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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  March 9, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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friday night, "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. good evening, thank you have a great weekend. thank you at home for staying with us. happy friday. great news, great news for this show at least. one of the problems we have on this show is that i cannot persuade any republican elected officials of any stature or republican candidates for office of any stature to come on this program. virginia governor bob mcdonnell said out loud last month he would come on the program, he said that to laura ingraham a conservative host, live on the air, was on tape. >> see if you can get little rachel to set that up for me? >> i will send her a note for sure. >> i thought you meant it! awesome. will governor mcdonnell come on the show? no he will not. even when they say they will come on the show, republicans will not come on the show. and so, our aforementioned great news we have an actual republican who has agreed to come on the show next week!
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a conservative republican united states senator, james mountain inhofe of oklahoma will be on this program on tuesday, hurray. senator inhofe has a new "i don't believe in global warming" book out. in publicizing the book, mr. inhofe has been talking up one of his main arguments for how we can be sure there is no gloloba warning. genesis 8 cln 22. while the earth remains, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease. genesis 822. he said "my point is god still up there, the arrogance of people to think that we human beings would be able to change what he is doing is to me
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outrageous. we could not screw the earth up even if we wanted to, only god can do something that big a deal. you know what the ohio department of natural resources said today? they said apparently we can cause earthquakes. and we have been, in ohio. "since march 2011 the youngstown ohio area experienced 12 low g magnitude seismic events. 12 earthquakes in youngstown, ohio. it's not exactly san francisco, not earthquake territory. all 12 of these earthquakes were clustered less than a mile around this. this is the north star one well. a class two deep injection well used for oil and gas fluid waste disposa disposal. remember the night of the primary when rick santorum pulled the rock out of the pocket and banging it on the podium. >> this is oil.
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oil. out of rock. shale. it leachs oil. >> the way you get oil out of rock like that is that you shoot water in a whole bunch of chemicals in the ground to crack open the rock to crack open the shale to get oil and gas out of it. pump enormous amount of fluid in the ground, but what do you do with all of that fluid that is now waste water once you're done? quoting from the associated press, municipal water treatment plants aren't designed to remove some of the contaminants found in the waste water including radioactive elements. so what do the oil and gas out of rock people do with this water then? they drive it to youngstown, ohio and shoot it in the ground. a deep injection well, they drilled down 9,000 feet in the rock under youngstown, ohio and dump their toxic waste there.
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when youngstown started shimmying, they decided to look into what was going on. it did take 11 earthquakes before they looked into it. but they did look into it and the report is out today, the report says there is a compelling argument that the youngstown, earth quakes were "induced." induced by man. induced by the toxic radioactive fracking waste water being inject the in the bed rom. later in the show we'll talk with ezra klein about the new economic data that came out today, good jobs numbers, 1.2 million jobs created over the last six months. as the economy picks up, it's still not good but going in the right direction, and has been for some time now, as the economy picks up the republican candidates for president and republicans in congress have seen their obama tanked the economy gowobbly, they have
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focused on sometimes on birth control, but when they get back to economic issue, they focused on the one economic issue they really think they, republicans, have the upper hand. and that is gas prices. energy, this year's drill baby drill, right? you have rick santorum pulling that shale rock out of his pocket and banging on the podium newt gingrich configuring his campaign to be about gas prices. waggles his little gas can. do you remember when bob dole endorsed mitt romney and complained he didn't like newt, because when he was speaker he would carry an empty bucket supposed to be a symbolic thing. newt gingrich is doing it again. now a gas bucket. that is the whole focus of the newt gingrich campaign now. mitt romney also on the same 2012 version of the drill baby drill thing, yesterday mr. romney was in pascagoulpascagou
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mississippi, talking about how president obama is not for drilling for oil. you can't say that this is an anti-oil production president, but those are the only the repu had can count on high gas prices, high gas prices making president obama look bad, and making them by extension look good. but there is a flip side to being the drill baby drill guys. when the result of the drilling is that you are creating man-made earthquakes in youngstown, ohio, it's not psyched about that. in the united states senate, republicans forced a vote again on the keystone tar sands oil pipeline trying to force president obama to build that tar sands pipeline even though he made clear it won't happen at least any time soon. republicans think that is a slam dunk home run touchdown mix all
