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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 29, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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(vo) living with ammonia odor? not a pretty picture. (vo) luckily, tidy cats lightweight with new ammonia blocker tackles tough odor, even ammonia. so long stankface! (vo) ammonia like that? there's a tidy cats for that. a good saturday to you. i'm in los angeles, california. we've got a wild week for washington certainly. six months in and a change of command in the west ring. reince priebus gone and replaced with general john kelly. >> i'm always going to be a trump fan. i'm on team trump. >> the shakeup comes after senator john mccain put the brakes on a 7-year pledge to repeal and replace obamacare, a vote that allowed democrats to exhale and one that now has the
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white house calling for a change in the way the senate does business. >> let obamacare implode and then do it. i turned out to be right. >> change it, improve it, but don't just take a knife and try to destroy it and put nothing in its place. >> plus, the tweet that sent the lgbtq community into an uproar, the president announcing a ban on transgender people serving in the military. >> i lose my health care, i lose my pension. and those are things that i've earned for the 18 years i've served. >> all of that drama and more unfolding as the u.s. is one step away from imposing new sanctions on russia. but will the president sign that bill? first off for you for now, all eyes on the white house where president trump has a new chief of staff, four star marine general john kelly. the now outgoing secretary
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replaces reince priebus a little more than six months into the trump administration. president trump tweeted the news while sitting on air force one at joint base andrews just outside of washington, then said this as he walked off the plane. take a listen. >> reince is a good man. john kelly will do a good job. general kelly has been a star, done an incredible job thus far. >> priebus was then spotted getting off the plane. he says he'll stay on the job for a few more weeks to help with the transition. we're live at the white house and kelly, another one of those saturdays, another one of those fridays, 24 hours and lots of different details here. we've got a new coo, if you will, a new chief of staff that's about to get into the white house come monday. >> and i expect he will be here over the weekend as well. i've been looking around for signs that there might be some activity. there are some senior staffers here this weekend. i wouldn't be surprised if john kelly and reince priebus are
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both here but i have not laid eyes on them yet. monday is a new start date and this will be a transition within a white house that has had a lot of turbulence. there are senior staffers who have indicated they're ready to move on. this has been a stressful even for some painful time of seeing reince priebus sort of broadsided by the new white house communications director anthony scaramucci, that expletive and sort of nc 17 laced interview really took some shots at priebus. there are officials who say the conversations about his departure began a couple of weeks ago so before that interview but it's hard to not think that this sort of humiliating quality of having a new colleague taken down so publicly. he offered his resignation thursday night privately. i can tell you there are officials here who had no knowledge he had done that. she we they were shocked.
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he was on air force one, so was anthony scaramucci. it certainly appears that priebus may not have known the president would sort of accept the resignation publicly in the way that he did when he got off the plane. all of that will come out in the books, so to speak. but priebus has tried to be gracious in the exit and has talked about the president needing to make a decision like this and to try to set a reset button. he wants to have an ongoing relationship. here's how he is describing the president and the relationship they have. he knows when things need to change. i've seen it for a year and a half on the wild ride with the president that i love being a part of but he intuitivety determined that it was time to do something differently and i think he's right. >> reporter: and one of the big questions will be, will john kelly as chief of staff bring a sort of military order to the west wing? will he have greater control over who goes in and out of the oval office, who has direct
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access to the president, will everyone report to him? those are the kinds of things we'll be looking for to see if there's a new structure inside a white house where the president himself has often led by pitting rivals against each other, by having a free flowing way of managing. this could be a new change if the president lets him do it. >> fly on the wall sort of stuff. what's the sense of the mood on the ground now that this major change has happened? more confidence meaning more efficiency? >> reporter: i think there are people who believe that kelly brings a good set of skills. nothing related to politics. that's not his background as a four star marine general but he does have organizational skills, able to execute a plan, having to be responsible for personnel, those are positive things. there are still some anxiety about whether there will be more departures by choice or being asked to move on. what kind of team will john kelly want. those are things we'll be looking for. >> thank you so much.
