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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  July 2, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. i'm cory coffin, filling in from yasmin vossoughian. we've got a lot to cover for you right now including breaking news out of texas. the embattled police chief telling the newspaper that he is going to resign and city council seat in the wake of the bitter criticism of his actions during the school shooting. their new reporting and allegations of potential witness tampering involving efforts to influence january six committee star witness cassidy hutchison. we will have more on that as well as more on the smoking gun that she provided about donald trump, weapons, and metal detectors at that famous pre riot rally. >> just to be clear messages, and is it your understanding that the president wanted to take the mags away and said that the armed individuals are not there to hurt him? >> that is a fair assessment. >> also this hour, and ohio city council in july 4th celebrations over the anger of
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police shooting of a black man shot 60. times and i will talk to congresswoman judy chu about her arrest at the u.s. capitol protesting for abortion rights. all of that, coming up. we want to begin with that breaking news out of uvalde, texas the embattled school police chief pete arredondo, says he will resolve his resigned his seat on the city. councillor that from the uvalde news. he has been under scrutiny of the incident commander that day that 19 children and two days were two teachers were shot and killed at robb elementary. let's bring in investigative reporter tony -- welcome in tony. i know it's not your paper but you've been following this story closely from the beginning. what is your initial reaction to? this >> will corny, good to be. with u.s. certainly this is something that the representatives out of all you have been talking about for a long time to get my, pete arredondo was elected to this
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position prior to that tragic shooting across elementary school on may 24th. but since that time, with growing questions, facing pete arredondo about the law enforcement response, according to investigators he was the incident commander during that response. there has been a growing call for him to resign not only his position with the city council, but also with the school district as leader of the school district police force, as well. >> now we want to remind our viewers that arradondo did not have his police radio on the day of that shooting. so tony, one of the accusations have been leveled his way so far? >> really, they have been widespread. with the states top law enforcement official, the head of the texas department of public safety, saying that there was really a myriad of errors that happened during the
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police response including, as you mentioned, the police chief not having his radio. but also not moving faster and not ordering responding officers to move faster to try to take down that 18-year-old gunman inside that classroom. some our passed before law enforcement officials essentially breached that door, and went inside that classroom. and of course we know that that is where they found the bodies of those 19 children and two teachers. >> and, tony, we also know that the city is released a statement saying that it has not received verbal or a written statement from arredondo yet. nbc has also reached out to the police chief trying to get any confirmation here, we are waiting on that. is there any indication that he might resign as chief or that this reckoning assignation as chief, that he says he will do, or his city council seat and is there any indication that he resign as chief, and if he does could that give some relief to the people of uvalde?
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you know, to see someone resign from their post which was clearly, as you have mentioned, he has had serious accusations leveled to him that day. it is one thing to say you are going to step away from the city council seat, another to say you will step away from your post as police chief. given the that are leveled towards him from that day. >> inquiry, to be clear, so many people in uvalde in that community want both. they do not believe that based on what we know and what we believe we know, when investigators have told us about the law for some response, the peter donda should be in any sort of leadership position in that city, within the city council and leading a school police force as well. it is noteworthy that the mayor, as part of the city statement just a short time ago, so that he does believe the peter john doe correctly is resigning from his position on the city
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council. but with regard to his leadership position as chief of the uvalde school district police force, he has been placed on administrative leave. but at this point, he does remain in office. i just want to add that it took the superintendent and the school board some weeks to finally play some on administrative leave but still, as this investigation unfolds, there is still so many unanswered questions about law enforcement actions that day, why they took the action that they did that day, and the role of pete arredondo in calling the shots. >> yeah, or rather why they didn't allegedly take actions that day or at least not quick enough. and you mentioned, how many weeks it has taken so far plus how long it's taken just to get to this point today with this news that we are covering. so it while i have you, it really quickly, just a matter of yours. walk us through that day, tell us what is far as your reporting goes, what you know happened that day.
