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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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we're americans and we never give up. we never quit. we never hide from history. we make history. >> mccain's not in it for the wins and losses of politics. he's in it were the worthiness of the fight. >> from pow to presidential contender. >> the mack is back. >> he weathered scandal. >> he was almost at the point where he was willing to walk away. >> and stuck by his principles. >> i can't trust obama. he's an arab.
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he's not -- >> no ma'am. >> to buck his own party. >> he didn't let ambition prevent him from doing what he thought was right. >> people say we will never see his likes again. we better see his likes again. >> his true grit on full display one last time. >> he really showed the power he had to stand up to this white house. >> john mccain's an american hero. an imperfect man like all of us but whose service to america was as close to perfect as his service could be. i don't mind a good fight for reasons known only to god i've had quite a few tough ones in my life.
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>> john mccain lived a life of intense hardship, patriotism and perseverance. in in the end it matters less that you can fight. what you fight for is the real test. >> former navy fighter pilot, prisoner of war and two time presidential candidate found himself at the center of new fights challenging his old party's president in his last book, the restless wave. >> never at a loss for words, he's now taking on president trump and others. others that he blames for the growing lack of civility in politics. in it was a conflict that turned personal as his war record and battle with brain cancer had been mocked by the administration. >> people wondered when decency would hit rock bottom with this administration. it happened yesterday. >> his life has been about decency and honor compare tod t
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president who is unworthy to say his name out loud. >> clashes with the white house pale in comparison to his other fight. >> john mccain is very much a fighter. it's a tough diagnosis but an even tougher man. sdp >> in the end, the cancer was tougher and mccain lost the fight for his life. over his decades long senate career, he made a name for himself with his approach to bipartisan and his inclination to take on his own party. >> i spoke out strongly on several other issues where i thought that mr. trump was absolutely wrong. i've not been shy about it. >> john's at his best when he's fighting as a maverick. at his best is he's happiest. he's most happy when ghhe gets something done. >> at this very moment there's a bill on the united states floor of the senate that would kill obama care.
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>> mccain's health issues came at a critical juncture. a senate vote on legislation to begin dismantling the affordable care act also known as obama care. the 52-48 left little margin for error. ? july of 2017, less than two weeks after surgery to remove a blood clot over his eye, mccain made a dramatic return to the senate. >> the senior senator from arizona is recognized. >> i thank mr. president. >> he delivers this roughly 15 to 20 minute speech that's the encapsulation that he wants the senate to be and everything kneels like the senate should be. >> let's trust each other. let's return to regular order. we've been spinning our wheels on too many important issues because we keep trying to find way to win without help from across the aisle. >> if there's one person who is not a former president of the
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united states who has the unquestioned ability to talk about that in way that people can hear is john sydney mccain. >> we're getting nothing done, my friends. we're getting nothing done. >> he's no fan of obama care. he voted against it. he didn't like the way it smelled. >> president trump made the repeal of obama care one of his top priorities. >> obama care is a total disaster. >> in the hours leading up to vote on what was called the skinny repeal, the usually reliable republican was tight lipped about his decision. >> i was there the night of the senate vote and john mccain said we should watch the show on the floor. we had no idea what that meant. >> two republican senators, susan kol licollins of maine an.
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>> john mccain would be the deciding vote. >> he knew where he was going to vote and there was no moving him. >> he walks back out on the floor and it's almost like a moment out of gladiator where the emperor is like thumbs up, thumbs down. there were gasps. when he put the thumbs down, there were gasps in the chamber. even people who heard he was going to be doing that was, whoa, he actually did that. >> nobody should underestimate john mccain's ability to seize advantage of a dramatic moment like that in politics. he's not uncomfortable on center stage. >> we statalked about this. it was not so much a vote against the skinny repeal. it was a vote against the whole screwed up process that is washington today. >> for a man like mccain this
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moment allowed him to say i put my country before my party. >> when i saw the vote and the fact that johnwalked onto the floor and john did shuthumbs do i said that's my friend. >> when you came back from arizona, did you always know you were going to do it or at the last moment? >> i made up my mind at the last moment. i said a skeinny repeal, whatevr that means. >> in december of 2017, mccain has he has on the majority of issues did support the republican bill on tax reform which included a repeal of obama care's individual man date. >> the tax cuts and jobs act is passed. >> his opposition to trump does not mean he's a liberal. when democrats criticize him for being a conservative, he says that's who i am. >> it's a fascinating career to
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see it's not about the victories he's knowledged. it's about the worthiness of the fight. . >> coming up. >> he was held in solitary confinement for two years. that tested his will to live. >> every day was about one thing, survival. day was about e thing, survival. what will you discover with a lens made by essilor? sharper vision, without limits. days that go from sun up to sun down. a whole world in all its beauty.
