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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  July 10, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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it was awesome, it was freaking awesome and i hope england wins the next round because, frankly, a france/england final would be even more awesome. i have only awesome superlatives. that's it. we'll be back with more "mtp daily." now "the beat with" with ari mel burr starts right now. >> katie, it seems your love for the world cup could eliminate all of our bantering if it were an all year long type of thing. >> maybe i'll keep doing it. >> you look so happy. i feel more guilty about trying to create the awkward toss that has become my -- >> i had the most awkward -- like severely deeply uncomfortable toss with peter alexander at the top of the show which makes our tosses look like a walk in the park. >> you know what they call? it's made out of turtle meet, it's an awkward turtle sandwich if you have awkward on both ends of the broadcast. >> am i doing that right? >> perfect. we turn from the goofy to
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the serious with breaking news. i can report that just moments ago paul manafort's lawyers say they are -- and i'm quoting basically -- their arguments, worried about paul manafort's current safety behind bars, a serious thing for any lawyer to file. a judge ordered paul manafort to be moved to a new jail as he awaits his much-anticipated trial. that might seem like a win for manafort's team, his lawyers have been arguing the current jail for their preparation s pr. now his lawyers want him to stay where he is citing concerns about his safety. now guilty trump aide michael flynn back in court the first time since he was in court in december to plead guilty in the first place. his lawyer telling the judge flynn is cooperating and is eager to move to sentencing. no sign of what will transpire. all of that is the backdrop, the
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legal wrangling, of these different trump aides with someone else breaking their silence who is key to mueller's investigation. a russian admitting setting up that infamous meeting at trump tower. russian pop star agalarov who said he set up the meet iing. he laughed off suggestions there was an attempt to influence the u.s. election. >> i've been accused of influencing the -- this is going to sound very strange. influencing the american election. me, this guy here from azerbaijan living in moscow. because i know mr. donald trump who is the current president of the united states. just because he appeared in one
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of my videos and i hosted with him miss universe in 2013 from moscow. during those three days we rigged the american election and helped him become president of the united states. >> he may be my lawyerly than he looks because what was said is not the accusation and what's strange is the meeting orchestrated at trump tower. on that he isn't saying much although there is some attempt to come out of the woodwork. in a new interview with abc he won't explain why an aide to his father's business attended the trump tower meeting and would not comment on the substance of the meeting which is important but notes something that everyone has been tracking here in the united states, he asserts he has not spoken to mueller i'm
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joined now by frank freddie gig. let's begin with what paul manafort's lawyers are saying. >> they wanted to get him closer to the courthouse because it's a major pain in the neck to have to travel that distance. once you get to a prison you have to go through a whole security procedure. you have to wait for your client show up and go through locked doors. it's not an easy thing to prepare for trial with a defendant who is incarcerated. >> when they say concerns about his safety, what do we make of that? >> not just safety. they said it was because he didn't want to get used to a new place so for him you don't know it was f it was concerns about his safety or he didn't want to go to a new hotel that he wasn't used to. i'd say the guy just wasn't want to move and he doesn't care if
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his lawyers have to travel and go through all that grief to get to him. >> given my familiarity with federal detention facilities, they're not easy but what do you think paul manafort's lawyers are doing here and why this wrangling in a high profile case you try to minimize pre-trial motion motions. >> it's totally understandable they want proximity to their lawyers and d.c. so i get that motion, that makes sense to me. this late -- this last-minute development that now somehow alexandria is not going to be sufficient and may be because of its safety doesn't ring true. here's why. the most notorious washington, d.c. area subjects, detainees, including robert hanson, notorious spy, fbi executive, were housed there temporarily
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and they did okay. you can segregate people appropriately so this sounds to be more as some kind of manafort issue or court where he doesn't want to be moved right now and some may be spin where we're seeing a public that wants to let the public think he's a beleaguered victim that gets moved around and is in danger. >> this goes to the two chess pieces that seem to be important on the board. what happens to paul manafort's trial and does it put extra pressure on him and what happens in michael cohen's situation as he continues to speak out and say maybe he won't be so loyal to donald trump anymore. the way they put it when sometimes people watch they say why is there more news about paul manafort? well, because of what paul manafort is doing. i want to in fairness read what he says. in light of manafort's continuing detention and after further reflection his lawyers say issues of distance and inconvenience must yield to concerns about his safety and the challenges he will face in adjusting to a new place of
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confinement and the changing circumstance of detention two weeks before trial. put this in the broader context of what we'll see if the trial starts on time and the kind of case they have against him which i understand it has paper evidence that's bat for him. >> that's right. i think the trial will move ahead. he has another motion to change the venue to another location in virginia because there are many democrats supposedly in the district where he's going to be tried in alexandria. the fact is that will all be taken care of during the jury voir dire when they pick the jury and question the jurors. mueller has submitted to the judge an extensive questionnaire that will ferret out anybody who cannot be fair and impartial and they ask all kinds of questions the jurors will write down their answers to. this trial is going ahead in truth and reality the lawyers probably don't need that much time anymore.
