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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 20, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PST

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i am kasie hunt in for craig melvin live from washington, d.c. lots of stories we're following at this hour, including breaking news on north korea. now a state sponsor of terror. also, a new allegation. a new accuser reportedly steps forward to accuse senator al franken of inappropriately touching her after he was elected to office. well, this new accusation fuel calls for the minnesota senator to step aside? speaking out. nbc news talks exclusively with the woman who alleges that alabama senate candidate roy moore sexually abused her when she was just 14 years old. her emotional interview and why she says she didn't speak out sooner. plus, trump versus clinton. president trump and his former opponent revive their epic battle, trading barbs and taunts. we'll talk to a clinton campaign staffer and barack obama's former campaign manager about the larger impact of the clash of these former 2016 competitors.
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we start today with breaking news from the white house. president trump says north korea will be going back on the list of state sponsors of terror after a nine-year absence. for more nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker and kevin barron, executive editor of "defense one." kristen, i want to start with you. walk us through what this means and buy why is this coming now? >> reporter: first, it means there will be new, stiffer sanctions imposed on north korea and the treasury department will announce those sanctions tomorrow. president trump casting them as some of the most significant sanctions yet. why is it coming now? well, as you know, the president was just on that 12-day trip to asia and the focus of that trip was trying to rally and energize regional partners to turn up the heat, turn up the pressure on north korea to abandon its nuclear program. now, when president trump made the announcement, he cited the fact that kim jong-un has ordered assassinations and he also cited the death of american
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auto warmbier who died in the custody of north korea. president trump saying this is a significant move during a cabinet meeting with his top officials today. take a listen. >> today the united states is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorists. should have happened a long time ago. should have happened years ago. this designation will impose further sanctions and penalties on north korea and related prns and supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime. >> reporter: now, kasie, this reverses something that former president george w. bush did. he lifted the designation of the state sponsor of terror but against the backdrop of escalating tensions between the united states and north korea, president trump is making this move. it is not a surprise, though. it's something that he has been signaling for quite some time.
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the real question, though, is what will the real world impact be? a lot of experts in the region think in order to really try to pressure north korea, china has to do more. china has to sanction north korea more. at this point, that hasn't been announced that there are any imminent moves toward that end. president trump casting this as some of the most significant sanctions to date, kasie. >> kevin barron, can we dig into one of those points kristen was just making, how north korea ended up off this list in the first place. can we walk through a little bit of the context for that decision and what's different now? >> the context is simply that it was an effort to try to bring north korea to the table back then. the thought was that there was some daylight. what's happened since then, as everyone knows, the regime continued to pursue both a nuclear weapon and the capability of an intercontinental ballistic missile to deliver it. we kept hearing they would increase sanctions and we knew the state sponsorship was
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coming. the real question, will it have the desired effect? the ultimate desired effect according to the trump administration is complete denuclearization. nobody really thinks that's going to happen. nobody thinks north korea is going to give up anything they have. it's a question of stopping further development. chinese, last point there, the chinese did just add some sanctions back in august, but from the chinese perspective, they want something in return. they want united states to halt military exercises and pull out some missile systems they put in south korea. the trump administration and jim mattis have said over and over, there's no sign they're going to do that. >> you mentioned there are already many sanctions in place against north korea by the united states. what's different between the sanctions now or sanctions imposed over this? or is it more of a public declaration and less something they'll feel on the ground? >> kasie, is that to me? >> i'm sorry, kevin, go ahead.
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>> you're right. north korea has been sanctioned quite a lot. one thing that could be done more is the ability to stop or to fine banks from helping launder north korean money. the chinese would be the main target of that. the opposite has happened in places like iran where money was going through europe. the u.s. has sanctioned some of those banks. not so much so on the chinese side. again, north korea's support that people point to is not overt trade. it's not arms. it's the drug trade. it's the covert movement of goods that's been allowed to help, you know, fuel and fund the regime and i think there's some doubters whether this official move will really have an economic squeeze that will make any difference in the calculus in pyongyang for them to give up their nuclear program. >> kristen, final question to you. what else does the white house have in its tool box to go forward?
