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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 26, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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by doing it. what does it say about the future of national security in this country? and the president dinged about focusing on himself about the inauguration crowd size. he did it again today. it was one of the first things he said at the gop retreat. >> pennsylvania cannot be won, do you remember? pennsylvania cannot be won, right, congressman? there is no path to victory for trump. in pennsylvania. except -- >> we begin with president trump's comments minutes ago at the republican retreat in philadelphia. the president ticked through his actions that he's made over the first few days in office, spending a good deal of time on his executive orders. on immigration. >> the hour of justice for the american worker has arrived. i've said many times, that the american people will not pay for the wall. we're going to have a lot of trade deals which don't worry about it. made in the usa.
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we used to have that. we don't have it anymore. like to say all trump, trump, trump. we also need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting. our legislative work starts with repealing and replacing obamacare. i think we have no choice. we have to get it going. >> he is writing his heart out, right? and we're actually going to sell this stuff together, you're not wasting your time. >> joining me chris rocker on the latest rift with mexico. and casey hunt who was in the room for the president's speech. and in our washington newsroom, nbc justice correspondent pete williams. casey, let's start with you, president trump was starting to get on the same page with congressmen. he's talking about the federal spending prram, he is talking about building a wall and
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repealing and replacing obamacare. was he able to get on the same page with them? and more importantly, were they receptive to the message? >> well, katie, first of all, most of us reporters were required to watch the speech at the hotel from across the street where the president spoke. we're getting reactions from members who were in the room as they start to trickle out. and what they thought. one important note, donald trump was expected to stay in that room and take questions with the cameras turned off that's a longstanding condition at this retreat. president will make remarks and there's a free flowing conversation. trump decided he's going to dispatch with that. and that's caused ruffled feathers here in philadelphia. there are republicans who are telling us they think that was a bad decision on trump's part. the speech itself is being received relatively well. he steered from some of the more controversial issues that
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republicans haven't wanted to engage on in the last couple hours. days i should say. torture in particular. there was a relatively passing reference to the voter fraud that he's focused so much. the one issue that is before them, of course, is the question of the mexican border wall. and trump characterized what happened with the mexican president. mexican president said it had been the decision of mexico to pull of this meeting. so a little bit of discrepancy there. but there is something where is there certain level of common ground for donald trump and republicans. there are some that wants to do comprehensive immigration reform but that never skimmed over border control. the queson isow do you pay for it? for the conservatives the questions of spending billioning of dollars without finding offsets as we call it on capitol
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hill to pay for it on the other side is typically something that you just don't do. but republicans wouldn't hit to that, we're going to spend $12 billion to this border wall and we will assure you american taxpayers that it won't add to the definicit but they said the were going to build it. >> i think the republican party is waiting for donald trump to see what he does and finding a way to react if necessary. talk a little bit about the wall and the fight over who's going to pay for it. let's go to kristin welker at the white house. donald trump and the mexican president got over it into the wall. mexico saying repeatedly, they're not going to do it. talk to me about what happened, and the significance of the mexican president cancelling on this meeting. >> just understand what happened, katie, first of all,
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the president of mexico was coming under enormous pressure to show strength in this minute. and his approval ratings not very high. and he came out yesterday with a video essentially saying how disappoint head was at the decision of president trump to sign that executive order which green-lighted effectively, the construction of building the wall. howl offensive it was to the people of mexico. then you had that sort of war of words that erupted. president trump taking to twitter and saying well, maybe it's better if we cancel the meeting. it seems like maybe president trump anticipated that he was going to take this step so he wanted to preempt it by going on twitter and launching that wording, if you will. and then we learned that just a few hours later, the president of mexico was cancelling that meeting. to casey's point, it seemed as though it was the president of mexico who cancelled the meeting. president trump indicated is that there was some joint
