyanne that night. >> he found an ideology. i spoke with steve bannon after the speech. he said think back to andrew jackson, trump found this
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poppism and nationalism is on open question. trump today articulated this ideology he's come to embrace. were on the fridges of the republican party. >> greene, i thought one thing thought he said that grabbed me was rusted factories. i know what they look like. michigan city, indiana. you go through the town, and there's nothing there. >> that coneffected with a lot of people and litany of woes that connected with a lot of people. he mentioned a drugs to a lot of country, this is epidemic that's bringing down
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live expectcy among rural and small town whites. robert costased asked a question, how far does it go. if if you remember anything from inauguration that's going to the speech, outline of the program economic nationalism i guess you can call it, protectionism, against foreign em import it's and includes a kind of islation. >> we're going to protect our own no anybody else. that gave willy to our allies in asia and all over the world who depend on the u.s. parameter to protect them. it goes against decades of
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republican party iedology. >> jack kennedy talked about the space program about a little kid through his cap over the wall to go over the call to get the cap. i thought trump threw his cap over the wall. there's a lot of people unemployed, not overtime. but clearly he has the benchmark he must create more jobs. he said it for himself. >> he made it himself. to talk about domestic clally, the inne city for example to help the
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rest belt but to rejuf nat the inner city. he didn't not connecting with a ltlot of amers when he uses the word carnage. that may be something he saw when i -- hollowed out factory. when you talk about that word, that's a powerful word, carnage. you think of the 1930s. >> are you talking about gang wars chicago. i think of carnage of people killing each other. >> again, this doesn't comport to what we know about the statistic in terms of unemployment rate being low rate and the crime rates being on downward trajectory as well. >> president trump promised there would be america first. let's watch.
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>> one by one the factory shuttered and left our shores with not even a thought about the millions and millions of american workers that were left behind. we assembled here today ur issuing a new decree to be heard in every city in every foreign capitol and every haul of power from this day forward a new vision will governor our land from this day forward it's going to be only america first. america first. [ applause ] >> we will bring back our jobs. we will bring back our boarders, we will bring back our wealth and bring back our dreams. when america is united, america is totally unstoppable.
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>> establishment left right avoid the phrase america first. by people who were very passionate against our involvement world war ii. there was of course, charles lin burg that never recovered. >> it's not a -- most politics would stay away from it, trump did not. he used it to mean what he wanted to to mean. and it clearly appealed to dv -- >> why did he do it. why does he throw that phrase in the face -- america knows what it meant. america first had a particular brand, not trump, the brand itself. >> he talks about his father fred sitting around the table
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and his father put idea of trade in america getting out negotiating into trump's mind it cultivated, links up with jeff sessions who has buy american ideas. that lead to this -- >> does he know the historic reference to it. >> we should ask him next time we ask him about the charles limberg. does he know the history of it. i one time asked about the silence nixon term. he did mott want to engage in that question. >> you think somebody got -- somebody was going to careful with that phrase because that phrase resounds with what the people never forgive the people with hitler. >> there's a name that trump
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like. >> let go to hie -- does he know what it means. >> he got hit early for it. people made those historical connections at the same time but it has res son nance for a lot of people who have not made the connection who feel deeply about the trade issue especially across the industrial midwest when you tie in the immigration issue as well whether it's accurate or not there's a perception among the base that these foreigners are taking american jobs. in a way it envelopes a cross -- in his campaign. called out on historical connections of that phrase. >> thank you, so much. great
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reporting in this whole campaign. up next plenty of pump and protests. 12th and k. a hundred or so people arrested. several police officers were hurt. demonstration turned ugly. we'll have that. coming up that's live picture from the convention center. first of the two, the freedom ball and the liberty ball going from to "hardball." it's coming back it's where the action is.
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late tonight is the inaugural parade was on the way, two approval cabinet general mad dog mattis 98-1. that's good.
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that vote was 88-11, not bad. we'll be right back after this.
