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tv   MSNBC Live With Steve Kornacki  MSNBC  January 23, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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steve kornacki who is already planning his trip to the super bowl. i am absolutely positive. >> or just be watching on television when you're a patriot's fan, sometimes it gets to be an old deal going to the super bowl. you get too old. zble on okay. >> i'll be a boston fan for date. thank you for that. good afternoon everybody. i'm steve kornacki live here in new york today. day four of donald trump's first hundred days topping the agenda right now, the president and the press. >> there's this constant attempt to undermine his credibility and the movement that he represents. and it's frustrating. >> white house press secretary sean spooiser holding his first official press briefing today. he defended his comments over the weekend. he slammed the media's coverage of the inauguration, and he insisted that he wants to get along with the dia. we will look into that. also on the agenda, taking care of business. >> what we want to fair trade. we want fair trade.
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we're going to treat countries fairly, but they have to treat us fairly. if they're going to charge tax to our countries -- >> president trump kicking off his first days in office with a round of executive orders. he's checking off some of the campaign promises he made, but will his first actions mean anything without legislation? we're going to take you through what trump will actually need from congress before americans again feeling the impact of his policies. and finally, president trump hosting lawmakers from both sides of the aisle at the white house just about an hour from now. they are planning to talk big ticket items, like obamacare and infrastructure. what we can expect to see there. we will take you through all of that much more, but we did again with our top story. white house press secretary sean spicer facing the press again. this about 48 hours after what had been saturday when he addressed the media in a contentious statement. he targeted their coverage of the inauguration. today, this was the first
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official press briefing spicer offered as press secretary. softening his stance a little bit. calling for a healthier relationship with the press. >> i believe that we have to be honest with the american people. i think sometimes we can disagree with the facts. there are certain things that we may miss -- we may not fully understand when we come out. our intention is never to lie to you jonathan. our job is to make sure sometimes -- you're in the same boat. there are times when you guys tweet something out or write a story, and you publish a correction. that doesn't mean that you were intentionally trying to deceive readers and the american people, does it? i think we should be afforded the same opportunity. there are times when we believe something to be true and we get something from an agency or we act in haste because the information available wasn't complete, communicate with the american people and make sure that you have the most complete story at the time. and so we do it. but again, i think that when you ok net and net, we're going to do our best every time we can.
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>> now the controversy over the weekend was about spicer's comments saturday in part about the size of the crowd watching the inauguration. he did today acknowledge some inaccuracies from what he said saturday. he said they were unintentional, such as numbers that he had cited on saturday saying that subway traffic was higher for washington for. donald trump's inauguration than it was for barack obamas back in 2009. spicer though holding firm on his claim that trump's was the most watched inauguration of all time. he says you need to count web streaming, youtube videos, things from all around the globe. kristen welker is at the white house. so kristen, obviously quite a backdrop coming into that briefing today after what had happened saturday take us through what sean spicer said today. >> reporter: i think one of the big takeaways, steve, is the fact that his tone was so strikingly different on saturday. he came out saturday, he was
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combatable, he was angry, level the number of accusations and laid out as you just said, some things that turned out not being necessarily true. today he came out and when he was pressed on this, he said look, i have give it my best shot when i stand in front of this podium just like you guys give it your best shot when you write your stories and he said that it is important to him -- it is critical for him to be truthful when he stands in front of that podium. and i think that was significant because there were real questions about that after a number of the things he said over the weekend were proven to not be true. and one of the things he acknowledged by the way was that subw s subway ridership. i gave you the accurate numbers i had at the time. listen to a little bit more what have he had to say. >> there's this constant attempt to undermine his credibility and the movement that he represents. and it's frustrating for not just him, but i think so many of us that are trying to work to get this message out. and so, i mention this to jonathan, part of this is a
