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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 10, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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[ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. and a good saturday afternoon. i'm craig melvin. it's 52 days until the country comes face-to-face with the so-called fiscal cliff. that would be a hike of $400,000 a year for all married couples with two kids and that's just the beginning. if approximate we go off the fiscal cliff, we he could see
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unemployment back at 9.1%. what we face, coming up. but we start with news from the sunshine state. in florida, nbc news now jekting president obama to be the winner in florida. it only took them four days after the election to be done. that puts president obama at 332 votes and president obama at 206 electoral votes. meanwhile, we've got a new result to bring you from california as well. republican congresswoman mary bono mack has conceded defeat so democrat ruiz will take office.
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bono mack served 14 years in office and she connie mack also lost election this year. the obama administration pushing back, a deadline for the state to submit plans for health care exchange. a piece of the affordable health care act. they will now have an extra three weeks. states have the option of stepping aside and allowing the federal government to run it for them. the resignation of the general petraeus who stepped down as cia director on friday. multiple government sources tell nbc news that e-mails between petraeus and broadwell were indicative of an extramarital affair. kristen welker is joining me. let's start with the fbi investigation into this biographer paula broadwell.
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what can you tell us about this at this point? >> the fbi has opened up an investigation to determine whether paula broadwell had access to general petraeus' e-mail. general petraeus is not under investigation and they don't expect their inquiry will result in criminal charges. now, we have reached out to paula broadwell. we haven't heard back from her yet. she is, of course, at the center of this scandal. so who is she? she is a harvard graduate, also went to west point and she wrote this biography that i have here in my hands. it's called "all in," the education of general petraeus. it's a thick book but i want to read a lig sellment. she says, his critics fault him for ambition. i will note that he is driven and goal-orient d. so just one sentence in a very thick book that is now of course
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coming under a lot of scrutiny. to give you a sense of how this all came to light, we're told that the white house learned about this situation with general petraeus on wednesday, which was, of course, the day after the election. general petraeus had a meeting with president obama on thursday, offered hisress significa significa resignation and asked hours and then accepted theress significance nation on friday. >> thank you, kristen. >> absolutely. a close look at the rise of the power and fall frof general petraeus. congress has to come to an agreement to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >> there are spending cuts coming. that means defense companies,
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transportation, construction. they may have to lay off workers. we have the highest tax increase coming on virtually all income levels. these two thing will coincide to basically push the u.s. economy into a recession unless congress does something about it. >> so remember that game on "the price is right" when the contestant had to avoid the guy going over the cliff, cue up the music, folks. going over the fiscal cliff means the end of the bush tax cuts. that would save $221 billion. but would raise most people's taxes by about 3500 bucks. reduces costs by $65 billion. general spending, including items on education and veterans benefits. a third cost redix, the payroll tax holiday expires.
