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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  October 16, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thrill, what a treat -- >> the nats. >> you had the nats extravaganza last night. are you going to the world series? >> i'm going to try to get there. >> i'm happy for you. thank you, craig melvin here in the united states. the clearest sign yet that elizabeth warren is a bona fide front-runner. she took criticism from all sides as they squared off in the fourth debate. for some, last night may have been the last chance to try to steal the spotlight. also, more cracks in the stonewall as the donald trump administration digs in in the impeachment fight. more officials headed to the hill today including one former state department official who's already given what appears pretty damning testimony. what more could he say? and rejecting the cease-fire as the conflict in syria gets worse. turkish president erdogan refusing calls to pull back as mike pence and secretary of
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state mike pompeo both head to the middle east for talks. right now, democratic presidential candidates are hitting the trail following an enlightening debate in ohio. it made clear who the group on stage is most worried about at this point. senator elizabeth warren. let me bring in nbc news road warrior ali vitali. the candidates they really seemed to focus on elizabeth warren. was she expecting it? and what so far has been the consensus this morning on how she handled it? >> yeah, a lot of eyes and a lot of sights trained on elizabeth warren and they were expecting it. they know the warren campaign what comes with being center stage. we have been able to watch how that's manifested for joe biden over the course of the last few debates but last night it was elizabeth warren in the spotlight. if you look, 26 attacks last night from candidates between each other on stage according to our count. 16 of those lobbed against elizabeth warren.
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i want to show you what that looked like last night. listen. >> this is why people here in the midwest are so frustrated with washington in general. and capitol hill in particular. your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything. except this. >> at least bernie is being honest here and saying how he's going to pay for this. and that taxes are going to go up and i'm sorry, elizabeth but you have not said that. again, the difference between a plan and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. >> and so senator warren, i want to say that i was surprised to hear that you did not agree with me that on this subject of what should be the rules around corporate responsibility for these big tech companies. >> and warren's team last night said that yeah, she took heat. they acknowledge that but they said that she did stay on the issues talking about what's broken. and how she plans to fix it. but i think there's something here that was highlighted on the debate stage that struck me is
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that we have seen elizabeth warren sort of ride the wave of having a plan for that. but now we're seeing the duality of that. the other edge to it which is that other candidates on the debate stage are going to say you're specific about a lot of things, can you be specific about the things that i want you to be specific on? if you're pete buttigieg that is how your health care plan will impact the middle class taxes. i imagine that's not the last we have heard of that line of scrutiny. and the striking reality is that for a lot of the candidates on the attack last night, this was a back against the wall effort because they're not yet qualified for the next debate stage. take amy klobuchar for example, who you saw in that clip was really hammering warren consistently on a wide range of topics. she's not hope qualified and she's hoping that can generate some momentum in the polls. they have qualified on the donor front. this is now a question if they can make the november debate stage based on polling. so a lot of the candidates on that stage punching up at
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elizabeth warren because she's the front-runner and hoping that can catapult them on the debate stage in november. >> thank you. i'm joined by a democratic strategist, leah daughtry, the ceo of the 2008 and 2016 conventions. michael steele is with me as well here in the studio. former chair of the rnc, political analyst for msnbc and tiffany cross is in new york, took me of course -- the cofounder and managing editor of the beat d.c. she heard i was coming to washington so she packed her bags and came on the train and went to new york city. reverend, let me start with you. we heard the candidates go after elizabeth warren last night, specifically over her plan or depending on who you know, lack thereof of a plan to pay for this health care plan of hers. i want to play some of that specifically.
