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here's and no courage tennessee los alamos. new mexico and hanford washington just to produce to research how to make the bombs and make the materials and from which to make the bombs so this effort has been going on a long time ever since the beginning of the war and einstein wrote a letter for franklin roosevelt saying that it might be possible to make an atomic weapon so all this had been going on and we had started preparing to drop the atom bomb in the fall of one nine hundred forty four before we even had a bomb we were with we were if you were a poker player you'd say you're betting on the calm so that's what happened and then they had a test of that one of the first atomic bombs in. alamogordo new mexico on july sixteenth of one nine hundred forty five forty five years after that that
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everything started getting hotter and everything of that type and we knew we were going to have a weapon there drop so then we had a paradigm we had already been preparing to drop it so if we don't know how to drive and by this time we never would the day before we had a briefing in the morning and then they told you to go back and get some sleep because you have to take off at two forty five am everything started two forty five and so then you went back and. to get some sleep and i would nobody slap how they expected so you're going out drop the first atomic bomb and then go get some sleep eight o'clock at night they came and got us finally and then took us over and gave us the final breakfast in a sort of business i call the final breakfast they call it the mission breakfast and then over to define a briefing where they gave you the latest model metro data folder where all the air sea rescue ships were and everything of that type any final things that they you
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needed to know so then we finally finished all that we get on the airplane it took off every simple he went once he got up on the plane what was it like how are you feeling it was easy because everything went exactly according to plan there wasn't a surprise in a whole bunch and with what we had prepared for and had been expecting and everything of that type all this time you could see the city of you can see the coast of japan from a good two hundred miles away i mean maybe a hundred miles away you could see the city of hiroshima from fifty miles away so you just went in and turned on the bomb run and by this time was in the bombardiers answer and you said turned and waited for the drop when the drop came the plane surged because somebody lost ninety four hundred pounds and tempers took over manual control again and made the turn to get away from the bomb the biggest thing that we were concerned about was is this bomb going to work because this was
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a bomb that had never been tested this was you know a uranium two thirty five bomb that had never been tested the one they tested was approved tony a bomb so it wasn't going to work or wasn't going to work and it took forty five seconds from the time the bomb left the airplane until they exploded everybody was sitting there time again some way shape or form i had a watch so i knew what the time was that other people were counting one thousand and one one thousand and two and so forth and. suddenly the bomb went off and you saw a bright flash of light in the airplane if you knew the thing at work and the only question then was why was i going to do it in the airplane so we were going away from it at this time we got putting distance between us and the bomb kept out up after a little very short time we got the first shock wave which is measured about three and a half g.'s you go up there in washington you know all these military people you know one of three g. is and everything of that type so does seem like much to
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a fighter pilot but if you want to be twenty nine at thirty thousand feet seems like a hell of a job so when we turned around after you weren't sure we were going to my shock waves we turned around the look what had happened and the shock wave of the city of hiroshima was completely covered with smoke and dust and you could not you knew had tremendous amount of damage had been done underneath that cloud there and everything but you could not see what it was when they tested the first atomic bomb in new mexico as you mention robert oppenheimer his of course the mastermind behind the manhattan project i read a quote for have any said you know a few people cried it must first silent how did you feel when that bomb detonated and i was happy to work that's number one you know we had been in a long war we had been attacked by the japanese the japanese people were not nice people in those days my next door neighbor who was
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a prisoner of war all the time has more stories about this to tell him i can tell but we had to but tahn death march the all the casualties we took on the solomons and the sort of thing that i wanted the policy of the united states government at that time was to subdue the nation of japan and i was willing to do anything i could do to help that out and that was. my policy also was to the country was trying to subdue japan and i was trying to do also to subdue japan let me make one comment here the japanese you know today or not the japanese we fought during world war two the japanese that they are nice people and everything of that type we've had japanese students living with us in our homes in california for many many years and they are and of the like can ask for better but the
