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all. first tree removal. second explosives are used. in the. machinery. on.
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a two week old baby girl in southern russia. surviving in scorching sun after being abandoned on a roadside in record breaking heat meanwhile firefighters win back two thirds of the area and wildfires but battle on in other areas including. running dispute in a shared water supply from the river jordan is the source of serious friction between israel syria and jordan as shortages threaten to further damage relations between the three countries while their people suffer. the majority of transgenders in the u.s. claim being discriminated against but found to battle on to assert their rights in the country. it is five o'clock in the morning on aug fifteenth in moscow russia's capital this
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is our look at your top stories we start off with the miracle story of a baby girl in southern russia who. astonished doctors by surviving after being abandoned in the scorching heat wave sign the two week old was found by the roadside police in the rostov region are now looking for her parents because. as the story. here it's. our start the favorite of all the stuff. and she's something of a miracle after surviving the record heatwave abandoned by the roadside hospital staff have called the baby girl with lana or sonny the two we call child was supported by possible by having lead for hours on the ground in fifty degree heat. i heard a squeak i thought it was a kitten then i looked closer and was taken aback it was a crying child my husband and i was shocked how could somebody abundant a child like this so the couple spent hours trying to track down the girl's parents
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without success it's a miracle how a baby a little more than two weeks old so many hours under the open sun this is what fifty degrees celsius does to grow us. doctors say the child was badly dehydrated and was lucky to escape the attention of insects and stray dogs but the situation was critical a little more time and we could have lost or. pleased with your progress the medical staff say she is demonstrating a super appetite. the police are now involved in searching for the parents who abandoned their daughter. we've been to all the maternity hospitals but so far no information about this unlucky and lucky child of the same time. and amber of families have already approached the local authorities asking to london so here
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future may be both sunny and secure. in the church over our tea. the battle fighting wildfires and russia's record heat wave seems to be finally turning the way of the emergency services areas of blaze have been reduced by two thirds in recent days with the total number of fires down by half almost one hundred seventy thousand people including volunteers are tackling the flames with fires put out in fourteen regions but the battle goes on in other areas including the moscow region where the emergency ministry is transferring extra resources reeks of massive wildfires have destroyed dozens of provincial towns and villages and killed fifty three people and along with the drought the scorching summer has cost russia a third of the tweet crop. three middle eastern countries are headed for deeper troubled waters over the river jordan rapidly dwindling supply it's the major water source for israel jordan and syria but has been a source of dispute between them for decades and as policy reports its everyday
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citizens who are suffering the most see home for quhy has always had to worry about water here's a go she bought a tank to keep as much of the precious stuff in she needed to wash her family's clothes twice a week and the rest of the time her children know to keep a shower was short in the jordanian capital h two o. is pretty scarce. going to think big families usually buy water tanks so we can have enough water to last the whole week but the tanks are expensive and not everyone can afford them we get one or two days a week on those days i switch on the taps and fuel the tanks for a few hours so we can manage on the other days. it's a problem affecting the whole region competition for water between israel jordan and syria has become so fierce that it's turned the once mighty jordan river into a trickle well the rivers being almost destroyed because of the conflict because of
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the competition every country has tried to block off whatever it can before it reaches the international share of the river so they can keep it to themselves that's typical of a conflict situation israel wants to declare the lower part of the jordan river off limits to pull grimm's who believe this is where jesus christ was baptized by john the baptist pollution and sewage have contaminated the waters to dangerous levels sixteen years ago israel and jordan signed a treaty that committed both sides to return fresh water to the river but that has never happened and these pipes pump water from israel to jordan each year some fifty to sixty million cubic meters pass through them but there's enough water for one million jordanians to eat true drink and to wash each year an extra day in minister says israel is ignoring other parts of the agreement when it comes to. sticking to. last year which was decided.
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to freeze so was giving the water to irrigate. also to. the supplier to use for the most exotic and to sea water. for the most exotic like no this water has been almost diminished but the allegations have provoked fury i would belkin was one of the israeli team which negotiated with the jordanians about how water would be shared between the two countries the problem is that when he said to the street i didn't say. quantity . very clear. that we are taking exactly the mold respect to the is the only location you would be willing to.