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>> well this is based on now five weeks of recording that we have done on the ground here in texas. as well as when investigators have testified to you for state lawmakers who are also investigating what happened. we know is that this 18 rule gunman, armed with an ar-15, entered robb elementary school at 11:33 that horrible day. we opened fire, in one classroom that had an adjoining classroom to it as well. and what we know is that it took long forsman essentially an hour before they banded together to reach that classroom door. cory, that is striking because it is apparently against law enforcement training with regard to how to respond to active shooter situations. but authorities have said is that peter donda, assumed incident command and treated
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this like what police call a barricaded subject rather than an active shooter and so when you approach a situation like this as a barricaded subject, there is not necessarily the same sense of urgency as there is with an active shooter. according to law enforcement training with an active shooter, you do everything you can in the moment, and the earliest one is that you can, and even one police officer armed with a gun is instructed to possibly risk his or her own life to stop a shooter in a situation like that. but again, what we now know, what we have seen. i have seen video footage from inside that school, with as many as 19 police officers huddling in the hallway of robb elementary school during that hour we, trying to essentially figure out what to do next. and we now know, again from
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weeks of reporting here in texas, that some of those officers had high impact weapons as well as ballistic shields that investigators say gave them ample protection and firepower to move so much faster than we know that they did. >> and as we understand it, officers asking that very question, why we're not going in, why is what's happening? much more reporting to happen out of the story, as you continue to follow it. we appreciate you coming on with this breaking news, tony wilenski, and in the next hour will be getting reaction on this bringing to some texas state senator ruling guterres as well, stick around for that. >> they are new developments in again that deadly shooting targeting law enforcement in the small eastern kentucky down a third officer is now confirmed dead. they were shot thursday night after a man barricaded in this home, opened fire with a rifle. as the officers attempted to serve a domestic abuse warrant. local officials say the dead include two officers, one sheriff deputy, and a police dog.
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others were also wounded. the suspect was arrested and he faces multiple counts of murder. that news comes on the heels of a new report showing shooting the police officers are up 19% from this time last year. and last, year more officers were shot in the line of duty that in any other year since the national fraternal order of police began reporting the data enough to over a 2015. we drive for celebrations have been canceled in akron ohio after protests erupted in the city following a deadly shooting of a 25 year old man by police. officers fired nearly 100 rounds at jalen walker after he allegedly fused to suffer a traffic violation. they hit him 60 times. walker's family is going for answers, and peace long is deaf. joining me now from akron is many abraham. a report with our nbc affiliate, wkyt. a manny, thank you for being in with us. tell us what your reporting is on going to govern what transpired on that night that walker was shot killed by officers? do we know if he was armed, and
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why officers were compelled to fire at him so many times? >> yeah, well we are less than 24 hours away from police releasing that body cam vintage related to the sheeting shooting death of 20 federal jalen walker. and we are set to hear more at a press conference for tomorrow afternoon. our investigative team learned that eight officers reportedly fired their service weapons more than 90 times, causing more than 60 wounds on record's body. this happened shortly after midnight on monday. police say walker let them on a 40 minute chase after they attempted to conduct a traffic stop for a traffic violation. and now they do say that police say that walker fired a gun during that cartier's. that she is and, it then walker jumped out of the his still moving vehicle, unplug on foot. we are told that tasers were fired but missed him.