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>> we can pay for this. i have laid out the basic principles. costs are going to go up for the wealthy. they'll go up for big corporations. they won't go up for middle class families and i will not sign a bill into law that raises their costs. because costs are what people care about. i have been studying this -- you know, for the biggest -- >> thank you, senator. can the mayor -- >> senator warren on medicare for all. did she play defense well last night? >> i think overall she did very well. she was poised, she was strong. she was composed and you know she flexed some of the criticism off very well. her answer on medicaid for all leaves a lot to be desired. she is not as specific as she is in other areas. that -- my sense is she's playing the long game. she's trying not to say anything that might be used in the general election against her. so that's a problematic place
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for her in this primary season when people are trying to understand what her plan is. >> when you talked about the republicans who aren't fans of this president, who say that they would be open to voting for a democrat, a lot of them -- >> she's not it. >> right. she's not the one. did you see or hear anything from her last night that could change their minds? >> no. she doubled down on the reason why they won't. if you're not honest with us about something we already know is going to factually take place because bernie sanders told us so. it's his plan, she signed off on it. oh, did you miss that moment when she was asked to acknowledge that her plan was the same as bernie's -- she didn't say, yes, exactly. because she knew the next question is well, if bernie sanders said it will raise taxes on the middle class, how come the same plan you're touting in your situation doesn't? so we get that. i think where a lot of center right and some center left voters particularly independents
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land and what they saw last night was klobuchar, buttigieg and again biden hold that center lane fairly strongly and it will see whether or not they -- to your earlier point can get the traction and be on the stage, certainly buttigieg will. but for klobuchar that's a big deal in november. >> tiffany, michael just mentioned bernie sanders there, senator had to prove last night that he's healthy enough to sustain a presidential campaign following that heart attack. this is how senator sanders addressed that. >> now to the issue of candidates and their health. senator sanders i want to start with you. i want to start -- we're moving on, senator. >> i'm healthy, i'm feeling great. but i would like to respond to that question. >> did he do enough to ease the nerves of supporters? >> i think his supporters mirror trump supporters in a way they're so devoted to this this candidate. i don't think that was a big issue for them. i wish they had gotten the
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question out of the way at first. i want to go back to what you mentioned about elizabeth warren and to some of michael's comments about, you know, these voters who are republican but they might be open to voting for a democrat. listen, if you are even considering voting for donald trump, you are emphatically not who democrats need to be targeting. i think democrats need to focus on dancing with the people who brung them and that's the democratic base. the people who overwhelmingly support democratic candidates. i think appealing to the mythical swing voters is a mistake, they don't exist and we have to get out of that. i think this is what happens when you have moderators who e are, you know, long standing members of the beltway chatter class asking questions. a lot of the questions asked last night don't really speak to a lot of what i think the american people are talking about. very little questions or zero questions on -- >> and there are no swing voters. >> tiffany, i don't know what
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race you paid attention to in 2016. you keep talking about those swing voters that don't exist. and you hand donald trump the white house in 2021. >> i disagree. >> you have to get out of this notion that this is a far right, far left election. it is not that. there's a significant number of people in the middle of this country that can be appealed to. so if you want to call them mythical, have at it. >> but michael, my point -- my point is -- >> but tiffany, the fact of the matter is that the democratic party has not won white voters since lbj. >> exactly. exactly. >> so we have managed to win the white house without winning the white voters so i think tiffany's point which i agree with is go to the voters that will vote for us. >> do they have to be mutually exclusive? >> no. if you're in a judgment about where you're spending resources or target, then i would say go to who is -- who you know is
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going to vote for you. >> exactly. >> you know, you reach the others on the edges. >> well, you can do that in a primary. but as we have seen in 2016 and prior presidential elections the generals are very a different animal. if you play in game to the extent that you look at the voters who are currently behind a klobuchar, currently behind a buttigieg, behind biden, call them mythical -- >> that's not who i'm talking about, michael. democrats can't fall in love this time. the last time that they won the white majority vote was in 1976 when the electorate was 89% white. things have changed yeah i might vote for a democrat, but if they nominate this person, no. baffles when i hear them talking about winning the red states but talk to the people who are dancing and who are voting for you who will ride with you.
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>> voter suppression which -- >> exactly. >> no question about that last night. >> and you pointed out there hadn't been questions about questions of voter suppression. >> i think that's part of the problem. when they come from the chatter class and not real america. >> i want to ask you about the fund-raising numbers. the official numbers are in. i know that's what the chatter class pays attention to. here they are. on your screen right now, third quarter numbers are in. as of september. bernie sanders most money in the bank. more than $33 million. elizabeth warren $26 million. mayor buttigieg continues to demonstrate he can raise wheelbarrow loads of money. just over $23 million. there's joe biden at close to $9 million. does that -- does that figure surprise you at all, leah? >> it means that his burn rate is really high. if i were his campaign i'd be really concerned about going into the homestretch without having -- with having this little amount of money. it's really a pittance.
