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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  July 2, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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and more news is coming up right here on msnbc. this is the katie fang, show live from miami florida. we have lots of news to cover, and lots of questions to answer, so let's get started. nbc news confirming cassidy hutchinson was one of the witnesses contacted by trump. in an apparent effort to influence her january six testimony. new details about who urged her to, quote, do the right thing. and whether this is a clear case of witness tampering. msnbc legal analyst barbara mcquade is standing by. plus, liberals still reeling from the supreme court's stunning decisions from this term.
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we will put into context just how devastating it was for certain rights, some of which originated with thomas jefferson. and later, florida schools rolling out lgbtq restrictions as the states don't say gay law takes effect. it's impact already being felt. all of, that and more is coming up. and they're good saturday morning to. you i am katie phang. if you are one of the millions of people flying or hitting the roads this holiday weekend, pack your patience. sky high gas prices, canceled flights, and picketing pilots are just a few of the travel woes americans are facing ahead of their vacations. -- it's live from reagan national airport with what we can expect. gary? >> katie, if you needed any indication the pandemic is over in the minds of many of mayor cans, look no further than the
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airports and the roads this week. according to aaa, 40 million people are going to be taking to the skies are hitting the roads this weekend. just yesterday, 2 million people walked through tsa checkpoints across the united states, but delays and cancellations are already piling up this weekend. yesterday, we saw more than $7,000 across the country, 600 cancellations. now this is not exactly good news report here, but if you avoid the airport, the news on the road as a whole lot better. gas prices the highest we have seen for a fourth of july weekend ever in the united states. when is this going to get better? i think this is the real question everyone has been asking. delta, american, and united say they are working on it. as of july 1st, they say they have revamped their schedules to work with the pilot shortage and the passenger increase they have been seeing the summer. the tuesday administrator told and we see news yesterday that things may not get back to a little bit of a normal until
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after labor day. katie? >> all right thanks to gary graham back, not exactly the best of news to start the morning, but we obviously love our up to some gary. thank you so much. this morning growing pressure on president biden to take action on the supreme court's abortion ruling. on friday, he met virtually with democratic governors who had taken steps to keep abortions legal in their states. but those governors are also inching a federal action, including new york's kathy hochul who asked biden to consider using federal facilities to provide access to abortions. maura barrett's life at the white house with all of the details. mora? >> good morning, katie. this was a meeting the white house organized virtually with governors, applauding -- move to swiftly abortion. president biden is telling these governors that he thought the decision by the supreme court to overturn roe v. wade was extreme and terrible. he wanted to work with states to make sure they are best supported as they are prepared to see an influx from people
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coming across state lines. these are governors from states like illinois, oregon, new mexico, states that often border a lot of these states that have trigger laws to ban abortions that have either already gone into effect, or will be later this summer. in the case of new york, governor kathy hochul, the democrat there, told biden she wants to be a safe harbor for people coming from out of state. we have allocated $35 million to provide more staff and resources, but she asked president biden for his help as well. >> mister president, we would ask when you would consider your ability to use federal facilities, what am i talking, about veteran hospitals, military bases, and other places where the federal government concerns the jurisdiction and some of the states that are hostile to women's rights and make sure that those services can be available to other women. >> now, president biden reiterated his point and his support of carving out the filibuster and getting around
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it in order to -- roe v. wade into law. now we know that this is something that does not see a path right now given top democratic senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema do not support overturning the filibuster, that is why we are seeing biden changes strategy looking to elect to democrats to congress ahead of the midterms because he wants otherwise, he is worried that republicans will pass a federal ban on abortion. so that messaging leading up to the midterms is what we are likely to see more of on the campaign trail. katie? >> our thanks to more barrett, live at the white house. coming up, i'm going to speak with nbc news national political reporter mark caputo, and the host of the woke a f podcasts daniel moody about the supreme courts and stop erosion of our rights, and whether it was one of the most damaging terms in history. turning now though to the january six committee hearings, allegations of witness tampering after that bombshell testimony from former white house aide cassidy hutchinson, near the end of the testimony