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$95 billion saved there. and finally, emergency of employment benefits and health care and tax cuts, benefits saves the largest chunk there. that's $225 billion. if all of these cuts happen, the deficit improves by $607 billion. it would go down almost 40% but come at a hefty price. the economy would go over the fiscal cliff, sending the economy back into a recession. budget office projecting the unemployment rate could jump to 9.1% by the end of the year and that economic growth as well could shrink by half of a percent. i want to bring in bill schneider, chicago sun times washington bureau chief and columnist, lynn sweet. both big fans of "price is right," i understand. the president wants to keep the
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taxes and exit poll says 47% ironic number there, 47% says that there should be a tax hike for those earning over $250,000 a year but republicans don't want any tax hike. is this going to be the sticking point in negotiations? >> well, this is the first round. think of it this way. obama is now saying that the republicans are the ones that want a tax hike, right, the party that you might associate with being anti-tax. because if you do nothing, if you do nothing, we all, that's to congress, we all will pay more tacks next year. if you do what people will seem reasonable, if you give 98% of us -- because that's how many of us don't earn -- joint earners don't earn 250,000, why don't you let most of us keep the tax break that we get now. now, an ideal way of crafting a deficit reduction package, you do all the parts together. if you listen carefully to oh
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what obama said yesterday, it seems it's trying to, to a degree at least, to lock in the tax cuts to keep them there for most of the people and make the republicans wear the jacket for saying, your tacks went up because of them, not me. >> bill, john boehner said republicans are willing to accept some additional revenues through tax reform. he talked about closing loopholes. is that something, first of all, that can be done and, secondly, even if you do that, how much of a dent is that going to make? >> not enough is the simple answer. this is a crisis of congress' own deviceing. it's an artificial crisis. voters don't know where it came from. what congress did was point a gun at its own head and said unless we can reduce the deficit by this huge amount, we're going to shut everything down, cut off spending, raise taxes and it will be a terrible consequence. the country will be thrown back into recession. you know what, if congress created the crisis, congress can
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step back from the crisis and republicans got the message of this election. that's why speaker boehner made that statement. i think that the president is going to be able to peal off a number of republicans to try to create a package that will avert the fiscal package. >> how much of a leadership task is this going to be for him or fall squarely on the president? >> it takes three parties to make a law, house, senate, and white house. it could be plus republicans in the senate who are much more open to compromise than in the house. john boehner has the majority but it can't be a majority to make anything happen. >> how different is it than a few years ago?
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>> it has a few less tea party members and some of the vocal ones but the point is, he needs to be able to -- what kind of speaker would he look like if all he did was produce 40 republicans to make the majority on to a democratic bill? and that doesn't make him look like a leader if it's the democrats that peal off some of his peal in terms of a deal. >> bill, if you're a betting man and how would you bet that this thing plays out. >> the fiscal cliff, we will not go over it. the president has already said sequestration has not happened. the republicans got the message
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of this election. that's how they are different. it's the same people but then reality has come face-to-face with them. they do not want to be held responsible for a recession. the president never has to pace the voters again. they do. and the fear of god has been struck. >> bill schneider, lynn sweet, stick around. we're going to talk to you later in this hour, if you don't mind. meanwhile, still in the dark nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy. tengs are mounting as 300,000 around new york city and trying to get the lights and heat working again. >> it can't be this hard. the rest of the country can do it. why can't we do it? >> amen, sister. up next, florida hung in the balance until today. what took so long in the sunshine state? we'll talk to the supervisor of elections for duval county, florida, next. this is msnbc.
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back now with developing news. election officials in the sunshine state doing a lot of explaining after it took four days to declare president obama the winner there. the headline in "the huffington post" says it all. florida becomes a national disgrace again. from four-hour long waits for some voters to the ballot count to today officials blame too few voting locations in florida, a surge in absentee voting and a very long ballot problem for elections. >> am i embarrassed and disappointed by some of the things that happened? absolutely. but i have to folk be kus on simply getting it right. >> that was the head of elections in miami-dade county.
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also republican, we should note here. good afternoon to you, sir. >> good afternoon. >> a lot of problems in your state this week. your county, duvall county, one of the last to turn in results. what happened in duvall county? >> from the standpoint of election night results, we had those in by 11:10. those come in pretty wickly on the absentee votes in the office, we have to verify but then go to the polls and then provisionals, we had over 7,000, over 8,000 provisionals in the state of florida we don't turn anyone away from the polls who says that they are eligible when in reality they are not. of the 7 thour7,000, 8,000.
