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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 28, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello and a good saturday to you. i'm richard lui in new york. he is considering a federally mandated quarantine of new york, new jersey, and connecticut. this has cases of the coronavirus in the united states setting daily records as of this hour. across the country, more than 1110,000 cases confirmed. the virus killed more than 1900 people. the president is weighing up whether to place the new york and new jersey and connecticut areas on quarantine. >> i am now considering and will make a decision very quickly, very shortly a quarantine because it's such a hot area of new york, new jersey, and connecticut. we'll be announcing that one way or the other fairly soon.
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>> now new york and new jersey governors, they're saying they were not aware of such plans as the president discussed. and just hours ago the u.s. comfort set sail for new york city to provide 1,000 hospital beds to the tri-state area. covid-19 has in two weeks claimed more lives in the city than homicides did all of last year. on the way to help, $2 billion in government aid in the coming weeks. michigan is the latest state to receive a disaster declaration by the president. and there are now more than 600,000 cases worldwide. italy overnight now reporting almost 1,000 deaths in just one day as the virus claims over 10,000 lives in that country as of today. joining me now, alexa latard in new york city, priscilla thompson live in houston and cal perry in london. what is the latest in new york? we had the latest briefing from
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the governor in new york. and what was the headline out of his briefing? >> hey, richard. the headline out of the briefing is multiple -- is twofold. first, wanting to make sure that people know of the options they're aware of in terms of helping first responders. i'm actually outside of an ems station right now where we've been hearing sirens all day. the governor talking about the resources that he can potentially give first responders in the state. i spoke with a paramedic and a union leader earlier today. and he talked to me a little bit more about what he was hoping for in terms of support from the state as well as the city. take a listen. >> we heard about the volume, the here is number of calls that emergency services is getting from new yorkers. what happens if that volume of calls, what happens if the number of calls just continues to increase?
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>> so, yes. it's unprecedented what we've been getting. if it continues to increase, we'll have to get some help. the normal call volume for ems is about 3500 to 4,000. we're now about 40% above that. you know, we're hitting 6,000 every night. it means people are going to wait for an ambulance a little. a lot of members are exhausted. they've been working multiple shifts every day. they're not going home to sleep. they have a lot of them that have slept in the cars because they don't want to infect their families. >> what do you say as a first responder to new yorkers who feel concerned? >> these are trying times. it's appropriate to feel concerned. but when you call 911, we will be there. >> there, richard. you heard him talking about the strain on first responders. again, that governor cuomo also mentioneded in his briefing. but also wanting new yorkers to feel as though the emergency services will be there for them and are working as hard as
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possible to keep new yorkers safe. richard? >> all right. from the epicenter in the united states, let's head over to presilla. you're in houston. i was looking at the "houston chronicle." the headline reading from the mayor, the cases have tripled to over 230 so far. >> yeah. cases have increased dramatically in texas overall. around this time last week there were only about 100 cases. and now the state as a whole has more than 1700 and a lot of that has to do with just the amount of testing. there is more testing being done. and so, you know, we're hearing about more of these cases. i actually met up with the mayor earlier today. he was out and about in houston. sort of checking on folks to make sure that they were abiding by the stay at home order that has been put in place in harris county. and so he was out at the parks reminding people to spread out. he said he doesn't mind having to remind people. this is very important. take a listen to what he had to say.
