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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  August 4, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i work would george bush. this nation will work with you if you stand up and show you're big enough to be president. clinton and bush and obama were big enough for the job. let's see how bigging you are tomorrow. can you pull the country together or can you just sit in the dark and tweet against people that you think helps energize your base? that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next saturday 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next "meet the press" with chuck todd. this sunday domestic terrorism in el paso and another mass shooting overnight. in texas, a 22-year-old violent man with hatred over immigrants opens fire with an assault rifle at a walmart on the texas border.
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the death toll making this among the worst mass shooting in american history. . >> i'm pretty shocked. i'm scared to be honest. >> i just want to find my mom. someone needs to tell me where she is. >> after a month of president trump stoking racial resentment. >> for law abiding citizens, not for criminal aliens. and daytonb, ohio nine more gunned down in the entertainment district. >> this is a very safe part of downtown and a popular destination for visitors. >> i'll talk to el paso's congresswoman escobar and speak to cory booker of new jersey. joining me kasi hunt, and former republican governor of north
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carolina pat mccrory. this is sunday and this is a special edition of "meet the press." >> announcer: the longest running show in television history, this is a special edition of "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> welcome to a tough sunday morning in america. the plague of mass shootings has reached -- twice now we've seen massacres with a death toll in the dozens. first in what appears to be an act of domestic terrorism in el paso, texas. on the mexican border. a 21-year-old gunman walked to a walmart with a military-assault rifle and killing at least 20 and wounding more than two dozen others ppt >> come on. >> hands up. hand up. >> reporter: as of this morning the death toll among the 10 worst in american history. here's how witnesses described that scene.
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>> kind of sounded liking fireworks and then they started coming closer together. like the shots are going do, do, do do. >> there's cops with guns saying get on your knees. >> i helped a little girl full of blood and the mother came around the corner. she was shot in the chest. a killer was shot and place under to custody. he posted an estessay and praised the killer at christchurch, new zealand. and now we have to ask whether his harsh words are inspiring violence. we woke up this morning to the news at at least nine more were killed in a shooting overnight in dayton, ohio. a shooter was killed by police. add these two horrible incidents to the shooting in gilroy,
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california and wooer arer looking at one of the most deadly and unsettling events in history. more were killed in mass shootings in 24 hours than afghanistan in 2017 and 2018 combined. we've got those stories covered this morning. and pete williams joins me now. so, pete, let me go in recent order here. we don't know much more about dayton. this happened past midnight beyond what we were able to just report there. >> it's about 1:00 a.m., a popular bar in a popular night spot. one purerson heavily body armor with a high capacity magazine opens fire but why and who he is are not clear. >> he certainly was planning something or had planned it but we don't know motive beyond that.
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>> motiveb seems apparent because of how prepared he was and what he was carrying. >> now to el paso. weave r we've learned a lot more about the >> first of all they're searching his house, looking at social media, searched the house he was staying apparently the night before the shooting. about an eight-hour drive. he lived in allen, texas, a suburb of dallas and dreev droveb to el paso, it appears that day. and we're looking at the timeline. this essay posted online on an extremists website. >> same website that the shooter of the synagogue, the white supremacist who did that one and the christchurch all posted on this same extremists website. >> there's a real commonality but it appears this thing was posted 19 minutes before the first 911 call comes from the
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shopping center in el paso. >> aware of this posting before they knew it was leading to a shooting. >> the essay on this attack the essay itself says he's been thinking about this. 21-year-ol. >> this threat off domestic terrorism. >> more people have been killed by or arrests made in connection
