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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  June 18, 2010 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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discoveries and new meaningful worries about a giant dead zone from the bp oil spill, not to mention the threat of poisonous gas on the water. also, the debate over spending versus cutting to boost the american economy. is there a better, smarter way to invest money? we'll talk with congressman allen grayson. there's a difference between stealing and investing it. plus, a real life life saber can, yes, be yours. it only costs $200. the friday edition of the "dr show" starts right now. well, in america today there's a real life game of battleship shaping up in the gulf of mexico. some of the brightest scientific minds in our country learning new details about exactly how much oil exists beneath the gulf
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of mexico and what it is doing. their method is sort of hit and miss. right now the ship, "the thomas jefferson." it's a research vessel. it's headed back into porlt in america after a fact finding mission in the gulf to find out what's going on on the water. results have been inconclusive. all the team has learned is there's a lot of oil beneath the gulf, and it moves around a lot. but they'll need much more research to find out where it's located and just how densely it's concentration is. think of the efforts aboard ships like the "thomas jefferson." like battleship. your goal to search for the enemy. but you have no idea where the enemy is, and you can't see him. in this case the enemy is oil underneath the water. scientists going grid by grid, lowering water bottles, sensory bottles, into the water at differentç depths and clearing different quadrants, righti, to try to check the amounts of chemicals in the water. we have cheep props budgets.
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i understand. but i make my point. in order to determine where the oil may be with the drops and how big the underwater oil lake may be. once you can understand it, then perhaps you can anticipate it a little better. the concern is if the plume is as big and as concentrates as so many fear, it could heat up the oxygen. oil diminishing the oxygen available in the gulf of mexico, leaving it as a waste land for the wildlife that has called the area home. not to mention the ripple effect, which at this point is incalculable. some say right now that it's the size of washington state, and 1,500 feet deep. starting with the surface at 1,100 feet beneath the ocean's surface. that could turn potentially disastrous during a hurricane season. embedding a hurricane with a combination of poisonous gas and tar that would put the entire region at risk at a level that
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few politicians, journalists or individuals for understandable reasons really want to consider. and a new report shows the oil gushg from the volcano contains a vast amount of natural gas. as much as 40% concentrations. and that could be creating so-called dead zones as well for defenseless marine life beneath the surface. at the end of the day, we have "the thomas jefferson" coming in and out collecting information. not the only ship, but it's a more notable ship collecting data. trying to identify the mass, the size, and the potential liable of this underwater lake. and also any potential poisonous gas accumulations above the surface as the oil separates in the ocean and then the gases float to the top. joining us is donald, the director at the university of houston. what is your sense, professor, of the actual risks? in other words, when you go down
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the list of potential liabilities, starting with the oxygen depletion in the gulf of mexico, because of the potential size of this cloud of oilç do have any quantification of how big the oil spill is? >> at this point in time we don't. the measurements we have received, of course, show pretty low concentration so far. but the data that's coming onshore now may change our mind on that. one of the big issues, of course, is that we have so much oil coming out of that well that these are levels of pollution, so to speak, that we've never seen before. we have to be concerned about that. and there's a couple of reasons why we're worried about oxygen depletion. one is, of course, the oil can be biodegraded. and that can actually deplete oxygen. once that happens you can have more animals die, and then other bacteria will deplete the oxygen
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by biodegrading those as well. >> they expected to have a report out as the beginning of next week. how important will the report from the vessel be? >> it will be significant if they have recovered evidence of of high concentrations that are widespread. it's obvious you're going to have high concentrations around the well bore. how far this spreads is another issue. the methane itself, scientists are worried about that because of the large volume of methane that could displace the volumes of oxygen that would normally be there and a requirement for life. if a lot of the smaller organisms and larger organisms are killed by that. that would increase biodegrating. where we see dead zones in the
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gulf of mexico now are really associated with nutrient-rich areas in the gulf of mexico where we have fertilizers coming out of the mississippi river and into the gulf. you have to think of the oil as a nutrient for the bacteria. the methane will provide a food resource for other bacteria to deplete the oxygen. >> i want to switch to the surface of the water for a second. let me tie aç ribbon on that quickly with you. is there any assessment to the probability or likelihood that the sort of scenarios will manifest? >> right now it's not. we know most of the methane will flow up into the surface and into the atmosphere. that concern there is probably the least probable.