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>> 49 other states get it right. 49 other states were able to be called on election night. is it fair for florida voters to watch a president get elected or in this case re-elected days before the votes are even counted? >> well, the reality to that is, had there been a great spread of votes, had the other won by a landslide here, i wouldn't be doing here doing this interview. it's the closest of the race that really dwelled upon counting every vote. that's what florida wanted to be known for, accuracy and counting every vote. >> florida can be known for getting election results in like everyone else. >> yeah, but being fast and being wrong is not a good plan for anyone. in fact, we're still counting military votes. we give the military ten days from the election to count those that come from overseas. i hope the other state see as important as we do to make sure our military gets an opportunity to vote. >> do you think that the
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sunshine state needs to revamp its system at all in any way, shape, or form? >> absolutely. there are many things. one is, for example, in our county, in 2008, we had 284 precincts. we had 197 here because of budget cuts. we had an an kwated and no money for elections. when it comes down to blaming, it's always coming down to the supervisors who constantly ask for the appropriations to do the job that needs to be done. >> so we need more money. when i was down there a few weeks ago, they said one of the major problems is that the ballot is too dang long. seven, ten pages or something? >> well, we have to give our legislature credit for that. they put 11 amendments on the ballot. for miami-dade, my hat is off to them. they produce that ballot in three languages, it was 17 pages.
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eight, nine sheets of paper each voter had to feed into the machine. >> how much of a role did cutting back early voting hours play in this? >> it was interesting. our early voting totals which totalled 145,000 was only off about 9,000 voters. they allowed us the same number of hours so we were open 12-hour days for early voting so we caught a lot of people going to work and coming home where before we only had eight hours. what we need in florida, though, is to expand where we can have early voting. right now we can only have it in libraries and many us would like to have it in many government buildings. >> election supervisor, jerry holland, thanks to you from a grateful nation. >> thank you, sir. given florida's voting problems again this year in the eyes of the rest of the country, it's just another election beyond embarrassing. here is nbc's kerry sanders with
3:20 pm
a look at what is wrong with florida when it comes to voting. >> yes, florida has been here before. in 2000 we had the hanging chads. in 2004, problem with the then new and improved touch screen system. and this year, the supposedly simple paper ballot. but each page had to be fed into a scanner and as it turns out, with multiple pages, the equipment couldn't keep up. >> waited in line for a very long time. >> even the president noted problems. >> by the way, we have to fix that. >> from south florida to the state capital, florida voters say they are embarrassed. >> they don't call it flori-duh for nothing. >> it can't be this hard.
3:21 pm
>> it makes you think that your vote doesn't count because here we already have a president, we're already moving on. >> the problem brought one county supervisor of elections to tears. >> i will do whatever it takes to ensure that this does not happen again in lee county. >> and for late-night comics, it's material. >> some people had to wait five or six hours to vote there. what goes on in florida? and four years to fix this and four years to fix things before that. we need to make sure florida never gets the olympics. >> this all may make sense if you've been in florida for a long time because there used to be a promotional campaign in this state. >> now, don't argue. this is florida. the rules are different here. >> what state leaders now wish they could adopt is what happens in florida stays in florida. >> kerry sanders there, still to
3:22 pm
come, after the biography is written, what will be the leg legacy from david petraeus? that's ahead. plus, soul searching and lessons learned. we'll talk 20/20 hindsight with the movers of the republican party. that's next on msnbc. ♪ [ male announcer ] the way it moves. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. oral-b power brushes. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident...
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paul and i have left everything on the feel. we have given our all to this campaign. [ applause ] i so wish i had been able to lead the country but the nation chose another leader so ann and i join with you to earnestly
3:26 pm
pray for him and for this great nation. thank you and god bless america. >> and so ended mitt romney's journey. a frequent guest here during the campaign, matt, i'm glad you came back. >> thanks for having me. >> let me ask you the question i'm sure you have not gotten since tuesday. what happened and where do you go from here as a party? >> well, it doesn't take you very long to realize, craig, that we have a real issue with nonwhite voters. the president and i worked for george w. bush, came from a state that was very diverse and he had great achievements with hispanic voters and african-american voters. if you look at how mitt romney did and compare it with how george w. bush did with these voters in 2004, much of this
3:27 pm
three million vote deficit could have made up there alone. it doesn't take us very long as a party to get to the point where we realize we have to look at what happened in 2000 and 2004 and replicate it. >> if there's a battle for the heart and soul of the gop, who do you hope wins that battle in. >> well, i do disagree with that. i think that what our party stands for in these conservative principles, smaller tacxes and traditional values, i don't think we -- >> really, you think the message is fine? >> no, that's a different statement. i don't think our brand is fine. i think how we explain what we believe lacks. here's what i look at. does a candidate care about people like me? i think my conservative values help people more than liberal values do. but clearly in this election we didn't win on that question.