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committee vice chair liz cheney showed this message. >> this is a call received by one of our witnesses, quote, a person let me know you have your deposition tomorrow, he wants me to let you know he is thinking about you. he knows you are loyal, and you are going to do the right thing when you go in for your deposition. >> cheney did not say who had made or received that call, but nbc news has now confirmed that it was made to hutchinson. a source familiar with hutchinson's the position says the person referenced at the beginning of that message was her former boss mark meadows. trump's ex chief of staff denied the allegations through a spokesperson saying, quote, no one from meadows camp, himself or otherwise, has ever attempted to intimidate or shape miss hutchinson's testimony to the committee. witness tampering of course is a federal crime, and this week cheney implied she expects the
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justice department to be looking into this. >> the way i would put it is, it gives us a real insight into how people around the former president are operating, and to the extent to which they believe that they can affect the testimony of witnesses before the committee, and it is something we take very seriously. i would imagine the department of justice would be very interested in, and we'll take that very seriously as well. >> joining me now is msnbc legal analyst and federal federal prosecutor barbara mcquade, barb, so nice to see you this morning. thank you for being here. there are some very obvious similarities to be drawn from what we heard and this week's won six hearing, and some typical mafia style pressure tactics. if you are still a federal prosecutor, and based on the evidence so far, which would be willing to prosecute a case for witness tampering? >> well, i don't know if we would be in prosecutions state yet but i was sure be interested in investigating. katie, as you know, investigating things like witness tampering and other
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types of obstruction of justice can be a real cold one for prosecutors. it can lead to two a path that the person may not have exposed themselves to without making those kinds of statements. so for example here, we have someone communicating a message, cassidy hutchinson says on behalf of mark meadows. who is that someone, talking to that someone could be very valuable. it is clearly an intermediary, and that person has some problems if they are conveying a message invent tended to temper with witnesses. so talking to that person can get you to the person who made the statement, whether mark meadows or anyone else. in that way, prosecutors can work their way up the chain to use this charge as leverage to get cooperation from more bigger more substantive matters. >> yeah, so to your point, we don't know at this time -- some investigation being done, whether the call was made at the behest of donald trump, but frankly, this type of pressure isn't new to trump world. in fact michael cohen has advised that he experienced something very similar when he was preparing to flip on trump
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during the mueller probe. so, barb, give us an idea how high up the chain could criminal exposure go here? could someone like trump, or even mark meadows be at risk? >> absolutely. if this order came from high, whoever gave it could be charged with a crime of soliciting a crime. so that is your way of working up the stray chain is always your strategy here, figuring out how high this goes. witness tampering in and of itself is a serious crime, it is a 20-year felony and a serious crime because it -- people like rudy giuliani dismissed it as a, quote, mayor process crime. but this is the very essence of how the criminal justice system works. we rely on people to tell us the truth, to be able to prove cases. if people lie, or intimidate other people to lie, then the whole system falls apart. so for that reason, prosecutors and judges take witness tampering very seriously. >> yeah, but, barb, trump was notorious about not keeping a
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paper trail, right? he didn't text, he didn't use email, can the prosecution or investigation at this point look for evidence that is circumstantial in nature, this idea of the insinuation of -- it would be unfortunate if something happened to your family, that type of thing, right? the fact that there may not be a direct threat, is there enough for investigators to say there might be evidence of tampering with a witness? >> yes, sophisticated -- don't come right out and say do not tell the truth, or make sure you say things favorable to me. they are far more sophisticated than that, they use this coated language. it is very common as you mention in mob cases, some drug can pence make these statements, public officials who have been charged with crimes, so you don't have to have the overt statement just enough evidence that you can argue to a jury that we all know what was meant here. let's still, you have to trace it to the source, we don't know whether this goes to mark meadows or donald trump. that would be what needs to be investigated. >> another point of potential
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pressure that was on cassidy hutchinson's financial in nature, according to financial disclosures that trump group was paying for cassidy hutchinson's lawyers until she switched firms, although it may raise the occasional ethical eyebrow, having a third party pay for your legal fees isn't usually an issue. but in this instance, barb, and in light of what we heard so far about possible witness tampering, as this yet another consideration any possible prosecution analysis? >> it is here only because, as you said, normally it is okay if somebody pays your legal fees, but the lawyer's loyalty lies with a client. and what we heard here is a little troubling, isn't, it wasn't until cassidy hutchinson changed lawyers that you can clean and told the whole story. a private lawyer who is part of trump world was apparently advising her to hold back on certain things. if that is the case, then that is the stuff of obstruction of justice or witness tampering. so i think there's certainly more there than simply the
