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tv   MSNBC Joy Reid  MSNBC  July 8, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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stay with us for updates and breaking news as it happens right here. find me on twitter and instagram @richard lui. a.m. joy is next. have a great night. they say it was russia. why won't you agree with them and say it was. >> i'll tell you, let me start off by saying i heard it was 17 agencies. i said boy, that's a lot. do we even have that many. >> i have to ask about this. since you started the whole wrestling video thing. >> you were invaded this time by nazi germany from the west and the soviet union from the east. that's trouble. ♪ >> the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive. >> donald trump wraps up his second big appearance on the
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world stage today and amid the expected is trump gaffes and attacks on the press, the main event was his first official meeting with russian president vladimir putin after this unanswered question. >> did you rig the election. >> thank you very much. >> the two leaders along with secretary of state rex tillerson, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov met for more than two hours is during which time trump allegedly did bring up russia's election interference which putin again denied. that meeting might have the overshadowed remarks trump made thursday in warsaw. that speech written by travel ban author steven miller reminded me of trump's propensity for dog whiling to the alt-right a habit he carried all the way to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our
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borders. do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it? i declare today for the world to hear that the west will never ever be broken. our values will prevail. our people will thrive. and our civilization will triumph. >> joining me now executive director of the tara asymmetrics project malcolm nance, yahoo news and finance anchor bianna golodryga. former cia special agent jack rice and republican media strategist rick wilson. thank you all very much for being here. we've heard lots of clips of the president's speech in warsaw. the one thing that leapt out which we didn't play it in this clip but in this whole run of things talking about western civilizati
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civilization, he threw in there we write symphonies. that triggered the alarm bells for me that will this was not just some speech about democratic values or western civilization. this was about something else. it reminded me of in that congressman steve king said on our air last july. >> >> i'd scud to go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people you're talking about. where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization. >> than white people? >> than western civilization itself that's rooted in western europe, eastern europe and the united states of america. and every place where the footprint of christianity settled the world. >> bianna, i want to start with you. am i wrong in makinging this parallel between steve king, president trump, and white
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nationalism? >> there's a theme you're seeing. what strikes me is that this president doesn't go into these meetings and speeches focusing on democracy and democratic values. that's the easiest way for him to differentiate us from the russians from, from vladimir putin, what have you. this focus on civilizations, us versus them, terrorists versus the civilized worlds that write symphonies plays right into the vladimir putin's playbook. you look at just u.s. polls here how many americans view russia more favorably. you see their commonality when it comes to the nra, when it comes to evangelicals. it's something we're seeing transpire just recently over time. there is an alarming theme in all of that. >> this is out of the russian playbook. >> they've done this in countries in europe and during their election cycles trying to sow division. >> in the eastern world, they do
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it almost the way adolph hitler did it by going after ethnic russian groups pocketed throughout the bordering states of modern day russia and empowering those. the fighting in the ukraine is just an example of that. russia gave all those rebels passports and said they're russian. but i have one other thing i'd like to add about that speech. that speech was the ultimate fulfillment of osama bin laden's ideology of the belief there would be a clash of civilizations what he views as his crazy version of islam and the west. bin laden believed in samuel huntington's clash of civilizations and he thought by collapsing the soviet union in the 1980s, that islam, his version, not the present one that's been around since 622, his version of islam would eventually go into a war with the west. and trump seemed to embody and
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enshrine that belief that the west should steal itself for a clash of civilizations with other cultures, other beliefs. which pretty much spelled out, you know, the muslim world. >> right. jack, that's one of the things that troubled me the most in this, in that speech by the president is that he's setting up this clash of civilizations. he's dos done this thing that president george w. bush avoided after 9/11 that will president obama studiously avoided during his eight-year presidency to not give any comfort to those folks in al qaeda in, isis,anyone in the muslim world who wants to get converts because the united states and the west is trying to destroy them. >> you're right. he's still running for office. the problem is he's never taken the chair and is leading is the free world if we want to use that term still. what he has the capability of doing as the president of the united states is to stand up,