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your sports metaphors, perfect political issue. america loves tar sands. america wants tar sands. you know what, turns out america has some tar sands. >> there is another oil clean-up underway in this country tonight. in michigan, following a leak in a pipeline, it is calling attention to an environmental danger we don't often think about the 200,000 miles of oil pipelines that criss-cross this country. >> good evening brian from the banks of the kalamazoo river outside battle creek. there is a thick coating of oil on the water here. the boom stretches right over to the other side and you can smell it, brian, oil is in the air. >> this writes they are skimming. the oil is coming up, it's coming in the skimmers, and they are bringing it in on shore here. what is happening now, brian is that they say they are going to be here approximately for the next month so they can clean
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this up and get it back to the recreational use that it was before as i said it will take a month along here, they have ten of these locations up and down the river. >> going to take a month. that was nbc coverage of america first ever major tar sands oil spill two summers ago in july of 2010. you heard the reporter saying that the oil company thought it would take a whole month to clean up that spill. but because that was not just normal oil, because that was tar sands oil, because that was the kind of oil that would be in the keystone pipeline it did not take a month to clear up, it has teen 20 months to try to contain and clean up the spill and it's not over yet. kevin could see some of the oil on the surface of the water, the problem with the kind of oil spill there, and with the kind of oil that would run through keystone is that most of it doesn't sit on the surface where it can be boomed up and scooped up. this oil sinks. on the occasion of the keystone
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vote this week, mother jones and this canadian paper on the screen have been writing about the kalamazoo river spill, explaining tar sand oil is thick and heavy, and has to be diluted with a noxious chemical cocktail so it can flow in the pipe. when spilled, the dilutant evaporates. residents reported naus sha, burning eyes in the throat. it separates from the dilutantt and it sinks to the bottom. how do you get oil out of a river once it has sunk to the bottom of the river bed? nobody had any idea. until there was this big spill all over the kalamazoo river. the technique they have come up with to clean it there is what they call acknowledgitating the bed, trying to bring the oil to
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the surface. i'm sure that is great. it has been ten times as expensive per gallon as a normal oil spill to clean up and still not cleaned 20 months later and people who live there are mad. >> at the time of the spell my children were at a daycare center, within a mile of the creek in the kalamazoo river. my son had throwing up, my daughter developed a very strange rash on her body. headaches, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, we had a burning sensation in our throat. burning in our eyes, the 40 mile span is still closed to this day. there is a no contact order to this day. if we tried to put our hands in this river right now you'd get in trouble. it looks beautiful, but it is not. we just hope people will learn from it, before you continue to run tar sands through pipelines or propose new pipelines, be better prepared, and study it. just hold off until you know
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just what you're dealing with. >> hold off until you know just what you're dealing with. but the keystone vote this week in the senate was rush the approval of keystone. don't bother studying it, just go ahead with it! 11 democratic senators voted for that but it still failed in the senate. republicans think in an election year this is one they can count on. i think it's more complicated than that. joining us is melissa harris-perry, not afraid of complicated things. she is the host of melissa harris-perry, thank you for being here. >> absolutely. >> good economic news, gas prices are still high. does the republican party right now have a coherent argument on energy that is resonating with people? >> it's interesting how you ended that, a woman saying let's wait until we know. but i think exactly what the republican party is banking on
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here is that it is extremely complicate and it's complicated in two ways, one, for ordinary people who live near where these gas issues and these oil issues and these energy issues survive, these are economic and environmental issues. i live on the gulf coast, i live in new orleans, the fact is when the bp oil spill was happening it was both a question of livelihood around oil, and also about the reality of oil spilling right there in our backyards. youngstown, ohio you were talking about fracking, part of what brought youngstown back has been a new company that is actually making the very thin steel rods that do what? frack. it's great for and awful for them. and i think that is part of what the gop is relying on here. the idea that environmental issues are biblical, way out in, some future moment and that the pocket issues are today. >> the environmental issues are
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liberal clap trap, anything anybody is complaining about environmental impact of things have economic impact, if you look at anything other than the economic impact, you should be downed. you might not be telling the truth you are part of an anti-economic conspiracy, i feel the global warming movement has formed every discussion about energy, with any environmental impact it's made the ascertaining of that as an impact of a policy to be a suspect thing. >> and part of it there is a great deal of simply untruth about the economic impact of these polluters, whether polluters polluting air or those who are creating fracking earthquakes in youngstown, ohio, the idea they are bringing tons of jobs and going to put everybody to work, tends to -- the environmental impact tends to be under estimated the economic impact tends to be overestimated.