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and i think they really need to double down on the fund-raising and figure out why he's burning at such a high rate he won't have the money in the bank to get to iowa. >> i think that's an excellent point. the burn rate is ridiculous. no way given how much money he's raised to date he's sitting there at 8, $9 million. here's the other thing interest about the numbers, yes, buttigieg has got $23 million, but he's 5%. all right? bernie sanders got $25 million, but he's 18%. or whatever. so the numbers and the -- in terms of the dollars don't a align with where the voters intend to place their votes right now. for buttigieg, they have to do a realignment to get the number up to match close to what he's getting in terms of the donations. >> tiffany, that might explain why we saw this new side of mayor pete buttigieg last night. he seemed to be more willing to
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defend himself stronger. even going after the fellow democrats at times. look at this particular exchange with beto o'rourke. >> i don't need lessons from you on courage, political or personal. everyone on this stage is determined to get something done. everyone on this stage recognizes or at least i thought we did that the problem is not other democrats who don't agree with your particular idea of how to handle this. the problem is the national rifle association and their enablers in congress and we should be united in taking the fight to them. >> what do you make of that new mayor pete buttigieg that we saw last night, the new side of mayor pete? >> i think candidates are going to have to get a bit scrappy and come out and distinguish themselves from each other. this is the democratic primary, they're not running against donald trump but against each other. so i think it's totally fine. we can't stand on the stage and sing kumbaya. it's challenging when you have the audience because they tend to sing for their supper.
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really dancing for sound bites because people aren't really watching the three hour debate from beginning to end. you know, it gets a little snooze time last night sometimes. but look, i think some of the candidates did other than buttigieg did have breakout moments. you had julian castro bring up the gun violence. being an issue of police violence that kids are still being tortured at the hands of the u.s. government, in cages right now. kamala harris brought up the reproductive rights and cory booker is focused on the urban gun violence. i think they're fighting for ways to bring attention to themselves, it's 12 candidates. you have to do something to distinguish each other. i think it's completely fine. we should expect to see these kind of distinguishing moments between candidates on the stage. >> reverend, michael steele, tiffany thank you. i want you and michael to have coffee. >> we have coffee, i love sparring with michael steele. >> oh, good.
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all right. thank you, guys. not backing down. turkey's president flat out rejects calls for a cease-fire as vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo make their way to the region. can they convince him to walk back the military offensive that president trump initially green lit? we'll look at that. and the donald trump administration stonewalling even more in the impeachment fight. not stopping the drips of devastating testimony. and while speaking to reporters on tuesday, house speaker nancy pelosi dropped this curious hint. >> all roads seem to lead to putin with the president isn't it so? tipun with the president isn't it so? ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions.
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a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. president trump right now in the oval office with the president of italy, sergio mattarella. let's listen in.
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>> what's your bottom line with turkey? are you okay with erdogan saying he's not going to do a cease-fire? >> he didn't say that at all. he's meeting -- he's meeting today with some of our representatives and mike pence is leaving today as you know. we needed to take an extra day for security reasons. but mike is leaving. mike pompeo will be meeting also. who's here right now with us and who's going to be joining the meeting. we have a lot of great people over there. we'll see. in the meantime, our soldiers are not in harm's way. as they shouldn't be, as two countries fight over land that has nothing to do with us. and the kurds are much safer right now but the kurds know how to fight. and as i said, they're not angels, they're not angels, take a look. you have to go back and take a look. but they fought with us. we paid a lot of money for them to fight with us and that's okay. they did well when they fought
8:20 am
with us. when i refused to allow the americans a year and a half ago to fight with the kurds against iraq, i said, wait a minute. this country stupidly just spent a fortune on fighting for, with, around iraq. nobody knows how they spent it, but they spent actually we're in the middle east now for $8 trillion if you can believe that stupidity. but iraq we're in for probably $5.5 trillion so they're telling me, wait a minute, we spent $5.5 trillion fighting in iraq and with iraq and now we're supposed to spend money to fight with the kurds against iraq. i said, no thank you. so what happens is when i said we're not going to fight with the kurds, the kurds left. they didn't want to fight against iraq which right now isn't the greatest fighting force in the world. that happened twice. the kurds actually are pulling back substantially from turkey. and syria is pulling in.