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open up his arms and say understand, we are all connected in a globalized world, we can all move forward. we will all drive forward together. this isn't a left versus right or a west versus east or a west versus middle east issue. we need to find a way to move forward, and there are connections between us where we can all benefit. instead he tries to find a way to create a leverage between everybody so he seems to think he wins. the problem is, the united states will continue to lose and will lose big if he continues down this path. we've seen his failure in the past. sadly, he seems to want to perpetuate it. >> rick, the president, the president will hear maybe this discussion. who knows? he might be listening. he hears people criticizing his speech in russia and sent out a couple of tweets i found interesting. one, he sent out on friday saying my experience yesterday in poland was a great one. thank to you everyone including the haters for the great reviews
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of the speech. and then inexplicably he sends out another tweet on friday saying everyone here is talking about why john podesta refused to give the dnc server to the fbi and the cia. disgraceful. let's leave aside the podesta tweet. that is so out there otherworldly. let's deal with the first one about the haters of his speech in warsaw. rick? >> look, i think the speech was a -- yes, there was a lot of dog whistling in the speech. but the location is as important as the content. he went to poe land, one of the few places in europe where he would receive a welcome that wasn't going to be very overtly hostile to him and gave a speech that was red meat for the sort of national i didn't feel and eth note nationalist authoritarianism na trump and bannon and steve mill remember drawn to. the underpinning signal, they
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don't believe in western civilization in the classical sense. they believe in the use of thetrope of western civilization to execute a more an authoritarian form of governance. that is why you end up with a lot of secret code words and dog whistles this guy is dependent on because he is they -- like i said, the classical values of western civilization aren't what they care about, the symphonies and literature and architecture they don't care about. they care about using that as a vector to achieve a more eth-nationalist form of governance, anna theme ma to constitutional government. >> so the president gives this speech in warsaw. he visits poland but he -- it's more like he didn't do something that other presidents have done and he did not visit the holocaust memorial. here's a quote from politico in an article about another way
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trump dog whistled to nationalists during his visit in poland. the president's decision to skip that symbolic visit was seen as handing a victory to poe land's right wring nationalist ruling party. the law and justice party has been highlighting the role of the poll poles who fought against nazi germany while downgrading in polish jew who's perished in the holocaust. this is something bianna and malcolm talked about where the president isn't really talking about western civilization. he's talking about a very specific and narrow slice of a particular civilly indication. karine, give me your views on the president's speech and what we've been talking about so far. >> jonathan, this is exactly what we saw for 1 months. the dog whistling, nationalism. you have receive bannon and steve miller by his side. they all have the same views. don't forget the inauguration speech and how awful that was.
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he's taken his campaign mode into presidential mode. he did it at the inauguration and now into the global mode. we have to remember, this is a president who believes in isolationism and so it's not at all surprising. if anything, it's embarrassing because it takes us the u.s. away from that global leader's role we're supposed to be. we're supposed to be the leader of the free world. and now you have these different alliances from the world leaders that are happening outside of donald trump because they don't trust him and feel incredibly uncomfortable with him. now they're there, when they're not talking to him, they're talking about what are we going to do about north korea and u.s. trade deals? they're talking about hey, what are we going to do about the paris accord now that the u.s. has dropped out. it just makes sus look awful. >> we're showing b roll of the
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family photo they did at the g-20. what's notable about that video we saw at the beginning, where president trump is standing. look right there to the left of your screen. president trump, the president of the united states at a g-20 summit is shouldnshunted off to of that group. in the past, the president has been front and center, maybe one or twos spaces away from maybe the host of the summit. but the in talking about the isolation of the united states, jack, let me come to you with this. what have ca rin was talking about how the world is going around the united states, this cannot be good for the long-term strategic national interests of our country, can it? >> of course not. we look at what the united states did after world war ii, created 9 marshall plan for a reason. we wanted stability and a bulwark against the soviet union