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and that is when the shooting happened, almost immediately after as police say walker movements posed a deadly threat. police later did find a gun in his vehicle, and a bullet casing inside the 2005 be accidental. and earlier, our team also reported yesterday and uncovered that that same sedan, cut the attention of a new franklin police officer as well for a traffic violation. the family's attorney says walker fled from the franklin police who tried to stop the vehicle for having a broken taillight. but police did not pursue him in that case. the family and their attorney have seen the body cam footage and they are obviously reacting to that. and the community here, waiting to hear more, and see more to uncover some of those questions that they have. of course the sheer volume of shots fired is really causing concern in this community. and here, over the weekend the
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festival has been canceled. we have friends mayor saying that, quote, we cannot go through the city led celebration at this time. so we are going to see more. a protest is expected to happen here shortly, behind me a march tomorrow. and as course we will keep you updated at the very. latest >> and we know that walker's family, in addition to calling for justice for him, are also calling for peace this weekend. i manny abraham, reporting for us there. we will continue to follow the latest with. you thank. you there is still breaking news out of the supreme court that i wanted a. the head of security is asking maryland leaders, including the governor, to four state laws that prohibit picketing at private homes to protect the justices and their families. the move comes falling concerns over protests taking place outside several up their homes, when the draft abortion decision was leaked in may. the marshal says that since as well as threatening activity,
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has only increased and quote. mail-in, law currently prohibits picketing that disrupts the person's right to tranquility at home and holds a penalty up to 90 days in jail. well right now, nine democratic governors are demanding that the president do more to protect abortion access. mr. biden met virtually with them on friday. those -- did tell him that they pledged to stop any criminalization out of of out of state abortion seekers. biden also myth that they're currently are not enough votes to change the filibuster to codify abortion internet. there are at least listening to. let's get right to nbc's laura barrett. now, more let's tell us more about what's biden in the democratic governors were able to agree on and they're meeting and potentially next steps in the fight to protect abortion access. >> well, cory, at this meeting we saw governors from states like illinois, new york, washington, and when you look at the map of states enacted their trigger laws of abortion
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bans, or plan to later this summer, these are states that border a lot of the states are now be banning the right to an abortion or have already. and so they are expecting a big influx of patients. some of them are already reporting cnn flex of patients. the president assured them that he would protect the right for people to cross the lines, and also support states as they up the resources. new york for example, adding $35 million in funding to providers to add more staff, and we'll resources. and so, a lot of the state governors asking for additional support. the white house is saying that they will work to protect people that are looking to cross state lines. they also added and if any states work to ban the right to abortion pills, that have been proved by the fda, he said that the administration will work to go against that. the thing is, when you talk about the push to codify roe v. wade protected, that right to an abortion like you mentioned. even though biden supports carving out the filibuster,
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getting around that, photo just a simple majority vote, he made that they don't have that right now. and so he introduced a new strategy ahead of the midterms to some of these governors. and we're gonna hear some of the thinking. as i said yesterday, the filibuster should not stand in the way of us being able to do that. but right now we do not have the votes in the senate to change the filibuster at the moment. that means we need two more votes now, not, now when we vote, probably after november. more senators in house majority elected in november to get this bill to my desk. >> the president expressed if republicans take the majority, he anticipates they would pass a federal ban against abortions permanently passing that into federal law. that's why we are seeing this push against from democrats pushing people to come vote in november. there's likely gonna be the
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message we see across the board on the campaign trail ahead of november. >> thank you so much for that reporting. in our next half an hour, congresswoman judy chu, who was just arrested during an abortion rights rally in near the supreme court. judy introduced legislation last year to codify roe. plus those next sets to reinstate those rights nationally. that is the head of 2:30 eastern. coming, up revelations that former president trump knew his january six supporters were armed as he ordered them to march to the capitol. is this the smoking gun the doj needs to press charges against him? stay with us press charges him? when you come to that realization, i think it's very important that you spend your time wisely. and what better way of spending time than traveling,
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nbc news confirming reports that former trump white house staffer cassidy hutchinson received one of those intimidating messages ahead of her deposition before the january six committee. here is vice spread of church a knee revealing that message. >> there was a call received by one of her messages, quote a person let me know you have your deposition tomorrow. he wants me to let you know who that is thinking about you. he knows you're loyal, and you're gonna do the right thing when you go in for your deposition. >> according to a source familiar with hutchison's deposition, that unnamed individual, referred to there as a person, was none other
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than her former boss, then chief of staff mark meadows. ali, we know metals campus denying all of this. but we also know he snapped a subpoena from the committee to testify himself. one of the thing about all this? is there any sign that the doj could get involved here? >> yes cory, well you can imagine this would take the committee's interest and speaking with mark meadows. but as you mentioned, us likely a debt and because he's been willing to face possible criminal charges for refusing to comply with the subpoenas. regardless, this new development to sparking reaction from some of meadow's former colleagues on capitol hill from back when he was a north carolina congressman. >> i've worked in law enforcement but i've also worked with mark meadows. we worked on the oversight committee, isn't that interesting? if i was still a police detective, i would be very interested in that text message
11:22 am
