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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 20, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. president trump receiving a royal welcome in saudi arabia as he kicks off his nine-day foreign trip. after a busy day meeting with saudi leaders, all eyes will be on the president as he prepare to address muslim world on sunday. here at home, the trump administration marred in controversy as the russia investigation continues to be a focal point of the problems inside of the white house. what the appointment of the
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special counsel means for the investigation going forward. and early test the republican party, a high profile special election just days away to replace a congressman who joined the trump administration, can democrats use trump's problems to flip a congressional seat in montana? we start with donald trump's first overseas trip president hailing a major arms deal with saudi arabia. >> it is a tremendous day. i just want the thank everybody, but tremendous investments in the united states. and our military. community is very happy and we want to thank you and saudi arabia, but huneds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs, jobs, jobs. the deal worth over 1 $110 billion up front, $350 billion over the next ten years. the signing came in a day full of pomp and circumstance. the president met the king in an elaborate ceremony.
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trump was awarded the highest civilian honor and took several tours with the king. his day is done. he's back at the ritz carlton hotel resting for another big day tomorrow. hallie jackson joining me now live. a big day today, the first of nine. but perhaps, even a bigger one tomorrow. what's the latest you're hearing from there? >> i'll tell you what, you just played a little bit of the sound we heard from president trump today. that's about all we heard. we saw him in these meetings and discussions and sort of opulent settings and of course at the dinner tonight, but tomorrow will be the first opportunity to hear extended remarks from president trump. we know according to senior white house official he's expected to frame the fight against isis as a way to he hopes unite the muslim world against extremism. against islamic extremisextremi. will the president say what he has said so often in the past, a phrase radical islamic terror or
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will he soften his language and try to frame this as we are hearing from aides as essentially the bat a l for good versus evil. so this goi to be crucial for him tomorrow. this is coming during summit with seven key middle east rn leaders. the president will be meeting with all of the. he's also got a twitter forum tomorrow night. fitting for a president who likes to get on twitter and deliver. >> rich: messages in a different way. >> certainly a thing for him. all eyes and years on that speech tomorrow. thank you very much for joining us. joining us now to discuss the president's first day, edward isaac, politico's chief washington correspondent. michael arnold, bloomberg new's chief for israel. thank you both for joining me. edward, i'm going to start with you. bombshells here a at home with the investigation did you think
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today was a success? >> as previous presidents have learn, crazy things can come up in the middle of foreign trip, both at home an abroad. there is a lot that will continue going on in washington while he is going to all these countries, but what happened today is he signed an arms deal that was something that the trump administration wanted. he got this warm welcome from the saudi king. treated like a king essentially. it's a good start trip for him, but sort of the easiest stop of the ones he's got ahead of him. israel is next then to a nato meet, then the g-7. >> swres interesting take on it. easiest stop. the first of so many ahead of him. michael, bringing up rex tillerson talking about deal signed today. >> bolsts the kingdom ability to provide for its own security and continuing to contributing to counterterrorism across the region. an important part of this, this
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huge arms sales package reduces the burden of the united states to provide the same equipment to our own military forces. >> so, michael, talk to me about the implications of this arms deal that was just signed and also, the differences in the relationships between the trump administration now and the saudis versus the obama administration and the saudis. >> from israel's perspective, years ago, they were very concerned about arms sales to the ausswe saudis. they're quite concerned about the threat from iran and from the israeli perspective, that's going to be the key issue on this trip. i think the fact that the u.s. saudi cooperation, especially in defense, seems to be deepening is something which is not going to set off alerm bells. >> we're bringing up iran here. it's an odd coupling here. the fact that now israel and saudi have something in common.
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it's their mutual distaste for iran. >> and has drawn israel and saudi arabia together in a very strange bedfellows relationship. but one that was both were opposed to the deal that the obama administration made, looking for a change in at least the under behind the scenes stance from the trump administration. and so, even though israel and saudi arabia still can't when the president flies on air force one to tel aviv, he will be making one of the rar direct flights that you can do from saudi arabia to israel. that's how bad it is. >> the word impeachment being thrown around a lot. do you think that's affecting this trip? do you think people care? >> if they care about what? >> the word impeachment. it's been thrown around a lot about president trump. do you think that's affecting his trip and his negotiations with these foreign leaders?
