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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 21, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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. chief of staff mick mulvaney is trying to clear up his comments about ukraine. he is insisting he did not admit to a quid pro quo with tukraine president trump reverses course on his plans to hold the g7 summit at his miami resort after backlash from both seeide of the aisle.
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and nancy pelosi make an unannounced visit to jordan and afghanistan, in the wake of president trump's decision to remove troops from northern syria. good morning, everyone, it's monday, october 21st. i'm ayman mohyeldin, alongside yasmin vossoughian. mick mulvaney was still trying to clean up comments about why the trump administration withheld aid from ukraine. mulvaney continued to walk back remarks last week about a quid pro quo arguing that reporters had misinterpreted his comments. >> why did you say in that briefing that president trump had ordered a quid pro quo that investigating the democrats, that aid to ukraine depended on investigating the democrats. >> that's not what i said. that's what people i said i
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said. there were two reasons that we held up the aid, we talked about this at some length. the first one was the rampant corruption in ukraine. the president was also concerned about whether or not other nations specifically european nations were helping with foreign aid to the ukraine as well. i mentioned in the past, the president had mention from time to time about the dnc server, he mentioned it to president zelensky in the phone call. it wasn't connected to the ate aide. that's where people got sidetracked. in the press conference. >> you said that happened all the time. >> and reporters will use their language all the time. my language never said quid pro quo. i never said there was a quid pro quo because there isn't. chris, you have been in these briefings. you know how back and forth it is. how rapid fire it is. look to the facts on the ground, things that you can certify and what should put this issue to bed is that the money flowed
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without any connection whatsoever to the dnc server. >> that was sunday as we mentioned. here is what mick mulvaney said in his own words clearly on thursday. >> he also mentioned to me in the past that the corruption related to the dnc server, absolutely, no question about that. but that's it. that's why we held up the money. i was involved with the process by which the money was held up temporarily. okay. three issues for that, the corruption of the country, whether or not other countries were participating in the support of ukraine, and whether or not they were cooperating in an ongoing investigation with our department of justice. that's completely legitimate . r >> secretary of state mike pompeo denied that quid pro quo was part of the process in determining whether to give aid to ukraine. >> i'm telling you what i saw transpiring and how president trump was working to make the evaluation but whether it was appropriate to provide this assistance.
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>> that's what i'm asking is would it be appropriate to condition it. >> i'm not going to get into hypothetical and secondary things based on what someone else did. you never would have done it when you were the spokesperson. >> it's not a hypothetical. we saw the chief of staff. >> it is, george, you just said, if this happened, that is by definition a hypothetical. >> the chief of staff said it did. >> george, you asked me if this happened. it's a hypothetical. i've told you what i observed, what i saw the process related to this very funding. . >> so despite those attempted walk backs, president trump's reelection campaign is embracing the controversy, rolling out new merchandise that includes a $30 t-shirt emblazoned with the phrase get over it, a memorable line from the acting white house chief of staff's briefing. the product description reads this america is ready for congress to get back to work. no more witch hunts. president trump won in 2016, and he is going to win even bigger in 2020.
