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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  August 30, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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instability throughout china. hong kong, one of their major financial hubs, have protestors out in the streets questioning authority in a way that we have not seen since 1989. >> chris, thank you very much, we're just hours away from dielt in hong kong and we'll watch closely for what the development wills be. thank you for watching. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern here and i'll be going to florida all next week for our live coverage of hurricane dorian. >> be careful out there. >> good afternoon, i'm chris ka. a new update on hurricane dorian. the storm is, indeed, slowing down and gaining strength. heavy rain and wins topping 110 miles per hour. they are expected to make land
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f fall as a category 4 hurricane. it is too soon to say when or where the storm is set to make land fall, but the national hurricane center is warning of a potential life threatening storm surge as parts of the florida east coast when it does. and there is growing concern when dorian will slow way down when it gets set to florida. the impact on the state for days. >> this is a major event. we still have some degree of uncertainty, but if you look at the grafts there is major impacts from south florida, potentially going up all of the way to the coast of florida. >> joining me is michelle grossman. and nbc news correspondent cathy park in melbourne.
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we're expecting a new advisory, what is the late snes. >> ---est? >> we just saw this pop in, too, but we have some changes as of the 2:00 advisory, just looking at this enhanced satellite image, you see it is growing stronger and bigger from that first rain to the last rain. there is that yoeye, an indicatn that it is getting stronger. 620 miles east of west palm beach. 150 miles per hour, that was as opposed to 110 as of the 11:00 advisory. it is slowing down, and we had speeds of 14 miles per hour, 13 miles per hour, but we're starting to see that slow down. we could see a slow down as 4 1/2 hours near the coast. let's take a look at this track together. a category two storm together. bump up to a category three storm by sunday, a category four
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storm, this will blossom as we go over the bahamas, we're going to see changing weather on saturday. the winds picking up, and also the sea is picking up and really on sunday we'll have the brunt of the storm for the northwestern baa ham hamas. this is something that we're going to track in the next four to five days, chris? >> you will we remain, i believe, where the folks are doing exactly what the gofverno told them to do which is get prepares for at least seven days, what are you seeing? >> 67 counties in florida under a state of emergency. i would say none more than obama beach county. right now it appears that the storm is headed this way. that may change, but people here, the ones that i have spoken to, not taking any
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chances, this local costco, the first person to arrive at 6:30 at 9:00 in the morning the line went around the building. that's where i met my friend over here, i see you're stocked up pretty well, can you tell us about some of the things you purchased today? >> one of them was to have this awesome speaker, it is a radio speaker and it allows for charging and all of that fun stuff, and one of my best friends is a vooegan, so i'm helping her, everything doesn't have to be refrigerated or frozen, i have things for my golden retrievers as well. >> what about the storm worries you particularly? >> we live on a lake, so i'm worried about the waters have already risen to the dock. the flooding worries me even though i'm not on the ocean, and the water and that because it is
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already starting to rise. >> thank you for speaking with us, i really freesappreciate it. >> people are worried about flooding and rainfall, because it is such a slow moving form it could really pound and keep pouring rain on florida for days. >> yes, cathy, your reporting there is already hours long lines for supplies where you are, right? >> yes, preparations are intensifying here. i want to show you something incredible. . this line of cars wraps all around the plost. we're told that people have been waiting on average about four hours, yesterday it was about seven hours and people are just using this time that has been beautiful in the past couple days. i want to swing over here. these men over here are packing
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up the sandbags. the folks in line, they don't have to get out, there is a ten sandbag limit, but four hours to get those sandbags, but it is incredible. a lot of people are very patient. i want to bring in ron who is a melbourne resident. he waited in line for four hours for ten sandbags. >> four hours. >> what was it like? >> boring? my butt hurts. >> as far as preparations go, safety first, right? >> absolutely. i'm a contractor here in the state, i spend half of my time in panama city where they were hit with the category 5 matthew and now my own town is getting hit. >> as far as what it is looking like at your house, you tarted to board up, anything else? >> everything we can do, hurricane impact indoes, everything we can do, whatever happens, happens, and a lot of prayer. >> you have been pretty positive
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throughout this, you're hoping it steers away from your house, but then it hits somebody else and then i feel bad for it going that way. >> hey, cathy -- >> yes. >> can you ask him if there is an evacuation order will he go. >> our anchor is saying if there is an evacuation order for where you go are you planning to leave? >> if there is an evacuation order i have to take my family out. have to protect the family. >> that really is the attitude here. there has not been an evacuation horde e order here or in melbourne, this is very dynamic, but it is watch, wait, and prepare for dorian. >> thank you, i want to bring in craig fudgate.