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it is a document case. you can't cross-examine a document, the document speaks for itself and they'll put into evidence one document after another. in terms of any kind of real defense here, the defense, the lawyers, they have him lying to the lawyers. >> before i go to david on foreign policy, you don't think they'll put paul manafort on the stand do you? >> i would never think he'd take the stand. they would then take the documents and put them under his face and say did you sign this? did you sign this? if he doesn't admit it he'll look like a total fool and if he does he looks like a fool, too, because he's guilty. >> i come to you with another character in this international tour of mystery, the agalarovs are not international names in america. >> have you heard him sing? >> i haven't heard his work. >> if you had you would know why he wasn't a household name.
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>> there you go. a little shade. >> a little rolling stone side of it. walk us to what's important and the way he seems to be playing dumb. >> i'm not sure he's playing dumb but he has to admit his role and then went on to deny any substance. his laughing the idea that he was trying to manipulate the election is laughable. the russian government asked his father to set up the meeting. it was part of a pattern of efforts the russian government has undertaken in order to manipulate the election he's a bit part in this, a spear carrier and he will disappear into the midst but we are so hungry these days for any bit of information that moves us a little closer to understanding what the russian timeline was.
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>> hungry and thirsty. >> well, you know, i think that the reality is he's going to if i had back into the background pretty soon and we are going to get on the the manafort trial and then we'll get to the next phases of the mueller investigation. >> this is more of a psychological question but given your familiarity with that part of the world, we have read accounts that russia and other countries use assets -- and there's a term unwitting asset -- to get things done. people hear about themselves in that information and they don't know what to believe. were they an unwitting asset or not? >> what we've seen -- and all the evidence points to it with regard to the meddling in the u.s. election -- the russians were doing everything in their
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power to put the thumb on the scale of the elections. they were channels money to trump through the nra, through other areas. they were using cyber. they were using information warfare, they were using trolls, they were setting up these meetings, reaching out through wikileaks, reaching out through pressure from oligarchs whether it's deripaska with manafort or others. every place they could get their sort of claws into this they tried to get their claws into it. it was comprehensive. not to say that it was coordinated. they didn't know what was going to work. >> they were throwing a lot at the wall. with that in mind, also take a listen to his discussion about one of the mortar salacious and unverified parts of the dossier in this new interview. >> mr. trump came to moscow with 87 most beautiful ladies in the world of that year. ms. brazil, ms. argentina, ms. usa, ms. great britain, ms. blah
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blah blah. and even if i were to even think that, i would never even offer it because i can never live up to the high level of the most amazing and beautiful women surrounding us constantly. i think any really successful people are interested in buying s sex. >> so, look, we just talked about cutouts and co-optees and bit players. this young man is having 15 minutes of fame but he wouldn't know what happened that night or whether the bodyguard of trump was approached and this offer was made. what i took out of this interview of this young man was further confirmation where he says that the trump campaign approached the russians needing help to get the russian american vote and that's when they got
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hooked up with this russian social media entity. that was an interesting statement. this business of i don't know anything about prostitutes at the ritz-carlton moscow, that means nothing. >> briefly what does that mean that you want a foreign country's help to get the immigrant nationals in this country to vote for you? it's weird. >> i wonder if he needed help with italian americans, or polish american or why the focus on russian americans and why he asked this young man let's make sure to invite putin to the miss universe pageant. something not right. why the focus on russians? we'll figure that out and that's what mueller is working on. >> it's the kind of defense that's so dumb you feel dumb disproving it but to extend your logic there are many hispanic american people in the united states with links to mexico that vote that was not the same operation to get help from the mexican government. my thanks to all of you for your