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agreement between that. the bottom line is, this is striking, katie, this is just his first few weeks in office, obviously, mexico, one. important trading partners that united states had. thirds largest trading partner. and president trump has talked about his desire to renegotiate nafta. you'd imagine that becomes a whole lot more complicatesed. border security becomes a whole lot more complicated. dealing with issues of immigration becomes a whole bunch more complicated. is this something that trump thinks is the warning shot in terms of striking a deal with the president of mexico. we'll have to wait and see. will it pay off? there's no doubt this is going to complicate what say critical relationship moving forward. >> in your experience, kristin, have you ever seen a case where a president of one of our allies, prime minister or whatever, cancels a meeting at the white house, so near to when the meeting was supposed to take
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place? >> so, i haven't, and i was just talking to some of my other fellow reporters at the white house. we were trying to remember back, to think if there was anything, anything similar to this in recent history. we couldn't remember anything. it doesn't mean it hasn't happened. what's striking, katie, is that not not only is this a critical partner of the united states cancels a bilateral meeting. this was the first visit in office. this was supposed to be their first meeting. i can't remember any example in recent history encourage we've seen a rift like this. so this is striking. it will undoubtedly unnerve folks on the other end of pennsylvania avenue. on capitol hill. who express real concerns about what a trump presidency would mean for the united states' allies abroad. this is the type of thing that can concerns members of congress. and some supporters of trump and some of those who are opposed to
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donald trump. the question is how does he then move forward with his special relationship. sean spicer, the white house secretary did say it's important to note that they are keeping communication lines own and they are looking for a future date to meet, katie. >> sticking on the border and the issue of the wall. pete, in the washington newsroom, i want to ask you about the head of the border patrol resigning. does that have anything to do with this ongoing debate with how to proceed with solidifying and protecting the southern border? >> it's pretty hard to believe that it doesn't. we've heard varying accounts of what happened here whether it was decided to do it on his own or suggested by the trump administration that he should move on. in any event he has told the held of the border patrol that he's leaving the head that oversees the border control put out a statement thanking morgan
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for his life long service and career and service to the nation. his tenure, just the last couple months that he's been on the job has been somewhat rocky, box the union that represents border patrol agents supported donald trump and the decision to bring in morgan not a riser from border patrol. but, rather, was brought in after spending a couple decades with the fbi including senior positions. that didn't go well with some of the unions, and what he said on capitol hill in testimony. it's been a rocky tenure. it's hard to believe the day after the president went and talked about this new policy that the head of border patrol steps down. and it doesn't have something to do with policy. it's just too suggestive of a coincidence. there must be some difference here between him and the administration. >> pete williams, thank you. kristen welker and casey hunt.
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we're going over to the former homeland security senior executive and former border patrol agent who spent years infiltrating many of mexico's smuggling rings and drug cartels. he's also the author of "the hunt for mon singh" and "the shadow catcher." let's take a listen to what he said a few minutes ago. >> most of illegal immigration is coming from our southern border. i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the government of mexico. i will notal allow the taxpayers or the citizens of the united states to pay the cost of this defective transaction. that nafta, one that should have been renegotiated many years ago, except that the politicians
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were too preoccupied to do so. donald trump campaigned on the wall. he said he was going to build the wall. one of the first things he did was say, i'm going to build a wall and he signed executive action to do that. that shouldn't come as a surprise. my question to you is, what does this change in our relationship with mexico? and how much is at take, in your opinion? >> well, number one, i think that president trump is fulfilling a campaign promise that he was very adamant about. but i'd also like to convey that it's a message that he is serious about immigration enforcement. and certainly from president trump, unlike any other president until my 30-year career has been very involved, very knowledgeable about what he wants done and he's bringing forth what he put during the campaign. as far as the wall itself, it's only one of the components that i see that the president is bringing forward.
