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tv   MSNBC Live Decision 2020  MSNBC  July 14, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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is based on facts. i think it's him just telling to help the military community people what they might want to find out more at hear, his audience might want to hear. my question always, if you want to talk about mr. carlson, is to help the military community of new gain with essential oils detergent.t what does he want for the she was really feeling it when... future? what do his four children want for the future? she remembered everything. do they want a future where everybody's allowed to run stop signs and go through red lights and -- i'm not being silly. i'm just saying are we going to have rules to protect each other you've got this girl. or not? it's really a -- it's a kind of just inhale. weird claim that he made. and repeat. >> well, for his children, for new gain with essential oils detergent. mine, for all children, i certainly hope we all want the future to be better, smarter, now there's skyrizi. and stronger. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin bill, always great to see you. i appreciate you sharing some of at 4 months after just 2 doses. your expertise with us this evening. thank you so much for watching. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections that does it for me. and lower your ability to fight them. my dear friend and colleague before treatment, your doctor should check you steve kornacki picks up coverage for infections and tuberculosis. right on the other side of the break. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs. good evening. i'm steve kornacki in new york, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine.
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and we begin tonight with the ♪ nothing is everything. coronavirus. case numbers continuing to ask your dermatologist about skyrizi. climb, particularly in the south and the west, and the question of whether these surges will you think it smells fine, s in your car. but your passengers smell this. translate into the kind of disaster we saw in new york in the early days of this pandemic. eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to there are now more than for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. wow, it smells good in here. 3.4 million reported cases of the coronavirus in the united so you and your passengers can breathe happy. states and 41 states have seen an increase over the past two weeks. the state of florida reported 9,000 new cases today, this after a four-day stretch of more than 10,000 new cases reported per day in that state. right now roughly one in five new cases of coronavirus reported worldwide come from just three states, florida, texas, and california. so cases are clearly rising. they are rising in many areas of the country, and they are rising quickly and to high levels. this is something we saw back in the spring in new york, in new jersey, and a few other early hot spots.
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there is something else that we saw in those places early on. we saw a staggering human toll. that's where the numbers seem somewhat different right now. take a look at this. when new york was peaking in mid-april, the number of deaths accompanying new cases was significantly higher than we're seeing in florida right now. florida, new york comparably sized states, and we are seeing this elsewhere. cases are exploding, and while the death rate is growing right now, it is not exploding to the levels that we saw in new york back in march, at least not yet. is it about to? is a new york-level disaster looming here, or is something else going on? for more, i am joined by dr. lena physician and public health welcome back. president trump looms large in and dr. charles lo the republican runoff for senate in alabama where polls are going lockwood, senior vice president to close in a little bit more of university of florida. thank you both for joining us. than 20 minutes from now. hoping to take back his old senate seat, jeff sessions appreciate it. dr. lockwood, let me start with facing off against former auburn you. we mentioned florida. university football coach tommy some of those statistics from
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tuberville, both vying to take florida. on doug jones. he is viewed as the most they high case level. they did today record their vulnerable democrat in the highest number of deaths in a senate, trying to win single day. re-election in a state trump won i believe it was 132. by almost 30 points in 2012. for comparison, new york at its for president trump, the race peak was up at 780. has become a grudge match with i've seen you say that florida his former attorney general and and new york are dealing with different issues. onetime political ally. can you describe what you're that's because trump never forgave sessions for recusing talking about there? himself from the russia probe >> yeah. well, we've had about a sixfold back in 2017. that was something sessions was increase in cases since june obliged to do under doj policy. 10th. sessions tried to call a pruce we've had about a 3 1/2-fold wi increase in hospitalizations, -- truce with the president and we have had a threefold before the race. >> when i left president trump's increase in deaths, which of course is tragic. cabinet, did i write a tell-all book? no. did i go on cnn and attack the but the case fatality rate, the number of deaths over cases, has been dropping very steadily over president? nope. have i said a crossword about the last -- really the last our president? not one time. month since june 10th. >> now, for a moment, it seemed in fact, we're now at about that trump might sit out the race entirely, but he endorsed 1.5%, and that compares to 10% tuberville in march and resumed in new york city, for example. his attacks on sessions. i think part of the explanation >> sessions was a mistake, a big is that the age of cases is mistake for me.