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and wanted a trading partner. we wanted to strengthen the world because we benefited from that. the united states created an organizational structure and in fact, the united states became the most powerful country on the planet because of that. the problem that we see right now is that this president has been undercutting those underpinnings. he's been undercutting those organizational structures and what it's going to do is exclude the united states. it's going to drive the united states into that corner where donald trump is. that's the last place we want to be. you know what? >> if there's an organization out there and we don't get a seat at the table, a whole lot of things will be done but the united states isn't going to be in the room. >> malcolm, how dangerous is that? and also, is this something that the united states can pull back from? either after the midterm elections let's say one of the houses flips or in the next election if there's another president? keep in mind, we've got 3 1/2 more years to go. if the united states continues down this more isolated route
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and is isolated by the rest of the world, can that damage be repaired with another administration or four to eight years from now? >> i'm sure it can be repaired. this is the united states. we make mistakes and go backwards and then we move forwards. we're moving ourself to a point that's almost preworld war ii where the american values of the spreading of democracy which millions, 50 million people lost their lives in world war ii and that became the principal guiding doctrine of the united states is now inoperative by the president of the united states and his senior staff's own design. there's another danger in here. that speech was not only hailed by trump supporters but over the last day or so, we've been seeing a lot of right wing extremists potentially terrorist groups calling that what they call the 1488 speech. the 14 words, right? >> which are.
3:15 pm
>> we must protect the existence of our. >> white race. >> of our white race and the future of our white children and then slash 88 which stands for hh, heil hitler. that has been burning like wildfire, not over storm front and all these other websites. >> the tweet sarah palin tweeted out yesterday says 14 words. >> a few years ago, a guy in norway, a right wing extremist, follower of this same doctrine mass murdered over 75 people in norway. believing that would bring about this uprising to secure those 14 words. are we going to see that? is this being condoned by the white house. >> sirm couple venting the united states hurts all of our allies, as well. everyone else becomes weaker from france to germany and obviously russia is the benefactorer here. >> my guests will be back. up next, a former trump nominee will join me to talk about the
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in case north korea, russia gate, health care and donald trump's attempts at voter suppression weren't enough to keep you up at night, there's also a looming budget kriches over the debt ceiling. i warned you about this a few months back. situation is even more dire today. considered what happened just on june 30th. first the independent nonpartisan congressional budget office issued a report that warned if the ceiling isn't raised, the federal government will most likely not have enough cash on hand to pay all of its bills in early to mid-october. the second thing that happened on june 30th, in response, steve mnuchin said at the white house "for the benefit of everybody, the sooner that they do this,
3:20 pm
the better, they being congress." ten republican senators sent a hair on fire letter to mish mcconnell warning that after they return from the july 4th recess on monday, there are "only 33 potential working days remaining before the end of the fiscal year." 33 days. 33 days to repeal obamacare, institute tax reform, raise the debt ceilinging and cobble together a 2018 budget by october 2nd. right around the time the cbo says the nation could default for the first time in its history. now, we asked the white house for a representative to come on and discuss all this. they pointed us to our next guest. joining me now is and drew puzner, president trump's former nominee for secretary of labor before he withdrew his name in february. thank you very much for being here this morning. >> nice to be here. thanks. >> so help me out with the
3:21 pm
something because there seems to be a bit of tension within the trump administration. on the one hand, you have steve ma mnuchin who says the debt ceiling should be raised, clean and done as soon as possible. on the other hand, the white house budget director nick mull veiny thinks maybe there should be some horse trading done, some conditions placed on raising the debt ceiling. you know the economy. you're a businessman. which do you think the white house which path do you think the white house should pursue? >> i think the white house is pursuing the path that secretary manu shin laid out when steve talks about increasing the debt ceiling as soon as possible. i think that's widely shared within the administration. i do think our president is a negotiator. i think that director mull veiny would like to negotiate. everybody knows, look, everybody knows we can't default on the obligation of the united states. the debt ceiling will be
3:22 pm
increased and the administration is behind it i believe 100%. >> there's a difference between increasing the debt ceiling which is increasing the legal limit on federal borrowing. everyone agrees that should happen. but how it should happen seems to be what the tension is whether there should be conditions placed on raising it or if congress should just do a clean raising of the debt ceilinging with no conditions placed on it, no horse trading over anything related to budget matters cutting spending or anything like that. do you think that congress should just pursue a clean debt ceiling bill? >> it depends. it depends upon whether our the leadership in congress believes it can accomplish more good by trying to attach things to a debt ceiling increase or whether that's just not achievable in this political climate and we've got a lot of opposition from both sides. the bottom line is whether you can get a little more or whether you need to do it cleanly, it needs to be raised.