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we'll touch base with you later. let's bring in political reporter and a white white house columnist on the hill. we're now hitting white house v 2, v 3, what's it going to look like? >> i don't think we know. it's unprecedented to have a chief of staff leave this quickly, to see so many departures this quickly. we have a graphic that shows people walking into the white house and walking out and the one thing with the general coming in, i think he has some bipartisan support. people do view him as somebody who the president respects so the question is will that translate to the president listening to him, to perhaps being a little bit more disciplined. >> a lot of support when kelly was confirmed by the senate. is this now going to be the calm that is needed? is this the right personnel that's needed in this stage of development for this white house based on where they're at, where they want to go?
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>> well, offen course they're claiming that it is. they see kelly as someone that is strong where they saw reince priebus as weak. they see him imposing order to the white house. i think in the case of reince priebus he was working in the trump white house, but he was never really seen as a trump person. side logically or culturely or any other way. there's clearly a greater level of personal affection really between president trump and john kelly. so they'll be hoping that that pays dividends. the problem is of course, president trump is president trump. that's not going to change and that has been one of the major issues in the chaos in this administration. >> bedside manner, lack there of potentially depending on your point of view and seemingly some of the reporting is that this former chief of staff was asked for instance to swat at a fly on the wall by this president. many of his gathering, his
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meetings were not well attended because potentially a question of respect. will this new chief of staff have that eye to eye that he's talking about with the president? >> i mean, i think time will tell. he certainly goes into office with that, but the president has not always shown loyalty to people who don't have the same last name as he does. look at jeff sessions. he was the first senator to endorse him. he has stuck by him at a time when nobody thought he was going to be president and he's completely turned his back on him. he's saying we shouldn't have hired the guy. so i think time will tell how loyal he remains. >> and a team of generals as we now look at this latest move, and one might ask, okay, as a reform, as we hit this v 2, v 3, v 4 as we're talking about, is the president now saying especially with health care which we'll talk about later now saying this isn't working. i'm going to do things the way i know, wos. >> yes i think is the short
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answer. i think that he -- you know, reince priebus's job was basically to act as a bridge between president trump and the white house on one hand and congress on the other. to be fair to president, priebus didn't really do that job affectively. health care which was the big problem of him and his close ally speaker ryan didn't work. i do think that president trump has a regard for generals and military people because he sees them as men of action where he sees more conventional politicians as people who talk a lot and don't actually get stuff done. that's the theory. the problem is, that the theory in this white house has not always translated to reality. in part because the administration has so many factions and we'll see whether this new chief of staff can heal that persistent problem. >> i'm very interested in how the new chief of staff is going to be talking with scaramucci. >> right. >> i would love to be sitting
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down when they first have that eye to eye. >> i think we all -- >> and who will be reporting to whom? >> before when scaramucci was hired he was going to be reporting to the president and not to reince and then he had that amazing interview where he basically, i can't use the words that he used but the way that he spoke about his new white house colleagues it was stunning. i can't imagine that you know, that the general -- i can't imagine that he speaks in that way or at least publicly. i can't imagine that would be -- so it will be very interesting to see. also if scaramucci reports to him does he get less out of the public eye? he was supposed to be appearing today at politicon but cancelled his appearance yesterday after that interview came out so is he going to withdraw a little bit as much as we've seen him this past week. >> we're only talking about really friday's developments and now you're watching it there too. so what about scaramucci who is a communications director, but seems at least by some glances
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on what he said doesn't seem to quite understand the game and then you've also got the attorney general sessions who's also the headline coming out of wednesday and thursday. >> here's the fascinating thing that i find, richard, in my own reporting. that scaramucci interview sent tremors to the commit cal world. the closer i got to the people at the white house, the less upset or trauma it seemed to cause. a shrug of the shoulders and no apparent pressure from the president to make him apologize. he hasn't done so. he just said he would refrain from using colorful language. i think one of the key questions on sessions is will he shoe the kind of stale that reince priebus didn't. both of them came under pressure that were internal match nations aimed at forcing them out. sessions apparently intends to
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stay in his post so we'll see if he can resist the kind of pressure that seemed to nudge reince priebus toward the exit. >> potentially a dhs head is what some reports are saying? >> yeah, i mean, possibly. we shall see if it could be something like that. >> okay. anything is possible is what niall is saying. appreciate both of you coming by. >> all right. after seven years of promises it came down to three. susan collins and john mccain giving a thumb's down to the senate's health care bill. what's next for obamacare and the millions of americans who depend on it and the olive branch being offered to republicans from across the aisle. mom, i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru.