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jeff sessions was a disaster. younger than occurred in new he was a total disaster because york. most of our cases right now are he basically let it happen, in the age group of 15 to 44. unknowingly because he's not very smart. most of the folks that are i didn't want to make him attorney general, but he was the hospitalized are between 55 and first senator to endorse me, so 85, and most of the deaths are i felt a little bit of an between 65 and 95. obligation. jeff sessions was a disaster as so part of it's a younger cohort attorney general. he should have never been attorney general. he's not qualified. of folks although that number he's not mentally qualified to has been creeping up. be attorney general. i think the other thing that has >> sessions was also compelled to defend himself against the president's twitter attacks. advantaged florida is time. we've had close to three months when trump called on him to drop to prepare, so we have a lot out of the race, sessions more ppe. responded, quote, i did my duty, we have a large number of extra and you're damn fortunate i did. your personal feelings don't ventilators. my own hospital bought 87 dictate who alabama picks as their senator. additional ventilators, haven't the people of alabama do. used those yet. i'm joined by susan page. we have surge capacity in our icus. we have a little bit better sam stein. and michael steele. medications, and that may be thanks to all of you for being making a difference. with us. obviously remdesivir, susan, you know, we look at a dexamethasone as well as lot of these republican primaries. i'm thinking of a couple house races recently where trump convalescent plasma therapy. i think those things have endorsed one candidate, and the
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other candidate won. helped. there may be some biological we can try to read into, you factors at work. know, was he really invested the virus that we're seeing is there. the g variant, not the d did everybody really know about the endorsement? this is a race where everybody variant, and that seems to be knows whose side donald trump is affecting younger people, on. infecting younger people more it does seem like -- in the readily. polls, we show tuberville to be but we've been lucky. the favorite here. i mean our case fatality rate's this does seem like the ultimate test of trump's sway with 1.5%, and we have the second republican voters because if he oldest population in the united states, and we have the most by can't get them to do this one, i don't know what he could get them to do. proportion of folks over 65 and >> yeah, and this is a state where trump is more popular than he is in any other states. he's made his wishes very clear. 75. so we're certainly an you may think that's fair or extraordinarily vulnerable population, and we are, you not. if jeff sessions were to win know, very nervous that we may continue to see this climb in tonight the nomination, that would stand as a kind of rebuke deaths. but so far, it hasn't been by alabama republicans to the commensurate with the number of president, and that's why i cases. >> so, doctor nguyen, let me get you to pick up on that. think is probably not going to i want to get your take on the situation in florida and other happen tonight. >> if you're not lucky enough to be in alabama where you get to states like it. what you make of the assessment watch these, we're going to air them for you. here's the ads going back and there from dr. lockwood and forth between these candidates. take a look. where you think this is going in terms of the fatality rate. >> i would not have appointed
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>> i certainly agree that we've jeff sessions to be attorney gotten better with our general. >> jeff sessions quit on the treatments. we are better prepared although president, and he failed i have to say i'm shocked runni, alabama. >> tuberville's washington's choice but he's quit or been these masks, thesefter fired from every job he's ever had. fact, tuberville refused to vote we've had months to prepare, we for governor ivey, never backed a republican other than himself. still don't have a national >> you can't fake it. strategy for ramping up testing, you're either strong or you're for securing ppe. but we are in a better place. not. and jeff sessions, he's not. he wasn't man enough to stand i think we're also testing more, with president trump when things and that also contributes to got tough. that bigger denominator in terms >> sorry, tommy. alabama won't send a coward to of the number of total people who are getting diagnosed. the senate. >> all right. but i do worry that what starts there you see the fault lines in this race. in the young as dr. lockwood michael steele, handicap this mentioned, you're seeing more for us. people who are young getting is it possible to cross donald trump the way that jeff sessions diagnosed. but what starts in the young is not necessarily going to stay in did and win a republican primary the young. we are seeing in multiple states against a candidate running like that the median age is now tuberville is? >> you know, actually i think it beginning to increase. i really worry that it's initially i don't know people is. the question is how much fight who have experienced quarantine are you prepared to bring to the fatigue understandably, who have gone out and seen one another. game. and, you know, while the president said the sessions now they're getting sick, but appointment was a mistake and then they're also going to be that he's been a disaster and he infecting older family members. felt, you know, obligated, he