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on any screen. bingo! alright! and watch whatever you buy. wherever you are. head to to start watching. simple to rent, easy to buy, awesome to go. i'm not a hero. the great honor of my life was to serve in the company of heroes. >> john s. mccain the third was born august 29th, 1936 to a multi-generational family on the base of panama canal zone. his father jack mccain became a you are four star admiral.
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his grandfather was also an a admiral. for young john mccain, entry into the naval academy was a fore gone conclusion. he established a reputation as a rebel and a party boy. >> we really did have the most enjoyable times, perhaps i've hood in my life was that period at the naval acad emy as like minded but not as assertive in their rebellion >> he well knowledgeable. well read in history. he was a strong leader. you knew when hef was in the room. he had a lot of energy. always had a superb sense of humor. that's what attracted him to a lot of people. >> reporter: upon graduating from the naval academy, fifth from the bottom of his class, he decided to become an aviator. his first experience with combat
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came when he was shipped to vietnam in 1967. he was assigned to the uss four star and in july of that year it was at the center of one of the deadliest naval disasters of the vietnam war. >> because of an electric malfunction, a very large rocket was fired across the flight deck. hit the fuel tank underneath my airplane from which fuel flowed on fire. >> cameras mounted on the flight deck captured the horrific scene. >> there are explosions. one after another. >> the ship really was completely engulfed. >> mccain escaped the fire with min minor shrapnel wounds, but 134 of his shipmates were killed. he was given an option.
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he could return to the u.s. or stay in vietnam. >> he could have cycled back to the united states of the fire and never returned eed to viet but he volunteered to go back. >> it would be fateful decision. mccain was reassigned. the missions launch fed from th deck were the most dangerous. on his 23rd bombing mission on october 26th, 1967, mccain's sky hawk was hit by enemy fire. >> he was shot down by a service to air missile and parachuted out. he was injured upon bail out so both arms broken, a leg broken and knocked unconscious. >> 50 years to the day later, mccain reflected on those fateful hours. >> when you woke up this morning, did you say, where was
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i 50 years ago? >> owe knyou know, i did. >> he came to deep in lake. an escape was impossible and he was set upon by an angry mob. e groin. he was beaten and bloody. he was hauled off to a local prison. >> the conditions were deplo deplorab deplorable. it was nasty, dirty, infectious. heavy concrete doors. an imposing, scary, dungeon like place. >> his captors interrogated him but mccain would not cooperate. >> you were told during your training that the only information you were obligated to give was your name, rank,
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serial number and date of birth. >> his injuries were left untreated. he developed a horrible infection and subsequent fever. the naval aviator was near death but they had a change of heart and decided to treat him once they realized just who his father was. >> if knowledge his father was in charge of all u.s. armed forces in the pacific made john mccain a valuable prisoner. someone who could be exploited for propaganda purposes. >> his broken bones were badly set. his arms butt in buput in bulky. mccain was offered an early release but he refused citing the military code of conduct. >> the code of conduct required prisoners to be release in if order they were captured. >> i understood that the viet m
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vietnamese didn't single me out for an offer of release because of any act of charity on their part. that it would be an exploitati exploitation. >> he made an affirmative decision that he would stay in prison and likely die rather than dishonor the united states navy, his family's legacy of service and break the code of conduct. >> mccain was thrown into a cell with two other americans. >> was there a time you didn't think he would make it in. >> i didn't think he would make it the moment i saw him. his body was saying let's die and his mind was saying we're not doing that. >> you remember that kind of conscious thought almost? >> i remember the incredible joy of seeing two american faces and gave me reason to live. >> over the next five and a half
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years in captivity, he was can you be theed to repeated torture and experienced frequent bouts of disinteri and constant isolation. >> he was held in solitary confinement for two years. that tested his will to live and his belief system. >> every day was about one thing, survival. >> by christmas 1972, the u.s. dramatically increased its bombing runs over north vietnam in an effort to get the vietnamese to the negotiating table. >> that's what caused the communist negotiator to agree to terms acceptable to president nixon. >> within 60 days from this saturday, all americans held prisoners of war throughout indo-china will be released. >> as part of the negotiations, the americans held in captivity
9:19 pm
were released. five and a half years after he was pulled from that lake, john mccain finally was free. >> mccain had aged so dramatically from the young man who crashed his plane. when he came down the steps in california and greeted and limped across the tarmac it was such a dramatic moment. coming up. >> the notion that anyone would question his honesty or integrity was so antithet cal to who he was that i think he was at the point to where he was willing to walk away. point to s willing to walk away man: tom's my best friend, but ever since he bought a new house... who he was that i think he was at the point to where he was willing to walk away. ical to who he was that i think he was at the point to where he was willing to walk away. ere he was willing to walk away come on, guys! jump in! the water's fine! tom pritchard. how we doin'? hi, there. tom pritchard.