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welcome back to "hardball." thousands poured into our nation's capitol. others came to make themselves heard in different ways. also they were protesters out there. include violent protesters. on the other side of our television we saw a jarring screen anti-trump protesters clashing with police j image were beamed out during the lunch hour 200 arrest. pepper spray from flash bag in order to disperse the crowd. more on what happened earlier
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today. great screen reporting today jacob. tell me give us parameters. how many people were hurt, how badly, home dome straighter from arrested and how are they. >> there's a small number here. let show you the police lined has moved way up where the want the protesters to stop. these are the protesters right here. earlier today on the other side of that, we may have video to show you. small group, maybe a hundred people, didn't want to idea who they were where were from, they ran around in a circle and smashing windows of the starbucks when hotels this were chased around by police
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trying to cover them. 217 protesters. all charged with rioting. all of them will appear in court tomorrow. in addition we saw many injured. d.c. police say six were injured by something that hit them in the head. protesters ripping bricks off the sidewalk and throwing those. they are expected to survive. mostly tonight we are seeing several hundreds sticking around. probably they will be gone tomorrow. they are ready for that. chris. >> is it group. anarchist do we know what affiliation they have.
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>> so sometimes we talked to them -- >> move back. >> sometimes call themselves anarchist. but this group in particular they didn't have a name. they didn't want to idea with a name most of them didn't want to talk to me. so no, they didn't have a group name. sometimes they are proud of the name. >> great reporting today. we're back with "the washington post." we're joined by political analyst. anti-corporate, political kally, but i sort of
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turned off of the fact they knocked over news racks. your thoughts. >> they are not helping the cause. i was at the capitol and close to where donald trump was getting ready to speak and you can hear protesters there over by the capitol what they did besides the pictures that you saw was it they added an atmosphere of contention behind the trump event. to some extent, the trump speech itself felt like a hostile takeover of washington. that's what his ne yoe jacksonian speech is about. in the backgrounds, the protesters and the noise,
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underscored the fact that donald trump is coming into a pretty hostile situation politically in america. they is not that popular for his core people, his message is what he repeated today. >> we're going to hear from donald trump in a minute. today we learned two executive burden easy the burden and freeze regulation. heidi, what's the impact on weekend when you go back to press what impact of that protests that got 2 hundredary arrested tomorrow. >> that's going to be washed away. mostly of women and some men some women bring baby strollers. it's going to be peacef peaceful march. it's going to take place in history alongside other historic manchs like in
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the -- these an arcarchists whar you want to call them, i know what group, it's called disrupt j 20. they had medic teams, they legal teams on hand because they were planning on doing these stunts and being taken to jail. they took away ierest the fact na most of the people coming to washington are coming on their own volition in buses and own cars driving across country because they feel passionately about the direction of the country. >> hold on. we're expecting donald trump to make a statement from the oval office. >> right now. >> there's something objection
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moran about the an archist. we're going to see more. why wouldn't you because he said some incredibly strong and offensive things during the campaign in his speech. he will continue doing that and it gets people rauled up for good reason. there's no good reason to trash his property but -- >> stirring up opposition. >> it remind me of the nixon days. there's a lot of people i know that's going to be marching tomorrow. >> well i think you're right. it's going to be wholesome rally. it seems like it's going to be -- i remember the march on
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vietnam war. mother's with carriages. before the turned bitter. >> i don't recall an inauguration like this. an inauguration day like this. an inauguration speech like that. and it just adds to the air of contention deliberate contention that donald trump going to continue to pursue. people who thought that he may give traditional proceedal state of the union address -- inauguration address were wrong. >> give idea sport speech today. >> angry. astonish. as i said, the heavy atmosphere of hostile take over, i'm here, no business as usual going to take place, action starts now. bloody language, contentious.
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>> here new president. first still picture of man who now our president. here jared kushner off to the right. mike pence, it's day that has happened. it happened. he is president. era. it's begun. >> it has. many of the things he said, hit strong cords with the american people. there's different ways of saying them. he close a very stark and aggressive way of doing it. again to differentiate himself from the past. i think that he and his adviser like steve bannon are intent on continuing to play this populist outsider streak. how he squares that with being president living in washington, d.c. dealing with everything around hire, who knows. they are going to test it minute by minute see how they go. however popular or unpopular they may be.