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as you know as well as anyone. people will make a decision to ride out a storm. this is very, very unpredictable as all of these storms are, but what is the responsible that is the point of no return. is there a hour clock going backwards when a decision would have to be made of who would or would not get evacuation orders? >> yeah, they're working very closely with the government centers. when is the earliest they can expect tropical force winds? based on that they have to count back for how long they stilt it takes to evacuate. they work with these local governments, they know how long it takes to evacuate, and what they're really watching now is when is the earliest they expect tropical force winds. they don't want people evacuating on high-rise bridges
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when they're in 40 and 50 miles per hour winds. as the storm slows down it is giving them more time, but it also means probably a lot more rain when it does come ashore. >> what struck me when i was listening to the governor this morning, is the logistics just seem so overwhelming, as you say there is a lot of experience at play, but what are some of the biggest challenges that state and local officials face when preparing for storms like this? >> part of it is the populations involved. when you look at palm beach, miami dade, also around the cape canaveral area. all of the way up in jacksonville, and there is not many places along the coast, we don't have a lot of people in harm's way, so where do you go, how do you glet there? florida is a peninsula. you're not going to be able to
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put everything where you think you need it in until you certainty. it could go up the middle of the state, so you have to play that chess and the emergency managers have to be pessimistic. look at the worst case scenario and look at resources as close as they can and once it starts impacting preparing a response and focus on serge and rescue. >> hope for the best and prep pair for the worst. they are trying to send the message that we're prepared and we're ready for this and now you have to do your part. i wanted to ask about president trump's decision to pull fema money to pay for his southern border policy, is that a reason for concern going into hurricane season? >> it is more optics. to me it will not affect the
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response to this hurricane. a bigger problem will be older disaster that's if fema starts running low on money they may have to stop work on older disasters unless congress is able to refund that account. i'm not concerned about much except the response. can congress replenish the funds. >> yeah, so if you were involved in a natural disaster, and it doesn't have to be a hurricane, but something in the last few years, and some of these take months and years to recover from, that money could be gone? >> yeah. we have low funds when hurricane irene was coming in 2011, we had to stop all work.
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and congress had to give us more money nap is the risk here. can congress fund the fund fast enough if it gets drawn down too low. so we don't have to stop work on the older disasters. >> great of you to come on the perhaps, thank you so much. we're going to continue our coverage throughout the our. a little later on i'll be talking life to a hurricane hunter. and we have political news to get to including joe biden on defense after fumbling a war story he told on the trail. and joe biden and elizabeth warren will be side by side on the next debate. more on this after the break. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish but now, i take metamucil every day. it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down,
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with these hands, we want to e elect senator bernie sanders the next president of the united states of america. >> wow, a lot of people here. well thank you very much. >> chanting crowd for senator
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bernie sanders in south carolina today. but polls suggest that the consensus is sanders. we'll see those three smack in the center of the debate stage all together for the first time next month. ten democrats made the debate, but the key is between the two democrats with have yet seen face off. are democrats seeking wholesale change or a return to the familiar after the west wing whiplash that has been the trump administration. joining me now is adrian elrod. this match up has been a long time coming, how combative do you expect the debate to get?
