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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 16, 2017 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm alex whit at msnbc world headquarters at the half hour for you. of here's what we're watching. in britain, police have made a significant address with yesterday's subway bombing and a massive manhunt for possible others continues. hundreds of soldiers are being deployed along with 1,000 more armed police officers. the terror threat has been raised to the highest level. another attack could be imminent. yesterday's bombing injured 29
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people. >> protests in various parts of st. louis erupted friday after a white former police officer was a kwcquitted in the fatal shoot of a suspect. casting a wary eye on hurricane jose. tropical force winds are possible from north carolina northward. could begin as early as monday. dozens in police custody in st. louis, missouri. they were arrested yesterday is and overnight while protesting the acquittal of a former police officer charged in the murder of an unarmed black man. early good morning to you, blake. police say the protests were mainly peaceful. what led to the arrests? >> reporter: yeah, they were mainly peaceful, but some protesters came out with the suppressed purpose as causing violence, agitators they're called. when they surrounded the home of the mayor, things got overhand.
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ten police officers were injured. 32 protesters arrested. demonstrators converged on the mayor's house, throwing rocks at windows. police fighting back with tear gas. >> orders to disperse were given many times. officers were assaulted with bricks and bottles. >> reporter: earlier in the day, protesters damaged a police car, smashing in the front window. it followed the acquittal of former st. louis police officer jason stockily in the 2011 shooting death of anthony lamar smith. >> you don't get the right to kill an innocent person. you just don't get that right. >> reporter: dashcam captures the officer saying he's going to kill smith, awe suspected drug dealer. >> saying it, but i never denied
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it. i can tell you with absolute certainty there was no plan to kill smith. >> reporter: he said he saw smith with a gun, but only the officer's dna was found, lead that it was planted. >> you have to make decisions -- >> reporter: this morning in a new interview with st. louis post dispatch, he maintains he acted in defense. >> it feels like a burden is lifted. but the burden of having to kill someone never really lifts. >> reporter: many events that had been planned in downtown st. louis this weekend have been canceled. barriers are up in front of the courthouse. similar situations at other government buildings. protesters plan to reconvene this morning at 10:00 a.m.
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alex, the 2014 ferguson protester fresh in people's minds here. ferguson just a suburb of st. louis. that is why we have seen such a strong show of force from police so early they are determined not to let things get out of hand like they did in ferguson. >> point well taken on that, blake. the mayor, was he at home at the time the protesters gathered around the home and started throwing rocks and bottles? >> reporter: we do not believe she was. we held a press conference afterwards and she was fine, but the home was damaged. >> thank you so much from st. louis. now to politics, everyone. a republican congressman's reported steps to absolve julian assange for the role the website played in the u.s. presidential election. the office of congress dana rohrabacher is pushing back on "the wall street journal" report that he reached out to the white house to offer a possible deal
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to get him out of jeopardy with the u.s. government. assange would offer alleged evidence that russia did not provide hacked he mails released during the presidential election. a spokesperson for rohrabacher says he has no comment other than he objects to being labeled "pro russia". michael flynn's son is part of rocket mueller's probe. with a big welcome to you. first question, how does becoming a subject of the russia probe escalate flynn jr.'s in that investigation? i'm not sure the son is actually a subject. they're looking at different people may have worked for whatever companies. they're clearly looking at michael flynn and his company. and his son worked for the company.
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so they are certainly going to take a very close look to see if they think the father did something, whether the son may have been as well. that's likely what they are doing at this point. >> okay. could that then be used as a leverage to potentially have him testify against other key players in the russia matter? >> certainly. it happens very frequently, for instance, that family members will actually be sort of in some ways pitted against each other in the sense that they may suggest they could bring charges against a mother or father if a child doesn't plead guilty to something. or here maybe the other way around. if they could potentially say if they think michael flynn did something wrong and it's a good chance -- it is very easy to charge conspiracy. if you can show there is a crime, it is is easy to charge conspiracy and to milwaukee it
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stick. >> here's something as well, though. this is a father and son. look, i'm a parent. is this potentially being used so a parent might give information because they don't want to involve the son in something? i mean, in other words, is this putting more pressure on flynn senior? >> absolutely. if they're worried they're going to bring charges on his son -- and i don't know that they have enough information. it depends what evidence there really is and what type of charges. if michael flynn thinks they can legitimately bring a case against the son, many times under those types of circumstances a negotiation where he may plead guilty or try to give other evidence or he may try to cooperate more fully because he may make out a deal, we won't go against your son if you help us. >> right. >> the person has to have actionable evidence or testimony
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or something they can give. if michael flynn doesn't have anything to really give them that will help with some sort of criminal investigation, that doesn't help. >> donald trump jr. told congress last week he always planned to meet with lawyers before using any information that he might have received in the 2016 meeting with the russian attorney. the "new york times" is writing he knew to seek legal advice is so he thought it could raise legal thorny issues. could the fact that someone knows to seek legal advice shows a knowledge of guilt? >> it might be difficult to use just that fact. i think you have to look at what other evidence there is. just because you seek out a lawyer. lawyers get asked questions all the time from lots of different people for lots of different reasons that lead to nothing. so getting legal advice for the trumps who are used to having lawyers around them all the time for all the different business engagements and so on wouldn't be a stretch at all.