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>> we have bring over ron. we're waiting for trump to speak from the oval office. ron, today -- did this remind you of whether you were young, what do you think of those kids out there, the young barron. one thing i notice he notice the police officer were the big full beard, he ten years old that's what he noticed. >> i feel sorry for him. it's a tough thing to grow up in the white house. for some of the kids who did. it's difficult thing. you probably want my impression of the day. i was struck by the unusual nature of the transfer of power, the peacefulnsfer of power. let's not pretend this unusual sort of transfer. there's always
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tejs there. there was tension with my father and jimmy carter. you know carter was up all night. as he was with my father checking in to find out about the iran yaen hostage which were not going to be release until my fair was sworn in. we know that the iranians were holding him deliberately to stick it to jimmy carter and that happened. there's always tension there. but i can only imagine how extraordinary it muff have been for barack obama to welcome for tea a man who spent the last five years pretending that barack obama was not an american citizen participating in a racist lie about them. they extraordinary thing. >> he say things like dark
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things that nobody -- what about his grades, was he really there. >> law review said that. >> on a blind test. >> the speech reminding me of the acceptance speech which was angry and i alone can fix it. today he said, you know, one heart, one home, one glorious disstined. >> that's not -- >> careful. >> that's not traditional american rhetoric. >> heidi. >> ron, back to you. let's talk about the interesting nature of those pronounces. gene, is correct. there's much rhetoric in the speech which i assume was a steve bannon production. when
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he started talking about allegiance to country for instance, you think sure, we're all-american. but it had tone of you better, it's father land kind of thing. going on. there was a darkness there. and kind of bullying quality to it that was disturbing. >> he said we would find love for us. patriotism would bring us together. >> i think it's a different kind of patriotism than a lot of people idea with. if he was looking to strike a unifying tone, certainly what george bush did, in terming of offering a lot of creditability to al gore and nodding to al gore who was in a similar situation whether he took office, there was no mention -- >> look at this. we have the first pictures coming out white
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house, with president trump. >> general mattis and general kelly. >> it looks good. this is for general mattis. who approved today. where would you like that. >> right there. >> okay. >> this is for general kelly. there's a different pen. >> okay. >> next is executive order
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minimizing the protection affordable care act pending repeal. >> okay. >> all right. >> that's it. >> thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> thank you guys. look forward to seeing you tomorrow. >> see you later. >> you know ron reagan, your dad, said, i have been here before. he had been governor for eight years. he knew what government was like. this guy walking into first federal government he has been in. if you think about it. >> we never had this ill -- that's not the case. donald
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trump knows nothing about what he about to get engaged with. has shown very little interest in learning about this. we have gone from a guy who was a constitution constitutional scholar who taught law. to i suspect never read constitution. i suspect that may be the case. it's quite a drop in quality here. >> go to heidi on this. i fact -- what dog didn't bark. no mention of obama care in his inaugural address. why? >> there's one obvious reason it's going to be harder to care e carry that through than anybody imagined. i happen to know for a fact that trump about a week ago was briefered by
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health care expert and made compelling case that got through to him about just what type of carnage, real carnage there would be if they do repeal without having replacement in place. that's when you saw him coming out with the tweet storm and putting the leadership on notice. there's an obvious reason to get the -- it's going to be tough. >> if you notice, at the last moment there in that scene we just saw, reins priebus saying you sign it it's going to help reduce the burden of the affordable care act. i think that has to do with taxes and other things going to be effect the business community has opposed to. so he didn't -- the president did not mention obama ware in his inaugural address,
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he didn't mention the it at the lunch on but he slipped in tonight before he goes off to inaugural ball some action desiphoned to make some kind of political down payment on the this thing he ran on on the campaign. >> he would do no harm. if he said anything from doed it would be hard to back up. >> thank you all. >> coming up hundreds of thousands of people expected tomorrow on the women's manch on washington. in all 50 states in 57 countries around the world. when we come back we're tall to one march of the political march. we have seen president trump at oval. we're waiting for him tonight. you're watching "hardball."
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and they're absolutely right.
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they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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welcome back to "hardball." a lot going on in washington tonight. president trump signed executive order. meanwhile, tomorrow hundreds of thousand, 400,000 of people are effected to come to washington to rally it's called women's march on washington. the event has been spired by the result of november's election. l let's face it to protest trump. the retic has insulted and threaten mean of us, muslims and faiths people identified as lbgt, qa, people are disability, survivors
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of sexual assaults. here is my believe belief -- i believe in our system and i bebelieve -- 29% of hispanics that voted for trump, will somehow feel they were right. that he won't be what he sounded like in his campaign. people who are vulnerable would be better off. they won't be hurt. maybe that's too optimistic. >> i think that's optimistic. olymp i'm hoping along with you, to do
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i can't imagine that it would be better in four years for any of the underrepresented groups that you mentioned. >> when you watched the campaign when did you begin to have -- lead you to march tomorrow. when did you begin to say, darn it, i don't like this? >> the second it was announced there was going to be a march, i committed to being there for sure. >> was it trump on the -- at what point did you say this guy is anti-what i believe in. >> very early on. i really was very intrircerchched in all new cycle. i travelled on her behalf. >> where were you on election night, do you remember? >> i was at jefferson. when it
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began to turn and people like me and ra shell that realize virginia is going to be close. james cobble said if if virginia is gone, ohio was gone, then florida was gone. what do you think happened. >> i can't say. i mean, this was so -- there's no precedent for this kind of campaign season. there was so much divisiveness, so much hatred, we had the comey thing, the cia problems, we had we wikileaks and intrinsic sexism. this goes on and on. there was so many things involved in it. it was a shock the way it turned out. this is where we are now.