8:21 am
syria probably will have a partner of russia whoever they may have. i wish them all a lot of luck. russia was involved in afghanistan, used to be called the soviet union. now it's called russia for a reason. because they lost so much money in afghanistan that they had to downsize. very big downsizing. so if russia wants to get involved with the -- with syria that's really up to them. they have a problem with turkey, they have a problem at the border. it's not our border. we shouldn't be losing lives over it. but again we only had 28 soldiers, it was 26, 28, i have all different numbers it's 28. between the 26 and 28, two people and they're fully accounted for. so that's the story. it's very simple. and we're watching and we're negotiating around we're trying to get -- and we're trying to get turkey to do the right thing because we want to stop wars regardless whether americans are in or whether they're not in. we want to see war stopped.
8:22 am
on a humanitarian basis, we want to see that happen. steve? >> how confident are you that mike pence can arrange a cease-fire? >> the answer is no, not at all. [ speaking a foreign language ]
8:23 am
[ interpreting for the italian president ]
8:24 am
>> so i view the situation on the turkish border with syria to be for the united states strategically brilliant. our soldiers are out of there. our soldiers are totally safe. they have got to work it out. maybe they can do it without fighting. syria's protecting the kurds. that's good. we are -- by the way, every player hates isis. syria more than us. russia more than us. they have done a big number on russia. and we're over there fighting isis, but they're over there fighting isis too. they can handle it and they should handle it. we can fight our own battles on our own territories but you have a lot of countries over there that hate isis as much as we do. in some cases probably more. so they can take care of isis. we have them captured. the united states captured them. some were released just for
8:25 am
effect. to make us look a little bit like oh, gee, we have to get back in there. but you have a lot of countries over there that have power and that hate isis very much, as much as we do. so i think we're in a very strategically good position. i think that the fake news doesn't make it look that way. but we have removed as we said 50 soldiers but much less than 50 soldiers. they're now in a very safe location. heading into an even safer location. and we will help negotiate, we have tremendously powerful sanctions. our country has become economically much more powerful than frankly it ever was. we picked up trillions and trillions of dollars in worth. the market was up big yesterday. it's going to be up big today it looks like. the trade deal with china just having to do with what we have done with the financial services with banks, with the farmers, has been incredible. far greater than anyone ever thought.
8:26 am
i agree it hasn't been papered yet, but it's being papered. as we said, many times china's already started buying. they want to buy. they want to make a deal. they really have to make a deal. their economy has been hurt have been badly by what we have done and by the tariffs that we have charged. we have taken in tremendous amounts of tariffs. a small portion of them we have given to the farmers which is more than made up for what they have lost. go ahead. [ interpreting for the italian president ]
8:27 am
[ speaking a foreign language ]
8:28 am
[ speaking a foreign language ] >> and because of the new found economic power of the united states, because of the fact that we have made so many trillions, many, many trillions of dollars in worth of the united states, i call it the new found economic power, if my opponent would have won, china would right now be the most powerful nation in the world and right now they're not even close and if we're smart they won't close, but depends on who sits in this chair. but the united states has tremendous economic power. far more power than playing around with having a few soldiers shooting each other at the border. i mean, you have a few soldiers back and forth, killing each other at the border. the power we have with sanctions and tariffs is far greater than what we're talking about. with that being said our military has been completely
8:29 am
rebuilt. much of the equipment has been delivered. we spent $2.5 trillion rebuilding it over the last three years. and our military powers at the highest level and our economic power's at the highest level but people aren't getting killed with economic power. okay? >> mr. president -- >> please. [ speaking a foreign language ]
8:30 am
[ speaking a foreign language ]
8:31 am
>> before the members of the press introduce topics that we didn't discuss this morning, president trump was talking about the possible implementation of tariffs following the whole airbus affair. of course that's a topic that we'll certainly be discussing this morning and i do hope that we can come up with a cooperative based approach and a frank discussion. so that we can avoid retaliation between the two parties. italy and i myself personally have always felt that it's better to talk things through, to find a common solution, to find some sort of understanding from one another's stances. because the alternative to that would be tariffs followed by retaliation, followed by further tariffs and we also have to understand that we are waiting for a solution of the boeing affair as well. so of course within the spirit
8:32 am
of the atlantic alliance, with the friendship we always have, i feel it's best to discuss these things and understand one another. >> well, in theory there can't be retaliation because this was an award that we got because of the fact that the european union took advantage of past presidents and this was an award that we got for the unfair treatment given to the united states by the european union. so there should be no retaliation. this was getting us even because $7.5 billion worth of things happened, bad things happened, unfair things happened, to the united states by the european union. so this was just getting us back to even. and nobody else but me would have gotten that $7.5 billion back for the taxpayers of the united states. [ speaking a foreign language ]