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le. >> one of the democratic amendments on the keystone vote this week was to say if you think this it is is a huge jobs issue, which is how republicans talked about it let's amend the scope of the project you build with it u.s. steal and workers rejected by the republicans. >> to say that okay if we're going to make it have economic impact here are the ways it can. i love that tonight it was you quoting from the bible. i take over your show and end up doing god segments and your staff is like is this okay? >> i'm good with god. >> if we were to spend time in that book we would see there is another narrative about the responsibility of human beings vis-a-vis the earth, the notion that the earth takes care of itself, we have economic questions, we have political ones, there is a set of ethical questions how we treat our neighbor, how we worry about being stewards of the thing that is the earth and i think that part of what progressives have
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to do is make bigger arguments that are values-based exactly. >> there is a reason they are using drill, baby drill? >> this is a primary, i do think that stories like bp, bp was the thing that silenced drill baby drill, it was drill baby drill until it was gushing out and then it felt like oh, maybe we'll pause on drill, baby drill, they haven't brought it back, but give it time there is yet a convention and speeches to be made. >> let me ask you, on a toemtly different matter, how are you looking doing your show? >> i love it. no, i absolutely love it. >> the kindest, most generous. >> i absolutely love it. >> are you working harder than you thought -- >> it is way harder than i thought i thought i knew how hard it was but it's harder than that. but the thing about it being
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hard, your executive producer said we have to remember what an incredible privilege it is that we have the opportunity in interesting times to help set the agenda what we should talk about and how to talk about it even wheni get a little tired i remember that is a huge, huge and incredible gift to have this opportunity. >> and i have to say it makes me -- it makes me proud to work at msnbc, you're not afreig frf complexities. the way you have since we started talking in radio you're not afraid of not only the other side of the argument, not afraid of nuance and complexity that deepens your understanding and sharpens it. i think you're great at it. >> we'll talk about the 15th anniversary of notorious b.i.g. >> that is called complexity. >> melissa harris-perry, thank
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you. melissa harris-perry, weekend mornings at 10 clock eastern. this weekend the seemingly endless republican presidential nominating contest takes a detour to guam. and how nervous is the supposedly inevitable mitt romney campaign? they sent someone to guam because you know what they say, as goes guam -- that's next. ho. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions... [ beeping ] bring all the right results. it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪
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it is almost like the economy is improving just to ruin mitt romney's chances. curse you, riding economic indicators. that's coming up with ezra klein. stay with us. ♪
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mimt mimt. mitt romney went to michigan and said i love cars. it used to be in the 50s and 60s if you showed me one square foot of almost any part of a car i could tell you what brand it was, the model and so forth, i love cars, i love american cars. >> mitt romney went to tennessee, and told tennessee i like davy crockett. >> this place always has a special feeling in my heart. because when i grew up, i was thinking about davy crockett. >> and in mitt romney's mo reductive cliche tours of the states, now telling voters in the deep south that he likes grits. >> he's now turn me in an unofficial southerner, i'm learning to say y'all and i like grits. >> that wasn't ane off thing i
9:22 pm
can't believe i said that. he's still saying it. >> good to be with you. i have a biscuit and cheesey grits, delicious. >> shortly after that, at that same event, there was this. >> look at that, look at that little guy, got him. it wasn't a cock roach, i promise. >> mitt romney stomping to death an irish setter. cockroach. a reporter looked at the thing he killed in the middle of the event and turned out it was a cockroef cockroach. before mitt romney gets to reap the benefit at the polls of how much he has convinced the deep south that he loves grits, he will first have to come up with a love for keloguen. before alabama and mississippi vote on tuesday, tomorrow it's
9:23 pm