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is this a last tool or some other options before they hit the nuclear option? >> i think that's an important question, kasie. the administration would say they still do have some options left, but they stress that time is running out. i think one of those options is getting china to engage more. there have been some sanctions from china. they want to see those sanctions stiffened, though they want to see china move to halt oil shipments, for example, between north korea. so, that is a move that china could make that would be significant. it would choke out the north korean economy. and those who are experts in the region say really china is the linchpin. we know the u.n. sent an envoy there. there is some sense that negotiations are ongoing about potential actions from china. again, that hasn't happened. i think behind the scenes, when you think about the diplomatic options that are on the table, the united states still really continues to look at china for answers.
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kasie? >> kevin baron and kristen welker at the white house, thank you for your time. to a new allegation against senator al franken as well as silence from president trump on roy moore. senator franken's new accuser, his second, is the first to say the inappropriate contact happened while he was in office. lindsey tweeted, in august 2010, al franken grabbed me while taking a photo together at the minnesota state fair. i felt violated and embarrassed. i 100% believe your account of him and his actions. leanne tweeden, thank you for sharing your story. nbc news has not yet confirmed the incident and we have reach out to franken for comment. franken told cnn on sunday that he does not remember the photo and feels, quote, badly that she felt disrespected. alabama's roy moore, meanwhile, is facing more defections inspect time the alabama young republicans has followed in the foot steps of many republican
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senators. and they have withdrawn their support. also, the woman who accuses moore of sexually abusing her when she was 14 told her story publicly for the first time on the "today" show. leigh corfman discussed not only the time he took her to his house why she hasn't talked about it until now. >> he removed my clothing. he left the room and came back in wearing his white underwear. and oe touched me over my clothing, what was left of it. and he tried to get me to touch him as well. >> why wait? how do you respond to that? >> well, it's very simple, really. i did tell people. my family knew. family friends knew. my friends knew. i sat in the courthouse parking
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lot and thought, i'm going in, i'm going to confront him. >> years later -- >> 2000, 2001. and i wanted to walk into his office and say, hey, remember me? you know, you need to knock this stuff off. i need to go public. my children were small so i didn't do it. >> nbc's gabe gurt rtierrez in alabama for pups what's the latest you can tell us from the ground there. >> reporter: hi, kasie. good afternoon. roy moore's campaign has not responded specifically to leigh corfman's interview on the "today" show. they only say he has no public events today. in an interview that aired late last night on talk radio, moore once again doubled down and denied the allegations against him. he said that this is a plot, so to speak, by the democrats and establishment republicans who are in cahoots. he even says politically motivated attacks. kasie, you've been covering this
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on capitol hill. as you've seen so many republicans distance themselves from roy moore here in alabama. the alabama gop continues to stand by him. at a group of young republicans here in alabama say they are no longer supporting him. the governor here, kay i'vey sas she plans to vote for moore. what's significant among republicans is they keep thinking they cannot lose the senate seat with the senate majority hanging in the balance. certainly that interview from leigh corfman, i'm standing in front of the courthouse where she says she first met roy moore almost 40 years ago. and now at least nine women have come forward with these allegations ranging from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault. we also spoke with another woman who knew leigh corfman knew her decades ago and said people around town knew of that decades but as leigh said in that interview with savannah guthrie
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she felt she couldn't come forward publicly until now shp she was approached by these washington post reporters who first told her that, you know, they were trying to find other allegations, other women and when she felt comfortable coming forward. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez on the ground in alabama. thank you very much. charlie sykes is a conservative commentator and msnbc contributor, annie carney is white house reporter for politico. they join me now. thank you both so much. charlie, i want to start with you and talk a little bit about al franken. there's been a lot of back and forth conversations that i have certainly been privy to about this overall attitude and moment that we are having as regards sexual harassment. what do you think at this point that democrats should be setting as the bar? we're starting to see some people around the progressive edges potentially raise the possibility that he should resign. what's your view?
