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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 2, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[ breathes deeply, wind blows ] something wrong with your squeegee, kid? uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you? you're fearless! ahhhhhhhhh! atta boy! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. the jury is back. let's play "hardball." i'm chris matthews in new york on this special edition of "hardball." the time for talking, campaigning and debating are over and finally, the voters are having their say.
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polls close in some states in just one hour so we'll soon have an indication of how big a night republicans will have. and can democrats hold back some of the republican title wave in the house and win enough governor's races to have something to cheer about like in florida, like in ohio. we'll kick things off with our smart viewer's guide to the election. the early states and races to watch so you'll know what kind of a night it's going to end up being. in an hour, we're going to kick off msnbc's 2010 election night coverage. i'll be joined with keith olbermann, rachel maddow, eugene robinson here at 30 rock. let's start tonight with our smart viewer's guide. chuck todd, nbc new's political director and charlie cook, an msnbc and nbc news political
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analy analyst. i guess all eyes are on the u.s. senate tonight and let's look at our own way of looking at this. these are states where we think republicans have a very good chance of beginning their pick-up if they're going to get it of all the ten seats they need to take control. they start with likely wins. we're giving them a green color. i don't know what that stands for except they are probably going to win. north dakota, where the governor's running. indiana, where dan coates has a great lead and evan bayh has retired. arkansas, where blanche linkia challenge and then we're going to have to win the republicans are going to have to win these states in yellow. pennsylvania, illinois, and colorado, where michael benneets
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fighting a he rowic fight. california, around 11:00. nevada, later in the evening. of course, washington state also late in the evening around 11:00. are we right the way we've set it up? >> i think so. republicans have a real challenge on the senate. i think what we're looking for in the house is titanic and in the governors and senate, merely gigantic. if they don't get connecticut and west virginia, if republicans don't, then they've got to run the table, win ten out of the next ten and that's hard. >> suppose we get connecticut early and get a good look at the spread. suppose it's down around three points. suppose dick blumenthal wins, but a narrow election. does that tell you anything? >> when you have these races where people basically hate both candidates. >> aren't you charming.
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>> illinois is another one. >> nevada. >> people are going -- and holding their nose and picking a candidate. i don't know if i want to project that nationally. >> personal. holding your nose and you go eh. chuck? >> yes, sir. >> a similar demonstration from you. you probably wrote this up. the real one, give mes, north dakota, indiana, arkansas, wisconsin. there's two big shocks i would never have predicted, that jerry brown would be a favorite and then russ feingold, who in the vocabulary of clean government is 100% having real trouble. the story of wisconsin is not about feingold. it's about how republicans got their groove back in a state
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they have been dying to make competitive on a federal level. ever since tommy thompson left the governorship. they get close, but never seem to be able to get over -- >> when i was there covering the rally, he couldn't turn it over. >> then they pick up three house seats in wisconsin. the sky, wonker, jeb bush, say is a real future star. and you know, then ron johnson ran a very disciplined campaign. this guy basically got in trouble early on then just stuck to his message of hey, russ feingold has been in washington 18 years. >> you try and put 270 electoral democrats if you're losing wisconsin, but here's another where -- >> been in the bank for a long time for them. >> when you're fighting an
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collection in which barack obama's running for re-election, he's got to largely win north of the mason dixon line. >> republicans have cracked the code in wisconsin. >> the old lee atwater thing was to cut the heart out. >> let's go to the heartbreak states. i think some of you feel for it. pennsylvania, sestak, the little engine that could. not quite dysfunctional, but not a happy band of proer brothers up there. >> he had fallen like ten points behind last summer. just getting buried in money. democrats pulled it up, got just about even and then it's pulled back. this is a state where democrats had to have the governorship for eight years. >> you know the rule in pennsylvania. metronome. >> then a time for change thing going on there. >> i talked to my brother there,
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a republican. he said there's not a lot of focus on this election. he said, ask the average young person what they're running for and they're not going to be able to claire fit for you. what about this colorado race? i guess i can't play favorites here, but i look at michael bennett as a clean guy, education specialist and running really well against a lot of head winds and yet, still in the running. your thoughts. >> he reminds me of harris. i can't tell you how many democrats i talked to, i don't care what happens, but i hope michael bennet wins. >> harris was the guy who fought for civil rights with kennedy. >> here's the guy whose instinlt
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was to be a centrist. he got squeezed and was able to sell this message with republicans, buck hasn't done a good job of it. bennet may not have been in washington too long, but he's starting to play. >> let's go to house races. you've got your number predictions. here's an interesting fact dug up probably by your crowd because that's where this genius comes from. 49 democrats are defending seats that john mccain wants. we were trying to figure out what this election is really about, but if you think that 47% of people voted for mccain, they're coming back to vote again. when you lose, you come back and try again. like when you lose the world series. that 47's in the bank. then you got to pick up the
