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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" chaos. the crisis in syria hits a devastating turning point as hundreds of isis fighters escape. the kurds turn to assad's army to protect them. what is the president doing? ordering the pentagon to pull out all remaining american troops so they don't get caught in the cross fire. >> it's shocking to me to hear a u.s. secretary of defense say, hey, we're going to pull the troops back because they're at risk. our troops are always at risk. they're prepared to be at risk. the insider. president trump's former top russia advisor fiona hill testifying right now under subpoena from the impeachment committee where she is expected to say rudy giuliani and the eu ambassador were conducting a shadow foreign policy in ukraine. >> i want to know what fiona hill, who was running the
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ukraine policy from the nsc, knows about the cut offof military aid. it's going to be a crucial part of this testimony. that's the quo in the quid pro quo and fiona hill probably can tell us about that. and the bidens strike back. hunter biden announcing he will step down from a chinese investment company and stop doing any foreign business if his father selected president, as joe biden fiercely defends his son. >> no one, no one has asserted my son did a single thing wrong. no one has asserted that i have done anything wrong except the lying president. ♪ and good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where president trump is trying to defend what our nbc first read team is calling a foreign policy disaster today. a total withdrawal by u.s. forces from northern syria, leaving kurdish fighters in a
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desperate situation, so desperate that these american allies are now turning to a war criminal for help, celebrating the arrival of president bashar al assad's military to slow the turk i turkish advance. president trump is playing the blame game tweeting that europe should have taken isis prisoners months before the u.s. withdrawal. then claiming the kurds may be releasing isis supporters on purpose to get american forces back into the game. joining me now richard engel, nbc news senior international correspondent keir simmons and courtney cuby here in washington. talk to me about the kurds and what this means given five years of a stalemate with syria. now bashar al assad's army being brought in and the russians being brought in right across the border where you are .
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>> reporter: we've spent the day opposite kobani. you have the story of the past few weeks in syria. it is, of course, the town where famously u.s. forces fought alongside the kurds against isis. now the u.s. base above is emptied. just in the past few days it was shelled by turkish forces. through the day we have not seen any of that shelling. that poses the question are we about to see a clash between damascus syrian forces and turkish forces, or are we going to see some kind of a truce, some kind of an agreement. you have to imagine that president putin in the background is working diplomatically to try to make that happen.
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he, of course, can pick up the phone to president erdogan, he can pick up the phone to president assad, but it does paint a picture of how far america now is out of the picture, even with all of the concerns on the ground that america has. because not far from here is that camp where isis families, around 800 are thought to have fled. we don't know where they are. some of them have been serious isis fanatics, if you like, including one woman for example who was known as the matchmaker, a woman who went about once she was in syria trying to organize teenagers from europe to come to syria to marry isis fighters. she herself marrying three isis fighters and each of them being killed on the battlefield. and another part of the picture, the turkish forces are backed by turkish militia. those fighters will still be fighting and they are sworn
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enemies of president assad. so can the fighting be stopped? >> to richard engel in northern syria. richard? >> reporter: so andrea, we are now witnessing a land grab. you have the turkish forces advancing from the north. they are backed by militias. these militias include extremists, former members of isis and al qaeda. just imagine that for one second. you have a nato country using an extremist militia as a ground force. as hard to believe as that is, that is happening right now. those militias are moving forward. the militias and the turkish forces have captured around 50 towns and villages. as that is coming down primarily from the north, you have the kurdish forces, the kurdish forces who were collapsing, who were failing. they called in the assad
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government to reinforce them, but the assad government is only coming in slowly. the assad government has moved into several locations but not as many as the kurds need right now. as those reenforcements from the assad army are arriving, the kurds are still fighting. they are still trying to push back the militias primarily, because right now it is the militias who are doing the ground fighting and it's the militias, according to numerous witnesses, they say the militias are carrying out atrocities. so this land grab is real. both the turks and their militias want to hold as much territory as possible, perhaps to keep it, perhaps to negotiate it away at a later date. the syrian army and the kurds, who are now joined together are trying to control as much territory as possible to keep the turks from taking a piece of syria. and in the middle of all of this are u.s. troops in this country, around 1,000. they are now in their phase of
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deliberate withdrawal. they are consolidating to more secure locations so that they can pull out according to the administration's orders. but that pull-out as this situation develops becomes more and more dangerous for them, because there could be an errant bomb, there could be some force that doesn't communicate that ends up attacking them. the u.s. forces here are not looking to get into a fight. they are looking to leave. but as you look to leave in a dangerous situation, there is always the risk to u.s. forces that they could get injured or that they could get killed or that they could end up getting into some sort of fight. and then add on top of all of that, you have the isis element as hundreds of isis prisoners have already broken free trying to set other prisoners free and trying themselves to consolidate. andrea. >> richard engel in northern syria. please be safe to all of our teams there.