that she received from someone who is pretty much buried in this investigation. >> so the big question now is what happens now? how is the committee handling this, possibly trying to prevent it from happening in these next couple of hearings starting the second week of july. we know they're taking this very seriously. they settle before leaving on recess after tuesday's hearing. they're looking whether these messages have influenced the testimonies of witnesses that they've already spoken with? possibly the messages that they don't even know about that are preventing witnesses they're been trying to speak with from coming forward and talking. also committee members are saying this is witness tampering. this is a form of obstructing justice. another question is whether this change is how the committee lays out their case to the officials who we know are watching these hearings. this is definitely something we are keeping an eye on as these decks couple of hearings are
11:23 am
set to kick off the second week of july. >> so thank you. coming up, have we seen finally seen the smoking gun when it comes to prosecuting the former president. trump knowing the crowd was aren't does the march to the capitol. former prosecutor glenn kershner weighs in next. -- oh plus representative judy chu on her arrest at a pro abortion rights rally near the supreme court. pro abortio rights rally near the suprem
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♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ ♪ and party every day. ♪ ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ applebee's late night. because half off is just more fun. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield. try parodontax active gum health mouthwash. happening today, abortion supporters not resting, instead taking to the streets again. crowds gathering in paris earlier this morning to protest the supreme court's decision overturning roe v. wade handed down a week ago. -- a texas supreme court has
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blocked a lower court order today that had allowed clinics in the state to continue resuming abortions. it's not clear how many if any clinics have immediately stopped operations in the wake of the ruling. another hearing is set for later this month. of new long florida that would've banned abortions after 15 weeks has been temporarily blocked by a judge who ruled it unconstitutional. nbc's stephanie stanton is in florida. for us what's the reaction of the ground over the battle of the state law? >> good afternoon to. so as you might imagine, the reaction has been very strong from planned parenthood, which is where we are here in tampa. i am just outside the clinic where officials tell me they are seeing about 20 to 30 patients per day. they say many of their patients are scared due to an uncertain future about their ability to receive abortion care. last year in the state of florida, there were about 80,000 abortions performed according to planned parenthood
11:29 am
about 4000 of those were done after 15 weeks. with regard to that 15-week ban, let me lay this out for you. currently the 15-week ban here in florida remains in effect it took effect july 1st which was yesterday. before, that women here in florida could get abortions up to 24 weeks. now planned parenthood filed an injunction. they believe that injunction will be signed by a judge likely on tuesday that means that the abortion will go back to this 24-week level. however, the week has the status that they would immediately file an appeal to that injunction if you will. that would reverse things bringing us right back to where we are now, which is a 15-week ban on abortions here in florida with no exceptions for rape or incest. we will continue to follow law, but will also continue to biden. abortion care in the state of florida deserves to be expanded to the we can reach every single one of our community
11:30 am
members, who need access to care. when we put in constraints on access, we are harming those most marginalized already. those who have economic challenges to receive the care they determine is right for them, those who are already facing medical discrimination, like our black, brown, and queer communities. and so the more expansion of access we could have, the better. right now, what we're doing instead is we're putting extremist ideologies in the way of standard health care. we have planned parenthood provide, safe comprehensive health care and will continue to fight a bill to do that here in the state of florida and across the. country >> one of the things worth noting is that planned parenthood says that they are seeing a lot of people come to this clinic from out of state. many surrounding states to florida, have even more restrictive abortion policies. so that is what is happening, but really, the mood here is one of uncertainty and it is definitely one of fear, according to the workers inside
11:31 am
the plant parenthood clinic that we talked to. >> uncertainty, fear, and a lot of confusion over what can and cannot happen illegally with all of these changes happening at each high court as that process moves along, stephanie statin for us, thank you so much stephanie. >> joining us now is california congresswoman judy chu who was arrested during a sit-down abortion rights protest near the supreme court on thursday. along with nearly 200 others. she has been at the forefront of abortion rights. she introduced the women's protection acts which would've codified roe if it had passed the house. it did pass the house, i should say, but it failed in the senate. congresswoman chu joins me now. thank you so much for time, representative. we appreciate it. what did you accomplish fighting for that protests either? day >> it was variance biracial to see hundreds of women coming from all across the nation to march, and in fact 200 women decided to get arrested. we exercise the right to civil
11:32 am
disobedience, to exercise their voices to say we will not go back. we will fight to maintain our right to make decisions over our bodies and our futures. just like we have had for 50 years. and the emotion, the compassion, and the passion was incredible to see. it was important to express our voices of strongly as possible. >> you mentioned that that wasn't an easy that was an easy decision to make, to take part in this, because of how important this is. and president biden in a meeting with governors yesterday, didn't announce any new actions protecting reproductive access, but did say that his administration is looking into all the alternatives. so my question to you, congresswoman, what's does congress now have. what power do they have, or what role do they have considering their limited available options? you have shied to get this bill
11:33 am
passed, your hand seem to be tied because of the senate. >> well, i want to say that i'm actually proud of the house because after that texas law passed last september, we put the women's health protection act on the floor, and it passed by a vote of 2:18 to 2:11. it was the most supported pro abortion bill ever in the history of congress to be passed. it did go to the senate, but i have to tell you it was a close vote. it was 49 to 51. they needed to votes in order to do away the filibuster, but with the filibuster, they needed 60 votes. and so when i say to everybody is, actually we are only two senators away from doing away with the filibuster, and then getting the women's health protection act passed by the senate. that is why we marched this past thursday.