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but he's also talking about crippling i.c.e. agents around the country for interior enforcement. starting the release policy that's gone on for decades. and i'd like to say the fact that chief morgan is no longer with border patrol is an indication of big changes coming forward. i think it was a move that came from the white house spifically, because of the fact it did irk many rank and file members of the border patrol. i think it's also the fact that he wants to bring in top adviser, somebody who spent their lifetime working with border patrol, knows the issue, i think that's a big play. >> in your experience, what significant -- what impact is this going to have down there on the border and with relations with mexico and america? >> well, i think president trump has stated america first. that's his biggest concern. certainly, he's going to irk a
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lot of people down south of the border. and i don't believe, the details aren't out, but i don't believe that a wall is going to be all the way from san diego to brownsville. he's going to follow the advise of people, build a wall where it's needed. it's only going to be one component to enforcing immigration law. the bottom line we have the laws on the book to enforce for decades. and he's very adamant that he's going to use it to enforce immigration laws and bring it to where it should be. >> do you think that a wall down there will be successful in combatting illegal immigration and combatting illegal drugs from coming into this country as donald trump has said it would? >> well, there's only one components. but let me say there's a large percentage of illegal immigrants coming into the united states from the southern border but 45% to 50% of the illegals in the united states came with visas issued by the state department. so the other component that's going to be brought forward by
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the administration is tricking i.c.e. agents for the interior. and most importantly keeping the members. and tripling the size of i.c.e. agents threw the country increasing the centers and getting rid of the catch and release policy that long we have on the border are just part of the components that i think are going to be very effective. >> how should undocumented immigrants in this country, what should they be feeling or thinking right now? >> well, i think you'll see self-removals from the country. if it's hard to work, if employers are in fact going to be penalized and held accountable, i think we're going to see some individuals that are illegal in the country, can't work, it's going to have an impact on them. i don't see rates occurring in the country, but employers are
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going to have see accountability. they've got to be willing to comply because they're going to see that the government was enforcing immigration laws. >> and you don't think the last government was serious about enforcing immigration laws? >> i don't believe that they gave it the attention that president trump has given it. very frankly, the past three or four decades, none of the administrations have been serious about enforcing immigration laws the way donald trump has. >> president obama did deport more undocumented immigrants than his predecessors. in today's microsoft question of the day -- do you believe mexico will pay for the wall? cast your votes s on pulse.msnbcom. >> and the reacting, during the
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what is president trump's national security outlook? it's a question mark that even his top advisers can't answer. his defense secretary and cia director were quickly approved. and almost as quickly, trump has undercut them repeatedly on one issue -- torture. >> i have spoken to others in intelligence, and they are big believers in, as an example, waterboardin >> you did tell me -- >> -- because they say it does work. it does work. do i feel it works? absolutely i feel it works. >> so you'd be okay -- >> i will rely on general --
11:20 am
>> joining me nbc correspondent hans nichol. he said intelligence tells him that torture works. you talk to these agents all the time. they're the ones who have seen it. they're the ones -- they've been there, they know what they're talking about. do they think that it works? >> i can tell you that general madis, and secretary of defense mattis who told trump that torture works. number one, there will be no change on torture from the department of defense. number two, mattis' position on torture has not changed and that's two-fold, one, torture does not work. it's not an intelligent way of extracting information. and number two, it's still illegal. on a practical level, it's not going to change anything. it's also, katie, not going to
11:21 am
change anything, because the briefings we get here, i'd say we've had three in the last six days are about big american planes. big black planes in the sky dropping ordnance, dropping munition on high-suspected detainees. these are kill operations. when they have someone in their sight, they call these guys squirters, right. which is a bit of a crass term, that is to say, you see someone flee from reconnaissance, they're squirting from the scene. then they go after the squirters, those are kill operations not capture and intelligence, katie. >> it's not on the feel the battle if you will, where is the significance of it, does it matter in terms of how the international community reacts to america? does it matter on how our own operatives, our own soldiers are treated when they are in the field, when they are in positions of conflict, potentially in positions of
11:22 am
harm, when captured in a wartime situation? >> you know, this could be the case of where you get the worst of both worlds, right. symbolically, a watch on officials. senator mccain is clear on this as well, american troops are in harm's way, because they are captured, their commander in chief is on record publicly saying that he favors torture, there might not be protections for them. there's another aspect of this, i almost hesitate to report, i was just having a conversation with someone that is some more speculation. let's put this that the speculation category, what trump could have been doing is buying himself a insurance policy. because potentially if there another large-scale torture attack, he can then say, well, look i was always for torture and being tougher, my experts say we need to hold off. maybe trump is buying himself of an insurance policy. >> you're saying it's politics?
