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surviving against the odds a two week old baby girl is recovering in hospital after being discarded in the scorching sun in southern russia meantime the heat wave clings to the country but firefighters say they all slowly been seeing the blazes we've got the latest this. tempo's rises water levels drop middle east nations accuse each other of draining the river jordan forcing families to limit michael's supply. and keeping the mysticism alive the descendants of ancient shamans of holding tradition in the modern world banks from siberia by. well come tell it off for eleven pm saturday night here in moscow this is r t with me kevin zero in on the top story
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a baby girl in southern russia has stunned don't do this by surviving after being abandoned in the blistering heat wave glaring sun the two week old was discovered on a roadside and now police in the region are looking for a parents he's a country that's got the story tonight. here it's. our start the favorite of all the stuff. and she's something of a miracle after surviving the record heatwave abandoned by the roadside hospital staff have called the baby girl with lana or sonny the two we call child was supported by possible by having laid for hours on the ground in fifty degree heat. i heard a squeak i thought it was a kitten then i looked closer and was taken aback it was a crying child my husband and i was shocked how could somebody abundant a child like this. the couple spent hours trying to track down the girl's parents without success it's a miracle how a baby
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a little more than two weeks old so many hours under the open sun this is what fifty degrees celsius to grow us. doctors say the child was badly dehydrated and was lucky to escape the attention of insects and stray dogs. the situation was critical a little more time and we could have lost or. pleased with your progress the medical staff say she is demonstrating a super appetite. the police are now involved searching for the parents who abandoned their daughter. to go we've been to all the maternity hospitals but so far no information about the unlucky and lucky child at the same time. and amber of families have already approached the local authorities asking to sit london so here future maybe both sunny and secure you can integrate children aren't tea.
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into mergence official so steady progress is being made in the firefighting effort after weeks of ferocious wildfires across western and central russia the area covered no reduced by two thirds and the number of fires is down by half over the past six days a total of one hundred sixty thousand people and more than twenty five thousand appliances though have been involved in tackling the flames so far far have been completely extinguished in fourteen regions in central russia things do remain tense in the other five affected areas including the moscow with emergency ministries transferred extra resources these massive wildfires have destroyed dozens of provincial towns and villages and killed more than fifty people also along with the drought the scorching summer cost russia a third of its wheat crop. three middle east countries are heading into more troubled waters this time over the rapidly draining supplies from the river jordan it is the major water source for israel jordan and syria but has been
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a bone of contention between them for decades and now is artie's policy or found that it's every day citizens who are facing shortages. see home for quhy has always had to worry about water years ago she bought a tank to keep as much of the precious stuff in she needs or to wash her family's clothes twice a week and the rest of the time her children know to keep these showers short in the jordanian capital h two o. is pretty scarce. and a thinking big families usually buy water tanks so we can have enough water to last the whole week but the tanks are expensive and not everyone can afford them we get water two days a week and there's days i switch on the taps and fuel the tanks for a few hours so we can manage on the other days. it's a problem affecting the whole region competition for water between israel jordan and syria has become so fierce that it's turned the once mighty jordan river into
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a trickle well the rivers being almost destroyed because of the conflict because of the competition every country has tried to block off whatever acre it can before it reaches the international share of the river so they can keep it to themselves as typical of a conflict situation israel wants to declare the lower part of the jordan river off limits to pull guerrillas who believe this is where jesus christ was baptized by john the baptist pollution and sewage have contaminated the waters to dangerous levels sixteen years ago israel and jordan signed a treaty that committed both sides to return fresh water to the river but that has never happened these pipes pump water from israel to jordan each year some fifty to sixty million cubic meters pass through them this is enough water for one million jordanians to eat tra drink and to wash each year an extra day in minister says israel is ignoring other parts of the agreement when it comes to the reality is
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that it is sticking to. the share which was decided by. latest plan and the fifty fifty three so was given jordan a lot of water to irrigate areas in the jordan valley also to. the supplier to use for domestic supply and to see water in the upland you know for the most except like no this water has been almost diminished but the allegations have provoked fury i would belkin was one of the israeli team which negotiated with the jordanians about how water would be shared between the two countries the problem is that when he said to the streets he didn't say a quantity i can say very clear. that we are taking exactly the amount of respect that there is the location during
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the winter. in the summer period. with even one cubic meter more as the effects of global warming are felt more year on year disputes in this part of the middle east over water will continue to heat up the r.t. in israel and jordan. just ahead tonight we look at why equality isn't reaching all sections of society in the united states transsexuals there say they are one of the country's most rejected minority groups and we're taking the fight to the top as we report so. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. would
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be so much brighter if you move the song from phones to christians. stopped on t.v. dot com. the transgender community in the united states knows that it's only the land of the free so long as you fit in the country as of course well used civil rights laws protecting race religion and sex discrimination but it answers lauren list and found out transsexuals are struggling to get that same equality.