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two-way street. like we want to -- we to want have a healthy dialogue not just with you, but the american people. because he's fighting for jobs, he's fighting to make this country safer, but when you're constantly getting told they can't be true. we doubt that you can do this, this won't happen. and that's the narrative when you turn on television every single day. it's a little frustrating. >> reporter: and steve, part of the criticism that spicer and the administration got over the weekend was there was this sense that they were playing small ball. and i think there's been a real attempt to try to turn the page on that today. we saw that. president trump meeting with ceos today, he also met with union leaders, he signed a number of executive orders including around tpp announcing his intention to pull out of the tpp trade deal. that multi-national trade deal that president obama was trying to enact, but of course had not yet been approved by congress which gives president trump the authority to pull out of that deal. so spicer got a whole host of questions about trade, about how he's going to continue about
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whether or not the president has actually begun to renegotiate november that. it's our sense that he is going to. particularly when he meets with the leaders of mexico and canada. so he got a number of questions about that. he also got some questions about a number -- another controversy which is that over the weekend, he went to the cia. he made comments to the effect reiterating how much he respects intelligence officials, but he also made political comments that got some backlash. spicer addressed that as well. really stressing he said that the president does have enormous respect for the intelligence community and of course that's going to be a critical issue moving forward. i asked him a question, steve, about health care. whether or not he has a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the response to that is that he is still working on it. he's going to meet, of course with house speaker paul ryan this evening. and that's going to get him one step closer to finishing his plan to repeal and replace obamacare, steve. >> all right kristen welker at the white house. thanks for that. for more now, bring in hugh
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hewitt, political analyst, host of the hugh hewitt show and bill press, host of the bill press show. hugh, let me start with you. we just heard from the press briefing there sean spicer, he talked about the media, the constant attempt to undermine donald trump's credibility and the movement he represents. obviously a lot of frustraon there with spicer. we've seen frustration with donald trump and the media. do you think donald trump though takes some responsibility if the media is extra skeptical of donald trump compared to other presidents, other major politicians in the past, is there some responsibility trump needs to take because of some of the things he said? >> there's always responsibility on both sides of the media and the presidential relationship. sean spicer and full disclosure my son used to work for him. man of complete integrity had a great press conference, he needed one actually. and he did a lot of q and a. buried a lot of news in there. particularly about dhaka, general flynn's conduct with russia. the president has a responsibility, the media has a
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responsibility, john carl gave a good opportunity for sean spicer to elaborate. i thought it was well. he hit it out of the park. perfect hoping for a press secretary. >> bill press, what did you make of the sean spicer we saw today versus the sean spicer we saw saturday? >> almost night and day. i wouldn't say -- maybe not that far. i was there at the news conference. everybody expected to be hugely contentious based on what we saw saturday. i thought wisely sean spicer as hugh indicated and kristen did too with a totally different tone. he said at the top, i'm willing to stay here longer than you are, maybe, and everybody groaned. look, i go to the briefings every day. this is the longest one ever. it was almost an hour and a half. by my count, he took 42 different questions. he bounced around the room he did not go to the networks. the wires or whatever.