11:23 am
>> potentially. tomorrow, more diplomatic moves as british prime minister theresa may meets face-to-face with president trump? will she call him out on torture to his face? george mitchell joins me -- next. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall. and i've made that clear to the government of mexico. >> the president saying again, that mexico will pay for that wall along the southern border, as he spoke at a retreat for members of the gop in philadelphia just in the last hour. earlier today, twitter diplomacy. mexico president pena nieto took to social media just hours ago to tweet that he cancelled the scheduled meeting with president from trump at the white house. this as trump dared him to do that in his own tweet, saying if
11:27 am
mexico wasn't willing to pay for the wall then maybe he shouldn't show up. and in philadelphia, british prime minister theresa may is ready to speak there soon. may spoke out adamantly about illegal interrogation techniques just before she left. >> we have a very clear position with torture. we do not sanction torture. that is our position. >> george mitchell who served as a special enjoy for middle east peace understand president obama. senator, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> let's start off with theresa may who is here and meeting with donald trump. he's been pretty forceful on the subject of torture. donald trump not so much. if we differ so much with our closest ally on a fundamental issue, what sort of problems does that pose for how we deal with them, in combatting isis and in using them as our allies
11:28 am
in any potential conflicts that may arise? >> we have differences but a much larger common interest. both of them, particularly, the prime minister probably want to play down and emphasize the common interests. >> doesn't mean if america has a position on torture, that donald trump has a position on torture does that put british troops in the similar way it puts american troops? >> it does. america's position is in the law, torture is illegal. the president has expressed -- >> do the other countries adhere to the law? >> well, it's up to us to make that clear to them. the president has expressed an opinion, there is dispute among people who claim it's useful and helpful. those who claim it's not. but the law is not in dispute. torture is illegal. that's american law. and even the president is subject to the law in the united
11:29 am
states, so the distinguishing features of democracy. >> i wonder who other countries fear, if they fear our diplomats? or if they fear donald trump when he gets up on twitter as he gets up on the stump. but i want to talk about pena nieto cancelling his face-to-face with now president donald trump. what is the significance of that? >> well, it is significant. mexico is, of course, an important neighbor, an ally for u.s. goods and a major source of interchange for americans to our mutual benefit. i think it's unfortunates. i hope that they'll be able to re-establish relations and have a meeting. i think the president's characterization of trade with other countries has not been fully accurate. we, in fact, benefit from trade with other countries. we in fact benefit from
11:30 am
alliances from the roman empir to the british empire to the united states in the 21st century, the dominant power benefits from a stable, orderly world and society. and, so, it's important for us to maintain good relations with our neighbors and with our allies. and particularly with our european allies. >> are you confident that president trump will be able to do that? >> i hope he will. for every president, there's a learning curve. every one did issues that didn't work out the right way in the beginning but i hope the gravity of the office and the space of the country register with him. and i think it's very important to say that the united states described in the president's inaugural address is not the united states that i see. >> uh-huh. >> we are the dominant power. we have, by far, the most powerful military force. we have by far the strongest economy and a growing economy.