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put within to even one cubic meter more as the effects of global warming are felt more year on year disputes in this part of the middle east over water will continue to he tapped policy r.t. in israel and jordan still on the way not happy we will hear why members of the transsexual community in the us say they suffer discrimination and are let down by the law. the new head of the united nations office on drugs and crime has promised to address the narcotics threat in afghanistan russian official your daughter of took over the key role last month artie's military analyst of guinea crucial thinks it's high time the one kardex was linked to the fight against corruption. the russian ambassador to the united kingdom you should note that has just been appointed as the u.n. and drug czar so now in his new capacity he will be leading the way of the
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international community a gains that narco terrorist threat that comes from afghanistan of the russian voice has been mostly neglected by the i said nato an international community so now we have this point mn russia has a unique opportunity to retain vigor rate and to jumpstart the international efforts to build up and raise the world and where it is above the one and only threat bit really is important significant and neglected in afghanistan and that is how to combat most when the galactic and forgotten drug threat that directly keels ten times more civilian people in afghanistan and all across the world general petraeus has already arrived applause with his reinvigorated effort against the widespread corruption in afghanistan he's entitled her option efforts
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will be even more appreciated if he will also incorporate the war against corruption we have the war against drugs in afghanistan. that was artie's military analyst if get a crew shot and now let's take a look at what's online for you today at r.t. dot com. the six million dollars scam a russian bank manager and his several of his staff have been accused of siphoning funds from their employer in an elaborate credit card fraud. was madonna ready to say i do again only this time in the russian palace you can find details on that and all our other news stories online right now at r.t. dot com.
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while the u.s. civil rights organizations report a high rate of violence against the transgender community transsexuals are perhaps the least understood and at least legally protected minority u.s. laws protect against discrimination on grounds of race religion and sex but there's no provision for gender identity in many states as lauren lister reports the transsexuals are fighting hard to gain equality. blitzing glamour. a job fit for a queen i mean i was happy beautiful clamor. that was here to have a good time and. that all that glitters. isn't gold police are going to react when someone with no formal use if you cared for most transgender people were going to vote. in the united states.
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for art for a phrase. and then if you're fired dandy back glenn used to be simply glenn and some people just haven't ever. after an occurrence of this sort of thing though friends who have known her for decades say nothing's different now as far as personality there there's no great change she is one of a quarter of transgenders in the us who claim they've been fired because of their gender identity. she is one of ninety seven percent who report they've been discriminated against at work because of it the boss just summoned her to his office and said is it true that you have decided that you're going for sure that you're going to be transitioning and i want to tell them yes he said well that can't happen appropriately in this workplace and this workplace of all places was the institution that is supposed to protect freedoms and liberties i couldn't believe that especially
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a government organization would do that it was bandied about glenn's three job to work beneath this gold element the georgia state capitol where she helped write the bills and resolutions that became laws but none of these laws protected her from being discriminated against as a transgender in georgia as in thirty eight of fifty us states discriminating based on gender identity is not banned because vandy beth worked in the public sector with the help of a civil liberties group she is able to sue its own american for people to do what was done and through this she's won the admiration of friends this march is funny i did say courageous which is they were. fighting the state of our. the support of a queen i think if a person decides to change their thanks to actually complete who they are i do think that they should be exempt but it doesn't pay the bills it doesn't change the
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law if it's exposed to the law that you would if you your have something like this happen the first place. and some of parents is a side. unemployment and discrimination are still a drag for most transgender transgender people who get fired from their jobs. grit their teeth. more and lyster artsy. other stories around the world now pakistan has cancelled a major independence day celebrations as the country suffers its worst flooding in eighty years aid workers are scrambling to reach victims in far flung villages as hunger and disease spreads the united nations has confirmed a case of cholera in the northwest increasing public health concerns the country's prime minister says twenty million people are now homeless and around fifteen
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hundred have died in. a shooting outside a restaurant in the city of buffalo in new york state has left four dead and several injured witnesses say the victims were leaving the party when the gunfire erupted one man has been detained by police but they've not confirmed he was connected to the incident investigators are examining reports that an argument at the bar might have sparked the shooting. raging wildfires continue to plague portugal threatening homes and stretching emergency services to their limit more than eight hundred firefighters are battling over thirty blazes in the north where strong winds are fanning the flames so far west of fifteen people on suspicion of arson the country's president and prime minister broke off their vacations to visit the crisis command center in. at least eleven people have died and over sixty are missing in devastating floods and landslides in china's sichuan province a further twenty thousand have fled their homes out of the country in the worst
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rains in decades several other areas have been affected with major highways damage the death toll in neighboring joe has hit more than. twelve hundred due to recent mudslides triggered by rains. and staying with the china story now we talk about the country's place on the world stage with a senior figure from russia's diplomatic academy that's coming up next.