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>> i know it's hard. because we're asking people to change the way they interact and engage socially engage. and we're asking them to do it very quickly. and abruptly. that's rough. but when you tell people why, people can handle the truth. you just have to tell the truth. >> people that i spoke to here have said that they are taking this seriously. i spoke to a couple who is at home with the kids and the dogs and their parents want to bring them some food. they said, no, do not leave the house. we'll pick it up on the curb. the no contact whatsoever. w. ev with even parents as they were making food for the family. looking ahead to the next week, he is focused on reminding people. they're going into the second week of the stay at home order. this is what has to be done. richard? >> thank you for that from houston. let's head to london. cal perry, ways mentioning the numbers coming out of italy. so many comparisons have been
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made in terms of how bad new york can get. just look at what happened to italy. yet another bad day. they were hoping things were leveling off. >> yeah, they were hoping that they had depresseded that curb. they flattened that curve and we reached some incredibly grim milestones today across europe at least 10,000 people now dead in italy. at least 2,000 people dead in france. at least 1,000 people dead in the united kingdom where i am from covid-19. the other thing that we're seeing if we want to keep looking at europe as perhaps the future that america is going to see is we're seeing the front line health workers get hit incredibly hard, at least 41 front line health workers in italy have died. some 5,000 health workers in italy have tested positive for covid-19. double that in spain. 10,000, perhaps a quarter of all the health workers in spain now positive for covid-19. that's why we're hearingso so mh
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discussion from the governor of new york state talking about that ppe. more discussion about that is going to be necessary in the future because if these health systems start cracking, richard, obviously people are not going to be able to receive the treatment that they so desperately need here in the united kingdom. we saw the first world leader that we know of testing positive for covid-19. boris johnson, the prime minister here testing positive yesterday on friday afternoon. he said he has mild symptoms. a cough and fever. but it gives you an indication of how these governments are starting to be affected. the health secretary here as well in the united kingdom under isolation. so just freeneven from a visual standpoint, now the leadership is changing because of the virus. so a very grim sort of 24 hours indeed here across the continent. >> we have not reached the apex certainly in so many places around the world including the united states. alec alexa, thank you so much and cal
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and let's bring in our panel now. our nbc correspondent shannon pettypiece. and former deputy secretary of labor and former white house cabinet secretary under president obama chris lui. thank you. shannon, let's start at the top. the president saying today he is considering a quarantine in three states. what do we know about that? >> not very much at this point. there is a lot of questions about what specifically the president is thinking, what he is talking about. but the idea seems to be that he wants to stop people moving from new york which obviously is a hot spot to other parts of the country. namely, florida. that is one of the big areas that has seen a lot of new yorkers going down there to get out of the city. that's in lockdown and that has become, you know, really ground zero for this pandemic in the u.s. right now. so that's what he is trying to avoid. people in the new york region going to other areas. but the big question is what can he actually do as the president.
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the broadest authority on quarantining citizens is in line with governors and local mayors. we have already seen the governor and the mayor in new york city put strict measures in place on where people can go, what people can do, closing business, all those sort of steps. under some laws, public health laws that were expanded under the obama administration following the situation with the ebola, the cdc has the capability to detain someone if they have reason to believe that that person could spread a communicable disease. but that is not detaining anyone who could be healthy. that is only infected people. so a lot of questions here we need to answer about the legal aspects here and the practical aspects as well. >> what are you hearing on this story? the governors were saying as i mentioned earlier, they didn't hear anything, two of them at least. >> that's right. the president sounds like he's very worried about this idea.