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people are going to be carrying this into nursing homes. said pretty much, i felt sorry and i do think that because death is a lagging indicator for him. if i were jeff sessions, i would anyway, that we are going to see have replayed that tape on him the increase in mortality follow and said, you know, yeah, you shortly. >> yeah, dr. lockwood, i'm were a mistake and a little bit curious. what do you make of that because of a disaster too. but it goes to this question if you've mentioned that the you're the senator -- if you're the former senator from the average age, while younger than state who was appointed by the we saw in new york and florida, is going up a little bit, you'll president to serve, representing hear that a lot. the idea, hey, this will the country in a very honorable eventually be carried to the and important job and then is most vulnerable population. running for that seat again, >> yeah. what is your relationship with the voters in alabama? well, in the state, the average age of cases went from 62 to 33, and that's really for me more of the test question here, not so and now it's up to 41. much about trump, but have the voters moved off of jeff i have to say that older folks sessions to the extent that in florida have been fairly regardless of trump, his service compliant with face coverings is like thank you very much, we're ready to move on. and with social distancing, and and i see that more of a there does seem to be a question tonight in play than demographic of non-compliance if whether or not trump has because you will. that may be part of the problem it's alabama. of course trump is going to have sway there. with younger folks getting but i don't know if trump really infected. has the kind of juice to we have not seen, and we have --
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i agree with everything that was overcome that relationship that sessions had with the state for just said. as long as he had it. in fact, nursing homes account and that's the question for me tonight. for half of the state's >> while you were talking, we fatalities. were showing some scenes from they account for about 73% of when trump and sessions were the fatalities in tampa bay, and allies, campaigning together in alabama. sam, i remember at the very we actually have one of the lowest case fatality rates in beginning of the trump campaign the united states. for the republican nomination in our case fatality rate in 2015, he had a big rally in hillsboro county, which includes alabama. jeff sessions showed up at it. tampa, this morning was 0.9, so they were allies really from the that is a really, really low beginning in a way a lot of other elected republican case fatality rate. i keep waiting for it to go up, officials were not with donald trump. but it keeps going down every take us through again, because day. it's been three years, and three so there's something else going years in this president is like on here. i don't know whether it's just 300 years. take us through again the story better compliance with older of how that relationship fell folks with social distancing and apart. >> well, i think it's important face coverings or whether it is to start with how it came together. you know, trump at the time was an actual biological change, a of course running as an atypical gene oh type change in the virus, but we're not seeing the republican, a consummate rise yet. >> dr. charles lockwood, outsider, and there was a dr. lena nguyen, thank you both question about whether anyone in for being with us tonight. the party would actually offer really appreciate having you their endorsement of him. here. meanwhile in an op-ed in and jeff sessions, who also was "the washington post" today, four former directors of the
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cdc, the centers for disease a bit of an outsider even though control, write that, quote, he was a u.s. senator at the public health experts face two time, gave him that cover that he needed, a form of opponents, covid-19 but also political leaders and others acceptability. attempting to undermine the cdc. now, the two have a very and they specifically call out prominent shared world view around things like immigration the president, donald trump, and and to a certain extent foreign those in his administration. policy. so in some ways it made sense they say this. quote, we are seeing the terrible effect of undermining that they would lock arms together. but, you know, for that the cdc play out in our endorsement, jeff sessions was population. rewarded the position