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the world has been dissolved in recent years by what's called the chinese economic miracle just days ago beijing claimed it had overtaken japan to become the world's second largest economy after the u.s. but overwhelming growth brings some serious challenges environmental financial social and political discourse where they're going to handle them i'm joined now here by the vice chancellor for research and international relations at the russian foreign ministry as diplomatic academy in guinea by jennifer thank you very much again for your time thank you for inviting me to the problem well some experts say china is over hating all those that it's already over hate it what do you think i think trainers economists over and over here than all the time because they have for a disproportionate. sectors of the economy which grow very fast for example in the street the same time the don't have enough resources how dangerous is that for the
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economy when china started reforms experts in russia or in other countries used to say over the column. the color will be in trouble furious it will go down but somehow every time they manage to improve. the potential one of the chinese yuan strong says of becoming the world's. reserve currency to be asked or talk to try and use another. this question the loft some of them smile when they say because of course it's a long way to go as far as labor for china concerned some of them already use some of them already use this currency in some cases like mongolia like laos cambodia cetera but to say that they can replace american dollar. for the. simple future and surely you see them don't do this they don't try to destroy a dollar because then the standard put happens the whole world economy will go to pieces how big is china's role in global politics today and what are the major
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political challenges the country is now facing china is a permanent member of the u.n. security council and china is one of the greatest economy in the congress in the world china has a very active foreign policy and as a result china plays a very important role in the world and no i wouldn't say you have you can find even one problem in the world which can be sold with the without participation of china and i stress the chinese role in most cases very positive they try to bring peace and stability in the world they need it because the preoccupied with the internal problems with their internal development and they need peaceful environment let's not talk about china's relations with another superpower america how they develop and at the moment well you know china had a leader who used to say about soviet american relations soviet union and the united states that these two superpowers collude and polite they try to work
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together with the same time they do have problems so i would describe it in the same way in the relations between china and the united states they depend on the child they understand it very well they depend the canonically of the political both countries understand that every issue in the world has to be handled. on the basis of cooperation between them but the same time they are competitors america wants to be number one try. it's to be a number one it's been trying to do one for me and china is a challenge the challenge is growing asia and the pacific japan and south korea which of the united states but they already have more trade with china than with the united states recently i talked to one diplomat from thailand in moscow and i said to him what is china's role in your foreign policy and he said you know our prime minister he used to start his day by reading the new york times now he starts
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his day by hearing what is what is said in the miserable in the chinese newspaper china is becoming more important for many countries it's become more important more dangerous. it will it becomes more important and more dangerous china doesn't want to be in the american. interest and on many issues and they do have issues where they collide it's taiwan issue japan smita role and there are some other issues and in addition to the field of americans not only challenge their positions in the world but they're not interested interested in the growth of the chinese economy in the modernization of china and they suspect that americans interfere with internal affairs which we have the bit we have the issues of we have other problems inside china and chinese feel that americans are behind it as they say it's not only hollywood actors who support people into bed and support it but it's also american
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special services it's american government you've mentioned that and now the sensitive issue with fresh air on china from that actual community is there any way we see that. if you talk about in the national community you talk mostly about the west russia is not part of the west we don't put any pressure on china on this issue a bit is a part of china has been with china for centuries and to britain they live ten times better than used to live. let's say the last century even thirty years. go and they have more freedom the biggest at the same time we don't know they have separatists and those subvert the sometimes a very warlike and they cause trouble for the chinese government so chinese has no choice but to try to stop them the station on the korean peninsula is hotting up just a while ago the u.s. and south korea had joint military exercises in the pacific something north korea was strongly opposed to was china's stance on north korea is the only official ally of china chinese porton career in the korean war and fifty future to the last