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people in the middle who don't like the economy and you've won. 49 democrats are in seats that mccain won this time. >> and that's not -- mccain is not the high water mark for the republican party. it's a pretty low bar. >> he got 47%. >> the challenge for democrats tonight is that they've got so many of their races are in places, are in hostile territory, much more hostile than in the south. there are places where god didn't necessarily intend for there to be democratic members of congress. >> rural. >> let's remember, the guy named gerrymander, he plays god here. >> then you've got your dixiecats. little different than nancy pelosi to start with. >> completely different. >> these guys were like olympic
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swimmers and the undertoe may be too great. >> you cover the white house, then charlie. the president has to be planning for tonight. he's sitting there with michelle and the closest people, probably plouffe, who master minds the last election. they know they got to meet the lions. what's he thinking? is he really into this election? learning from it or fighting it? >> they've already decided what their message is going to be. they're going to say, hey, the country is saying you guys got to work together to solve the problem. they're not rehiring the republicans. i think they're going to come out. you're going to hear the president say, hey, the message i'm getting from the voters and the message we're receiving is we've got to come together and solve these problems. we've got to concentrate on the economy. he's got to eat a little humble pie, but not so much of it.
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>> he can't by the republican agenda. you heard this from the republicans like mitch, their definition of meeting halfway is accepting our entire dictate. >> here are two exaggerated options. he can basically take the karl rove playbook from 2004 and say we're going to go for our base. maximize, supersize our democratic vote and to heck with the independents and there will be people pushing that way. then there will be other folks saying, look, 40% of the voters are independents and if you ignore those people, beside the fact that the first strategycat. it's bigger than it was in 2000. >> what do the independents want positively? >> a change --
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>> now. >> a change in the way washington worked and didn't see it. >> but you know what? here's the challenge for the republicans. the leadership, i've talked to a lot of folks in the leadership of consciousal republicans. they know the history of truman, of ike and clinton. all lost control of congress. their party lost control of congress in their first term. all got re-elected and they know it was partly because the groups there were somewhat obstructionist and they picked a fight and lost. what this crowd, the leadership of the republican party, if the president is out to cut a deal, they're ready to cut deals. the problem is, the problem for these guys, well, the tea party wing, will the conservative wing of the party accept basically negotiating with the white house. i don't know. >> you know, reminded me of the 80th congress. all they did was probe. started with a prayer, ended with a probe.
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so truman could come along and pull the upset of the century by saying, do nothing, congress. >> and that's the history. like i said, the people running the republican senate and the republican house, they understand this history. the question is, do they -- >> boehner and mitch. are boehner and mitchell strong enough politically to grab control of the engine of the tea party and make it work for them rather than become prisoner to it? >> mcconnell's got the tougher job. the stronger, more dominant tea party personalities in his conference he's got to deal with. >> also demint. he's got demint as their cheerleader. >> that's where i'm going. very smart republican strategist said back in '95 and '96, newt would go down and meet with president clinton and president clinton would sweet talk him
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into a deal. newt would come back. republicans would be livid with him. then the thing is, clinton's numbers would go up and the republican congress's numbers would go up and eventually, it's like, i hate cutting deals with this guy, but there is a mutually beneficial aspect to this and -- >> you know what? tip o'neal, i worked for and reagan were both heavy weights. the more they reasonably argued with each other, it made them both heavy weights. nancy pelosi's down whatever. it's different. i think getting along looks good to the american people. last thought. >> i just think it is going to be harder. this conservative crowd coming in, these new guys, they're look, like, we're not going to do and cut as many deals as gingrich did. >> these guys aren't team players. >> they got there without the
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help of washington. they washington fougt them in many ways. >> i would offer one alternative. i think debt reduction in the long-term is common ground for everybody who's reasonable. except the real left. the tea party's will join the regular republicans on that front and some democrats. >> presidential primary campaign's going to have a lot to say. >> thank you, chuck todd. what a team. charlie cook, the best in the world. coming up, polls will be closed in parts of indiana and kentucky this coming hour. we'll look at the seven hottest races. you're watching "hardball" on election day. it's exciting. the crackle of results, the joy of victory and the agony of dpeet all coming tonight on msnbc cht
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back to "hardball," the senate races out there where republicans would have to win all but one, illinois, colorado, nevada, california and washington. howard fineman is with us. an msnbc political analyst and john heilemann covers politics for new york magazine. the hot one in pennsylvania, we covered it, joe sestak came on the program. he beat arlen specter. does he have hope? is hope alive for joe sestak? >> well, based on the people i've talked to in philly, there's a pretty decent turnout. absolute -- the latest polls show pat toomey with a lead.