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>> well, inni think it ups the antefor him. peace between israel and the palestinians. i would note there's an interesting subplot here that here in israel, the prime minister is under police investigation, so he he and president trump is meeting when they both see themselves as embattled leaders who are being hounded at home, so there's a chance that could create a meeting of the minds and produce a breakthrough. >> meeting of the minds. spres interesting take. they're both being vest fwinves. >> in this case, it may. donald trump is is one who is a leader who thinks a lot about the personal relationship and that dynamic mean iing a lot to him. so far, he has had a better relationship with netanyahu than barack obama did in terms of their interpersonal relationship. of course during the obama administration, there was a lot of things going on that were helpful to the israelis from the
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american government. arms, help and all sorts of other things, that the israelis will be b looking for also what they're going to get in terms of deliver bables. >> you don't think there's conversations going on, this impeachment word is being thrown around a lot. he's got a l of trouble at me maybe we shouldn't bank on this. we shouldn't bank on this lationship necesrily because he may not be around for long. >> even aside from impeachment, it's foreign leaders, official, all watch the american news very closely. they know what's going on o in american politics very, very into deep detail. they are aware that even if we don't get to impeachment, there's a political weakness now for the president and he is in a more troubled position. that even if he's in office for four or eight year, at this moment, he's going to this trip with negotiation of a lot of leaders and again, saudi stop is the easiest stop. israeli stop, perhaps the
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second, then it gets tricky with g-7 and nato. he will be looking at a relationship with these leaders where they're like, well, why are we, we're not as scared of him as we were. we're not as worried he might come down on us because he seems to be in a weaker position than when he started out. >> his speech tomorrow to the muslim world, it's going to be a big one. want to show you a preview of perhaps what he may say. >> now it appears muslim leaders are ready to take more responsibility and a much bigger role in fight iing terrorism in their region. america cannot solve all of the world's problems. but we can and we must help any nation willing to join in the common cause of eradicating terrorism from the face of the earth. >> so do you think he's going b to be soft ping his language for the gulf state, region audience, then toughen back up when he
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comes back home and when he heads to israel on monday? >> well, i think t it's actually quite an important moment for him. you know, it's hard to avoid echoes of the obama speech in cairo at the beginning of his presidency. when he sought to reach out to the muslim world. certainly, i don't think anybody expects trump to show the same kind of nuance and tact that president obama did. but people will be look iing ve carefully at the language he uses. the type of inflammatory rhetoric from his campaign and early in his presidency we're probably not going to see. from the israeli perspective, i think that's a good thing. you know, to the extent that the war on terror is seen as a religious war, that's not good for the jews as they say here, but to the extent it's presented as the fors of good and liberalism and forces of terrorism regardless of religious affiliation, i think
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that's seen as beneficial to israel. >> also wonder federal government he's going to use that word, radical islamic terrorism when he criticize d te democrats for so long for not using. all eyes and ears are going to be on that speech tomorrow. thank you both for joining me. appreciate it. senator bernie sanders in montana today. stumping for the democratic candidate for the house seat. vacated by republican ryan zinky. he left to join trump's cabinet as interior secretary. special election will take place next thursday. questions are being raised about whether they're they'll put the continue ver roversies at risk. are people responding to sanders in the same way they did when he was a candidate for president there? >> yeah, a big crowd here in michigan la at the university of montana. i'm not a great estimate of crowd sz, but i'd say 1,000
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people very receptive. he still has an uphill climb in this state. it is a republican state. the seat has been held by a republican for 20 years. it's going to be b a tough one. all the way around, but there is a lot of progressive energy behind trying to bring democrats back into congress at higher levels. even at these hard, special elections, so we're see iing a t of activity here and money being raised. that candidate, a folk sipger who's never held elected office before, has raised $5 million for this race. a ton of money for a state like montana, which is large, population wise is quite u small. in his speech today, sanders mentioned the fund raising success and talked about it as an echo of how well he did in the 2016 presidential election. let's listen. >> here in montana, all over the country, people are responding. his average contribution 25
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bucks. over 95% of his campaign contributions are less than $200. this is a people's campaign. >> and you know, the contrast there is with the republican candidate, who a multimillionaire, who's getting a lot of money from the koch brothers networks and other political actions committee. so that's the contrast they were trying to draw there. the main issue we heard from voters is health care. before we went into the rally, we spoke to a woman in line who was coming in tohoher support for sanders and qui and she had as amazing story about her health care and what she fears about if the ahca, the republican plan b, goes through. >> i'm here because his health care is expensive. and we need to stand up for health care that's matters, medicaid matters.
