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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 7, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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mattis was seen as the most influential. these days trump is turning him out more. it's pompeo if he gets north korea done. >> interesting. jonathan on his way overseas. that is hardball for now. thanks for being with us. chris mathews will be back monday. >> we are covering several stories tonight hours after donald trump attacked the me too movement in a bizarre and very negative exchange at that rally. i'm going to speak tonight exclusively with a woman who accused donald trump of sexual misconduct during the 2016 campaign and how she's involved in politics today. also the scott pruitt ousting was important, but that's not the only problem in the trump cabinet. i bring to you tonight a special report with a new look at another embattled trump cabinet member, betsy devos. also an important update on a significant story that we brought you here last night on the beat. the trump baby blimp and what's happening in london that may not
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stay in london. it's a story that as you know we're committed to and i bring you that later in the show. we begin with donald trump's former campaign chief fighting to not only get out of jail on those russia-related charges, but fighting for more. paul manafort has now been in jail for three weeks. and in new court filings, his lawyers are asking that he get out now. they say he has been faced with solitary confinement, locked in his cell at least 23 hours per day, which they argue makes it effectively impossible for him to prepare for trial. of course, that would mean it's impossible for many, many poor defendants around the country to prepare for trial. mueller's team has a response that manafort is exactly where he should be, in jail because he allegedly tried to obstruct justice by coaching and tampering with witnesses and that the limits he's dealing with are, there you go, common for incarcerated defendants pending trial. manafort's lawyers also arguing today to move his virginia trial
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from alexandria to roanoke. there is too much press coverage and those in d.c. will be biased against him because of his association with donald trump. meanwhile paul manafort is under all of this strain, this is who donald trump is talking about. >> we won by 44 points over a democrat. now crooked hillary, but still she's a democrat. she gets special treatment under the justice department. >> lock her up. lock her up. >> and as trump eggs on that "lock her up" crowd, there is another person worrying about being locked up, and it's not a hillary clinton aide. it is donald trump's long-serving former lawyer michael cohen who is in the middle of this strain and the stress that we've been reporting on. and he's hired someone to help him with all this, hillary clinton's most -- one of his most well known lawyers and allies, lanny davis who served bill and hillary clinton to
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handle the onslaught of what's expected from team trump. the content is significant. we discussed this immediately since the news broke. this is not any lawyer. there are all kinds of lawyers you could hire to do all kinds of legal tasks. this is a serious and well known hillary clinton surrogate. if there is one thing lanny davis has had practice at, it's defending someone against the likes of donald trump. >> have you no sense of shame left, mr. trump? >> donald trump did not apologize to a gold star mother and he didn't apologize to the women that he bragged about sexually assaulting. the reckless, volatile, unstable judgment of donald trump -- >> he's put out a financial disclosure. the clintons are the ones who have been lying to the american people. >> why are you not answering my question? >> here not to evade any questions, emily jane folks, senior reporter of vanity fair who covered michael cohen for
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years. she's authored born trump about the trump family. and the counsel to the mayor of new york city. maya, the significance of lanny davis in this highly unpredictable legal fiasco. >> well, it's a very smart move. i mean, he's got guy petrillo who was the head of the criminal division at the united states attorneys office for the southern district. what he's added in the form of lanny davis is someone who has literally been a fixer for the clintons during the ken starr investigation, who actually his job was to be the public spokesperson. in essence, he was a volunteer for the clintons who was essentially out there to be the person who pushed back very hard on the narrative and created narrative about ken starr's poor judgment. something really interesting about lanny davis is he did an interview in which he talked about first making the mistake of going after ken starr as an
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ideologue, republican conspiracy against the clintons and learned to shift after having a conversation with john mccain to making it much more about judgment. i think this is very interesting because my guess is this is going to be a role he's going to play for michael cohen. although in this instance, possibly helping to restore some credibility to michael cohen if and when he flips, because if he flips, one of the things that any good defense attorney is going to do is rip his credibility to shreds. >> when you put it like that, is it like an organ, that you can have a credibility transplant? >> you can't. >> you can't? >> you can just have -- a noun, steve bannon made it a noun in the white house. you just made a lanny davis. >> listen to lanny davis talk about the issue of the relationship you have with your clients and whether they're liars or not because what we saw in very unusual public forum was
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the break up between trump and cohen when he infamously said on air force one, he's my lawyer, which put heat on him. lanny was speaking actually on "the beat" about the relationship you have with the client and truth. take a look. >> i never worked for a client that has lied to me or that i could trust not lying to me. that's the reason he can't find a great lawyer. it's because he has lied to the american people. we know that. but he's also lied to his own lawyers and no lawyer will take a client who lies. >> which goes to the problems donald trump has had getting his own lawyers. what do you see as the key relationship here for michael, someone you spent time with? >> this is a very important role to michael personally. the thing that has rankled him the most is the effect on his family. i think what has rankled him second most is his inability to be able to speak on this. his former counsel refused to let him speak to the media.