guam, where i learned that their tourism brags about the deli cac of keloguen. he has yet to try to convince the people of guam he's a huge fan, always has been but at this point why would we think that is out of the question? in addition to guam the virgin islands will be mariana islands. right there in the middle, there is kansas, in kind of odd company, these are are all the places that have their caucus tomorrow. mitt romney is the only candidate with a surrogate in the northern marianna islands. that is matt romney, one plaintiff romn of mr. romney's sons. the only people in kansas are
9:24 pm
ri santorum and ron paul. newt gingrich and mitt romney have left kansas alone. now, are the northern mariana islands going to decide who is the republican party nominee? we, yoknow, could do. in a race this weird it's at least worth watching. nobody knows what will make the difference. there is something weird thaer starts tomorrow pertains to the side bar story of the republican 2012 presidential field which is the ron paul campaign. ron paul who has won zero states including zero caucus states, mr. paul's campaign had earlier talked about having a caucus straight strategy, they have talked about having just a delegate strategy. the ron paul campaign's delegate strategy is that even in states they don't win the popular vote or even in states they don't do well in the popular vote they think they can still maybe
9:25 pm
ultimately win the state for ron paul anyway and do that by packing the delegate process at the state level. you might remember ron paul's advisor who came on our show a couple weeks ago said in the ron paul campaign's mind, they think that they won iowa. not mitt romney, who the iowa republicans said that night had won iowa and not rick santorum who the iowa republicans said two week later won iowa, the ron paul campaign itself thinks in the end they will have won iowa because they will get the majority of delegates out of the iowa process. essentially through strategy of gaming the delegate process. the process of picking delegates starts tomorrow. this is the ron paul campaign's reason for living. this is how they not only justify staying in the race, having won nothing, this is how they think they can win even though it looks like they have won nothing. so, not getting as much
9:26 pm
attention as the caucuses of guam, riveting the nation, but the iowa and we o wyoming caucu start tomorrow and those are worth watching. we will be right back. and they " and i'm like, "you shut up." in business, it's all about reliability. 'cause these guys aren't just hitting "print." they're hitting "dream." so that's what i do. i print dreams, baby. [whispering] big dreams. chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. or... we make it pink ! with these 4g lte tablets, you can do business at lightning-fast speeds. we'll take all the strawberries, dave. you got it, kid. we have a winner. we're definitely gonna need another one. small businesses that want to grow use 4g lte technology from verizon.
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okay, this show has six segments. we label them a, b, c, d, e, f. we are in c for what it's worth. this is the wide spot in the hallway where we plan out the
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show. that is rebecca dryden producesed d block tonight. that is our view of our news meeting spot. in the distance that is nasineen produced the b block. and this, this is the important part, this is on the big white board you saw on the wall there. this is the white board on which we plan the show. i have horrible handwriting, but you can so there on the left side organizational structure, a, b, c, d, e, f. can he we zoom in? there is the block on the primaries and caucuses. guam, wyoming, iowa. this is rebecca's d block, coming up next. looks like econ, name is ezra as in ezra klein. on the overall plan we're
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showing the overall show i'm supposed to be doing now in the c block is labelled as ts. you see in the c block? that means tease, i'm supposed to tell you what is coming up in the last segment of the show tonight before we go to prison. that is what i'm supposed to be doing now but i can't do it. because if i tell you what we are doing in the last segment of the show you will think i'm lying. you will think i'm doing those wacky friday bait and switch things, you will think i'm baiting and switching you but i am not. to prove tow you, it is what is coming up see, it's on the board. so you know it is coming. ed only compelling creepy crime. today oddly compelling creepy crime. would you not believe me if i didn't show you it's in the plan. so there it is. ta-da, stay tuned. so uh this is my friend frank and his, uh, retirement plan.
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because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. no wonder republicans want to talk about birth control did you see the good news on the economy today? here it is on the washington post website, u.s. adds 227,000 jobs. new york times home page, u.s.