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courtney cue bee is here with me. there are national security council meetings today and there were national security council meetings yesterday. the treasury secretary is talking about possible sanctions against erdogan. the effective sanctions in any case is always months if not years and we're talking about day by day. it's only been seven days since the president caved in, was rolled by erdogan, according to all reports, on that telephone call of changing u.s. policy. now we have u.s. troops being targeted. if not targeted, there was an accidental artillery firing right near their location. this is a mess. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs said on the record on camera that the u.s. notified turkey down to the grid coordinate of where all u.s. troops are in the country. if in fact this was actually a targeting of that area on friday, that is a targeting of u.s. forces that was known.
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the u.s. isn't exactly saying that so far. as richard was explaining there, americans are being closed in from all sides at these several bases that they have in the northern part of syria. that's the real concern here. it's so much they might be overtly targeted. it's that there are regime forces moving up from the south towards the north. there are turks moving from the north down to the south. at a certain point many of those locations will be surrounded and americans will be stuck in the middle. remember, the clear that the u.s. will not fight turkey in this conflict. so you would have americans who are sitting there, while they always have the right of self-defense, they have not been given the authority to fight back if they're caught in the middle of a conflict. >> let's talk about the tactical nuclear weapons, at least they acknowledge 50 that are in turkey at a nato base there. there's talk about a plan at least to move and secure those
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weapons. your point is that it's much more complicated, that that can't be done without turkey's acknowledgment and agreement. >> exactly. it's a turkish base that the u.s. occupies. it's an incredibly important strategic location for the u.s., for starters. they fly air missions out of there, not as many as they used to. but as you mentioned, even though no one talks about it on the record, there are several dozen nuclear weapons housed there. it's so simple as taking them out. the turks are very careful about watching the u.s. as they move on and off that base. they would not be able to do it in secret. they would have to notify turkey and turkey would not want that to happen. that is a strategic deterrence for them. if in fact the u.s. decided to take those nukes out, you should look at that was a full
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withdrawal of u.s. military from turkey. delaware democratic senator chris coons is on the foreign relations committee and joins me now. senator coons, i don't even know where to begin as to where the united states stands in the broader foreign policy situation with allies now throughout the region and they were french, british, jordanian forces on the ground in syria as well. without any notice, the president makes this decision as i'm capitaliharacterizing it as into erdogan without a broader foreign policy discussion. now the israelis, the saudis and other close allies feeling abandoned by the u.s., as well as what we have seen already are our own nbc teams on the ground, war crimes are being committed against ngos and other es allie
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with the syrian kurds. >> this is going to prove to be a shameful chapter in american history in the region. it's creating a chapter here where the only real winner is russia. let's walk through this for a minute, if we can. president trump said the reason he abruptly announced the withdrawal of american troops who had been serving alongside and protecting our kurdish partners in northern syria was because he wants to end the forever wars and bring our troops home. in the same week he announced the deployment of 3,000 more u.s. troops to defend saudi arabia. he's not pulling us out of the region. he is shifting us in the region. the abruptness of this particular decision is producing chaos, casualties and great increased risk to the united
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states, our security and our original allies on the ground. we've got potentially thousands of hardened isis fighters and their families escaping from detention. we've got a very real threat to american forces on the ground as the murderous regime of assad move forward and as turkey advances into northeastern syria. this is not making any american interests stronger or americans safer. as you mentioned, we ought to be reexamining our relationship with turkey. at the air base, we have not just critical strategic forces but a longstanding partnership with the turks as our nato ally. these actions, this incursion into syria, they're taking ill-considered action and probably actively firing on american troops should lead to a fundamental reconsideration of our relationship with turkey.