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get over it and get on with it. >> proudly made in the usa. following widespread bipartisan criticism, president trump announced on saturday that the group of 7 summit will no longer be held at husband dural resort in florida. the president wrote i thought i was doing something very good for our company but using trump national doral in miami for hosting the g7 leaders, it is big, grand, on hundreds of acres, next to miami international airport, hundreds of ballrooms and meeting rooms and would set up better than other alternatives. i announced i would be willing o to do it at no profit or if legally permissible, zero cost to the usa. therefore, based on both media and democrat crazed and
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irrational he or si irrational hostility, including the possibility of camp david immediately thank you. trump's initial decision to hold the g7 at his resort faced scrutiny because it could violate the constitution's emolument clause. acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney raised eyebrows when he said the president was surprised at the level of push back he received after initially announcing plans to hold the g7 summit at doral, here's what he had to say. >> at the end of the day, he considers himself to be in the hospitality business, and saw an opportunity to take the biggest leaders around the world, and wanted to put on the best show, the best visit he could. he was comfortable doing that at doral. i think it's the right decision to change. >> i just have it pick up. you say he considers himself in
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the hospitality business. he's the president of the united states. >> just a small reminder there. >> the justice department is distancing itself from president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. according to "the new york times," the doj released a statement explaining that department officials would not have met with giuliani to discuss clients had they known they were investigating two associates. the head of the justice department's criminal decision, along with lawyers met with giuliani several weeks ago to discuss a bribery case in which giuliani and other attorneys were representing the defendants. the meeting took place before the united states attorneys office in manhattan, publicly charged the two giuliani associates, and trying to unlawfully influence politicians. part of giuliani's efforts to push ukraine foreign inquiry into democrats. officials were not aware of any
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investigation into giuliani's associates in the southern district of new york and would not have met with him had they known. president trump's lawyer, rudy giuliani, attempted to secure a visa from the state department for ousted ukraine prosecutor, victor shokin, familiar with george kent's testimony in front of congressional investigators last week. it is unclear when giuliani requested the valley isa but he two associates recently indicted for campaign finance violations interviewed the prosecutor by phone this past january. according to documents given to congress by the intelligence community, inspector general and obtained by nbc news as well. two days later, giuliani and associates interviewed the successo successor, the interest revolves around claims that joe biden
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attempted to shield his son hunter's work in the country by aiding and shokin ousting the top prosecutor. hillary clinton suggesting tulsi gabbard may be the favorite of the russian government. she said that russia has quote got their eye on somebody who's currently in the democratic primary, and are grooming her to be the third party candidate. gabbard th gabbard hit back at the comment with a series of tweets, hillary and her gang of rich powerful elite are going after me to send a message to you, shut up, tow the line or be destroyed but we will the people will not be silenced. gabbard pushed back on claims that she is planning a third party run in 2020. the hawaii congresswoman has defended bashar al assad, an ally of vladimir putin. a recent report from the "new york times" and nbc news analysis from february showed that russian news sites and social media linked to the kremlin have been promoting gabbard's candidacy.
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welcome back, let's get a check on your weather with nbc morl meteorologist bill karins. >> we had a significant report of a tornado that's now confirmed, visual confirmation, numerous pictures, a lot of video from it. some of it is frightening, with the tornado, people didn't even know there was a tornado there. in between the lightning flashes, you can see it there. it was like a stove pipe tornado, and it did roll through numerous businesses and commercial areas and
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neighborhoods. walnut elementary school is one of the elementary schools that's been significantly damaged. the kids will not be able to attend that school for a while until they can fix it up. life has been interrupted. just north of dallas near the university park area, there have been injuries. we haven't heard any reports of any fatalities from this tornado, but again, this only happened about five, six hours ago. so we'll continue at daylight. they have been going door to door, doing search and rescue, and trying to make sure that everyone is safe. that happened not far away from the dallas cowboys, philadelphia eagles game last night, only about 10 to 15 miles away from where a hundred thousand people were in a stadium. this is downtown dallas, university park, hit between 9:00 and 9:15. that's not the only weather, in rogers, arkansas, a tree fell on a home and killed a person.