3:23 pm
everybody knows it needs to be raised. it will be raised. we're going to have to wait and see what congress does with respect to negotiating details. >> can any good come from attaching any conditions to raising the debt ceiling? especially in this political climate we have now where republicans can't agree amongst each other about what should be done and then you bring in the democrats, get them involved and we could possibly see a situation given the political tensions, plus all the things on the docket that the debt ceiling falls by the wayside and we do as a nation end up defaulting? >> look, i can't tell you what's in the minds of congress. the leadership and administration are going to see the debt ceilinging is increases. personally, i had i we should simply increase it and move on. but there may be things that they can do that in the legislative process that actually would be of benefit to the country, be a benefit to the economy. we've got a lot of issues with
3:24 pm
respect to the way budgets are set, with whether or not we should be spending as much mobe as we're spending. we'll have a almost a $700 billion deficit this year based on the cbo report. we're spending way too much money. there are things that need to be done. clearly the debt ceiling needs to increase and it will increase. >> you're not saying that there needs to be cuts in the 2018 budget as a condition for raising the ceiling? >> no, and really we don't have a 2018 budget. we have president trump has proposed a budget. we haven't had a budget in years. we've got $20 trillion almost in debt? no, there is no said budget yet. i'd love to see a proposal from the democrats. the president's made a proposal to balance the budget in ten years without cutting social security or medicaid. that's a good proposal. we needed to move forward on all of these fronts but definitely need to make sure the sovereign
3:25 pm
debt of the united states is paid. >> is that even possible to balance the budget in ten years and not touch entitlements, not touch social security, not touch medicaid and medicare? >> yeah, in fact the budget the president proposed takes up up to $5 trillion in intending, almost a 40% increase from now. it is possible to do it. he's proposed a budget that uses as a baseline the house bill on repealing and replacing obamacare and his proposal on reforming the tax code which are two things we need to get done to have a better feel for where a budget can go till congress accomplishes those two goals, it's vets difficult to project where we're going to end up. it's absolutely possible. there is a proposal on the table that col accomplish that. >> on a scale of one to ten, how confident are you that by october 2nd in, had the united states congress will have raised
3:26 pm
the debt ceiling? >> i don't know about october 2nd. before there's a default which cbo says probably would be the middle of october. i'm 100% confident, a ten that the debt ceilinging will be raised in a timely manner. >> i want to share your optimism mr. puzder. coming up, trump's voter integrity commission could be a bonanza for russian hackers. we'll tell you that story next. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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states and blue states these days. but chris cocatch seems to have done it. the vice chair of donald trump's
3:33 pm
new, quote unquote, election integrity commission has asked every state for reems of data on voters, names, addresses, voting history, partial security numbers and more. 48 states and the district of columbia are now refusing his request. 21 states have flat out said no and another 27 say they will only partially comply. arkansas is so far the only state to hand over any data. maryland rejected the request after the state attorney general, a democrat, said it was repugnant and "it appears designed only to intimidate voters and to indulge president trump's fantasy that he won the popular vote." and joining me now is that maryland attorney general, brian froch. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> let me read you part of kris kobach's statement. he wrote while there are news reports that 44 states have refused to provide voter information to the commission, these reports are patently false, more fake news. this is bipartisan commission on
3:34 pm
election integrity will continue its work to gather facts through public records requests to ensure the integrity of each american's vote because the public has a right to know. i mean, this is part of it is, you know, the president trying to prove that 3 million undocumented immigrants voted in this election. but also to try to prove somehow there's a problem with election fraud, voter fraud when neither of those things is true. >> that's right. i mean, you know, the president complains about being the victim of a witch lunt. this gives witch hunts a bad name. kris kobach has made a career out of voter suppression. he is in kansas, he has gone on a campaign to suppress the vote, to make it as difficult as possible. it's harder to vote in kansas than it is anywhere else in the united states. he has tried to prosecute people
3:35 pm