of his willful disregard for public health g choice, in this case attorney general of the united states. unsurprisingly leading to a and what happened at that point sharp rise in infections and was that early on he felt he had deaths. to recuse himself in the russia the trump administration responded to that op-ed with probe because of his role on the this written statement. campaign. that act of recusal was later the white house and cdc have been working together in seen as the ultimate act of partnership since the vet beginning of this pandemic to betrayal by trump who views the carry out the president's highest priority, the health and attorney general not as the chief law enforcement officer safety of the american public. we encourage all americans to continue to follow the cdc's for the united states but his own defense lawyer. guidelines and to use best practices they have learned. now, jeff sessions has made the of course this comes after the case, i think rightly so, that president yesterday re-tweeted in fact he helped trump out by former game show host chuck the recusal, that no one would woolery, who accused the cdc and have bought the result of the
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many of america's doctors of probe if he himself was lying about the pandemic. overseeing it, that it would and i'm joined now by dr. tom have been forever tainted. frieden, former cdc director. and at least now there are some he is one of the co-authors of people who see this as a legitimate probe. that "washington post" op-ed but, you know, trump obviously that we were just reading from. tom, thank you for joining us. first i just want to get your doesn't see it this way, and reaction. this is coloring everything right now. you put your thoughts into there is nothing about this race that is substantive. writing. you see the response there, the this has been a five-month slog official response that comes out of negative attacks as between from the white house. the two candidates. what's your reaction to that? it is squarely about personality and fealty to trump, and jeff >> well, steve, on the one hand, it's great to see the white sessions has to overcome this house say that, and let's stick idea that he betrayed the to that. ultimate figurehead in the let's encourage everyone to republican party. follow cdc guidelines. >> so, susan, from what sam's saying there, do you see but, you know, at the same time, implications here for the this very day we saw the white republican party more broadly in house and hhs tell hospitals all a tuberville victory, in a over the u.s., stop reporting to sessions victory? do you see a bigger meaning potentially from this? cdc. report instead to a private >> i think the president's contractor and break a cdc attitude toward this figure he information system that's been named as attorney general and built for the last 20 years. who was a very prominent ally in this is not the way to run a his last campaign shows the pandemic. we don't have a concerted risks of crossing donald trump. approach nationally, and because i think that's one reason in these other senate races that of that, we're a laggard. we've had, where we've got five >> let's talk about the cdc, its or six republican senators in
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role in this, the guidance that serious trouble of not winning the cdc puts out, which seems to re-election, you do not see them putting a lot of distance have particularly gotten the between themselves and donald president's ire is the cdc's trump. they just don't talk about it. guidance when it comes to they don't put him in their ads, reopening schools. this was guidance that was put but they also don't embrace him. together, i believe, in may. the fact that they don't the cdc is now saying it won't distance themselves from him is be revised. a sign that they have learned a there will be some additional information put out, but they're lesson from the treatment of saying it won't be revised. jeff sessions. can you talk a little bit about >> my guests are going to stick the process that goes into around. we're going to tackle some more questions on the 20 electio20 e creating guidance in the cdc? what goes into that? >> oh, this is pretty bizarre, like what are the party steve, because the process is conventions going to look like that the best scientists in the if are there going to be party world sit down, and they come up conventions like we've seen and how is it going to impact this with recommendations, guidance, race? stay with us. connected. and they outline those. that then goes through what's called an interagency process, where the education department saving 50% vs. other carriers comments on it, other parts of the department of health and with 2 unlimited lines for less than $30 each. human service comment on it, and then it goes up to the white we know that connection is more important than ever. house. and there's approval for the cdc and we're here to help, to publish it, and then the cdc when you're ready to switch. publishes it. call 1-800-t-mobile and it's reasonable for political leaders and other or go to t- mobile. com/ 55.