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i think wisely. he's entering a new phase in which he, again, will not be able to speak to the media on his own accord. we saw that on the record with george stephanopoulous. beyond that i don't think he'll be talking to the press any more. to have a lanny davis who can speak on his behalf i think is something michael is very much looking forward to. he's been pretty much silent a year now. >> isn't that small fry compared to worrying about going to jail? >> i don't think they're mutually exclusive -- yes. the major concern is if he's going to end up indicted or charged with anything, whether or not he will flip, but michael cohen is someone who has for years been the pitbull, been an attack dog, an attack dog for his former boss and someone who defend himself. what's on his mind, when am i able to defend my snefl he's breathing a sigh of relief that there will be someone defending him for once. he hasn't gotten that from the president. >> that goes to the psychological strain, maya, they
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involve real people and if they're people you care about, even people who made mistakes. when you look at this as the character side of it, this remarkable soap opera, in paul manafort and michael cohen, we have people who have fundamentally lived highly privileged lives. we're talking about multi-million dollar town houses and travel and the life of their highly connected real estate and political friends and all this money who in a very short time face the kind of seismic -- people don't feel. in a sense they're falling faster, harder than most people ever will. >> it's a big drop from the top of trump tower. and i think what -- part of what we're seeing with having lanny davis part of this story now is -- remember that lanny davis did also represent two dictators. we should just say that. he would defend himself and say he was representing them in order to bring greater democracy
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to the countries that they were actually behaving very badly and serially on, he can whequatoria. while they're falling hard and fast, they haven't hit ground yet, they haven't hit bottom. what we're seeing is the efforts to pad that fall. that's what a lanny davis represents i think for michael cohen. for paul manafort going in to try to get himself out of prison, out of his pretrial detention and solitary confinement before triem and defend himself. >> you're saying it's a hard fall. jimmy cliff said the harder they come, the harder they fall. >> don't do the crime -- >> one and all. do you have anything, do you have any comment or anything? >> no. >> you're not going to do jay z? >> emily e-mailed me about kanye once after a show. i know you listen to kanye.
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we're going to turn to a member of congress. i'm not even going to ask him for music quotes. but when you look at the legal fall out from this russia probe, donald trump also set for a one on one meeting with putin on july 16. his critics say putin will get the upper hand. >> i might even end up having a good relationship. will president trump be prepared? you know, president putin is kgb, this and that. you know what, putin's fine. he's fine. we're all fine. we're people. will i be prepared? totally prepared. i've been preparing for this stuff my whole life. >> rhode island congressman david serves on the foreign affairs and judiciary committees. congressman, thanks for making time on the beat. >> thank you. >> your view on the substance, what's at stake in these types of meetings and the bizarre optics of the clip we just played, donald trump, i guess, sort of trying to have -- i don't know what -- fun with it for the people at the rally.