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mixing glamour to the job fit for a queen i mean i was. happy beautiful claim it was. i was here to have a good time. with all that glitters. music school believes a good break when someone with no formal care for you cared for most transgender people would listen to leave work until you know in the united states. for art for a phrase. and then if you're far from dandy beth glenn used to be simply glenn some people just haven't a factor in occurrence of this sort of thing though friends who have known her for decades say nothing's different now far as personality there's no great change she
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is one of a quarter of transgenders in the us who claim they've been fired because of their gender identity. she is one of ninety seven percent who report they've been discriminated against at work because of it or the boss just summoned her to his office and said is it true that you have decided that you're going for sure that you're going to be transitioning and i want to tell them yes he said well that can't happen appropriately in this workplace and this workplace of all places was the institution that is supposed to protect freedoms and liberties i couldn't believe that especially a government organization would do that it was bandied about glenn's dream job to work beneath this gold element to georgia state capitol where she helped write the bills and resolutions that became laws but none of these laws protected her from being discriminated against as a transgender in georgia as in thirty eight of fifty us states discriminating based
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. gender identity is not banned because vandy beth worked in the public sector with the help of a civil liberties group she is able to sue. its own american for people to do the stuff and through this she's won the admiration of friends just marxist thought a. courageous which is they were. fighting the state power. the support of the queen i think it shows them it's time to change their right to actually leave who they are i do think that that should be even better and now she's fighting the state and not her gender any longer it's an inborn characteristic it's something you're born with and it's something you can't change but it doesn't pay the bills so i have full time employment i can it doesn't change the law if it's explicit the law that you will you you won't have something like this happen the first place. and some of the parents is the side. unemployment
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and discrimination are still a drag for most transgender most transgender people who get fired from their jobs. they just have to. grit their teeth there are the ancestors. more and lyster are. that's the sort of. stuff you'll say about it if you like also tonight the six million dollar scam of russian bank manager and six of his staff stand accused of siphoning funds from their employer in the leverage but. also go home early going to fund we're asking as well online tonight is madonna ready to say i do again and this time in the russian palace we've got the story on our page to go home.