5:20 pm
it's uphill for sestak. when we know the results are going to tell us a lot. >> run another race next week. let's go to west virginia. one of the first results we're going to get and a telling one. manchin was falling behind a couple of weeks ago. he's the governor of the state, a popular governor. here's disowned much of the obama agenda. can he win this thing now? >> he has. he's done those things and done them pretty well. his opponent, mr. raese, has had some problems in these closing days. >> like his homes in florida. >> not exactly purely west virginia. but a very, very good source of a west virginia said to me last night they thought manchin was going to lose this race even so. i do think as we said last night, this is really going to be a race where the outcome of
5:21 pm
it is going to tell you how big the wave is. >> my hunch would be with the person you talked to. i think anger counts more than any other emotion this year. let's go to illinois. we've been following the president's state. his seat in congress. he had this senate seat for at least, a half a term? cup of coffee. giannoulias against kirk. which of these welter weights is able to win. i have to say that giannoulias was on the program, therefore i favor him because he showed up. he's very likable and very calmly confident and i can't -- his argument is that the chicago organization will be very helpful to him. >> the chicago organization will do what's needed to avoid being blamed for his loss. i think kirk's probably going to winter and if you put together west virginia, if combination of losing a state with a popular governor and losing barack obama's home state is just going
5:22 pm
to be devastating and will tell you everything you need to know. >> we all can agree that a lot of good people are running on both sides this year and probably the good people that run on the democratic side will be in more danger of losing. let's take a guy that would be a pretty strong candidate. michael bennet in colorado. the only appointed senator running in this. let's take a look at this. you're thoughts on this, john heilemann, this candidate against a real tea partier, ken buck. >> he is a very attractive young candidate. very centrist. it's hard to tar him with the far left liberalism charge. it's interesting. that is a race where the governor's race in colorado, i thought was going to have a big outcome. for a long time, i thought john
5:23 pm
would drag him across the finish line. tom tancredo, even if he doesn't win, he's going to pull a lot of voters into that race. >> he got on endorsement over night from sarah palin and i think she's looking for hot ponies. >> over all, her track record has been pretty darn good. >> using a lot of horse race technology. are we doing a lot of horse race coverage tonight? >> a big part of the story is going to be which of sarah palin's candidates are going to come out. she knows a big part of the commentary will be about her. she may lose in alaska. >> the republicans will probably win up there. nevada, this is the one that must drive harry reid crazy. he went out there knowing he was
5:24 pm
going to face a very tough race. and he faced one. it's never gotten any more than two points apart. always just there. jus grinding. they are grinding this out and nobody likes either one and yet, he seems to be creeping up toward the high 40s. will this race be decided by somebody at 47% maybe even? >> supposedly the guy who gets things done in washington has never been about 46% in the whole race. angle's been up and down, but ready has never really budged. the atmosphere of the campaign -- >> why would a guy like that who has to scratch and claw to hold on to his constituency want to be leader of the democratic and want to take all the heat?
5:25 pm
>> in the old days, there may have been reason for it. bring stuff back to nevada, bea player who would bring money back to nevada, that could be a calling card. but it turned out to be the wrong strategy for him. >> first to lose since mcfarland. by the way, when you knock off the majority leader, you're probably going some place. i don't know about sharron angle. let's go to california here. your thoughts about this one here. boxer and fiorina, boxer seems to be, john, pulling up in a way. >> i think she is now safe, chris. the truth is for a lot of reasons. she is running strong, but also, i'm from california and have spent a fair amount of time there over the course of this cycle. neither one of the women candidates running for governor, meg whitman or carly fiorina, they spent a lot of money, but
5:26 pm
never really established the strength they should have. in california, the governor's race almost always dominates. if the governor turns out to be a democrat, it's unlikely for the senate candidate and there's no question whitman's going to lose to brown. she's at least 12 points behind now. i find it almost impossible to think fiorina is going to beat boxer. >> have you noticed that barbara boxer has started to smile? you can tell when they're doing all right. let's go to the state of washington. one of the few races that's really revolved back and forth with who's in the lead. currently, rossi is in the lead. >> murray has lost a little altitude. rossi is endorsed by the tea partier, but isn't really.