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>> understood. let's go back up to the surface of the water. "the thomas jefferson" concerned about the deep levels. all the thinner or lighter aspects of crude oil go down list. think of a cigarette lighter or propane tank. those gases are floating to the top of the gulf. to what extent do we have an issue with workers cleaning up, dealing with poisonous gas on the surface. does it dissipate quickly after it breaks the surface of the water? >> most of the time it does dissipate. but we're looking at very large volumes. we have veen volumes like this in mexico, of course. there was no long-term effect from this. it would be remiss to think there's no effect on humans that
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might be nearby where it's concentrated. i do know they're spraying water on the methane at the surface to help dissipate some of the gases that you're talking about that could be toxic. >> last question. and i'll let you go. there's a stack of both oil refineries and power generation refineries along the perimeter of the gulf of mexico. my understanding is between alabama, mississippi, and louisiana 19% of all refining capacity is in. total gulf coast refineries threatened, i'm told, 51%. also 19 thermal electric power plants exist in the gulf region. 51 billion liters of sea water used if for power plants. i brinu this up because clean sea water is used to cool the oil refineries that make the gasoline for our cars. clean seawater is used to cool the power generation facilities that generate the electricity used in that part of the world. to what extent is there a contamination risk in the sea
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water where we have to shut down electricity generation or refinery capacity because of contaminated sea water preventing the normal operation of the cooling mechanism for power, generation and refining? >> that i couldn't speculate too much. i do know they have purification systems for using the sea water so they have absolutely pure water in many cases for many of these power plants. and that would just be part of the process and how negatively that would impact them if they get a lot of water contaminated close to shore, i don't know what the answer of that will be until it happens. >> thank you for your analysis. i know we're dealing with largely unknown variables here. any information is welcomed. thank you. we look forward to getting that "thomas jefferson" research report as soon as monday of next week. which could reveal to us not
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only the scale and size of the oil cloud, but also deliver to us more insight as to where it is going as it appears to move around a tremendous amount. coming up here, on the "the dylan ratigan show," we're going to talk to the congressman by the name of allen grayson. you know him. you love him. maybe you hate him. is smart government envestment really a contradict in terms? and for corporations that can rig our government to transfer all their risk to the taxpayer. are they just vampires on the economy? how do we restore ourselves to actual investment in the future of our country? a conversation with the congressman still to come. first the democrats, the nra, and a big win for america against politics as usual. how your public outrage killed a backroom deal for the nra with the democrats. plus, a political establishment warning lawmakers about bloggers armed with video cameras.ç
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welcome back. time to mix it up with the day's other headlines. friday afternoon the democrats dealing with an nra blowback straight in their face after they tried to do a squeet heart deal with the gun lobbyists. then controversy over a new era of candid camera for everybody
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in the world most notably our politicians. we start with a big win against politics in this country. house democrats canceling a vote on a new campaign finance bill because of public outrage over exemptions for special interest groups. the original exemption only covered the nra. everybody else will disclose who is spending money in the campaign venues, but the democrats decided to extend that yesterday to cover other groups so they, too, could hide their money and try to influence public opinio% without revealing their true identity. wasn't just the nra. they also decided the sierra club could hide behind the curtain, if you will, and try to influence our political process. and so, too, could the humane society in an effort basically to secure more support for the carve out, which included the nra. bad news for our incumbent politicians led by the democrats at this point. the plan backfired, infuriating
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other groups that didn't qualify for the exemptions. even the sierra club, a group that would have benefitted from being able to hide and manipulate the system said it wanted no part of the bill. the bill meant to increase transparency on political spending after the supreme court ruling that allows unlimited spending. well, that money will be spent and the disclosures as to who will disclose what is still to be determined thanks to the public outrage from people like yourself. here to mix it up is our panel. brett littlefield. what do you think? >> i deal with campaign finance blogs every day of the week with the kind of work i do. quite frankly, they're crazy. whether federal or state laws, they're all crazy. the poll tigs never get it right. they're trying to regulate themselves. why don't we change the way the