11:18 am
>> i don't think it will be combat combative, but i think it will be a real authentic debate about policy differences. look -- >> sparks will fly. >> certainly there are because elizabeth warren in almost every pole keeps gaining on joe biden. there will be, i think, a debate about the issues but joe biden does represent the more establishment moderate wing of the party. he wants to protect obama care, he doesn't support it. i think you will see a genuine policy debate on the issues. but i'm looking, you may not believe me, i'm looking forward to sees how julian castro, amy klobuchar and others show up. >> they're right, they are real policy dirss, but i was interested in this business
11:19 am
insider survey, a survey monkey poll, they say they worry that the party nominee will be too far to the left. 12% said they worry it will be too centrist. do you think that tells us anything about the electability question? is it as true for someone as polarizing as trump? >> i don't think anyone thought he was a centrist in 2019, but i will say i went through the p y primaries are pulling them to the left. you can talk about issues and maybe talk about what is necessary, and in 12 and 16 democrats were the incumbents, they sat back, they watched, they waited, and now the shoe is on the other foot and that is
11:20 am
just a natural shranadvantage. gone are the days when you could go far left or far right. and they are out every day covering these events, and they're constantly being watched, so when they have health care immigration it will stay in the fall. >> i want to go back to your point, there have been a lot of headlines calling this a five way or three-way race, which would eliminate five to seven people even on the stage as serious contenders. in some ways are the stakes higher for them to performance well? they could survive a so-so debate tougher if you're polling at 2%. >> the stakes are higher for someone like amy klobuchar,
11:21 am
julian castro and more, the field is starting to gel. things can change, we may see a tier two candidate move to tier one, but we're seeing this is a three-way race between joe biden and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. they're trying to make a move, have a fund raising moment, they need to have that moment on this stage. we also have to keep in mind that everyone that qualified for this third debate already qualified for fourth debate. they will be on the debate stage for the october debate. the threat hold will likely change again. they don't need to look at this as a hail mary, they will be on the stage in october. >> you have tom steyer who is
11:22 am
one point away, but will this change? >> i think many of the people on the stage right now will be there for a couple months. and they tend to have a fundraising and polling base around them, but the next debay you could see folks that just missed out. and to your earlier point, these earlier debates are the easiest it will get for joe biden. him going against corey or kamala harris, he was shaky. now bernie and liz on the same stage it will be tougher for them. joe biden fights claims he botched a war story on the campaign trail, but does it matter to voters? as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual
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in a new interview, former vice president joe biden is now pushing back on a detailed report that he botched details of a war story he told on the campaign trail. he most recently told the story
11:27 am
in new hampshire giving his account to honor the four-star general. >> one of his buddies was not, fell down a ravine. a four-star general asked to go in, everyone was concerned about a vice president going in the middle of this, we can lose a vice president. and i said do not put it on me, sir, please, sir, do not do that. he died. he died. >> but according to the post "in the space of three minutes he got the time period, the location, the heroic act, the range of t-- rank of the
11:28 am
recipient" all wrong. >> i was making the point of how courageous these people are, how incredible they are, the generation of warriors these fallen angels. >> joining me is katie glick. these gaffes are nothing new, they're piling up, there are people who are wonder who said aloud is there a point of no return. with voters he has not seemed to reach that yet. >> the risk of joe biden is the cumulative effect. they say he made these gaffes and misstatements for decades. that was a problem in 1988 when he ran for president, but now,
11:29 am
some voter that may be less familiar with that total record that are now tuning in, could feed into those additional questions about whether or not it is his time. >> yeah, they did cost him previously in that run for president, but has the bar shifted where the man he would be running against if he is the nom need has not necessarily a gaffe problem, but he has made more than 12,000 false or misleading claims since taking office. maybe biden doesn't seem like a real problem here. >> that is exactly right. i was going to mention the 12,000 lies. if joe biden is if he was not a front runner, he has never been a front runner before, right? he is held to a higher level of scrutiny, but they are not making an impact in his polls
11:30 am
and i don't think they will. we see this time and time again. not just in the polling, the top line, but in the cross tabs. voters trust him, they know he has integrity and character. stories get conflated. it doesn't change the grand scheme of things. joe biden is here trying to inspire americans and give a lot of respect to our troops. it's not from a place of being malicious, it's coming from a place of good. and again, to indicate his point, we will see how this fact in the course of the next few months may or may impact him in the polls. >> yeah, there is a few theories, one is that this was already baked in, and the second thing is, frankly that the most likely voters, statistically, are older voters and you don't