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expertise. coming up, new fears about what trump will do in this private meeting with putin. >> putin. frankly putin may be the easiest of them all. who would think? who would think? and democrats demanding trump's new supreme court pick recuse himself from any issues that arise out of mueller's russia probe. that's their big argument today and new outrage over trump's advice to migrant kids as he misses a key court-ordered deadline to reunite them with their parents. i'm ari melber and you're watching the beat onnen msnbc. s9 s9 one-way sale fares for travel throughout september and october. so you can fill the rest of your year with amazing trips. from football games to reunions, or just a break from the office. these $69 one-way sale fares are ready to make your september and october a whole lot better. book now at low fares. no hidden fees. that's transfarency.
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today donald trump leads on a foreign trip that includes a nato summit, meetings in london and his sit down with vladimir putin. >> reporter: would you say vladimir putin a friend or foe? >> i really can't say right now, as far as i'm concerned, a competitor. so i have nato, i have the uk which is in what turmoil and i have putin. frankly putin may be the easiest of them all, who would think? who would think? >> others are not as sure about that. >> i'm worried the word on the president's lips would be da, yes, to anything that putin says so i don't think he should be alone with him. >> trump aligning with putin on key foreign policy issues, they called for russia to be readmitted to the g7, the ongoing debates over sanctions
3:19 pm
saying crimea is part of russia because most people there speak russian. trump called members of his own administration reportedly stupid for trying to prevent a putin phone call and trump, of course, we know often praises putin. >> i respect putin. he's a strong leader i can tell you that. i would say putin is a nicer putin that i am. >> putin is a killer. >> a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? >> it would be great if we could get along with russia just so you understand that. it's not terrible, it's good. >> this is a story donald trump has been fuelling in his decades worth of personal and political links to russia have come out piecemeal which is part of the in evidence a provocative but somewhat hypothetical times article by john shade in "new york" magazine. this one making waives where chait writes it would be dangerous not to consider the possibility that the summit is less a negotiation between two heads of state than a meeting
3:20 pm
between a russian intelligence ass asset and his handler. joining me now is john chait. thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> there is much that has been discussed about this the trump/russia relationship and intrigue. writing with that is like writing about god. a lot of writers have written about it. but what are you saying through this article and what are you hoping to engender? >> what i'm trying to address is a few problems with the way we've been thinking about this issue. someone that the story has come out bit by bit so even when a bombshell comes it drops into this hot news environment and everyone freaks out for a day, a night and then we're on to the next thing and these stories get forgotten. number two, it seems that we're
3:21 pm
suffering all along from the my truth lies one step ahead of where we are and we've taken steps so far. so maybe we should stop assuming that and try to think where might it go, not where will it go. let's stop focusing on the most likely scenario and think about what if it goes farther than we think? it's worth sometimes considering risks of outcomes that aren't the most likely outcome because as i mention the piece before the election there was about an 80% chance that clinton would win according to people who crunched the numbers and everyone treated that 20% chance of trump winning like it was zero. so in that spirit i'm trying to piece it together and think what if this goes far based on the evidence what would that look like? >> and what does the worst-case scenario look like in your view? >> the worst-case scenario would be that trump has been deeply
3:22 pm
compromised by russia either through blackmail or financial leverage or both. it might go back to the 1990s when he couldn't lend from other sources and needed money. it might go back as far as 1987, i wouldn't bet that way but that's possible because in 1987 that's when he visited moscow and came back and started talking for the first time about how america's allies are a bunch of dead weight and why are they taking our money. >> if there's hard evidence of that, how many people in the world do you think know it? >> not many. and there is this mueller investigation and it e's probab going to find out a lot. it might not find that out but it's worth exploring what whether that is what is at the bottom of this. but you're right. if that's the case it's probably locked up in moscow and will probably stay that way. >> and the way you write it is
3:23 pm
alarming although there are caveats and careful notes in the piece but it raises profound questions that go well before 2016. i thought that was a contribution you made. we've had discussion about meddling, you were looking much farther back at the way donald trump rolls so to speak. jonathan chait, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, ari. we are days away from the trump baby blimp taking flight. london's mayor taking on critics in the united states. also trump missing today's deadline to do something very important -- reunite those kids ripped away from their parents by his policies. but first, democrats on offense and they have a new argument for why donald trump's supreme court pick should not be confirmed. what they're saying when we're back in 60 seconds. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget...