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with domestic terrorism than foreign terrorism. so there's been a real change since 9/11. after theb oklahoma city bombing, domestic terror was the big thing and focussed on foreign terrorism. now it appears it's at least as big a threat and coming back to what you say. there's a real commonality. the internet has speeded up the ability by which they inspire each other. >> going to be a busy sunday for you. busy week. thank you very much. >> joining me on the phone is the mayor off dayton. our condolences to the city of dayton this morning. what more could you tell us overnight? >> i think -- thank you, chuck, for your condolences for our community. our kmaucommunity's had a prett tough year already and what we're most amazed by for this incident was that in under a minute the police were able to
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really stop the subject -- stop the shooter from shooting. and i'm amazed if they had not been on the site, we could have had deaths and injured in the hundreds because he had this ak-like assault rifle he was using with high capacity magazines. >> it is startling how many -- how much carnage there was considering he was able to be stopped in less than a minute. how armd and how prepared was this gunman? >> this gunman had body armor on. he was carrying a .223 high capacity magazine. so he was prepared to do some serious deaths inb our community. and obviously with nine fatalities in under a minute and over 20 people injured, i'm just
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incredibly grateful to the police department that stopped this action. for us in dayton, this is the second tragedy to hit our community this summer. first a tornado that hit the community in dayton in may. the difference is one was completely preventible and one of these tragedies has now happened 250 times this year in our country and yet nobody does anything about it. >> one last comment for elected officials in washington. i want to give you that forum. >> i'm sorry? >> one last comment from elected officials in washington, one last comment you have for them about this incident? >> my question is 250. how many more cities have to go through mass shootings before somebody does something to change the law? >> i know you're busy this morning. thanks for taking a couple minutes with me on the phone and again our condolences. hang in there, dayton.
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joining me from el paso is veronica escobar. welcome to "meet the press." and you were having a town hall meeting at the timef of this incident and all of the sudden a moment of frenzy a bit. law enforcement officials telling you. tell me more about how you learned off this incident in real time there. >> so chuck, we were having a town hall meeting and we were in the middle of our q and a when my staff approached me. i knew something was wrong. it felt unusual and i was told about the active shooter and that our law the forcement agents who were there to take care of us during the town hall and keep us safe there. they needed to rush over to the scene. and so we asked folks. we told them it was the end of of of the meeting. we told them we needed to calmly get home and stay home.
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my staff continue to follow the news and get updates. and it can kept getting worse and worse and worse. and we're so grateful to ours. and to all of the medical personnel who have been working through the night to keep many of the victims alive. >> so i'm going toing ask you this. we're learning more about the shooter in el paso, a motive with him there. simultaneously you heard the mayor off dant talk about 250 when it comes to having one of othese massacres happen on their watch. what do you see is your responsibility going forward as an elected official in washington d.c. how should you confront this? >> my primary responsibility right now is to be with the community, comfort the community. beff oservice to the community. and i first want to say that el paso is one of the most compassionate, generous, kind, warm, loving communities in the
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country. we're standing in front of united blood services where people have been lining up to give blood over an hour in advance. yesterday the line was wrapped around all the buildings where donations were taking place. peephole to be turned away. with the family reunification center food had to be turned away because there was so much in aburnedance. so my primary responsibility is here with my kmunlt. but as a legislator, all of us we have to talk about what's really happening. and we have to speak the truth. it's not -- >> wlaults kwhau >> what's tlr truth? >> not that we just a gun epidemic in this country but we have a hate epidemic. >> i know it's been a rough 24
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hours for you and your community. hang in there. we're all with you. >> thank you. and joining me from san antonio, former housing secretary, julio castro. secretary castro, welcome back to "meet the press." i know you have a lot of contacts in texas government. what more can you tell us about what you've l we've learned have been released. there were about 20 individuals killed. that this gunman was in his early 20s, a white male and of course there's tremendous amount of grief and sadness and all of us are thinking about the families in el paso who have been victimized. >> this is going to spark a couple of of conversations. one is on domestic terrorism and one is on our gun culture.