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>> and so, again, what would happen if medicaid were cut for your family? >> we would be completely bankrupt. we would lose everything. it would just be devastating to our family. >> her son has cerebral palsy, so very sobering message going into that speech. >> i can understand her fears, that's for sure. thank you. as president trump ek barks on his first foreign trip, the russia investigation still looks like a dark cloud over the white house. now, that former fbi director robert mueller is leading the investigation, is the trump presidency in danger? that's coming up. ke my mom did? and so you know this is something that's important. losing my mom to heart disease and then being diagnosed myself.
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welcome back. they rolled out the red carpet for trump today in saudi arabia, but there's a long list of political headaches awaiting
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trump once he returns to the white house from his nine-day foreign tour. not the least of which is is the appointment of former fbi dr director, robert mueller as special counsel to investigate ties between presidential campaign and russia. joining us now, former special agent in charge of the fbi's northern alabama district and joyce vance. welcome to you both. rick, i'll start with you. as former high ranking fbi agent, what's your reaction today to reports now that "the washington post" is say thag the russia trump investigation is actually focusing on a person of interest inside of the white house? >> it's not surprising and if there's a straighter arrow inside the built beltway than bob mueller, i don't know who that would be. so as an investigator, i'd be focused on three things. the first is is russian influence because that sets context. you got to understand what they were trying to do, why they were trying to do it and the tactic,
2:19 pm
techniques and procedures e ruia were employing to influence our election. that's important from a count intelligence standpoint so you can mitigate future attempt, but it doesn't get into the criminal realm. the second thing is the collusion piece. and that's important because that sets the stage for future potential criminal charges and there's a big difference between colluding with the foreign government and being an unwitting participant. i would want to try and understand if there were any american, any u.s. citizen, any members of the trump campaign who actively engaged with the russians in order to meet their ends and receive something in the way of a quid proquo and then the last thing i would be interested in looking at is the attempts of potential obstruction or any member of the trump administration trying to derail the investigative efforts. >> how long does a, does this take? year, months? >> well, i think it depends.
2:20 pm
on the fact pattern. on how many potential witnesses that you're going to need to interview. on where the evidence takes you. so, it's really hard to put a timeline on these things. i think bob mueller is, he's one of these people that pays extreme attention to detail. and he's going to want to do to me motdically and do this right. >> donald trump refer to former jim comey as a quote nut job during his meeting with lavrov last week. from a prosecution standpoint, this can't be good for president trump. to have this. >> well, this is certainly a strong indication that the president is not speaking with defee counsel who are advising him about statements he should be making and how he should be limiting any comments that he makes about his potential conduct.
2:21 pm
anyone who knows jim comey knows he has a reputation for honesty, integrity. yes, there are questions about the events that occur last summer, but even assuming those occurred and that you believe that comey made mistakes and that course of conduct, people still believe in his integrity and honesty and he's far from a nut job. >> he's decided to testify, likely after memorial day weekend. rick, you think he's got some bombshells he's going to deliver and could this be payback? could he use this as payback to president trump? or is he just going to, you know, shoot it straight. >> i think he's a straight shooter. i worked for him. during his first year and a half as the director of the fbi and he's extremely intelligent, very thoughtful as a leader and willing to share what he's thinking with with the other
2:22 pm
executives that were part of his team. the only criticism i would have of jim comey is maybe there's a little personal hue bris. he had his history informed by standing up to bush administration idealogs in the famous hospital room scene with the attorney general about a controversial surveillance. so there's a part of him that likes the spotlight and we haven't heard the last from jim comey. but i also believe he's a man of unquestionable integrity and he like director mueller, are going to want to get to the truth. >> joyce, final word here. >> the important thing to note is that director comey has volunteered to testify under oath. in public hearings. that means that he's going to the tell us truth, truth that can be supported and it looks from all of the evidence that's accumulating, that it won't be a
2:23 pm
truth that's favor bable to this administration. >> going to be must watch television. that's for sure. rick and joyce, thank you both for joining me. have a good rest of your saturday. coming up, one boxer, how his next fight can determine if he can stay in the u.s. or be forced to leave. his story is just ahead. there's nothing more important to me than my vacation. so when i need to book a hotel room, i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change. visit booking.yeah.