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japanese during world war two are not that nice of people and that's all i'll say about them but do you think that the japanese people will ever be able to forgive thing americans after all this destruction and both arrests managua saki or i don't know their will or not a program for fiber if i had been living in here schumer and i got saki at that particular time i probably won't forgive me either because those people suffered an awful lot but whether they will accept it or not dropping the atomic bomb saved their lives and our lives japanese lives if we had had to invade japan the japanese casualties would have been much much much much higher and higher casualties would have been for the thing you know they're still giving out purple hearts that were made to get allowed in the invasion of japan we still haven't used up all the purple hearts that were manufactured at that time it was not
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a nice war fifteen million people got killed during world war two and they all have bad stories to tell about it and hindsight do you think that there was any way to avoid it using the atomic weapon any other option that would have achieved the same call three main options one was to put a blockade around japan and start of the people the death how do you a star of people of death are already living on one thousand calories if you can't do it. a second and then the other two options were dropped the atomic weapons or put a pull scale invasion into japan the atomic weapons weather had quis all the less casually overall than if the invasion of japan would have done and if you ask any g.i. that what they're going to but even if it was in a service over and over the pacific and you know their little of the atomic bomb
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and i think my next door neighbor had come over here when he found out what i did a dump in the atomic bomb and he come over here at six o'clock one morning pounding on my door says i just found out what you did you save my life and i says are you proud of my door at six o'clock again the i thought i won't say but big that's all i can say but everybody is in the pacific at the time says will come up to me and say you saved my life do you regret being on that mission that dropped the first ever atomic bomb i regret we ever had to have made so i regret every mission i had over europe and everything of that type i drop a lot of bombs over there to kill people and probably killed seven trillions but do i regret the atomic mission i regret we had to do it there's a fellow here yesterday and what was it he was saying that the japanese could apologize to was for making us drop the atomic bomb that was a new twist on things i'm never heard before but i'd regret that we had to do it but i think we had to do it nordic and the war with
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a minimum loss of life so you know of course the issue as nuclear warfare is still very relevant today as the threat of nuclear war still lingers is there anything that you would like to say the politicians today that are control as of the world's nuclear stockpiles i can i say that any politician any diplomat anybody in any five . area of authority today i would like never to see another atomic weapon used but i'm afraid we're going to we will not see it by russia or we will not see it by the bay ger powers or anything else i dread the day when the terrorists are going to get their clear weapons because they are not near as thoughtful of the consequences of nuclear bombings as we are as major powers are and they will toss in a wild like matchsticks i'm afraid my last question for you if world war three
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broke out today god for bad and you were given the same order if you were they said go drop an atomic bomb on whatever city would you do it again if everything was exactly the same as you had was then that's the point where you'd could go i know it's not possible to really duplicate things that precisely but if this same situation existed again exactly as then as it had back in one thousand nine hundred five yes i would go on it i would volunteer for the bounce of my fact i don't want to go to war. for bush. the but. always ads by one vote for kerry.
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so the people that are going to be validating this machine can stand there all day long and vote for somebody and it will be right every time but the guy can walk up here and if he hits the right buttons he can flip the boat that he's.
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this is not a production but in war and. let me show you see just everybody you showed us a pretty tree they have no idea about the hardships that we face. like one this is it you know all too new to. bring in the army to life forever the mother is the most precious thing in the world. of self-sacrifice and her recent book those who understands it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from. nineteen forty five don't call. the wrong. that minister is no warning of radiation risks his wall fall is spread to the region contaminated by chernobyl it's believed the bunning could produce
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radioactive also calls into the f. five elsewhere a shouting little sign of dying down. but on his love can also be his dreams can scream when his poems need of a ceremony can be overshadowed a acoustically put memorial cross dedicated to the late president who was killed in a plane crash in a. sixty five years on is remembering a brawl hundred forty victims off the walls of the atomic bomb attack over seventeen nations that joined the solemn ceremony in creating the first attended spied us which drop the nuclear weapons on japan. those were all top stories this hour time now for the next in sports with andriy.