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[ inaudible ] new york is now the epicenter and going to other states. the president sounds like celining towards some sort of physical -- he said he wouldn't be using the national guard to do this. he said it would be an enforceable quarantine. andrew cuomo is just on tv and he was very, very forcefully pushing back on it. he said it would be a federal declaration of war and a civil war type idea. you have andrew cuomo making it very clear that he is happily willing to sue the federal government. he said he sued the federal government for other issues. of so it's clear that this at least one governor saying i'm not going to stand for the federal government to say that my citizens can't physically move around. but the president all week has been talking about the idea of easing restrictions. so it's interesting to see him now talk about actually putting a physical quarantine in new york. what we've seen as a president eager to try to get the economy
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back rolling, talking -- the churches packed by easter sunday. but still, it's still unclear what the president's actually thinking of doing. >> chris, building off of what we heard from shannon here, what was this like during the obama white house when you were there discussing potential such moves where the federal government have to work along with state governors to implement in this case quarantines? >> you know, the key is federal state cooperation right now. and the fact that the governor of new york has not been notified about this is striking. it is not clear that the president has the legal authority to do that. but leaving that aside, this doesn't make sense from a scientific standpoint. we know that pandemics don't respect borders. we know that we've seen this outbreak in these mid-atlantic states. fwhut pa but in part that because they're doing more aggressive testing. yet, we also see significant
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outbreaks now in places like louisiana, detroit, florida. so it's probably just a matter of time before the spread to other areas. and in many ways this is kind of the inconsistent you is proeapp president is taking. we wasn't twoent saying this is under control to saying we need to exercise social distancing to now he wants to open by easter. and then obviously now kind of a big 180 saying we're going to quarantine. its no the clear what the approach is here. the messaging is all over the place. >> we may have more messaging today. we'll wait at msnbc and report the very latest. apologize for the technical difficulties. there chris lou, thank you. shannon, as well. >> the internet is making this stay at home crisis more bearable in a way. but not without a cost. in hubei province, mobile speeds fell by more than a half. in the u.s., download speeds dropped almost 40e% in san jose,
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california. and 24% in new york according to researchers now during the coronavirus outbreak. why? because broadband traffic overall, well that's up almost 25% according to companies. and major broadband internet hogs are cutting back. netflix reduced resolution and lowering data use. facebook did the same for live video. hopefully trying to save data for essential service needs. beauty of this is that there is a spike in using the net. we can now still work together as you saw on our first segment of this show. microsoft's team product and slack, for instance, they're subscribers, that went up by 40% this quarter. working together although dijtdally now. no virus can halt that spirit. we'll be right back. as a doctor, i agree with cdc guidance. i recommend topical pain relievers first... like salonpas patch large. it's powerful, fda-approved to relieve moderate pain, yet non-addictive and gentle on the body. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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there is one weapon crucial to lowering death rates from the coronavirus and that is testing. "the new york times" compared testing rates as to have day. south korea has tested 7 out of 1,000 people. italy 6 out of 1,000. the united states, 2 out of 1,000. so far. but there is some good news to share this saturday. two types of tests getting the green light in just the last two days. one test is a home test. no health care worker involved. so no potential unwanted exposure to the virus number personal protective equipment needed either. but one inch -- it's about an
3:19 pm
inch bye-bye three inches in size. it works in minutes and costs a handful of dollars to make. you could get it by amazon or snail mail. the results show up in front of your eyes. similar models were made in the millions during other outbreaks. then friday the fda approved another out of the hospital test. it can be used in clinics and doctors offices. it is the size of a toaster, roughly. with results in as little as five minutes. the manufacturer says it will be pushing them out next week and ramping up delivery to get to 50,000 tests per day. let's bring in dr. dave ho who is working on solutions and vaccines that can normally take up to five years now trying to do it in just over a year for covid-19. he is ceo of the aaron diamond aids research at colombia university. he was one of the leading aids researchers in the 1980s and helped governments battle sars. you and i spoke exactly a week
3:20 pm
ago and first of all i want to get your thoughts and what has changed changed in the last week that gives you hope that we may be finding solutions or getting closer to solutions? >> well, i'm certainly inspired by the scientists around the globe making major efforts to come up with drugs, antibodies or vaccine. and the tremendous dedication is telling me that we ultimately will find solutions. but we have to now do this in a short period of time. in contrast to the usual five to ten-year period. we need to get that done in a year, at most two years given the urgency. >> i started by talking about tests. you actually have one of the tests with you there. the okay by the fda, is that good news or is it great news and can you show us what one of