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rules work and let people contribute money, unlimited or however they want to, and just disclose to people where the money is coming from instead of pages and pages and pages of finance that never works anyway. >> what's wrong with just disclosing that senator so and so is sponsored by the nra and represents the nra's agenda. we can all look at it. another politician from the sierra club. we all know what's going on. we all know the politicians are trying to hide it from us. we all know that's the problem. this really brings it home, does it not, jenk? >> it does, dylan. the nra exemption was ridiculous and pathetic. i would have take tennessee deal. first, the democrats are letting the biggest -- %-pexplain anything. i think our audience can see how pathetic it is. don't waste your oxygen. now the reason is they're going to use it as a backdoor way of killing the spill. the spill is incredibly
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important. i couldn't disagree with brett more. brett loves this. fantastic. >> don't speak for brenld. he's going to get his chance. >> he just said it. >> we'll see what he thinks in a second. >> the problem is i want the core of the bill so important f, i would have done the deal. sometimes you just got to make a deal and move on with your life. i would have come back for the nra later. now it's killed. we're not going to get to see anybody's disclosure and corporations are going to spend unlimited amounts of money. >> do you agree this was a way to kill the bill? now we have the wild west at the expense of the future of our country. >> whether in a deal to kill the bill or not, the fact of the matter is in the last 15 years i've been involved in politics is the stuff that the labor unions are shoveling. i'm sure my friend has been the beneficiary of that. >> that's off the topic. >> i don't have enough time for
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it. if you're going to say, you can say labor unions. i'll say nra. you can say pharmaceutical company. i'll say sierra club. small glups are trying to to do it in secret. i want your sense on why we wouldn't want a piece of legislation that forces every small group. the lefty group, righty group. green people, white people, mickey mouse fans, whoever they are to show people like myself and you guys who are political observers and journalists in the country who giving money to who. >> why don't we change the law and let everybody contribute. >> they did. >> why can we not get the congress to pass a law that now forces it all to be disclosed? was this a screw job way to basically prevent any real disclosure? >> i really don't think it was. i think the democrats are trying to squeeze something through. they're cutting backroom deals. business as usual. like you said at the beginning, dylan, it backfired on them.
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>> what's wrong with disclosure? >> you never answered theç question. we're not saying you can't spend money. just tell us who is spending it. you won't answer why that's a pr problem. >> i said i thought we should let all money be disclosed. let anybody contribute how much they want to any candidate. >> they have more to fight about. it's a long list in the country. the political establishment running scared from bloggers armed with video cameras or cell phone cameras. this thing seems to do some recording. the national republican senate committee sending out a memo warning campaign staffers tr becoming verbally abusive or making physical contact with videographers. i guess it implies it's fine if you're not dealing with a videographer. a direct response to a video we showed you recently. no, this is a different one. showing men physically removing a videographer from a rooftop event for a democratic nominee earlier this week.
4:21 pm
bob etheridge was caught on camera man handling a young student after he asked a question. lawmakers are growing frustrated with guerrilla-style reporters. do these videos provide a public service, o is it a brand of political entrapment? this is the question. what is the answer? should we be allowed to record politicians on the cell phone camera if they're walking in public or not? >> i'm not a huge fan of randomly recording people. in the case of congressman etheridge, however, whether or not they were students. they asked him do you support president obama's agenda. that's all they asked him. >> but you're off topic. >> the guy immediately jumped on him. >> i know, but brent, brent, brent. i've got a limited amount of time. you want to pick a particular instance. are you comfortable with cell phone recording? are you only comfortable with cell phone recording if it's a democrat you don't like saying something you think is stupid.
4:22 pm
>> if it was a republican -- is your view on cell phone recording specific to your political agenda, and that you're in favor of them when they portray people you don't like doing stupid things, but otherwise wouldn't want that? what are you saying here, my man? >> as i said, i'm not a big fan of the paparazzi. i'm not a huge fan of this. if you're a publicç official aa public event, it's a different story. i think it's fine. >> jenk, what do you think here? >> i think it's an indictment of the mainstream media. they so rarely, with the exception of this show, and i'm serious about that. you do ask the politicians tough questions. they don't ask them any tough questions. when they get a tough question, whether a democrat or a republican, it's not even a tough question. are you in favor of the obama agenda, they panic. they've never had a hard question. they're thrown by it. wow. a citizen asked me a question. and that guy floridalyphysicalld him. it's totally unaccepted. otherwise say i do prescheduled
4:23 pm
interviews only. or answer the question. it's a fine question. >> should there will be legislation and/or protection from officials for being recorded in public at public events for people holding cameras anywhein their hands. >> hell no. hell no. >> i don't think so. >> you did a fine job of mixing it up. it's a summer friday. we needn not get too heated. still ahead, why do these casino owners in connecticut get $54 million in stimulus loans? do they know krips dochris dodd chance? frlts firs frlts. first, you can buy one in hong kong. it's legitimately dangerous.