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statements that cassidy hutchinson testified to. >> quickly, barb, before i have to let you go, we have heard pat cipollone he is in negotiations, he might sit down and give answers in a limited setting to only limited areas to avoid that privilege issue. but let's be frank, barb, do you think it was possible there was a little dance behind the scenes between cipollone and the 16 committee that was, hey, serve me with a subpoena, or so you are so i can come in and answer your questions now? >> i do think it is a possibility katie. we referred to that as a friendly subpoena. there are people who they are willing to come testify, but i need to cover a subpoena. i can be seen as too cooperative with you, or to voluntary with you. -- i think there are some areas of fair game for negotiation, attorney-client executive privilege, but in terms of the things the committee wants to hear, i don't think those things will be protected by the privilege. i think they are going to be able to get the answers to the questions they want to ask. >> so nice of karen else that
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might be going, on barbara, quite thank you very time, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks, katie. >> coming up, it was a romance that we all thought would stand the test of time, but could donald trump and his beloved fox news be heading for a break up? how some conservative anchors are changing their tune after tuesday's shocking testimony, just ahead. and if you are one of the 13 million americans who tint in for that hearing, you can catch it again here on msnbc. watch the damning testimony from mark meadow's former aide cassidy hutchinson in full tonight at 6 pm eastern. but first -- >> what about facebook using the system to steer people? we know for a fact, all the major internet do that. >> all of the major internet's,
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one of listeria's opponents in the wyoming primary debate. she's up for reelection, and everyone is talking about her fellow candidates meme or the debate performances. we will show you more coming up next.
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ending its term this week, the impact of it expanded conservative super majority is becoming apparent for all americans. in one term only, the high court eroded the constitution right to abortion, the right to seek redress for civil rights violations, the separation of church and state, the ability of states to pass gun control laws, and the epa's capacity to fight climate change. capacity t fight climate chthe court was ae these rights because republicans played the long runs and prioritize the appointment of justices to
4:19 am
their legal agenda. democrats have won five of the last eight presidential elections, but republicans have a 0.6 of the nine justices. no doubt, the returning of roe was the republican's greatest legal triumph thus far, but they are not done yet. next term, the supreme court agreed to a case they get up and election laws across the country and pave the way for more extreme gerrymandering. in addition, the court is prepared to hear challenges to affirmative action at harvard in the university of north carolina. what can democrats do to wrestle back control from the far-right and limit its impact. joining me now is nbc news national political reporter mark caputo and the host of the -- podcast. mark and danielle, daniel i will start with you. put into context how devastating this supreme court term was to rolling back rights and principles, some of which
4:20 am
originated as far back as thomas jefferson. >> i think that we have to understand here that they have always been paying attention to the courts. they have always considered the courts there bastion. for democrats, we have always looked at getting the presidency and getting congress as our end all be all. what we are seeing right now, republicans have always played the long game. now because during the obama years we did not go to court to battle mitch mcconnell for the seat that has not been given to eric garland, we did not go to the courts to fight mitch mcconnell again. jamming through amy coney barrett, the seat, and so we have let two seats go in the last two democratic presidencies, and the question is why. why have we not fight for something that we know is a lifetime position. we have allowed this to go and now here we are. without joe biden expanding the
4:21 am
courts, understanding the urgency of this moment, which apparently he does not, because he is continuing to negotiate with mitch mcconnell, who we know negotiates in that faith. we will continue to see our rights be ticked away one decision at a time. >> martinelli just laid the table for you, so this must be a very serious conversation, danielle mentioned, in the louisville carrier journal, biden has struck a deal to nominate an anti abortion republican to the federal bench, which is a federal appointment, in exchange for not holding the future federal nominations. for nbc news, we have not confirmed this, yet but we know you're not supposed to deal with the devil. i feel like mitch mcconnell is not taking first place on the devil rays. >> i think joe biden is at the crossroads to continue your matter for. i --
4:22 am
>> would do the white house? say >> they declined comment. in the past, i have -- they have a standard reply, we don't comment on our potential picks. okay, fine, but this is a extreme case that is going to outrage democrats. it would not surprise me if it were true, just owing to the fact that i trust the korean journals reporting. it's also consistent with joe biden's past. he believes and horse trading and deal making. he said he -- >> timeout. after a has been overturned, you still think biden is willing to orchestrate on this issue? >> judging by the fact that he made a deal with them, i'll give you this one guy if you give me all of your other guys, then yes, i could see biden doing. it 20 abided? that now. can i see him doing? it yes.