3:21 pm
the tests looks like? >> yes, i can. . this is just one of many tests now available that you could pick one's finger and drop one drop of blood and then read the results in approximately 10, 15 minutes. to detect whether you have antibodies against covid-19. now we have to remember that all the testing that has been done so far largely detect the virus. in particular, the viral rna. but this end, this test will look for antibodies. so it's -- it will take some time for an infected person to develop the antibodies, typically more than a week. so it serves a different purpose. the previous test would detect virus. this will detect the new
3:22 pm
reaction to the virus. and both are extremely useful in tracking the epidemic and trying to get a clear picture so we can sbond properly. >> more data, more data. doctor ho, we've been hearing the reports of using plasma from those who have recovered from covid-19. will that work? how does that work if it were to? >> well, obviously recovered patients develop antibodies so they're protected from the virus. the hope is that you can use plasma which contains the anti-body from con voluntary lessing cases and administer to folks who are severely ill from covid-19. in china, they had collected something like 300 litres of such plasma and administered to 250 infected individuals. but we're actually still waiting for the readout from that experiment. obviously as the surge of
3:23 pm
patients is occurring, many places in the u.s. are now in the process of trying to collect plasma from con voluntary less ent cases and hoping that such an approach could be useful. >> and as we look at the evolution, you may have heard the reporting of the top of the hour here. we're looking at italy. we're looking at the cases in the united states. the question is when will we hit that peak, right, that will help us understand a lot as you've been telling me and others so many times. the governor of new york is saying 14 to 21 days before we hit the peak. how -- would you agree with him in terms of his estimations? >> i don't have a clear answer for that. from what i can see, we're still on the upswing of this growth curve. i don't think he is far off. i hope it is shorter than that. i think we're hoping to see serl
3:24 pm
days of plateau in terms of new infections each day. once we see that, we -- i think we could be sure that the epidemic will gradually come under control and the curve be flat ened. >> 15 seconds here, dr. ho. how is you and your team in terms of finding a treatment or vaccine? >> well, we're working very hard. as you know, this is a process that requires time. i think we and other groups have small hits. but they need to be further investigated and further optimized. >> dr. ho, keep on swinging. support your team of researchers and you and trying to help us try to find treatments for covid-19. dr. david ho, appreciate your time. >> thank you, richard. >> the all right. while nearly 2,000 people have died from coronavirus in the u.s., death tolls in some other countries are far lower. can we learn from what they have done? up next, we'll talk to the man
3:25 pm
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some estimates say one in three americans could get the coronavirus in the end. to avoid such high numbers, some countries have implemented detailed measures. singapore is one of those. when the pandemic started, the government isolated the 100 plus confirmed cases in hospitals not at home. then they quarantined the 3,000 plus people that may have come in contact with that 100. this was a system by government detectives tracking many of them down. this step seriously butting into question civil liberties many americans hold dear. singapore call those that had more fleeting encounters with those confirmed cases, they call them for 14 days in a row to see how they're doing. whether you pick up the phone, don't lie. you can go to jail for six
3:30 pm
months. you could get fined $10,000 as well. singapore's process has resulted in a death rate of 1 in 350 cases. let's bring in retired lieutenant generally who served as joint task force commander during hurricane katrina, lieutenant general honorary is in baton rouge, louisiana, the state is on track to become the next epicenter of the virus. general, thank you for joining us. i want to get to what is happening in louisiana right now. the governor saying that per capita, on a per capita basis, louisiana has a second highest death rate. how are things going on there in the state?
3:31 pm
>> we're still climbing. its going to get worse before it gets better. and our governor is very articulate and making sure that the president and all know the federal help they need. the mayor of new orleans has been repettively on television and sending message that's they're going to need help. >> i was mentioning what other countries are doing right now. would singapore's process work here in the united states? >> i think it would have a month ago or 40 days ago. but i think we're past that now. you know? there some talk of looking at a quarantine. my advice to the president is very damn clear. don't give an order you can't
3:32 pm
enforce. in that case, that would be very hard to enforce. right now once you quarantine a place, i had an experience with this when the perish president and katrina who said his perish was contaminated and quo quarantined. the next day he wanted workers to go in there and get the power grid on. the workers wouldn't go because the perish president said the perish was contaminated and quo quarantined from pollution. that quarantine work takes on a connotation that goes way beyond this incident. you have people that work in one state and live in another state. you'll absolutely shut the economy down.