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so now this -- the question is what do we want, what do we need. what are willing to fight for, who do we protect and defend. it's that's tomorrow is about. it's going to be a diverse group of people it's a reminder that we are trying to improve upon. like you said, just the sheer numbers of different groups coming together. it's happening all over the country and all over the world. there's going to be more people there tomorrow than was there today. i think that's a pretty spectacular statement. >> true. i want you to stick around for the roundtable. we want you here. much more of the special inaugural coverage coming up. the peaceful transfer of power that took place today. the strangeness of that moment, last
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night with stephen colbert. there's a bill bit of -- >> as you talk about the peaceful transfer of power what does it look like. >> these guys come in with you beautiful photographs and they create a new reality. he going to be him and melania's pictures on over the white house. it's a weird things that goes on.
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you're looking at the live shot at the convention center. president trump is expected there. to see if he does a dance thing. we're told he going to make dance to frank se na tra's "my way." he going to dance with first lady melania trump. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to "hardball." at noon today, the united states of america ushered in the era -- and it's going to be -- of donald trump. in the same moment, exactly, the country said its final good-bye to the first african-american president. i don't even like saying that anymore. he's just a great president, barack obama. let's watch. >> we have been the face, sometimes the voice, out front on the tv screen or in front of
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the microphone, but this has never been about us. it has always been about you and all the amazing things that happened over these last ten years are really just a testament to you. >> well, we're expecting former president obama and michelle obama to land at the airport in palm springs any moment. the country also said good-bye to vice president joe robinette biden. there he is on the regularly scheduled acela. donald trump's opponent hillary clinton joined by her hurn to return to capitol hill in a testament to her grace and dignity. that's class. standing stoically as trump was sworn in as the 45th president even though she got more votes. some people were chanting "lock her up." as former president obama flew out west, democrats were left to hack a path back from the wilderness where they find
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themselves. we're back with debra messing. so thrilled. harold ford. our philadelphia accents are incapable of saying "harold." we can't say that. i blame it on my acnt. former democratic congressman om the state of tennessee and an msnbc analyst. i see the two tabs at the dawn of a new era today. the two hating each other tabs had the same headline. what's your's tomorrow? >> "carnage." there's a bellicosity, there was a denunciation of what washington stands for and it was quite bold but bleak. there was not a lot of light or hopefulness or unity. there was not poetry or high-mindedness. there was concrete language, there was donald trump dancing with the gal who brung him. >> well, i say that all the time. you're exactly right. the guys from the rust belt. but there is a jack nicholson joker. it was like the tim burton
4:53 pm
"batman" movie. the dark movie with the dark setting. criminals all over the place. carnage. >> look his language, to carolyn's point, people understood exactly what he was saying. i've talked to some family members who found parts of the speech distasteful because there was an absence of things we've come to expect but he spoke to the people that not only voted for him but spoke to i think a number of people who believed that government's not doing what it should be doing for them. our responsibility is to be careful how we criticize him. we have to take him on in the areas where he claims to not being helping people. where he's only helping special interests, that's where you engage him. overall i was looking for more. i've come to expect different things in an inaugural but you have to give him high grades. can he govern? >> can he do what he says he was going to do those things.