8:33 am
>> mr. president, there are reports that john bolton said that rudy giuliani is like a hand grenade the way he was acting. and are you concerned that bolton could be called to testify in your impeachment inquiry? >> look, john bolton, i got along well with him, some people didn't. i got along with him pretty well. just didn't work out. i don't know that he got along with rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani was seeking out corruption and what happens mostly in the 2016 election because there was tremendous corruption in the 2016 election i think even you would admit that. the election was -- it was disgraceful what happened and what happened to me and what happened to the republicans. and that continues with nancy pelosi and with schiff -- adam schiff got caught making up
8:34 am
statements that he said that i said that i didn't say which is fraud. i mean, purely fraudulent. so it continues. so rudy was a great prosecutor. he was the best mayor in the history of city of new york as far as i can see. i think he's acknowledged what he did for crime and for everything else and when he saw what was going on with our election of 2016, the election i won, but the election that was absolutely corrupted by things that took place in government. now we'll see what happens. the ig report is going to come out soon. and we'll see what happens. i think people -- i know nothing about it. in terms of the report. i'm waiting for the report like everybody else, but i predict you will see things that you don't even believe, the level of corruption whether it's comey, whether it's strzok and his lover page. whether it's so many other people. mccabe. whether it's president obama himself, let's see whether or not it's president obama. let's see whether or not they
8:35 am
put that in. rudy saw that and rudy giuliani because he was very, very incensed at the horrible things that he saw -- as are many people, okay, and many republicans. and the republicans have been treated very unfairly by the democrats. paul ryan would never issue a subpoena, right or wrong. he had too much respect for the country. and nancy pelosi hands them out like cookies. i don't know the people, and people -- i don't even know who they are. i never heard of some of them, most of them. they leak out they don't say the good parts but only the bad parts. we're not allowed to representation, not allowed to lawyers or have anything. the democrats are treating the republicans very, very badly. fortunately, we have a lot of good, strong, smart republicans but they never dealt, john, with the democrats the way that the democrats deal and the republicans won't forget it. because what they're doing, what
8:36 am
the democrats are doing to this nation is a disgrace. what they have done, the disrespect that they have shown to the presidency and it will happen to them because if the republicans have the house, which i think they will, because of impeachment i think -- because of this nonsense impeachment, it's based on a perfect phone conversation, an absolutely perfect phone conversation with the president of ukraine. a friend of mine who is a top lawyer this is perfect, did you know this was going to happen? actually thought it was going to happen. there were many people listening to that conversation because when i speak to a leader, like if i speak to the president of italy, if i speak to anybody, i know that there are many intelligence people on the line. i know that. i know, with my understanding and knowledge. i don't know who. but i assumed there are many people. fortunately they had transcribers, stenographers, people that do that this a living on the line because we have an exact copy of the report -- of the call. so the call was put out
8:37 am
immediately when i started hearing about the whistle-blower. well, the whistle-blower's report was totally wrong. the whistle-blower didn't know what he was talking about or was given false information or it was even worse than that. now all of a sudden schiff doesn't want to talk to the whistle-blower. now all of a sudden quid pro quo doesn't matter because now they see in the call there was no quid pro quo. so with rudy, rudy was seeking that corruption. and i think there's nothing wrong with seeking that corruption. did you have -- steve? >> -- registered before a foreign lobby? >> i don't know that's up to him. that you have to ask -- excuse me, no. you have to ask rudy those questions. don't ask me. but rudy was one of many people that was incensed at the corruption that took place during that election. pure corruption. for instance, i still ask the fbi, where is the server? how come the fbi never got the server from the dnc? where is the server, i want to see the server. let's see what's on the server. so the server they say is held
8:38 am
by a company whose primary ownership individual is from ukraine. i would like to see the server. i think it's very important for this country to see the server. nobody wants to see it. the media never wants to see it but i'll tell you republicans will want to see it so the republicans aren't treated well. here's the problem. i think we'll take the house based on what's happening with the impeachment stuff. and the republicans can do the same thing in reverse if they ever have -- i hope it will be a long time because nobody has done a better job with the economy, with our military -- i rebuilt the military. our economy is the best it's ever been. we have numbers that just came out where not including taxes, the median household income for the average american has increased $5,000 in a very short time since i have been president. nobody ever heard of numbers like that. so people want to find out why
8:39 am
