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germany is struggling to keep its immigrant neighborhoods in order with the country planning to bring in turkish police to help combat crime. in an exclusive interview with dante the correct when president's done will take up calls on latin america to stand up against washington's policy of aggression. snooki snooki snooki snooki snow nucky is here the it girl of america's reality t.v. we'll look at how snooki conquered the small screen and the hearts of millions.
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you know that you're watching on t.v. i'm carrie johnston welcome to the program well top story now turkish police may soon be patrolling germany's streets the aim is to get a grip on crime amongst the country's largest ethnic minority turkish immigrants are often seen as having failed to integrate into german society and thai unemployment is leading to serious problems but critics of the new policing plan say it's just another example of discrimination auntie's tom bottom explains. crystal tank feels like a stranger in her own country daily she enjoys the summer parks and life here in this cologne suburb when not working as a doctor but she feels totally outnumbered death alice can't live with it all happened very silently without anyone noticing much the german population will delay their children were taken out of the schools and suddenly there are only
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turks here and there are around two million turkish citizens living in germany with many more having adopted german citizenship special worker recruitment agreements from the one nine hundred sixty s. made germany the destination of choice for turkish economic migrants. are immigrant you can't. go there when you do the work for now we have room to move you make them all to make. and rate them. but as well as being the largest ethnic minority some believe they're also the worst written into the new society if there was probably it's a big problem that the turks of the last generation haven't integrated would have developed further away we have fifteen to twenty year olds who have moved further away from german culture than old immigrants this is a big effect on their behavior. procol known as a small group and although many germans think multiculturalism isn't working many also think turks should be allowed religious cultural freedom was. the great that
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they are all the way ordinary were. they behave a little when we went to some of these areas many turks themselves tonight there were problems as they get out as they are trying to live together and i understand there are some problems but it's not true that turks can't integrate that we all get along there are many turks russians germans and arabs here on t.v. in the media they talk about people shooting each other and fighting. but that's not the case here. but not all where are we you hear that. as well as a cultural divide there's also the more serious problem of crime unemployment among young turks in germany is high but the resulting boredom leading to delinquency crystal has seen it all passion betty said in violence that's what the young ones
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do most themselves drugs what turns don't drink as we know it but they do fight each other. and they don't just face off with fellow turks in a new plan police from turkey will help their german counterparts patrol troublesome neighborhoods those behind it don't want segregation but rather a more sympathetic approach to policing turkish communities bust them so it's not covered of course the german police can handle the situation but there have been lots of recent reports about attacks and violence against police officers who try to enforce law in such problematic regions with a high violence potential so we have to think about what we could do better. but the plan is getting a lot of criticism some saying it's clear evidence the police don't know how to deal with turkish communities and crystal is one of those who thinks it's discrimination against turks you have not really i don't like this plan the russian
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polish minorities don't have police it's not fair for the turkish to have them you have to police other people won't respond german police. this is the main turkish street in the old german city of cologne and streets like this that these new police officers are intended for and it's on streets like this the people will decide whether this plan is an example of policemen or to or a failure to engage with germany's immigrant population tom barton r.t. cologne germany. the u.s. is dictating policy to the rest of the world according to nicaraguan president daniel ortega he told r.t. that latin america is tired of being treated as simply part of washington's backyard. the world is changing the u.s. isn't this isn't a problem just for latin america but rather for the entire world this country has military and economic power and at the same time it's not changing its expansionary
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and imperialist policy. they carry on the same policy is always they've been acting just like in the past their policy is of unwelcome intervention of coups and threats and i guess a body of thought of what could have been done to find a way out of the situations that i want them afforded a lot and all of us supported the new format of relations with the united states whenever i speak to presidents of latin american countries no matter how conservative they are in private they condemned the united states added to the words of them they are against the fact that the us government attributes points to them in their own classification of what government can support the idea of the us acting like agree judge which gives you the points for democracy human rights and fighting against drug trafficking in your own country who in turn will judge the us of course it gives way to emotions to speak about the economy about the protectionist policy of the year was in european countries nobody agrees with that