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i thought which was very fire. he covered a wide, wide range of issues. the one criticism i would have is i guess i really do think that collectively, the this white house and starting with the president is too thin-skinned. i mean, they really, really cannot take any criticism whatsoever. and they consider any legitimate criticism betrayal where i think when the president says, for example, that he's got the highest iq of any cinet in history, ifeople say, how did you say that, how canou prove that. that's a legitimate criticism. just move on. >> let me ask hugh about that. i do think in fairness to trump he does engage in a lot of hyperboles sometimes. the iq one sounds like it might be an example. what about this thing with the crowd size. look, the crowds he got for his inauguration in person in washington, they were not at the level of obama we saw in 2009. i think there are perfectly good explanations for that. i don't think crowd size is a great measure of where mass opinion is on anything. instead of saying that or
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something along the lines, they picked a fight this white house did over the weekend about the crowd sizes. that self-defeating or is there a reason? >> meet the press yesterday and sean recognized today. he was given bad staff data on metro. he was flat out wrong about that. but he was correct in saying that it was possibly the largest audience ever to watch, including the online, in fact answer the ronald reagan had 41 million by adding in just one network with the live audience neilson numbers. and so it's not what you want to talk about. he should be talking about it. i go buried news. he said my number one priority is infrastructure and after that, it is taking care of the dhaka kits. and immigration deal. well, my eyes went up. i'm in town flogging a book that's all about that. this is his nixon to china moment. make these people regular in the united states and i think sean spicer telegraphed that's what they're doing at the retreat. move away from the small ball, get to the agenda like the president did with tpp today. the mexico city declaration,
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which i know bill press disagrees with, but nevertheless, a lot of good substantive stuff happened today. >> we are going to get into the trade stuff here and just label the. we also got some new numbers i want to put these up on the screen. so the gallop polling organization, they do a daily presidential approval rating. they did these for obama. couple numbers for you here. first of all, you're seeing their poll in the inauguration. basically saying did it make you feel more hopeful about the future and you could see there, it's actually about the same, higher in fact than it was f obama in his second term. little bit lower than bush coming into his secondterm you see the one outlier was obama back in 2009. of course that's when they got the big crowds. also his first approval rating as president according to to the gallop. 45%. and i've got to say, bill press, when i looked at the numbers today, there were poll numbers in the transition period showing how much lower it was for trump compared to past presidents. it really just looks to me like the difference here is there's no more honeymoon.
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in the old days in that transition, everybody would kind of put the partisanship aside for a few months then start right up again. we just went straight from the election to the inauguration. >> well it could be that. it could also believe -- and i believe it is, donald trump squandered good opportunities between the election and the inauguration in terms of he was still doing a lot of again stuff i don't think we should be talking about, but he was talking about, you know, going after saturday night live, going after meryl streep, i mean, just wasting his time on issues on stuf when he should have been talking about more important issues. i think the american people turned away from that. and donald trump goes in with still whether it's 40 or 45, the lowest numbers of any modern president, steve and hugh, and i think absence calamity, they could only go down from here. >> bill said something a little bit ago.
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it sounds like small bowl, it sounds like inside baseball. i think sean spicer was trying to make a big statement to that press corps in that briefing room today. when you look at the outlets he called on, tradition says you start with the associated press, sort of the major sort of institutional, he did not call on the ap to start. i think he got to them later. he didn't call on the biggest names, "new york times," cbs news, places like that, he went with -- i'm sorry we have donald trump right now. right? at the white house. actually a few minutes ago. we're just getting the tape with some union leaders. let's hear what he say. >> they haven't been here in many, many years, in this particular house. we're going to get them working again, right? >> ready to go. >> okay >> we're going to be discussing
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it. >> thank you everybody. thank you. >> again, that was -- we weren't sure exactly what he had said there. we just got the tape turned around. looks like it was more of a photo op, now the ceiling. donald trump with some union lead tlers at the white house. hugh hewitt, to pick up the point we were just talking about here, the press briefing today. sean spicer starts out with the new york post, the first question, the first official white house briefing, he had april ryan, we've had her on the show, urban radio networks, what is the statement and who's he talking to when he -- >> and four seats for skype and third question to univision. it's another different approach. it's inclusive. he did go to hallie, kristen, he went to everybody and stayed an hour and a half. look, those numbers you showed, the negative, that's because the patriots are back in the super bowl. people are bummed. >> not everybody is bummed about that. >> he's going to be growing those numbers. it's good to come in low and grow and having the union people there like we just saw, that is
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so shrewd, that says, realignment. >> yeah bill, that's interesting, the timing on having the union folks here. i'm sure this is not coincidenceal, the killing off tpp, the transpacific partnership today, rum blings that something may be coming. and you look at the states that donald trump tipped. those are classic union states. pennsylvania and washington, ohio, michigan, places like that. i remember nixon trying something like this in the early '70s, is trump bringing it back now? can he have success there? >> two quick things. again, as a member of the press corps, most of the people appreciated the fact that sean spicer bounced around, did not bow and kiss the feet of the big feet in the front row. it was a very democratic with a small d approach which mt people would applaud.
