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The universal dream book, or, Dreamer's oracle : being the most complete guide ever published for dreamers : respecting acquaintance, apparel, apparitions, bulls, beards, bleeding, burials, cards, cats, daggers, dancing, death, drinking, eye brows, eye lids, faces, fairs, fighting, flowers, fruit, funerals, games, groves, hands, infants, ivy, kissing, knives, lace, lillies, lips, lost things, maids, marriage, milk, mirrors, moles, money, the moon, nakedness, noises, noses, nosegays, oranges, oysters, peacocks, ploughing, purses, rainbows, ribs, rings, serpents, shipwreck, sickness, silver, sisters, soldiers, stones, sweethearts, swimming, teeth, tempests, thieves, throats, toads, tombs, travelling, treasure, vows, violets, walking, weddings, wine, wishes, writing : to which are added, Remarks on moles, and their signification, either in men or women

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