11:34 am
but we have to continue to march to the november election so that we can elect those two senators. keep the house, keep the senate, and they get this bill passed. we can do it. >> so republicans have been spending nearly half a century working on overturning roe. let me ask you this, one reporter who works in washington and as a political reporter, wrote recently that republican operatives said she had spoken to have been shocked at the lack of response from democrats, fighting back against this decision. one said, they don't understand why the house isn't proposing a flurry of bills that would assist new mothers in order to hold republicans feet to the fire as a quote, pro sanctity of life. what is your response? >> well, it is funny that they would say that. they really don't know what is happening, because we are going to put a number of bills actually on the floor. we are going to put my bill, the women's health protection act bill, back on the floor and we return during the july 12th
11:35 am
week. that the house is in session. but we are also going to put other bills to protect the data privacy of women who seek abortion apps. and so, we are going to pass a bill that would ensure that women can pass state lines to get an abortion. there are other ideas floating, but it will be actually many bills. >> to play devils advocate here, congresswoman, who makes you think any of these will pass the senate? >> well, we need to make our stand in terms of what we think can addressed the situation that women are facing right now. but i tell you, we have to get those two senators elected. actually i have a concrete names. john fetterman, in pennsylvania, and middlebourne salons. and if we got those elected, they have already said that
11:36 am
they are for eliminating the filibuster, and also voting for the women's health protection act. we could get this bill passed. and then women would be able to exercise their freedom to make choices over their bodies as a half of the last 50 years. >> congresswoman judy chu, stepping in with us this afternoon, amid a very busy schedule. thank you so much we really appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> up next, forcing former president, trump's efforts to join his rioters on january 6th. >> the president said something to the effect of, i am the effing president, take me up to the capitol now. >> just how close trump got, and, do any of these new allegations open trump up to any criminal liability? s open trump up to any criminal liability
11:37 am
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this week's testimony a former white house staffer kept city
11:40 am
hutchison could explain why those in trump world were so worried about what she might have to say. i want to play a portion from tuesday's hearing focusing on the shocking revelation from hutchison, that trump knew them pop was armed, and send them to the capitol anyway. >> did you go to the rally in the presidential motorcade? >> i was there, yes. in the motorcade. >> and re-backstage with the president and other members of his staff and family? >> i was. >> and you told us, it's hutchinson, about particular comments that you heard while you were in that area. >> we're in the offstage area tenths behind the stage, he was very concerned about the shot, meaning the photograph are gonna get. because the rally -- . one of the reasons was because he wanted it to be full, and
11:41 am
for people to not feel excluded because they came to washington for the rally and any felt that he was appalled for them not letting everyone in. but another primaries and was because he wanted it full, and he was angry that we were letting people in with weapons the winner of stage, as part of the conversation you announced, i was in the vicinity of the conversation where i overheard the president say something to be effective, i don't effing care that they have weapons. they are not here to hurt me, take the mags away. let the people in, they can march the capitol here let the people in, take the effing mags away. >> just to be clear message then, is it your understanding that the president wanted to take the mags away, and said that the armed individuals were not there to hurt him. >> that is a fair assessment.