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>> well, i mean, it's very disturbing. obviously vladimir putin is not fine. this is someone who led an effort to interfere with the american presidential election. just this week the senate intelligence committee, republican-led committee confirmed that this was a russian effort led by vladimir putin to help donald trump and undermine the candidacy of hillary clinton. this is a person who invaded another country. the president talks about border, how important borders are. apparently not for vladimir putin. but this is a very significant meeting and the fact that the president makes jokes about it, his last meeting with a dictator, kim jong-un, when he met with him alone, apparently is when he agreed to stop exercises with the south koreans without the knowledge of his defense secretary, secretary of state and south koreans and got nothing for it. i'm concerned he's going to have a summit with someone he doesn't understand is an adversary of the united states, a brutal thug who is undermining the western alliance, undermining national security interests around the world. he's going to walk out of that
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immediating having conceded something and getting nothing in return. so, he ought not be joking about it at rallies. he should spend time studying and preparing for what will be a very challenging encounter. >> he has a quality of spinning together everything with the bias that he brings to it. as you know, his own loyal supporters do tend to listen to him. so take a look at what he said trying to tie the trade war, which even conservatives and republican economists have criticized, into the russia issues last night. >> we're paying for anywhere from 70 to 90% to protect europe and that's fine. of course they kill us on trade. they kill us on other things. so they want to protect against russia yet they pay billions of dollars to russia and we're the schmucks paying for the whole thing. >> is that right? >> yeah, it's just this idea of putting -- conflating all these issues into one and undermining our relationships with key allies and important trading
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relationships we have with key allies. he seems to have an incredible fondness for dictators and strong men. he called kim jong-un an honorable man. he says putin is phi kappa. he attacks people we have strong alliances with and we have important trading relationships with. this is a part of a larger effort to distract and confuse and bring a lot of chaos so that people won't focus on the things the democrats are fighting for. to create good-paying jobs, to drive down the cost of health care, drive down the cost of prescription drugs, rebuild the infrastructure of our country, and make america the best -- have the best infrastructure in the world. you know, there are a lot of things we should be focused on, but every day it's more chaos, more confusion, sort of unwinding important alliances we have around the world and he's sort of in this speech put it all together in one thing. he attacked the me too movement. he praised vladimir putin. he a tracked our trading partners. doesn't make a lot of sense. they're not connected, but it's speaking to this sort of base of the party or the base of the
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trump supporters. and really, i think, an effort to distract from what's not getting done to raise family incomes, reduce the cost in people's lives and make sure folks have the skills necessary for jobs in the 21st is not tri which is what we should be focused on. >> you're hitting a lot of issues why the foreign policy matters and what the stakes are here at home. congressman, i really appreciate it. my thanks as well emily jane fox and maya wiley on all of these issues. coming up, the access hollywood president actually attacks the me too movement last night. we have an exclusive interview with trump accuser and now political candidate rachel crooks next. also scott pruitt out, the focus turning to betsy devos. our special report on america's schools. and an important update tonight on the trump baby blimp in london. why it may be going global. all that plus rap star big sean is here to talk with me about a renaissance for jobs and a key american inner city. i'm ari melber. you're watching the beat on msnbc. any is gonna raise
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want to test drive the latest devices? be our guest. want to save on mobile? just ask. want to demo the latest innovations and technology? do it here. come see how we're making things simple, easy, and awesome. plus come in today and ask about xfinity mobile, a new kind of network designed to save you money. visit your local xfinity store today. donald trump addressing the me too movement directly for the first time last night in that speech and using it as a punch line. so, in a moment i turn to an exclusive interview with rachel crooks, one of the 19 women accusing trump of sexual misconduct. first i want to show you exactly what happened. this is a story that you can imagine any president doing would be a very big deal. here is the president of the united states mocking alleged victims as a way to take a
9:19 pm
