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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 25, 2009 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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mahmoud ahmadinejad said the president is making a mistake by accusing iran of covering up a secret nuclear facility. >> translator: if i were mr. obama's advisor, i would ask him to refrain from making the statement because it is definitively a mistake. >> the full interview is at let's bring in john harwood, cnbc correspondent, he joins us live from pittsburgh. john, thanks for joining us. >> reporter: sure, tamron. >> here, mahmoud ahmadinejad is saying president obama should say he's sorry to iran. what is going on? aq sounds like a cat and mouse event. in the end, we could see development by october 1. >> reporter: well, i think so.
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i don't think ahmadinejad should hold his breath waiting for an apology. this is big pressure on president obama, that 3:00 a.m. phone call that hillary clinton talked about in the campaign. it's an opportunity for him. anytime a young, new president, especially democratic president, gets a chance to take on a foreign policy challenge in an aggressive and strong way, if he's successful, it will pay big dividends. he campaigns in 2008 about the value of diplomacy and he's disclosed new evidence the add ve sars are doing more. he is aware of this as president bush had been before he took office. whether or not he could take part in the negotiations before october 1 is a big burden on his shoulders now. >> i want to take a step back.
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there are reports intelligence showed the facility or years. why such a strong stand now from president obama and the two other leaders there with him? >> well, i went to a briefing this morning in the building where the g-20 is being held and what they said at the time was they needed to wait and make sure and confirm the nature and configuration of the building because a lot of construction projects could take several directions. if you spoke too early, you could be disproved by the nature of what was done so far. their immediate decision was the fact iran was on through some interceptions, on for the fact the western powers knew of the facility and president obama and sarkozy of france made this today. provide new momentum to bring worldwide pressure. >> thank you very much.
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president obama is expected to talk about iran, again, from the g-20 summit. it's happening about 4:40 p.m. eastern. we're going to bring it to you live, here on msnbc. now, the bigger picture. the secret nuclear facility comes less than a week before five countries hold talks with iran. secretary of state, hillary clinton said those talks are still happening. >> we remain committed to the october 1 meeting of the p-5 plus one, the nuclear program was on the table before. it is on the table with increased urgency now. >> tom ridge was homeland secretary under president bush. mr. secretary, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> i'm curious what you thought you heard when he said the president was making a mistake. is that a big concern for the u.s.? >> i think there's a grave
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concern that dates back to 2002. i recall president obama talking about an honest engagement grounded in mutual respect that should be the predicate to the negotiations. we knew about it and they did not reveal it. i think the negotiations and discussions that start october 1 are off to a turbulent start. >> the announcement you saw, making the announcement with gordon brown and nicolas sark y sarkozy. the enrichment fight raises concerns for them. there's near unified response. nothing yet from chin. what do you believe is the best course of action to take? >> at the time, president obama has chosen the best course of action, it's a multilateral attempt to convince the iranian government, we are willing to accept their use of nuclear
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energy strictly for power, but to turn the low grade uranium into a weapon is absolutely not in the best interest for the world community at large. we have to begin talking about that. >> mr. secretary, when you were secretary of homeland security, to what extent did you keep your eyes focused on iran? >> well, i think the intelligence community and department of defense and state department has the primary responsibility. the only question i had was the nuclear proliferation around the world and the possibility the material could fall into the hands of radicals, not so much pointed to the iranian government its itself, but dirty bombs. the alleged terror plot, najibullah zazi is being
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transported from colorado to new york. some of the information is he shopped at beauty supplies to put together the bomb making material. it's been uncovered. there's still discrepancy. the first al qaeda plot against the united states that's been n unfolded since september 11? >> in totality, it looks like a possible realization of our worst fears, the potential to be a home grown terrorist. there are multiple parties involved. we have multiple sources of evidence indicating it was maturing rather rapidly, had been in play for well over a year. could involve simultaneous attacks. they were trained in pakistan and afghanistan. it shows the complexity to which the fbi and homeland security
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had to deal with. to a certain extent, it's reassuring. i'm not sure we could put this all together september 12, 2001, once president bush said to the fbi you are now the counter terrorism in this country, with this arrest and the arrest in new york, denver, north carolina, dallas, they are doing their job. all though, it's a complexity i'm not sure any of us appreciate. >> there was questions of whether or not the new york police department inadd ver tantly tipped them off as they were investigating. a lot of people were questioning if the agency's federal and local learned to work together to make sure they are not botched, if you will, in a process of investigating them. >> i think the cooperation between the fbi and the new york city police department, for the longest time has been at the very highest of levels. if there was a misstep here, perhaps a miscommunication.