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this is r.t. from moscow since ancient times shamans have helped people souls and connected them with the natural world and many can still be found indeed in russia siberia it's more than just the locals who go to seeking spiritual salvation army sean thomas has been to meet those bringing mysticism to the modern world on the shores of lake baikal. valentini gets ready for a day's work packing is things into kissing his family goodbye but this is no nine to five job. i'm a traditional shaman for my people the body at i grew up in a traditional family we lived at a camp where my ancestors lived and even though it was soviet times we still observed our customs and traditions. in siberia along the shores of lake baikal the powers of the sharman who channel and influence the spirits of good and evil
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are still respected by those who live here. i think they do trust them because many turn for help to shamans of some critical points of their lifes a person always wants to have hope and so they pray regardless of their confession a christian a buddhist i just know that people do go to shamans. it is believed that sherman's act as an intermediary between the human and natural and spiritual worlds of sherman's healing abilities are said to come from his use of these forces to mend a person's soul so in this modern age what's involved in this ancient role. of the q that the main rituals are the following every year we call on rain for our crops and ask for other blessings sometimes we hold wedding rituals but we shamans wait for an invitation they don't impose their practices on anyone this island is known as the heart of lake by call in this spot in particular is very spiritual for the
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shaman and valentino comes here and meets with people from all over so that he can keep ancient traditions and spirituality alive. the newer side to sherman isn't includes tourism as people who visit by car region who grow more curious. yes there are interesting people here and it's not only russian culture but also without culture you can also learn things about shamanic culture. as interest grows a word to the. wise select your sharman carefully. there are huge numbers of shamans now and the majority of them i can see this because i see it not just fakes i know personally one shaman he used to be high ranked official and got to be some sort of a glamorous shaman after he retired he likes to wear expensive assessors can out with fashionable people there are a few shame is like this but people only go today i'm simply because they don't know the difference. the dryland team it claims his bloodline is rich with true
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sharman heritage a tradition he plans to continue with the with the. we respect our history and culture traditions and customs worship the holy fire our great ancestors gods of the sky the earth sun the new moon worship the creator of the universe mother nature we preach living in harmony with self and with nature. providing a service for those who believe john thomas r. t. lead by car siberia. well news in brief now tonight pakistan's independence day celebrations have been toned down the country struggles against the worst natural disaster in its history meanwhile the un has confirmed at least one case of cholera in the north west now as a result of the massive flooding aid workers are scrambling derivatives in far flung but it is hunger and disease spreads through the region pakistan's prime minister says twenty million people are now homeless and over sixty have a good guy. president obama has defended plans to build
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a mosque near the site of the nine eleven terror attacks in new york he says that a nation built on religious freedom must allow it his comments came at a white house dinner are honoring the islamic holy month of ramadan that critics say it's insensitive to build a mosque near ground zero where nearly three thousand people died. to portugal there wildfires spreading across the country threatening homes and structures to the limit at least one of a half thousand people now battling nearly thirty. major fires in the us the strong winds are fanning the flames police have so far arrested fifty people on suspicion of arson the country's president has canceled his vacation to visit the command center is tackling the situation. the test is guarding across in memory of the formal polish president have forcibly removed by the police it was put in place after the april plane crash that killed the president and ninety five others it is now become a side of national mourning poland's current president wants the memorial to be
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placed in the church a controversial wooden crosses divided conservative roman catholic supporters of former president kaczynski and poles supporting the separation of church and state . european far right politicians have visited a controversial tokyo memorial ahead of the sixty fifth anniversary of the end of world war two in japan the yes of kenya's strine is drawing outrage from countries which suffered japanese aggression saying it all as war criminals thousands of prisoners tortured and starved to death during the conflict but the politicians insist they're honoring the people who died for their country. the newly appointed head of the united nations drugs and crime office is vowing to address the afghanistan narcotics threat russian official you're afraid or tof to call the roll last month an r.t.s. military analyst is going to khrushchev says it's high time the war on drugs was linked to the fight against corruption. the russian ambassador to the united
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kingdom you should note that has just been appointed as the u.n. and drug czar so now in his new capacity he will be leading the way of the international community he gains the narco terrorist threat that comes from afghanistan the russian voice has been mostly neglected by i said nato and international community so now it's point when russia has a unique opportunity to retain vigor weight and to jumpstart the international efforts to build up and raise the world where it is the one and only threat of it really is important significant and neglected in afghanistan and that is how to combat the most when the galactic and forgotten drug threat that directly killed ten times more civilian people in afghanistan and all across the world general petraeus has already arrived applause with his written invigorated efforts