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that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ (burke) so we know how to seen cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is? (man 1) my guess would be, about... (man 2) i'd say about two hundred. (man 1) yeah... (burke) gives houseplant a whole new meaning. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ the other top story, how democrats are waging war on trump's high court pick. issues like abortion and health care have mobilized a lot of concern on the left but now the democrats' opening punch goes farther than policy, alleging donald trump may have made this
3:25 pm
pick with corrupt intent, building a kind of a wall to defend himself against further problems or even prosecution in the mueller probe. now, before we go any further, let's be clear even for a president who piece been accused of meddling in investigations, this charge is serious. it requires evidence to be taken seriously but it also shows the unusual era we are living in right now and clearly the intensity of many democrats' opposition to this nominee, judge brett kavanaugh who is making his way to capitol hill for meetings with request senators. he's known for scholarly and conservative opinions including breaking with his own colleagues to stake out positions that are seen as conservative and pro-life. but democrats not only are looking at his ideology but his alleged partisan shship. the line of attack is that maybe
3:26 pm
his views shift on what the republican party wants. they say he was a slashing contributor when he worked for ken starr investigating bill clinton. that was an entire probe built on a premise a president can be investigated while in office and which featured kavanaugh saying he was opposed to giving the president any break. after the case led to the impeachment of a, yes, democratic president, he moved on to a position well welcomed by trump allies writing presidents should be exempt while in office from criminal investigations and testifying along similar lines. >> impeachment and conviction take into account more than just facts. it wasn't just a simple question of whether there was a violation of law committed but broader considerations for the country. >> that is all the kind of am mission democrats are seizing on right now. >> the thing the president is most obsessed with is the mueller investigation and kavanaugh is the strongest against such an investigation.
3:27 pm
>> he thinks congress should pass specific legislation to insulate the president from either criminal or civil processes while in office. >> this seems to be of all the people the most self-serving person he could choose in order to protect himself from this criminal investigation. >> richard blumenthal will join me in just a moment on all this but first i want to bring in attorney vince warren who runs the center for constitutional rights, elliot williams and elise hoe, president of naral, pro-choice america which works with planned parenthood. let me start with you. is this the right tack? >> there's a lot of reasons to go after this nominee potentially and what -- given the length of his paper trail and given all that might be found when the democrats actually take a look at it, certainly they should look at his partisan background. every partisan fight over the last 10 or 20 years, he's been a
3:28 pm
bit player to it. so that could be "bush v. gore" questions over interrogation and detention and these will show up in his record so it behooves the democrats to take a close look at his record. >> as a lawyer i can't help but observe you didn't answer the question. is this attack that he is a rank partisan republican the right place to start. >> it is a place to start. >> vince, i know there are many questions but is this the right place to start? >> i think it is. when donald trump says that he's going to appoint somebody that's going to get to roe v. wade and obamacare we should believe him. we know enough about this president is to intuit that he
3:29 pm
wants to a point someone who will give him a good outcome. the next question of whether cal kavanaugh is going to flip is a harder question. it seems to me -- i can't see that he would not move forward issues that donald trump thinks are important and i think the president has essentially nominated his own savior. >> elise, i want to get your views, we've had you on the show to talk about women's rights in this context. but first, listen to chuck schumer, the person leading on this idea that it's a corrupt choi choice. >> he said the president shouldn't be investigated. he's gone so far as to say a president if he declares a law unconstitutional doesn't have to obey it. how will he react if mueller needs a subpoena or other action? he's probably the most extreme
3:30 pm
and it wouldn't surprise me if that was very important to donald trump, knowing donald trump -- and i have no proof do you think he didn't inquire about this directly or indirectly knowing donald trump? >> i think if donald trump's obsession with self-preservation and mike pence's obsession with controlling women had a love child it would be brett kavanaugh. we have literally seen mike pence right before i went on this show doubling down on his desire to gut roe v. wade, criminalize abortion. at the same time we know this president will do everything he can to avoid investigation and as senator schumer said, expand his powers i think these are complementary arguments. people care about an independent judiciary. they also care about women's capacity to have personal freedoms and freedom over our future. these aren't left positions, these are very mainstream american positions. >> that's certainly the case,