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hello there welcome to the sport and this is what is coming up over the next few minutes siberian express have been made the europa league playoffs after beating limits so on a way to go. plus the spending spree continues is there any sign rubin countenancing . and tiger is in trouble with the world golf championship with his number one ranking on this thread. let me start with football where the european dream continues to russian side sabir they may be bottom of the russian premier league but have made it to the europa league playoffs beating women so on away you go with the siberian side that won the first leg and even though they lost to one last night in cyprus it meant a tie finish to two and i could persevere making the playoffs stage on the away goals rule. with the vital strike disappear the purpose will determine which teams make the group stage and also through a gala task events and liverpool also made it
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a said one aggregate win is their. start got edge molder well much carve a little n.p.r. course on the way to go. but behind the biggest of the inspiration side. had lost the first leg of the i. won three but i turned things upside down in the second leg. right from the city because i remember standing at the time of. the next round is day one when i get very far i resilient side international are through to the final of the copper limited tourist a loss to understand paolo and the second leg of their semifinal but it meant a tie finish to. to you and i good with international going through on away goals it was the host who opened the scoring thirty minutes each time palo were routed through the. i where the visitors level matters they soon after the
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break the goal once again coming from the free kick well into the area the sandro made one all night go proved to be crucial two minutes later the cardio livia found himself marked and stayed calm enough to give decided to one victory on the night but despite the losses international the progress on the way. people in the finals are so back in moscow spartak moscow coached by larry caffein says he expects to sign celtic's aiden mcgeady next week adding the winner had made a very good impression on the club during his visit to the russian capital over the last two days but while they wait for that spot sack have unveiled another new signing time defend it nicholas put out here is fatima spivak. nicholas baraka is given a map of moscow as a present from some russian journalists the media didn't want their argent and offended to get lost in the big city and however by record certainly won't have
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a lot of time to explore russia skeptical at least not in his early days it's parked up there or than whites are struggling to break into the leading group in the premier league however hard work doesn't scare the former espanyol the found in . sport uk agree team i'm happy to be here what i've already noticed is that my new partner serve skillful that encourages me i can't wait to make my debut for the club the fee for the argentinian is said to be around ten million euros and the defender will wear number nineteen at his new club the moscow i'd said leader of challengers from the need and says guards assigned a defender on a four year deal and ready to carbon is fully aware of its advantages. but a minister going well we need a strong central back our defense has been below par so far this season we just hope people are just you quickly. but i certainly want to be the last to spot doc
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some assignee as the most vocal up doing all they can to bring i didn't my get to the stadium the russian giants are ready to provide the irish star was a personal driver border guard and however my d.d. hasn't made up his mind the year but one thing's for sure he won't be able to work duck in this sunday clash with arch rivals the need to have the most avoid side has a perfect chance to get their own campaign back on track but mr wagner r g i mean was the need to have signed rubin captains on a two and a half year deal the thirty four year old has by more than four hundred matches in the russian prime league story ninety seven goals just last month is any sign of moving stuff forward alexander who put off i'm recently brought in defender bruno alvarez from porto as cochin-china splatting strengthens his squad for their champions league campaign. under my will in the meantime still have said fondly gas a mask walking the twenty three year old paid in
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a public training session and that on going speculation of a move to barcelona so far the spanish champions have failed to persuade the gunners to sell their star midfielder but roos remain about his future at the emirates for manager arsene vanga the hope is to keep fabregas inside in their quest to find the time silverware and it's been five years since arsenal last lifted a trifle. in other news tiger woods has had a shocking start to the world golf championship and i high a tournament he need to do well and to keep hold of his number one ranking he must know it wasn't going to be his day when a big davis he plowed up came back down and hit him on the head on the eleventh hole let. and he wasn't having much luck on the greens either woodcarving a four over par seventy four to lie by the seventy eighth place one man vying for that number one ranking is the u.s. masters champion phil mickelson he's two strokes off the lead. from bubba watson watson himself shot a six under sixty four in his opening round england's lee westwood could also take
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the number one spot is seven shots back. now russia's biggest possible star andre kurylenko says he regrets missing out on the upcoming world championships the utah jazz forward is recovering from injury but has been in moscow promoting the sport and taking time to catch up with the national team caring nickname be a k forty seven was on hand at the popular under the bridge playground in moscow instead despite being out of action he still appreciates being around the russia squawk. so there was a very serious look at all the furthest from the last. this is needed i have to make the suit still sleepy remember that if you change it every season the spot three months which is a lot long long time in the playoffs you know it's really easy answers so it's a part of your it would appear to. be leveraged ready let's.