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i hope that when we return to congress tomorrow, we will be taking up resolutions and legislation, both to condemn this abrupt betrayal of our trusted partners in the war against isis, the kurdish syrian troops who fought so bravely, but also to reconsider our relationship with turkey and potentially impose stiff sanctions. >> sanctions, though, can hardly stop what's happening on the ground thanch ground. >> that's right. >> that is not going to be soon enough to save the lives lost this weekend according to all reports from the region including a 35-year-old woman who was trying to bring people together, a nongovernmental worker there, humanitarian aide worker. there is no mechanism that i know of to kick out a nato member. should turkey be a nato partner? >> we need to seriously reconsider that. frankly, the only thing that
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could change the situation on the ground now would be for president trump to reconsider and reverse himself on this terrible decision. we are at a place where chaos is the most likely result and there will be thousands of people, if not more, killed. there are atrocities already being committed against our former partners the kurds. frankly, the deep sense of be trail on the part of the sukurdh syrians who fought alongside our troops and the very real increased risk that isis fighters will now attack the united states or american interests in the region means that this is a terrible episode in american history in the region. i understand how many americans are tired of seemingly endless wars. this is not the way fortous lea for us to leaf ave. this weakens our alliances regionally and globally and it
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weakens the united states. >> briefly, before i let you go, as a strong supporter of vice president biden's, i want to ask you what you think about hunter biden now stepping forward on the record saying that he is cutting now his ties with the chinese investment firm and would foreclose any involvement in overseas work if his father is elected president. do you think that the bidens have been silent for too long and have let the president take advantage and not even address the issue of his own children who are currently and continuously involved in overseas investments? >> andrea, i think hunter put out a strong statement and is taking strong action. i was with vice president biden in new hampshire for his speeches last week. and i think he is forcefully pushing back, challenging president trump, his conduct and behavior continually reminding us that there's been no evidence
9:17 am
that as vice president joe biden did anything inappropriate. i think it's important that we remember that this same tactic against hillary clinton, a drip, drip, drip of baseless accusations was allowed to slide by by too many in the politics and the media. i'm hoping that all of the ka d candidates will join together in saying we won't tolerate donald trump smearing and lying about democrat ic candidates for president and talk about the issues reducing prescription drug prices, combatting climate change, dealing with the opioid issue, strengthening our schools, the stuff that matters to working americans even while president trump engages in chaotic and ill-conceived decisions that affect our place in the world. no candidate could restore our
9:18 am
leadership in the world better than joe biden and that's why i'm supporting him. thank you. >> thanks for joining us today. right now we are monitoring a news conference in dallas with the lawyer and family of 28-year-old atatiana jefferson who was shot and killed by a police officer in her own home. her family is calling for the officer's arrest. coming up next, star witness. president trump's former top aide on russia testifying behind closed doors right now on the impeachment inquiry. we bring you the latest after a quick break. we bring you the latest after a quick break. humira patients, you inspire us. the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you
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fiona hill, president trump's former top aide on russia and europe is testifying at this hour behind closed doors. she is appearing under subpoena from congress. nbc news is reporting that hill plans to testify that rudy giuliani and u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sond land pursue ad a shadow foreign policy on ukraine. joining me is kristin welker from the white house and peter baker, chief white house correspondent for the "new york times" and an msnbc political analyst. jeff bennett, tell us what's happening so far on the hill as far as you know. >> reporter: fiona hill based on our reporting is telling these house investigates that ruth bader ginsberg -- rudy giuliani,