4:23 am
this would be a good time for the biden to not comment on its judicial picks. >> danielle, a recent study estimates of the supreme court is now more conservative than 75% of americans at large. you mentioned a few minutes ago the expansion of the court. do you think there's any proposal that can garner the support of enough democrats to target this imbalance. maybe term limits, because the expansion of the court, i hear it, pack the court, the people need to understand that it is not that easy to do. >> no it is not that easy to do, particularly when you have two democrats in the senate that masquerade as republicans, i'm talking about joe manchin and kristen sinema. the fact is that democrats do not deal with their members who refused to be in lockstep in the same way that republicans do. i think that at this moment when we are seeing all of our rights berated, the question to chuck schumer in the senate, is
4:24 am
it time to get rid of joe manchin and kristen sinema's committee assignments. is it time to censure them? it's a time to fight fire with fire and recognize that we are at a critical moment, a critical juncture in our country right now. allowing kristen sinema and joe manchin to hold the senate hostage because they believe in this idealistic version of the filibuster which is a racist obstruction to begin with is ridiculous. and then you have nine people who the american people did not vote for. they are in a lifetime appointments who get to decide our feet with the ideology and with the weaponizing of the court. i think we need more radical steps to be taken. >> mark, wyoming's gop primary debate is going viral from last night. let's take a quick listen and i have questions on the other side. >> january six was a setup from
4:25 am
the beginning. >> coronavirus vaccine policy. >> mr. flashy is one of the most corrupt individuals in washington d.c.. >> we have to oppose any vaccines. >> wyoming residents face in the election process -- >> went about -- one of facebook using the system to steer people. we know for a fact that all of the major internet to do that. >> the 2000 mules movie or something that we have great concern about. conc>> for the record, mark nonf that is true, but what does it tell that it gop establishment darling like liz cheney has that many challengers. >> it's not just, that if you look at some of the more recent polling from donald trump's -- one of the top pollsters the nation according to the gop, he had liz cheney losing to harry hagerman by 20 percentage points. when you enter the race against
4:26 am
cheney, this is a statewide seat, she was already up eight points. and the ensuing period of time, once they burn on the message that donald trump endorsed and recorded hagerman, his numbers grew by 20 points. i assume that those poll numbers were true. it does not seem to be a lot of appetite by a lot of republicans, especially in wyoming, to give a lot of credence to the january 6th hearings or anything that cheney is saying. she's viewed as a disloyal republican, it's a republican primary, and cheney might try to rely on independence the democrats to cross over. this is a state that voted about 70% or so for donald trump and the general election. i don't see list cheney keeping her office or her seat. >> and potentially mark to put, oh daniel moody, thank you for being here, my political power final this morning. coming, up and the once
4:27 am
unbreakable lions between trump and fox news, are there cracks? >> the evidence pretty clearly shows his unfit-ness and even suggest that he may be guilty of a crime. a book in defense of donald trump, one of fox news's media experts, he is not the only fox news media personality questioning things after cassidy hutchinson's testimony. that is next. that is next and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur,
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is from her listening to it. that is why it is so compelling, and that is perhaps why we have this hearing that popped out of nowhere. the bottom line though, this testimony is stunning. i think it does move the ball in and this hearing. >> it is not every day that a
4:32 am
top fox news host like brett bear makes a declaration like this on the network that for u.s. champion donald trump at every turn. sticking by her side, even in his darkest moments, which is why that moment was noteworthy. now do not get me wrong, not all of fox news is ready to move on from trump, but this week's testimony from former white house aide cassidy hutchinson including damning allegations that trump knew some of his supporters were armed on january six but still encourage them to march on the capitol anyways, that seems to have kick started a wave of conservative news outlets turning their backs on donald trump. frequent fox news contributor conservative lawyer and the mccarthy wrote in a new york op-ed that the case to charge trump with a crime is only getting stronger. the editorial board of conservative paper the washington examiner said hutchison's testimony ought to ring the death knell for trump's political career, and trump is unfit to be anywhere near power ever again. even the wall street journal's
4:33 am
