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tv   MSNBC Live With Richard Lui  MSNBC  August 31, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'll be back tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. stay safe out there. the news continues with my colleague richard lui. >> thanks for being with us. we're watching hurricane dorian this hour. it is now a monster category 4 storm, now whirling with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour. it's just seven miles short, an hour of cresting at the highest rating, category five. northwest bound, dorian heads toward the bahamas. they warn resident of 15 foot storm surge and imminent danger. >> i beg and plead with you to leave the keys and move to the main land.
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i want you to remember, homes, houses, structures can be replaced. lives cannot be replaced. >> for the u.s., the big headline here, the storm shifts direction. this could mean good news for the crowded east coast of florida, bad news for coastal states further north. we'll speak with a meteorologist about the shift storm track in a moment. already we're seeing lines inconvenience stores and gas stations, anxious floridians stocking up to prepare as they hunker down. airports are cancelling flights, created crowds at regional airports. more than 200 cancellations today alone. another 200 plus tomorrow. those numbers could increase as the storm's track becomes more certain on the eastern seaboard. utility companies across the state of florida say they're ready for the worst. >> in preparation for the storm we have now amassed a restoration work force of 18,000
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men and women. these are men and women from 34 states, canada, and california. >> let's go to bill. shifting direction, what might we see in coming hours as a new advisory comes out? >> we have the computer model data in from the morning runs, and now the hurricane center is looking at the information, compiling the forecast, latest data from hurricane hunters going in and out of the storm, they're putting that out this hour. typically the last 15 minutes of the hour, between 4:45 and top of the hour at 5:00 p.m., that's when we'll get the new forecast path which comes out every six hours. also intensity. will it be a category five at that time or close to it. it looks like it has been intensifying. 2:00 p.m. was 150 miles per hour winds, slowed down, moving west at 8, this is the trend. it will crawl for the next three
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days to the bahamas, stall, and maybe not leave there until tuesday afternoon or tuesday evening. i mention it has been intensifying. we start this six hours ago, not a lot of dark red. then watch that dark red popping up, wrapping around the center. those are cold cloud tops that are around the storm. this is the center of the storm here. the eye is 20, 25 miles wide. i believe on the phone we have one of the hurricane hunters with us. richard, are you with us? richard, you're coming in and out. i am told you're looking at 100 miles north of the center of the eye. that's roughly up in the northern quadrant here. when we get him back, if we can get a better signal, we'll bring it to you. obviously driving through this in the airplane, there's a lot of interference. we would like his perspective.
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his plane, if it becomes a category 5, they drop devices out of the plane when they get to the eye or in the eye walls, that's when they'll tell us how strong the winds are. richard, are you with us? barely make you out, richard. are you passing the center of the storm? >> you want me to do a countdown? am i with the control room? >> doesn't look like he is hearing me. looks like we'll try to get back with him to see if we can get that figured out. this is the latest path from the hurricane center. again, right along coastal areas, some of the latest model guidance we have continues the trend more offshore. last three days we could have direct impact to florida, now looks like a storm that will rake the coast or be offshore of the coastal areas. the highest winds and rain should be offshore, florida,
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unfortunately friends in the northern bahamas, not as lucky for them. i want to show you the european model. one of the more reliable ones, we show you this most often. it takes the storm over the top of the northernmost bahamas. freeport could go through the eye. this is 9:00 a.m. monday morning. it kind of stalls, sits here. it is not until tuesday morning, 36 hours going through the northern bahamas, that it finally begins to inch northward along the coast. then it parallels the coastline, comes close to the charleston, south carolina area, still 50 miles offshore. parallels the north carolina coastline, and just to be cruel, comes dangerously close to areas of cape cod. richard, it is hard to get phone conversations with them, we were attempting to do it, it is fascinating work that these people are doing. men and women pilots on some flights. not the safest of all jobs but