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what do you see here as what we need start tackling? >> we need tackle both of these things and unfortunately as we've seen time after time they're related. on the one hand it's clear what we can do to cut down on the number othese incidents. we need commonsense gun reform. this happened in texas, a state that has one of the highest rates of gun ownership. concealed carry, open carry. the shooter knew that he'd be walking into a store where a lot of people would be carrying a gun. that did not deter him. the answer is not more people with guns. the answer is to make sure that especially the semiautomaticing weapons, weapons of war not on the street and that we do things like universal background checks and red flag laws so people that shouldn't have their hands on weapon don't get them in the first place. at the same time there's a toxic
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brew in the united states and this is just one more example of that, of white nationalism. the manifesto that apparently this shooter wrote that says that hispanics are taking over the state of texas and changing the country. this echoes the kind of language that our president encourages, talking about invaders and that others who talk about people bringing can disease and changing the culture. this idea of replacement. there's a very toxic brew of white nationalism that is arising. a i know that doesn't effect by any means the vast majority of americans. but unfortunately what we see is an increasing number of incidents and so we need pay
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attention to this and we need do something about this. the fbi director has said that this is a particular problem right now in the united states. >> the president of the united states -- the president of the united states has not, righting? the director of the fbi has acknowledged there is a rise in white nationalism that's tied to domestic terrorism. the president has not. is there any constructive role he can play or because of how often he uses the language of off racial resentment, does he just not have the credibility to anything to fix this problem? >> this president started his campaign in 2016 on a path of racial resentment and fanning the flames of off bigotry. that's how he believes he won in 2016. that's how he thinks he's going to win in 2020.
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unfortunately he doesn't have any credibility anymore. when he didn't step up right away and condemn the neo-nazis in charlottesville. allowing that crowd for 13 seconds to chant send her back a couple of of weeks ago, he doesn't have credibility. but like all americans i hope, i still hope this president will do what most psresidents have done throughout our country is we have to do everything we can to unite americans instead of fantling the flames of bigotry. have to be a big enough man in these moments to do that. >> not many republicans have used that language. do you think others need to in order to get the president to see this problem? >> i wish they would call it out, that they would be honest about what's happening here. because you know and i know very well that if this had been
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somebody of the muslim faith that had committed this kind of act, immediately they would go to this idea, this bogus idea that we need keep all muslims out of the country, which is ridiculous. i think instead what we need do is address the issue with commonsense gun reform and also address this toxic white supremacy that is brewing in the country. >> i know it's a tough day for texas. tough day for america. more people dying in the last 24 hours than we had troops die in afghanistan the last two years. it's been a rough weekend. thank you for coming on the chair. and lester holt will anchor the weekly nitely news tonight from el paso. still to can come. white house it's perspective. > white house it's perspective. volunteerism.
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welcome back. joining me now is senator cory booker off new jersey. welcome back to "meet the press." i know on the issue of guns nobody has a more aggressive plan to tabbal it than you. but i want to set the policy prescriptions aside and how do you assess what we're go through in the last 24 hours and what we've seen, particularly in el paso? >> obviously we all are greaving for the victims, their families and the people who are going to have a long painful road to recovery from gun violence. i want to speak with moral clarity right now because i worry that we're having conversations that don't just focus on an understanding that we are all responsible to each other in this country. we have moral bonds and fabric othis is country. we have a president of the united states who is particularly responsible. i have in my head the idea of we
3:23 pm
reap what we sew and this harvest of hate violence we're seeing lies at his feet. when you have the president from the highest moral office in our land talking about invasions and infestations, the kind of things that come out of his mouth. it's so harmed the moral fabric of our nation. he's responsible. he's responsible when he's taken no action what's oevrl to condemn white supremacy, even when the it head of the fbi is talking about that. we have a president not taking that responsibility, who's doing a nothing to address the deepening crisis in our country of this kind of violence. >> okay. what can he do? you've outlined where he may not have credibility with many americans to do this and obviously we're not going to get into whether he has the history of being able to somehow admit if if he's wrong or -- i don't want to get into that.