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>>. >> well, i think one of the key questions is how many women are going to come forward? i think democrats need to understand the one thing donald trump and roy moore are weaponizing is the appearance of a double standard. why should we be upset about roy moore if you're going to leave al franken in the senate? i understand there's no moral equivalency between the two. but we've seen this toxic double standards of our tribal hypocrisy here, where we don't hold our person, our guy, to the same standard we hold the other guy. you know, in daushg -- this is something -- there's a moment taking place right now as we have this tsunami of revelations. people going back and saying, okay, we are seeing republicans are willing to go along with donald trump after he talks about sexually assaulting women because of what? because of the abortion issue. roy moore because of the tax bill. democrats made the same calculation with bill clinton. the al franken case, i think,
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assumes very large symbolic significance in what standard are we going to set going forward? >> annie carney, to that point, i've talked to many women, all privately because none of them want to come forward, about their experiences with sexual harassment or assault in and around politics. and one thing i hear from them repeatedly is this idea that it does get immediately politicized and for one reason or another their side seems to think they're above it and not part of it. what's your take on that and the role politics plays here? >> i mean, we -- everyone in a heated political environment, i talked to some former white house aides about trump weighing in on franken on twitter. some saw it as stupid when you're dredging up a story that when you have a president who has his own 16 accusers. why would he want to do that? others said, you know, in this
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environment, they're going to take what they can get and use it as a political weapon. if there's a disconnect with what's going on on the other side, they'll hope the base or whoever they appeal to will overlook it and they'll use -- everything is going to be weaponized for politics. we saw kellyanne conway today going out there and saying what a lot of people like to call, saying the soft part loudly, saying we're not going to say anything about roy moore because we need the vote in the senate. this kind of pairing of politics with just awful stories of sexual assault and harassment is creating very uncomfortable moments, especially for women like kelly ann and other people who have to figure out what to do when those two things combine. >> charlie sykes, we've seen roy moores specially in the last week or so be very fwasorward a dig in on refuting these accusations. he's had his wife come to the microphones and speak on his
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behalf, really trying to set up -- denying these accusations. what's your sense of what impact that's going to have on the republican electricer to ral rat, on the republican base. do you get the sense they seem to be coming around to roy moore's defense or is there potentially enough discomfort here that it's going to show up at the ballot box? >> well, keep in mind what he's doing is he's using the exact same playbook that donald trump used. the donald trump not only denied the accusations against him, he attacked the women. roy moore is doing the same thing. i think by the way he's clearly lying about what has happened. he has not asked for forgiveness, not apologizing and threatening the women coming forward. this has been a card that's been successful in the past. it's very hard to predict what's going to happen in a special election like this. you do sense the rallying around -- you know, in our tribal politics, there is the sense that they're coming to get you. there's a conspiracy, the
10:16 am
democrats, the media, mitch mcconnell. that victimization that people like steve bannon like to play as a theme has been effective in the past in ral lig the base, getting the base to say, we're not listening to anything. by the way, kellyanne conway's comments were cynical, basically tore the mask off and said, we're willing to elect an accused pedophile in order to get our tax bill. that is just the naked hypocrisy expose there. she didn't even try to put lipstick on that. >> truth in politics, a rare thing. charlie sykes, annie carney, thank you for being here today. really appreciate it. war of words. president spars with the father of a ucla basketball player released from prison in china. is it worth it? tax cut clash. the president saying today that the republican tax plan will be a big christmas present to
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the tax code overhaul looming over congress even as they're away on thanksgiving recess. the new house measure doubles the standard deduction. middle class homeowners might find their interest deductions consult in half and the ability to deduct state and local taxes may be reduced. this depends on where you live, of course, and how much you're spending on your home. just moments ago the president talked up the positive of this measure. >> i want to congratulate the house of representatives for passing a vital and historic tax
10:21 am
cut last week. and i'm very hopeful the senate will do the same very soon. we're going give the american people a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be a great big beautiful christmas present. >> great, big and beautiful. let's bring in politico's chief economic correspondent, ben white. i appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me. >> let's walk through some of the key differences between the house and the senate plan. what do you think is the most important distinction people should focus on and how do you think it's going to play out? >> well, i mean, obviously there's the obamacare individual mandate taken out in the senate bill, not in the house bill. but from a taxpayer standpoint, the differences you pointed out on state and local income tax deduction and property tax deduction, those are big differences. the senate would get rid of state and local tax deductionses entirely. the house would let you deduct