political jab at senator elizabeth warren. >> in the middle of the debate when she pro claims that she's of indian heritage, we will take that little kit and say -- we have to do it gently because when t we're in the me too generation. we have to be gentle. and we will slowly toss it hoping it doesn't hit her and injure her arm. >> warren responding by criticizing trump for testing the dna of migrant kids taken from their parents and being too incompetent to reunite the families. trump's apparent mockery of me too comes on the same day that he also took an action many people in the movement feel is very disturbing. giving a top white house job to bill shine, fox executive ousted over accusations he enabled or stood by during multiple reports of sexual misconduct in that office by roger ailes as well as bill o'reilly both of whom were defended by trump. >> reporter: in an interview with "the new york times," trump called o'reilly a good person. trump said, i think he shouldn't
9:20 pm
have settled. adding, i don't think bill did anything wrong. >> finally roger ailes, is he helping you, is he advising you? >> i can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, i know how much he's helped them. he's a very good person. i've always found him to be just a very, very good person. >> i'm joined now by rachel crooks who accused trump of forcibly kissing her without conse consent when she was working in trump tower in 2005 and she is running for office in the ohio state legislature. rachel, first your reaction to what the president said last night. >> well, thank you for having me, ari. you know, of course nothing that president trump says any more shocks me, but i think it's truly despicable that he would knock the me too movement and, of course, say many of the other egregious things that he made comments about. but, yeah, nothing shocks me. he, of course, would make fun of it. he hasn't been held accountable
9:21 pm
for his own action so he would make light of the me too movement. that makes perfect sense to me. >> what is your candidacy say to women who look out on this environment and see on the one hand the world changing in some ways that involve accountability, however delayed, but in other ways see this kind of behavior at the top of the federal government? >> yeah, i mean, the silver lining to president trump's tenure has been that women are uniting and resisting and we are fed up with this behavior. that is what me too is. my candidacy is built on this idea that politicians, though, seem to not be held accountable and president trump is the epitome of that. so i will continue to speak out so that i can be a voice for women who, you know, don't feel like their voices are being heard. >> and i'm curious before we turn to our wider panel, what kind of reaction do you fet fgem voters? how many people see this as a
9:22 pm
positive, important thing you're doing? any local race can be about local issues, see this as an aside and focus on what you're going to do for ohio? >> yeah, mostly locally everyone is very focused on what i can do for the district. but, of course, i think nationally people are very engaged and encouraged by my candidacy because, you know, it is in direct response in some ways to the me too movement and president trump being in office and not being held accountable for his actions and it continues. and the republicans who are sort of letting him go and not holding him accountable i think are complicit in these actions and i hope in november that america votes them out. >> stay with me. i want to add in mara gay who works on the editorial board and president of the national organization for women who serves now as executive director of the national lawyers association. mara, this is one of the many stories when you look at the president's behavior last night
9:23 pm
where running the thought experiment, which is part of what we try to do if you look at a story objectively, what would the response be if president obama said something like that last night? or a president bush? or president carter? any other president speaking that way about what is again, as you know, allegations of criminal conduct. it would be the biggest thing going on. >> i want to say, first of all, i believe rachel crooks. i believe the other some 18 women who have come forward with allegations about the president. and i just find it extremely disturbing that this would be seen -- would actually be a useful political line for the president. i mean, i'm looking at the president, but i'm also looking at this cheering crowd of his supporters who are reacting with such tribalism, with such cruelty, and i can't -- maybe i'm just naive, but i really can't believe that all those people are in their heart bad people.
9:24 pm
i just wonder if, you know, honestly they're under some kind of a spell. that does not absolve anybody of taking responsibility, but, you know, you can't help but see that and want to register every voter imaginable. >> you say spell. there's plenty of research on group and mob dynamics and whether in a one on one conversation that type of thing or that type of thing with an objection, someone saying, wait a minute, why are you making light of violent crime, which is really what we're talking about, would go differently. you're saying you're disturbed as well by the reaction. >> again, i think part of the problem with -- part of how we've come here is by not actually holding all voters -- and i would say specifically white voters, frankly, holding folks accountable as adults. so that is an issue. but i do think that you mentioned barack obama. i mean, that's someone who for all of his -- whatever his faults were, was appealing to the better angels of our nature. there's a lot of honor in that.