5:27 pm
dino -- the thing is, if the republicans pick that up, they'll be at nine seats and this is why karl rove went nuts about christine o'donnell in delaware. because if the republicans had a chance in delaware, we'd be seriously talking about a chance of their taking over the senate. >> mike castle would have been good. thanks having you on. it's great to see these races, we'll be able to know the results of all these races, we'll know roughly whether democrat or republican, republicans in alaska, we'll know them all by midnight i think. howard fineman and john heilemann, thank you. up next, some of the water moment frs the campaign. we'll review the funniest and weirdest clips. [ heather ] businesses need a reliable financial partner. one who can stay in sync with their moves. my job at ge capital is to get bobcat all the financial and business support they need. we provide financing for every bobcat dealer in north america. together, we've rolled out over 100,000 machines to small businesses all over the country
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back to "hardball." time for a special election day "sideshow." a look at the wildest and most memorable moments from the 2010 campaign trail.
5:31 pm
first tonight, i'll talk you out. the threat that carl paladino made. >> i'll take you out, buddy. >> how you going to do that in. >> watch. >> wow. for a sense of how that kind of media strategy plays out, paladino's now down 20 points. next, nevada tea partier sharron angle brought up the armed insurgency if congress doesn't vote the way she wants them to. listen to this -- isn't it cuddly the way she says those second amendment remedies,
5:32 pm
meaning gun play against politicians? any way, that's the reason harry reid still has a shot. will the real john mccain please stand up? a primary challenge turned his image into a hard lined man of the right. just wants to complete what he calls the danged fence. >> you bring troops, state, county and local law enforcement together and complete the dang fence. >> mccain won his primary handily, but you've got to wonder what it costs to him. next, war stories. dick blumenthal was caught in a lie about his military service. he told a group of veterans that he served in vietnam. he didn't. "the new york times" dug up the video. >> we could learn something very important since the days i
5:33 pm
served at vietnam. >> you notice the way he said i, and even pointed to his heart. it's a favorite heading into tonight. now for the most memorable. here it is. delaware's christine o'donnell with her take on a bio graphical ad. >> i'm not a witch. i'm nothing you've heard. i'm you. >> wow. the latest poll from monmouth has o'donnell ten points down, but i think people really like this lady. next, the democrats are bracing for big defeat, but would republicans give control of both houses of congress be a good thing for president obama? we'll look at that and what the president will be facing the next two years if he has a tough night. you're watching "hardball." only on msnbc. ♪ [ growls ] ♪
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stocks pushing moderately higher with elections and fed meeting underway. the dow climbing 64 points, s&p up nine and nasdaq jumping 28 points. australia and india raising benchmark interest rates. pair that with the treasury and fed and investors moving away from the dollar, into materials. health insurers hurt by democratic reforms are seeing solid gains. mastercard shares are up after delivering a 15% jump in third quarter profits. pfizer shares are lower and competition from generics overshadowed solid profits.
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catalog earnings were hurt. strong sales of latest games. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. back to "hardball" and chris. welcome back. president obama is bracing for a big defeat tonight, but he's already positioning himself to do battle with the republican controlled house of representatives. perhaps a senate controlled by the republicans on the outside. check out what he said in a radio interview earlier today -- if we've got republicans in charge of the house, that they will want to dictate the terms. their desire to roll back health care reform, which they've announced, desire to roll back financial regulatory reform, that's going to be their agenda. >> well, can the president beat the republicans at their own game the way bill clinton did? let's turn to ed rendell and david corn, the washington
5:39 pm
bureau chief. you've had experience with a difficult assembly up harrisburg. they don't always think like a philadelphia mayor might. what's the trick to getting along with people who don't want to get along with you? >> first of all, a quick election report. a slight phenomena that won't affect congressional races, but senate and governor. african-americans are turning out in incredible numbers. we're going to have a better african-american turnout in philadelphia than we did in 2006, when i was on the ballot. african-american voters are getting it, that this election is about the president to some extent. the republicans have made it about him. now, in marginal races, that could be a huge factor. they voted by 4:00.