editorial board noted that republicans can't afford to look away from accumulating evidence of trump's conduct. it help me break this all down is angelo caruso, president of media matters. angelo, good morning, thanks for being here. are we witnessing the start of a very public break up, and will more of trump's defenders and the media sphere tell him it is not, me it is you? >> unclear. i do not think so. and i'm not trying to be a downer about, it it is just that it is true, these are real fault lines. they are. there are some opportunities and some pushback that is coming from conservative media, but the reason why you haven't him say a full attack or a full on onslaught from the right-wing media is that trump still has the audience captured. just for context, if you go back to the first three days of 2020 after the election was called, fox news this coverage was more critical of donald trump in that three-day period
4:34 am
after he lost the election than it has been this week for example. and i know why people are sort of pointing out these instances, because you are right, they do court and what is going to happen in the future, but for context we have been here before, and as long as the fox audience, as long as that core basis with trump, conservative media will maybe take a couple shots, there will be some softening, but they won't do what they do, which is really fully attack. in fact, they have been carrying an awful lot of water for trump this week as well. >> you know, angelo, i want to follow up a second, how -- we make these events noteworthy that a major cable news network like fox news having people like brett bearer, acknowledge the truth and the evidence that is coming out of the 16 hearing. the fact that it is so noteworthy, does that send a message that fox news was not reliable in terms of the information isn't imparting, it is dispensing misinformation at this point? >> yeah, i'm so glad, that has
4:35 am
been my reaction this week watching the coverage. these things are noteworthy. i'm not dismissing the significance of, and as you pointed out, it is noteworthy because it is such a big deal that someone like brett bear would say something like you said acknowledging the testimony doesn't look good for donald trump. that is a remarkable thing happening, and that is actually a reflection of the fact that fox news functions much more like a partisan super pac does, then it does an ideological media outlet at this point. that is all because trump has really captured the fox news audience. now there are some real differences between -- that is what is important about where this goes from here. every time trump has fought with fox news, and there has been some real fight, he won those fights because he was able to leapfrog over fox news host and talk directly to the audience. then the audience pushed back on fox. it does not have social media anymore, he does not have to, he does not have facebook, at the end of the year right after the election, facebook is set
4:36 am
to put trump back on, and if elon musk twitter accuse -- elon musk will restore his twitter account. that is going to change the landscape. trump will have that -- again to whip up the fox audience, so even these little events we point out that a remarkable, they will become far and fewer. >> we know rupert murdoch who owns fox and the wall street journal has previously told trump, dude, it is time to move on. move on from the 2020, election stop living in the past. do you think for some of these violas this kind of maybe, title shift we are seeing albeit small is coming from the top, or does it seem more clear towards the 16 hearings themselves? >> i think it is coming from the top. i think this is a way of sending a message across the people without getting into a full on faith, they're trying to have it both ways. i think that is where the tension comes from, on the one hand they are allowing these op-eds to go through, which have little significance or blow back and pushback from trump and he hasn't done that yet, on the other hand they are
4:37 am
sidelining brett bear. right? when you confronted with the main event, they did not carry the first hearing live, they did not let birth bear anchor, it they had tucker crossed into the live response for instance. and day-to-day, they are doing two things. they are signaling to trump that maybe they may not be within fully, that just as much as what they say about him as white hosting more of these potential competitors. but at the same time they are dismissing an attack on the legitimacy of the hearing, they are downplaying the events and information that comes out, and they are also -- one of the issues to cover. earlier this week when -- testifying the fox news spent almost as much time talking about doc dynasties treasure hunt as they did the january 6th hearings. so, just put that context and because it is coming from the top, but these are more like little signals. i think that is -- we are at the start of something, but it is not clear where it is going to go. >> well, angela caruso, we will
4:38 am
have you back for media matters to make sure that we actually keep track of where things go. thanks for being here this morning. >> -- >> wnba star brittney griner on trial in russia, in what many are calling a show trial. could she go three in a prisoner swap? andrea mitchell has the latest for us. the late for us the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go.