11:42 am
>> the issue wasn't with the amount of space available and the official rally area only, but instead that people did not want to have to go through the max. let's listen to a portion of what you told us about that. >> in this particular instance, it wasn't a particular it was in the capacity of our space, it was the maxim people didn't want to come through. and that is what tony had been trying to relate to him that morning. you know, this is not the issue that we encountered on the campaign -- the space, they don't want to come in right now. they have weapons, but they don't want confiscated by the secret service. and there fine and concealing them all, they want to march straight to the capitol from the mall. >> the president apparently wanted all attendees inside the official rally space, and repeatedly said quote, they are not here to he hurt me. d just to be clear, so he was told again, in that
11:43 am
conversation, or was he told again that conversation that people couldn't come through the mags because they had weapons? >> correct. >> and, and his response was to say that they can march to the capitol from the ellipse. >> something to the effect of, take the effing mags away they are not here to hurt me. let them in, let my people in. they can march the capitol after the rallies are over. they can march from the ellipse, take the effing dives away. then they march to the capitol. >> miss hutchinson, what we saw in those clips were playing or photos provided by the national archives showing the presidents and the offstage tent before his speech on the ellipse. you are in some of those photos, as well. and i just want to confirm that that is when you heard the president confer say, the people with weapons were there to hurt him, and that he wanted the secret service to remove the magnetometer. >> that is correct, and the photos that you displayed we
11:44 am
were standing towards the front of the tent with the tv's. really close to where he would walk out to go onto the stage. these conversations happened, 2 to 3 minutes after he took the states that morning. >> let's bring in msnbc legal analyst grant glenn kershner. according to hutchison, trump unease that some of his supporters we are that day. something to the capitol anyway, even hoping to join them. so, does this open up the former president to be criminally liable? >> yeah, this is what i would call a smoking gun evidence. and interestingly, at the last j 6th public hearing, we got both smoking gun evidence, and we got loaded gun evidence. and what i mean by that is, as you just played in your leading, corey, the president knew. he was briefed that his crowd was armed with assault rifles, and pistols, and ivs, and brass knuckles, and bear spray. and you think a reasonable response from a president would be, oh my goodness, let's make sure the metal detectors or
11:45 am
operating properly. he said just the opposite. take them down, let the armed members of the group in, and they can march to the capitol from there. to do wet? to stop the certification of his political opponents election win. so in a very real sense, that smoking gun evidence that donald trump wanted to lead what we now know is an armed attack on the capital. the loaded gun evidence is, the witness tampering information, and you no witness tampering just strikes in the very heart of the integrity of investigations. whether congressional, or criminal. and let me tell you, how law enforcement generally responds to the two different kinds of evidence we have heard. smoking gun, and loaded gun. smoking gun evidence will be presented to the grand jury. we know the department of justice has been investigating the insurrection for 18 months, presenting information to the grand jury. unfortunately they have not yet
11:46 am
seen fit to indict any of the command structure of the insurrection. only donald trump's footsoldiers let's hope for the sake of our democracy that changes soon. but when it comes to loaded gun evidence, people are tampering with witnesses trying to impede or obstruct their testimony. letters we typically do this but i did as law enforcement official for decades inside the department of justice. the fbi would immediately interview the person who is tampered with, would immediately do a detailed investigation that included finding all corroborating evidence of that threat or that tampering. cell phone records, emails, text messages. they would do collateral interviews of other individuals who might irrelevant information, did put it on an arrest warrant, and they would ask a judge to sign an arrest warrant, and they would go out knocking somebody's door at 6 am and lock them up in realtime for tampering with a witness.