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a potential bipartisan path to health care reform. on going meetings between moderate senators from both sides of the aisle using what seems like a novel political approach to replacing obamacare. sticking out his hand and then thumb's down. the arizona senator joined susan collins and lisa murkowski in voting down the gop health care initiative. president trump's reacted to the bill's failure last night. >> they've been working on that one for seven years. can you believe that? the swamp, but we'll get it done. we're going to get it done. you know, i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode and then do it. i turned out to be right. let obamacare implode. [ applause ] >> a short time ago minnesota senator al franken told my colleague the no vote might have
11:17 am
been the best thing that ever happened to republican party and the country. >> everything they proposed was terrible. everything they proposed took insurance away from millions and millions and millions of americans and raised costs. >> joining me now capitol hill reporter and senior advisor now with the bipartisan center. lee ann, is it the best thing that could have happened to senators, gop senators specifically? >> well, they were going to own health care if -- if it failed or if it passes too. and they're going to have to answer to their constituents as well and who knows if it's going to be the best thing that happened to republican senators but this issue doesn't seem to be going away yet. we have leadership in the house and some members in the republican party who are saying they're not done, they're going to come back and they're going to try it again.
11:18 am
and then as the -- as i reported, which you mentioned at the top of this is that there's been some democrats and republicans moderates in the senate who have been talking. they've actually been talking for weeks now about some ways to move forward on health care and when these -- this republican health care plan looked like it was really going to fall apart, those talks became a little bit more serious. they actually met in person. they went to dinner together on wednesday night before this thing was even completely dead and so that might have some momentum and might go somewhere. >> how might that be different than what you've reported on before when it comes to health care, this energy, this gathering of moderates? >> yeah, well i think now that repeal is dead, democrats really wouldn't come to the table in an honest way until republicans took repeal, a complete repeal off the table. and now that they're not doing that anymore, at least at this time, democrats could be more willing and more open to
11:19 am
actually working with republicans, because democrats admit that there are problems with obamacare. the insurance markets in some rural areas are collapsing, and things need to be done and so they are going to have to fix components of it and if republicans aren't talking about a straight up repeal, then democrats might actually get involved in the process. >> robert, what's the best timing here? kristen over at the white house is saying we should look at it after the recess before anything does happen, whatever that might be. >> i agree. i think something probably will happen after labor day. i do believe some bipartisan group of senators probably will be talking behind the scenes between now and labor day, but i think between labor day and the midterm elections is most likely where we might see some type of bipartisan action. >> what type of options are you looking at? there's various discussions and lee ann has been reporting on those. one is to return all the money
11:20 am
to the states themselves, specifically in those block grants. >> yeah, i think that's the biggest one. at least that's what a lot of governors want. they want the money but they want a lot of the flexibility that m cos with those quote unquote block grants if you will. >> and is that a popular schematic? you were alluding to the senators getting together and having some energy. what are they talking about in terms of the solutions? >> well, as far as lindsey graham's plan is to block grants, give money to the states let them implement some plan they like. that's not bipartisan yet. it's unclear if it's going to go anywhere. they met with the president to talk about it, but that plan hasn't been scored. it hasn't been analyzed by the congressional budget office yet. we don't know how much it's going to cost, how much impact it will have on people's premiums or insurance and right
11:21 am
now there's just kind of this dead period on the hill with health care. the house left town for five weeks the senate has a couple more weeks until they leave town, but they actually have a lot of nonhealth care related things that they have to get done and so i think we're in this lull right now and we'll see if there's any momentum, any grouping that happens while it's not in the spotlight. >> this was a bit of a bottle. robert, go ahead and also reflect here, if you can, based on the vote that happened at the end of the week, are we now going to see republicans on the hill saying we're definitely going to go it alone? this president has not helped us get across the finish line though we wanted him to help us after the election and now they might just go ahead and if you will, work with democrats and think of other opportunities here and other options. >> two things. i think republicans particularly in the house are going to do a temperature check with their constituents. i think they really want to see where the electorate is.