9:23 am
that those two men ran an influence scheme that fell outside the normal protocol and procedures of the state department and that they in effect ran a shadow foreign policy in ukraine. fiona hill was not just president trump's top russia advisor, she was also a well-known russia hawk, a putin skeptic who at times was at odds with president trump over his stated desire to improve relations with vladimir putin. it's important to know that she was not at the white house. she was not a part of the nsc when this call in question happened, this july 25th call between presidents trump and zelensky, so she can't really speak in detail to that, but she can give house investigates a sense of what led up to it, the motivations of those involved, including how or why white house officials would have locked down, democrats say cover up, the details of that call, what has now been released in the summary of that call between
9:24 am
presidents trump and zelensky. >> and peter baker, from your reporting as well, fiona hill is in a position to testify about the procedures at the national security council for filing rough notes from presidential calls, for instance. so she can testify to whether those were violated in some way with this particular -- with the way the ukraine call was filed. she could also testify about the relationship with vladimir putin and gordon sond land. it seems to me that the way the committees have set this up, they've heard from yovanovitch. >> that's right. she'll no doubt be asked about the president's conversations with putin. there are a lot of questions about those conversations. if she's not able to disclose
9:25 am
exactly what was said, they'll probably ask her about the procedures. t the president has told others not to disclose to people who would normally understand what happens in a phone call with a russian president the details of his call. we're also told she's going to talk about the case of the u.s. ambassador to ukraine who was yanked back in the spring after she was targeted by rudy giuliani and other allies of the president in their campaign to pressure ukraine. fiona hill, i think, is prepared to tell them, assuming they ask, that she opposed that recall, that she complained about it to other officials. other officials complained about it as well and they were not able to reverse it. they were not able to change anybody's mind. that, of course, essential to this story, whether or not rudy giuliani and gordon sondland and the others who have been
9:26 am
involved with the president's campaign to pressure ukraine about the democrats, took it out on a career ambassador who seemed to be in their view an obstacle. >> kristin welker, the president has been furious about this in his rallies and his tweets as he lashes back at all of this. >> reporter: well, we know that the president's aides and allies are concerned at this testimony today by fiona hill in part because of everything jeff and peter just laid out, the fact that she's going to in essence layout this shadow foreign policy that she would argue rudy giuliani was running. remember, his allies already have concerns about rudy giuliani and the role he has played in this presidency. so i think it heightens those concerns. it also raises some significant questions about the white house strategy. as we reported on last week, they sent out that letter
9:27 am
essentially saying they're not going to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry. well, fiona hill is a former official. the fact that she is there testifying today under subpoena,under scores the fact that the white house cannot block everyone from testifying. sondland is expected to be there later this week. that raises some questions about just how solid this strategy is. it all comes as president trump demands that the whistleblower testify, something that adam schiff indicated over the weekend might not happen over security concerns. >> thanks to all of you. up next, there's outrage in texas. family members and community leaders right now calling for justice after the death of a 28-year-old texas woman fatally shot in her own home by a police officer. plus, race against the clock, the rush to find a survivor after saturday's deadly building collapse in new orleans. deadlyg collapse in new orleans. as a struggling actor,