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invaluable information we get from them. we really appreciate it. >> if you don't like turbulence, don't take on that job, that's what you're saying. >> they hand you air sickness bags as you walk on. >> they fly straight through the storm, not above it, straight through it? >> different levels. they used to do low flying passes, like down low to measure how high waves were and stuff, there was a plane maybe in isabel, one "am joy" caught fire from sea spray. they stopped doing that. they go through, penetrate through the eye, call it the stadium effect when they get in there. they report when they're into the eye and look around, feels like they're in a football stadium. thunderstorm clouds around them are seats at a stadium. you hear them say it is like the stadium effect, that's when you have a well defined eye with huge thunderstorms around it. it is not often anyone gets to see that besides them. last year with hurricane michael, storm chasers were in that, the sun came out, even
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when they were on land. they said it was one of the most amazing moments of their lives, power of nature. you see that, that's more rare than seeing a tornado in person. >> it is great that you reach out to sources and get that sort of interview. i know it is tough. if we can get that chaser back on the phone, i know we'll go straight to you, bill. thank you so much. we'll talk later. let's go to mariana atencio in delray beach, few miles north of ft. lauderdale. i looked at the twitter account for the city there, they were saying they've given away all sandbags that they put together this morning. they ran out in three hours. >> reporter: we were there, richard, as the mayor was on site as they were handing them out where we were, they flew in less than an hour. people here still preparing. this barrier island, delray beach, is not under mandatory evacuation at this point, but this is exactly the kind of
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street prone to flooding. i want the cameraman ronnie to point to where the water is. it is about 100 yards from where i am standing. they installed dunes there to protect water from coming in. that's where you're going to get storm surge and flooding coming in and putting many businesses behind me at risk. i want to bring in the commissioner here, bill, can you tell me how some of the structures are preparing. i see the visitor center is boarded up behind you. >> the visitor center is boarded up. usually hundreds of people visit there, get information on delray beach every day. a lot of businesses boarded up because that's the thing you need to do in preparation for the storm, even though it looks like it is maybe going to skirt the coast and go north of us, we never know where these things are really going to go. we need to be ever vigilant in preparations. >> i know your family has been here since the 1930s, you were telling me. >> yeah. >> tell me about the streets here, how vulnerable are the
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businesses? >> they're less vulnerable than years ago. used to be that sand and the beach basically came to the sidewalk. but we spent decades installing this do you know, building it up, so we're much less vulnerable than in the past. we're very proud of the accomplishments we have had in that regard. >> i know from covering the storms in the past, richard, i have been with you as we have done some of those, there's a lot of debris flying around usually. tell me what the city is doing to avoid that when the storm comes. >> the city goes around, picks up loose things. we talk to all of the business owners, residents. we have great communication through social media. and we have a code read system that tells them what to pick up, when they shouldn't put out trash, when they should be doing that. we're prepares. i am proud of delray beach. we're more prepared than we have ever been for a storm, praying for the people north of us, looks like that's the way it is going.
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>> absolutely, bill. thank you so much for taking time to speak with us today. the governor of florida, richard, saying floridians are not out of the woods yet. they deployed 2500 florida national guard troops, another 1500 are on stand by at the moment. richard? >> thank you so much for your reporting in florida. dorian could get as close as 50 to 100 miles of that location. we'll touch base with you later. let's turn to what the government is doing to aid citizens and first responders as they prepare for the destructive path of the hurricane. joining me, fema deputy administrator for response and recovery. david, what are you hearing, what's the latest in terms of preparation? >> good afternoon. as you have seen, dorian remains a very dangerous storm, even as the track shifts, it reminds all of us to remain vigilant. we're asking folks in north carolina, south carolina, georgia and still in florida to