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on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. when john mccain was released in march of 1973, he received a hero's welcome back in the states. free from his nightmare, he resumed his playboy ways. >> he would acknowledge after he returned home there was a time
9:23 pm
when he was sort of finding himself again. >> his marriage to his wife carol who he wed shortly before leaving to vietnam fell apart. >> i have no idea why i behaved irresponsibly. i did so and it was imporoperer on my part. >> his naval career was also at a cross roads. >> it was clear he wasn't going to become an admiral. >> he changed direction but stayed in the navy becoming the navy liasion. >> it's a job that really opened the door to politics and allowed him to see politics from the inside. >> he was one of the favorites of the the senators to travel with. he kept us laughing most of the trip. >> on one of those trips to
9:24 pm
hawaii in the winter of 1979, john met a teacher. 17 years his junior, cindy from a wealthy arizona family. >> she was just a beautiful young woman and great spirit and it was clear to me that he was very much in love with her. >> john and his first wife carol's divorce was finalized in 1980. a few months later, he and cindy were married. he was also ready for a fresh start to his career. mccain wanted to run for congress as a republican, but where? he never settled down anywhere long nufr enough to call home. >> i suggested he would go to the state where his wife was from. he would be new but he would be new any place. >> his opponents labeled him a carpet bagger. he had weak ties to the area he was running. >> he quickly deflated that by saying the longest spot he had
9:25 pm
been in was prisoner of war. nobody ever raised that question again. >> mccain won the primary and general elections. as a freshman congressman quickly developed a reputation for not necessarily towing the party line. civil war broke out in lebanon and by the fall of 1983, the situation was a powder keg. u.s. peace keeping forces were in harms way. opposing his own party's president, mccain sided with majority of the democrats in calling for the withdrawal of troops deployed in lebanon. >> he has sort of made this a hallmark of his career to try to be a truth teller on all things foreign policy and the '83 vote is a first step along that way. >> in arizona this is man we'll all want to watch. now elected to the senate seat of retiring barry goldwater. >> after two terms in the house,
9:26 pm
mccain won election to the senate. it didn't take long for scandal to threaten his political career. during the 1980s, the savings and loans crisis rocked the country. >> it was the mini version of the wall street street blow up of 2008. voters were angry. >> john mccain's old arizona friend and political contributor was at the heart of this scandal. because of his close ties to the embattled businessman, mccain became embroiled in one of the biggest financial scandals in u.s. history as a member of the infamous keeting five. >> it was the acquisation that members of the u.s. senate had been showered with gifts and they had intervened with federal regulators to try to get them off his back. >> the senators fought back against charges of wrong doing. >> when he came to see me in
9:27 pm
march of 1987 and asked me to do something i thought was improper, ib said no. >> he was criticized for exercising poor judgment but eventually he was cleared of wrong doing. >> the notion that anyone would question his honesty or integrity or to think that he could be bought off on a vote was so antithetical to who he was that i think he was at the point of willing to walk away. >> mccain didn't walk way and the scandal helped motivate him to take on one of the deciding issues of his career, campaign finance. >> this nation needs to reform a system that's broken oopds and l continue our efforts to do that. >> john mccain felt that money was seen as kruptsi ingcorrupti
9:28 pm
of the senate and house and determines to do something to fight against hit. >> mccain reached across the aisle. >> we had really never had a serious conversation and he called me when i was back home and said i've been looking at your voting record and i'd like to work with you on reform issues. >> the pair forged a strong bond as they worked to get soft money out of politics. >> the way he treated me was like a mentor, friend, father figure. it was a relationship where i really benefits tremendously from being able to see his abilities and willingness to cross the party line. people didn't talk to us in our respected caucuses because of this. we were not at the cool kid lunch table for many years. coming up. >> barack obama was beginning to walk on the mountain tops and we're not going to defeat him with a conventional campaign.