was it so corrupt during that election and i want to find out more than anybody else. steve, go ahead. >> one of the things that has been exposed by the information that as many as 50 nuclear weapons are at incirlik air base at turkey. how confident are you in the safety? >> we're confident and we have a great air base there. very powerful air base. that air base alone can take -- it's a large, powerful air base. and you know turkey just so people remember, turkey is a nato member. we're supposed to get along with our nato members and turkey is a nato member. do people want us to start shooting at a nato member? that would be a first. and that's all involved having to do with nato. yeah? >> mr. president, you're going to be seeing house speaker nancy pelosi today. how do you answer that? >> i think she's done this
8:40 am
country a tremendous disservice. she has created a phony witch-hunt. the first one failed they're all failing. this one is just absolutely crazy. all you have to do is read the transcript of the call. read the transcript. this is a -- this is an open and shut simple case. they're desperate because they know they're going to lose the election. they're desperate to do something because they know they're going to lose the election. this administration has created the strongest economy in the history of our country. we have the greatest stock market. we had over 100 times, we broke the record for the stock market. people's -- if you look at people's stocks, their 401(k)s. if you look at anything you want to look at, they're far better off now than they probably ever have been in this country. record stock markets. and stock markets are not just rich people, but all people because all people own in the stock market. new york stock exchange, all of
8:41 am
them. they're at record highs. nobody has ever done what we have done. so they're playing games. they figure they can't win the election so maybe we can find some ground, we'll get somebody that trump never met and maybe they'll say something bad about trump and if they do really bad, maybe it can stick a little bit. i don't think it's going to work. they have treated the republican party with great disrespect. okay. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. my meeting with the family was really -- it was beautiful in a certain way. they did not want to meet with the person in question. but we had a very good meeting. they're very nice people. and we met with a full group. it was four people, actually, as you know how it's all broken up. and the meeting took place right here at about 6:00 last night. and it was very sad to be honest. she lost -- they lost their son.
8:42 am
i believe it was going down the wrong way because it happens in europe. you go to europe and the roads are opposite. and it's very tough if you're from the united states, you do make that -- that decision to make a right turn where you're supposed to make a left turn, the roads are opposite. she said that's what happened. that happens to a lot of people, by the way. but she said that's what happened. she was in the room right out there. we met right here in these -- in this area. and i offered to bring the person in question in and they weren't ready for it. but i did offer. i spoke with boris, he asked me if i'd do that, and i did it. unfortunately they wanted to met with her and unfortunately when we had everybody together they decided not to meet. perhaps they had lawyers involved by that time, i don't know exactly. i know the people were lovely. they were very nice and they were, you know, desperately sad. >> are you suggesting that the family had indicated that they were interested in meeting with
8:43 am
her? >> i thought they were, based on what i thought -- that they wanted to meet but now they only want to meet in the uk and that's up to them. i did meet with the family and i expressed condolences on behalf of our country. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. wait, there's a great question i'm being asked. this is maybe the greatest question i have been asked in a long time. please put those mics over here. go ahead, say it again. >> -- because you're growing the biggest economy in the world. are you willing to give italy a break on tariffs? >> we are looking at italy very strongly and as you know the 7.5 is to be divided the way we say. we have divided it up. italy has got a problem with the way we have divided it up because they had less to do with it and germany had more to do with it so we'll look at that
8:44 am
strongly. ambassador lighthizer is here. we'll look at it strongly. okay, thank you. good question. i love that question. thank you all very much. thank you. >> well, there you have it. almost 30 minutes of president trump there in the oval office. sitting next to the president of italy. wide ranging to say the very least. the president's spending a fair amount of time talking about the situation along the border there in turkey. the president also toward the end of that exchange spent some time talking about the economy. he said at one point that everyone owning stock in the stock market that's not true. roughly half of the people in this country own stock in the stock market. he's talked about the meeting in the oval office that's gotten attention today. the woman who hit and killed a man, hit and killed a young man, president trump saying you go to europe and the roads are
8:45 am
opposite. seeming to blame the roads for the accident there. let's try and make sense of some of it in the next few months. peter baker, msnbc political analyst. glenn kershner with me, a former federal prosecutor and gail lamont from the council on foreign relations. she has been to syria roughly a half dozen times in the last two years. i want to talk about syria in a moment, but peter, let me start with you. because we know that secretary of state is headed overseas. we know that the vice president is with him, we know that president erdogan has so far rejected the calls for a cease-fire. this is what senator mitt romney said when he was asked about this mission just a few minutes ago. >> it gets very hard to understand why it is that the vice president and secretary of state and others are going to talk with erdogan in turkey. look, the troops have been pulled out.