for what he claims is voter fraud. he found i think after looking at a number of different elections in kansas six people who he says voted twice. that's it. >> you know, one of the things, there's voter suppression but there are a lot of people and tell me if you agree, who believe that this so-called election integrity commission is really about purging voters from the voter rolls. >> absolutely it is. they want to stop people from voting. i think that's what their real objective is. they want to intimidate people, take them off the rolls. there was a report that i saw recently that said that there were millions of people who were registered in more than one state. but when they boiled it down and actually figured out how many it was, it was just a handful. the fact is that voter fraud is extraordinarily uncommon. we have a real problem in our country with our elections and
3:36 pm
that is that it was the subject of russian hacking in the last election. that's something to be concerned about. but there's no mastiff voter fraud. there's certainly no evidence of it. >> and one thing that people will say is that we have a problem with people not voting to begin with, voter participation is a big problem. i want to ask you about something involving another maryland official. one of the members of trump's commission was maryland's deputy secretary of state luiz barunda. he resign this had week. it was an interesting appointment in the first place since in maryland the secretary of state's office does not handle elections. how did that even happen? >> i have no idea how that happened. the secretary of state has nothing to do with it. this particular individual has no experience whatsoever with elections. why he accepted, why he was asked, i couldn't begin to tell you. it makes no sense. i think they finally saw the
3:37 pm
writing on the wall and asked him to resign and i mean the administration in maryland. >> and one more thing before i let you go, the department of justice, attorney general jeff sessions sent out a letter last week asking each state asking them how they enforce federal requirements that they purge their voter rolls of ineligible voters. the headline says this is doj letter may be more alarming than trump commission's request for voter data. what did you make of that letter from the attorney general? >> jonathan, the cornerstone of democracy is voting. it's participation by the citizens of our country. and it looks to me liking this administration is on a campaign to stop people from participating in elections to stop them from voting. >> maryland attorney general brian frosh, thank you very much for being here. >> great to be with you. trump's attempt to collect
3:38 pm
voting data on millions of americans may also be a threat to national security. that's the argument of michael chertoff, the former homeland security secretary under george bush who points out that collecting all that information in one place would create a juicy target for foreign adversaries looking to disrupt american elections. that sound familiar to anybody? back with me, malcolm nance and bianna goal drig ga. does that sound familiar to either of you? >> it's vet familiar. chertoff is absolutely right. this would be the easiest database to steal because as we know, they had no encryption for any of these. they wanted states to upload excel files to a computer that was not secure and by doing that, anybody could take it. you know in 2015 the chinese government stole the database of many people that work for the united states government, millions almost. but imagine stealing the voter
3:39 pm
registration database of northern virginia and then scrubbing that against everybody who lives in i don't know, langley or falls church or next to the cia or fort meade, maryland in laurel and columbia right next to that. you would have the real names, addresses, social security numbers of u.s. intelligence officers in the tens of thousands. >> it's not just a hypothetical. we know this is exactly what the russians were trying to get their hands on were snooping around. take an step back because there are some things the president does you can say i can understand the politics behind that. the politics of this mission don't make sense. have you bipartisan animus about this commission right now. you're hearing from both republicans and democrats saying i'm not giving you this data. you've got a looming budget potential crisis, you've got a health care bill that still remains to be passed and you've got tax reform. all of these agendas you would think a president given he
3:40 pm
controls all three houses would be able to achieve. and this just creates bad blood within a party that's already feuding within itself. >> and to add to like the scary nature of all of this and the juicy target of all this, in a filing in d.c. court where a privacy group is trying to stop the collection, coback described how the safe access file exchange is an application for security exchanging files. states will up load data to the safe website and commission staff will download the files from safe on to white house computers. get a load of this. mour producer clicked coback's link for safe site in chrome and she got a warning message. and the warning message is your connection is not private. attackers may be trying to steal your information. for example, passwords, messages or credit cards. malcolm, don't look at me. >> you know -- there was a
3:41 pm