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second to hold this. most of the people were standing back to them. they're good people number one. there is the great opportunity for donald trump to make common cause with infrastructure and on trade deals, and these are also people by the way who felt they never got the attention from barack obama that they deserved. so, it was a good opportunity for donald trump, he took advantage of it on his first working day. i think it was very smart. >> it's interesting and i was watching the statements that came in from democratic leaders, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi today, they were not condemning the action because they agree with the action. they were just saying donald trump doesn't deserve the credit for it. hugh hewitt, bill press, thank you both for being here. i pointed to you when i said bill press. sorry. quick break and still ahead, more recapping of what has been a busy day in the west wing as president trump kicks off his first full week in the white house. including his newly announced executive orders. plus, within the hour, the senate foreign relations committee is expected to vote on trump's pick for secretary of
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state. rex tillerson. tillerson got a very big boost this morning. we're going to go live to capitol hill, take you through all of that as the vote gets under way. stay with us. we've done well in life, with help from our advisor, we made it through many market swings. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back... not when we've got so much more to give when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. just officially terminated tpp. [ applause ] i signed a document, a very powerful document. and we're going to have trade. we're going to have one on one. and if somebody misbehaves, we'll send them a letter of
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termination. 30 days and they'll straighten it out or we're gone. not one of these deals where you can't get out of them. that's a disaster. so we're going to have plenty of trade. >> president donald trump just in the last hour meeting with union leaders from around the country. touting that he is now officially moved to kill the tpp, transpacific partnership trade deal. as you heard the response in that room very enthusiastic. organized labor did not like that deal at all. the trade agreement of course struck by president obama a major issue in the last campaign. the executive order that trump has issued killing ptt, it is just one of three signed today by the new president. trump also instituting a federal hiring freeze today. it was a promise he also made during the campaign as a piece of what he was calling his contract with the american voter. part of his effort to drain the swamp. remember, that's the term he used a lot during the campaign. also, trump reinstated a ban on a federal funds being used by international organizations to
1:22 pm
provide or promote abortions. this was a ban that was first put in place by ronald reagan back in 1984. now labor looking like it is becoming the driving piece of trump's first week in office. trump meeting with business leaders this morning. ceo's of companies that specializes in manufacturing. he wants to impose a border tax if countries are going to move jobs overseas. >> if you go to another country and you decide that you're going to close and get rid of 000 people or 5,000 people, if that happens, we are going to be imposing a very major border tax on the product when it comes in. which i think is fair. >> and joining us now to discuss is stephanie rule, host of the 9:00 a.m. eastern hour here on msnbc. >> hello steve. >> you're the one we to want talk to. let me ask you, do business leaders in the room are listening to him say that. if you take jobs, you move them across our border, you're going to face a huge tax. what are they thinking when they hear that? >> they're hearing that, what
1:23 pm
they're really hearing is donald trump is putting out a pretty pro-business idea and agenda. now, the people who showed up were not necessarily donald trump supporters. this meeting only came together in the last 24 hours. so from a marketing perspective, this is a donald trump special. think about the weekend that he had all the bad press around him and he said guess what, monday morning, ceo of doubt is going to bring together 12 cleaning ceo, we've got united technologies, you've got u.s. deal, you've got underarmor, michael dell in the room. they rock up, donald trump said on the dot he was going to bring back jobs. sits down the ceos and says gentlemen, and one lady from lockheed martin says lower taxes. i want to give you better deals so you can do great, extraordinary things, i want to help you out. they like what they hear. now, you didn't see anyone, besides mark fields or andrew liverest from dial getting to the podium after saying how excited they were. for the most part, you saw them walk out the side door, but,
1:24 pm