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you have to see it to believe it. first, what do we do about all this debt? we have tax evasion everywhere. we have politiciansç talking. what happened to claw back before cut back? do we slash and burn? do we spend and splurge? restore capitalism, claw back the money and get the tax dodgers, or is it something completely different? we'll have that conversation. the debt tipping point for america with congressman allen grey son after the break
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welcome back. time to tighten the belt or gorge on future taxpayer cash to get the economy going again. the senate voting this week against extending unemployment benefits. in that vote reinvigorating the debate on government spending and the ongoing distraction of the financial industry from the
4:33 pm
middle class to enrich themselves with the expense of those who labor or create any productive capacity. the government said they're not going to spend anymore to support those who are having money stolen by those who corrupted government. the decision, 52-45 blocked $140 billion package to extend aid through november at a time when 17% of the country remains jobless. many through no fault of their own, but through the extraction that we've discussed as naseum on the show. this morning two big name economists square it off on the the implications for america.ç from paul krugman saying suddenly creating jobs is out. inflicting pain is in. it raises memories of 1937 when fdr's premature attempt to balance the budget helped plunge the economy into a severe recession. on the same day alan greenspan who is responsible for a culture of cheap money that allowed the
4:34 pm
housing bubble to expand beyond anybody's wildest dreams and ultimately facilitate the massive wealth transfer took a hawkish perspective in the party. politically toxic cuts or rationing on medical care, a marked rise in the eligible age for health and retirement benefits. or a significant bout of inflation, which would devalue our currency can close the deficit. both sides missed, however, that this is not just a spend or cut question. the difference between productive capitol and investment and valueless corporate spending to create the appearance of activity, but really just extracting and postponing larger future debts that loom. sa you're looking to cut house costs yourself.
4:35 pm
it's 2010. you download your movies on netflix when you want to watch. okay, do i spend money to fix this old vcr or invest in the energy efficient lightbulbs? same money. which one makes more sense for my household in the long run? and who should be making the beings. if i pick the vcr it's bad enough to spend my money on an outdated technology that no longer has any value whatsoever. and i don't use videotapes. imagine i was borrowing your money and your children's money and your children's children's money and spending that money, or allowing my friends whose private businesses do the equivalent of make vcrs to spend your borrowed money perpetuating their outdated technology. this of this vcr as something like the broken banking system, which should be drif on the the real function, çinvesting, but instead able to extract money from the government, depriving millions of people of jobs or
4:36 pm
investment or the opportunity for jobs because the money is all sucked out, you see, in a gambling parlor that's the equivalent of a vcr. think banks and gm. ultimately moves the household or country forward. steal money for the future or go to legacy technologies that should be put out of business, but, in fact v control of the government. as a result they're acting like a vampire on the future of our country. joining us now is alan grayson. do you feel like your colleagues differentiate between the types of businesses and corporations that create forward value by making the transition to the efficiencies we so desperately need, and the spending of money that is a waste of money, a destruction of capitol. does that distinction get made in the debate that exists in our government? >> not enough. it's as true for the government
4:37 pm
as it is for companies. if you spend a billion dollars on a bridge, after you're done you've got a bridge. if you spend a billion dollars to feed bill crafters, when you're done you have nothing. that's why i'm drawing the distinct. >> how do we help more voters, more people in the media, more politicians draw that bright line between capitol spent for short-term activity. trading in trinkets, gambling casino, or where we use labor to buy bombs and blow things up. we're making money to blow it to smitherines in the middle of a desert and actually deploy capit capitol. how do we help people understand that distinction? >> i think it's becoming more obvious to everyone as time goes on. it has to be restated until
4:38 pm
people learn from their experience. the fundamental reason is not only speculation on wall street. as of threeç years ago we spen $3 trillion on the wars in afghanistan. if we take our wealth and dump it in, it's not going to be america anymore. >> what is the level of sport you found for that particular bill? >> not enough. in general roughly 15% of congress is adamantly against wasting more money on these endless wars. that's going to have to grow over time. what's going to make it grow is the public is going to demand that we fund jobs and not wars. we have 14 million people unemployed this this the country, and we're still spe spending huge amounts of money on utterly unproductive activities that don't make us any safer. >> if you were to look at the obvious, the government's willingness to fund a casino where they're able to extract trillions of dollars while
4:39 pm