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i don't think anyone should doubt the fbi and the new york city police department work together in just about everything they do to prevent a terrorist attack in that city. >> i know you mentioned afghanistan, all court documents show this individual, zazi had contact in pakistan and trained in pakistan. what does that tell you about the focus to send more troops into afghanistan, but at least, according to the the allegations, the heart of this man's plan and the persons he was in contact with were in pakistan. >> it's clear, pakistan and afghanistan, if you could turn that region back to the taliban and let them, again, allow al qaeda to come in and develop training cells, then to distribute worldwide jihadists
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trained to take supplies of civilians around the world to advance their cause. it's a global thing. it's a complex issue that president has undertaken. if the taliban controlled afghanistan, again, it would be a resting place, a training place. al qaeda would set up shop all over again. >> your comments sound in line to what the former secretary of state condoleezza rice said. if we pull out of afghanistan, we can expect another attack with al qaeda as they will get back into that country and align themselves with the taliban. >> it's clear the taliban now is set up a modest infrastructure in 30% to 40% of the country. it's pretty clear the conclusion that former secretary rice has drown is shared by me and i suspect by most people who have looked at the situation.
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>> you mentioned home grown terrorism. ha is your thought. we may see allegations very soon similar to what we are seeing against najibullah zazi. >> i think the director of intelligence for the past couple years have been warning about the possibility where individuals may be here legally ar lawfully go to pakistan, or afghanistan for training. they hide in the demographics. they are here lawfully. they have been trained by the jihadist rhetoric of al qaeda. so, i think it's certainly a wake up call. along with it being a wake up call, i think we should feel somewhat comforted by the fact this multi-year investigation involving many, many different parties, involving a great deal of evidence, a mature plot was
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nipped in the bud. i know they have surveillance on other individuals. they will find them. they took on the responsibility of being the counter terrorism agency and the fbi proved its capability be these arrests. >> thank you so much sir. tom ridge, thank you. >> nice to talk to you. >> we'll have a live interview with the owner of the beauty store where najibullah zazi tried to buy the supplies to make the bomb. meanwhile, two unrelated terrorists, a 19-year-old, hosam maher husein smadi. the vehicle is laiden with fake explosives supplied by an undercover fbi act. smadi got into another vehicle
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thinking he could detonate the bombs with a cell phone. he was arrested. in springfield, illinois, a man was arrested wednesday. officials say he tried to set off explosives outside a federal courthouse. the so-called american taliban captured in afghanistan. michael moore takes on wall street. we're going to talk to courtney about her interview with the controversial film maker. to silence headaches... doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand... of pain reliever. tylenol rapid release gels... release medicine fast. so you can stop headaches... and feel better fast.
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welcome back to "the big picture." now to the chilling terror plot involving that zwree beulah zazi. he was conspireing to use weapons of destruction against americans. >> he set upshot in a denver suburb. this is some brand-new surveillance video from the store where he attempted to stock um on the chemicals needed. the owner of the store joins us from seattle. good afternoon to you. at what point did you become suspicious. interesting items, lots of bulk. did it give you a red flag? >> immediately, no. it's hydrogen peroxide.