3:28 pm
and if we can't convince folks that are new americans or who are just starting on the economic ladder that our policies can help them more than the policies of the other party, we're not going to win elections. >> it didn't work in the election before either, matt. >> fair enough. >> so at what point do we decide, you know what, maybe it's not the messenger. maybe it's not the strategy. maybe it is in fact the message? maybe there are significant number of people in this country who believe in government and who believe that government has a role in their lives. >> this is an interesting question. more voters in the exit polls said that they wanted the government to help entrepreneurs to help jobs, more than they wanted government to step in and redistribute wealth. if you look at the pew research institute, the views of whether viewers are conservative or
3:29 pm
liberal, the biggest block is conservatives. the problem is, they are not over 50 brs and often times conservatives think they are over 50% and think that they can get their loan and they can not. we have to win by pulling in independents, moderates, and others. but i think it's a big mistake if our party feels like we lost these elections because we need to moderate. our party needs to reach out to these moderate and by the way, when you look at hispanic voters, it's not the number one issue. >> that's right. >> it was jobs in the economy. if we can't convince them on the economic policies, then we've got a problem. but when it comes to immigration, if our approach is that we don't think it's an important issue to find a way to make this work for everybody, then our party has a problem. >> >> i do appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> come back. >> if you or someone inside the president's inner circle, chances are you're into
3:30 pm
basketball. coming up, what it's like to go one on one with the president on election day. we're going to talk to a guy who talked with mr. obama on tuesday. also, 32 nos and then finally tuesday night, yes. how the fight for marriage equality finally got it is moment and why now? what has changed? you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. ♪ these are... [ male announcer ] marie callender's puts everything you've grown to love about sunday dinner into each of her pot pies. tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a crust made from scratch. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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without power, nearly two weeks after that superstorm. it wreaked absolute havoc on the northeast. vast majority still in the dark in new york live on long island where there is growing frustration over the failure of lipa, the utility that provides power to most of the area. stephanie gosk has the latest on long island. >> we need relief. >> reporter: 11 days after the power went out, residents are seething. >> where is lipa? >> the county's chief wants to put the military in charge of restoring power. >> life of management has once again fallen down on the jaw. >> send in the national guard. we are fed up. >> they cannot restore power because it was the same criticism leveled after hurricane irene. in june, a state investigation
3:35 pm
kritized lipa for what it called an outdated emergency response plan with no system to from dikt power restoration. >> new york governor andrew cuomo has called the delay a failure. >> you have people without power for a very long time, it's gotten cold, it's uncomfortable, yes, we are understanding but we're also inpatient and we want more and we want it faster and 200 elderly high rise were virtually ignored until friday when the national guard showed up. >> i thought the peninsula is very much forgotten about. >> across the are river in new jersey, governor chris christie toured damaged areas and asked 200,000 still without power to be patient. >> life will be back for most of
3:36 pm
new jersey to normal come sunday. >> they expect to restore power without flood damage by this weekend. >> five times the amount of damage, five times the amount of customers affected. it's just been unbelievable to try to get these customers back. >> stephanie gosk there from long island. almost as many questions as answers surrounding the stunning resignation of david petraeus. he is stepping down from his position as cia director after admitting to an extramarital affair. for insight i will bring in rasheed who has written "imperial life" in his new article in "the washington post," the headlined there, the
3:37 pm
storied career of david h. petraeus. ga saturday afternoon to you. >> good afternoon. good to be on with you. >> everyone i've seen or talked to seems to be pretty stunned by this. are you? >> i certainly was. it's not the david petraeus that i know. he preached virtue and morals and as a commander in afghanistan was famous for telling troops under him that character depends on doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. so this a man who set a high bar. >> you also write inside the military viewed the general as too ambitious. >> there are two petraeus' here.