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one million people and of course they treasure those relations they want to. you know to stay allies of north korea at the same time they do understand that north korean economy doesn't work well they encourage north koreans to promote reforms to make the economy more market oriented they try to encourage north korea to be more open to the world and they're very much against north korea nuclear weapons but they do say cheney is that the reason most korea wants to have nuclear weapons is because america doesn't profit most most korea puts pressure on north korea and the bush for example was very warlike against north korea the chinese way or dealing with this issue is to see to the table and try to solve the issues in a peaceful way and chain you say that america should recognize north korea as an. independent country they don't have diplomatic relations so far and america should
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start political and economic relations with north korea and as a result most korea will stop change and this is the basic position of china in the basic position of russia so the purpose of both china and russia no to bring those part this again at the table and continue negotiations it's not going to see me talking about russia and china other two countries culp racing or rather competing today i would say that we are called. praise and work very much better than we corporation ever before even when they were elyse in a few million years we didn't have such a corporation as we have now and i think over because our relationship based on a very solid basis first of all. we have the same outlook as far as the international system. we wanted to be a multiple they wanted to the multiple not controlled by genetics space or the west but based on the united nations on international law and on collective decision for
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all countries of the world and it's very important this all to look at the world because it's the security of the country that's the way we feel but feel that our security can be guaranteed only if such a system is established and chinese have the same plane as number two on most international issues most come create international issues we have similar positions it's korea it's run its expansion of nato it's middle east. in addition to this we did have problems left from history it's the border question and military. gauge mintz near the border i mean. troops on the both sides all this issues were solved another factor is that we don't have ideological differences which existed in the soviet times as i said we were allies but then because of their ideological differences and geopolitical
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differences and the board they should cetera et cetera we became less and at another factor which helps to improve relations and to promote relations between russia and china is the economic factor we have economic dependence some people in russia say that china is growing too fast and it's becoming stronger than russia so the balance of power is changing in the chinese favor so china can become a threat but i replied to those. pulled it back in the beginning of the twentieth century there were people in russia quite a few by the way politicians journalists writers who used to say that china is going to be threat number one to russia in the twentieth century instead of this we did have two wars against our christian brothers in the west and we didn't fight chinese we didn't have a world war with china that big war china's impressive economic growth has that to environmental concerns has a country dealing with it and is
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a table today with them i call what you call threat in china i would even say it's maybe sort of number one it's awful. cities which were down because of coal mines under the seats and. not enough for what. not enough for many of the things which are available normal developed countries so it's extremely difficult issue and i don't know how much and you said when a cope with it because if they put too much emphasis on a college or the economy on this gross will go down and chinese cannot afford if the the gross is is not like it is now then unemployment will go up dramatically and it's already very very large in china and other social problems will. pile up so it's a big issue and i don't know if anybody has a positive answer to that saying that well in twenty years everything's going to be
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. china's days among the world's most unequal societies there are many poor people living in china today how is the country doing with that while this is again the very big problem they're trying to lead the say that we should put much emphasis on the social situation on this social differed sation. but again as i said the two have to develop a plan and so. roy. it's also the least it's very difficult situation we can see china is now facing many challenges they will be able to deal with them and continue its fright i would i would say there is a big chance they can do it but nobody can be certain that will happen life is that you know struggle spoke to the collapse of the soviet union where superpower one of the strongest so. countries in the world had cetera et cetera and we had to do.


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