they're optimistic. the question is how does donald trump deliver any of this? and that remains to be seen. >> let's talk too about what he's doing on trade deals. tpp, it's no surprise, the issues, the executive order, but we knew -- >> hillary clinton also would have issued the same word. >> right. yeah, she started out see egg the support and trump was saying, you'll change your mind again if you get elected. okay, there's not going to be tpp right now. there's also now talk about nafta, it's been in place for two decades. bill clinton pushed it through back in '93. donald trump talking about potentially renegotiating that. at would that mean, could he meaningfully change nafta through a renegotiation? >> again, somewhat unclear, and he can't renegotiate it on his own. but it is a 20-year-old agreement. maybe there is room for renegotiation. but one of the conflicts here, especially for these business leaders with, they're not out to get america, but they do run global businesses. if you're a guy selling shirts and shoes like underarmor, you also want to sell them to an
1:25 pm
important market like china. they're not necessarily not manufacturing in the u.s. because they want to hurt the u.s. it's about wages. and they're getting it done where they can get it done. donald trump wants to change the rules and make it better for everyone, the question is, where does the money come from, steve? and for donald trump to say in the meeting which he did, you know, i've often looked at the planes carrying all your stuff and bringing it over here and carriers and wonder, that's got to cost a lot of money. couldn't one say, yell, you were making an awful lot of products as was your daughter, ivanka, not in the united states. why did you do it that way? again, the devil remains in the details. for business leaders, i spoke to guys who said listen, i haven't had a meeting like this with president trump. the regular la toir -- excuse me, with president obama. the regulatory overhang, they're starting to think it's going to lighten up. if you have a president who says i'm going to lower taxes, lessen regulation, they like it. the question is, do they believe it? >> what he's telling the voters especially in the key states he
1:26 pm
won that republicans don't win, hey, i'm bringing jobs back. i'm bringing manufacturing jobs back. and we don't have the number and we used to. it seems to me that the bigger question here is, is that because of trade deals like nafta? trade deals like potentially the tpp would have done that just say hey, it's easier, we'll make it easier for you to go over there are or is it this automation with robots. >> donald trump says a lot of words, he doesn't say the word innovation. and that's a word we hear all the time. maybe we're going to bring jobs for the time being back to some of these cities, but is that the answer or is the answer real voe tech? is the answer real training programs to make long-term changes t equip americans for the next generation of jobs? because you're not going to change automation or globalization. if you look at what company have been spending their money in the last few years, it's going automatic. that's where they're spending their rnd and that's what has to get addressed and it's not because it's tough to ask anyone
1:27 pm
to make a long-term call. you know, ceos do it and government leaders do. it. ceos need to keep the share price up today. >> all right. stephanie rule, if you liked her here, you can do more of her 9:00 a.m. every day right here on the set here on msnbc. stephanie, thank you for joining us. meanwhile, news we to want update you on. former first lady barbara bush has been discharged from a houston area hospital. her husband, however, does remain there that the hour. what his doctors are saying about former president bush's condition. that is next. boost it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in motion... in body in spirit in the now. boost. it's not just nutrition. it's intelligent nutrition. with 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. all in 3 delicious flavors. it's choosing to go in one direction... up. boost. be up for it.
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1:31 pm
and that has to do with three new executive orders that president trump signed today. one withdrawing the united states from the transpacific partnership. that multi-national trade deal. the president also meeting with ceos at a breakfast this morning. promising quote a very major border tax for companies that ship jobs overseas. and a cut in regulations by 75%. lawsuit was filed against president trump today in a federal court here in new york. it claims that he is in violation of a constitutional ban on foreign gifts. president says the sees this without merit. former president george h.w. bush is being moved out of intensive care. though he will stay in the hospital for now, his doctors said today the 41st president was hospital ieed for pneumonia last week, barbara bush has been discharged from the hospital after being treated for bronchitis.