3:24 pm
is there anything he can do in your mind that would at least begin a healing process here? >> so chuck, it's not that he doesn't have the credibility. please understand what i'm saying. i'm saying the president is contributing to what's going on now. he's sewing seeds of hatred. what can he do are two things that must be done. one is we need to deal with this issue of guns in our community. ease of access. the fact you can be on the terrorist no fly list and fail trunk full of weapons at gun store from a casual seller. we have a uniquely american problem because of the uniquely american phenomenon that anyone who wants to kill somebody can easily find a loophole. i have the boldest plan but it's based upon evidence. if you need a license to driveb a car in this country, you should have a license to buy a gun and possess it. we know states that have done that have dramatically dropped
3:25 pm
the levels of violence. the problem is we have a patchwork of laws in this country. someone who can't get a gun in california, shoot over to another state that has lax gun laws. so there are specificing things we should be doing that are commonsense and again the moral fabric of our nation. we have a country right now that is boiling over in hate. we have seen this before. my parents grew up in a generation trying to overcome lynchings and violence over african-americans, bombings of churches of little girls and we came together, a black and white and christian and jewish and did something about this but we have a bhooz not only is incapable of that kind of love but he's stoking hate. he's responsible for the crisis in this country and doing nothing to actually solve it. >> there is one republican i know of calling this white spremism is.
3:26 pm
if the president doesn't accept the responsibility that you believe he has, what would you like the other elected republicans to do? >> well, to me martin luther king said so eloquently not only do we have to do but had appalling silence of the it good people. there is a complicity in the president's hatred that undermines the goodness and the decency of americans, regardless of what party. to say nothing in a time of rising hatred. it's not enough to say i'm not a hate mongeringer myself. if you're not actively working against hate, callinging it it your complicit in what's going on. this is a moral moment in america where demagogues and fear mongers have risen.
3:27 pm
we need moral clarity and healing in our nation. >> obviously we had booked you before these incidents. we were going to having a longer conversation about the campaign in general. but i appreciate you coming on and sharing your views on this. after the break, white house chief of staff and the panel will join on this and the rest of this week's events. the rest of this week's events. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. experience our most advanced safety technologyto on our full line vehicles. now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month payment. experience amazing. if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness
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welcome back. i'm joined now by the white house chief of staff, mr. mulvaney. welcome back to "meet the press." it looks like we lost our satellite connection with mr. mulvaney. let me bring in today's panel we have with us. kasie hunt our chief white house correspondent. and the former north carolinaic governor, ileana johnson of politico. this is one of those mornings. lot of breaking news and moving parts here. kasie hunt, capitol hill, the immediate response here politically has been extraordinarily uneven. democrats believing there is an easy way to explain what's going on here as cory booker said it's
3:31 pm
time to speak with moral clarity. and really only george pete bush being the lone republican out there calling this what it is. >> one thing we have to consider here is republicans fundamentally lack diversity it on capitol hill and here in the capitol and when you consider what the el paso shooter wrote about heading into this and you consider george p. bush, his mother, hispanic american. he is somebodyb w who has a dee understanding of that community and clearly was personally identified in that document that shooter called out. you don't really have that here in washington. i mean the only black republican in the house announced he's retiring. will hurd in texas down in that yafria and this is morning we're all struggling to find the right words to grapple with this and we've had so many conversations
3:32 pm
in this country, tragic conversations about how do we keep assault weapons out of the hands of psycho paths? and this conversation is so much bigger. >> does the white house accept, which is pretty much now a universal -- that we have a white nationalism problem leading to domestic terrorism. george p. bush sees it, christopher ray sees it. i don't think we have evidence in the white house yet >> i don't think the president himself accepts that. but what i think is undeniable apart from what the white house believes -- normally i'm loathe to blame politicians. i don't think it was bernie sanders's fault that they shot up republican law makers and i typically wouldn't say it's donald trump's fault that anyone acting on his behalf did something awful. i think the president has changed the way people think it's acceptable to treat their political opponents. friday he
3:33 pm
tweeted, seeming to celebrate a robbery. elijah cummings saying too bad, exclamation point. i think he bears responsibility or makes it easy to blame him for acts like this, given statements like that, even though he did tweet something seemingly appropriate today. and i do think that trump has sort of brought on increasing sort of brutality towards the political -- our political opponents that is generally unwelcome. >> can you defend any of this? the president's words and statements. do you believe he's contributed to this toxic view? >> i disagree with cory booker. i don'tb think you blame a pall it titian. you blame the person who did it. i blamed oswald, brener, james earl ray, hinckley.