10:22 am
up to $10,000 in tax deductions. trump is right when he says both would get tax relief in the first couple years. if you're a middle to upper middle income earner in new jersey, new york, california, and you have a big mortgage and pay a lot in state and local property taxes, you could wind up paying more under this tax bill. and everybody could wind up paying more once these things phase out after eight years in the senate bill ten years in the house bill. there are people who will pay more. >> let's talk through the last point, mick mulvaney saying this was a budget gimmick. you're right, these provisions, these tax breaks for individuals, they sunset whereas the corporate ones are permanent, is that right? >> that's correct. they make all of the cuts in the corporate rate 35% to 20% in perpetuity but to fit in the window in the deficit over ten
10:23 am
years and nothing beyond ten years if they want to pass it with 50 years in the senate, they sunset at individual rates. another moment of honesty in politics, mick mulvaney said, this is a gimmick, we make it fit into our parameters. their argument beyond that is a future congress is not going to raise taxes on middle class so they extend these things. who knows, maybe they will, maybe they won't and we could wind up in 2024 with a huge fiscal cliff and looming tax increases. they do sunset them, they tell everybody, don't worry, this will all be extended. there's no guarantees in politics. >> i'm looking forward to having another one of these major potential cliff things to cover at the late hours of new year's eve, for example. let's talk about the specific senators and what their concerns are. we heard ron johnson come out and say he's a no on this bill. susan collins has raised concerns but for other reasons. there's been some reporting that johnson is concerned about small businesses?
10:24 am
>> yeah. he's concerned about -- we'll get deep into the weeds but he's concerned about pass-through rates which is people who run businesses and pay taxes on those businesses on the individual side, basically the income from the corporation passes through to their individual tax returns. he doesn't think it's generous enough. they cut that to 25% and it's not permanent like the corporate rate is permanent. he wants more tax relief for people who file as individuals but run businesses. the mrob for that, if you do that, the cost of the tax bill goes way up and they can't really do that. i've talked to a lot of people on the hill and the white house who say, look, ron johnson wants to get a better deal on pass-throughs. we'll figure out a way to make that happen and he won't blow this up ultimately. i think it's more dangerous for the ones who are worried about the obamacare individual mandate like a susan collins or lisa murkowski. the white house has said, if we have to get rid of it, we'll get rid of it. they'll basically do anything to get through this through the
10:25 am
senate. >> one thing collins floated is, perhaps we could up the corporate rate to 22%. is that something -- would that fly with the white house? >> it's a super good question because i don't know if it will fly with the white house. they're very hard on this 20% rate. that's it. we're not going any higher. if you talk to corporate america, they don't care if it's 20%, 21%, 22%, they'd be happy with that because it would be a lot lower than it is now. they never in the first place expected it to get to 20%. does that change the white house perspective? ultimately if the question is, do we get a tax bill or not get a tax bill and if the price is 22% or 23%, they'll ultimately do that and trump will say afterwards, art of the deal, i never meant 20, i'm getting 22, great deal, let's sign it and go. push comes to shuf. >> great deal and merry christmas. politico's chief economic correspondent, ben white. thank you for taking the time. >> appreciate it. president trump's strategy
10:26 am
kicks off with a massive bombing of opium drug labs by u.s. forces. we'll take you ckabul for that offensive. president trump and hillary clinton trade barbs again. jim messina on whether they're sniping is actually hurting democrats. speaking of former president obama, the producers at "snl" appear to want him back. listing chance the rapper to woo him. take a look. ♪ so come back barack you know it's not allowed ♪ ♪ we want you back so bad i need you in my life ♪ whoooo.
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it's been one year and 12 days. can you believe it's only been that long since donald trump defeated hillary clinton in the race for the white house? the two political rivals are still going at it like it's 2016 with accusations and countercharges flying between the victor and the losing presidential candidate. secretary clinton began the latest round in this radio interview over the weekend. >> we have a man who's accused of sexual assault sitting in the oval office, don't we? and the very credible
10:31 am
accusations against him have not been taken seriously. >> you just said you have a sexual assaulter in the white house. how could you say that about president trump? >> well, based on the very credible statements that have come forward from, i think, now, a dozen women. and really based on his own words. you know, the "hollywood access" tape was not made up. he was describing sexual assault. >> let's bring in adrian elrod, former director of strategic communications for 2016 clinton campaign and jim messina, 2012 obama campaign chairman. he's also the ceo of the mussina group. great to see both of you. >> you, too. >> thanks for taking the time. let's start, adrian, with what we just heard from your former boss on the clinton campaign. i know you were just down in arkansas for a reunion in honor of bill and hillary clinton's 25 years. >> i was.