8:46 am
if you will, it's like the farmer who lost all of his horses and goes to shut the barn door. turkey is devastating our allies, the kurds. it's too late for this conversation. >> never mind, peter baker, that the president just described his strategy along the border there as strategically brilliant. what are the odds that the delegation can change president erdogan's mind? >> well, the moment it looks like an uphill diplomatic struggle by the secretary of state and the vice president. basically to try to undo the damage that's been done over the last week since the president's call with president erdogan of turkey to begin with. the one in which the turks perceived a greenlight to move ahead with the incursion against the kurdish allies in northern syria. he said not only was the strategy brilliant as you noted, craig, but he said that the kurds in effect don't deserve very much sympathy because they're not angels.
8:47 am
which is a rather striking statement to say. it will surprise a lot of american troops and special forces who have worked hand in glove with the kurds over the last couple of years in fighting isis and other forces there in syria. it was -- basically he's washing his hands of it. nothing to do with us. this is a fight between other countries that had nothing to do with us. that's appealing to a lot of americans who think we have been in the middle east for too long. we don't have much business there. but the way it's been handled has, you know, allowed russian to come in. iran to come in. bashar al assad to reclaim territory. most presidents even if they wanted not to have a military confrontation saw or interests there being controlling. that kind of, you know, -- you know space by these malignant actors in the region. that's something that president trump says he doesn't care too much about. they're welcome to come into the area. >> gail, the president said quote not our problem when talking about turkey going in to
8:48 am
syria. he also said that if russia wants to get involved in syria it's up to them. and as peter just pointed out there are no angels. that's how he talked about the kurds. what are folks there on the ground saying to you? i know you have a lot of contacts there in the part of the world. >> i have been talking to folks up to this morning, people who said we're hoping that the russians get here versus the turkish backed opposition because they were fearful for their lives. and i had one young man who said to me, we were really hoping that the americans would stay. because what we saw was we had a fragile stability. where you never saw the americans. i mean, the americans really were this oz like presence that hung over the area and kept other actors out. but in the meantime they allowed the fragile stability to really take hold. we have gone from fragile stability to land grab between russia and turkey and turkish backed forces and syrian regime within a matter of days. and i think what is important to know is that these folks, you know, more than 10,000 of them
8:49 am
died as the ground force alongside the united states. and now we see what comes next because the president did say he wanted to see a stop to the wars and the question is when they go to turkey can they make a difference in stopping some of the violence that you see going on. >> glenn, we also heard the president talk about impeachment. we saw him -- seemingly go out of his way to heap praise on his tv lawyer, rudy giuliani. and he also talked about john bolton as well saying i got along with john bolton and said that rudy giuliani was seeking out corruption in ukraine. and then he did this thing that he's done before where he starts to talk about the server and where's the server and america wants to see the server. is he still talking about the debunked idea that there is some server that was being managed by some guy in ukraine and the company crowdstrike, is that what he's still talking about? >> yeah, it's all a special kind of lunacy because he tries to
8:50 am
revive his old screeds. and he's just trying to distract the people away from what is going on this week. it's really important what's going on this week because what. and it's really important what's going on this week. there hasn't necessarily been a break in the dam but there's been a pretty significant breach. information is now flowing through, courtesy of career public servants. ambassador yovanovitch, fiona hill, george kent. and i can tell you, as a 30-year public servant myself, if somebody like a giuliani, not as u.s. attorney but as private citizen slash fixer for the president, came into my business and my work and started to negotiate pleas for my defendants, you know what i would do? i would say, you can keep your executive privilege. i would walk two blocks to the capital, i would bang on the hearing room door and i would
8:51 am
say, i would like to tell you what's going on inside the government while i'm trying to serve the people. that's what yovanovitch and kent and fiona hill are doing. and fiona hill's lawyers swap letters with the white house lawyers and she said, you can keep your executive privilege, thank you very much. and then she marched into that deposition and testified for ten hours. the administration has got trouble coming. >> glenn kirschner, thank you. gayle lemmon, thank you. peter baker, thank you. cnn is reporting there is a te tentative deal to end the general motors strike. you may have noticed we're broadcasting in washington, d.c. here because a little history was made last night.