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welcome back. about a 15 minute walk from r k rockefeller center, a professional boxer has more than a victory at stake. his performance could be the difference between stay ng the united states and being deported. morgan is joining me now with more. i heard about this story. i've read some of it. increde bable stuff. >> it is and this is a big fight. everything for this man is on the line. we're talking about ray, he's in fight of his life. he crosseded the border illegally. just 16 years old. came through arizona with his mom and two younger brothers. see now, he wants a chance to compete for the international boxing federation world title, but sigh, he also wants to stay in the country he already calls home. he's a machine in the ring. ray beltran, 41 fights in nearly
2:27 pm
18 years. tonight, he squared off against jonathan, fighting for his chance to compete for the world title and to stay in this country. >> it's like getting the lottery ticket. a lot of opportunities here. >> if he wins, his lawyers say he can all but guarantee his green card. a dream for the man who grew up in poverty and crossed the border illegally with his mom when he was 16 years old. >> in mexico, it was just, it was hard. there was nothing. >> did you feel like you had enough? did you have food? i have nothing, no lek tris thety, no nothing. i got a lot of memories. >> you're getting emotional thinking where you come from. who are you fighting for in this fight? >> i'm fighting for my kids. >> all three were born here. he hope to stay with themmand h
2:28 pm
on an eb-1 green card, granted only to working people who show extraordinary ability in their field like getting a pulitzer, oscar or olympic medal, that's why tonight's fight could be just what beltran needs. >> this is one night and everything is on the line. u.s. immigration has to say we're getting with ray beltran. >> and tonight, he's fighting for his future. in a country he calls home. >> what is it you love most about this country? >> i love that it's a lot of potential, whatever you want to do, you can make it here. >> so, yesterday, when we were speak, he told m he's not really nervous about tonighs fight because he said, look, morgan, i don't believe in fear. he says it's not the way he chooses to live his life and not the way he chooses to fight, so people will be watching him, get in the rope, get in ring tonight at 10:15. >> i'm rooting for him for sure. increde bable story.
2:29 pm
i would be nervous. >> he doesn't have to necessarily leave. >> not necessarily leave, but this cass classification of this vi visa, you have to prove you're not great, but great among the greatest. >> thanks, appreciate it. coming up, voters in iran reject the hard line approach leadership. what it means for iran's relations with global power, including the united states. tom. tom. who's with me? we're like a sports team here at ally. if a sports team had over 7... i'm in. 7,000 players. our plays are a little unorthodox. but to beat the big boys, you need smarter ways to save people money. we know what you want from a financial company and we'll stop at... nothing to make sure you get it. one, two... and we mean nothing. ♪ ♪ oscar mawe went back toig the drawing board... and the cutting board. we removed the added nitrates and nitrites, by-products, and artificial preservatives in all of our meat. every. single. one.
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welcome back. as president trump can i bes off his trip, vice president mike pence making stops in three states today. he delivered the commencement address at grove city college in pennsylvania before greeting service members at wright patterson air force base in ohio. this evening, he'll deliver another commencement address at the university of notre dame. the ncaa, the naacp excuse me is now in search of another president. after just three years, the civil rights organization says the decision was necessary to
2:33 pm
usher in a quote system wide refresh as it looks for ways to push back against president trump's policies. brook said he was saddened and baffled by his sudden dismissal. rouhani has been elected to a second term in a landslide. he beat his challenger by nearly 60% of the vote. rex till eson emphasized the joint u.s. commitment with saudi arabia to stopping iranian gr s aggression. he said he's willing to talk with his iranian counterpart quote at the right time. thanks so much for joining me. the big question on a lot of people's minds right now, how are iranians judging president trump's actions today? >> not very well. the regime here hasn't taken it well. they don't think diplomacy is going to go far with president trump. they think he's taken a very aggressive attitude toward iran and accused him of being
2:34 pm
hypocritical, especially with his trip to saudi arabia, saying one thing about the saudis and another thing about iran, but they think the dialogue is going to break down with the united states. they think he's firmly put iran in his sights. he's not a friend of iran. not a friend of the nuclear deal and diplomacy and common ground between the two is going to be hard to come by. they see this as a sea change than the one president obama took with iran and the one president trump is taking now. >> quickly, in regards to rouhani being re-elected as p president there, i know yesterday also was friday prayer in that country. did you see any sort of difference in the statements being made at the friday prayer gathering considering rue man hany's reflection? >> well, i mean, it's a huge thing for the ran yeiranians he. he was face iing a huge challen. they didn't want him to get back boo power, but he came in on a