9:35 pm
extends run of strong job growth another month. wall street journal, job gains build momentum. cnn, right up top, new jobs report more hiring but jobless rate unchanged. msnbc, employers create more than 200,000 jobs for third straight month. today's job report headlines every where showing the economy added more than 200,000 jobs last month for the third month in a row. fro front page headlines except on fox, not even a side bar story. jobs report? what jobs report, we have a huge story about the titanic. and hey, bill maher, what a jerk, right? who new jobs numbers. dylan byers noticed fox news burying the news. he posted the screen grabs, he did the same thing last month
9:36 pm
when again all the news websites were leading with front page headlines about the good jobs news from january. but fox news put the jobgrowth story off to the side in a teeny font above their story on why hollywood is a sex predators paradise. for folks whose professional identities are caught up in criticizing president obama on his handling of the economy, evidence the economy is getting better, that jobs are being created, well it may be good news but it's unwelcome good news. good news for country, bad news for anti-obama conservative pom particulars. by this evening the folks at fox news found a solution they are no longer pretending the good jobs report doesn't exist. they are claiming it's secretly bad. see the headline. jobless stats disputed. as economy starts to recover. try as fox might to convince you otherwise, this really is good news for the country. the economy added 227,000 jobs last month. that is more than economists
9:37 pm
expect. and turns out we added more jobs than we thought last month in january and in the month before that in december, too. the number of long term unemployed people dropped, part of why the unemployment rate didn't go down from 8.3% even as jobs were added because half a million people who weren't even looking for work anymore, started to look again. so that's all good news, right? unlessyou're mitt romney. >> governor, any comment on the new jobs numbers this morning? >> good to see you, thank you. hi there, how are you doing? good, good to see you. >> anything on the new jobs report? >> we need your help. hey guys, how are you? good to see you. >> governor romney, any thoughts on the new jobs report today? governor romney how were the grits? >> that was garrett trying to get mitt romney to say anything about the jobs report or talk
9:38 pm
about grits. mitt romney appearing to take the fox news approach from this morning, just pretend this good economic news does not exist. remember how mitt romney used to talk about the economy in the early days of his campaign. he would appear in front of shuttered factories or depressed locations and talk down the economy, how bad the economy was but how much worse the recession had gotten under president obama. >> when he took office the economy was in recession and he made it worse. >> he didn't create the recession, b he made it worse. and longer. >> he did not cause this recession, but he made it worse. >> during the obama administration, unemployment has gone from a peak of 10% in october of 2009, to 8.3% now. this is what has happened to jobs during the obama presidency. the red columns are the end of the bush administration, blood columns are the obama administration. our economy has been adding jobs months after months.
9:39 pm
december, january, february, that three month stretch the best three-month stretch for job creation in the past six years. president obama did not make the recession worse. and mitt romney knows that. >> how can you continue to say things are worse when they aren't worse? >> didn't say things were worse. >> i didn't say things were worse except all those times that you said things are worse. >> he made it worse. >> he made it worse and longer. >> he made it worse. >> trying to pretend he never said that in the first place, mitt romney has stopped specifically claiming that president obama made the recession worse. but he has found a way to imply it. listen to this, from mr. romney's speech in boston on super tuesday. >> you know, when he was campaigning, president obama said he would create jobs, but for 6 straight months unemployment has been above 8%. but my friends the trh is 8% unemployment is not the best america can do. >> this is important, mitt
9:40 pm
romney is saying 8% unemployment is terrible and it's president obama's fault. unemployment is not 8%. unemployment has gone from 10% down to 8.3% in the obama presidency. it's plain to everybody the economy is getting better what is mitt romney doing by saying 8% is not good enough. we haven't reached 8%. he is telegraphing that he knows the economy will get better he is saying that would be awful, too. sees the economy getting better so he's making the case the improved economy of the future is already bad news. joining us is ezra klein, keeper of the wonk book blog for the washington post. >> was there secret suspect bad news in the jobs numbers or was this good news? >> these job numbers are interesting. you keep goi further and further down in them and i do