11:31 am
we have the ideals that people around the world look to. we are the world leader. and we must act as the world leader. in trying to do what we can to establish and implement a world order, in which people can live peacefully, in democratic ways and in prosperity. >> former senator george mitchell from maine. thank you so much for coming into the studio and lending your expertise to us this hour. >> thank you. now, let's check on today's microsoft pulse question. we've been asking, do you believe mexico will end up paying for the wall. 90% say no. 10% say yes. but it's still time to weigh in at let your voice be heard. so long the party of reagan but just how much of an effect does donald trump have on the gop? we'll be joined by one of the senators who heard hissage today in philly.
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president trump's voter fraud investigation will officially get the green light later this afternoon. it will come by executive order. it's not clearly clear as of yet, though, who will conduct the investigation of it's widely unsubstantiated claim that 3 to 5 million people fraudulently voted or how much it would cost or how long it would take. the president vowed last hour to protect the ballot box. >> we also need to keep the ballot box safe from illegal voting. and, believe me, we take a look at what's registering, folks. we like to say, oh, trump, trump, trump. take a look at what's registered. we're going to protect the integrity of the ballot box. and we're going to defend the votes of the american citizens. president trump's investigation may get leadership support. house speaker paul ryan telling our very own greta van susteren yesterday he was fine with it.
11:36 am
the new commander in chief outlined policy issues and vowed to restore power back to the american people. and i'm going to move on and bring in a republican senator john hoeven who was at the gop retreat. he joins me from philadelphia. senator, you're from the great state of north dakota. one of the great states i haven't been to yet. but that's neither here nor there. hopefully, i'll get there. talk to me about donald trump's appearance at this retreat. do you feel like he's on with the republicans? >> i invite to you our state anytime. as far as the presentation today, the things that you've been hearing, really, i didn't hear anything new particularly, but really focusing on the themes that we're working on very important for the american people, reducing regulatory burden. reforming the tax code. getting our economy going. repealing and replacing
11:37 am
obamacare, so people have better access to affordable health care coverage. strong support for our military, law enforcement, the rule of law. building our energy future. and building energy infrastructure. really, the themes we've been talking about both in congress, certainly, that the president has been talking about, those are things that he covered at the luncheon speech. >> i want to ask you if these themes are getting enough attention. and i ask you this, because donald trump spent a good portion of his first network tv interview with david muir and abc news, talking about his inauguration and crowd size. he brought it up over and over again. he talked about standing ovation. he did it at the beginning of the retreat. let's play a little sound. i'm going to want you to walk me through why he's doing this on the other side. >> state of pennsylvania is very special for me for a couple reasons. especially from a couple months ago, remember?
11:38 am
pennsylvania cannot be won, do you remember? pennsylvania cannot be won, right congressman. there is no path to victory for trump. in pennsylvania. except we won. >> senator, i ask you this, because every time we see donald trump at a podium or in an interview, this is the first thing he brings up. and it's the first thing that his press secretary talked about at his very first white house briefing. so my question to you is when is he going to move on from this? and do you think it's taken away focus fro initiatives that your congressmen want to get through? >> well, look, i think we're working very hard to focus on the parties that we think will make a difference for the american people. really, the whole purpose of our meeting here is to coordinate between the house, the senate and the administration to get the work done. one of the things that would help us do that if our colleagues on the other side of
11:39 am
the aisle would approve the president's nominees so we can get about the work of the people. that would terms of the administration to getting their plans on the table. as we said to do the important thinks to help our country. >> here's another question to you, you guys in the republican party were pretty negative towards president obama when he was signing executive actions, signing executive orders. donald trump has had a new executive order every day now, sometimes two. do you think these should be issues that should go to a vote in the senate, in the house, so they can get fleshed out, the plans can get fleshed out, they can get voted on? is that not more an appropriate place to talk about these proposals? >> you're going to have both. some things are going to be by executive order. some things are going to be done with legislation.