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so it really depends what other evidence. one of the issues i think that may put donald trump jr. at risk, if they make a mistake to anything they say to the committees or congress or certainly to the grand jury or any federal agents, they could be charged with a crime for just simply making a misstatement, lying to those folks. that is a very, very big danger all the folks have. >> right. >> if you repeat a story three, four, five times it will come out even if you're not lying. if they can catch them that way, that may be a big problem. all the folks have to be very careful in testifying they are incredibly accurate with what they're saying. >> thank you so much for weighing in on this. appreciate that. coming up next, challenges ahead for an island in the caribbean that took one of the hardest hits from hurricane irma.
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service is keeping a close eye on hurricane jose in the atlantic. it is now a category 1 storm. the official forecast keeps the center of jose offshore. that storm is growing and outer bands could result in tropical storm watches for the north carolina coast. that would happen later today. islands in the caribbean, they are still recovering from hurricane irma. it will be a long time, in fact. yesterday governor andrew cuomo toured the u.s. virgin islands and committed members of the u.s. army national guard. the island of st. john took a serious hit from hurricane irma. it is now facing the challenge of recovery and rebuilding. my colleague stephanie ruehle
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has more on this. we were talking during the commercial. you said it is is wiped out. >> it is wiped out. tortola, devastation. if there is one word to describe the people down there. resilient. they call st. john the city of love. you can feel it. those people are convicted to building it back and making it work. take a look. irma destroyed so much of st. john, but not its spirit. >> we will get through this. one way or the other, we will. >> ian samuels recalls the moment the storm hit. >> i was underneath my house. i could listen to my house fall apart upstairs i had my kids, my wife there with me. so i had to be strong. >> it's been over a week since irma struck. but life is far if being back to normal. more than 90% of the water and power distribution systems are damaged. recent rains caused flash floods
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and mudslides. schools could be closed for a year the vegetation, gone. a week ago this was lush and green. now it looks completely burnt out. it truly looks like a war zone. the island is dependent on tourism. 60% of its income comes from tourists. in the short-term, that will take a while. it will take a year or more to rebuild the hotel. she will likely have to leave the island to find work. and she's not the only one. >> boats going to st. croix and tortola daily. >> some islanders aren't going anywhere. >> we are going to rebuild and make it pwrt. >> being the smallest of the three virgin islands, we have to be self-sufficient. i want to focus what we need to do moving forward.
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>> alex whit, it is not over. remember it's hurricane season. there is so much debris in the mountains there. you and i were just talking about it. it looks like there was a massive fire. it looks post apocalyptic. there are cars stuck in the trees, roofs still coming down. it was local citizens, not the military or police, working together to clear this out, saying we have to get this back. remember, tourism is everything. that's the only industry there. so if you work at a hotel, you're about to make zero dollars. the school your kid goes to isn't going to be open for a year. they expect no running water for a year. >> and moms putting their kids on evacuation planes. they can't go. they just want their kids to go. >> i was in tortola. our plane landed, an aid plane, and the airport was empty. as we unloaded it was the first public evacuee flight that the
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u.s. government put together for american citizens. people were crowding the airport panicked to get on and just trying to get their kids on. imagine no school for your children to go to, no running water. we have to remember, these are islands. so many of us have memories there. we have been there. some of them are u.s. territories. we cannot forget these people. >> steph, so glad you went to cover that. thank you for joining us. o.t. on this saturday morning. a hot mike moment from the senate minority leader. what to make of chuck schumer's comment next. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions.
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he likes us, he likes me, anyway. look, what we said was exactly accurate. here's what i told him. i said, "mr. president, you are much better off if you sometimes step right and sometimes step left.