presidential cyber security executive order earlier this year signed by a gentleman named donald trump that says the u.s. government cannot transmit information not using secure methodologies that are to u.s. government standards. and that that would be the policy for the united states government. is this an official commission or not? i mean, is it volunteers? because they don't seem to have any idea of what they are trying to do other than get that voter data information. and you know, i think the chinese would love it. >> but i mean, they want to get that voter data information. it's a juicy target for the chinese, the russians. it could be anybody, the guy on the couch untold number of pounds that the president keeps talking about. to your point, bianna, of all the things that the country should be focused on and certainly the president should be focused on, why are they going down this road? and what are they putting all
3:42 pm
that information in a place where people can get it? >> it goes back to the intelligence head saying that the president didn't bring up cyber threats from the russians in any of the conversations with them. he cares more about crowd sizes. he cares more about being elected. legally. and without russian interference. i mean, this is something that clearly is on his mind more than lets say governing the country at times. that's what's scary. within the last couple hours, you had vladimir putin at a press conference in germany saying you heard what president trump said. he said he believed me when i told him that russia wasn't involved in any of the hackings. you'll have to get him to confirm that. puts the ball right in the president's backyard again. and he doesn't want to have to deal with it. >> the president will just say no. it could have been anybody which leads to the larger question and that is, leave aside this election whatever it is, how
3:43 pm
safe is our democratic process, democratic small d, our democracy, from hacking in general, from the russians who hacked our elections, hacked the french elections, are i think doing their dashest to mess up angela merkel in germany. if the united states does not take this seriously and this commission certainly doesn't take it seriously, how safe is our democracy from something like from russia or from this commission? >> democracy is under attack. democracy was attacked about one year ago by the russians. they are out to dismantle the u.s. democratic process. they don't care. this isn't about chaos. this is about making it unreliable and putting in people that want to make that unreliability part of a policy. so if we don't take this seriously as a nation, right now, your cyber security is whatever software that you put
3:44 pm
on your computer. there is no national infrastructure, the national security agency does not build encryption and safety protocols for you. there needs to be a public/private partnership where the electoral process and your voter rolls should be considered national infrastructure. and this administration views it the opposite. it's something that's fungible, something that can be traded. >> yeah, maybe i'll just become a lud dite and give up all of my technology. thank you, pla come, bianna. coming up, she may be the most powerful woman in the world but did she win the week? my panel joins me when we come back. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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>> we're going to have to keep moving, because as you could see -- can you still hear me. >> i think you should stay out of the way of that water cannon, my friend. and try to keep yourself dry as you can. >> it is a little late. time for the best part of
3:51 pm
the show. back with me are rick and jack rice to discuss who won the week. rick, are you in the middle square, who won the week. >> goim i'm going with a contrary view. most say vladimir putin won the week but i think mitch mcconnell won the week on this disastrous health care plan that has caused republicans to be in the wit protection program and few that have gone out to town meetings, that the few that have gone out have come back understanding this isn't just astroturf, there is a genuine amount of distress and discomfort about this and marketed this badly and as the greatest legislative strategist in the senate since lbj, mitch mcconnell knows when he has a bad hand. i think he won the week by getting out from underneath it for a while. >> okay. jack. who won the week? >> here is the guy that i want to win the week and that is walter schaub. he is the former head of the office of government ethics. he is the one who quit this week
3:52 pm
because of the violations that trump has done over and over. look, like malcolm nance, i raise my right hand and i swore an oath to protect this country. i was hit by an ied in western bagdad and shot after in afghanistan and i thought about so many people doing so much that see this country as something bigger, as something more. donald trump thinks he is bigger than the presidency and he is bigger athan the country and everything is about him and the problem is it is not. walter schaub stood up this week and said enough, i'm done. for that, he is my man of the week. >> that is a great pick. and with that, there were more walter schaubs. juan pierre? >> i guess i fall into the bucket as everybody else. i think putin won the week. a couple of reasons why, number one, he successfully meddled in our elections an facing virtually no consequences. number two, he got the president of the united states to say he was honored to meet putin.