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♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast. >> the trial against wnba star brittney griner now underway in
4:42 am
russia. she has been detained since february on drug charges and faces up to ten years in prison. but now, russia is hinting that it may be interested in a prisoner swap for a notorious russian arms dealer twist being held in u.s. custody andrew mitchell has the latest -- >> two-time olympic gold medalist britney griner handcuffed wearing a jimmy hendricks t-shirt after more than four months in detention. on the first day of what legal experts call a show trial. accused of drug smuggling, the russians say they found vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage. the possible penalty, ten years in prison. griner's wife cherelle is on edge. >> she's walking into a situation where they are judicial system has a 99% conviction rate. so, in their system, there is no innocent, in their system and is guilty. >> the u.s. considers griner
4:43 am
wrongfully detained, embassy staff were with her in court. >> she asked me to convey that she is in good spirits, and she is keeping up the -- >> we spoke to don staley, griner's olympic coach and friend. it certainly seems this has been very difficult, for one thing she is six foot nine, and they have her traveling back and forth in a cage. >> you see britney appear in court, or outside of court, or walking in and being handcuffed. you just feel for her. she is a free spirited woman who is -- who has a great heart. >> the state department says free britney is a top priority, but cherelle griner so the rhetoric and actions do not match. she was a meeting with president biden. >> the most beneficial thing i have been told is that, you know, you need president biden. he has that power. he is the person, you know, that ultimately will make that decision for bg to come home. >> russian media reports say
4:44 am
the kremlin wants a trade for viktor bout the merchant of death, currently serving a 25 year sentence in the u.s.. meanwhile, griner's trial is just beginning and could go on for months. u.s. officials tell me russia as a practice of jailing americans on trump charges, to use as bargaining chips to trade for hardened -- dimitri peskov denied her arrest was politically motivated. >> our thanks to andrea mitchell. coming up next, ron desantis's don't say gay bill now officially the law of the land in florida. it is already having some chilling effects. why some teachers now say they are afraid to be themselves, or even talk about their families. their families while wayfair is installing your new refrigerator and hauling away your old one. you're binging the latest true crime drama. while the new double oven you financed is taking care of dinner and desert. you're remembering how to tie a windsor.
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for a 3-month prescription. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. >> i am scared for myself, but i also know that i have to stay
4:49 am
true to who i am and i hope that other lgbtq+ teachers can do the same. just because my family looks different than my colleagues next door does not mean i should be able to not speak about my family as well. >> that was florida kindergarten he teacher corey -- talking about the far-reaching and profound impact of florida's extremely controversial don't say gay law, which is officially in effect as of yesterday. it prohibits kindergarten to third grade teachers on introduction for anything related to sexual orientation or gender identity, and it's already having a chilling effect. some teachers in orange county florida saying that they were verbally worn by school officials not to wear rainbow articles of clothing, and to remove pictures of their same-sex spouses from their desk. the district later clarifying that these things don't count as instructing, as the lot finds it, but did not deny that
4:50 am
issue the warnings. another florida county, teachers can now warn parents of a student who has been open about their gender identity, isn't a child's gym class or overnight field trip. we know the don't say gay law as one example of a larger trend and led states, which targets lgbtq+ people and went into effect in alabama, tennessee, and utah yesterday. for more on, this i'm joined by florida state senator shevrin jones and attorney john quinn, who is a part of the legal team that is challenging the don't say gay law. senator i want to start with you, good morning. the law assigned under the guise that it only banned instruction about sexual orientation or gender identity. as we saw this, week teachers are being told about -- not doing something as innocuous as wearing rainbow clothing. is it really about obstruction, senator, or is about a message? a message that is not okay to
4:51 am
be okay in florida -- okay to be gay in florida. >> as a former educator, i said once and i'll say it again. no school this country teaches children about sexual orientation or gender identity. no, one nowhere. this has been the tactic all along. it strikes fear and confusion and hearts and minds of our teachers. what we are seeing is republicans are practicing fascism and they're using our classrooms at the laboratory to do it. imagine going to work and being told that i cannot have a picture of my significant other on my desk. imagine being a child who comes from an abusive home, having no one to talk to but you find your teacher in his or her classroom to be -- but they can't talk with you because they fear being sued. this is exactly what the republicans want to do. putting fear in the hearts of our school districts and of our teachers. >> john, you are part of a
4:52 am
legal team that is challenging the don't say gay law. can you briefly explain to our audience why this lies on constitutional. >> absolutely, for several reasons, senator jones uses the same several rules here. this law is deliberately vague and it's designed so that school districts, teachers, administrators are unsure of what is prohibited in what is not. it says that anybody who gets classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity may get caught up in a costly lawsuit, and those terms around to find. it is unconstitutionally vague and it's purpose and it's a are to affect censorship and discrimination against lgbtq persons. >> senator, in american politics, ideology is often a smokescreen for individual ambition. you know that in the workings of tallahassee, ron desantis, with this laws proposal and passage all about desantis is bigger presidential ambitions. >> absolutely.