10:32 am
>> what is sort of the mood and the feeling around her taking this fight to president trump when there are clearly many voters who decide she wasn't their choice? >> well, look, secretary clinton has always stood up for women. that's something that's been a huge part of her public platform for years. so, i think when she brings up these -- brings up these allegations in light of the fact more women are comfortable coming forward now with stories of sexual assault in this current environment, people listen. you know, she comes forward, she stands up for women and people listen to what she has to say. so, i think it's wonderful she's talking about this. it's something that is -- something i think you'll continue to hear from her. obviously, whenever she speaks about president trump he tends to fire back and retaliate. so, i think you'll continue to see her come out on these issues. >> do you think it's helpful, one thing i've been talking to a lot of women who have had issues
10:33 am
from one party or the other, faced sexual harassment or assault, at worst, and they say one of the problems is that this gets political sized. do you think that's what's happening here with secretary clinton? >> i don't think it's becoming politicized. we go down a dangerous road when we tend to politicize these issues. this should not be a democratic versus republican issue. this should be an issue we face as a society together. it's not a partisan issue. it's very serious when women have faced allegations or faced any sort of sexual assault, sexual harassment. what matters now most is these women feel more comfortable coming forward because they've been given a platform in which it's more productive and acceptable for them to come out and talk about this. >> jim messina, i want to ask you about hillary clinton sort of stepping back out into the spotlight here, especially at a time when democrats are facing a little bit of a leadership vacuum. it's not clear who the party's standard bearer is going to be
10:34 am
come 2020. do you think it should be hillary clinton 1234. >> look, i think mrs. clinton has an absolute trite have a dialogue in this. she has an amazing career and won the popular vote by 3 million vote and speaks for a lot of people. so, to say she doesn't get an opinion on this is kind of ludicrous. what i've been focusing on is we just spent the last six months looking at voters who voted for barack obama and donald trump and trying to figure out, what are they thinking about all of this? and the research is really clear on this. what they care about first, second, third and fourth is the economy. it's the economy is stupid as bill clinton said a long time ago and it's still the case. our research clearly shows president trump is hurting himself badly with these daily tweets because they're taking his eye off the ball. what these voters want is him to focus on the economy, to get things done and make lives better for them. and they don't think he's doing that. they think every single day he's picking another fight.
10:35 am
it was lavar ball, yesterday it was marshawn lynch. none of it makes their lives in these battleground states better and i think it's doing real serious damage to the president. >> i want to pull the conversation back to what we were just talking about for a moment because i spoke with senator gillibrand late last week about the sexual harassment question. it's something she's spent quite a bit of time working on during her time in the senate but she also said that today's context should mean something different for former president bill clinton. take a look. >> my point is that the tolerance we had 25 years ago, what was allowed 25 years ago, will not be tolerated today, is not allowed today. and that we have to have the kind of oversight and accountability that society needs so that we can protect people in the workplace. people can function without having an unsafe work environment. whether it's in the military -- >> you're saying president
10:36 am
clinton created an unsafe work environment? >> no. i'm saying the conversation we're having today is really important and that the kind of behavior that was tolerated a long time ago would never be tolerated today. we can't allow it to be tolerated today. >> do you think she's right? >> well, i think she's absolutely right in a sense that society has changed. there's a culture that allows for greater conversation about this today. but i also think it's not productive looking backwards. we have to look forward. any time we bring president clinton and what he dealt with in the past into this debate only detracts from the victims coming forward and take as way from their story. i think it's important to give these women who are finally able and feeling brave to come out and speak about what they faced. it's important to give them that platform and that space. >> jim messina, can i ask you, too, about the senate race down in alabama, where we're facing a similar conversation, albeit very different set of
10:37 am
allegations. who in the democratic party do you think could go down to alabama and help doug jones win this race? >> look, all politics is local. i ran probably ten senate races in my life. the truth is, when you get on the ground in these tight senate races, what you really want is local folks talking to their friends and family about these voters. you know, kasie, this is -- alabama is the second most partisan state in america. it has a 14-point republican advantage. democrats haven't won a statewide election in alabama since 2006. and the fact that doug jones currently is leading says really more about kaentd moore and his ridiculous track record and the fiasco that this whole thing has become. >> could michelle obama help doug jones? >> michelle obama can help anyone. michelle obama is the most popular politician in the world, in america definitely. >> is she a politician now? >> well, she certainly gets a political voice like hillary clinton does, kasie, come on. >> she does. >> fair enough.