3:34 pm
haunting charles whitman who, when i was a small kid in elementary school went to a tower and shot students from a tower in austin, texas. i didn't blame linden been as johnson but there's no doubt the presidents to the come out with a strong -- listen, there are white nationalists and nuts and dangerous people including my state that need be called out. that attacked my car just blocks from here in a taxi cab and jumped on my hood with hoods on them. we have to call out radical left wing groups and not give them any credibility whatsoever. >> i want to give you a moment here because you've been on the forefront of talking about this white nationalism issue. i think in a good way making people uncomfortable when you would talk about it. it's time address it. we seem to have shifted the conversation a bit. >> yes. so it's one thing for people to
3:35 pm
recognize we have a white nationalist problem. >> we weren't there a year ago. >> we weren't there a couple of months ago. it's also important to understand the line, the connection. what does it mean to have a discourse in which people are dehuman isised. where you use a phrase like illegal immigrant? where the phrase itself places the person outside a certain kind off decency? what happens when we use language like infestation, children. you used this, governor. children carrying per happens disease across the border. you set the stage for people on the extreme act violently. we are in a cold civil war. we are in a cold civil war. and there's some people who bear the burden off it. there's some of us who bear the burden. you could not blame anyone other
3:36 pm
than oswald. my parents had to worry about other folk because we grew up in mississippi. you had the luxury not to worry about the context. but we had to grow up in it. so here we have children in el paso right now who just witnessed their family members, their friends shot down because somebody thinks there's a hispanic invasion of the country, which is almost exact same language of the president of of the united states. if you can't condemn that without making equivalency moves. >> i'm not going to condemn people who use illegal immigrant ---ing. >> why not. >> let me speak. we have laws on the book against illegal immigration. if we get rid of those laws -- >> no human being is illegal. >> that's not what year talking about. that's not the conversation we're having. linden banes johnson was not out
3:37 pm
there when lee harvey oswald shot kennedy talking about race and giving incentives. what do you expect the president of of the united states to say after something like this happens and leading up to it? there are clips of him in florida where somebody yelled at his rally shoot the immigrants and he said maybe you could only get away with that here. that is the conversation we're having. >> i agree 100b% with your comment right there that we have to lower the rhetoric everywhere including the president of the united states, including some of the presidential candidates, including cable tv. including the internet, which is exploded -- >> the attempt to defend the president, there's always this let me bring in other -- and i think politically some of us understand why republicans are doing that right now because they're afraid of crossing this president publicly. that's what this looks like. how do you get him to confront
3:38 pm
what he's doing if there is almost sort of a rationalizing off it? >> i've said negative things about the president before. >> i know you have. >> and some say that's why kw4r78 rr not in the administration. >> the entire mindset of what has been elected republican -- one elected republican called this what it is, white nationalism. >> i'll call it right now as a republican white nationalism and i've seen white nationalism. i don't think it's as big as the national media portrays it. >> we've had a shooting in pittsburgh by a white nationalist and now this. that's not a small thing. >> the amountf opeople involved but with the weapons they have and the rhetoric is extremely dangerous. >> i hope you're right it's a small number of people. >> i hope i am too. >> i hope you're right about that. >> this is charlottesville and
3:39 pm
this is now. is the president not kp coming forward and saying people in charlottesville, the president saying i don't accept those people as my supporters. this person didn't explicitly mensed trump but if he thought he was act on my behalf, i don't accept his support. i think that's what a lot of republicans would like to see him do. i'm unwilling because he agrees with what they're saying or doesn't want to lose the political support of people who he believes are his most enthusiastic supporters. >> that's a foolish reason not to do it. >> i'm going to take. >> i'm going to take anced solut. try great-tasting boost glucose control. the patented blend of protein, fat, and carbs is part of a balanced formula that's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels. in fact, it provides 60% more protein
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yes. and we're back. mr. mule veiny, welcome back to "meet the press." i know this is a tough morning for all americans. george p. bush which is a state-wide elected office holder in texas. what he tweeted earlier. there have now been multiple attacks from self-declared white terrorists in the united states in the last few months.