9:25 pm
and donald trump is the exact opposite. that does not absolve voters of individual responsibility, but i think it does say that leadership matters. that the morality or lack thereof of the people in office matters. and it does seem like some parts of the country are not really thinking with their head or their heart. they're thinking in a mob mentality. and that's really disturbing. >> uh-huh, uh-huh. terry? >> yeah, or a tribal mentality. i think that's absolutely right. i do take some comfort in the recent polling that has been done showing that there is an increasing gender gap so that in the 2016 elections, very shamefully from my point of view, 63% of white men, 53% of white women and 80% of white evangelical christians voted for donald trump. i don't think you see those numbers today. i think a particular -- these are real atrocities being committed at the border
9:26 pm
separating families, taking tiny children away from their parents and putting them in cages. this kind of thing is developing an enormous gender gap right now according to the polling. my hope is more women, specifically white women will have their eyes open to what it is they voted for. >> take a listen to the way the president does speak about women. >> maxine waters, a very low iq individual. >> you can see there was planned parenthood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. such a nasty woman. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter account -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> terry? >> 5 million people around the globe protesting his inauguration on the day after he was inaugurated in january 2017. i think are exactly what you
9:27 pm
were showing just now, that is what resulted from that is an up swelling of people saying, this is outrageous. in fact, i think that the explosion of the me too movement was -- that you can connect the dots directly from donald trump bragging in the hollywood access tapes about committing sexual assault all the way -- you connect those dots to the women's march on washington the day after the inauguration to what we're seeing now, which is just -- women are absolutely stepping up. i'm so thrilled that rachel crooks is running for office. she is one of dozens and really hundreds of women that have stepped up. >> let me go to rachel on that. we talked substance. we talked some policy context. on the politics, rachel, do you think there's high odds what donald trump said last night might help your candidacy? >> i mean, of course i think it energizes the women that are running, once again. whenever he makes fun of
9:28 pm
something like this and women -- i mean, you just heard all those comments that you played. he has no regard for women and it's sad. we're over half the population. he has daughters. the fact that he goes through life with just complete disregard for women is infuriating, and i think that's why you do see so many women running because the highest man in this country is, you know, behaves this way and we're fed up with it. we want equality at work and we want to feel like we can walk around and be respected. and he's just the antithesis of that. >> rachel crooks, mara gay, terry o'neal, thank you for this conversation. appreciate t. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> on the beat there is an effort to do something a little different in troll trump. there are efforts, yes, the diaper clad trump baby blimp. first the education secretary with new reporting from inside the education department when we back in 60 seconds.
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turning now to a special report on donald trump's education secretary, betsy devos, who is rolling back years of policy in ways that could affect millions of students, maybe students in your own household. in the past few months, she scuttled hundreds of civil rights probes that were underway from the obama administration and cut off programs that were designed to enhance diversity across american schools. she also dismantled protections for students at for-profit schools. devos came in as one of trump's most controversial cabinet picks. the question the critics pose is whether she was more focused on business approaches than the public interest. what we're doing tonight is looking at how her record is bearing out. consider three years ago she said this. >> we're the beneficiaries of start-ups, ventures and innovation in every other area of life. but we don't have that in education because it's a closed system, a closed industry, a
9:31 pm
closed market. it's a monopoly, a dead end. >> so, what is she doing about her so-called monopoly dead end? well, we're seeing her tenure touch on virtually just about all the controversial big ticket items in donald trump's presidency from guns to immigration. she refuse toes say whether migrant kids split from their own parents would get to go to school or not. and she stunned many educators that testifying teachers could become part of immigration enforcement because they could then be able to call border agents to report on undocumented families. >> if a principal or a teacher finds out that a certain child is undocumented or his or her family members are undocumented, do you feel that that principal or teacher should -- is responsible to call i.c.e. and
9:32 pm