3:33 pm
it works in isolated cases. we have an airplane coming in that has a ship. we used quarantine and contamination very well. once governors close the boarders, fwheer a doo-doo show. when one closes the border, like the governor of florida if, you come in, what happens now with those thousands of hundreds of thousands of students leaving florida and the governor of alabama and georgia decide to block those interstates we will end up with a cascading mess. i want this quarantine to go away quickly.
3:34 pm
i hope it was a fleeting thought on the president's mind. again, don't give a damn order you can't enforce. >> rhode island starting to day, they're not going to knock on doors. they're stopping folks that have a new york license plate. they're taking down identities because if you have come from new york or traveled to and from new york, you now face potentially if you violate their regulations, either a fine and/or maybe some jail time if you continuously violate their regulations. what do you make of what rhode island is doing. >> i think that is a form of control. but that word quarantine. remember, once you quarantine a place, you won't have people for years scheduling a vacation in a place that's been quarantined. you will have pilots that will not want to fly through a city that was quarantined.
3:35 pm
so just watch what you ask for. i played it out in a number of games. you end up with some results you don't want to see. i think the control measures have been working. it would have been better if we started earlier. check the control. making people need to go and self isolate. i think that is a good move. but to go and make a leap to quarantine is one i think is a big problem when we have some states that still got restaurants open. >> yep. >> up three days ago, florida had people on the beaches. now they want to quarantine. what's wrong with that governor? >> general, very quickly here, if we were to release, i remember our conversations during hurricane katrina many, many moons ago and we were watching you take command and control. if we were to release the ragin'
3:36 pm
cajun one more time, what you would suggest right now in terms of what we should be doing to get control of the processes that need to happen across the country if you could tell us very quickly. >> i would have -- make sure i got a general officer with every governor and the general of that state that can communicate directly back to the white house and get critical supplies where they need it. i would have at least a two star with every governor. to make sure along with the national guard that we have a lean chain of command that can assess where the next group of supplies are needed. because to stop this, we're going to need supplies and take care of our first responders and get those immediate tests out there. that's what i would do. and i would re-create some more lieutenant general and get them to feel, you saw with the core engineers have done in a few days. imagine another 25 or 30 of them out there helping those
3:37 pm
governors get stuff done. we can get on that side of the -- the physical problem. what we have to fix is the medical problem and medical supplies to take care of our people, to keep them alive. >> a national treasure as many say, lieutenant generous he will hohnery, thank you very much for your advice and expertise. >> good day, sir. >> all right. >> ventilators, they slow and stop the coronavirus' march. now how some doctors and nurses are getting away to battle the shortage of them. better days are ahead. ♪ i know that there'll be better days ♪ we are all one jeep community and we can help. so we're offering payment assistance, 24/7 support and the option to shop at we're offering 0% financing for 84 months with no payments for 90 days. because better days are just down the road. ♪ better days
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wayfair. way more than furniture. president trump says they'll make 100,000 ventilators in 100 days. that is still might not be enough. estimates project a potential shortage of over 700,000.