11:22 am
i think that's what a lot of house members and certain senators are going to do between now and labor day. secondly to your point, look, let's just be honest about this. the president really was not heavily involved in the policy on health care. as i understand it he was not very specific on the facts. he was very, very vague in terms of what he wanted. he sent conflicting signals up capitol hill. i think everyone knows letting obamacare fail is not an option not only for the millions of people that could be uninsured but also for the impact of the economy. so i hate to say this but i think a lot of republicans have put the president to the side here and have said you know, with all due respect you're not relevant to this conversation. let's figure this out through regular order, let's figure this out and let's put something in front of the president that he can sign. >> mur kkowski and mccain just e
11:23 am
tip of the iceberg there. great conversation. thank you both. >> thank you. sean spicer, reince priebus gone. could jeff sessions be next? the president's not so nice words about his attorney general and the resistance he could face if he tried to replace him.
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who the hell wants to speak about politics when i'm front of the boy scouts. right? we could use some more loyally. otherwise i'll say tom, you're fired. under the trump administration you'll be saying merry christmas again when you go shopping. believe me. merry christmas. >> the president covered a lot there on monday receiving applause at a boy scout jamboree as he told the crowd he was more presidential than anyone except president lincoln. the choice of a nonpartisan
11:27 am
venue for such a partisan peach raised some eyebrows and so began an extraordinary week for the white house. jeff sessions one of the first republicans to endorse trump remained under ceaseless attack from his own boss, the president. the washington post reports that trump has been talking privately of replacing sessions when congress goes on vacation next month and then on wednesday came the surprise on transgender military personnel. the order offended many of the nation's 1.4 million transgender citizens. a complete reversal of an obama policy. he promised to do more for the lgbtq community than his opponent. a former navy sale who served seven war tours, received a purple heart and a bronze star as valor as well. thanks for being with us and you have been speaking about this since that tweet came from the president. where do you think we are now with this discussion coming from
11:28 am
the president but again the chief of -- joint chiefs -- the joint chiefs if i can get it out loud here is saying absolutely those who are transgender can still serve in the military. >> it's disingenuous of president trump to be waving a flag all around during his campaign and now he's doing this so it's kind of a slap in the face. i -- i do see some turmoil going on. he came without with a tweet and new guide dance ance so we'll s it goes. i hope it doesn't turn into a total reversal to leave people with a rug pulled out from under them like that. it's not fair for those folks. >> mattis delayed a decision on whether to allow the recruits but you were mentioning president obama did make a move on that. what do you think will happen when that choice is made by the defense secretary.
11:29 am
>> let's just do that six month delay. if you want more data, there is 18 other countries on this earth right now that have open service for their military for transgender people. so 18 country, we have a lot of data. we don't have to guess about the so-called disruptions or anything else. we have data we can gather. there's enough places out there we can get some really good data from so it seems like they're still guessing and it doesn't make sense. let's take a study and really look at this, at the data that already exists. >> 1.4 million, those who identify across our country as transgender, that's one community that you've heard from since this announcement and others. what have you heard from those related to the military community who are aware of transgender people? >> well, everybody was surprised by the tweets and just the way it came out and it's a -- that's a disruption, so we're unsure what's going to happen right now. what happens in the military and
11:30 am
how we treat each other in the military ranks, it says a lot about the trickle down effect into civilian population. there's going to be a lot of people using that against everybody else. they say if you're not worthy to serve in the military then why do i need to respect you? it's dehumanizing and the military, if you want the best of the best, if you want the best and the brightest why would you leave those doors wide open and have us come in and select us out if there's something going on at boot camp or seal team training select us out. look at these millennial kids they don't care about any of this stuff and you're turning off an entire new population of people. >> you as one of the best of the best and thank you for your service. as you know the culture, what is the conversation like? how does it happen when we talk about the t in lgbtq? how does that happen for those in active service? >> how does it actually start?