11:47 am
that is what i hope doj is dedicated to doing right now. >> so, as we talk about potential criminal content from the former president, the committee is now subpoenaed former white house official pat cipollone. here is with some of the witnesses have said so far beau cipollone. >> jarred, are you aware offenses where pat cipollone threaten to resign? >> humidity we're always saying, oh we're gonna resign, we're not gonna be hurt this happens, if that happens. so i kind of took it to just be winding, to be honest with. you >> the way was communicated to me was passed baloney thought the idea was 90 and at one point confronted eastman basically with the same sentiment. >> and, mr. cipollone said something to the effect of, please make sure we don't go up to the capitol, cassidy. keep in touch with me, we are going to get charged with every crime imaginable if we make
11:48 am
that movement happen. >> a trial or even telling the washington post, quote, cipollone is a dangerous witness for trump because it was his job to speak up when the legal lines were being crossed. by these accounts he did just that, glenn. >> yeah. you know pat cipollone has a decision to make. is he going to be a patriot, is he going to try to help our democracy by testifying fully and truthfully to the january six committee, or is he going to act as a conciliatory to donald trump's mafia boss? and i would argue, he has every incentive to come in and testify to philly and fully. one he has a lawfully and sued congressional subpoena that requires him to come in and testify, and to, if you actually know about the crimes of another federal crimes, and you cover them up, or you do anything to assist the perpetrator in avoiding accountability, that conduct in and of itself can constitute the crime of accessory after the fact, or mis-c region of a felony.
11:49 am
so let's hope pat cipollone steps up and does the right thing. >> glenn kershner, as always we appreciate you being with us to break this down. coming up, intimidating people to testify against the former president. we'll talk about the january 6th witnesses may be going through with retired lieutenant colonel alex books and or vet it. the whistleblower that speaks trump's first impeachment in the news, who knows all too well with that's. like also stay tuned, when we re-air tuesday's hearing with testimony from cassidy hutchison. that begins tonight at 6 pm eastern, on msnbc. we will be right back. we will be right back. at begins tonight at 6 p what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. eastern, o
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if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. we will be right back.
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new video from the ukrainian government claims to show russian aircraft dropping explosives on snake island yesterday. this, after russia said it retreated from the island on humanitarian grounds. russia is launching a new bus service from crimea to newly seized cities in ukraine. those buses have that c branding that you've seen before on russian military vehicles. nbc's aly arabi joins me now from kyiv with the latest. what's your put on the ground tell you? ali >> hey cory. well fighting continues to rage
11:54 am
across the country decor civilians are paying a very high price for that. you mentioned the apartment building in the odessa region. 21 people were killed there, including a child. we spoke to the spokesperson from the southern command there. he was telling us how that is a very civilian area. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> there was just village with houses, big recreation area, where people come especially during summer time. to have some rest. but as i told you before, there was just a apartment building. >> and cory, so far this week alone, 30 civilians have been killed by rocket attacks from russia. missiles. two other points, you talk about the russians also bombed snake island. they set to authorities of siv aircrafts dropping bombs. they're the gradient say they can't even respect their own declarations, saying that they
11:55 am
pulled out of there is a gesture of goodwill. the ukrainians say they can they tried to destroy their own missile systems, and their garrison on that island. so the ukrainians can't take control of it. but there are no ukrainian forces on snake island right now because they realized that they would just be sitting ducks that they stay there because it can be attacked from all regions. and of course on the eastern front, battles continue to rage there. the russians have taken the capital of -- in the low hands area. according to russian media they have made major advances into the city of -- they claim that they are halfway through the city. we have an ad word from the ukrainians but that has been the focus of some very heavy fighting for the last several weeks. and both sides have incurred very serious losses of man and machine. so that is going to continue i think for the coming days. we >> ali aruba, latest for us out of kyiv. thank you ali. and our next hour, the trial a
11:56 am
wnba star brittney griner is officially underway in russia. after months of being detained, over alleged drug possession, what legal experts say about the chances of spending more than a decade behind bars. after this show trial. after this show trial. after this sho and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember.
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vossoughian. we have breaking news out of uvalde, texas we want to bring you this hour. the embattled school police chief saying he's going to resign his city council seat. reaction to that in a moment. millions are hitting the road and hitting the packing -- and continue airline delays and cancellations. also this holiday weekend, concerns at beaches about shark attacks after a terrifying influence in florida. we are also following allegations that people in donald trump's orbit try to influence and intimidate witness cassidy hutchinson -- , as an american, i was disgusted. it was unpatriotic, it was un-american. we were watching


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