3:41 pm
and they're expensive. 25 to $45,000 each and that price is rising. yeah, frightening. more patients can not breathe. if allowed to progress, the virus will effectively suffocate patients to death. vent lateors slow and even stop that virus's march though. one key difference with covid-19 patients, they stay on ventilators for 11 to 21 days. normally the average says new york's governor is three or four days. they posted this how to on line, how to use one ventilator for one, two, three or more people. this is now being considered for covid-19 by many other doctors as well. there is jet more hope though. some are looking at retrofitting anesthesia equipment to work as ventilators. dyson and airus about released a in you zun wednesday to ramp up
3:42 pm
production as well. and two entrepreneurs formed the ventilator project. they're trying to hack the ventilator gap. they're talking about converting cpap machines and using 3-d printers. in one week they gathered rather over 300 volunteers. joining us now, dr. charlene babcock, emergency merchandise physical at st. john medical center in detroit. thank you for joining us, doctor. and you're also very aware of this mcgiferring of ventilators. there are concerns about it but might that be one of the steps? >> a colleague of mine did a project in 2006 published and we looked at taking one ventilator and ventilating up to four test lungs. and we did that because around the pandemic, i believe one of the bird flus. we thought it was successful. it was only a fees built study. but when we found out that people were dying in china, it became important i think to
3:43 pm
share that research with other people because i think at this point time i think it's going to be very difficult for physicians on the front line to be looking at four patients all of which are going to die if they don't have a ventilator and i have one ventilator. do you decide? do you flip a coin? do you look at a score and see who has the best probability of surviving? or do you go out on a limb and say, look, we haven't tried it in humans. you wouldn't try it in humans, it wouldn't be appropriate. you have extra ventilator. >> would you do it, doctor, if push comes to shove? would you do that? would you divide it up to two or three patients? >> so, yes, i would. probably two. to start off with. because it is new technology and in terms of splitting a vent. it hasn't been done before. there is a lot of things we may not understand yet until we actually do it. if it was my brother or sister and it was either let him die or have him share a ventilator, try it do. what can you. i'd rather go out on that limb than let them die.
3:44 pm
>> yeah, those who had loved ones, seeing them go through that, it's important, you're right. you go for it s that all you need what you have in your hand? >> so this is a splitter. this is a piece of plastic we got off the therapist cart. and here is han adapter. so this is the one i used in the video that i launched on march 14th that started this whole cascade of looking at splitting vents. i will tell you, i've been working with several colleagues and one of them is a gentleman by the name of dr. leonard bunting. went to a hardware store and got this pvc copper tubing size and he got also the -- this is three quarter inch. and there is this three quarter inch t and it works together just fine. >> $2 or $3 right there, maybe? >> you know, obviously, disinfect it and make sure it's okay. there is lots of difference way uz can, what you describe is mcgifer a t tube together. in terms of people worry about infection because you're sharing
3:45 pm
a ventilator. in this configuration here, there this is a filter. had it supposedly filters bacteria and virus. in this configuration, you can see here this piece here goes to the vent and then these are the expiration ports for the two patients on the same vent. technically it can work. there is some people doing research with animals that have not been published that have told me does it work in animals. it's going to be the biggest challenge when we actually try it on a patient, two patients. the way that i would envision is you have one patient on the vent and stable. so we know what the parameters are. we know how bad the lungs rfrment you have another patient also on a vent, you know those parameters. so you want to match them up as best you can. so that each patient has similar requirements in terms of the ventilator. >> great to have you. doctor as we will as entrepreneur in some ways, dr. charlene babcock, thank you so much. very informative seg mment there. >> thanks for having me. >> stimulus checks, they're on the way to most americans.