5:40 pm
more in many african-american divisions than the entire day in 2006 when i ran. >> but can they reach the model, the 42% model you need to win statewide? >> i think we can. the suburbs are going to do high 40s to wlow oos an50s. i think sestak has a real chance and onorato not out of the ballpark either. sorry, now i'll answer your question. the question is, is the president going to have leverage enough to get things done. republicans wanted certain issues themselves and i was able to parlay that into moving the progressive vend fairly far. what the republicans are saying is number one, we want to cut spending and not raise taxes. number two, you have mitch mcconnell saying the first thing we're going to do, first thing
5:41 pm
is to make barack obama a one-temple presideone one-term president. if they do that, it's going to be hard for the president to get anything done. that's bad for the country. the country can turn against him if they try to politicize this situation. >> that's the question. the country is very angry at washington now, mad at the democrats, mad at him personally. but to get re-elected, first of all, the economy has to get better and whatever anger remains has to be shifted elsewhere. truman pulled the best victory for the president. how does this president match that political finesse of he and bill clinton? >> first, i'm glad the governor's bucking up the democrats. but i think the president has a fundamental decision that he has to make starting just about now
5:42 pm
about how confrontational he's going to be with these republicans. as the governor's pointed out, as we've seen for the last 19 months and longer, these republicans are not amenable to compromise and the president has time and time again acted as if they were. and even when you played that radio clip earlier when you talked about their opposition to some key components, he doesn't sound that mad about it. right now, the public is mad at him because he's the guy in charge and unemployment has been nearly 10% for some time and there's signs it's going to drop in the near future. but he has to make it clear there is a battle for the the country's future and there are different visions and they're going to have responsibility to try to intimate that vision if they control the house if not the senate.
5:43 pm
to date, he has gone back and forth on this question, whether he's working with them or whether they're total obstructionists. he's going to have to make a call. >> a friend of mine said play your strategy. the president has the bully pulpit. he is one voice. the republicans are all over the place. who do we listen to this time? they're all over the place probably. how does he use that? i want positive criticism here. how does he make himself a stronger leader as a man who calls the shots even and says what needs to be done? >> i think it begins tomorrow. if in fact the republicans capture the house as it's likely they will, maybe the senate, maybe not. but he starts tomorrow in his press conference. he's got to say, look, i'm willing to work with republicans because i think the country wants to hear that.
5:44 pm
i don't think he can be confrontational on day one. i'm willing to work with them. i'm willing to compromise on the tax cuts for the rich. i'm willing to look add tweaking health care reform in certain ways, adding things they want to add, but i'm not going to back away from the fundamental gains we've made in health care. he's got to set that tone tomorrow and keep saying it. we lost a battle on stimulus because he didn't start talking about stimulus until a month later. >> he has a draw a clear line so that whatever he does to get a message through when we're cluttered with a lot of different things in the media, when people are worried about their jobs, he has to have a clear message. he can't go back and forth. then describe what he is going to do about them and the bigger problems the country faces. only if he does that again and again and again does that
5:45 pm
mean -- >> it's on the right, but that was the reagan motto. thank you very much. governor ed rendell and david corn. >> watch that phenomena, chris. >> up next, big question facing republicans after tonight, how does the mainstream wing of the party deal with the tea party? who wins the battle? how do they work together? the tea parties and regulars. this is "hardball" only on msnbc. ♪ ♪ yes!
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5:49 pm
challenge him from day-to-day, but i think there will also be many areas in which we agree. i will be one who say to republicans in my party, we need to stay the course and balance our budget. >> that was tea party candidate rand paul out in kentucky making clear if elected, he will not fall into lock step to mitch mcconnell. if tea party candidates win tonight, what do they face tomorrow when they meet him? and pat buchanan's an nbc political analyst. it's your side of the wall, so let's start with you. do you expect comedy between the tea party -- and the regulars? >> yes, i do for this reason. the party that's going to win tonight is the party of no. said no to obama care, no to stimulus, no to cap and trade.