3:31 pm
especially if democrats have a multiprong attack and explain what it means to overturn roe throughout the land. vince, obviously all serious legal issues are adjudicated on "the view" and that's where you'll find alan dershowitz. and although he has been very supportive of things that help the white house he himself was not warm on this pick. take a look at alan dershowitz on view. >> i wouldn't have nominated kavanaugh, he wouldn't have been my choice. >> why? >> he might have to recuse himself based on what he has written. >> that is traction for this recusal argument and it could be the supreme court that has the final word if mueller pushes it. >> it might be the first thing alan dershowitz and i have ever agreed on in the history of jurisprudence but it's important particularly around his -- kavanaugh's passionate love for expanding presidential power particularly the presidential power of the president he's
3:32 pm
employed by. >> you're speaking to the point there is the power theories. the court held flx the war making power, the drone power is not easy to question regardless of who is president. the democrats are singling out that kavanaugh didn't seem to feel as strongly about this when bill clinton was president. >> that's definitely true but we have to expand it out to look at what presidential power does so in the context of guantanamo detainees and torture, judge kavanaugh was a judge on the circuit court of appeals that dismissed a case that we had at the center for constitutional rights with over 200 victims of torture in abu ghraib prison. this is a man who looks clearly at what he sees as the rules that are the most open and available to the president to establish that kind of presidential power without regard of the human beings that it affects. >> and the flip side, though, is that this is a respected scholarly juris who doesn't have
3:33 pm
any problem with his aba rating, anything like that. >> okay, fine but the president of the united states promised that he was going to nominate a justice that would overturn roe v. wade, that would be hostile to administrative law generally, it would roll back kinds of lights that are near and dear to many of us americans, many of us here, right? >> ari, i think we need dispense with the yes enscredentials as like he's a good car pool dad and soccer coach. everything is on the line with this nomination. it's about his ideology, it's about his willingness to break with the circuit court on crucial issues of constitutional rights and rights to abortion, rights to contraception and it's about whether he's going to be a rubber stamp for this president. >> no question. >> on that, elise, speak to his overruled views on say an immigrant who wanted to exercise
3:34 pm
the right to kbhorabortion, if would go that far on the appeals court, what would he do on the supreme court? what's your analysis? >> he not only parted from his circuit court but he wrote a strongly worded dissent in arguing a woman should be detained against her will after a court ordered her release to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. he argued in a different dissent that the religious accommodation for contraception coverage and the aca was not sufficient even though all it meant was that people had to sign a form. those are ideological positions that run afoul of what most american people want. kaiser family foundation had a poll out that showed 73% of self-identified independents want roe v. wade upheld. these senators have to think about what they're doing in this
3:35 pm
moment. >> panel, hang with me. i want to bring in democratic senator richard blumenthal of connecticut who serves on the judiciary committee. senator, you've been listening to this debate here. on behalf of the panel we have talented lawyers but if you ever watch "sesame street" and they say one of these things is different than all the others, off vot you have a vote, none of us do. walk us through how to block this vote if that's your goal. >> i'm privileged to join this highly talented team of lawyers. i was a law clerk on the united states supreme court for harry blackman the year after he wrote the majority opinion in roe v. wade. i've argued cases before the united states supreme court, four of them. i really regard this institution with reverence as well as respect and what donald trump is doing -- talk about partisan -- is outsourcing and delegating this decision to right wing
3:36 pm
fringe groups that are implementing screening and vetting this nominee for the trump litmus test, automatically overturn roe v. wade, cut back health care rights, civil rights, voting rights, this will be shaped for decades. what are we doing to stop this nomination? well, of course, first, like good lawyers on the judiciary committee we're doing a ton of research and what we have discovered is this nominee is in favor of giving the president power to fire the special counsel who is investigating him. that he is in favor of vast expansion of presidential power when most americans today want donald trump to be checked and bridled because he's out of control. personally as well as in terms of authority and he has favored