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the wind damage is causing problems, 80 reports of wind damage. all the blue dots showing wind danger from southern missouri southward. we have a risk of severe storms. it's ongoing now. it will continue through the day, so everywhere in louisiana, a little section here from houston, over towards the louisiana border. all of mississippi, the memphis area, and about the southern half of alabama, and a little portion from pensacola, almost over to panama city. that's the area of a risk of severe storms today, and tomorrow, another 7 million people in the carolinas will have a chance of damaging wind. tomorrow, rain moving in. not severe weather for the northeast. just rain tomorrow. >> thank you, bill. over the weekend, lebanon experienced its largest protests in 14 years after anti-government demonstrators took to the streets. protests arrested after the government announced a plan to add a tax of $6 a month to the popular messaging apps, what's
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app and face time. >> this morning, lebanon's cabinet is currently meeting at the president's palace to discuss a reform package which is expected to be approved. joining us from beirut, lebanon t nbc news correspondent call perry. walk us through reforms that could essentially meet the demands of the protesters. >> reporter: the reports that are going to be announced have been leaked to the media. the prime minister is putting out a trial balloon to see if people will accept it. keep in mind, the deficit is 150% the gdp. the prime minister is going to say let's take $3 million out of the banks and get it back into the economy. your question is the question everybody has, will it satisfy the million people that came on
2:17 am
to the streets yesterday and will be on the streets today. you can see some people arriving behind me. this is an economic protest, if you hear chants of down with the regime, that's a default chant, when really what you're talking about, what people here are talking about is corruption. such a small minority of lebanese are benefitting from the economy here, and many of them are in positions of power, and it is a system that after decades has not worked, which is why we're seeing historic protests, what officials are worried about is damage, like the damage over here. i'll get gabe to slowly pan over and you can see some of the stores that were looted last night and a few nights before. violence at a minimum. so far, the atmosphere is jovial, as it was yesterday. we'll wait and see after the prime minister's speech if that holds, guys. >> what are the protesters really want to hear from the government? >> reporter: look, i think it's about access to the economy,
2:18 am
access to the financial benefits that lebanon has to offer. this country is a country that is divided along sectarian lines that has been historically. you have people in positions of power, especially after the civil war, a 15 year brutal civil war. people went into positions of power and the view amongst the public is they line the pockets and line the pockets of their children. if you have an entire generation that feels as though they do not have access to the economy, unemployment is somewhere between 35 and 40%. it's very hard to imagine what the prime minister can say that will satisfy that very basic need that people have here on the street sgls this. >> think about that, unemployment that high, that is incredible. >> and such a young population as well! cal perry live in beirut, lebanon. a federal appeals court ruled that president trump's finances must be turned over. how that ruling might affect the inquiry, coming up indication. ie inquiry, coming up indication.
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2:22 am
trump engaged, and accurately reporting his finances to the office of government ethics. a 2-1 ruling concluded that the oversight committee is in fact pursuing a legislative purpose, and that the documents requested by the panel are relevant to its inquiry. let's talk about this, joining us onset, msnbc legal analyst, you have some new reporting on this ruling, danny, talk to us about that and the legal implications this ruling has on the president especially amidst the impeachment inquiry. >> i'm going to condense to rhi ruling into a few seconds. congress can pursue legislative purposes not law enforcement purposes so that when elijah cummings memorandum sought for example, evidence of trump's past criminal wrong doing, congress exceeded, so goes the trump argument, its legislative inquiry purpose and spilled into
2:23 am
the law enforcement area, which exceeds congress's bounds, but the court concluded that just because the stated purpose involved past wrong doing, and even past criminal conduct, that does not necessarily mean congress exceeded its power because they may be seeking to create legislation based on that past criminal conduct. it's a very broad statement of congress's power that even in this situation where it's investigating past criminal conduct, it does not spill into the unwarranted, to exceed its power into a criminal crime fighting purpose. >> you got the new york state prosecutor who wants to get donald trump's tax returns for the past eight years. we're expecting a ruling, i believe, at some point in the course of this week. let's talk about the likelihood that that ruling goes against donald trump and when, if at all, could these tax returns be ultimately revealed by his firm.