5:50 pm
said no to everything. what boehner's going to do is say these are our guys. obama's programs that he's got, positive spending programs, they're gone. where they will compromise is what you said earlier. if obama's coming to cut the budget, they'll say, get the taxes off the table and let's bs should be. you can get that, but as for john boehner, they are not gonna stiff the guys that gave them a majority to cut a deal with the guy they defeated. >> what kind of deal would the republican leaders want to cut that the tea partiers would not? what are you talking about? what is the difference? >> republicans will probably be tough on defense. you know, they are big on defense, francely, my mind, i am not with them all the way, big on the war. obama stays in there with those. >> all right tea partiers fight excess spending on defense? draw the line on that as well as other spending? >> i would hope they would go first, reasonable cuts in defense and basis and things like that chris, but i think on the domestic spending, the democrats got beat. they are not going to cut
5:51 pm
medicare, medicaid, social security, unemployment. >> that is my question. >> talk from the president's side. president obama has commissioned a debt commission. >> right. >> got great leadership, alan simpson, erskine bowls, bruce reed running it come out with a report december 1st. the president behind that said 14 of 18 of the members support something, he will push t doesn't that give could haver to the republicans? seems to me it does if they cut -- it should give cover to the republicans but they may not want to play, i thank you would be a mistake, actually. look, we have said for years now this is the huge problem that faces the country. >> that is the reason people are nervous. >> the republicans have to be willing to move a certain extent to deal with entitlements. >> gene, sure, you tell me democrats are going to cut entitlements, the republicans will say, go ahead, fellas, take the lead. >> not putting up with
5:52 pm
negativism, all it takes is 218, does not take a majority of everybody, just a majority of both parties put together. you can put together a majority, if you get half the democrats, half the republicans to do t. >> you will go along with what he said in one second, what they will start off by saying, mr. president, get the taxes off the table. >> okay, that's fine, but the question is, we deal with the long-term debt, snob going to raise taxes enough to balance the budget. >> a tea party agenda you are talking b. >> i said nobody -- see if they do it. why are you yelling? >> because i'm asking you, are you telling me the democrats are going to come in and say we want to cut medicare, medicaid and social security? >> the president of the united states has established a commission to do it gives cover to the democrats and republicans, this is a bipartisan commission and i think the best chance they got. >> the democrats are going to be cutting the budget. you will get plenty of cooperation. >> that's what i'm asking for. long term. >> what we're talking about -- >> not short term. >> what we are talking about, pat is not cutting the one-fifth of the budge that's is
5:53 pm
discretionary spending that, you know, you can put kut become to the bone and not make a lot of difference. we are talking about dealing with entitlements. >> defense budget, going to have to reduce america's ambitions in the world that you want to pay for. you got to reconcile what you are willing to do --. if the president will bring home the troops from germany, the troops from korea, i personally will support him. i don't think the republicans will, but i will tell you, i think that might be a winner with the american people. >> i think it might be. now, i -- >> mansfield proposal in 1971. >> yeah. then we had a cold war, chris. 20 soviet divisions across the border. >> a key differential. >> i think john boehner has an easier time of it potentially than -- >> don't you think dan ackroyd is going to have new business? dan ackroyd -- i can see "saturday night live" with dan ackroyd coming back to play boehner, something about the guy's manner, the new tan, even darker than ever, something
5:54 pm
about the guy just blowing the pipe, you know? >> our discussion earlier, you talk about harry trueman. let me tell you what the problem is. barack obama is adelade, he is not harry. >> adelade? >> a nice guy, but do you see any touch or shred of harry s truman thus far in barack obama. >> what did the s stood for? >> s, not even a period after it. >> little factoid. >> one historical fact, adelade never got to be president, barack obama did. >> the reason why harry got to be president and as he didn't. >> in the senate, for example, say rand paul gets elected, maybe sharron angle gets elected, who he knows, jim miller showers, mitch mcconnell going to deal with that mr. discipline, mr. toe the line. >> pulitzer prize-winning come
5:55 pm
lull nist, tv trick you never learned,ed you would never learn, change the question. joe klein does that thank you, eugene robinson for coming one your own question about republicans. mine can the democrats and republicans get along. let's go to the basics. when we return, let me return with thoughts about where we go tonight. you are watching "hardball," only on msnbc. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. tried to deep-fat-fry their turkey. 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire at christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods. and a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door.
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let me finish tonight with the good that can come of all of this the key word for president
5:59 pm
clinton is build. what he lacked since day one is a chief operating officer. all we see him is talking all the time, the president. the american people need to see action, a clear chain of command operating on the domestic front as on the war front. he needs a chief operating officer. second, he needs to make his war poll say democratic policy, upgrade hillary clinton, make her secretary of defense and do it now. and build up the rest of the cabinet, find people who know how to make public policy exciting and compelling, people that can give this administration some juice. three, build a governinger is sewn nah for yourself that speaks to the hope the american people you need to sell what you're doing. why did you add to the national debt with all that spending. i know what we learned in grad school and what we call and larry summers calls kings in economics, okay, explain it please. at home and abroad, he needs to open up a new way of speaking, throw out the old self-defeating language. anybody who says the word stimulus needs to be sat in the stocks for a couple of weeks. talk about jobs and do something about them. change the name of that god-awful neoconcreted