to have that family reported? >> sir, i think that's a school decision. it's a local community decision. >> she also struck a very trumpy tone on another fairly basic policy point. the issue over whether one admits that guns are dangerous inside school. >> you can't say definitively today guns shouldn't be in schools? >> well, i will refer back to senator enzy and the school that he was talking about in wyoming. i think probably there, i would imagine that there's probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies. >> potential grizzlies. that was back in january. it was more than a gaffe. she now leads a commission on school safety, but says the entire effort will not even discuss gun violence. >> you're stating gun violence
9:33 pm
but not studying the role of guns. >> we're studying school safety and how we can ensure our students are safe. >> how can you ensure students are safe in school? well, look at what endangers their safety. 59 school shootings, 59 deaths, 93 injured since devos was confirmed last year. now, she also was part of funneling millions of dollars and donations to the republican party which put her on the map for the trump administration, but had zero prior experience in public education, something which critics say is part of the problem and has become very obvious in her public statements. >> so, were you unaware what i just asked you about the ida, that it was a federal law? >> i may have confused it. >> are the public schools in michigan gotten better? >> i don't know. overall -- i can't say overall they have gotten better. >> the whole state is not doing well. >> well, there are certainly lots of pockets where the students are doing well -- >> and those kind of appearances did open her up to ridicule, all
9:34 pm
the way over on snl. >> i don't, i don't know anything about school, but i, i do think there should be a school. >> well, i think the problem is that the words that were coming out of my mouth were bad and that is because they came from my brain. i may not be very good on camera, but behind the scenes my ideas are much worse. >> is it funny or is it true? many critics are saying the record has become clear and some of those ideas are actually much worse. devos reversing obama policies for sexual assault protections on campus. dropping bathroom rules that were designed to protect students who identify as transgender and then pulling out -- pulling out on guidelines that protect disabled students. devos is a long-time advocate for private schools, often at the expense of public education. that's a big and complex debate, but she's been criticized for
9:35 pm
sometimes seeming to downplay the problems that students do face in under performing schools. >> have you seen the really bad schools, maybe try to figure out what they're doing? >> i have not -- i have not -- i've not intentionally visited schools that are under performing. >> maybe you should. >> maybe i should, yes. >> leslie stahl there on 60 minutes. maybe you should, a fair point to raise with someone in charge of all the schools. i mean, the ones that are perfect, they might need less attention. here at the beat we reached out to the education department for this report to ask a follow-up because more time has gone by. has devos actually gone out and visited any of those under performing schools since march when she said that? well, we found that just two of the schools out of the 24 she's visited are characterized as under performing. in fact, the majority of the school visits during this period were to foreign overseas schools like those in england, switzerland and the netherlands. there are about 75 million
9:36 pm
students here in the united states and many different types of schools worth visiting. at least some, maybe half ought to be the under performing ones if they're the ones you want to help. the bigger point here as we see the record is that the things said, the things, those so-called gaffs, they're making their way into education policy in the trump administration. and perhaps that dead end is something that miss devos was seeing in her own future. >> it's a closed system, a closed industry, a closed market. it's a monopoly, a dead end. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪
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one of those weeks, but it is friday on the beat and that means it's time to fall back. i am joined tonight by michael denzel smith, author of invisible man, got the whole world watching "the new york times" dubbed him the intellectual in air jordan ans. comedian chris tan finnegan, one
9:40 pm
of the best weeks ever. he's performing next week in the d.c. improv comedy club. those are sound effects. who needs to fall back? >> i'm going to say the people who designed fireworks have to fall back. >> okay. >> it's the same one ever years. every year diapers have the same technology and we're still stuck with the same fireworks. there's only three types. the one that's the ring, the circle ring and there's the one that comes down -- that's the ring one. >> sure. >> there is one that comes down like -- >> i like the spyder ring. >> the one that explodes with the shimmering jazz hands. >> let's put that one back up. that is a fire work. that's what i think of as a fire work. you want to take that away from us? >> can't we move on a little bit instead of staring at the sky? >> you want your fireworks to be like iphones, every six months i'm being told i need a new one?