2:24 am
>> trump is likely to lose there, for a totally different legal reason. this relates way back to the nixon case and the clinton b. jones case. this is about separation of powers. this is about the president's immunity from a lot of different things, criminal process, civil suits, but we know there are exceptions, paula jones and the clinton case taught us that. this may be another one. the president's argument is because the president is immune from criminal process, he's immune from everything related to criminal process. >> even being investigated. >> even being investigated and the court said, one court has said categorically, that cannot be true. the president can't be prosecuted while in office, that's one example, but it doesn't extend to every imaginable thing related to the criminal process. in this case, ultimately, trump is likely to lose based on that argument. >> will the prosecutors see the tax returns ultimately. >> in all likelihood, my
2:25 am
prediction is yes, and i don't normally commit and make predictions. >> on this day in time, he said yes. as of when though? >> it's always hard to say because court schedules run on the court's own time. >> could it feasibly go to the supreme court before we see a tax return. >> it very well could because the issue of presidential immunity from civil and criminal process has been largely undefined since it was sort of created back in the nixon era, and modified in the clinton b. jon -- v. jones case. the president has immunity. >> i would think the trump campaign would not want those released before the 2020 election. >> and danny cevallos with this prediction. >> on the day and time, yes we
2:26 am
will see him. the president has insisted he's bringing home u.s. troops from the endless wars in the middle east! not so fast. what we know this morning about house speaker nancy pelosi's unexpected visit to jordan and afghanistan. we'll be right back. jordan and afghanistan we'll be right back. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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welcome back, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin, and tit's the bottom of the hour. we begin in the middle east where president trump says in
2:30 am
order to end quote endless wars he ordered about 50 u.s. troops to return home from northern syria. however, defense secretary mark esper says that not only is the number of troops significantly more than 50, they aren't actually coming home. watch this. >> we've removed all of our as we said, 50 soldiers but much less than 50 soldiers. they're now in a very safe location, heading into an even safer location. we're bringing our soldiers back home, and we have done a great job. >> the u.s. withdrawal continues up pace from northeast syria. again, we're talking weeks not days. the current game plan is for those forces to reposition into western iran, the ones coming out, right, the original 1,000, and then two missions. one is to help defend iraq, and two is to perform a counter isis mission as we sort through the
2:31 am
next steps. ta that's the current game plan. things could change but that's the game plan. >> did you talk to the iraqis on that? >> i talked with the minister of defense from iraq, and i will be having conversations i'm sure going forward, and we'll know all the particulars. >> the president 50 going home, es per, 1,000 going to western iran. meanwhile, nuin addition to leaving a handful of troops, telling the "wall street journal," president trump is considering a plan to keep a few hundred u.s. troops in northeast syria. the paper wrotes a principle mission will be to prevent admission into oil fields. the troops would enable the military to maintain a foothold in the fight against islamic state militants. he appears to have alluded to the idea on twitter writing the u.s. has secured the oil. >> despite the trump administration's public
2:32 am
statements, and not a quote cease fire, that word is not used anywhere in the joint u.s. turkey statement, and the turks have rejected the term as well. mark esper commented over the weekend about reports of continued intermittent fighting in the area. >> i think overall, the cease fire generally seems to be holding. we see a stabilization of the lines, if you will, on the ground. and, we do get reports of intermittent fires, this and that. that doesn't surprise me necessarily. that's what we're picking up. >> there are reports since the turkish assault started, 1,000 isis fighters have escaped and from other prisons as well. secretary of state mike pompeo and president trump appeared to have differing opinions about the future fight against the terror group. >> every player hates isis. everybody we're talking about. syria more than us. russia, more than us.
2:33 am
they have done a big number on russia. and we're over there fighting isis, but they're over there fighting isis too. they can handle it, and they should handle it. we can fight our own battles on our own territories. they can take care of isis. we have them captured. the united states captured them. some were released just for effect to make us look a little bit like, oh, gee, we have to get right back in there. >> the counter-isis campaign, i'm proud of the work the team has done under president trump's leadership. we have been serious, taughtful a -- thoughtful and strategic. i'm confident that this administration's efforts to crush isis will continue. >> house speaker nancy pelosi led a group of bipartisan lawmakers on a previously unannounced visit to the middle east over the weekend to discuss the quote deepening crisis in syria. pelosi along with a delegation of nine congressional leaders met with officials in jordan and afghanistan to discuss security and regional stability. the group was briefed on
2:34 am
reconciliation efforts with the taliban by u.s. military leaders and troops in an effort to conduct quote effective oversight. their visit briefly overlapped with defense secretary mark esper's trip to the region. trump tweeted in part yesterday that the group of lawmakers should find out why obama drew the red line in the sand and did nothing, losing syria and all respect. i did something. >> secretary of state mike pompeo is accusing house democrats of leading an unfair impeachment inquiry after barring state department officials from listening to interviews with current and former agency officials at the center of the investigation. in an interview with politico on friday, pompeo accused democrats of putting state secrets at risk and said the state department has been given little visibility into what is being said by current and former employees. pompeo said this, they're not letting state department lawyers in the room, they have not let them be part of the hearings. that's unheard of. i haven't seen you all report that. he told politico during the
2:35 am
house investigation into benghazi back in 2015, state department attorneys were quote allowed to listen to depositions and review transcripts of interviews. however, under house rules, for all depositions adopted in january of 2019, witnesses may be accompanied at a deposition by a personal, nongovernmental council to advise them of their rights. the rules quote, may not attempt. yesterday pompeo hit house investigators for not allowing the agency's attorneys to be present during testimony. >> i frankly wish the state department lawyers were being permitted in the room to hear testimony from state department officials. this is deeply unfair to the officers that served under me. it's wrong. it has been unfair. we have officers going up there to testify about important security related matters without a state department lawyer in the room, and then we're not being allowed to know what it says.