10:38 am
a dr i really appreciate it. >> thanks. new details today on the incident that left senator rand paul with six broken ribs. this might be one of my favorite stories, at, of course, we don't want -- clearly senator paul is still struggling. paul's neighbor is accused of beating the senator and "gq" reports that lawn care issues may well have been at the heart. dispute. a neighbor told the magazine that boucher pays about $150 a month for professional landscaping. while paul maintains his yard himself. i guess that's the libertarian in him. the neighborhood said that what board him is the difference in grass length between his lawn and that of senator paul's and that paul sprayed grass clippings onto his yard while mowing his own grass. there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the reason for the first assault on a sitting u.s. senator in decades. a major new offensive in afghanistan begins today with massive bombing of opium labs there. we'll take you to the ground for the very latest.
10:39 am
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president trump's new strategy in afghanistan officially began today in a
10:43 am
major offensive, u.s. forces bombed opium drug labs in the country in order to cut off funding for the taliban. nbc's pentagon correspondent hans nichols has more from kabul, afghanistan. hans? >> reporter: kasie, the direct targeting by u.s. and afghan forces of drug processing facilities in southern afghanistan controlled by the taliban marks a new chapter in the 16-year war here. this is an important source of revenue for the taliban. an estimated $200 million per year. earlier year, speaking to officials in kabul, they make it so clear that you need to cut off the taliban's source of funding. i asked general niat a press conference what we can expect in terms of more bombings and he made it clear this is only the beginning. >> in the last 90 days with u.s. policy announcement, we started developing targets immediately. >> reporter: it's clear the taliban had a record year in terms of open upcultivation.
10:44 am
they had 87% increase. it's also clear like in the u.s. with the opioid crisis, they're having a problem domestically here with heroin consumption. some 18% of children in rural areas have tried an opium product. this new strategy is part of the president's approach to afghanistan that also includes an additional 3,000 troops bringing the total here to 14,000. the goals are very clear. defeat isis and force the taliban to the negotiating table, hopefully have 80% of the country under control of the central government by 2020. that's the goal. but talking to officials here, it's also clear that you need to shut down the lines of supply to pakistan and so far, kasie, there hasn't been movement on the pakistan side of things. those lines of supply are still open to the taliban. kasie? >> hans nichols in kabul, afghanistan, thanks very much for that. meanwhile, former president bill clinton is in puerto rico today to get a firsthand look at recovery efforts before meeting with the island's governor and the mayor of san juan.
10:45 am
today marks two months since hurricane maria hit and millions of americans there are still desperate for basic necessities, like electricity and clean drinking water. nbc's tammy leitner is in san juan. she talked to the former president. what did you hear from him? and update us, too, on the recovery efforts. >> reporter: sure, kasie. we have hit the 60-day mark and recovery efforts are not anywhere near what they should be. the biggest problem is the lack of power. now, five days ago they hit a milestone, they received 50% power generation across the island. but this only lasted for two hours before a power failure. ever since then they have still been trying to get back to that 50% mark and they are not able to. also today whitefish workers are pulling out of puerto rico after that controversial contract comes to an end. so power restoration is really the number one thing on everyone's mind here still.