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start here are the cards. right here are a little safer just be. talk to the older guys i think i like it's a huge i very much on the streets so everybody the same pace coaches players all the stuff they want to believe. they really are they really want to get a. city to overstay in moscow because the newly formed russian olympic committee convene for the first time on thursday is first decision came from the limpid head alexander as you call for she jested reducing the executive board say twenty people have been selected and prove to lead russia's athletes the twenty twelve and twenty fourteen olympics the body also passed a project called the strategy for the development of the russian olympic committee which includes changing the regulation of the greek and the long term development of a limp export in russia. dollars
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a month i'm very pleased that almost everyone has approved a document on the developments. for the next ten years and that's for the first time in the history of the committee it's important that all the federations non-government organizations and regional members support our strategy for me the most inspiring thing from this meeting is that there is a clear understanding that only top russian between government and non-government organizations can produce success and the only aim we have is providing excellent facilities for our fleets so they can concentrate on their performances and finally one stage of the european truck racing championship will be held in russia for the first time this weekend the race will take place near the western city of smolensk while some muscovites are already getting a head start and checking out the competition team truck racing showed off their vehicles in red square while the championship sell russian driver alexander of off was busy on train questions from curious tourists while his employees were full of
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praise for. three years ago we started with the russian driver to give all the russian drivers assurance in the european directories and i started three years ago as i said before. we are very successful with him we were very good together with the russian. and the russian t.v. we promote europeans right there is also here in russia alexander is very helpful in this side and his a very very nice guy all the team members love him and they like to work together with him. he's a good man is now that source ball from i'm back with more support in a couple of asked. culture is that so much of a given to each musician has the power to find that one is culture more powerful than ideology today with the rise of emerging economies as
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a world prone to more clashes. broke out the. first tree removal called clear cutting. second explosives are used to blast or maybe turn in the curio. third the remains are removed by machinery. finally the fund wanted soil is deposited in vallecito. mountain top legal on our team. hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. if . russia would be soon which brightened
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a few more about someone from phones to christians. who threw stones on t.v. dot com.
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one of the key elements of democracy which is so uncomfortable for me a foreigner. who pays for the news. how dependent this independent media. and who is behind the t.v. story. charge of media fiction and reality on. russia's walls give more cools for concern heading for the region contaminated by ground radiation raising fears it could spread into the air. and space is better
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than central russia where wildfires have the spot for astroid part of a small town in a bit more. sixty five years old her last name is remembering a of are often fortunes to people who were killed by the first ever atomic bomb with the us attending the ceremony for the first time. component welcomes its new meaning to months of mourning president kaczynski who was playing touch. being sworn in as president despite protests essential warsaw join us for the details from.
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a very warm welcome to you this is live from moscow with me. the russian emergencies minister is warning of radiation risks as won't flies get the clegg says to the area affected by the chernobyl nuclear disaster the fear is that he could to stop the contamination in the ground. while he is in the region has more on this if you're watching and if you you know why i'm wearing my masters take a look behind me and if you're in the moscow region you can taste it it is awful it's just hard to breathe it's uncomfortable to be so i'm wearing my mask and medical crews are in suggesting that more people do you no matter what your age is no matter what your health. statistics are because it's just hard to be out here in the air is what the myth that the health ministry. this is what's going on so there is a concern because the fires are heading south and they are the region.


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