2:36 am
we're not able to protect the state department. we're not able to protect the united states of america, and adam schiff ought to be embarrassed by the kangaroo court he's running. >> joining from washington, d.c., nbc news correspondent, hans nichols, thanks for getting up early with us. you're usually up early, so i shouldn't feel bad about getting you early. what's on the radar in the impeachment front, what are you looking forward to. >> we'll get the bill taylor side, the acting ambassador in ukraine. that testimony is on tuesday. because bill taylor is state department, we can have some reasonable confidence that he will appear. of the seven officials that congress fall investigators want to hear from this week, we don't have absolute certainty that they will all actually appear, and i think that gets really interesting at the send of the week, because we have alex whitman, an nsc official, in charge of europe, and we have tim morrison in charge of europe as well as russia. he's the senior director, they
2:37 am
have both been called down to that committee. the question is will they cooperate because they are in the nsc, right, that's what's so entlesing abo interesting about the back half of the week. most of what we're hearing what happened before this phone call or leading up to it. this gives the atmosphere if they do indeed decide to comply, the atmospherics, inside the nfc, before and after, during the call the president had in late july. all of that said, the official directive and the official orders from the white house is don't cooperate. so that's what makes the decision for the nsc officials so interesting. so far, the only officials we have seen cooperate are from the state department or if you have been a formal official. there will be a decision by mr. morrison or mr. whitman this week on whether or not they are going to comply and whether or not the house escalates and goes for the subpoena route.
2:38 am
>> let's expand on that. what tools does congress have if none of these people end up appearing and what would be the time line for instituting some of those tools. >> they can switch from a deposition or subpoena quickly. that's an exchange of letters between lawyers, lawyers say we don't want to voluntarily appear for a deposition, but should you subpoena us, we would be happy to comply. i don't know if they use the precise language. it's a back and forth. the real question is what happens and what's going to happen if you see more defiance of subpoenas. so on friday night, we have the energy secretary saying after his council was going to look at it, he has decided not to comply. we have the defense department also not complying. you have at least one defense department official lauren cooper who decided not to comply. then the question is what recourse does congress have. the other interesting side of this is what does the white
2:39 am
house do to punish and or warn potential witnesses not to appear. and the options aren't great. you've either dismiss them, fire them and/or you can sue them. that's not a route they want to take, suing or firing their own officials. that could turn them into martyrs, there are important decisions on both sides, and we could end up learning a lot or it could be more of a stand off between two coequal parts of government. >> hans nichols. >> good to see you. some parents are expected to change their plea. it could mark a major shift in the historic case. and meteorologist bill karins is back with another check of the forecast after severe weather ripped through parts of texas. your feirst look at "morning jo" back in a moment. eirst look at " back in a moment g to? [son]: that guy's scary. the first item on the list is selecting
2:40 am
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2:43 am
13 day prison sentence as punishment for her part in the wide ranging college admissions scandal. >> three other parents involved in the saga are expected to change their pleas in the case. nbc's some brock has more on this. >> reporter: it's not a role actress felicity huffman auditioned for but the cameras found her clad in a green jump suit, walking the grounds of a low security prison in dublin, california. her hair tucked underneath a white baseball cap on her way to meet husband and eldest daughter sophia grace. >> i would do anything for you. you are my daughter. >> reporter: has a less glamorous identity, prison inmate, 77806-112. >> once she goes into prison, and she's a number and a name. just like everybody else. >> jennifer myers has served 14 months in federal prison on drug charges and advises people sentenced to serve time. >> she's going to be in a state
2:44 am
of shock that probably really isn't going to leave until she gets out of prison. it's going to take time to get over this experience. >> huffman's 13 day sentence coming after she shelled out $15,000 to have her daughter's s.a.t. answers corrected. part of a sprawling scandal, nicknamed varsity blues that led to an indictment involving parents tied to an alleged fixer, rick singer. so far, ten of those parents have been sentenced, nine to jail time. according to the u.s. attorney's office, another three are changing their pleas from not guilty to guilty, and are expected in court monday. something lori loughlin may want to take note of. the former full house actress who has pleaded not guilty to funneling half a million dollars to singer to get her daughter into college. loughlin has a court hearing in mid-january, though the current state of huffman's wardrobe and living environment, perhaps the only reminder she needs. sam brock, nbc news. >> thanks to sam brock for that