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it's a common product in beauty supplies and grocery stores. we go through tons of it. we were notified by the fbi last thursday, so, eight days ago. they came into our colorado location asking if anybody purchased large volumes or quanties of hydrogen peroxide or acetone. we spent about a day researching the sales history for the last few months. she was able to pull the transactions that had more than one or two units of hydrogen peroxide, then go from there to the surveillance data that we have. >> which, we are seeing now. how many times did he visit your store? >> that we pinned down, two. can't say for sure if there were
3:18 pm
other incidents or not. so far, we nailed it down to two. that is what the fbi has been focusing on. >> i understand from reading in the new york times, did you ask him why he was buy iing so many beauty supplies and is it true he answered he has a lot of girlfriends? >> i wasn't there, personally. our headquarters are in california and our store is in colorado. i got the incident reports. he came in and both times fairly chatty and making small talk with the employees. in one incident, one of the guys on the floor said hey, what do you need that many for? not in a suspicious way. again, none of us would have ever connected the dots. his half-joking response was i have a lot of girlfriends. obviously, that's a silly
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response. you only use two ounces of developer per treatment. you mix it with colors. >> there are 48 mounted cameras throughout the store. the surveillance you have been able to turn over to authorities, this is an ongoing investigation, had he been spotted in the store before and on the 48 cameras was he seen on the phone or communicating with other individuals? >> no. i looked at it over and over again. he comes in there, the way he's dressed and his demeanor, he's trying to blend in with what's going on. in fact, he doesn't just purchase a developer, he purchases a couple impulse items, plastic caps, nail jewelry, 99 cent items. things that he thought would just make the transaction less -- more organic. so, no, he's never on his cell
3:20 pm
phone. he walks around, does his thing. in one of the videos, then the other video, he's just checking out and very -- very matter of fact about it. >> all right. thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. you know what's so interesting to me is he got the recipes off the internet. the time they spent in pakistan training camps. that's what scares me when i hear about these bombs. our kids at home could put this together. go to a beauty supply store. >> according to the court documents, he was on the phone. the training he received may not have been sufficient and he was not able to be successful. it's curious to see what others are brought in and if it extends to pakistan. still ahead, the white house
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( crowd roars ) that's a great call. one a day men's. or just one brita faucet filter. - ( plinks ) - brita. better for the environment and your wallet. at 26 past the hour, this breaking news. you are taking a look at a different scenario. it seems a lot of people have gathers there. they are crossing the 7th street bridge, one of the many bridge that is surround that town. it looks like, probably, at least 1,000 people in that gathering there. there were a number of arrests yesterday. whether this turns violent remains to be seen. >> even though you saw a strong
3:25 pm
force by police yesterday, it was a minor dust up between riot please and protestors. it's kept very far away from the president and other world leaders for the g-20 summit. a reminder, 4:40 eastern time, we are expecting to hear from president obama regarding iran and the developments out of the g-20. this is the 7th street bridge, near alcoa, one of the businesses who was told to close down, close up shop to avoid confrontation with the protes r protesto protestors. in the meantime, up next, new defiance from iran's president over revelations his country is hiding a secret nuclear facility. we're going to have a live report. coming up, the swearing in of the man to replace the seat of ted kennedy. i'm walgreens ceo and i'm also a pharmacist.
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welcome back. we are following breaking news out of pittsburgh where the g-20 summit meeting is happening. protestors had a goal of disrupting the g-20. they have not been successful. they are successful at getting attention. many are waving flags and dressed in black. one described a motley crue. this is 7th street bridge. it's near alcoa building. 32 protestors have been arrested in two days. >> police are taking no chances what so ever. there are a lot of civil rights complaints. protestors -- people coming in who approach police and say what's going on, what's this about, they have been grabbed,
3:30 pm
pushed out of the way. a lot of complaints. >> none of the violence we saw at the last g-20 in london. now, iran is responding to accusations, today, that they are building a secret underground nuclear facility. president obama and french president nicolas sarkozy and gordon brown says they are hiding this facility from weapons inspectors. president obama says iran must comply with international laws. >> iran must be prepared to cooperate fully and comprehensively with the iea to create transparency in the nuclear program and to demonstrate it is committed to establishing its peaceful intentions through meaningful dialogue and concrete actions. >> monday, iran acknowledged the facilities existed.