9:41 pm
that because i'm a boring person and the news inside keeps being good. usually you sort of dig deep and find something bad in there, either employment participation went down, unemployed person and jobs numbers, does not mean somebody who doesn't have work but someone who doesn't have work and looking for one. sometimes workers are discourt ranned, seasonal employment, that looked like jobs that he would go away in december and see more unemployment in january but we didn't. the best part something people don't pay enough attention to is revisions. we get numbers, a preliminary job number we're talking about for february, not going to be the final job number but what we've seen for january and february, yeah, for december, and january was they went way up. we added another 60,000 i don't knows in those two months above and beyond what we thought. so it's really remarkable report we had these for a couple months, every surprise pretty
9:42 pm
much is on the upside. >> the revision numbers that you're talking about are interesting because those are the sorts of things that inspire politico theorizing, the old numbers were fake, they always get revised, what do they mean? it seems to me like what they mean is we are having -- you are likely to be in a recovery phrase in a positive economic phrase when the numbers get revised upward, but are they -- should they be seen as politically changed? >> they are not politically changed. the bureau of labor statistics protects these things like fort knox gold, even the obama administration doesn't know about them like yesterday. let's talk about revisions, it's interesting. when mitt romney says 8%, there is something else going on than what we talked about in the opening. 8% was the number the unemployment number the obama
9:43 pm
administration in december of 2008 before they came in office, said unemployment wouldn't get to if we passed the stimulus. this was the bernstein-roemer paper. it says the economy was shrinking at 3.8%. that is bad, it's not unbelievably bad but bad, they figured 3.8%, we get the stimulus you run the numbers we can keep unemployment down to 8%. when we got the revised numbers six months a year later, the economy in the fourth quarter of '08 shrunk at almost 9%. unemployment went way above 9, up to 10, as folks know. these revisions were terrible, much worse recession than we knew at the time. mitt romney takes full advantage of that. but we're seeing the flip side not to the same degree but as all the revisions tend to be bad early on as you begin to
9:44 pm
recover, as models haven't picked that up yet, they are tending to be good now, you're seeing it happen in the other but insofar as revisions are political, they haven't benefited from them. >> what do you makes a a wonky guy, ezra, what do you make from people in other venues on the right that any indicators, any economic indicators that show things getting better, particularly employment numbers that show things getting better are suspect because they come from the government and now you're saying they lock them up like fort knox and you don't see them as politically charged, what do you make of that charge that we shouldn't trust the statistics. >> the main one you see what folks say is what the numbers don't do is count the actual unemployed. they say they don't have the full unemployed because the labor forces change and there is something this. we should say is up front. these numbers don't count all the folks who stopped looking
9:45 pm
for work. but i am, as you say a wonky guy, i went back and in the bureau of labor stats and looked at these indicators, they have all sorts. they have one that is unemployed plus discouraged, plus part-time, u 6, the misery measure in the economy, every one of these indicators looks the exact same. now they are at different levels because you count more and more people in unemployment including par time work as you again to get higher numbers, they have the same shape, going up and up, and over the last six months going down and down and down. and so for all the statistical juking folks are doing, the numbers are getting better. the economy is getting better. in the end this is going to be true for the obama administration if things turn south you can't trick the american people about the economy. if things are getting better they feel it because they have jobs, personal disposable income is going up, family members who got laid off found work again. in the end that is what matters, you can't press release your way
9:46 pm
out of the bad economy or a good one. >> ezra klein of the washington post, msnbc policy analyst, thank you, appreciate it, man. >> thank you. this show does not report most crimes especially ones that don't relate to politics, policians, big national news stories, however tonight there is a compelling reason to deviate from the normnorm. >> if crime were this compelling we might be a crime show, stay tuned. st step. for the spender who needs a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer, planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve, pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families...