3:53 pm
this is a man would, as we all know, murderers journalists, doesn't believe in the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press. lastly, we have donald trump who denigrated our intelligence agencies while denying and dismissing the fact that russia interfered with our elections. and then we have an open question, too, which is what will happen in 2018 with our mid-term elections. we know russia is going to do this again. >> so, you brought up vladimir putin, and the person who i think won the week is the same person vladimir putin brought into a meeting, a dog with him, because he knows -- knew she was afraid fd of -- of dogs. my winner of the week is angela merkel for this one action. take a look. wait, can we -- run that again. watch the eyes. watch the eyes. bam! an epic eye roll.
3:54 pm
i mean, i don't know. to me, i sent out a tweet when i saw it and i was translating it in fr german, that eye roll translates to ciao, please. what do you think possibly engenders that -- oh, my god, this child here hook on angela merkel's face. anybody jump in. >> my my grandmother made that eye roll, the next thing she would have said it go get a switch. [ laughter ] >> korean, somebody thought that vladimir putin was vlad explaining to merkel and she was like i'm almost the leader of the free world. >> she gave the hand. look at my palm, please. absolutely. look, she is -- angela merkel is winning, you are right, the whole year, thus far, because of
3:55 pm
the position that she's in. she's -- the most powerful woman clearly in the world. and now is like becoming potentially the world leader. because of donald trump. >> and she's also done one other thing. she's done the pushback. you realize, what happened in britain and what would potentially happen in france and certainly what happened in the united states. she came back as the progressive leader saying, we are a globalized society, we are all inner connected and going to drive forward. she took this role almost by herself in the entire world and the fact she is standing tall above everybody else right now said so much about her and their potential where the e.u. is going and where the americans should be going. >> right. and jonathan, she's the only one that is publicly saying we have to move on and leave the u.s. behind. she's the only one saying that publicly. >> so you know, we're not the only one in this game. we got the the #am joy.
3:56 pm
and we got this one, who won the week? the american people. we got trump out of the country. i'm seeing this for the first time. we got trump out of the country for a few days. [ laughter ] >> but nobody wants to keep him, that is the problem. >> that is the problem. >> okay. so i'm going to use anchors prerogative and throw out more one winner of the week. a alaska mom they got to meet president obama, who i believe was like refuelling on his way back to washington on a trip overseas. the president was at anchorage international airport and snapped that pick with the 6-month-old baby. look at that little face. and the hat, too. that hat is amazing. thank you very much for being here. korea and rick and jack, that is our show for today. join us tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for more a.m. joy. in the meantime keep it right here on msnbc and alex witness
3:57 pm
is coming up next. i'm leaving you, wesley. but why?
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olay regenerist. ageless. now, boost your regimen with olay regenerist concentrate. so a lot going on in the world. we have eyes on big g-20 meeting in hamburg, germany where there were huge protests today. president trump is in hamberg tonight, meeting there tomorrow with vladimir putin. and nbc's richard engle is there too. and he is joining us live from germany tonight ahead of his big richard engel special we're doing here tomorrow night. the head of the government ethics office also resigned today. he got as famous as a bureaucrat gets for the robust way he stood up to the trump administration and to trump himself on ethics issues and the president's unprecedented conflicts


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