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pay close attention to the forecasts in the coming hours, to follow instructions much local officials, some of whom you had, giving great advice to their residents. they know their communities best. they know what the forecasts mean in their individual communities, and the time to let our guard down has not come. it is critical that folks throughout the carolinas, georgia and florida continue to take dorian very seriously. >> david, the track just shifting this afternoon. how are you able to readjust resources given that the track of dorian could change again when we get more information from bill karins in a half hour in terms of where it is going. how do you shift it quickly and efficiently given a large, expansive geography to cover here? >> that's a critical part of our work. that's the work of the men and women behind me, not only from
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fema but from across the federal departments and agencies, private sector, nonprofit organizations like salvation army, american red cross. we stay in close contact with the national hurricane center, the data hurricane hunters provide is absolutely critical to what the hurricane center does to inform us on what they believe the storm will do, and we position our resources strateg strategically to support governors and bring life-saving supplies like food, water, tarps and emergency response teams and communications. we continue to monitor the storm, position resources to be ready to go if dorian makes landfall. >> david, what are the people doing behind you? you alluded to them, there's a lot of folks, it is like a newsroom to me. you've also got a red ticker at the back of the room. what is it they're doing there? >> so this is the national response coordination center. we have 200 people working here
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24/7 when we're activated for things like dorian. what they're doing is gaining situational awareness, information from the field where resources are deployed, where local officials and state officials think they may need assistance. with that information, we decide where to strategically deploy communications, gear, disaster medical assistance teams, generators and other supplies so we can be ready to respond and meet the needs and support the state and local officials. >> david, what's it like to operate now without confirmed director of fema? >> look, these folks behind me, we have been operating, you recall dorian began in the caribbean. it was a potential response mission in the u.s. virgin islands, puerto rico. there's nothing holding us back from carrying out the clear direction we have to meet the needs of the american people wherever dorian may effect.
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these folks are committed to making that happen. >> we thank you, david, and thank everybody hyped you for what they're doing today and the days to come. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, coverage of hurricane dorian continues. we have more updates throughout the hour about florida and the bahamas and the carolinas, now on alert. next we turn our attention to politics for a moment where a different kind of storm is brewing. plenty of controversy surrounding the trump administration as the president spends part of the holiday weekend at camp david and the virginia golf club. his personal assistant abruptly resigns, now he is upped fire after tweeting a surveillance image of her as well. ♪ ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood so, every day, we put our latest technology
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assistant, madeleine westerhout. she called to apologize following accusations she made several hurtful remarks about trump's family at an off the record dinner with journalists. >> i think it was automatic. i don't say fire or not fire. i really think she had a bad night. i think it was unfortunate. she said she was drinking. and the whole thing was very unfortunate, and i think the press is very dishonest. it was supposed to be off the record. but still, you don't say things like she said which were just a little bit hurtful to some people. >> meanwhile, questions over a photo that the president tweeted of a failed iranian satellite
1:19 pm
launch. did this high resolution image that you see here reveal secrets about u.s. intelligence gathering capabilities? that's the question. let's go to white house correspondent kelly o'donnell, national political reporter daniel straus, and washington examiner reporter emily larson. kelly, start with the executive assistant. the president saying this is an off the record meeting that he is alluding to here. the question is how did we get the information, right? >> reporter: well, this was a situation during the president's extended stay at bedminster, new jersey, where he was vacationing with family. it is not uncommon to have what are known as off the record dinners with officials from the administration. i would say in my experience, having covered three presidents, it is unusual to have an executive assistant to the president participate in that. typically you're meeting with officials who have policy and more direct interaction with the substance of what we would typically cover.