3:38 pm
there's the public figure that america knows and certainly washington knows but within the military it's been that he's been a bit of a climber, somebody who focused more at his own rank, a younger officer, far more interested in advancement than camaraderie. >> what do you make about this coming out right before the hearings of benghazi? >> i've read the blog posts and tweets out there but nothing in my reporting in the last 24 hours now suggest that there was anything more here than an
3:39 pm
investigation coming to fruition. there is nothing that suggests that either of those two events were all related to the culmination of the investigation, the notification of the president and event you'll resignation of david petraeus. >> thank you so much. >> good to talk to you. supporters of same-sex marriage won some gains. 5% of the nation voters identified themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. they overwhelmingly supported president obama by 76%. those numbers take on added importance when you consider that the remaining 95%, the
3:40 pm
nonlgb voters, were split 49/49. joining me now is chris. good afternoon to you. >> hi, craig. >> so the human rights campaign called this, quote, the best election ever. maine, maryland, and washington state passing referendum supporting legal unions for same-sex couples. minnesota rejecting a ban on same-sex marriages. how significant were all of these wins? >> i think it was significant on several levels, both and the national polls have shown that the majority of americans support the rights of same-sex marriage to marry and when there were four measures and the national lgb national right groups really needed at least a win and the come out with four
3:41 pm
wins was something that while there were some ambitious people hoping for that and saying that they expected it, i don't think anybody expecteded all four to go this way. so it was a good day. >> these are measures that have failed by and large more than 30 times in various states around this country. what was different this time? what has changed in america? >> i think three things have changed. one, you have the fact that this was the fifth national federal election after there was at least one state that had marriage equality since massachusetts began having same sex couples being allowed to marry in 2004. also, this was the first election where you had the top of the national ticket in
3:42 pm
president obama running on a campaign with the groups that also supported and, and, third, the groups fighting against marriage equality and the groups fighting for marriage equality, the upper hand shifted. >> okay. >> and the group fighting for it really changed their attitudes and ads and presented the case in a way that really got through to voters. >> funding an organization, it sounds like. >> yeah. >> all right. chris, thank you so much for spending some time with you. >> thanks a lot, craig. up next, what can you learn from playing basketball with the president? espn's andy got to do just that. he's done it a couple of times now. is he going to tell us what it's like on the other side of the break. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up.
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it's one thing to go one on one and quite another entirely to face him on the basketball court. that's exactly what our next guest did for the second time in as many presidential elections. andy from had the privilege of shooting hoops with the commander in chief. four years ago when he did this he was a candidate and this time he was up for re-election. any difference between the two times? >> yeah. i would say in 2008 it was a little bit unique because there was actually four teams of about seven players per team. so a much bigger group, certainly a different feeling in the gym because at that point he wasn't president yet. it was a real game.
3:47 pm
there were real college officials and two teams. it was more of a real basketball game but it did not have the celebratory nature that it did in 2008. any pickup game that you would be playing in the country, the secret service, as was the case in 2008, are not intrusive. it was a real pickup game with real officials with the kind of gain that the president has on the court. he likes to play point guard and likes to do a little coaching while he plays. no? >> yes. first of all, as you can see, he's a leftie and another thing is, a lot of people have said this to me, do people take it easy on him? that's not the case at all.
3:48 pm
the player coaches divided up the teams. i was actually the last pick, lee tell you, the president made me the last pick but we did have on our team scott py pippen who was playing with a tear. i didn't want to shoot until i was wide open and scottie was on one tide side, i brushed him off and hit a player. he said, that's it. you filled your quota. he said, look, that's it. enough. >> my understanding is that if you go easy on the president during these pickup games you don't get invited back. are you going to be invited back? >> well, he can't run again. >> there will be other pickup games. >> that's true. and i will say this. this was the case in 2008. regardless of what your views of politics and all that, he compartmentalizes better than
3:49 pm
anyone that i have ever seen because you would never know that he was running for president on that day in 2008 or this past tuesday. the stress, the anxiety, or whatever must have been feeling inside of him never comes through. when he stepped on to that basketball court, he is there playing a game, trying to get his workout in before what was going to occur later that night. you wouldn't know where he was going. i was off to the airport to go to germany for the armed forces classic and we all sort of went our separate ways. you would never know. separate guys playing a basketball game and then they went on their way. >> andy katz, thank you, sir. appreciate your time. >> thanks, craig. up next, what we learned about america after tuesday night. we're not who we think we are. a cup of joe is a sedan.