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parts of the government to say, hey, you haven't considered this aspect or that aspect. what's unprecedented is once it's been cleared and released, for then the president, the vice president, and the education secretary to say, this is getting in the way. the fact is there's only one enemy here. it's the virus. and the more we're divided, the more the virus will conquer. we want our kids back in school. the cdc guidance is not an impediment to getting our kids back to school. it's the way to get our kids back to school so they can stay in school, and all of us have a part in that, steve, if we wear with spray mopping to lock away debris masks. we're going to have to stop and absorb wet messes, all in one disposable pad. restaurant and bar service in most of the country with cases just vacuum, spray mop, and toss. skyrocketing because the single the shark vacmop, a complete clean all in one pad. most important way we can keep our kids safe in school is to bring down the level of spread of virus in the community. frustrated that clean clothes you want to wear always seem to need an iron? then there are things that try bounce wrinkle guard dryer sheets. schools need to do, and if they the bounce wrinkle guard shorts have fewer wrinkles and static, and more softness. try to open without careful planning, they're going to slam right back shut. look what happened with arizona, it's the world's first mega sheet that does the job of three dryer sheets! texas, south carolina, florida. if you open too soon and without
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bounce out wrinkles. a plan, you go one step forward and two, three, four, five steps backwards. we don't want that to happen to schools. we want them to open and stay open, and that means being careful about shielding the vulnerable, protecting the school community, preparing for cases, limiting exposures within the school, wearing masks. did you know diarrhea is often causedtry pepto diarrhea. food? the three ws still hold. pepto® diarrhea is proven effective to treat symptoms, wear a mask. mask up directly. and it also targets the cause of diarrhea. wash your hands and watch your the 3 times concentrated liquid formula distance. if we do that, we can get the coats and kills bacteria to relieve diarrhea. virus controlled because right while the leading competitor now it has the upper hand in does nothing to kill the bacteria, most of our country, and we're pepto® diarrhea gets to the source, killing the bad bacteria. lagging. there are only a few countries so, try pepto® diarrhea, in the world that have a higher and remember to have it on hand every time you travel. death rate than we do, and unfortunately we're catching up also try pepto®-bismol liquicaps for on-the-go relief. with them because our deaths are increasing, and they're going to increase further. deaths lag cases and partly lag that selling carsarvana, 100% online wouldn't work. but we went to work. younger cases by weeks to a building an experience that lets you shop over 17,000 cars from home. couple of months. but it is inevitable that we're creating a coast to coast network going to see a lot more deaths to deliver your car as soon as tomorrow.
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recruiting an army of customer advocates in this country, and that's to make your experience incredible. tragic. it's even more tragic if we and putting you in control of the whole thing don't take the actions we can with powerful technology. take today to reduce the spread. that's why we've become the nation's >> dr. tom frieden, former fastest growing retailer. director of the cdc, thank you because our customers love it. for joining us. coming up, the battle lines see for yourself, at over reopening schools. >> what do you tell parents who look at this, who look at arizona where a schoolteacher recently died teaching summer school, parents who are worried about the safety of their children in public schools? >> yeah, the schools should be opened. schools should be opened. kids want to go to school. you're losing a lot of lives by keeping things closed. >> we're going to talk to the president of a major university who thinks he has a plan to get his students back on campus and to do it safely this fall. plus the polls are closing not long from now in that big runoff, that senate runoff in alabama. well, see this handsome man, jeff sessions, tommy tuberville. his name was william. donald trump a big player in and william fell in love with rose this. he doesn't want to see trump winning this thing -- excuse and they had a kid. his name was charles and charles met martha... me -- sessions winning this thing. is he going to get his way? we've got much more to get to. isn't she pretty?