11:31 am
it started because -- >> no, how is that conversation had if at all when discussing those who are transgender amongst those in active military? is it even discussed? >> it's totally discussed. it's been being discussed especially when president obama said we were going to do this. it turned into a huge conversation. there is 27 drafts of one of the policies that keeps going back and forth trying to figure out how to do this. so there's been a lot of general officers, a lot of people working on policy to make this happen and now that's all been taken away. it's just been thrown away? a lot of work wentz into that. i hate the wort sensitivity training but it's just education. so there's been a lot of education in the process and everything to all the rank and file. so it's been being worked on and now i just -- it's unfair. it doesn't make any sense, so
11:32 am
just i hope we can take a real hard look at this and make a decision and i like what the general put out saying hey, everybody halt, let's hold on for a second. >> that's right. >> let's give it that six months and take that data from 18 other countries, a lot of smart people way smarter than me that you probably should have on the show, but there's so much data out there and please, white house, and everybody at the pentagon, take a look, have some people in, look at more of the studies rather than just our own backyard. take a look at the uk. canada, australia, sweden, norway, endless amount of countries, 18 countries have already done this. america, the home of the free and equality and all the stuff we wave the red, white and blue? how about we start walking the walk? >> we're waiting for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to see what he does receive from the white house as he does say he will continue to allow them to serve as he waits
11:33 am
for new rules from the white house. it could be six months it could be less, it could be more. thank you so much. >> thank you. all right. the new threat from north korea. there was a second missile launched in less than three weeks and why this latest test was a little too close for comfort for the united states. and the president's new communications director goes rogue. the commitment he just backed out of after his profane tirade went viral. hoto and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites. is everything ok?adt, i could hear crackling in the
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welcome back. here's what we're watching this hour for you. after a week of shakeups at the white house, friday the president announced chief of staff reince priebus had resigned and homeland security general john kelly would take his place. plus, the pentagon and south korean officials are discussing military options now after north korea fired a long range missile late friday. it's the second icbm launch in three weeks.
11:37 am
defense analysts say the missile was capable of reaching the united states mainland going as far as chicago, possibly even denver. we're also following health care. the president going after republicans saying they look like fools after this week's failure to repeal and replace obamacare. thanks for coming back. always great to talk with you here and i want to dig into your brain here and what do you think will be next on health care? earlier we were talking about lindsey graham's version which looks at those block grants and giving those money back to the states specifically which many governors do like. >> i'm all for giving as much money back to the states and letting the decisions about health care being made as close to the people as possible. >> so would you support what lindsey graham and his colleagues are discussing? looks like he's getting some traction and gathering some
11:38 am
interest. >> well, i'd have to take a look at all the different provisions. this health care reform bill that we passed in the house was basically two separate concepts. one about dealing with the exchange replacing the exchanges which are failing and then the one about dealing with the expansion of medicaid. i'd have to find out exactly what senator graham is thinking about here. >> do you think the next best step is a conference committee going back to process these that have been used before for such a complex bill? >> well, yeah, that's a really good point. i think going back to the procedures that were followed by the legislature for most of our country's history where each side would pass bills and groups from each side, house and senate would get together in this conference procedure and hammer out something seemed to work well for many years and it seems to have broken down in recent history. >> is that what you were thinking in a way here as you were watching as many across the country there as mer curkowski,
11:39 am
collins and mccain as we've looked at the video, what were you thinking when you saw that? >> i felt like we were watching a bad soap opera. >> and why is that for you? >> well, because the whole -- these people have been talking about repealing and replacing obamacare for six years. you know, coming from the business world i can't imagine the lack of substantive analysis and discussion and contingency planning that could have been put in place during this time to be ready to -- to move. i mean, while they were shooting blanks they love to criticize and now that they've got live ammo, nobody will fire a gun. >> so you wanted them to basically vote to repeal and move forward with that because they had said and campaigned on that for so many years and now they're not doing that? >> well, first i would have liked to have seen them pass the house bill. i think that's the responsible solution to bring free marketed
11:40 am
care into the exchange side of things and then to work to unravel the expansion of medicaid over time and give the state that block grant flexibility to deal with the money the way they want and to impose work requirements and things like that. >> i want to finish with something i know that you'll probably find more agreement across the aisle and that is home care, something that you've been focusing on. why care giving and really quickly, what is the move? >> well, home care is a really big deal down here with a large retiree and elderly population. and the move was to go back to the way it was before the obama department of labor changed the rules to allow home care people to be considered as part time workers and not subject to the as strictive overtime requirements and things like that as under the normal flsa. >> and hawaii also making the move on the idea of home care workers as you've seen. thank you so much. you have a good saturday. >> thanks for having me on.