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the republicans' demographic dilemma. sure, the economy was the number one issue. but what happened tuesday night was a demographic time bomb. president obama enjoyed overwhelming support from blacks, from latinos, from asians as well, and young voters especially. let's bring back bill schneider, senior fellow at the think tank third away. and columnist lynn sweet. bill, we'll start with you because you're in vegas, and i know you got to get to the black jack table. >> right. >> we heard from lot of folks, the house didn't change hands, the senate didn't change hands. same guy in the white house. but you contended this was anything but. why? >> because mitt romney was the status quo. he represents the reagan coalition that has been ruling american politics since 1980. in 2008, the democrats won a huge victory. the new america came to power. what happened this week was that those voters who came to power
3:54 pm
in 2008, they were the revolution, and they fought against the counterrevolution led by mitt romney and they defeated it. >> the counter revolution. lynn, so much has been made. people have been talking about how the president was able to create this winning coalition once again. and it all goes back a lot of folks say to this ground game, to this somewhat mysterious, this mythical ground game. what it is? explain this to folks who don't understand what the president did that other folks haven't been able to do. >> well, what he was able to do, and the romney team tried. i went out with them. they tried to do it. what obama did very well was identify people who are called sporadic voters or low propensity voters, people who are basically for you. you don't have to do a lot of persuading. you have to make sure they go vote, either early vote or vote on election day. and his campaign was just terrific about identifying people who were for him in '08, disappeared in 2010, but they
3:55 pm
were able to bring back. then you don't have to devote a lot of work to maybe persuading they should be for you, turning them out. also, since they knew their demographics pretty well, they just really, really took advantage of the early vote. that's the biggest new thing in this 2012 in terms of -- or one of the biggest in terms of dynamics. he executed a plan, knew where his votes were, and was able to bank them and mind them. >> bill, what is remarkable about this election for a lot of folks, 77% admitted that the economy is bad. you know, only 25% said they were better off than they were four years ago. 59% went on to say the economy was still the biggest issue. how was the president able to win this thing? >> well, a lot of people thought he shouldn't have won. no president gets reelected with the figures like the ones you're just seeing now. but what the voters said was they blamed president obama more than president obama for the condition of the nation's economy.
3:56 pm
they still blame president bush. the symbol of the republican party, which they adopted was clint eastwood. i don't think americans want to go back to a government and a country ruled by older white men. >> lynn sweet, before i let you guys get out of here, i want to ask you about jesse jackson jr. word came down last week he is in talks with investigators regarding a plea deal. what can you tell us? >> that was a story my "sun-times" colleague mike snead broke, big credit to them for digging this out. he is in mayo clinic right now. he went back if there for his bipolar depression. and at the same time he is talking about pleaing for misuse of campaign funds. so he has a lot going on right now. may lead, may lead if he has to plead to his stepping down from the state. >> that would be part of the plea deal? >> often that is. >> lynn sweet, thanks to you. bill schneider, thanks to you as well. do appreciate you as always. >> okay. the very latest on the resignation of cia director david petraeus.
3:57 pm
i'll talk to a reporter who covered the general during his time in iraq. also, he has a second term. what will president obama do with it? i'll get insight from the man who literally wrote the book on the president. stay with us. ♪ announcing the all-new 2013 malibu from chevrolet. ♪ with a remarkable new interior featuring the available chevrolet mylink infotainment system. this is where sophisticated styling begins. and where it ends? that's up to you. it's here -- the greatest malibu ever. ♪
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