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senator john mccain has passed away at the age of 81. he died at his ranch in arizona. tributes are pouring in. former president barack obama saying mccain showed americans what courage means. flags were lowered at half staff at the white house. president trump released a statement expressing his deepest sympathies and respect to mccain's family. now back to headliners, john mccain. vrjts as the millenum approached, john mccain decided the take aim
9:33 pm
at the top job of the country. >> it's because i owe america more than she's owed me that i am a candidate for president of the united states. >> from the very beginning, he was an underdog against the son of a political dynasty. >> george w. bush emerged in the summer of 1999 as the most potent political force either party had seen in its presidential nominating process. >> short on cash, mccain skipped the iowa caucuses and focused on the new hampshire primary. >> he decided that's where he would start. >> he rolled out the straight talk express. his all access bus tour. a 24/7 press conference on wheels. >> the straight talk express of 2000 was unlike anything i had ever seen and i have ever seen since. >> you had no idea what was going to happen at any moment.
9:34 pm
you weren't been spoon fed anything. it was just completely spontaneous. >> mccain held more than 100 town halls in new hampshire and the hard work paid off. he beat george w. bush in the primary by 18 points. >> he comes roaring out of new hampshire. everybody thinks he's not only the next republican nominee but very possibly the next president. >> but the sudden burst of energy in new hampshire faded with a bruising primary in south carolina. >> really malicious rumors were spread about him and his family. >> mccain daughter, bridgette adopted from bangladesh became the focus of one of the campaign's most vicious attack. >> they were accusing him of fathering a biracial child out of wedlock. >> mccain lost south carolina and by march, the straight talk
9:35 pm
express ran out of gas. >> i announce today on this fine arizona morning nanand in this beautiful place i'm no longer an active candidate for my party's nomination for president. >> thank you. >> mccain threw his support behind bush and helped him defeat al gore to become the 43rd president. although he was a loyal republican, mccain bucked bush on numerous issues. >> mccain was taking positions on health care, taxes, guns. they were at odds with the bush administration. >> mccain scored his biggest legislative achievement. his tireless work was signed into law in 2002. >> there were times when it seemed like it was never going to end but john was so much fun
9:36 pm
to work with, i didn't mind. >> despite having come up short in his first presidential campaign, mccain's national profile continued to rise. in 2005, he cohfr spons-sponsor ambitious immigration reform with ted kennedy. mccain began to gear up for a second presidential run. >> today i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> he was popular and prominent. despite a long list of donors and heavy hitting political operatives on his payroll, his campaign struggled. >> the fund raising estimates didn't pan out and thus top heavy six months afterit opened the doors. >> it reaches a point that the o
9:37 pm
o -- obituary is written. >> he said everybody quit. i'm not getting out. he flew up to new hampshire in the middle seat on a southwest airlines with the national press corps waiting like vulture to pick over his bones. when are you getting out of the race. it's all over. he didn't. >> with nothing left the lose, mccain made new hampshire his last stand. >> you come to the town hall meetings because you want to see the candidates. you want to examine them and make a judgment up close and personal. >> he barn stormed the state holding town hall after town hall. >> the happiest that john mccain was ever in a campaign wasn't on the night you want. it was on the day that you were
9:38 pm
within a point or two and you knew you could win. the crowds were building. it was completely improbable. >> mccain pulled out a five-point victory over rmitt romn romney. >> i'm past the age where i can say kid but tonight we sure showed them what a comeback looked like. >> his expected challenger, hillary clinton faltered in her own campaign. in an upset, a newcomer, barack obama won the nomination. >> there's two types of elections in america. there's change elections and more of the same elections. i'm not sure looking back in 2008 that we could have elected abraham lincoln as a republican to the office of the presidency.
