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The London kalendar, or, Court and city register, for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies, for the year 1816 : including a list of the present Parliament, more extensive and useful than in any other book of the kind yet published : containing, England. I. Lists of both Houses of Parliament, the state, law, revenue, and public, offices, at the Court, in the City of London, and different parts of the Kingdom, the army and navy, baronets, universities, seminaries, medical societies, hospitals, &c. &c. Scotland. II. All the peers, baronets, state, law, revenue, and public, offices, universities, physicians, &c. Ireland. III. All the peers, baronets, all the law, state, revenue, and public, offices, bankers, deans &c. &c. Colonies. IV. The military and civil establishments, governors, law and revenue officers, &c. &c. : carefully corrected at the respective offices

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