3:31 pm
they insist the uranium plant is not illegal. ahmadinejad said president obama is making a mistake and owes iran an apology. what is the reaction to the news there? >>reporter: well, the iranians are outraged. they said they have not broken any rules and are in compliance. the p-5 plus one is doing it on purpose. they will have an upper hand against iranians. they are saying it's psychological games they are playing against the government here. >> what is the fear there of sanctions? we know russia moved closer to joining the united states and allies coming forward. still waiting for reaction from
3:32 pm
china. what is the concern there? >> it's right. traditionally, iranians are confident the russians and chinese wouldn't impose sanctions on them. the russians have taken a u-turn on this stance. they don't care if sanctions are against them, they can handle it and the economy is strong enough to forge ahead. the reality is we know sanctions will be very harmful to the grass roots people here. ma mu ahmadinejad is aware of that. >> thank you. i was joined earlier by ann curry, of course, we all know she had the notable interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad. she rejoins us now. we spoke this morning. you spoke to a select group of
3:33 pm
journalists. was there a positive answer to the question, what the secret sight was about, how much is degree done? did he clarify any of it to you? >> he did. i just came from the news conference, so forgive me if i'm a bit breathless. he said there's nothing secret bt about it. he informs the international atomic agency, now, a year before he intended or iran intends to use that facility to enrich uranium. he says it falls within the rules of the iae, which requires a six month notification. they do not intend to use it for another year. he says he's using it to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, not military. >> this, then, better explains his logic behind the statement, post the president suggesting
3:34 pm
this is a mistake. he said the president makes his statement, he should not go down this road and will have to investigate withpskmx nicolas sy by his side. he said it's a big mistake if i were advising the president, he would not be saying that. >> it's something these three leaders regret having said once they further investigate. i think there are many things at play here. the president of the united states as well as sarkozy, the french president and gordon brown want to put a lot of pressure on iran. they want to talk about nuclear weaponing, but iran does not want to talk about the nuclear program at all and says it's not trying to weaponize. that's part of the dilemma here. iran is saying, however, we need to get to two other points. in this news conference, he was
3:35 pm
asked, are there any other facilities you have not told the world about. on that point, he did not say no. he said we are falling within the rules of the iaea and continuing to be transparent. he did not say no, there are not other facilities. it may be a matter of concern. the president of the united states said in his xhocomments s morning, the scope, the scale of the facility is not consistent with peaceful purposes. i asked him directly this question. his response was president obama is not a nuclear expert, the last time i checked. e sssentially people telling hi this are making a mistake. >> with the tone, the rhetoric and the meeting october 1, ahmadinejad saying this is not the way to start talks. what is the next move? >> that's a good question.
3:36 pm
the president of the united states is going to have a news conference in less than an hour. i'm certain he wanted to make a comment or two about that. i think the stakes a incredibly high. now, the intensity is high. i ran played a hand when it said, instead of responding in a knee-jerk response or angry response to the three leaders this morning, he said we feel we have taken a more measured response in talking about this in a thoughtful way. there's no doubt, i think, given the tone of the remarks this afternoon and also in the interview last week that president ahmadinejad seems to be signaling he's interested in having these discussions and he's open to president obama. there seems to be a real interest in talking about that. and talking about ways to move
3:37 pm
the world forward. whether or not they will actually get to talking about the nuclear program, that is, of course, the question. >> remains to be seen. we have six days to figure that out. ann curry, thank you so much. >> pleasure. >> there's going to be more this evening on "nightly news." you can look for her then, 6:30 in new york. we'll be right back. ♪ well i was shopping for a new car, ♪ ♪ which one's me - a cool convertible or an suv? ♪ ♪ too bad i didn't know my credit was whack ♪ ♪ 'cause now i'm driving off the lot in a used sub-compact. ♪
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3:41 pm
they had a permit for this. they are arriving at a park, east park, on the northern side of the allegheny river. they started about three miles away at a neighborhood called oakland, where university of pittsburgh is. this is quite a difference from yesterday. number one, this was permitted. they had a city permit for it, unlike yesterday's march. several thousand people in this march. only a few hundred yesterday. the crowd is also different. yesterday was young students, young people. this march, there are some veteran protestors involved. marching in peace marches. also, the mood is very different. this is a much more festive mood than we had yesterday. even some of the student anarchists who joined in the