1:20 pm
in this instance, for whatever reason she was there with a small group of journalists, none from nbc, and those journalists were a part of this dinner, and apparently someone in that group shared that information with another journalist who was not in attendance. that journalist then spoke to someone else and as things happen, this was talked about. and then other people spoke to white house officials and so it was sort of being -- senior white house officials became aware this executive assistant had said these things. it was brought to the attention of the chief of staff and senior officials at the white house. there was a concern that this was expressed again off the record, not to be reported, and yet if it is known, they were concerned i think about this being indiscrete, so they brought it to the president's attention. you can tell by the way the president described it, he seemed to feel uncomfortable about the fact this person that he seemed to like and enjoyed
1:21 pm
having work for him was in this position, but he also made clear this was a line not to be crossed about talking about his family. so she was pushed to the point of having to resign. she offered her resignation and apology for having done this, so that was the situation. this is one of the perilous moments where an error in judgment happened and she's paying the price for it. typically off the record conversations happen with people who frankly are much more experienced dealing with journalists, so that's not normally the kind of conversation that happens when we deal with people from this administration or other political entities, whether it be on capitol hill or elsewhere. so that's what happened and the president accepting her apology and also moving on now. the difficulty of course is it has been embarrassing to the trump family to some degree, and certainly to this young woman who's now out of a job. >> out of a job. daniel straus, move on to the photo that the president tweeted
1:22 pm
out. what is it, does it reveal u.s. intelligence gathering capabilities? >> so this is a photo of purportedly an iranian launch of a satellite. what's interesting is the resolution. it is high. it is higher than most public cameras are capable of, suggesting that the trump administration had been monitoring the site possibly with a drone or some kind of government or military satellite. now, that's not super unusual because the technology that the iranian government uses to launch satellites is similar to technologies they used for ballistic missiles. but it is unusual for a photo like this to be leaked or any of this to come out at all. it is unclear whether this discloses some state secret or not. >> when we look at the photo closer, emily, some have said it
1:23 pm
appears there's a shadow of somebody stanniding over it, yo may see the shadow there, potentially of an individual taking a photo of this photo. >> certainly. i think it was reportedly from an intelligence briefing that president trump received friday morning, and it looks like it might be a photo of a photo taken with a cell phone or some other device. but there are two big questions besides national security aspects. what prompted trump to release this photo, and did he talk to intelligence officials before releasing it. he has said he does have authority to release whatever national security information he wants which is true, but if he released it without talking to intelligence officials, that could be troublesome. secondly, what was his intention with releasing the photo. a lot of people say his tweet was trying to taunt the iranians but he has also expressed that
1:24 pm
he is open to meeting with the iranians and the iranians have gotten closer to being open to meeting with trump. so perhaps this could be either he was taunting them or trying to express look, we're still moving towards potential meeting here. >> another headline out of d.c., ruth bader ginsberg seen in public, many are saying she looked well. >> yeah, i mean, so the fear among democrats for a long time is that ruth bader ginsberg may fall ill and something may happen. the latest situation was that she underwent surgery. but she seems to be healthy. she's saying she's on the road to health. right now, she seems perfectly resilient. her health is an ongoing concern because her absence from the supreme court would further tilt the panel to the right. >> emily? >> certainly this is something that conservatives are always
1:25 pm
watching closely, especially any liberal supreme court justice if they were to step down, it would tilt the balance of power further into the conservative justices, which is a big argument that a lot of people have for reelecting the president, and in november, despite the things he may tweet or indiscrete things he might say, the supreme court and economy are two main drivers of trump voters. >> thank you so much. another look at hurricane dorian for you. it is now a category 4 storm. winds of 150 miles per hour, moving slowly to the west toward the northern bahamas. preparations are under way as residents brace for a possible direct hit. hmm. exactly.
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well, hurricane dorian is a powerful category 4 storm with wind speeds reaching 150 miles per hour right now. 7 miles per hour shy of being a category 5, the highest category. right now, the monster storm is headed to the northwestern bahamas, expected to make
1:30 pm
landfall there sunday. it will stall over the bahamas monday. it is expected to dump at least two feet of rain there. dorian appears to be taking a turn also towards central florida, georgia, and the carolinas as of this afternoon. the slow moving storm moving west 8 miles per hour as just mentioned, has been shifting its path. broward county in south florida declared a state of emergency. this morning, their mayor tells residents to remain vigilant, despite continuous changing path of the storm. >> while we're being told today it looks more favorable of a northerly trend, we need to be prepared. and we have to then go by the saying, prepare for the worst, and let's hope for the best. >> as you can imagine, this is effecting all flights there in the region. airlines cancelled over 200 flights just today. another 211 flights are expected
1:31 pm
to be cancelled tomorrow. orlando international airport plan to cancel all commercial flights at 2:00 a.m. monday. let's go to the general director of bahamas ministry of tourism. joy, the bahamas as many know, about 50 miles off the coast of florida, talking about 400,000 residents there. unfortunately it does not look like dorian is going to move past the bahamas. it is going straight toward it. >> that's correct. what we can say is dorian is expecting to hit northwestern island, abaco and grand bahama. the capital, nassau, is not expected to be impacted. certainly the northwestern islands we're watching closely.