11:31 am
have to be older to have it happen to you, maybe they had a similar situation where they n conflated something. a senior moment, if you will. >> i think gaffe are a self fulfilling prophesy. the most damaging ones are the ones that reinforce a negative perception that people have about you, right? a lot of the gaffes reinforced the democratic attack. we're starting to see this now with biden, a lot of his gaffes reinforce the idea among some that he is not as sharp as he used to be. and these gaffes on the campaign trail may be isolated, but if he is in a big moment facing off
11:32 am
against elizabeth warren, does he stumble. is he not as sharp as he should be. it is a different tone. >> some people have pointed out the chances of an elizabeth warren, for example, a kamala harris, a prosecutor, making these kinds of gaffes are comparab comparable. >> yeah, how much do voters care about these. people expect it, it is almost part of his charm. they don't expect it with others, i think to an extent if that happens with them they be held to a higher standard than joe biden might be. we're not seeing this reflected in the polls. >> as we were, as the reporters were saying, it makes him seem
11:33 am
human and i thought in your article, katie, it was interesting the quote you had from david axelrod, he say it's is a risk and strength of joe biden, and you know the person at the center of this, the man he was talking about, said you know the truth of the matter is it doesn't mothbother me, it lo me in the eye and it seemed authentic to me. that is the upside, right? >> as david laid out to me, the moment that was captured highlights both the challenge with joe biden, the propensity to be gaffe prone. but at the same time his ability to emphasize. i spent a lot of time with joe biden, and folk who are committed have less to go do
11:34 am
with a policy proposal. they're looking at electability, and there is certainly other voters who are reemphasizing character. >> yeah, there are lines of people that want to hug him. >> this is controversial, earlier this year biden face criticism from women that say women said he was giving unexpected hugs, thank you so much, katie, have a great weekend, everybody. >> coming up, everybody. now a category three, i'll caulk with a hurricane hunter that flew around the storm, coming up. 24-7, 24-7, it's not just easy.
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we're tracking hurricane dorian. it is forecast to make landfall early next week as a category four. there is a rush for supplies and gasoline. miami's airport that would normally be busy is preparing for delays and cancellations ahead of the storm. joining me is morgan chesky.
11:39 am
morgan, what kind of activity are you seeing at the airport too? >> we're seeing significant impacts up and down the coast. people are cancelling vacations or they're significantly cutting them down. wanting to get out of here well ahead of dorian's anticipated arrival. we're seeing major carriers offer waivers. on the water we checked in with cruise lines, we had royal caribbean cancel trips to the bahamas in anticipation of dorian moving their way through there. they might be out out on the water a few days later. as you mentioned there have been fuel shortages, we heard from the governor of florida saying half of the gas stations are out of gasoline. they're trying to refill tankers
11:40 am
to get supplies to those places. >> the storm could come ashore during one of the highest tied of the air. you just heard the report, and listened to the governor this morning about the shortages of things like fuel what is your biggest concern right now? >>. >> my biggest concern is when you have a cone of possible kwakt as wide as it is, almost the entire state, some people decide to roll the dice and not prepare, they will not bring yard decor inside, they will not get water for the days that they may not have power and they just become complacent. prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but don't assume that because the spaghetti strands go all over the state that you're not going to be where it comes, it will have an impact
11:41 am
everywhere. >> florida is under a state of emergency, you talk about how wide that cone is. the governor has troops at the ready, do you feel like you have support already and how ready are you in your city? >> we're getting a lot of support. it is a challenge when you have 67 counties potentially all having to do something assau simultaneously. we, because of our efforts, we have already converted a lot of our storm water system, we have bumps and vegenerators out. we're cleaning the street so there is not more debris other than what the hurricane will bring, we'll be prepared because we're practiced in it and i believe our residents are smart enough to know they need to be
11:42 am
prepared also. >>. >> good luck to you and thank you. joining me now is richard hemming. you fly in and around hurricanes to get that critical information, what are you and your colleagues seeing so far? >> well, i am actually up to five missions so far in hurricane dorian. the trend is very clear. the first few days it was very disorganized. it was struggling to survive. it was being hit with a lot of dry air, wind sheer, and there was a lot of question as to whether or not we were going to continue flying it. and and a few days ago, it is organized as it moves past the virgin islands and now there is
11:43 am