3:37 pm
holding the consumer finance protection board unconstitutional. he doesn't like what it does, protecting consumers but he thinks the president ought to have control over it. so these kinds of knowledge and facts are relevant and we'll make the case to the american people that he is not the right nominee, right wing, fringe, the product of a corrupt process and a president who has made himself the put pppet of these groups. and look how relevant this is is right now. rudy giuliani said the president ought to continue to have pardon power. who will determine that? the swing vote. who will determine whether he has to comply with a subpoena from the special counsel? this nominee. and he absolutely must recuse himself. that is a bare minimum that my colleagues should insist on him
3:38 pm
doing. >> so when you make the case to the american people, is that an outside in strategy that you say that to the american people and you get enough pressure on people like collins and murkowski to come back around? walk us through viewers who say i hear the democrats have woken up but it feels years late. what is the strategy to get to 51 votes? >> the strategy issic to-t to to the american people the way we did with the affordable care act. here we have the same issues where donald trump has named someone who will be the key vote on eliminating protections under the affordable care act. he will take us back to the darkest days in this country when abortion was criminalized,
3:39 pm
women died, women were denied access to contraception and the morning-after pill. these kinds of facts will arouse and enrage the american people just as they did on health care and that's the case we're going make and the same tools are necessary to give the american people voice and persuade our colleagu colleagues. they have to answer to history. this vote will be remembered long after everything else is forgotten, including the next electi election. >> senator blumenthal, thank you for joining us, thank you vince warren, elliot williams and elise hogue. up next, donald trump missing a key deadline as toddlers wait to reunite with their parents. also this coming in during our hour. michael cohen's new hour speaking out with a message that may make the white house very nervous.
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breaking news.
3:43 pm
michael cohen's new lawyer lanny davis, the long time clinton ally, is speaking out in his first on-camera interview and he says his client as made a, quote, declaration of independence from donald trump. adding this. >> there is a reason he said at the end of the interview with mr. stephanopoulos that he took these contrary positions to mr. trump that he previously said he would take a bullet for. the reason he said is i will not be a punching bag as part of somebody else's defense strat y strategy. >> i have nick ackerman. as the saying goes, here we go. >> this is not good news for donald trump. if, in fact, michael cohen enters into a deal with mueller's office and actually has evidence relating to the russian conspiracy, relating to the election campaign, he is going to be a very power fful
3:44 pm
witness mainly because he is somebody that can be corroborated by the millions of documents they've seized in that search warrant. >> what if it has nothing do with alleged russian collusion and it's just michael cohen saying five or ten years ago i help mid-client do something bad maybe illegal, there's the thing called the crime fraud exception to our privilege and i'll tell mueller about it. what does that do? >> probably not much because if it's five years, ten years, past the statute of limit faces i think where he has information is did he go on the trip to prague? was he dealing with the russians? he is the person that came up with the plan for ukraine which is a key piece of what i think flynn will testify to about dropping sanctions on russia. >> and if he did go abroad or do anything hinky with regard to the election, he knows it and donald trump probably knows it. >> and his lawyers know it because they went through this charade of looking at his
3:45 pm
records to determine whether there was anything covered by the attorney/client privilege so they know what michael cohen can say and can't say. >> do you think that lanny is taking a few pages out of michael avenatti's book? are we seeing an evolution in tv lawyering here? >> i don't think so. he hasn't done that much. he's made a few statements. michael avenatti was constantly on every single show he could get on, constantly doing kind of showman types of activities, showing up at judge kimba woods' courtroom to make statements even though he didn't have standing there. i don't think that's happening here. i think for whatever reason michael cohen wants it to be known that he is done with trump and open to cooperating and i think he wouldn't do that unless he knows he has information mueller would be interested in and knows he can corroborate it with information in those records.