1:32 pm
>> the country is recovering from hurricane matthew that ripped into the bahamas in 2016. what did you learn from 2016 in terms of what you're doing this year with dorian headed toward the bahamas. >> what we have observed this time around is the request for people to evacuate as we look at the island of grand bahama, east and west grand bahama, where we are expecting heavy rainfall. people have heeded advice, evacuating, going to shelters. that's a big learning curve and we're happy to see that. also, preparations are in full mode. everyone started acting immediately doing everything they were asked to do so we have
1:33 pm
been monitoring the last few days. now it literally is waiting and seeing. >> joy, folks that want to get out of the bahamas, are they able to? are the airports still working? >> yes, indeed, nassau, the airport is not expected to close. grand bahama, abaco, the airport will be -- probably just missed it at 4:00 p.m. today, so those two islands, but i can say abaco all visitors left. so there are only ten visitors who are remaining on the island of abaco. and freeport, all those persons that wanted to go were able to leave. there are only 14 visitors remaining in hotels in grand bahama. that's when i say they heeded advice, left when they were asked to. >> joy, our best to you.
1:34 pm
thank you for the latest update. general director of the bahamas ministry of tourism. thank you so much. best of luck no doubt as you prepare there on the islands. coming up, we're going to switch gears back to politics and the 2020 race. we have new numbers that came out this week. joe biden, bernie sanders, beto o'rourke also on the trail, trying to get more voters to go their way. (pirate girl) ahoy!!!!! (excited squeal, giggling/panting) gotcha! (man) ah! (girl) nooooooooooooo! (man) nooooo! (girl) nooooo... (vo) quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker, and is two times more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. (man and pirate girl) ahoy! (laughing) (vo) bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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just out today, the fourth democratic debate announced, it will be october 15th, if necessary, a second night, october 16. that will happen in ohio. the democratic national committee informed campaigns the poll and donor qualifications are the same as the september debate. more on that in a bit. by the way, the september debate is less than two weeks from today. the final lineup is locked at these ten candidates to be on the stage in houston. but another race two days prior to that could set the tone for 2020. north carolina special election september 10th could signal some danger for republicans and the trump campaign if democrats win there. the race dubbed the battle of the dans pits democratic and march reason core veteran dan mccreedy against state senator dan bishop. the winner takes that house seat, vacant after last year's results because results were in validated due to election fraud. the president supports dan bishop.
1:39 pm
retweeting and calling or north caroli carolinans to vote early. beto o'rourke is visiting the site of the 2017 white nationalist rally, he reboots his campaign to focus on gun control and immigrant rights. we go to road warriors, they're busy, busy, busy this weekend. amanda golden is with the biden campaign, gary grumba with the sanders campaign. as we look at what this restart, reboot might be, what are some of the things. >> beto o'rourke did a routine yesterday, in land county, more than 80% for donald trump. reddest part of the state.
1:40 pm
he is continuing the theme of the campaign in 2018, going to every part of the country, no matter how red, shaking hands with as many as he can, letting them know their vote counts, no matter where they live. he went through roanoke and blacksburg, traveled through southwest virginia, an area that not a lot of candidates have ever gone. today he kicked off his second visit to charlottesville. a lot of folks showed up here today. he's really spreading that message that all of the down ballot races matter, especially in virginia in 2019. there's a huge election coming up for this state in 2019 in november, so he really tells that message, and made sure voters know he is traveling everywhere. no matter how red the area is. >> let's head to gary. you're with the sanders campaign. we understand the sanders campaign is trying to introduce a new plan to relieve medical debt. what's the detail? >> $81 billion to be exact.