11:40 am
where the administration can roll back some of the things done by the previous administration, some of the regulatory burden, they'll do that. where they can't, they'll use congressional review and other acts to pass legislation. it will be a combination of both. >> what's the top priority for you right now? >> well, i call it focus on fundamentals. and those are the things that empower people. that get our country going and going. i mentioned just a mine ago, reducing the regulatory burden. repealing and replacing obamacare currently so people continue to have their coverage with better health care options. again, strong support for the military, rule of law, securing the border. all of these things that we feel will make our country stronger and create more jobs and opportunity for our people. >> senator john hoeven from my bucket state list of north dakota. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, katie. and the white house says a temporary ban on refugees is not
11:41 am
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and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. donald trump is already making good on his promise to build a wall at the u.s./mexico border. to temporarily banning immigrants from entering the u.s. from certain muslim countries be next? after the big promise on the campaign trail. in an order expected to be signed this week the president reportedly calls the end to the refugees to the u.s. immigrants would be barred from entering america with or without visas. the state of connecticut took in 776 refugees. 367 of them were if syria. joining me now connecticut governor dannel malloy who said he'll oppose any action by trump that would bar refugees from
11:45 am
coming to his state. my question to you, governor malloy, how are you doing that? >> well what i said we shouldn't be discriminating against refugees, it's against the fabric of who we are. if you look at the criminal history of refugees it's a lot less than the criminal history of people born in this country. if you look at the criminal history of refugees of some countries involved here, it's substantially lower. so, i think the president is getting caught up in his campaign rhetoric, and quite frankly, he's having a hard time separating himself from that campaign. our position, with respect to refugees going back to 1951. it is the subject of agreements we had an an international basis. we need, as americans, to do our part in resettling these folks. many of these folks are actually our allies, actually served us in the battles that we've been involved in since 9/11.
11:46 am
why would you discriminate against people who actually helped us a therefore are a risk in the countries that they were able to go back to them? >> many of refugees that you've taken in so far been a threat to anyone in the state any commit any crimes, violent crimes? >> not that i'm aware of, at least with respect to recent refugees. i imagine, that people have traffic infractions and other difficulties. and i know that in domestic situations people have difficulty. but i'm not aware of any of the things that i think you're talking about. >> and do you think that the vetting process that we have is enough to make sure that those coming in aren't going to end up being a real threat, more so than a traffic violation? >> you know, this is a very good point. i don't think the president knows how strict the vetting is. these are folks subject to 18 to
11:47 am
24 months, sometimes, longer, vetting process. multiple interviews. multiple parties. testing information garnered in multiinterviews. just going back and making sure there's consistencies. any red flags that puts somebody on the list that says they're not going to get into the united states, in fact, these are the safest folks. i'll give you an example, many of the terrorist acts committed in europe have been committed by people who were actually born in belgium or born in france. how, should we ban people from france or belgium because they've had terrorism problems? the idea that we're going to say to the world that we're going to discriminate against the largest religion in the world, that's what we're saying, we're going to pick on you to discriminate against coming from a country that in our very fabric says we will never discriminate on the basis of religion. it is also, by the way, let's be very clear what the president is ing. he's putting our soldiers in
11:48 am
harm's way. he's putting our diplomats in harm's way when we aggregate these agreements don't you think that people that have ill will towards our country are going to use that as a basis to garner more madness in our society? >> intelligence officers have made that an argument as well. we should point out that we've asked donald trump's campaign, his transition, and we've asked the white house exactly what will states they're going to be talking about stopping immigration or stricter rules on immigration, whether a state like france, as you pointed out, or belgium would be among that list. so far we haven't gotten a clear answer on that. i've got one more question, governor, on the subject of immigration. what can you do as governor, if you would want to do this, to protect those that are in your state, that are getting an education right now who have been growing up here, but aren't necessarily documented, don't have the necessary or correct
11:49 am
paperwork to stay legally in this country? >> well, let's be very clear, that the president's order of yesterday violates the constitution, specifically, and most importantly, the 10th amendment. i understand he does this for political purposes. we're going to protect people. in my state of the state address, i said, just a few weeks ago, whether your people came here 300 years ago or 3 days ago, people are welcome in the state of connecticut. >> how do you protect them? >> the same way we've been doing all along. we're not going to change our approach with respect to the folks in our state. let's talk about the dreamers. these are folks defined as people whose parents brought them here when they were under the age of 16. but in many cases they were unr e age of 6 months. they don speak another language. they've never been to another country. they've only been educated here. we've paid to educate them. they're in our schools. they're part of our fabric of who we are and what they are.