no question about what we have specifically here, a hurricane with a very symmetrical eye that is 18 miles across. we have instruments measuring the ocean surface. winds at 115 miles per hour. this is a very, very serious situation. one of the most disturbing things about this, personally for me is i have been flying hurricanes for 24 years now, and it has been slow, steady, intensification. we have not gone through a period of rapid intensification yet, and i'm very concerned that we're already sitting at 115 miles per hour cat 3 and it is primed, ready to go for one of those periods of rapid intensification. so you can only imagine how
11:44 am
strong it could get if it goes through one of those cycles. >> yeah, that is quite possible. >> and based on that 24 years of experience and all of the hurricanes that you have flown in and around, is there comparisons that you can make or what do you think when you see this particular storm. >> i think it is some of the big ones. i have flown over katrina, irma, maria, it is right there with them. >> wow. >> right now it is not yet at that entenintensity, but it is very -- it is in a very, very favorable environment as it goes west ward. the wind sheer is down to almost nothing. it is large enough and powerful enough to insulate himself from
11:45 am
the dry air that it was fighting earlier. that is no longer a factor. so i'm just very worrieworried, everybody that is a resident of the atlantic coast of florida needs to really, really pay attention to this storm and for the entire peninsula b with people that live inland, they're going to get a tremendous amount of wind and rain. even those that live many, many miles from the coast. some major metro area that's will get significant inland problems from this storm for days at a time. a very scientific warning, thank you to you and all of the folks you work with in the work you do to helping us prepare for tomorro storms like this. the senate waging war again over the supreme court, that is next. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades?
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the senate is waging war yet again. the justices must "not be cowed by threats of opportunistioppor urges justices not to take up a
11:49 am
new york gun case, and suggests that if they continue on a political course, voters may suggest that it be restructured. this is the latest example of a battle over the side lodideolog future of the court. my guests are joining me now, good to see both of you. ashley a lot going on here, i don't want to get into the weeds of the case now that they're supposedly fighting over, but what is the big picture here. what is the message from each side? >> the big picture here from the white house's point of view and from the republican point of view is that the supreme court has been supremely important to president trump. two of his biggest accomplishments are the two justices that he got confirmed to this court. and when he looks to reelection and to keeping his base and galvanizing some of those
11:50 am
coalitions hilike evangelical supporters, it is hard to overstate the role that the court has played in generating good will for the president and work on the court in helping the president do what he's wanted to do that has frankly helped him prove the relationship between those two men as well. >> the importance to the president, sahil, is probably why the senate republicans wrote this. in part, judicial independence is under assault. democrats in congress and on the presidential campaign trail have peddled plans to pack this court with more justices in order to further their radical legislative agenda. the senate republicans trying to find a justification for that argument after blocking merit garland, the legitimate nominee of a sitting president. >> the supreme court will be enormously consequential in the 2020 election because there are
11:51 am
two justices on the liberal wing of the court who are in their 80s who are past the average age of when justices leave that court. there is a lot of anger that remains among democratic politicians and democratic voters about the scalia seat that mitch mcconnell blocked president obama from feeling it. they still believe neil gorsuch is a stolen seat. there is anger over brett kavanaugh being confirmed, all of which he was accused of sexual assault. this is going to be a major touchstone for democrats as well in the election. usually conservatives have the advantage on this issue. there is a muscle memory that goes back decades about the importance of the supreme court. really dates back to roe versus wade. but now democrats are paying attention in a way that we haven't seen in a long time. >> yeah, for sure. both sides talking about it a lot. there is this quinnipiac poll
11:52 am
that came out in the spring which asked if they should be reduced. 51% said yes. just 32% of republicans. but democrats say yes by a big margin, 69%. >> look, restructuring, who know it's anything like that could happen. but, sahil, what could that look like? >> it's highly unlikely to happen. i think this is just a signal that democratic trust in the court is plummeting and there are activists who are pushing this sort of thing as a signal to voters, basically saying pay attention that this court is not making decisions on the basis of law, that's making decisions on the basis of politics. and this 5-4 majority that conservatives have now seemingly entrenched on the supreme court for quite a long time to come could be a thorn on the side of democratic presidents over the next 20 to 30 years if they try to get things done by executive action on climate change or immigration. >> how much of a 2020 issue realistically, ashley, do you think this is going to be?