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stay with us. yeah. ♪ are you going to be able to hold the convention in [ engines revving ] jacksonville with all this virus spread? >> we're going to see it built ♪ up a little bit, but we're going to do something that will be ♪ great. >> welcome back. we are a few weeks away from it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- both the democratic and republican national conventions, shhh. and it's still unclear exactly what they'll look like. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. nbc news reports president donald trump and republican officials are preparing for the possibility of a fully outside convention in jacksonville, florida, next month as coronavirus cases in the state shatter records. officials stress the plan is in still in flux and likely will be for the next few weeks. the convention was already moved last month of course from north carolina after the state's democratic governor roy cooper couldn't guarantee that coronavirus restrictions would not affect the republican gathering. meanwhile at least six senate republicans have stated publicly that they will not be attending
4:16 pm
the convention. back with me are susan page, sam ♪ ♪ stein, and michael steele. michael steele, prominent republicans saying they won't attend the republican convention. i feel like i'm back in 2016 here. tell me, what do you think this republican convention in jacksonville, given what we're looking at coronavirus wise, now is the time to support the places you love. what do you think it's going to look like? >> there's a plan. let's have a national convention spend 10 dollars or more at a participating small business and get 5 dollars back, in florida, jacksonville, in up to 10 times with american express. august outdoors. enroll now at this sounds like a good, sweating time. you know, seriously, i mean, the we see you. way the president has whip sawed doing your part by looking out...for all of us. this national committee into and though you may have lost sight of your own well-being, doing the most asinine, craziest aetna never did. by setting up virtual monitoring for chronic patients, 24-hour thing. it's just amazing to me. the planning, the preparation, telemedicine visits, and mental health resources for everyone. the money, the organization, the infrastructure. we're always here to help you focus on your health. so where do you go next with this? and i suspect quite honestly, as because it's always, time for care. ♪ florida continues in the throes of coronavirus, that there are
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going to be serious conversation inside the rnc, if it's not already, and certainly among 49i found you! some in the administration. good job. now i'm gonna stay here and you go hide. but they do like the democrats watch your favorites from anywhere like a virtual event or a in the house with the xfinity stream app. one-night type of event on a free with your xfinity service. limited basis. but this idea that now moving it now any room can be a tv room. outdoors in the middle of august stream live tv, on demand shows and movies in florida is somehow more even your dvr recordings. download the xfinity stream app today appealing, well, we'll see. to stream the entertainment you love. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> michael mentions the democrats. there's two parts of the convention. there's the official convention business, speeches by prominent party members. then there's the candidate's acceptance speech. that's the one shot the candidate gets to talk at length to tens of millions of voters. from the democrat, when you look at the democrats, in terms of biden, what is the expectation there? is he going to have a big speech like that? >> yes. the expectation is that this is going to be a made-for-tv event. i think like network telethon
4:18 pm
for instance, where you have a bunch of people in different places, answering phones will not be on the docket this time. but it's going to be much welcome back. governor roy cooper announced more -- today that north carolina's >> sure. >> well, we'll see. much more video focused. 1.5 million students will be returning to school for the fall there will be speeches, term. the current plan will mix presentations, and honestly, it's the modern era of politics, in-person and remote learning. schools will be required to take where you don't need necessarily temperatures daily, conduct to cram thousands of people into health screenings, and require a convention hall. much of the actual decision face coverings. in california, the orange county making happens before those board of education voted to speeches any way. reopen schools with in-person you can get that done in a socially safe manner without classes, no masks or social distancing required. endangering your delegates. what's, you know, what the however, many teachers remain difference might be that when cautious. in arizona, three teachers who biden gives his speech, it won't returned for summer school be to a packed chamber. tested positive for the coronavirus, and one of them has and that might affect the tone since died. of this speech. one of her colleagues warned of the risks of sending teachers it might affect how it comes and their students back to across. that's the challenge of school in a hot spot. democrats. but it's in my mind, it's >> if everybody does their part, monumentally less of a challenge we can help our health care than what -- on the one hand, workers. i'm incredibly happy that we can help the nurse who's are
4:19 pm
on the front line. they're thinking of take thing we can help the hospitals. outdoors, because we all know from watching that covid is much but when they're filling up and more prevalent indoor. on the other hand, it's insane we are not taking this seriously, we are not helping to have an outdoor convention in them. florida. i was at tampa where there was a and if we're not going to help them, it's just going to be hurricane that hit tampa. i don't see how you can plan worse when we repopulate outdoor events in florida in schools. >> meanwhile in florida, where august, knowing that you can have these weather components. as we were just talking about, but that's where they seem to be infections are rising right now, going. the state's education >> that biden speech might be a commissioner instructed schools to open for in-person learning short one if there's no crowd to five days a week. interrupt him with applause. and for more i'm joined by fed rick ingram, president of the florida education association. and the president today went thank you for joining us. after joe biden at length and he let me ask you, first of all, i also gave an interview to cbs think the big question here is news. he was asked -- he got some under what circumstances, under what conditions are the teachers attention bringing up the confederate flag on twitter. you represent looking to go back to work. let me start with a very basic he was asked about the confederate flag. question here. in a state like florida where take a listen to what he had to say. you're seeing a steadily rising >> would you be comfortable with case count right now, is that alone something you think should keep schools from opening for your supporters displaying the in-person learning? >> it absolutely is.