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there is frustration and a lot of anger in ft. worth, texas, where a community is outraged after a deadly police
9:32 am
shooting, a white police officer killing an african-american woman, 28-year-old atatiana jefferson inside her own home while babysitting her 8-year-old nephew. gabe gutierrez is in texas with new details. this was a 911 call from a neighbor who saw an open door and thought there might be some something wrong. the police officer shows up and with no notice, without warning, according to the video that i saw, gabe, shoots through the window and kills this woman. >> reporter: yeah. it was incredible. it was actually a wellness call and the police officer came several hours later. the call was to a nonemergency number. that's part of the reason that the victim's relatives are so upset right now. we're actually at the office for the attorney for the victim's family, atatiana jefferson, 2 years old. the news conference is happening in the room right next to us and
9:33 am
we're about to speak to several of the victim's siblings. we just heard from the victim's brother just moments ago. >> i am currently stationed in san diego. i served my country for the last 12 years. in that time, i've been trained and taught there are pre-planned responses to everything you do. when you don't do it the way you've been trained, you have to answer for that. you have been trained. you know better, so you have to answer for that. ft. worth pd cannot investigate themselves. this man murdered someone. he should be arrested. >> reporter: so the victim's family certainly has a lot of questions right now. as you mentioned, the police officer involved in all of this has not been publicly identified but is being interviewed today by the department's major crimes unit. we understand that the police officer has been on the force since april of last year and is now on administrative leave. but the victim's family is
9:34 am
calling for him to not only be fired, but to also be criminally charged. emotions are raw in this area. it was about two weeks ago that former dallas police officer amber guyger was convicted of murder and sentenced to ten years in prison for the shooting death of her neighbor upstairs. this is in neighboring ft. worth, but certainly a lot of questions as this investigation moves forward. and we are expecting to hear from the ft. worth police department this afternoon. >> thanks so much. i didn't realize it was a wellness call, which makes it that much worse that this response was so violent and so immediate. thanks, gabe. and rescue crews in new orleans meanwhile desperately searching for one worker still missing after this weekend's sudden collapse of the hard rock hotel being built in new orleans' historic french quarter. >> we're still in rescue mode. we have one person we still have not located.
9:35 am
obviously time is of an essence. life safety at this point is number one. we have someone we have not located and can't get to where we think they might be. that's our goal and it's happening as fast as can possibly happen with safety in mind. >> officials this morning are worried that a second collapse could be possible as the upper floors and a crane are on debri that could give way at any moment. at least two people were killed in the collapse, 30 others injured. the cause of the collapse is still under investigation. up next, family matters. ahead of tomorrow night's big debate hunter biden promises that he will stop working with foreign clients if his father is elected president. but what about the trump children's businesses? plus, violent video. outrage after trump supporters s show a graphic parody video at the president's miami resort. pt the president's miami resort pain happens.
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you should be mad they gave this guy a promotion. you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding
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technical patterns on charts and helping you understand what they mean. don't get mad. get e*trade's simplified technical analysis. i think hunter put out a strong statement and is taking strong action. i was with vice president biden in new hampshire, former vice president biden in new hampshire for his speeches last week. and i think he is forcefully pushing back, challenging president trump, his conduct and behavior, continually reminding us that there's been in evidence that as vice president joe biden did anything inappropriate.