depriving investment for americans or a military complex able to get the government to do basically the same thing, instead of using the money to gamble, you use it to blow up parts of the river. is it because of the feeling of fear? is this all go back to the fear from 9/11? and we're willing to spend irrationally to try to placate that fear, even if we destroy ourselves in the process? is this that what we're up against? >> that, plus the power of lobbyists. it was just a few months ago that the banks own this place. he was referring to the banks and their lobbyists. we have to put an end to that. we need a set of priorities in the country. number one in health. number one in education. number one in jobs and satisfaction in life. not number one in numbers of foreign countries occupied. not number one any longer in defense spending, if that means we spend as much as the entire rest of the world combined and we're no safer than we ever
4:40 pm
were. >> to what do you attribute the gap between the apparent and meaningful increase in those in the country and those understand what you describe or what you eni are talking about, the rhetoric from the president that frequently reflects a version of what you and i are talking about, and the massive gap between the white house's ability to intervene and deal with it or the congress's ability to act. to whatç do you attribute thei lack of response? >> we know fox and the republican party and the the right wing in the country feed ignorance. they want to keep us all in the dark. they brought us to the brink of national bankruptcy in 2008. now they want to push us over the edge. we all know that's true. we have to act accordingly and make sure we have a new direction. we elected a president because he said there would be change. that's a change in priorities. a change towards meeting human needs. taking care of ourselves. our seniors, our children, our
4:41 pm
own bodies. people who are homeless, jobless and hungry, what are we doing in afghanistan or iraq? >> with all do respect, and i'm sure they'll win no awards for many of their solutions proposed over the past ten years, when i look at what's going on in the banking sector right now, specifically the financial reform fight, i've got a stack of so-called new democrats that are pushing to reduce, if not eliminate the rule to reduce the ability for banks to gamble with other people's money. greg meeks, democrat, new york. mel whatt, democrat, d.c. democrat chris dodd changing the proposal to make it much harder for any share hold tore have a say on pay, changing it from a group of shareholders effectively with 3% to a single share holeer who owns 5%, which
4:42 pm
wouldn't apply to the largest shareholder of general electric. why are the democrats efforting the delusion of what is already a very weak piece of financial reform legislation in my opinion? >> it goes back to who owns congress and who owns the senate. none of that would be pofbl. none would be effective except that you have 178 sellout votes in the housz. 48 sellout votes in the senate. voting as a block on every single bill. voting no. >> if we had a legitimate conservative opposition party calling out the democrats for theirç failure to be true conservatives, stay out of my bank account. stay out of my bedroom. they would call out the mel watts and chris dodds for mediocrity. instead we can see those deliver mediocrity and diminishment and
4:43 pm
the opposition party try to offer something worse than that. is that a fair assessment? >> yes, it is. we saw that yesterday with the republican congressman apologizing to bp. i'm sorry you destroyed the gulf. what's he apologizing for? >> that's beyond beyond. is the ultimate problem, and then i'll let you go, the fact that we don't have a competitive primary process? so we're not getting the yield of the competition that may be better because the incumbents are reelected 95% of the time. as a result, that's why they accommodate special interests and don't care about the voters. is that the problem? >> we do need election reform. one party in the country is entirely on the take and cares about nothing but tax cuts for the rich.
4:44 pm
>> the problem as i see it is that both parties in the country are vested in their own receive preservation without any consideration for the actual aspect of this democracy. at least as represented by leadership. is that too cynical on my part, in your opinion? >> well, i think the democrats could certainly improve. what people are looking for is a party that represents them. a party that delivers solutions for their problems. they thought that's what they were voting for in 2008. it may still be true. we voted for priorities that are humane. priorities that -- >> how about priorities that are fair? >> yes. fair. >> fair and unjust. how about the government that is not explicitly manipulating the environment for the benefit of those paying them off for either tax credits and/or bailouts and give aways? >> people want justice, equality and peace. they're entitled to have that from elected representatives.ç
4:45 pm
democrat or republican. in the case of the republicans i'm not hopeful. >> we appreciate your efforts. i know you commit yourself to trying to address this. you continue to do so with me. i appreciate that. we know there are democrats and republicans in the congress. not as many as ha lot of folks would certainly like. congressman grayson, enjoy the weekend. >> thank you. >> time for the dig list. someone forgot to tell estonia there's a debt crisis in europe. they want to help pay for the greek bailout. this despite the financial crisis that spreads from greece to spain. e-mail may go the way of beta max. facebook ceo says 11% of the youngest users of the internet teens use e-mail on a daily basis. teens dictate trends. e-mail will soon be obsolete.