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. >> you heard it there, senate minority leader chuck schumer, a democrat, caught on tape that he actually gets along with president trump. it is that perceived closeness between the president and the democrats that is causing outrage among some of his supporters, even some to burn their trump memorabilia. let's bring in the aid to george w. bush and msnb analyst and a former progressive media for the clinton campaign. welcome to all of you. selena, was this a hot mic moment or do you think this was an intentional play by schumer? >> i doubt it was an intentional play. i doubt he wants the president to change his relationship with the democrats because he feels upsaid that his base is now burning hats and learning that, you know, he likes the camera and gets along with cluck and nancy. but i think it's important to
5:52 am
look at the facts that and understand that working together across the aisle is what our government is about. so i think it's important, particularly on an issue like daca, when we are talking about human beings who don't have the right paperwork that they should not be ripped apart from their family members and september back to a country they don't know. so i think democrats are serious about governing. i think donald trump has shown that on this issue, he can treat come and reach common ground on an issue that's important. >> that is a good thing. >> well, look, let's face it the most effective leaders are those that do govern from the middle, ultimately, rick. as we saw here, there are some that feel the president is going to far with democrats, at least a betrayal. are they the majority or the minority? are they the loudest? does looking a little partisan help or hurt him? >> it absolutely helps him. it was a smart move. except that, look, he is signing up the democrats. democrats aren't signing up to
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him. reagan was a coalition builder. chris matthews has a great book between the relationship between ronald reagan an tip o'neill, that's all great if you can get the opposition party to sign up. that's not what's happening here. donald trump is actually negotiating with the democrats against their own leadership and he'sals also doing flat footed and leaving them with not knowing what to say to the press. again, it's great to work with democrats when you are the leadership when you are president. make sure they are signing up to your ideas, not theirs. from the beginning, it's and i told you so moment. those of us who have been reporting on donald trump, throughout his candidacy was telling you he has no governing philosophy. he's not a democrat or a republican. he mostly identified with democrats. so why should we be surprised? >> so, joe, the "new york times" article this week -- that's really going to put republicans
5:54 am
in a bierngsd it's going to shake up their agenda, could potentially cause problems for the mid-terms next year, do you agree with na? >> yeah, yeah, it could, indeed, it's a good thing we can find a common ground on daca and leave those people brought here through no circumstances of their own, if we can make sure they have a path 40. i think that's a good thing. but i think that this is a tough time for republicans. i think president trump is somebody who likes to win. i think that his ability to find common ground with democrats is a good thing for the country. it's fought politically necessarily a good thing for republicans. it's a good thing for the country if he is able to find common ground. it's really trump 101. he likes to win and this is another example of. that he may win. i don't know if republicans may win in big numbers in their re-election efforts in 2018. >> i will put that to democrats
5:55 am
benefit all this out rage, does it do anything for democrats overall or does it alien fateat lot of the party? >> i don't think it alienates the democratic ba is is in support of protecting d.r.e.a.m.ers. i think on issues this serious, when we are talking about families and human beings and doing the right thing, right, you know in politics, we often talk about a political calculation, styles it's the difference between right and wrong. and i think on this issue, i think it's helpful to democrats to work with the president and protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. i think the base can go along with that. we're not talking about them working with donald trump on repealing obamacare or some other signature care issue. i think the issue actually rises above i think a political calculation. in the end, i think it looks like fancy and chuck are the adults in the room. donald trump finally has to i think capitulate to responsible people who are trying to govern
5:56 am
and do something good for the country to protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> i want to look ahead the president comes back to the new york the u.n. general assembly in new york against a big backdrop of tension, you have iran and his own proposed cuts to the u.n. funding, joe, how is this going to play out? >> we will see, of course, this is a difficult time. i mean, we have no good options within it coombs to north korea. the president was right to see we have a way to respond, we clearly have that. i know that's the option we want to exercise, it would team to me diplomacy is the way we want to go. i don't know what kind of juice we have to, say that again? >> i think diplomacy, i want to get rick in before we wrap up here, in terms of diplomacy, rick the president by his own admission is not a diplomat. is there anything he can say or do at the g.a. to save face for the u.s.? >> he can. he will be in front of those ugly green towels and will have the north korean delegation in
5:57 am
the first row about 20 feet away from him. look, we can do things to get people to negotiate t. key is, if we were to put tactical nukes in south korea, the chine es would hate that. if japan which is not a nato member invited nato to do war exercises in the pacific, china and russia would hate that. that's how you force china and russia to get to the table. you do things they don't want to see in the region. so there is a lot of things of doing nothing, appeasement or acceptance and war. >> okay. joe, rick, zerlina. thank you still ahead a campaign director will be here to see what they said about ivanka trump and her father's agenda. stay with us. ou. ou. call in the next ten minutes to save on... and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every dollar. put down the phone. and if that's not enough, we'll look after your every cent. grab your wallet. access denied. and if that's still not enough to help you save...
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. >> good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt in new york. it is 9:00 in the east. 6:00 a.m. out in the west. we have breaking news from


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