4:20 pm
confederate battle flag? we are the epicenter, as you know, in the nation and frankly >> i'm comfortable with freedom in the world. of speech. we've had -- and i think the >> you understand why it's a most startling number that people need to know is that painful reminder of slavery. since march, we've had 13,000 >> i know people that like the children that are under the age of 18 that have been positively confederate flag and they don't think about slavery. at nascar, they had those flags diagnosed with covid-19. all over the place. i just think it's freedom of so that ought to give us pause speech, whether it's confederate to step back, do this slow and flags or black lives matter. do this right. it's freedom of speech. unfortunately we have a governor who has tied himself directly to >> so you see the president's the president of the united states, and under any response there. circumstance has a hell or high this was about a week ago when he was on twitter bringing up water approach, has a full speed this issue of the confederate ahead approach to open our schools no matter what. flag at nascar events. it's going to be unfair to families, unfair to those nascar asks people not to bring teachers and educational support those flags anymore, the president saying that was a big professionals who take care of those students every day. mistake on their part. one child who dies in our school is going to be too much. folks around the president, the there is no life that we should campaign team, what do they be trying to put in jeopardy think of him doing this, what are they telling him when he because of, you know, we have this approach that is haphazard brings up an issue like this? >> it's hard to say what they'll and that is frankly reckless. telling him, but some of his people around the president and >> if right now the level of people who are friendly to the
4:21 pm
spread we're seeing has you president and want him to be re-elected think this is a taking that position, mistake. understandable. that this puts him quite at odds i think the question is if we're operating in a world where we with the voters who we see are still a long time away from swinging the most in this getting to a vaccine on this, election, which are white there's a question of is there a suburban voters, many with a level of spread, is there a level of community spread that college education to whom he is the teachers you represent would out of step when he talks about protecting the confederate flag be comfortable still going back as a matter of freedom of to school under some conditions speech. with? i'm not sure that the president >> oh, absolutely. the cdc gave us original listens to them. i don't know what they're guidelines that said let's see a telling him. there's every sign that the president once again goes with 14-day decline of the virus his gut on these issues. being positively impacted. let's say a 14-day decline in this is an issue, this is what he thinks about this, as it is the positivity rate. when he talked about a wall. and let's also ensure that we that this is a core issue for can test and trace and isolate in our schools if a breakout him, one which you cannot happens in a school, what do we dissuade him regardless of what you tell him. >> susan, sam, michael, thank do? what is the procedure for that? you for being with us. appreciate that. >> thanks, steve. many of our schools are not up next, jimmy fallon brings ready for a number of students some much-needed levity back to to go back with filters not the building i'm in right now. stay with us. being cleaned and our schools the building i'm in right now. stay with us
4:22 pm
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4:25 pm
distancing on our campus. and then we also know from the science that outdoor transmission is less than indoor transmission. and we've limited the groups that can be gathered on our campus. so we're constructing, for example, tents that we can use for instruction on our campus. so we will continue to look at the guidance from the cdc. we've put in place testing protocols. for example, we've made sure we have quarantining facilities and isolation facilities available on our campus. so we think we have a good set of protections in place, and last night, jimmy fallon and we'll continue to make the decisions based both on the "the tonight show" crew returned guidance from the cdc, right here to this building, scientific advice, and taking rockefeller studio in new york city for the first time since march. careful judgment of what the situation in houston looks like ♪ at the time. >> so what happens in a situation, then? say some kids are in an english class and you find out a couple >> hi, everyone. days later one of the kids there and welcome to "the tonight show." as you can see, we are back in tested positive. what happened then? does everybody in the class go the studio at 30 rockefeller into isolation? plaza here in new york city.