2:35 pm
soft note, they were really rallying against them at the epd of the elections here, but he made some huge problems to the electora electorate, saying he's going to loosen social restrictions, make more of an outreach to the west. he's going to try and get rid of nonnuclear sanctions. he wants less interference in people's private lives and that's resognated with the voting public here. there was a lot of apathy leading up to the elections here. they said whoever becomes president in iran isn't going to make any difference. buwh they govery frightened that somebody like -- could become prident, change their social value, and they voted huge numbers for rouhani. he's got a tough challenge to deliver now over the next four years. >> an important fo note because he was basically a protege of the beginning of the iranian revolution in 1979. thank you so much. president trump chose the middle east for his first foreign trip, an area with a large muslim population, in the past, he's targeted members of
2:36 pm
that group with some of his toughest rhetoric. >> this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. >> we cannot allow a terrorism to form inside america. we cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for ek treemists. we don't want them in our country. >> all right, pretty tough talk there. joining us now to talk about the president's trip, former u.s. ambassador to iraq, christopher hill, appreciate your joining me. you worked in the region, so how do you expect the president to be b efed there given his statements and the travel ban quite frankly? >> well, quite frankly, i think he's going to be received with quite a mixed view, but certainly, the saudi government having been very upset and very frustrated with t obama administration has decided to kind of make him their favorite
2:37 pm
american president. so, it's all gone swimmingly, interestingly, most of the discussion has been about the terrible iranian and how they're destabilizing the region. little of it of the discussion being about the extreme sunnis and what the saudis need to do to try to reign that in. it was rather noticeable to see the secretary of state allude to iranian human rights issues and just completely whistle past the issues of saudi human rights, so, we have a very different approach in the middle east. goenl are any concepts of middle east, of human rights. and we'll have to see whether he can sell this to the congress when he gets ready to try to make sheez arms deals work. >> none of the gulf countries were mention in the travel ban. the ap reporting some thipgs are going b to be included in this speech. that it's unlikely he's going to
2:38 pm
mention radical islamic terrorism using the phrase radical islamic terrorism, although he criticized the democrats for not using that phrase. that it will be the battle between good and evil, that he'll mention that. that he's going to drive out terrorists from houses of worship and he will not criticize saudi arabia, the country, of course that is hosting him. what else do you expect to hear from him tomorrow? >> well, i think certainly, he wants to speak to his c constituencies back in the states and so, since a lot of them are not going to be very happy with his kind of soft on islam message, he's going to continue to talk b about as b i said today, jobs, jobs, jobs. and to try to equate a better relationip with saudi arabia with more for american workers. i think there's going to be a continuing theme there and i think he's really going to hammer on isis and isis alone. and say how pleased he's been by the reaction from the saudi royal family to do what they can do about isis.
2:39 pm
not that frankly, saudi arabia's done a lot b about it. and frankly, there are a lot of saudis that are sympathetic to isis' role because they see isis as a sort of bull work against s shiaism. i think the president will try to keep it very upbeat and talk about basic theme, jobs and doing something about isis and i think when he gets to israel, we'll see a little more of the same in the sense that he will absolutely wrap himself in the israeli flag and again, use it as more occasion for more iran bashing. >> do you think this trip ultimately is about making deals for the p president right now and redirecting what's been going on dmesically? >> i think the trip was planneded well ahead of the sort of latest issues with james comey. so i think to some extent, the trip is planned as a way the sort of showcase the fact that there are countries out there who will like him and certainly,
2:40 pm
the saudis appreciate the fact his message is pure and simple, sort of let's bash the iranian and give the saudis more weapons. so, very welcomed from the point of view of the saudi, i think it makes him look extremely well liked abroad. americans hear a lot about how foreigners are extremely worry ed about this new president, the things he says and yet the first time out of the box, they're going to see him being vetted by a quite a foreign culture. i think however, the issue he's going to have is his core constituents are sort of wondering what's going on and his answer to them is jobs, jobs, jobs. >> thanks so much for joining me. just days after robert mueller was named to investigate the russia campaign, a report says the white house is looking at how to weaken his power. a law firm represents jared c b