1:41 pm
let's talk about how we got here. yesterday, senator sanders with a medical care for all town hall in florence, south carolina, answered questions from a woman that said she was drowning in medical debt. she said if you become president, what are you going to do? his response was i am going to eliminate medical debt. that was a surprise. that's not something he said before. the campaign came out this morning with a preview of the plan to be released later this month. here's what senator sanders told us yesterday. >> another piece of legislation that we're going to be offering, we will eliminate medical debt in this country. i mean, stop and think for a second. why should people be placed in financial duress, for what crime did you commit, a serious illness? that's not what the country should be about. >> let's go back to details. this is an $81 billion elimination of all past due medical debt. this includes repeal of elements
1:42 pm
from the 2005 bankruptcy bill. this is a bill that representative sanders at the time from vermont voted against in 2005, and it is also going to eliminate, not have a problem with credit scores. your credit score will not be effected by this either way with the medical debt elimination. there's not a ton more details beyond that. this is certainly something the campaign wasn't planning on releasing on the friday of labor day weekend, but within the next month, should be getting the full plan. >> thanks for the details there in houston. amanda golden with the biden campaign, in d.c. now. amanda, what is the campaign saying right now about joe biden, this issue again, not the first time, about him, well, having lots of gaffes, people are taking note of. >> reporter: people are taking note of the gaffes. the campaign is saying the
1:43 pm
perceived gaffes from "the washington post" reporting aren't gaffes, they're real experiences the vice president had, and he is using them to highlight connections with voters at events across the country. this event written up was in hanover, new hampshire. he tells similar stories from previous experiences both in the white house and senate when he campaigns across the state. voters themselves are not terribly impacted by the details, don't see it as an in hib tore, feel it is just a way the former vice president will highlight his experiences and don't see it as any kind of issue, but rather endearing, a way to connect with audiences. >> right. amanda golden, gary, road warriors, following the campaign. talking to you a lot. if it is saturday, it is this.
1:44 pm
what do you make of the way at least when we look at the numbers, i was looking at the way they're tracking, biden is solidly in front, it is early. the two of you are going to say, what does it show that he's in front, despite gaffes that amanda told us about. >> the gaffes heretofore have been that, gaffes, the substance which is negligible in the campaign cycle. what we see recently is him conflating stories which is different. i heard a comparison to ronald reagan which was a little shocking. the fact that's starting to come out a little more, i don't know -- >> is that good or bad? >> it is bad. i don't know the campaign should be overly concerned. what are you going to do, script joe biden? that's unlikely to happen. my guess is that there are voters that look at him and say that's just joe, which they have been saying. that's joe biden. and it is not having any
1:45 pm
material effect on him in the polling as you pointed out, but i do wonder when you have a warren and sanders on the debate stage, does he look as strong as them or does he look weaker than them. that's when i think you'll see change, if any. >> there's a question, susan. does he look stronger or weaker? >> i think weaker. not because of one gaif, it is cumulative effect of gaffes and debate performances thus far. i think he is looking more and more that he's not ready for prime time. and that's why this debate coming in two weeks is critical for the vice president. one, he is on with all of the top players. everyone is going to look for the right opening for him. it may be one of the places they can call him on getting a fact wrong when he is speaking, or it may be another flat debate performance which i don't think joe biden can afford. i think we have seen him start to not take off, which is a
1:46 pm
problem, and when we see other people, and it would be different candidates at different times, but seeing elizabeth warren surge, that means someone is surging. that's not good news for joe biden. >> looking at the contenders for the upcoming debate, looking at the bottom, those that are not the top four, biden, warren, harris and sanders, all in the top four here, who might at the bottom call him, trying to get headlines, the gaffer. >> you saw in the previous debate, cory booker went in on him a little bit, which was important. i wouldn't be surprised if somebody did do that. but i think going to your point, julian castro, and to your point earlier, i look for instead of someone going after joe, who's the uniter. who's the candidate that will say you know what, joe, i understand what you're saying, this is where we need to go in a different direction. you saw elizabeth warren do that
1:47 pm
on the previous debate stage and i wonder, does she play the sort of i'm with sanders, we're going to jointly go after everybody else or is she going to stake out individual ground for herself. i think someone like cory booker, julian castro may find their opportunities to make digs against the frontrunner. >> as we look at the bottom of the polling, you were both discussing this last week, kristin gillibrand, senator from new york saying okay, i have thrown in the towel, i'm done. the two of you are saying her staffers are saying you should do that. what does that say about those that are in d.c., those who are senators, congress members, many not doing well, some doing okay. >> if you're senator bennett from colorado, things are starting to look tough for you right now. what's your lane. whereas i think governor bullock from montana can afford to stay in a lot longer.