9:41 pm
>> i want to be dazzled. i want to be wooed. >> you're not dazzled by things exploding in the sky? >> i've been in new york too long. >> this is more about you. who needs to fall back? >> i think senator chuck schumer needs to fall back. the past couple weeks he's shown just how out of touch democrats are and that they can't read the room. democratic leadership denouncing maxine waters for her calls for being uncivil to trump administration officials and not backing her, nancy pelosi, bernie sanders, folks not backing her up. and also he called -- this reporter calling donald trump privately to ask him to nominate merrick garland to the supreme court. when do we get an opposition party? >> i think a lot of people identify with what you're saying. who else needs to fall back? >> the other person that needs to fall back is the florida police officer who recently went to a burger king and ate most of
9:42 pm
his burger that he ordered before thinking that there was dirt in his burger. apparently he thought it was burnt bacon, but then thought it might be dirt. then went to facebook to rant about how this anti-police attitude has infected so many people and the people at burger king put dirt in his burger. but it turns out it was just seasoning. it was salt and pepper. >> maybe he thought they were trying to put dirt on his name. >> possibly. >> long pause. do you ever get laughter in your shows where people laugh to be nice? you only get the pure real laughter. my fall back is for the ritz carlton hotel lotion. they need to fall back from making such good lotion that it jeopardized a cabinet official's career. i just think that's -- to be fair. you see it there. by the way, it's slightly sweet
9:43 pm
notes of jasmine and bergamot. that can tempt even the most disciplined epa official. michael denzel smith. christian, thank you for being here on fall back friday. still ahead, we have more on the show. my update on the trump baby blimp and the rap star big sean is here. designed to clean a denture. the wonderful thing about polident is the fact that it's very, very tough on bacteria, yet it's very gentle on the denture itself. polident's 4 in 1 cleaning system consists of 4 powerful ingredients that work together to deep clean your denture in hard to reach places. it kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and it helps to remove stains. polident should be the first choice of every person that wears a denture, to clean their denture. welcome to holiday inn! thank you! ♪ ♪ wait, i have something for you! every stay is a special stay at holiday inn. save up to 15% when you book early
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may be hard to remember, but when donald trump was running for president he talked a lot about inner cities. now that he is president, he's called for actually slashing funding for those very same areas. people in cities like detroit raising money to improve their own neighborhoods. in fact, detroit native and hip-hop star big sean is helping in that effort. he's been lending his star power to do concerts in the area. he's a five-time grammy nominee who has run with the likes of jay z, beyonce and kanye west and joins me on the beat. >> thanks for joining me. >> yes, sir. >> tell me what you're working on. >> thanks for having me. as you can see, i've got the
9:48 pm
train station behind me in detroit and this is a legendary landmark in a city that's been abandoned since i've been born, you know what i mean? since 1988, for 30 years. so, ford is revamping. and not only that, they're pouring so much money into the neighborhood. so like for the past few years the renaissance of detroit has been going on. new stadiums, new energy, hotels that have been abandoned places like new businesses everywhere. this is the first time it's hit in the neighborhoods. it's a complete difference than what it used to be a few years ago. >> a lot of your music focuses on ambition, on drive, entrepreneurial attitude, if you want to call it that. you know, why is that so important to you? because that's different than, as you know, what some people think about hip-hop or about sometimes what people frankly think about young black men. you're focusing on a lot of positivity in business. tell me about that.
9:49 pm
>> because i feel like that's what we need. i feel like we need that empowerment, that encouragement. i have a responsibility and i'm not saying every song i do is to inspire and to do this, but it is in a way. even if it's a song like from one man can change the world to bounce back, it's just different inspirations in different ways. >> you mentioned bounce bark. explain for the people because we might have some parents of your fans watching. what does that mean when you say last night, i took it out, but then you bounce back? >> i mean, last night i took an l. that could be a loss, that could be a lesson, too, though. lately i've been not looking at things as losses. i've been looking at them as lessons, you know. you look at that, there is no such thing as losing truthfully, so that's what that is. and that's the mentality i'm trying to teach. coming from a city like detroit, that's all i've been taught, is to be a boss, you know, boss up and give back to the people you love and put the people -- put
9:50 pm
the people who deserve to be put on, put them on, give them opportunities, give them dreams, something to look up to. >> i'm going to ask you about another lyric. that's part of what we do sometimes on the beat. when you say focus on the inner am i, never on the enemy, what are you getting at there? >> absolutely. >> a lot of people think about what's happening with the internet, everyone showing off is a lot of constant competition or focusing on opponents. what are you getting at there? >> i'm focusing on the power of self-development. you feel me? that's how you truly win in anything, because that's what you want to bring to the table, is your best self. that's what that's all about. >> immigration has been a big issue obviously in the country and the humanitarian crisis. this is something you've already been involved with. i know you did a song with coldplay that touches on these issues. i know there is a clothing line about supporting immigrants. why was that important to you and what do you see when you look at what's going on right
9:51 pm
now, the debate over these trump administration poll sniz >> it's funny how we live on one planet but it feels like we're in all these different worlds. my thing is equal opportunity, people getting an equal chance, a fair chance, what they want to do, where they want to go. >> it's big sean. they call you sean don. you know you're popping when you have more than one nickname. >> i have a few nicknames. that's the most popular. i'm sure you have a nickname, too. >> the nicknames here, we keep them pretty under raps. we try to be serious on the news. i'm a fan. people interested in not only what you're doing, but your message. thanks for spending time with us. >> thanks for having me and thanks for recognizing the message. >> that's not all. another nickname we're looking at, the nickname for the trump baby blimp. an update on the important report next. (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it.