2:41 pm
kushner and paul manafort. mueller did not work for either of them directly, but reuters says the white house is exploring an ethics code that could block mueller from an investigating his old firm's clients for a year. expert note the justice department can waive the rule, but even if it does, the white house could create doubt about mueller's fairness. dan kilde is with us to talk mb about this. so, mueller received praise after he was named this past week. do you expect the white house is going to stop him here? >> well, there's no way to predict what the white house will do, except that donald trump will do whatever he thinks is in his best interest, whether it's the right thing for the country, or not. this is a guy who will go from one room to the next and say two different things. so, i'm not sprised to hear he may try to limit mr. mueller's capacity to investigate. i just don't think it will work. you know, i was at the brief in
2:42 pm
with mr. rosenstein. it's fairly clear to me that mr. mueller is going to have broad authority, resources and he'll be encouraged to let this investigation go where ever the facts lead him. presidents don't do well when they try to contain investigations about their own administrations. we have a pretty recent example of that in american history. so, this is a path i think president trump ought to tread pretty carefully on. >> what was your reaction to rosen stein not necessarily addressing who it was that asked him to rigwrite that memo that to the firing of jim comey? >> what was frustrating because we didn't get a lot of new information, it was clear to me that ark, of course, he knew that mr. comey was going to be fired before the memo was written. and that he was given direction to write the memo. i think the only thing he could
2:43 pm
say that was original was he claim that is this content was his own content. but this is a p president who now in more than one occasion had maze de it clear that the reason he fired mr. comey was because of the russian investigation. that raises a lot of questions. and i'm happy that mr. mueller is going to be in a position to subpoena witnesses, to get documents, to make you know, make inquiry to answer questions about the russian b involvement in his campaign. but also, potentially about any potential cover up, any effort to obstruct this investigation. and again, this is an area where mr. trump, he may be accustomed to being abe to bully his way out of his problems. this is not going to happen. in this case. he's not going to be able to bully his way out of this issue. this is real. >> unless he can figure out how to fire mueller. oversight.
2:44 pm
>> that's possible, if he does that, he's going to have more problems than he has right now. >> yeah, i agree with you on that one. >> jason chaffetz questions the need for a special counsel! look, i have not seen any evidence of actual collusion. where is the actual crime they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute? i haven't seen that. >> something that we're missing here? something he's missing? >> no, that logic doesn't follow. there's plenty of circumstantial evidence of involvement in the campaign. in fact, there are clear statements that have been b made that the campaign itself was involved with the russians. our own intelligence agencies have said so. but the reason you do an investigation, the reason you subpoena witnesses and subpoena document ss to get the evidence. so, i'm a little work out on members of congress and others
2:45 pm
saying i don't see evidence. the reason you conduct the ve investigation, the reason mr. mueller was appointed was to go see if that evidence exists and if if it does, to bring charges as a result. if it doesn't, we cthey can sayt and we can move on. >> congressman, thank you, wre goin to take a little break. coming up, pippa middleton, the sister of the duchess of cambridge ties the not with plenty of royals and celebs in attendance. a political break. >> this sunday, a.m. joy is on at a special time. from noon to 2:00 p.m. eastern time after premier league soccer here on b msnbc. we have a great show planned, so make sure you tune in and join the conversation online. sure we could travel, take it easy... but we've never been the type to just sit back...
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♪ looking amazing there. pippa middleton married james matthews today. the ceremony took place in a small village church where watchers stood for hours just for a glimpse. >> just because it's kate's sister and kate's sister comes along with kate, william. harry. >> there was a lot of amazing hats at that wedding as well. big sister kate was close by. she had a special role in the wedding, tending to her toddlers, they nearly stole the show as members of the wedding party that report now that prince harry has arrived at the receptiowith his girlfriend, meghan markle. i'm joined by lieu ucy, good tok to you. what did you see? what happened there?