9:39 pm
>> as the general election heated up, barack obama built a fleed t lead in the polls. >> we always knew we has to take a risk. we had to throw the ball in double kcoverage to get ahead i race where the head winds are against us. >> what the idea was that john mccain was going to pick joe leiberman. >> i get a call from rick davis who is campaign manager for john mccain's presidential campaign in 2008. he said john would like to put you on the list of people to be vetted to be his vice preside presidential running mate. i said are you kidding me. he said no, i'm not. it was a bold idea. barack obama was beginning to walk on the mountain tops and we were not going to defeat him with a conventional campaign. >> in his book, pmccain regret
9:40 pm
not picking him. he was sound advice that i could reason for myself but my gut told me to ignore it and i wish i had. >> then john mccain said where else can i go. somebody said have you thought of this republican governor from alaska named sarah palin. >> coming up. >> we surprised everybody. maybe too much. there were a lot of things we didn't know about her. gs we didn't know about her. ♪ ♪ i don't care where we go ♪ and i don't care what we do ♪ just take me with you there are roadside attractions. and then there's our world-famous on-road attraction. the 2018 glc. lease the glc300 for just $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high-quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave every time. invented in boston, made and sold around the world. order now at gillette. the best a man can get. thank you. >> barack obama secured the 2008
9:44 pm
democratic nomination before a record crowd of 84,000 in denver. at that moment, the mccain campaign was preparing to announce its vice presidential candidate. the pick was a closely guarded secret. even top mccain advisers were left in the dark. >> steve said meet the next vice president of the united states. i had never heard of her and never met her. i shook her hand and she was lovely. i walked out and he said, what do you think. she seems great. who is she? >> palin, the 44-year-old first term governor had made her name for herself as a reformer in alaska. >> she had a better than 60% approval rating as a governor. she had an ability to spark interest. >> john mccain looked at sarah palin as his bold move, his sneak attack. the one that would make them sit
9:45 pm
up and take notice. >> on august 29th, sarah palin made her national political debut. >> as governor i stood up to the old politics as usual. >> she gave a great speech. i think people said he found a political star up there in alaska. >> he shot up in the polls because it seemed so fresh and dramatic. a woman and this is great. >> we really did steal back the national media attention. we surprised everybody, maybe too much. there were a lot of things we didn't know about her. >> how long had she been governor, not long. then the interview was really a disaster. it went off the rails. >> katie curic asked a question that was simple and predictable. what sorts of things do you read? what newspapers do you follow? >> i read most of them.
9:46 pm
>> like what specifically. >> all of them. any of them. >> that became the unraveling. that was really the moment where her response to a simple question showed that she wasn't ready. >> without question the nomination of sarah palin was a cynical move to try to tap into the republican base. >> i don't believe she's ready to be president of the united states which is the job of the vice president. that raised some question in my mind as to the judgment that senator mccain made. >> i think it was seen as a mistake in judgment. i knew what i was doing but what was athii thinking. >> let me ask you about your running mate. you continue to defend her. she continues to light up republican rallies. >> i don't defend her. i parade her. >> many people think she's not qualified to be president. >> the fact is she's a dynamic
9:47 pm
president with executive experience. thoo she's exactly what washington needs. >> mccain was old and been through cancer. the idea of president palin was a real possibility. >> head sboing into the fall of 2008, the race was neck and neck. then on september 15th. >> meltdown. the american financial system is rocked to its foundation as top wall street institutions topple. >> just before the first scheduled presidential debate, mccain decided to suspend his campaign to hammer out a deal on the economy. in a meeting at the white house he was largely silent while barack obama offered more input in the conversation. as the economy cratered, the campaign struggled to maintain moment. >> politically they felt they had to go after barack obama's early days in politics. >> sarah palin was much more willing to be the person on the
9:48 pm
stump to say these things about barack obama. a phrase of paling around with terrorists took hold. >> our opponent sees america as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who target their own country. >> the crowds got angrier and angrier. any mention of barack obama's name would trigger a chorus of booing that john mccain was deeply uncomfortable. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him. he's not -- he's an arab. he's not -- >> no ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen, that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. that's what this campaign is all about. >> i remember thinking that john mccain has no idea what he just
9:49 pm
did. he just stood up against the darkest and ugliest forces in american politics. >> i knew that was the end of the campaign. it was really a surrender to the inevitable by the man who is furthest thing from a quitter you can ever imagine. >> the weeks leading up to the election, obama had what appeared to be an insurmountable lead. >> i think it really became a change election on the heels of the wars and the economic collapse. i think the appetite for change was almost insatiable. >> barack obama is projected to be the next president of the united states of america. >> in arizona, as supporters waited outside the biltmore hotel, mccain gathered with his
9:50 pm
closest advisers. >> i read the concession speech with tears streaming down my face. it's incredible. >> whatever our differences, we are fellow americans and please believe me when i say no association has ever meant more to me than that. >> it was in that moment in time that it was clear at 72 years old john mccain would never be the president of the united states. >> he sent the secret service home the night of his defeat and drove himself home the next day in a pickup truck and was eager to go back to the united states senate and pick up the work he longed enjoined as a senator. coming up. >> couldn't believe he said it. i felt rage. i said you didn't serve in the military. john mccain did. t serve in the military john mccain did. we do whatever it takes to fight cancer.