10:46 am
former president bill clinton toured the island today, some of the hardest hit parts. we spoke with him and he talked about the need for solar power here on the island. let's go ahead and listen to what else he said. >> we got to try to give -- and i hope puerto rico will become a model for the caribbean and clean energy. >> reporter: resources are starting to pull out of puerto rico, indicating that puerto rico is no longer in a crisis mode. but without power and water across the island, they are still nowhere near being recovered. kasie? >> tammy, i want to ask you one more thing quickly on a slightly different topic since had you a chance to talk to bill clinton. he's been back in the news with the senator from new york, kirsten gillibrand suggesting he would have had to resign in the current climate and, of course, democrats facing questions about
10:47 am
senator al franken's conduct. any chance you talked to him about that? >> reporter: i did, kasie. i asked him about the senator's recent comments. and he looked at me kind of half smirked and kept going. he wanted nothing to do with that so he didn't give us an answer. >> can't imagine why. tammy leitner, thanks very much for your time today. really appreciate it. president trump takes the bait and lashes out on twitter at the father of one of the three ucla basketball players recently accused of shoplifting in china. should the commander in chief really be spending time fueling this twitter feud? and the white house set to brief reporters 15 minutes from now. we'll have live coverage when it happens. but we also have sad news to record. della reese has died. she was probably the most well known as one of the co-stars of "touched by an angel." however, her career spanned six decades. it included success on stage and screen. she also received several grammy
10:48 am
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ball downplayed trump's role in his son's return, telling
10:52 am
espn this weekend, don't tell me nothing, everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out. that inspired the president to fire back, the father of leandro is unacceptable for what i did for his son. i should have left him in jail. mike, it's great to see you. >> great to see you. >> it seems to me that since this happened, the president, when he first made this effort to help these three players come home, he said, hey, are they going to say thank you, but they came forward with an apology to their country and to their school, and also thanked the president, which didn't leave him with very much to object to. it seems to me he was a little eager to jump on these new comments. >> but casey, think about it, didn't destiny really bring the
10:53 am
president and lamar ball together? wasn't it inevitable? i was thinking for the past few days, if trump had come from lamar's circumstances, he might be -- if you played this thing out. this is like a fight where there's not really anywhere to root here. but if you play this out, what is the president saying, i will help these young men come home from china, but only if their father isn't ungrateful later, not that they can stay in a chinese prison until my next time there. they both poked the bear here, and this cycle, by the way, casey, it's not going away, because i think labar is going to start making the television circuit on this. >> labar ball has been called
10:54 am
the wildest sports machine in sports, he once claimed that he could beat michael jordan one-on-one, who is this guy? >> this is a guy who averaged two points a game playing college basketball, said he could play michael one-on-one, but he has cracked the code on modern celebrity, which is this, and he learned a lot of this from the president of the united states, say anything, do anything possible to draw attention to yourself and then go from there. so he's now selling sneakers for this big baller brand, every time i say big baller, i almost want to say a big trumper brand. he's made himself, by being this kind of blow hard, one of the most prominent people in sports. and people respond to every, you know, chowder headed thing he says the way they respond to the president's tweets. and i can't imagine that this is going to go away any time soon. >> mike, can i ask you two about
10:55 am
the nfl story that had faded a little bit from the headlines, but it seems like the president caught up with some sunday night football. he tweeted this morning, marshawn lynch of the nfl's oakland raiders stands for the mexican anthem and sits down to boos to our national anthem. great disrespect. what's going on here and why now? >> the only person who's tell really paying attention to this is the president. who continues to push a false narrative, casey, that it's the national anthem protests that are the reason why interest and ratings are down somewhat in the national football league this year. it has way more to do with the product right now in the nfl and the fact that, like six of their most prominent players, aaron rodgers and o'dell beckham and a.j. watt have gotten hurt this
10:56 am
year, but it suits his purposes. you know a lot more about this than i do, he continues to play to his base on this subject, but the idea that marshawn lynch and people who don't stand for the national anthem are the reason that the nfl right now is in this kind of pickle is preposterous. it. >> always great to see you. the white house pushing back after their daily briefing, it's set to begin minutes from now. we'll be right back.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
that wraps up this hour msnbc live. my colleague katy tur takes over right now. katie, i really need to learn a fish joke for times like these. >> casey hunt of casey d.c. bag everybody. it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. we're going to begin in washington where we're expecting a white house briefing in one hour from now, it has been 11 days since the first allegation against alabama candidate senator roy moore first surfaced, the question remains, what will donald trump do. the president is still silent on the talking and is letting his advisors doing the talking for him. what message are they sending? >> folks, don't be fooled,


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