11:53 am
when you look at something like the economy which the president ran on and which he wants to run on again, that's changeable. what he has done not just on the supreme court but on the federal judiciary in general is not going to change. that remains sort of a point of bragging that he can continue to have with his base throughout no matter what. >> that's exactly right. this is a president who came in making a ton of promises, and, frankly, has not kept that many. he hasn't even built that much of that big beautiful wall he promised mexico would pay for. but when it comes to the court, not just the two justices on the supreme court but everything on the federal level, this is something that he understands is a key legacy issue for him. it was a key legacy issue for don mcgahn when he was in the white house. it's a key legacy issue for leader mcconnell. this is something when you have voters as they say in public polls who say i don't like the
11:54 am
way the president speaks and i don't like his tweets and i don't like some of his actions. this is something that a lot of republicans and not just base voters but sort of moderate republicans can get behind and it makes them feel reassured that they made the right decision the first time and that they might be correct in re-electing the president to a second term. so for him it is a paramount importance. >> it is mitch mcconnell's legacy issue. ashley parker, sahil kapur, have a great holiday weekend. thanks to both of you. >> thanks, chris. are you ready for some football? america's golden girl sure is. "one more thing" next. back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine
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one more thing before we go. picture it, 2019, the nfl less than a week until kickoff of the league's 100th season between the packers and the bears with actual buzz around my beloved cleveland browns. who better to promote the milestone than one of the most beloved women in america. >> you know that's the thing about kicking off the nfl's 100th season. i don't think there's anybody out there who can possibly put that into words. >> i can! >> betty white? >> 100 years of nfl history, the packers and the bears. there's only one thing more bad [ bleep ] than this year's kickoff, and you're looking at it.
11:59 am
>> oh, yeah. national treasure betty white called in to help kick off the major nfl event, certainly not her first rodeo. you will remember that notorious snickers super bowl commercial 2010 where white gets sacked, but her ties to football far deeper than you'd think. dating back all the way to her time playing rose from st. olaf, minnesota, you know which show we are talking about. she was as sweet as pie but tough as nails on the gridiron. >> the tight end deck joy so it looks like we are running a draw play. then he slips into a soft spot in the zone over the middle, the flagger fakes a screen, then runs a reverse behind the half back which gives the quarterback two options. >> for god's sake, rose, eisenhower used less chalk planning d-day. >> maybe one day the 97-year-old showing no signs of slowing down
12:00 pm
any time soon. there have been times in the brown's history when i think she would have been a better quarterback. but not this year. how are you, ali velshi? >> i'm well, thank you. you have yourself a great afternoon and a good weekend. >> and be careful in the storm. it's friday, august 30th. extremely dangerous hurricane dorian poses a significant threat. that's the national hurricane center's latest advisory as dorian, which is now a category 3 hurricane gains strength and moves slowly toward the northwestern bahamas and then the entire state of florida. potentially hitting florida as a category 4 when it makes landfall somewhere between the florida keys and southern georgia. just to help you picture what all of these categories look like, in a category 1 hurricane, wind speeds range from 74 to 95 miles per hour causing some damage like a home's roof, large tree branches snapping. category 2 wind speeds are 96 to 110 miles an hour causing extensive damage. trees snapping, uproot


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