2:45 am
report. let's switch gears and bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins for a quick check of the weather. hey, bill. >> good morning once again. if you're just joining us, severe weather struck last night. we had a tornado that hit just north of downtown dallas, and north of the university park area. you can see it illuminated there during the lightening strikes. there's been an elementary school significantly damaged, five schools closed in the area of north dallas as we go throughout the day today. at least four homes have been destroyed, and the fire department says people cannot return to the homes, they're not safe. we have heard reports of minor injuries, no significant injuries, and no report of any fatalities. but a tree did fall on a house in rogers, arkansas, and we did have a fatality there. let me get back to where we are now, we have severe storms, a new tornado warning from pine bluff, arkansas, a possible tornado, again, these are all these nighttime tornadoes, the less lead time, you know, we get
2:46 am
doppler indications and they put the tornado warnings out, and the sirens go out and people are woken in the middle of the night. you live anywhere, there's a possibility of tornadoes, you should have the tornado warning on your phone or the weather radios to go off to alert you to get you to safe rooms. they're doing that right now in pine bluff, arkansas. for today, we're going to have additional strong storms as they push to the deep south. that will be areas of western tennessee, all of mississippi, louisiana, and the areas around houston, too. we'll have to watch out for the strong storms. east coast is fine todayment tomorrow we get a few storms. by wednesday, the storm system is gone, a little bit of early rain in northern maine. that's it. we get a little bit of a break. nothing too severe during the middle of the week. the bigger story looks like thursday into friday. we get more rain in the south, another santa ana wind event, get ready for preemptive power outages in areas of california. this could be another wind event
2:47 am
where the fire danger could be high. temperature wise this week, nothing too extreme: for the next two days on the east coast, join us in the ohio valley today, cincinnati up to 75 degrees. cleveland, 73. cold air will move behind the storm, typical for october. a little cool even in areas of southern portions of the country, even houston, and dallas will have highs that will be chilly by your standards in the 60s by the end of this week. so the good news, there's no fatalities from that tornado. it was a scary scene last night. it happened right in the middle of the dallas cowboys, philadelphia eagles football game. the tornado was only about 15 miles from the stadium. >> thank you, bill. boeing stocks take a tumble after the company disclosed internation internal communications about the 737 jet. that and headlines about your business day coming up next. about your business day coming up next daily digestive health using a special plant-based fiber called psyllium.
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to show up here? >> it's always foreign shup whe congress calls. welcome back. boeing shares dropped almost 7% on friday after the house aviation subcommittee released emails and instant message communications showing that a boeing senior pilot might have unintentionally misled regulators. >> wee live in london with the very latest with that and more. how did this revelation affect markets? >> reporter: that's right. it's a very weak session for wall street. on friday the dow ended about 1% lower mainly on boeing stock which went down 7% on friday. this after reuters broke a
2:51 am
report saying that i poa boeing warned of problems with th program in theit is the same program thatsa malfunctioned wh the two fatal crashes occurred. the pilot went on to say he unwittingly lied to the faa and recommended for them not to include the systemen in their manualem program for pilots. a huge story that emerged on friday sent the stock tumbling 7%. over the weekendk there's been boardnd meeting of boeing senio exec toi executives to decide on next steps. the airplane has been grounded since march. another reason why wall street was trading weaker on friendship was weakg data we had out of china. the third quarter gdp came in at 6%, this is the lowest number since 1992, adding to that an
2:52 am
imf report came out saying china areng only expected to grow to 5.8% next year. and againex they're citing geopolitical issues, and the trade opwar. the imf has said in aggregate the trade war has shaved off about 0.8% of the global economy or about $800 billion of the global economy. >> allofhe right. thank you. >> thanks. coming up, axios has a look at this morning's one big thing andg' coming up on "morning joe >> joe and mika are standing off to kick off another busy week. they're joinedee by senator chr coons and david shulkin on the challenges facing america's armed forces. "morning joe," everyone, just moments away. forces. "morning joe," everyone, just moments away.