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today an oddly compelling creepy crime. two cases of things being removed from places they shouldn't be and one creepy crime mystery finally solved. we begin in ireland. a country known for its rolling green hills, its delicious whiskey and churches. like this famous one, christ cathedral in dublin. national landmark. one of the oldest buildings. it is the victim after creepy, strange and frankly perplexing crime that seems to have no profit motive. someone stole the church's relic. and that relic is the preserved heart of st. lawrence o'toole, the patron st. of dublin. the preserved heart, yes, his actual physical heart, was housed in this wooden heart-shaped box for centuries. it was kept in a metal kanl on
9:51 pm
the wall of the church. this weekend somebody busted through two of the metal bars in that cage and stole st. lawrence o'toole's 900-year-old heart. police are reporteredly focusing on two suspects in the church on saturday when the heart was stolen. the stolen heart has no resale value to speak of. like some artwork, it is too famous to sell. as for the extra boost it would give you in your relationship with the here after, you should know that church kres the theft sacrileges. sack religious. >> it seems contradictory that someone would steal a relic from a church because in my understanding, that's desecration and it is violation of a church. >> here is the weirder part of the story though. st. lawrence o'toole's 900-year-old heart in a box is the latest relic to be stolen from an arish church. people have stolen wood
9:52 pm
fragments believed to be splinters of the cross on which jesus was crucified and according to the new york times, also a box that usually houses the jawbone of st. bridgette, the patron st. of ireland. thankfully at the time of the robbery, st. bridgette's jaw had been removed from the box for cleaning so the thieves ended up with the box but no jawbone. but the thefts, heart, cross splinters, attempt on the jawbone, they don't make any sense. what are you going to do with a thousand-year-old body part. second, even though they are all sort of similar crimes and we file them in the same section of our news memory, right? people say it is key to keep in mind that even though some crimes seem connected they very well not be, and that might be important to solving them. just ask the coroner's office in british columbia where there is more oddly compelling creepy crime news. over the last five years, nine human feet, all still wearing shoes, washed up on the shores of british columbia in canada
9:53 pm
and washington state. five years, nine feet, belonginging to seven different humans. the shoes were always in on feet. shoes with soles. it was the same body part and in the same area. it seems like the feet had to be connected to each other somehow. this people say it was the handiwork of a known serial killer who admitted to killing 49 people. another theory is the feet belonged to to victims of the indian ocean tsunami who killed people in 2004. after foot number four was found investigators thought the feet had come from four men who died in an airplane crash. that tierry fell apart with the discovery of foot number five in this nine-foot saga. after foot number five was found there was even a hoax foot, an animal foot, animal remains stuff need a running shoe. the mystery was so gripping, so
9:54 pm
strange, so inexplicable that the seattle weekly ran a cover story, speculating about where on this little blue plan el all of these feet were coming from. the headline for the cover story, where the feet have no name. we even tried figure it out on this show with some particularly vile props. feet were from men and women. they were in different brands of sneakers. the sneakers were all different sizes. the only thing they had in common is the general area in which they were found. this week british columbia yeah's coroner's office said they have solved the five-year mystery. they positively identified seven of the feet belonging to five people, they say. the coroner's office officially ruled those feet to have separated by natural causes from people who killed themselves by flinging themselves into the frazier river or who ended up in the frazier river dead but by accident. as for why only the feet were found and not the rest of the people, can you thank the running show industry for that. apparently shoes soar well made these days that they protect your body part that's in the
9:55 pm
shoe even afterdeath, even submerged in water while the rest of you disappears because it is not protected. mystery solved. you may now cancel your google news alert for shoe foot found. but on this day of oddly compelling creepy crime news, one more. this is la port county jail in la port, indian. la port county jail is losing prit prisoners. one prisoner identified him receive as another prisoner having thus tricked a corrections officer, he was accidentally set free. a couple weeks after that another prisoner was allowed to walk out of the la port county jail because he had the same last name as the guy who actually had served his time and was supposed to get out. and this week the south bend tribune reports a third person was erroneously mistakenly released from jail. the mistake wasn't even caught until police turned up at the prison to pick up this gi only to be told the guy was missing. missing from prison? the first two prisoners who were
9:56 pm
accidentally released were found immediately. but the third guy, still out there. prison officials blame mistakes on overcrowding. but unless these prisoners were literally like squeezed out of the jail like lime juice from a lime wedge, i'm not sure this overcrowding business is a very good excuse for losing prisoners. oddly compelling and creepy crimes can make for good creepy tv segments on friday nights, but honestly they are not great public relations if you are, say, hoping to be the vice presidential nominee in indiana. maybe governor ultra sound isn't looking so bad after all. have they lost in prisoners in virginia in we'll be right back. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
9:57 pm
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