1:32 pm
spokesman jim mcgraph tweeting a short time ago, president and mr h.wbush thank americans for their prayersnd good wishes. and in the soutast, 19 people are dead after storms and tornados ripped through several states over the weekend. president trump pledging federal assistance for georgia, florida, and alabama. which were hardest hit by that. organizers of saturday's women's march say that around three million people demonstrated in more than 300 cities around the world. he will support a variety of causes for women, immigrants, and health care. and super bowl is now set, the new england patriots and the atlanta falcons. they will square off sunday, february 5 in houston, texas. we're going to have a little bit more on that. fun story there in a little while. right now on capitol hill, back to politics, the senate foreign relations committee, it is meeting as we speak on the agenda. they are going to take a vote on the nomination exxonmobil
1:33 pm
recollection tillerson to become the new secretary of state. now tillerson is expected to win confirmation in this vote. at least to win a recommendation from this committee for confirmation. this would then have to go to the full senate. the reason for this expectation, a surprise announcement this morning from a republican who looked like he might be ready to vote against tillerson. that was senator marco rubio. you're looking this weekend republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham also said they would vote for tillerson. again people are keeping an eye on them because of their concerns about long time ties that tillerson has with russia. his relationship with vladimir putin and of course, all of the issues surrounding trump and putin, but now, graham, mccain, rubio, they all say they're on board, nbc news capitol hill correspondent casey hunt joins us live now from right outside where that meeting it taking place. where that vote will be held. so casey, this one looks like it was a wild card for trump in terms of getting his pick through, now though, looks like all systems are go.
1:34 pm
>> reporter: that's right, steve. and forgive me if i'm a little out of breath, we just kind of ran down the hall way here with marco rubio to see if we could get some reaction and explanation for why he made this decision. he wouldn't go into too much more detail than what you saw in it that statement that he put out earlier today. he did insist that he didn't come under pressure from the trump administration. i asked bob corker about that as well. he's the chairman of this committee and the person who's in charge of shep arding this nomination through. i think we may have that if the control room did some really fast work. turns out we don't have it. apologies for that, guys. but we did talk to him and he said he doesn't think rubio came under pressure either, but at the end of the day, this was something where rubio had been out there with, you know, saying he had very significant concerns about tillerson over the weekend. senators mccain and graham both came out and said that they were going to vote for tillerson in
1:35 pm
the full senate. and to a certain extent, that left marco rubio with not a lot of back-up on this issue. and he ultimately decided that he was going to vote in favor of tillerson and the committee. now, it's likely that this would have gone through regardless with mccain and graham's support because, you know, they have enough republicans in the senate to ensure that. but at the same time, this will smooth the process make it a little faeser and easier ultimately for donald trump to assemb his national security team, steve. >> all right. casey hunt there on capitol hill. where again within the hour, we're expecting that committee to hold the vote on rex tillerson's nomination for secretary of state, and it does look like the committee will recommend his confirmation. for more, i want to bring in political analyst ben ginsburg. served as national council to mitt romney, george w. bush and their presidential campaigns. he is also a partner at jones day which continues to represent the trump for president campaign in it's compliance work. with that introduction out of the way, thanks for joining us. let me ask you about --
1:36 pm
>> thank you, steve. >> let me ask you what you make of marco rubio at those confirmation hearings a week or two ago. he really grilled rex tillerson, especially on the subject of russia, especially on the subject of vladimir putin, he did not seem too comfortable with the nomination, even in his statement today, he still said he has reservations about it. what do you make of his decision to vote yes anyway? do you think he was intimidated at all by the prospect of going that toe to toe with the trump administration this early on? >> no, i don't think so. i mean, knowing marco rubio, he did a lot of due diligence about a serious choice like this. he takes his responsibilities at senate foreign relations committee very seriously. as do senators mccain and graham. i think they were able to study mr. tillerson, willing to talk with him more. and i think they came to the conclusion that he is -- he is more than qualified to be secretary of state. >> yeah, one of the things that some republicans were suggesting was tillerson might have been an
1:37 pm
opportunity for republicans like mccain, like graham, like rabe owe, who are concerned about the public comments about the posture he's taken towards russia, towards poouten to deliver a message to him in a meaningful way that, hey, there's a big part of the republican party that does not -- that is not comfortable with getting closer to putin and that wants and expects to be heard. obviously they're now not going to use this nomination to do that, well what do you make of that split in the republican mccain or marco rubio will be heard on that in the future? >> well, if that is the case, then i'm sure they decided that negative vote on a qualified nominee like rex tillerson wasn't the way to do it. and in fact with the senate and with congress as a whole, moving ahead on the hearings concerning russia, that they would suspect would see that as a better forum for actually airing those views and making that point. >> and again, just tell our