3:46 pm
>> and that's the substance. one of donald trump's most loyal people putting this message out through lanny davis tonight. the lighter side is avenatti has his fans and you risk being roasted on the internet for your views. >> it won't be the first time. >> nick ackerman, thank you for covering the breaking legal news. up ahead, the trump administration not meeting the deadline to reunite kids they separated from their parents. an important story we'll bring you. and later, a programming note about the trump baby blimp flying over london this week. deal, right? nog wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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a failure for trump and sessions. missing the court ordered deadline. we can tell you tonight, 102 young children waiting to be reunified by today. the trump administration only meeting that mark for 38 families. here, a father and son reunited in michigan today. and one mom asking why fixing this problem appears so much
3:51 pm
harder for trump than creating it. >> a great question from someone affected by all of this. here is a former policy reagan official discussing trump's incompetence. >> the shear level of income t incompetence on this issue. >> i am joined by alicia menendez. a contributing editor at bustle. >> a big part of this story is
3:52 pm
about these children. this does not instill confidence that they are going to be reunited with their parents in a timely manner. even once they have the capacity to reunite them. they are facing an impossible choice. they can be indefinite. there are possible problems faced by the parents. >> the only silver lining is that the courts are overseeing something that was so incompetent that it needed this kind of supervision. as for the president, take a look at what he is saying at this point in time about what this is all about. >> i have a solution, tell people not to come to our country illegally. that is the solution. don't come to our country
3:53 pm
illegally. come like other people do. come legally. >> so that answer and acknowledgement of the fact that this policy was intended to deter future migrants that this family has suffered as a message to send to others not to come to the united states. many of these people came as asylum seekers escaping violence. we are also having a conversation about how the trump administration wants to change the rules on asylum. >> you are hitting two points. the statement admits something bad for him. if this was the goal. and some of these people have come legally that they could justifiably be asylum seekers. >> and three, he does not take responsibility and instead puts it on the migrants here. >> an important story.
3:54 pm
thank you for being here. up ahead, a totally different note. the mayor of london defending the choice to let the trump baby blimp fly. that it's very, very tough on bacteria, yet it's very gentle on the denture itself. polident's 4 in 1 cleaning system consists of 4 powerful ingredients that work together to deep clean your denture in hard to reach places. it kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and it helps to remove stains. polident should be the first choice of every person that wears a denture, to clean their denture. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded! learn more at
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the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ before we go tonight. i want to share a programming note about a story we have been covering here. the context is that the trump baby blimp is set to take flight in london and the city's mayor
3:59 pm
is defending the decision to let protesters fly this over london during trump's visit. >> did you personally approve this blimp of the president of the united states fly at parliament. >> no, but i support. my point is that just because they might find it objectionable to find it ridiculed -- >> there is nothing unusual about a baby being topless. the mayor said this wasn't a personal decision. and the trump baby blimp will fly on friday and a top organizer will be joining us. this is the person who has helped getting the trump baby blimp off the ground. that is tomorrow on the beat. we are back tomorrow as always.
4:00 pm
"hardball" with chris matthews is up next. >> strangers in the night. let's play "hardball." donald trump and vladimir putin have been exchanging glances and next week, they finally get together. does trump believe the best way to win putin's embrace. why jeopardize one of history's great marriages. are we about to seclusion in plain sight? i am chris matthews in


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