11:41 am
you have a great saturday too. >> all right. let's take you now to pasadena, california. people gathering to talk politics at politicon. but there will be one notable absence. president trump's new communications director anthony scaramucci. he backed out after going on a profanity laiden tirade. we're joined live from the event in california. are they awake yet and if they are, what are they saying? >> lots of people are awake. i they're wondering where you are. i know you'll be out here later today around 3:00 on the west coast to meet and greet some of your fans, but you're right. the big elephant in the room is that scaramucci aka the mooch is not here this weekend and everybody expected him to be here. but after that tirade as you mentioned, about all kinds of things including steve bannon and reince priebus, no longer the chief of staff the outgoing chief of staff in the white
11:42 am
house he decided to drop out or maybe the president asked him not to come. we have a statement from the politic politicon. they said while scaramucci decided to cancel his appearance at politicon this year, the beauty is that we have dozens of huge names that political junkies will love. at least now we don't have to worry about violating any local obscenity laws. of course, this is also playing out again in the context of reince priebus out as chief of staff, secretary general john kelly in as chief of staff on monday. the failure of the health care legislation and again, of course the ongoing russia investigation into collusion between the trump campaign and russia by both the special prosecutor and by those committees in congress. lots of stuff to talk about here. i want to show you our booth here at msnbc in the heart of democracy village. a lot of people already lined up. we've got a life size morning joe coffee cup that people can
11:43 am
go in and take photos inside. lots of posters including the one and only richard lui. i'll trade you one of yours for one of mine. and then i guess the most popular thing out here is this t-shirt printing booth. people are coming out to get slogans on their t-shirts. what are you getting on your t-shirt? >> talk politics, free speech. >> you can get your own t-shirt. i know you'll get one when you get here at 3:00. pasadena convention center. we'll throw it back to you. >> jacob is going to be there as well. i love that t-shirt. phenomenal women, no doubt they are and i need all that coffee some mornings. thanks so much. we'll see you a little bit later. next, pushing back on russia. how democrats and republicans are forcing trump's hand. whoa!
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welcome back. the white house says president trump is ready to sign a bill putting new sanctions on russia amid an on going investigation into how russia meddled in the u.s. election. this bill forces trump to give up some of his power to ease those financial sanctions against the kremlin. with us now, michael carpenter, a former director for russia. he's now senior director at the penn biden center for diplomacy and government. what's your first thought here when you see what came out of congress? what are you watching for specifically from these sanctions? >> well, this is a very strong bill that imposes additional sanctions in the energy sector, in the metals, mining and railway sectors. there's a lot of additional authorities here in addition to codifying all the sanctions that are already in place that the obama administration rolled out
11:48 am
through executive order on russia. it's a strong bill. it has provisions as you noted for any effort to repeal the sanctions, needs to be notified to congress. they have to approve it before it can take place, but here's the key point. i think politically trump is in a place where he has to sign this bill and he's indicated that he will. but you know, in order for these things to be enforced, in order for sanctions to actually go into effect it takes the state and the treasury departments to actually nominate individuals or entities to be sanctioned. so while the bill provides or the law of when it becomes law provides additional authorities it doesn't enforce itself. it takes executive action for this to actually have a bite. >> as you like at the trifecta here, how does it work with the white house, congress and the state department as they try to coordinate these new restrictions and what does that mean really on the ground when we talk about diplomacy? >> well, i think in practice, i think it's politically impossible for the president not to sign the bill so i think it
11:49 am
becomes law. and then as i said it's really up to the state department and the treasury department to nominate individuals and entities who meet the criteria that are laid out in the law for sanctions. so for example, entities in russia's defense and intelligence sector. entities that participate in cyber attacks on u.s. targets. it's all about implementation and it depends really on how many people, for example, the treasury department decides to throw at this issue. do they have one guy sitting there working on this or is it a team of a couple dozen people? that will make a huge difference as far as implementation. >> russia responding by reducing the number of personnel for the united states there in its country. and we have been getting some kickback from european countries specifically related to these sanctions affecting certain projects that are related to russia and europe. any of these criticisms, any of this kickback relevant to the