8:52 am
>> in the air, center field. this should do it. robles will squeeze it and there it is. the washington nationals are national league champions. >> for the first time in franchise history, the washington nationals are headed to the world series. the team capping off a four-game sweep of the st. louis cardinals tuesday night. and it really is an incredible come back story for a team that was 12 games below 500 in late may. they've even managed to, at least for a while, do the unthinkable in our nation's capital. they're uniting washington. i was there in the waballpark wh my family. my little guy was a little more into it than his face would demonstrate there. they will go on to play and defeat either the houston astros or the new york yankees.
8:53 am
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2020 democrats in ohio last night targeted one of the president's key talking points, the economy. and despite their policy differences, they seemed to agree the economy is not working for average americans. >> i'm not willing to give up and let a handful of monopolis s
8:57 am
s dominate our democracy. >> we have a freedom dividend of $1,000 a month. it recognizes the work that's happening in our families and communities. >> the american people do not want tax breaks for billionaires. they want the rich to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> here with me now, colleague, friend, also of course host here at msnbc, stephanie ruhle. she also covers business for the network as well. last night we had universal basic income, breaking up big tech, tax increases on the wealthy. what do you make of the candidates' proposals related to the economy? >> listen, we're hearing democrats lean into the economy. for many, many years we've seen democrats sort of cede the economic lane to republicans and right now they're not. they're saying the economy isn't working for everyone, what can we do to get better. the question is going to be is
8:58 am
it something revolutionary? is it something radical, which is what some of the more progre progressive candidates want? or is it something more moderate? there is concern if we do something radical, people sitting in the middle may say, the economy isn't fabulous but we don't want to tear it up. what they're really doing is shining a light on the president, especially in a state like ohio where the president said in lordstown when he was running, don't sell your houses, i'm going to control the factory. he's not. answering the question are you better off, a lot of trump's base are not better off. the challenge is going to be what are democrats going to do or say to show the american people that they can do better. it was anti-business but it was certainly anti-big-fat monopolies. many of the candidates, if not all, are saying, hate the game, not the player, we have to change some of these rules. >> there is a new election model
8:59 am
from moody's analytics which has done a pretty good job of predicting who will win the white house since 1980. what's the model saying? >> the model has been wrong only once. the model uses three separate measures. the model is saying the president will win. it uses sentiment, and you know consumer sentiment has been up. that's what's been leading gdp. people feel pretty good. unemployment numbers are at historic lows. there is the stock market and the s&p is up 30% since the president took office. so if you use these metrics, it certainly bodes well for president trump. but never forget, things could change, and we are headed at some point for a recession. we heard it just yesterday from jamie dimon, ceo of jpmorgan. >> stephanie ruhle in new york, thank you. that will do it for this hour of "msnbc live." andrea mitchell is standing by in washington nationals red. >> and you were there.
9:00 am
>> a great game. >> the whole town is alive. >> it's going to be even better when we win a world series here. >> don't jinx it. thank you. we will celebrate. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington, which is celebrating. but we're awaiting the president's press conference with italy's president on a day when mr. trump is already refusing to accept blame for turkey's incursion into syria despite the call with turkey's president, saying it's not our problem, we are not a policing agent, his words. >> i wish them a lot of luck. if russia wants to get involved with syria, that's really up to them. they have a problem with turkey, they have a problem at the border, it's not our border. we shouldn't be losing lives over it. >> the president will meet later today with speaker pelosi and other bipartisan leaders at the white house about the crisis in syria which now has russia taking the upper hand and
9:01 am
america's allies, syrian


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