2:53 am
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2:56 am
the cofounder mike allen. good to have you with us on this monday morning. big week ahead. what is axios one big thing? >> it's the two senators to watch. as we see the president standing with republicans getting more precarious, there's two senators to pay attention to as they head into a potential impeachment vote. that's senator mitt rom any of utah, senator lindsey graham of south carolina for two totally different reasons. and we talked to both of them last night on axios on hbo. so i went to salt lake city, sat down with senator romney at the foot of mount olympus is what he has in his backyard, and made it clear that he wants to be seen as a fair juror. he will have a high bar for impeachment, but he for sure could get there. he gave a very broad indictment against the president both personal and professional that made it clear that he's very skeptical about the actions the president's taken and even
2:57 am
thinks that they may be illegal. >> let's talk here, though, about senator lindsey graham. he went from the president's most vocal critic to one of his most vital allies on the hill as we all know at this point. here's how he explained his support, his current support of the president. watch this. >> i just didn't like trump, i didn't like what he said, i didn't like the way he ran his campaign and i lost. so i made a conscious decision to help him where i can. >> but you've actually sincerely changed your views of his character? >> yeah, that's a good question. i've got to know him and i find him to be a handful. i find him to be an equal opportunity abuser of people. but at the end of the day, he can be very charming and be very gracious and i'm judging him by his conduct. >> hence the reason why we are golfing buddies on sundays. talk about their turbulent relationship here and you to
2:58 am
think there could ever be a flip once again of graham's support for the president? >> a handful, that's a new one. i could see that one catching on. just call somebody a handful. that was senator lindsey graham talking to jonathan swann in his capitol hill house. and question swe can see lindse getting exacerbated with the president. he is still sticking with him but the syria decision put some distance there that hadn't been there before. here's why they matter so much. senator romney, his friends can see him voting for conviction. there would need to be 20 republican senators who flip in order to convict the president, remove him from office if he were to be impeached by the house. mitt romney could be one of the first to go. senator lindsey graham, if he went, he would take a lot of other ones with him. if he went it would be part of a big wave. that's why each of them is worthy of watching. >> let me get your thoughts on rudy giuliani for a moment
2:59 am
because with a lot more attention being focus opened him, the investigation surrounding his associates and him himself, what's been the reaction continue to side the white house to yet another trump insider potentially exposing the president to danger? >> yeah, lina has a scoop up on axios right this second debuted in sneak peek saying it's not just the media that's paying attention to rudy, house democrats in their impeachment inquiry are looking more and more at him. and people inside the white house are very concerned about the closeness to -- his closeness to the president. what they consider an undue influence on foreign policy the 'the ho . the hold that he has over president trump. there's a lot of private clients and concerns about how this could be mixing with his job as the president's outside lawyer. >> all right. mike allen live for us in washington, d.c.
3:00 am
thank you. we're going it be reading axios here in a bit. you can sign up at >> that does it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. i was involved with the process by which the money was held up temporarily, okay. three issues for that. the corruption in the country, whether or not other countries, participating in the support of the ukraine, and whether or not they were cooperating in an ongoing investigation with our department of justice. here's what i said, i'll say it again, and hopefully people will listen this time. there were two reasons that we held up the aid. okay. three issues for that. there were two reasons that we held up the aid. >> wow. >> what i find so remarkable is when these people come out and lie on national television, they lie through their teeth, they then are arrogant about it and say hope they listen next time. no, we heard you the first time and you lied about it the second time. but this happens again. and it's


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