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against the widespread corruption in afghanistan he's entitled her option efforts will be even more appreciated if he also incorporate the war against corruption we have the war against drugs in afghanistan a military defense correspondent getting khrushchev there looking ahead tonight ten minutes from now the man who says how getting what you want is all in the mind of just us the marketing man that's coming shortly tonight of the week a business up there with many camps. hello and welcome to business grain prices have more than doubled since the start of the drought and the hikes have been further supported by docs and the global harvest forecast but despite a temporary ban on grain export local producers are seeking to retain their presence in the international market that it all reports. the record drought has seen the russian government reduced estimates of the two thousand and ten
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greenhouse wished to sixty sixty five million tonnes it announced a temporary ban on green experts from august fifteenth to december first to shoot domestic consumers from price hikes but then cost global grain prices just surge to more than eight dollars per bushel despite analysts saying there is no grain to go around the danger is that given we've been through two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and we saw we prices per se it rises in other prices of commodities the danger is that financial markets start to anticipate price growth and other commodities and that's actually what causes a more general food price spike so whilst the fundamentals don't point to a rapid price gains across all of these different markets i say anything there are some risks that we need to be vigilant of wool prices gained more support when the u.s. agriculture department reduced its global would hope forecast by two point three percent but it noted that global supplies will more than there were during the two
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thousand and seven two thousand the green crisis the russian green expert band has local producers looking to shore up their position in the global market over the longer term. the competition on the international food market is extremely high and food issues more sensible on the international market there are resources in the world and it will be supplied by somebody with a range of countries like bangladesh egypt they need green anyway we need to continue talks with those countries we need to think. next year if you will have good harvest and we will return to the international market how we would manage their return of competitive prices. russia has already seated its position as the world's third largest grain exporter producers such as the. grid to keep it to ice with domestic prices rising despite the then russian grain producers who they can retain their position in an increasingly global marketplace you need to do
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a business. prices in russia i grew up to fifteen percent driven by the drought and increased amount for dairy products that's according to the cowen of one of russia's biggest. we can calculate the price increase mathematically fifty percent of the price of milk is comprised over all materials. by sixty percent which means pretty crude grew thirty percent. we have to monitor the situation because consumption is the main indicator for once it starts falling. that's why we have to be very careful and the government should help of course we will see price hikes of ten to fifteen percent but we will try to have it under control. turnover. particularly exciting day for the russian markets the markets and the participating in the red all the blue chips were down between a quarter. horses bucking the trend on the r.t.s.
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that was not a finished off point two percent. telecom. head of analysis at forex club again explains why the stock market's trading in the red this week. as usual russian markets for the correlated with the international markets this week and the main use came from a. federal reserve. rate unchanged bots didn't fill my shit up to meet them into market saying that economic environment for them to remain very challenging that's why investors remain very cautious about their volatile markets and about. the old economy. so they invest. as a share so. that's why it's all russian markets during this week in red that dragonflies raging across russia this summer have spurred russians into
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travel frenzy also the delights of tory agencies. to all regencies are reaping the benefits of summer twenty ten as russians fed up with extreme environmental conditions flee the country. spain israel and egypt have all seen record numbers of russian tourists this summer yet by your question it's absolutely unbearable in moscow because of the heat and fires so i'm taking my children to the seaside so this isn't overreaches have not only bounced back from the recession but also made significant gains of up to twenty percent local tourism is also enjoying an unprecedented demand. here when the fires began breaking across the country we had an explosion of them calls from people asking to send them away from the smaug to somewhere where it was cooler local weekend tourists to northern destination with the most popular i live here there were fears of possible price hikes because of surging demand but analysts say tory agencies
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have maintained modest prices during the difficult situation you could do when you ask yourself the national unity there were no speculations on weather conditions neither in moscow nor in the regions tour operators can discount office as well as last minute deals. in the past few days the smog has somewhat retreated but demand for tours to popular egypt and turkey is still extremely high the question is whether the hotel here is be able to handle russia's travel fever. business r.t. that's all from in the business stay here but you can always find more stories on our web site that's not a dot com slash lists. first
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tree removal called clear cutting. second explosives are used to blast to go deeper than the jurors. heard the remains are removed by machinery. find easy fund wanted soil is deposited in valley field.


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