2:50 pm
>> i thought this would be my chance to finally expense a finally british hat, but no such look. the folks there were beautifully dressed. this is being described as of tr here in the uk. a huge day, a big day for the little sister of the future queen. pippa middleton looking every bit the beautiful bride with that beautiful gown. a lot of suspense over who would make her dress. she is some custom made heels although we couldn't see they will. this wasn't officially a royal wedding. when you have the second and third and fourth and fifth in line to the throne, it is a big affair. big sister was there with adorable sister charlotte. dad, prince william arrived separately with harry. his girlfriend wasn't on his arm but that's okay. custom changes for everyone as ordered by the bride. we're hearing some 300 people, back at the middleton family
2:51 pm
home. the parents installed this enormous glass marquis so guests can dance the night away, rain or shine. i'm sure it is a dazzling affair. and speaking of affairs, the big qution on everyone's mind is will we be hearing more wedding bells soon? harry and megan have been spending a lot of time together. they've been dating for a while now. they've been photographed kissing at a polo match this month. the fact that she's been invited to the reception, the first time she's out with the royals is a very big endorsement that they could be getting pretty serious. >> a british royal marrying an american actress? come on. never! >> yes. >> she looked incredible. her dress was just under believable. thank you. up next, as the president takes his first foreign trim, a
2:52 pm
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. mr. trump who is the president fired the fbi director who was investigating him and. so said it because of the investigation. that's an impeachable act. >> texas democratic congressman, renewing his call there week for the impeachment of donald trump. he went to a town hall today after getting death threats from people who are furious. even one of the protest's toughest critics says, when it comes to impeachment, we're not there yet. >> i think we ought to undertake our constitutional obligations to find the evidence, follow evidence, and if there's another constitutional evidence that follows from that, then there is. >> joining me to talk about
2:56 pm
this. welcome to you both. i'm going to start with you. so republican congressman justin amash says if the memo about the president pressuring james comey to tend flynn probe is true, that would merit impeachment. is this the growing feeling mongss the gop? >> certainly not. congressman amash is probably a far outlie. i think what i think the, from what your clip with mr. green and amash, the politicians, the elected officials ought to turn down the volume a little bit. we ought to let the special investigator, mr. mueller, proceed to find out what happened with the russian interference of the election. to find out if there are real facts as opposed to speculation, driven by sxleeks political posturing, to let the facts take the prosecutor, the folks of the fbi, the justice department to where they lie as opposed to
2:57 pm
everyone running on tv or the stand-ups, making commentary about things they don't know fully and trying to do it for political advantages. i think it is distracting from what the congress, the president, the executive branch of the congress, ought to be focused on. >> i know you're toiching weiit weigh in. i know mccain smk saying it is not rational talk. >> i agree the first portion of his observation. we're nowhere near peeimpeachme. i seshled on the house impeachment pan in 1973. but i completely agree mark we need to get to the facts. it is reassuring to hear someone, particularly a republican, talk about the facts. at the moment we're in a firestorm of eternal i have tal reality.
2:58 pm
we all want to get to the facts from the special counsel. very important to make a differentiation between special counsel and special prosecutor. >> all of these politicians they don't let the facts get in the way of their good stories. >> nor does white house. >> we have a health care system, the legacy of the obama system on the verge of collapse. premiums are rising. some places, 30, 40, 50%. the congress ought to be focused only. we need to reduce our tax burden. fix current tax structure so we can bring more cash home so there's more jobs. we need on reduce regulations that have made job creation very difficult. the democrats in particular, a few republicans, seem more obsessed with being part of new story of the day. >> is this an obsession? or a legitimate -- >> i was in washington all week last week. and the problem is, particularly in the senate, is that the republicans don't have the new
2:59 pm
health care fix. they don't have the tax bill. mcconnell and his colleagues can't come up with it. in addition, you have thought distraction that has got them somewhat paralyzed. >> hold on. >> nancy pelosi along with adam schiff have said we need to calm the rhetoric down about impeachment. i do agree. the real concern have americans isn't this intervention. bits their health care and jobs. >> and he we heard about this today. go ahead, mark. >> i would say, the problem with that analysis is that the obstinate obsession with destroying donald trump started literally as soon as the election was over. democrats haven't gotten over the fact hillary clinton lost and they've been looking for reasons to delegitimize donald
3:00 pm
trump from the very beginning. people like chuck schumer spent more time slowing down nominations than actually solving -- >> i see you opening your mouth but we have to go. thank you both for joining me. that wraps it up for me at this hour. joy reid is next. we thought this would be a day when the only big story would be the arrival of pope john paul in havana this afternoon. then the unexpected. reports of a new sect scandal involving president clinton, allegations one of his closest friends intervened improperly. the role of a white water investigator. >> that was january 1998 about the allegations of bill clinton's affair with monica lewinsky. it would be nearly a year until they voted to impeach him. that began months earlier in the ur


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