11:50 am
now we're going to pretend that we suddenly bring them back to a country that they don't know for a crime that they didn't commit? let's be realistic. let's go back to our own moral compass and say we have to find a way to help people whose parents who made a mistake but they shouldn't pay the price for their parents. >> connecticut governor dannel malloy, thank you for being here. >> it's dannel. just say dan. >> i knew i was getting it wrong. >> it's okay. imagine having that name how hard it is. >> i covered new new york local news, i knew the sensitivity to it, i know how to say it. i totally blew it. my apologies to you. >> come visit us sometimes. protesters back on the way following president trump's action on two controversial pipelines. and following last weekend's massive marches across the globe
11:51 am
for women's rights. another protest is in the works but this time, it's to speak up for science. here's lawrence rush with the verge update. new gag orders on government research on the trump administration have scientists ready to take to the streets. a fast growing group online is in the stages of organizing a second march on washington. this time in the name of science. the group's leader says she hopes the group will emphasize diversity in science. the day for the march hasn't been set yet but organizer, meeting this weekend to hammer out the details. that's the update. check out more at with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long.
11:54 am
more protests today against president trump's executive actions. earlier in philadelphia, hundreds greetsed the president's arrival protesting a whole range of issues from immigration to obamacare to women's rights. this little girl up here holding a sign for president trump, just
11:55 am
to be nice. all of this after massive protests in new york city and washington erupted wednesday for the president's executive orders to build a border wall and sanctuary cities. and supporters took to the streets tuesday night with the pipelines. the president saying the pipelines will be built and they'll be made in america. >> and we're going to make that pipe right here in america, okay? if people want to build pipelines on our land, we want the pipe to be manufactured, and not only that, manufactured here, but you will see a level of quality that you're not going to see when they bring pipe from far distances. >> and now for those who remain at standing rock braving brutal winter divisions, they're facing a critical decision. how best to fight the president's order. msnbc senior editor kyle perry is live in standing rock camp, north dakota, with the
11:56 am
protesters. kyle, you're there, it's very cold. how are they planning to push back on this, and will they be able to do it successfully? >> reporter: yeah, they think that they'll have to do it through the legal means, the political means. i'll step out of the way, to give you a look at the 500 people who remain. we just spoke to an elder member. they wt to do this through the courts. she said the executive order inherently changes the situation here. they requested a meeting with president trump. she said sometime in the next ten days the 27 tribes that line the missouri river would like to meet with the president. she said she's not heard back but that is their hope that they can work this out. that they can take the president at his word when he says maybe they can negotiate a new settlement. it's important to note that this dakota pipeline has about 1,000 feet yet to be completed. that section over the missouri river. >> cal perry who i promises is under all of those coatings and
11:57 am
scarfs. cal perry, in north dakota. let's take a look at the microsoft post question, we've been asking you, do you believe mexico will pay for the wall? 86% of you, no. 14%, yes. mexico will pay for that wall, pretty big disparity there. thank you for voting. and we will be right back. american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at find oeverything your family etouches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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my advice for looking get your beauty sleep. and use aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals® blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. absolutely ageless® from aveeno®. and you are looking at a live picture right now at air force one on the runway at joint base andrews. donald trump getting back from maryland after that gop retreat. we expect him to deplane at any moment. meanwhile, that wraps things up at this hour. i'm katy tur. i like twitter better. kate snow -- >> twitter better? noted. >> i like twitter as well. i'm kate snow, t


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