3:43 pm
this is a real and present threat we must denounce and defeat. do you recognize that -- >> i heard the tail end of booker's thing and most of the panel. i know this is a political show but the level of rhetoric in the last 20 minutes, i hope someone else is bothered by it other than me. we've moved straight past the sympathy and what caused this and trying to figure out who's to blame. was buernie sanders responsible for my friends being shot playing baseball? i don't think he was. was ocasio-cortez responsible use thing same rhetoric she used. was she responsible? i don't think she was. if someone on your panel, i couldn't see their faces, called out today as a white national, is the person on your panel
3:44 pm
responsible? i'm disappointed at the level of rhetoric. do we have problems? absolutely we do. do we have white supremacists crazy and nuts and dangerous. of course we do. >> you don't accept the fact that the president's rhetoric has been a contributing factor at all? >> i blame the people who pull the trigger, chuck. goodness graciouses. someone really blaming the president. these people are sick and until we address why people think this way. this is a sick person. you can read the things the person wrote now available to the world. if you do read that, he's felt this way for a long time since before president trump got elected.
3:45 pm
>> that's my question for you. what is the president doing? in fairness, mr. mulvaney the president has spent the last month stoking racial resentment in different ways and you can try to rationalize that he was speaking about specific incidents but taken together these sick people as you're describing, they hear what they want to hear. does the president not have a responsibility to speak with a higher moral clarity when it comes to violence, a higher moral clarity when it comes to refugees? >> evenb if he did speak the way you want him to speak and i get people don't approve of the verbiage. but your point you just made is right. people are going to hear what they want to hear. my guess is this guy is in the parking lot inb that walmart doing this even if hillary clinton is president. and he'd probably blame hillary clinton for doing it. these are crazy people. sick people. and until we figure out why
3:46 pm
we're creating this many people and why we're giving them wide audiences on social media, why we're making weapons available to them when they probably shou shouldn't get them. let's talk about background checks. and booker a chance to run for president by blaming donald trump. >> let me go back to this issue of whielt nationalism. the administration wanted to deemphasize a focus on this issue. christopher ray has said this is a rising problem. i think you accept it. does the president accept this a rising problem? >> let me answer it this way. i talked to the president right after el paso, texas was made known to us in the white house. the first phone call he makes was to bill barr, the attorney general. he ultimately called the governor of texas and the governor of ohio. but his first phone call was to bill barr to find out how we can
3:47 pm
stop this stuff from happening in the first place. yes, he feels the same way everybody watching the show kp w the exception opof cory booker which is saddened and angry and that's what we should be talking about. not whether it gives one partary or another a leg up. >> it's not about whether there's a leg up -- >> that's what the entire cory booker interview was about. >> i don't want to get into his motives. but the president uses dehumanizinging rhetoric and this person used invasion -- you say some people don't like his ret rb. does the president not have a responsibility to heal this nation? is he not president of all americans? it seemps he's more worried about how his base is going to react than how the american moral fabric is protected? >> absolutely the president of all americans.
3:48 pm
i heard the panel discussion about illegal immigration. using that term somehow contributed to what happened in el paso, texas. that's about border policy and the president actually supports legal immigration, something that didn't come up. we're going to have policy discussions. but you show me how you feel about the president and i'll show you who i think is responsible. >> you brought up a background check issue and that's not something you voluntarily brought up in the past. is this a president suddenbly willing to get through the gun check loophole? >> of course you know we signed a bipartisan background check legislation last year. >> not on what people were trying to get when it comes to the gun show loophole. >> we helped fix the background check. something i know a lot about. the shooter in charleston, south
3:49 pm
carolina, dylan roof bought the gun because the background check system was broken. automatic weapons are illegal but there was a device that turned automaticing into emiautomatic. i can't believe five hours after the shooting moving to these types of off discussions. >> unfortunately it does appear this was a political motive of this domestic terrorist. >> this was a political motive by a crazy person with a gun. how do we stop crazy people from getting guns? if we can't figure out a way to prevent that from happening, let's try to fix what allows sick people to get these weapons. >> thank you for your time and sharing your viewesses. i appreciate it. and an own little world. especially these days. (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age.