1:38 pm
viewers at home, we have a split screen up here. the left side of your screen, senator ben cardon of maryland there, this is the senate foreign committee, they are deliberating right now the nomination of rex tillerson for secretary of state. they are expected to hold a vote a few minutes from now. again, with marco rubio saying he now supports rex tillerson's confirmation and now looks like he will have the votes in that committee and presumably on the senate floor to become the secretary of state. we will keep those pictures up on the screen. we will let you know if and when there's any movement on that. ben ginsburg, i want to ask you about a bigger picture question about the first few days of trump administration. obviously on saturday, you had donald trump through his twitter account, you had sean spicer with the press, really litigating the question of how many people showed up at his inauguration. how many people were watching, really going aggressively at the administration. we saw in spicer's briefing today and what trump said yesterday, maybe a different
1:39 pm
tone. i'm curious what you make big picture the first few days of the trump administration. >> well, i think you come into a game really sort of looking for contact and a little bit hot. i mean, i think the saturday discussion about crowd size was one thing. today you saw substantive action. we saw the meeting with the chief executives. he saw three executive orders. one of which appealed to economic conservatives, one appealed to social conservatives. and one, the pulling out of tpp was directly to the working class base that got donald trump elected. that's a bunch better platform to be able to speak about than what occurred saturday on really what is not a consequential question like crowd size. >> all right. ben ginsburg, msnbc contributor, thanks for the time. >> thanks steve. going to squeeze a quick break in. on the other side. the stage, it is now set for super bowl li, the new england patriots. they're going to take on the
1:40 pm
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1:44 pm
he's a pat's fan and he is now charged with pulling the fire alarm at the pittsburgh steelers hotel in the middle of the night trying to distract them, trying to deprive them of sleep. trying to give his team an edge. now he pleaded not guilty in court today, but the reason i'm telling you this is i've got to give you -- this is one of the all-time great quotes. this is what the police say he told them when they caught him. they said, he said quote, i am drunk. i am stupid. i am a pat's fan. that's what the police say. now dennis harrison pleaded not guilty, but we decided this would be a great lead in to today's most important number of the day. think of this guy, how much the pat's fans care about their team and the patriots did win last night. most important number of the day, 1,652.35. what are we talking about? we're talking about the cost of getting to the big game. the cost of getting to the super bowl. your team makes it. you've got to scramble. you have two weeks. prices are going to be sky high. what would it cost to get there. check this out.
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all right. donald trump making news today on the subjects of trade and manufacturing with some executive orders. how do the markets react? let's go with the cnbc market wrap. >> hey steve, well investors they seem to be rethinking the big post election rally today's session, that was of course trump's first in the white house stocks ended mostly lower. as he spent the day highlighting a protectionist stance on trade, u.s. dollar action also reflected some of that investor nervousness as it touched a seven week low against a basket of other than currencies. still awaiting details on the market-friendly policies that trump has previously promised. also in the thick of earnings season which is mixed. that is your cnbc business news update. at angie's list, we belie
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yes. i am outraged. yes. i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. but i know that this won't change anything. we cannot fall into despair. >> that was madonna serving the thought this weekend at the women's march in washington, d.c. hers a more controversial expression to put it mildly of the outrage on display across the country and around the world in a massive coordinated protest on saturday. this on the heel was trump's inauguration the day before.
1:55 pm
now, madonna said those comments that went viral over the weekend were out of context. that she was speaking metaphorically, but of course no shortage of criticism calling her remarks inappropriate. newt gingrich saying madonna ought to be arrested for those remarks. to talk more on what went down this weekend, and what it means going forward, i want to bring in caitlin hew we burns, and james suspendle, political reporter for the boston globe. caitlin, i'll start with you. it's interesting because we got almost sidetracked i feel by this debate over trump's crowd size and it means y. and the protest on saturday was x, and it means -- i think we can have a discussion about both of these things without saying these are literal gauges of public opinion, but the scenes we saw, millions of women across the country and around the world, what do you think it means politically? >> well i think this is the start of a movement.