1:48 pm
it really does come down to money for a lot of the candidates, how long can they go down this road. one person just to go back to the debate stage, amy klobuchar. i they what makes her interesting on the debate stage is she's the only other person who's a moderate with joe biden. she could be someone that tries to unite across the stage. i think her point of view is an important one that night because we have other moderates not represented there. >> what does north carolina tell us, battle of the dance. >> i'm not sure right now. even though we always have high hopes, high hopes for states like north carolina and georgia and others, i need to see at the end of the day where the numbers are. but the truth is, there are promising trends in all states, including texas.
1:49 pm
>> is it about trump? >> i don't think so, only because of the way the race came together. i think 2018 was about donald trump. this is a race about the dans, given everything that happened, fraud, special election, it is more candidate based than driven by the national narrative. >> we'll be watching. more data to chew on next saturday. thank you. we'll be right back. who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance.
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the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. there's chaos in the streets that continues to turn violent in hong kong. protesters throwing bricks at officers and launching fire bombs at government buildings. riot police moved in and shot tear gas during the 13th week of demonstrations. >> reporter: richard, this has been the scene of pitched battles between police who banned a major demonstration here and protesters who defied that ban and turned out in the tens and hundreds of thousands. first peacefully, but that quickly devolved into violence. protests hurled molotov cocktails at police who returned fire with a water canon.
1:54 pm
this is the latest escalation in what is now 13 weeks of protests in hong kong. but it wasn't an escalation in tactic. we didn't see chinese troops marching in order to stop them. this is a critical time for china. and for them the clock may be ticking. just around the corner is a major holiday, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china. it's a time in which they hoped they could celebrate an image of unity. that's going to be hard to do if these clashes are still taking place. the question becomes, how much longer will they allow this to go on is this there's another protest scheduled tomorrow at the airport. the scene of previous clashes between police and protests. so will tomorrow be the day beijing decides enough is enough? richard? >> chris, thank you so much. those protests over free and open elections there in hong
1:55 pm
kong. coming up, new numbers, the latest advisory on the track of hurricane dorian just out from the national hurricane center. bill cairns will have that. bill we would joined reverend al sharpton to talk about his campaign to challenge president trump in the republican primary. e. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation.
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. welcome back. we've got the latest advisory
1:59 pm
into us on hurricane dorian. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. what does the advisory say? >> pretty much status quo. they didn't change much. with no changes, that's bad news for our friends in the northern bahamas, and it means we have a significant threat around georgia and south carolina and north carolina. we thought possibly it could get to a category 5. it looks very impressive, but there's no hurricane aircraft flying into it. right now it's turnover gulf and has to cross florida. it will be there in two to three hours. if the plane gets through the center, it gives us a wind reading and we can find out if it's a category 5. the new stats, now only 170 miles east of the bahamas, still at 150 miles per hour due west at 8 miles per hour. again, this is a slow-moving storm. there's a chance seven days from now i'll be talking about this
2:00 pm
storm. here's the new forecast path. they do have it remaining a category 4. doesn't mean it couldn't become a 5 somewhere in the middle. they have it over the top here of the islands near freeport. this is sunday afternoon. this is monday afternoon. so we have about 36 hours that the northern alabama islands, it's going to be raked by this category 4 storm. i mean, the structures there are built for big storms. this is going to test all of them. and then the storms should weaken a little bit. as we do some good news out of this forecast, but it's pretty much status quo. looks like the most likely path is still off shore. >> bill, thank you so much with the latest advisory and the summary there. nbc meteorologist bill karins. i'm richard lui. you can find me on twitter, instagram, and facebook. for now i turn


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