11:50 am
debate about these increased sanctions coming from the house and the senate? >> well, richard, i think the short answer is no. in terms of the russian retaliation at this point it appears to be largely largely s metric. they'll russ the mubz of u.s. personnel and russia we'll be bringing home some of -- they're taking away a couple of facilities that we operate in russia essentially a compound that's used for weekend barbecues and a warehouse that stores furniture. it's not biting in terms of its effect on u.s. foreign policy. the european unions objections are largely hoard tri. the language that's written on the bill that goes after russia's pipeline is permissive in nature. it doesn't mandate the president do anything. what it's really targeting is the in order stream 2 pipeline. it's a pipeline in order to
11:51 am
bring russian energy supplies to the europeans and some of the europeans are little bit nervous that the u.s. is sanctioning. it's a terrible idea. it's not good for european energy security but this is why we need to have conversations with our european department and ramp up the diplomacy. it doesn't serve us well that we don't have incumbent in place in the sanctions office in the state department to be on the phone with his european counter parts as ambassador freed was in the past to explain what we're doing and what the effect will be for them. >> former deputy assistance secretary michael carpenter, thank you. >> thanks for having me. making money and deals. it's what the president claims he does best. next the trump effect on the economy six months in. it's loo. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now.
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high stocks, new jobs, better trade deals. that's the motto of the trump economy. he announced this week electronics giant foxconn would build a $10 million factory in wisconsin. foxconn, an apple supplier. they say the deal will create at least 3,000 jobs at first with thousands more coming in the future. in turn wisconsin taxpayer will give the economy $3 billion and state tax credits over 15 years. let's go to ron insana. the white house touting this as a major victory and what are the real indicators, we often will talk about stocks and we look at the stock market right now.
11:55 am
numbers look great and they are up, but what about gdp, what about the new fed chair if we are to get one, what about about the jobs report coming out this week? >> there's a lot there. stock markets doing fine. corporate profits are very strong and so with the exception of a handful of stocks and a couple of days in which the nasdaq pulled away from record levels, the stock market looks pretty good both in the first quarter and second quarter have been supportive. gdp up at 2.6% annual rate, a little light of expectations but consumer spending and investments are strong. the numbers are looking good. job growth has been decent to solid so that's supportive. whether or not with respect to let's say foxconn, the president may get some credit. it's not a huge deal but it's important in so far as any time we can bring manufacturing jobs back to the u.s. that is helpful. >> so in general, it sounds like you're saying things are good. >> yeah, they're fine. they're fine here and the rest of the economy around the world, the global economy is actually
11:56 am
strengthen even though we're growing at around 2% on average and so we're seeing exports and seeing multi-national corporations do well overseas and it's the first time in a while we've seen the global economy synchronize on the upside and that's been important. >> a year ago you and i were worried about china. is there any economy, is there anything that you're watching that might affect our 401(k), our retirements and investments today? >> i'm sure, i think there's still political instability, geopolitical risk when you look at north korea that you talked about earlier in the program. those types of headlines were they result in something damaging could shock the stock market. but right now we've got a relatively steady economy in the u.s., a growing economy globally and that's turned out to be a net positive. there is dysfunction in washington, there are concerns around the world but so far those have not had an effect on the stock market nor the economy. janet yellen, does she get reappointed? >> it's a tough call and right
11:57 am
now it's said to be according to published reports between ms. yellen and gary cohn whose the head of the council. hopefully in my estimation, janet yellen is allowed to complete this normalization of interest rate policy that has begun, rates are going up, the feds begin to selling off some of the assets and there's going to be a transition at the fed one way or the other even with some of the members -- even if it's not the fed chair and policy may change in the future and that's something i'm also watching very closely. >> just about every american is because of mortgages. >> and the impact on the stock market as well. >> that is where we start and that's where we end. thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> in our next hour more on the shake-up at the white house from the resignation of reince priebus to the tension that led up to involving anthony scaramucci. scaramucci. clralk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease.
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