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john mccain returned to washington after losing the 2008 election. then in his fourth term in the senate, he was soon at odds with president obama. >> john mccain would become a regular antagonist toward barack obama's leadership. >> it's time that president obama woke up to the realities in the world and reassert american leadership. >> mccain kept a lower profile but continued to be as he had his entire career, one of the biggest supporters of american troops abroad. >> the thing he's most proud of is being able to contribute to the national security of the yie united states. that's the thing he feels most strongly about as he described it to me. >> during the lead up to the 2006 primaries, an unlikely newcomer was about to thrust mccain back into the national spotlight. at a presidential forum john
9:55 pm
mccain's war record came up between the pollster and the republican candidate, donald trump. >> he hit me. he's not war hero. >> five and a half years. >> he's war hero because he was captured. i like people that wasn't captured. >> i was outraged. i couldn't believe he said that. >> i felt rage. i said wait a minute, you didn't serve in the muilitary and john mccain did. anybody that has been shot down and captured is not a war hero. >> john mccain's response is it is what it is. he didn't respond and that's typical of john. >> as a loyal republican, mcsdwmccain endorsed trump once he won the nomination. >> i think he felt it was incumbent on him to support the nomination. >> that changed after donald
9:56 pm
trump's lewd comments on "access hollywood" were leaked. >> when you're a star you can do whatever you want. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> it was john mccain ee's stra. that's when he would not vote for donald trump. >> i have daughters. i have friends. i have so many wonderful people on my staff. they cannot be degraded and demeaned in that fashion. >> on election night. >> in one of the most shocking u.s. elections in modern political history, donald trump overcame all the odds and defeated hillary clinton. >> mccain wakes up november 9th just utterly stunned. trump has won. beyond all the other things about trump's personal behavior, mccain is most troubled about his world view. >> his concerns didn't subside after the inauguration. >> what concerns me is his views on national security and russia and vladmir putin and sanctions.
9:57 pm
>> mccain criticized the refugee ban and hailing of a controversial navy seal raid in yemen. also in his book, he defended former fbi director james comey after he was fired by president trump. during a june 27 senate intelligence hearing with normally sharp minded senator stumbled and appeared to be confused. >> she was clearly involved in this whole situation where fake news, as you just described it, big deal. >> i was on the air live at the time of the comey hearing and i was alarmed, to say the least. >> in the case of mr. comey, the president -- case of president trump. >> a month later, it was
9:58 pm
announced that mccain underwent surgery to remover a blood clot from over his left eye. >> i was unsettled about that because there was some pathology testing to be done and suggested there was a follow up. >> four days later. >> the senate maverick and american hero in the night of his life after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. >> i was on the phone as i heard about it. he said well i have some chemotherapy coming up. it was very typical john mccain. let's talk about things more important or bigger. by the way i have this pesky cancer i have to deal with. >> mccain underwent treatment but true to form. in october 2017, he made his feeling about the current political climate known when he received the national constitution civil liberties
9:59 pm
medal. >> our duty to remain the last best hope of earth for the sake of some half baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that americans consigned the ash heap of history. >> john mccain is the real deal. he's a giant figure in the life of the united states senate and this country. >> in december of 2017, john mccain left washington for arizona to continue his battle with cancer at home. >> you've had so many lives. you're the son of a distinguished naval family. a bit of a wild child for a time. >> to say the least. >> a fighter pilot in vietnam. war hero. i'll be first to say that. spent all that time in that prison. came back and you've been in the
10:00 pm
senate, twice presidential candidate. >> both times lost. >> what do you want to be remembered for? >> he served his country. that's what i'd like to see. he served his country. hopefully with the word honorably on it. that's all. we'r we're we never quit. we never hide from history. we make history. >> mccain's not in it for the wins and losses of politics. mccain is in it for the worthiness of the fight. >> from pow to presidential contender. >> the mack is back. >> he weathered scandal. >> he was almost at point of where he was willing to walk away. >> and


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