3:42 pm
march were behaving differently than yesterday. yesterday, there were confrontations between the police and anarchists, it involved throwing stones and pepper gas. today, was a little more whimsical. they were singing, "yellow submarine." >> quickly, how far away is this from where the world leaders, including president obama, are right now? >> reporter: this is well away. they were kept far away from the convention center, which is where the summit is going on and where president obama is. i doubt they could even hear them. this was approved by the police and planned so they would go around the convention center and be kept well away from the convention center and secure
3:43 pm
zone. >> we want to bring you breaking news. we have more details on the case surrounding najibullah zazi. he's is suspect in the terror plot stretching from colorado to new york city. he's on a government plane, set to arrive, shortly, in new york city. the other development, according to the ap, it's learned the plot was to coincide with the september 11 anniversary. it was before federal authorities foiled the plan. it's according to a u.s. prosecutor. the federal judge said najibullah zazi was intending to perfect his bomb. we continue to follow breaking news out of this and we'll let you know when najibullah zazi arrives. he's on a government plane headed to new york city.
3:44 pm
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welcome back. in today's making their case, will president obama be able to keep his promise to close the prison in guantanamo bay? about three months to go. the administration is admitting missteps put officials behind schedule t. white house shifted the leadership team. the task to close gitmo, he is no longer in charge. according to a story in the "washington post" he was replaced. so, will gitmo close on time and what is the ultimate fate of the 200 or 225 men being held there. here to make their case is the host of "young turks." washingt
3:48 pm
the american spectator. gentlemen, good afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> let's go with part of the "washington post" story today. i want to repart of this quote. as the process was getting underway, the administration began losing support for the facility. in part officials now say because the white house did not present a concrete plan for what it would do with the remaining terrorism suspect. word being that not one of the 50 states was interested in taking any of the suspects. so to you, the question would be, did the white house not think of an end game here? did they not figure out where they were going to place these prisoners prior to saying we're going to shut the place down? >> well, i think they got caught off guard by the republican demagoguing on this. normally this would be an incredibly simple issue. the conservatives made it seem like khalid shaikh mohammed is coming to your family picnic. in fact, he would be going to a
3:49 pm
syrup max prison like the one in colorado and there should be absolutely no problem with that. the politicians got scared because the republicans went boo, they're coming to your backyard. >> okay. then what kind of an option does the president have at this point? what do you think? >> well, look, i think that this is another example that we have of president obama's lofty campaign rhetoric, giving way to the realities of governing. this whole idea that they don't have any concrete plans of what to do with the prisoners. that's precisely what the critics of his decision were arguing at the time in january. so this isn't a big surprise at all. and the idea that, you know, somehow it is because republican smear tactics, if you look at kathy sibelius before she was appointed to hhs and she was the governor of kansas. she said she supported closing guantanamo but she didn't want any prisoners in kansas. to just say that this is somehow republican fear among serg a
3:50 pm
joke. president obama is in charge. if he wants to close guantanamo bay, he can go about doing it and he obviously didn't have the right plan to do it before he created this lofty goal of finishing everything in a year. >> i'm going to tell you that our pentagon correspondent will me earlier in the broadcast, he thought it would be a good eight, nine months before it could actually close. which far exceeds the self-imposed deadline. why put a time line out there to begin with? was it making good on a campaign promise? was there pressure on the administration? what? >> well, they probably shouldn't have put the deadline. that seem to be a tactical mistake at this point. we have to realize that it is actually not at all important. it is the obama administration is doing many things wrong. this is not one of them. so they missed a deadline by a little bit. as long as they close the prison and they find a place to put them, i have no problems. my real problem is that when we get to figuring out where we'll try these guys, because we're supposed to bring them to
3:51 pm