9:40 am
>> that was delaware democratic senator chris coons just moments ago on our program on hunter biden's decision despite no evidence that he has done anything wrong, to step down immediately from his position at a chinese-backed financial firm and a promise to stop working with foreign clients if his father becomes president. hunter's move follows president trump's unprecedented call for china and ukraine to dig up dirt on the bidens. former vice president biden is sure to face a lot more questions about the president's attacks during tomorrow's democratic debate in ohio, the first since the impeachment inquiry was launched. joining me now former congresswoman donna edwards and republican strategist and nbc news political analyst rick tyler. rick, the president has not ever explained anything about his own children. there's no question that there is a swampiness about hunter biden's work given his lack of qualifications for a lot of this stuff. >> no doubt. >> but there is a real
9:41 am
equivalency here because eric and donald trump jr. are involved in businesses around the world. ivanka trump's work in china before her clothing business was disbanded but her clothing company was still getting license agreements. >> there's no doubt they've been trading in on their father's name. ivanka and jared kushner do work for the white house and last year they made $82 million while working at the white house. hunter biden, it was claimed that he made $50,000 serving on the board of a natural gas company in ukraine. there's been all kinds of allegations about china, but it doesn't seem that hunter biden personally benefitted. donald trump would have you believe that he walked away with a billion dollars. that's simply not true. but ivanka and jared would be
9:42 am
$6.8 million every month per month last year. compare that to $50,000. as you say, i don't like the idea that children of politicians trade in on their name. and then there's the burden of other who is try s who try to dy and get accused of that. there's been absolutely no evidence that hunter's done anything wrong. if there was, i'm sure plenty of reporters would go out and find that. he's not immune to that. the comparison is utterly ridiculous. only donald trump who's so vulnerable in this area would have the audacity to claim that hunter biden is somehow corrupt. >> some democrats are wondering why it took so long for joe biden to fight back, but i guess the problem is if you acknowledge it, you're just accepting the president's narrative rather than promoting your own campaign. >> well, i think if you keep in
9:43 am
mind too that this story has been like really evolving at a very quick pace, i think it was tough to figure out how to respond to it. i think in the interim joe biden has responded. he's responded forcefully. but i agree with rick, there is absolutely no comparison. frankly, i would take that straight line right to the president of the united states, who's never separated his business interests, the family's business interests. they run the white house like it is an extension of their family business, whether it's donald junior and eric trump or i vvan and jared. the president is in the middle of all of this. it raises some real questions. i think it was important for joe biden to say straight up that he wouldn't have family members in the white house. i don't think he meant the first lady because she'd been in the white house. but these are questions that are going to come up in the
9:44 am
democratic debate. democrats should be of a mind this is completely separate from the real story of the president trying to strong arm the ukrainian leader and it's not about the so-called business interests of hunter biden. >> another issue that has come up is this fake video, a horrific video that was played with trump supporters at the doral trump property in miami. rick tyler, stephanie grishom has now denounced it on twitter. we haven't heard from the president. >> i doubt you'll see any announcement. people can make all kinds of things and put them online and it has nothing to do with the president but this was played at a trump property by supporters. it's a horrific very graphic video of the president, you know, supposedly taking on the media and his political enemies.
9:45 am
>> violently taking on the media. >> i hate to say this and i contemplate not saying it but i'm going to say it. this video endangered donald trump more than anybody else because there are crazy people out there. people will watch something like this and think by not denancy pelosiing -- denouncing it the president is supporting violence. it provokes violence. >> and the white house correspondent's association has condemned it as well. coming up, impeachment insider. 17 former watergate prosecutors who looked into president nixon's impeachable conduct have determined that president trump's actions meet the same standard. the same standard i didn't have to call and i didn't have to come get you. because you didn't have another heart attack.
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and given that we already have the call record, we don't need the whistleblower, who wasn't on the call to tell us what took place during the call. we have the best evidence of that. it may not be necessary to take steps that might reveal the whistleblower's identity to do
9:50 am
that. >> congressman adam schiff this weekend on "face the nation." the chairman of the house intelligence committee, of course, on sunday saying that the testimony from the whistleblower may not even be necessary in this impeachment inquiry, especially if it risks revealing the person's identity. identity.'s it risks president trump tweeted today adam schiff now doesn't seem to want the whistle-blower to testify.r no, must testify to explain why heai got my ukraine conversatio so erwrong. not even close. did schiff tell him to do that? we must determine the whistle-blower's identity to determine why thisbl was done t the whusa. joining me now is jill winebanks, an msnbc contributor, and susan page. welcome to all of you. let me go o to the lawyer amongs first. jill, the prosecutor, former watergate prosecutor. is there enough even in the very