3:46 pm
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3:50 pm
more than $4 trillion to america's largest corporations. they write in the "washington post" that just passed stimulus bill is not only a missed opportunity to permanently give american workers the benefits enjoyed by those and other wealthy countries, but yet another in a statement released hours after the bill signing, the president has already announced his intention to defy the oversight measures in the new law. joining us now, the author of that story, opinion writer at the "washington post" and back with us is senior digital white house report shannon pettypiece. let start with this. as you look at how that decision will be made and at the moment the trump administration saying, oh no, we're not going to allow that or we don't want that, what can congress do? >> there's really not that much they can do. they can hold hearings and do
3:51 pm
the usual parade of shame and call people up to account, but in and of itself, there's not tons of power here if the president really decides to defy them. trump is now claiming he's not going to abide by even the scriptures within this plan. you could take the president to court but then what happens? >> as the president is saying that, might there be a change of tune as time goes by? might that be possible as though, especially his voters will be looking at the amount of money going to big business, if you will, compared to every day americans? >> well, what we've gotten from our reporting is the white house is still trying to fully absorb what is in this bill, just as members of congress are. it was an expansive bill. there was a lot of negotiations going on back and forth very quickly. steven mnuchin was very involved in those, heavily involved. he would be the person in the administration that understands
3:52 pm
that bill better than anyone else, but i think when it comes to the president's understanding of how this money is going to be do doled out, what type of oversight there is, he at one point when pressed by reporters about how will the administration ensure there is oversight and the money is given out properly, he essentially said "i am the oversight," that he personally would be the one overseeing it. this is something that's going to obviously be playing out over months. the money to individuals is going to be going out very quickly, to corporations and companies, that's going to take a bit more time. so there is going to be a lot of i think room for that to shake out and we'll just have to see where it lands. >> kurt, putting on your old oversight hat as we often ask you to do here, why do the democrats let this bill pass then? >> you know, it's like history repeating itself, richard. i was on capitol hill when the last time we went through the tarp and the stimulus during the obama years went through and how much republicans at the time
3:53 pm
ironically enough were preoccupied with worrying about oversight and waste, fraud and some of the disastrous ways that money was spent. and here we are again. with congress, chaos is the best mechanism to help waste, fraud and abuse permeate throughout the government. as this crisis and pandemic continues, it's not going to be a short-term thing. they're going to have to go back to the well and pass another type of bailout, stopgap measure to keep the economy going. they'll see this money didn't go to the workers and the people who need it most and the voters will be incredibly set and the next time a bailout have required, they'll have those mechanisms in place. >> if it is discuss that a bailout is possibly needed, will
3:54 pm
that be discussed, how that was decided, can they put that in the fourth potential bill? >> they can try. they operate as a disadvantage because they care about what happens to us, whereas a lot of republicans seem willing to sacrifice people so that they can give big business a big break. as recently as the day that's passed, there were republicans saying that the unemployment benefits were too generous and were trying to, you know, stop the $600, you know, benefit to everybody so that people wouldn't get more or as much as they were earning when they were when they were working. so democrats are operating where they are trying to get something done and the other side is really less than concerned about that. they're more concerned about getting the money to big business and that's a big problem. >> and, quickly, flip side of the coin here not talking about big business, there's the question and the point being made, it those that don't have
3:55 pm
much that really need the most help during this time. >> right. and this is the thing, it's about expectation management. as the president goes out there and touts this deal, says it going to save the economy, says it's going to help the american people, says it going to put money in the average working person's pocket, the reality on the ground is going to be a lot different because the money is going to big corporation, going to big business. i think there's going to be a severe political backlash because the president owns this. he's the face of everything. he makes himself the face of everything. so when this doesn't work the way that it should and people are suffering, people can't pay their rent and pay their bills because $1,200 isn't enough to make the bills in a month, they're going to be all over it. >> thanks to you all. have a good saturday. we're going to finish with a salute to the new first respond er responders, restaurant workers. they make about $10 an hour or 20,000 a year. now they keep us fed with
3:56 pm
takeout food orders. there's over 5 million workers, if you count them. remember those who can't go to the restaurant and are at home. they doesn't han't have cushion cash. grocery store workers, over 2.5 million who must serve dozens of customers face to face each and every day. it n it's not safe but we need them. what about folks on a bike, in a car, on foot bringing us our lunch, our dins arners, many ofm newcomers to america. their spouses pleading for them to stay home. but knowing they're doing something important for home and community, they still do it. so thank you to all the new first responders that does it for me this hour. and that's for watching. after the break our coverage continues with my colleague alycia menendes.
3:57 pm
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