1:56 pm
it's one thing to organize around the country and there were protests around the world. those images coming from paris, berlin, were striking as well, but the real question for those opposed to trump are, you know, how do they organize to, for the midterms for the next presidential election. how do they encourage local and state and people in their local and state elections to run for office and that kind of thing. what does that opposition look like and does it continue? does this energy continue? and i think democrats are kind of facing the challenge and congress right now where they have largely a united democratic party. but you do democrats who are up for reelection in states that trump won and did well in. that, you know, have some incentive to boric with this president even though you're hearing from those marginers that they don't really want that. >> and james, it seems like there's been almost a conscience decision here on the part of donald trump, on the part of his political team, at least a conscience calculation that they
1:57 pm
don't need to do the kind of sort of outreach across the political spectrum that past presidents have at least tried early on, you look at this protest, you look at the response to it, and you look at basically how he handled the whole transition. like the attitude is hey i won the election, i got that base i need to win, as long as i keep that, i don't need to worry about anything else. >> and they have been in a defensive crouch. so worried about the legitimacy of the campaign, of him being president, they're so concerned with the hypocrite similar of it. all you have to do is look back to george w. bush who of course also lost a popular vote and he did some significant amount of outreach to democrats. and we didn't really see that obviously from this president. one thing obviously that i want to talk about the celebrities or the for example, what's interesting, you have three options here, you could engage the side about, you know, hearing them out, you could ignore them, or you can take
1:58 pm
them on. if donald trump simply had ignored them and we had not had this controversy say on saturday night from the press conference. we may be talking endlessly about madonna, but in letting his opponents just sort of hang in the wind here. which is not what was happening at all. we're obviously not talking much about her today. we're talking about trump. >> and speaking of which, look that the, this is just in the last few minutes and, and can put this up on the screen. donald trump from this official potus, he wrote, inaugural address, showing a shot there of the crowd. i thought -- was there a comment as well. i'm asking tucker my producer right here -- well okay, he's tweeting out a picture of obviously i thought there was a comment that was attached. that was just in the last few minutes. just in the few minutes we're leading up to the top of the hour here. donald trump's going to have a bipartisan group of congressional leaders coming over to the white house, i did notice on the day of his inauguration, he did that -- the signing of some of those nominations, he had nancy pelosi, chuck schumer there,
1:59 pm
there was some playful bantering going on. >> there is, i don't know how long that will last. what was interesting today when he came out withdrawing the u.s. from the tpp agreement, you had several democrats coming up and supporting him. democrats like bernie sanders, tammie baldwin, others who are again from these states. and it was interesting too that democrats like nancy pelosi have been kind of almost taking credit or trying to take credit for trump's stance on this. saying democrats have been there for a long time. you know, thanks for joining us, which is really interesting because obviously tpp is a huge obama legacy item. but i think you're going to find some areas where they can agree and work on things together, infrastructure, of course is another one. but what that looks like and especially against the backdrop of all of these protests. the imperative to work for the the president is there but for most, not really. >> all right. we are at the enof the hour unfortunately, but caitlin, james, thank you to both for joining pus. again, just a few minutes from
2:00 pm
now. the president expecting the sit-down at the white house with brpd leaders from congress. this of course the first full week of the trump presidency. that is going to do it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki here in new york and mtp daily starts rig now. if it's monday, president trump gets to work. tonight, just the facts. the white house begins it's bold new agenda while facing a crisis of credibility. >> sometimes we can disagree with the facts. plus a matter of ethics. is president trump already violating the constitution? we'll talk to one of the attorneys suing the president. >> we are going to need to see the president's tax returns. >> later, we'll look at the democrats road map in the age of trump. this is mtp daily, and it starts right now.


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