9:52 pm
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now we turn to an update on a story we first brought you last night, the trump baby blimp which british activists launched to troll donald trump next week. the giant trump baby blimp is set to fly over london to
9:57 pm
humiliate donald trump and trigger his undocumented insecurity and some people think he's a baby. british officials have cleared take off for the trump baby blimp and activists raised enough money online. it apparently takes $23,000 to fly a baby this size. but here's the new development in this story tonight. this trump baby is hauling in a lot of cash. activists now nearing 40,000 u.s. dollars. that is actually more than this baby's london voyage will cost, and tonight i can report organize organizers pledge to use this money to expand operations and take the trump baby on a world tour. now, where will the trump baby blimp fly next? at this hour i can tell you we just don't have any of those locations confirmed, but organizers are actually taking requests online from other cities that expect a trump visit. a trump baby blimp world tour could rile up the president because he is known to get angry
9:58 pm
at the notion that he is a baby. as we noted in our reporting on this last night, journalist josh green reported on how donald trump screamed at paul manafort during the campaign when he was greeted with news that manafort tried to persuade him through tv interviews saying, quote, you think you've got to go on tv to talk to me? you treat me like a baby. am i like a baby to you, trump yelled, according to green. i sit here like a little baby and watch tv and you talk to me? am i an f-ing baby, paul? there are also reports out of london that trump supporters are punching back at this whole baby name calling thing the only way they know how. with baby name calling. creating their own counter baby balloon that depicts trump's nemesis, london mayor saadiq kahn to fly over london and they've raised $26,000. they say trump won't even care about the baby attack that they are countering.
9:59 pm
>> he's here to do more important things than worry about some protesters on the street. >> he's coming into the lion's nest -- the lion's den. it's going to be fun to watch. >> i think it is embarrassing to britain actually. i mean, again, we always stand side by side with each other and is this really the way you welcome a good friend? >> is this the way you welcome a good friend? well, the question presumes that the u.k. and the u.s. are friends. but there is an old foreign policy saying, countries don't have friends, they have interests. de gall and others have been attributed for that quote and critics, of course, say donald trump's approach to immigration and trade has strained america's interests abroad. and this saga may give way to, who knows, maybe a new saying. babies don't have friends because they're babies. as these two baby blimps take flight, maybe we can all sit down and reflect on how to act a little less like babies and a
10:00 pm
little more like diplomats. that's our final word and i'm sure you'll agree it's a fitting place to end the beat tonight. that does it for me. you can always check out the beat on 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. >> when i saw her i lost concept of time. i reached in, pulled her out, started -- when i saw her, i lost concept of time. i reached in, pulled her out, and started screaming help. >> please! oh, my god! wake up! wake! >> it was the worst seconds in my life. >> how was it possible? >> i would give anything if she were alive today. >> such a sweet young wife and mom. such a shattering death. >> i cried all night long. >> he was downstairs with the kids. she was upstairs in the bath. thent


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