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>> back now with the panel. we hitachi. back now with the panel. we had a situation that might not have workedorke hearing a panel discussion he might not have heard had our satellite been working. he was reacting a lot to what you said. >> i can give less than a damn what he thinks. he wouldn't even acknowledge it was an attack.
3:53 pm
he said it was a person crazy with a gun. if it was a muslim, it would have been a terrorist attack. when it is white men engaging in this sort of action, we get this account that we want to go to their mental health. let's stip late that they are crazy. >> everybody who kills somebody is crazy. >> but there is an ideology at work here. you use the same language that we heard. for a lot of folk in this country who are black and brown. for folks who are not white men, it feels as if some white men have lost their minds and we have to bear the burden of it. >> probably the back and forth here is that does the president's language matter or not? just what the president's language has been over the last few months. >> we have to end human smuggling, stop human
3:54 pm
trafficking, shut down sank u wary cities. when you see these caravans, it's an invasion. i was criticized for using the word invasion. look at the people they put in these lotteries. it is a disgrace. a disgrace. is it fair to hold the president's words responsible for some is of his words and whether or not he's contributing. >> not those words. i disagree with my friend. using the word illegal immigration, mick is totally right. >> let's talk about invasion and things like that. >> you look at the numbers of people coming across the border. by the way, this is not just true with united states and mexico. it is invasion from central america. venezuela is having a similar issue, parts of europe has this
3:55 pm
problem. >> an invasion, why can't it be a refugee crisis? where words matter, why can't it be a refugee crisis? >> we are getting into political correctness. >> an invasion is hostile, a refugee crisis is not. >> to the border patrol people who are threatened. if this was happening at the airport and people were rushing to customs, we would say this is a serious problem. >> what i take issue with what mulvaney said. he said this is a crazy person with a gun. when a particular group is targeted by a mass murderer, whether jews or others in el paso. they need to talk about that.
3:56 pm
hispanics feel uncomfortable now. >> he did get comfortable with the rise in anti-semitism. he won't on this. >> it would behoove the president to acknowledge that aspect of this crime and say all americans are with this country's hispanic community right now. that's what he's failed to do in the wake of these incidents. >> you've been tweeting, we stand with the hispanic-americans today. >> it is hard to concede with that. we are waiting to see if the president steps up or not. clearly, we are all saddened by what happened. we are all concerned by these communities where it is absolutely true. it is rather astonishing to me that we want to blow straight through this conversation we are
3:57 pm
having about the rhetoric and what it means and talk about things related to gun control, which normally they would never bring up. >> he almost was hoping it would be a gun control conversation. >> we can't stop talking about human trafficking and drugs. as a mayor, i've seen the impact of that. we cannot deny the language in a total debate. >> at the end of the day, we have to decide who we are going to be, chuck. there is a moral question, not just a political question. >> it has been a tough sunday. thanks for watching and sticking with us. we'll be back next week on sunday "meet the press."
3:58 pm
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tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking slow turkey. talk to your doctor about chantix. welcome to "kasie dc." i'm kasie hunt. tonight, 29 people are dead in a pair of mass shootings in texas and ohio s dozens more are injured. in custody and alive, a 21-year-old white male in el paso and in dayton, a 24-year-old white male was killed by police. the texas district attorney is pursuing the death penalty. the justice department says they are treating the el paso shooting as a domestic terrorism case. the president of the united states spoke briefly today. >> hate has no place in our country. we're doing a lot of work,


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