4:26 pm
and as a new yorker, i want to >> well, we would certainly want to know who they came in contact say thank you to everyone who helped get us back to where we with, and not everybody in the class might have been in contact are now. wearing masks, social with them. distancing, washing hands, we would have them seated in the quarantining, it all helps. class six feet apart to make and to all the states going sure they're not, but that would through the tough parts right be a possibility that we would now, our friends in florida, put them all in isolation. arizona, texas, california, all and we'll have information on contact tracing and also where over the south, i know how hard they're living, if they're it is, and i'm not going to lie living on campus and put those to you, it's rough. folks in isolation until we can but i guess i'm here to show you be sure that they're not that there is a light at the end carriers of the disease. >> all right. of the tunnel, if we all do our david leebron, rice university, part to keep each other safe. home of the owls. >> all right. that is it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. thank you for being with us. up next, jeffs the big runo "all in with chris hayes" is up next. alabama. donald trump has taken sides in this. tonight on "all in" -- guess what? polls are closing in about a half an hour. florida breaking records in i'm going to go give you a preview at the big board right covid deaths and new cases, as after this. republicans forge ahead with convention plans. now looking at an outdoor option okay... okay! in jacksonville in august. safe drivers save 40%!!! guys! guys! check it out. safe drivers save 40%!!! and texas hospitals overwhelmed, safe drivers save 40%! and the mayor of houston safe drivers save 40%!!!
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all right, folks. i'm looking at the clock in front of me. we're inside of a half an hour until those polls close in alabama. here it is. this is the runoff today. they had the preliminary with a bunch of republican candidates. the top two advanced today. tommy tuberville, the former coach at auburn university, football coach, led them to an undefeated season back in 2004 but they didn't win the national championship, running against jeff sessions. jeff sessions held this senate seat for four terms or was elected four times at least, left to become donald trump's attorney general and politically for sessions that's where the trouble began because of course he ran afoul of trump when he
4:31 pm
recused himself from the russia investigation, from everything involved there. sessions now trying to get his old seat back and donald trump wants to stop him. donald trump has involved himself aggressively in this race. we're going to see what happens here. tuberville goes into it as the favorite. you can see in the preliminary, tuberville outpolled sessions. the polling we've seen has put tuberville ahead. again, this is at least the republicans in alabama, a very pro-trump area. trump won it by 28 points in 2012. we're going to see if he's able to get tommy tuberville across the finish line. it would be a big surprise if sessions won. there would be implications if sessions won. doug jones, the democrat, gets the winner in november. there's another runoff to tell you about in texas. mj ha gar, royce west. winner of this runoff is going to get john cornyn running for re-election in texas. texas a little interesting because in the presidential
4:32 pm
race, this is a state that last voted for a democrat for president in 1976, carter over ford. but guess what? the polling in a presidential race is even in texas right now. so biden looks like he has a shot at texas, putting some money into texas right now. the question is, is the senate rice going to become competitive there too? that's one to keep an eye on. by the way, we can debut this. take a look at this because this is our senate battleground chart here. we're going to be using this a lot in the days, weeks, and months ahead here. remember democrats h get the u.s. senate. we put texas here because we're talking about it but the burden is on the democrats to show that one gcompetitive. we see doug jones running uphill there in alabama. we're going to be doing a lot of this, moving into this column, taking it out of this column. we're going to be doing a lot of it in the months ahead. it's the presidential election we've been talking about so much but also control of the senate. we're going to find out. we're going to set those fall
4:33 pm
matchups in two big senate races tonight. anyway, up next, what this contest in alabama i've just been talking about, what it could teach us about whether there's a political price to be paid for falling out of favor with donald trump, or does jeff sessions defy the odds? we're right back after this. we're always here to help with fast response and great service and it doesn't stop there we're also here to help look ahead that's why we're helping members catch up by spreading any missed usaa insurance payments over the next twelve months
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