4:53 am
-- trying to wrap up cultural wars to unpresidential levels to prove to the trump [inaudible] but he's a bigger anti mr. trump. and this is the biggest thing. this bill was never about for -- parental rights. it was always about control. this line does not make that community safe, it does the opposite. people will be hurt. just last week, -- a 19-year-old trans girl was killed in daytona beach by another 19-year-old who is afraid that they would oust him for being gay. no one should have to live in a world where we have to do harm to someone else only because they cannot live their truth. that is the type of florida that governor desantis is creating. >> john, as a lawyer i was
4:54 am
disturbed here that orange county public school attorneys conducting something called camp legal. for school principals and administrators to advise them about what behavior would be construed to legal or not legal under this new law. is there any recourse available for teachers or staff members if, for example, their teaching licenses are unjustly revoked or there are wrongly sued by parents of children. >> those are great questions, and honestly we will take this one day at a time. this was the first day, and we have seen so called -- and teachers are told private of content should be removed from libraries. they are receiving verbal warnings to take down photographs. they are literally scraping stickers off of windows for public schools, stickers that's a safe space, it's a message that they want to send to children, they arnot in a safe space anymore. >> an incredibly distressing
4:55 am
experience to have for the future of our children here in florida. i want to thank senator shevrin jones and john cohen for joining me this morning to be able to explain what is going on behind the scenes for this particular law, and we would love to have you back to explain what happens in the next stage. thanks for being here this morning. special edition of velshi. he will be diving deep into the explosive week for the january six committee, that is coming up at 8 am. at 8 am this summer, dinosaurs are in our world. pet dinosaur? i'll take care of you. ♪ ♪ [ growling ] [ screaming ] [ growling ] shh. nice and quiet. hey! look! it's your mom! hot dog? [ growling ]
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know, tomorrow nbc presents ukraine, answering the call, executive produced by msnbc's own nicole wallace. the hour-long special is aimed at raising funds for those whose lives have been affected by the ongoing war in ukraine and raising awareness to the power of entertainment featuring kristen bell and matt paisley, philly eilish, paul mccartney, and more. plus, hear and adjust from ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. watch ukraine answering the call tomorrow at 7 pm eastern, and pacific on nbc, at 10 pm on msnbc. thanks for watching the katie phang show this morning, be sure to join us anytime on twitter, facebook, instagram,
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or tiktok at the handle at the katie phang show. i will be back tomorrow morning at 7 am eastern. ali velshi is next. >> today's witness miss cassadee hutchinson is another former member of president trump's white house staff. >> as an american, i was disgusted. we are watching the capitol building get defaced over a lie. >> i heard the president say something to the effect of why can't they have weapons, they are not here to hurt -- >> what happened in the presidents vehicle? >> the president said something to the effect of, i am the -- president, take me up to the capital now. mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge towards -- and how do we counter the story to me he motioned towards his clavicle's. >> because of this courageous woman, and others like her, you are attempt to hide the truth from the american people will fail. >> today we heard


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