9:51 am
rough notes which have been corroborated by several people, by several other people, and other incidental information and other testimony so far to at least open an impeachment inquiry? >> the answer is a very simple and declarative yes. and one of the things that prosecutors and in this case the house needs to be able to determine is t when is enough sufficient? you don't have to investigate to find all of the wrong doing that possibly exists in this administration. you just need enough tohi make e case t to the american people t support why the extraordinary measure of impeachment may be required here. and i think we're well at that point. in the a letter that i signed wh my colleagues from the watergate office, we laid out at least five things that we were relying on when we reached the conclusion that there was enough evidence of impeachable offenses
9:52 am
toha proceed. is that letter was written days ago and since then, of course, we've hadof a lot of other evidence. we had the ambassador testify in a wayas that is definitely damaging. ini expect that sondland's testimony will be bad. we had a lot of other things develop. the arrest of two of the aides to rudy giuliani, the investigation ofni rudy giulian. so there's many more things that are constantly happening. we have abuse of power, we have obstruction of justice, we have a lotce of evidence that we don need to get any more. all three articles of impeachment brought against richarden nixon apply equally here. the contempt of congress is maybe even the strongest because donald trump has refused all cooperation, not just with this investigation, but witht regul oversight. susan page, there's also politics. there's law and then politics. the biggest difference with
9:53 am
richard nixon, one might be the smoking gun tape. but thereok is plenty of eviden from the president's own mouth here. you know, he's acknowledged making that call and what he said on that call. the difference isat he's in his first terms not his second ter. that's a political difference which could make it harder to proceed to impeachment when people would say there's only a year or so left. let's let the voters decide. >> there is that argument that impeachment is an extraordinary steps that overturns the judgment that voters made in an election, so why not wait until the 2020 election. there is also the state of the party --at of the president's party. during richard nixon's day, the republican party was behind him but much more independent-minded. when it came to investigating allegations against the president and going to him and telling him it was time for him to leave office. we don't see that with this republican party. they have stuck with only an exception or two o with the
9:54 am
president, unwilling to even support the idea of an impeachment inquiry much less impeaching him or l removing hi from office. both those things play into the calculations going on about what path to pursue ahead. >> you know, i've actually personal i experience as a youn reporter. i a y covered senator hugh scot pennsylvania. he was one of the o republican leaders who went to the white house and said the gig is up. >> today who would fill that role hotoday? >> exactly. >> it's hard to identify anyone. >> idheidi? >> the>> closest is mitt romney and all we've gotten are some tweets. >> he doesn't represent the rest of the senate it would have to be mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham. >> that's the problem they have. they haveey drawn this distinctn that i don't think the american people understand between russian interferencepe and ukraine, a which they are not supporting, even heavy investigations into,ev and what happeningt' in syria.
9:55 am
when both have to do with the same basic principle of undue foreign influence and allowing other powers to control our politics and dictate our national security. when it comes to impeach, jill is right. this isji a question of time an how many articles. i've talked to democratic leadership who believe they also have the goods with the transcript, sondland will say, reportedlyy, later this week th it was a quid pro quo, but just not a corrupt quid pro quo. there's more that's going to come out. these witnesses, unlike with the mueller investigation, are actually cooperating. they are coming on their own -- of their own volition. if the white house tries to block them, then they're responding tore subpoenas. so the question now is how formal aform al does speaker pelosi want to force this?
9:56 am
i'm hearing from more and more members they want m a formal vo putting all of these republicans on the record. >> we have so little time. susan, you're so close in covering pelosi, do you think she'll go for a formal vote? >> i think she will. the question is when does she decide the time is right. there's no question she could get that vote passed. >> we'll have to leave it there and pick this up at another time. thank you all so much. more ahead. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" stay right here on msnbc. pain happens.
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what's it for today. thanks for being with us. remember, follow the show online on facebook and twitter. thank you very much. hello, everyone. it is monday, october 14th. coming up this hour on velshi & ruhle's, turkey's military incursion into syria is ramping up. we have the latest on all the late-breaking developments. right now president trump's former russia adviser is testifying in the impeachment inquiry what she's expected to reveal is reportedly stoking fear among people close to the president. and a white police officer shoots and kills a black woman inside her