justice, then everybody gets scared because of the demagoguing that i mentioned earlier. and it gets swift boated. even like someone like kathleen sibeli sibelius, why? are they going to escape? no one has ever escaped from a syrup max. >> it is not a matter of demagoguing. there are a lot of difficult issues with trying suspects when you have to deal with sensitive intelligence and transferring prisons. it is not as easy an issue as the obama administration, unlike liberal bloggers, now having responsibility are finding out. >> to that end, with about 90 or so believed to be those that will probably have to stay incarcerated in some way, where do they go? >> that would be a good question to pose to, you know, the other person on the show. >> well -- >> super easy. >> where? >> look, one of the complains that congressman king had, i believe from new york was, you're not going to bring these terrorists to the site of 9/11,
3:52 pm
are you? >> yes. that's where they committed the crime. that's why i want to bring them to justice. try them and then put them in a prison. i don't understand. do we not trust our prison system? are they denigrating our prison system and our wardens? what are we, a third world country? you think they will escape? you try them and put them away. >> is that what it is? a fear they would escape? >> and i think the problem is that it is obviously not as easy as he makes it sound. or it would have been done already. so obviously, it is not so easy. this idea that republicans have very little power on one hand, and they're mocked for being inadequate. and then on the other hand, whenever the obama administration can't get anything done, they blame the republicans having all this power, successfully demagoguing an issue. it doesn't make any sense. >> that has to be the last word. thanks very much. we want to get in today's
3:53 pm
crossing the line for you. "saturday night live"'s vert is back. wondering if the skit has gone too far, take a look at last night's skit on david paterson. >> you said you never intended to be governor but you were aiming for hillary clinton's senate seat. >> yes, you see, i had great dream of living in washington, d.c., walking zig zag up the capitol steps. shaking hands with humans and statues. trying to take my atm card into the vietnam memorial. then maybe showing up lay to vote and flipping off the senators from new jersey. >> as the "huffington post" points out, for those who feel the betrayal of paterson has been offensive to the blinds blind, last night won't change any minds. but we know it has had great success with picking on
3:54 pm
politicians. they can make for easy targets. some are asking if it is equal opportunity satire or if that crossed the line. you tell me. it is almost 4:00 on the east coast. 11:30 in iran. more revelations creating a firestorm of accusations across the world. the iranian president defiant today, hinting at other nuke sites. in our next hour, we'll have a live news conference from president obama at the g-20 summit in pittsburgh. what will he say about possible sanctions and whether military force is an option? that for you on "the big picture." sfx:racking of a taillight. female valve: hahahaha...i am strong like the ox. i crush you like tiny clown car. because you are... ...clown, yes? female valve: come, you hit me again and i break you.
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(announcer) transform your water. women who drink crystal light drink 20% more water. crystal light. make a delicious change. right now on "the big picture," nuclear showdown.
3:58 pm
disclose your nuclear efforts or be held accountable. and iran is warning back president obama. they say making a mistake, the story far from over. could iran have other nuclear facilities that it has not reveal after a secret site was disclosed to the world just today? when pressed on the issue in new york, mahmoud ahmadinejad did not say no to the question. president obama faces reporters 40 minutes from now. we'll have that live for you here on msnbc. good afternoon to you. david shuster has the day off. the big picture right now on msnbc, iran says its secret underground nuclear facility is no secret at all. this morning president obama, accused iran of building an underground nuclear facility and hiding it from international weapons inspector. >> iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. endangering the global nonproliferation regime, denying its own people access to the opportunity they deserve and
3:59 pm
threatening the stability and security of the region and the world. >> the reigning president mahmoud ahmadinejad said that iran is not breaking any rules. he said the under nuclear agency was informed about the facility on monday. a year and a half before the facility is expected to be operational. iran is required to notify the international atomic energy agency six months before becoming operational. a the question why iran needs to answer to the u.s. >> translator: iran must do this and that. we are saying what business is it of yours to tell us what we must do or not? you're just another country. a member state of the iaea like any other. >> when questioned, ahmadinejad would not say whether or not there are other nuclear facilities. >> now to the bigger


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