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texting, twittering. i don't know. moving on. team usa played to a tie with slovenia today. this special eastern european coverage on the dylan ratigan show. battle back to knock the score in the sektd half. we were robbed, my friends. i say, robbed, on the go ahead goal on a very controversial call by the referee. the u.s. still has a chance to advance to the next round. despite the robbery. and finally, this is a good game. l.a. lakers. world champions for the 16th time in franchise history. the lakers in fact repeating, taking it to the boston celtics in seven games. kobe bryant's fifth championship. leaving the celtic fans on our show staff licking their wounds. they claim they'll be back next year. up next, a casino.
4:47 pm
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welcome back. little busted for you. first up, an example of taking twitter, at least in my opinion a little far. ronnie lee gardner was executed
4:51 pm
by firing squad in utah. 2:00 in the morning. utah's attorney general decided to give the firing squad execution at 2:00 this morning a little media play by way of twitter. the tweets included i just gave the go ahead to proceed with gardner's execution. may god grant him the mercy he denied his victims. regardless of how you feel about the death penalty, there has to be a more respectful way to discuss the execution of a man in our correction system than on twitter. at least for me, some things perhaps best not detailed at 140 characters at a time. to theç pentagon we go. accusing the press of being too negative about the war in afghanistan, usual officials facing tough questions for
4:52 pm
lawmakers about our progress in the war that costs us $6 billion a month with reports that al qaeda has less than 100 people in the country. pentagon leaders insisting headway is being made into the taliban. the press secretary says progress has been overshadowed by media reports. probably coverage of the fact that it's been going on longer than vietnam and we were there originally to fight al qaeda. now al qaeda is somewhere else. with all that said, media politicians in the pentagon, i would imagine the parents of the soldiers getting kill maryland the war and have been kill maryland the war would argue that media coverage has very little to do with what's going on in the war. finally, the indian tribe up in connecticut that runs a casino. they hit the jack pot. with help from senator chris dodd. the federal government just awarded the connecticut tribe $54 million in stimulus aid.
4:53 pm
this the same tribe that owns one of our nation's biggest casinos. the money just a loan, but it is meant for communities, they say, in need and can't get reasonable loan rates. maybe because the banking system is sucking money out, gambling with it, and doesn't profit from lending. never mind. last year the mohican sun earned more than $1.3 billion in gross revenue. dodd's camp says the money will fund more jobs. at least it went to a casino where when you lose money, you have to lose the money. you get it. still ahead. florida open for fishing. the sunshine state's wildlife director has a message for the rest of us in the town square. and chris matthews is the tea party hijacking the gop? where is it taking the party as a result? boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways -
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back now with the town square, and in the midst of all the oil gushing from a mile beneath the surface and all the research vessels, the thomas jefferson and all the rest of it. what many of us do not realize is gulf shrimp, gulf oysters and gulf fish are still okay to eat. they instinctively seek the cleanest possible water there is. even if it means think to swim to the florida coast. this father's day weekend florida is opening up all fishable waters to everyone. no permit needed. joining us from florida is the
4:58 pm
executive director for the florida fish and wildlife conservation convention. nick, how is the fish? >> dylan, the fishing is awesome in florida. the fish are biting. red snapper season is in full swing in the northwest florida area. people are missing out if they don't come to florida. bring your dad. come fishing. come today. >> i'm thinking, my goodness, the gulf of mexico. i'm watching the news. i've seen the video cam too many times. i'm thinking, man, i'm not going down there. it looks toxic. what are people çmiss sing? >> very little of our beaches and state waters have been impacted at all. they're gorgeous. they're beautiful. we're flying over the coastline every day to monitor the situation and make sure the coastline is clear. our governor is a fisherman. call your dad. take him fishing this weekend. there's no better place to come
4:59 pm
than florida. we're the fishing capital of the world. still are. >> we don't have to buy a permit. i can show up with my reel, get bait and set out. no one is going to charge me or give me a ticket if i don't have a fishing lichbs. i have my fishing license, by the way. >> that's true. that's absolutely true. yes, dylan. absolutely true. no fees. no license. come down to florida. residents, nonresidents align. we ask those from neighbors states to come on down and go fishing. >> the most important thing for the sportsmen and women, the fishing is as good as ever if not better. is that true? >> it's wonderful.


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