4:54 pm
>> he did talk about jobs. >> he talked about jobs, he didn't talk about health care. the most encouraging thing for democrats want to take him on all he talked about was jobs. that's what made the speech. >> i'm going to -- al franken, who i think is great, he's a real serious legislator now, he said i'm going to challenge the y, not unrmine him. but i'm going to challenge him. unlike the way the republicans treat obama which was to undermine every good thing he wanted to do. >> credibility. you know, the democrats have never really functioned that way where, i mean, what the republicans did this year merrick garland, it's unconscionable. >> democrats believe in government. >> yes. and i believe where they can come together they will really make an effort to do so. >> what would you like to see tomorrow with the hundreds of
4:55 pm
thousands of other marchers. >> well, i would love there to be hope. i would like obviously the equal rights amendment to finally come to fruition. >> carolyn? >> just to jump in, i do think whatever we think of the speak it was an opportunity for him to make a gesture toward hillary clinton. she's a few feet away. >> why didn't he do it? >> i think he's speaking to the base and i -- the base wants to lock her up. the base won't let go. you saw chaffetz in the tweet he put out. they're not letting go. >> who? >> the congressman who -- >> chaffetz. >> oh, that's terrible what he did. terrible. he shakes her hand and then says the investigation continues. >> right. but donald trump -- >> little-minded men. >> he came to the "new york times" after winning, maybe he was still surprised, delighted he had won and he was quite gracious toward hillary clinton. he talked about what she had been through and so he's certainly got the capacity, but
4:56 pm
that was such a conspicuous omission to me and to his supporters, to her supporters, rather. >> do you think congressman he's going to be able to work with people like schumer? i mean work with them? get something done? some points on the board. >> the fact of the matter is, he knows schumer better than he knows any republican in the senate. if you look at the team that surrounds president trump now, most of those folks haven't been with him for more than a few years. he didn't have a relationship with pence or bannon or conway. other than his family, these are new people. the person he knows best is shum sore there's a stronger likelihood you can find partnership there. democrats ought to lay outhat they're for. rebuilding the water system in sprint. spreading broadband around the country, ensuring communities can bring new jobs. if we're for building new airports and air traffic controllers, if we're for cutting small business tax lay it out and let him come to us because the more react to him -- >> is anybody doing that, carolyn? have you heard any of democrats -- why don't democrats
4:57 pm
put stuff on the table that could be attracted to him. >> you talk to democrats right now they are disheartened, they are depressed, they are leaderless and there is not a sense of momentum about an agenda. they still seem stung and startled by what happened and -- >> why don't they put their good immigration bill back on the floor again and say go ahead, it has e-verify in it, it does have enforcement about illegal hiring but it lets people get work permits, they get green cards. it takes us so far from where we are right now. >> i think they just feel so scalded right now. i think they feel kind of singed? >> hopefully tomorrow when they see this massive outpouring of strength and seeing that people are willing to be vocal and to work from a grass-roots place upward that we have their back and that we're willing to participate. >> my party understands that everyday working americans still need us so for us to homope ande
4:58 pm
disappointed loses site of what politics is about. and middle-class americans and hard-working americans who graduate into the middle-class are depending on us so i hope schumer and nancy pelosi -- >> it's what you, do congressman. you get up. >> you have to. >> there are second acts in american life, by the way. f. scott fitzgerald is dead wrong. we have a guy in the white house named donald trump. don't say it can't happen you can do it with three wives, there are no limits to how you can do it. it's unbelievable. this country is mobile, ready for anything. thank you, debra, an honor to have you on. >> best moment at the campaign, i want to tell you this, pharrell sang, what he said to, you unbelievable. you deserved everything he said that evening, you talk about hidden figures. >> pharrell williams was great to me. >> he was honest. >> he was great, he said i'm tough! ha! thank yo i want to be a mick. some fighting irish guy. rubber hose to your guests.
4:59 pm
we're waiting for the arrival of a new -- carolyn ryan, harold ford, jr. up next, the next three inaugural balls coming up and obama won't be -- nbc's katy tur is standing by at the washington convention center. you work all the time 24/7. is he going to dance? is he going to dance? >> i changed dresses for this event. i don't know if he's going to dance. we believe he's going to dance and have his first dance with melania here at this ball, the freedom ball which is set to begin in just a couple minutes. donald trump as of now we don't believe he is going to be on time to this because the parade went much longer than expected so we're going to see what time he does show up. potentially in an hour. maybe two. but, you know, if he's enjoying the trappings and traditions of the american presidency. today is about ceremony. but you've got to realize that donald trump is probably the most non-traditional president that we've seen enter office,
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partially because there's just so much unknown about him. how is he going to govern? what priorities is he going to make? and what sort of executive orders are going to be. anyway, he'll come to the ball. we'll see him here and see his first dance. chris, thanks. >> you're the best. katy tur who know this is guy well who has covered him to the point he can't stand it anymore. that's "hardball." tomorrow night we're on at 7:00, we're going to cover the women's event all day tomorrow. it will be exciting. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. >> goods evening, on this inauguration day from washington, d.c. i'm chris hayes, there's a lot happening. we have inauguration balls now getting under way as protests continue in the streets. we'll be che


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