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the thing is that we have not learned so far to organize or latin american area to consolidate our able latin american people which will enable us to negotiate with europe and the us and with developed countries and reasonable terms there was that it won't happen and you can watch the full interview with daniel take the next hour here on out in. the u.s. top commander in afghanistan says he'll tell president obama there shouldn't be a sudden exodus of troops when the time to withdraw comes next yet meanwhile american forces off a pattern of major attack on the birthplace of the taliban but artie's military analyst says that instead of trying to win public support for the campaign the u.s. should move troops to pakistan to fight the insurgency there. one of the main objective of the u.s. commander in afghanistan general betray us charm offense reve the assistance of u.s. media was to sell the us counting insurgency strategy to american public
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general petraeus made a splash read his newly coined catch phrase when he said that he was not sent to afghanistan just to exit cute the graceful exit reve all due respect i have to admit it was the ill advised idea for general petraeus to coin this particular phrase every other option is a tenuous road from bad to worse the only opposite to the graceful exit is a disgraceful escalation of hewers forces in afghanistan the reason no way to imagine that this surge in afghanistan could be called graceful another alternative is it disgraceful exit which will be dictated not by the will of the u.s. commander in afghanistan but he will be enforced by the deteriorating situation on the ground and by political expediency and the incoming me term elections
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in the united states and it will be further exacerbated by the war fatigue of the american public by rated pulling the us forces from afghanistan to pakistan he could brain to bear the us forces where the devil where me real at least that is pakistan the epicenter of the natural disaster and the hub of international terrorism. coming up later in the program a sacred place for mothers to be discovered a connection between ancient lives and the people on the shores of russia's lake baikal. disarming saddam hussein. majority of iraqi citizens. disappeared brings further assurance that the torture
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chambers and the secret police are gone forever. is again every embassy in kabul. to watch occupied afghanistan. to bicycles it want china mobile. it is appropriate to the. accordance. with the to the. face stomach slap if you can. so that it shocks especially if you get to sleep but you don't actually breaking into homes could deter occasion techniques that we. want to prove but the senior leadership. we have nothing to. really see.
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some well these in briefly in the philippines a former police officer who's holding tourists hostage on a bus has released some of those on board. still being held by the man who's on the automatic rifle he's on live pictures from the philippines all of this very volatile situation and now he's demanding to be reinstated in his own talk. around in the bus which is and then in the in the country's capital the man's brother john they can see a nation team in a tense standoff trying to persuade the man to surrender. more than thirteen miners have been found alive in chile all being trapped underground for seventeen days rescuers center probed almost seven hundred meters into the collapsed mine shall be coming back with a handwritten note saying it will survive being the shelter over the authorities say it could take up to four months to get out of oxygen now they want them to be.
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in china more than two hundred fifty thousand people have now been forced to flee the northeastern city of dunn don't after a rain swollen river overflowed four people have been killed by the floodwaters and parts of the city are cut off region is the latest to be hit in the country's worst floods season alone a decade the area borders north korea which has also been affected has been. under series of bombings across baghdad have killed two people who didn't just days after american combat troops withdrew from iraq voters explosion came on sunday evening as it is a popular stop mortar shells have also been fired into the heavily fortified green zone which houses iraqi government offices british u.s. embassies. charlus couples off looking to a place near the lake by colleen siberia considered by many to be sacred they believe in the powers of a goddess of wisdom who is a patron for mothers after
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a visit many who had been declared infertile claim to have been able to have children sean thomas met some of the lucky parents. many seeker wisdom but she never utters a word hundreds come to be blessed with children but she doesn't work in any clinic yet here near the shores of lake by call lies the sacred place that's home to the powers of the goddess yon jima and it's not just the local people who are drawn in . i was here last year and i always keep remembering the garden this year i came to play with my sister and a girlfriend this place is special you could say it's closer to the cosmos. image is said to be found in these rocks many come here to pay homage but it is said that each has a unique perspective. she's always seen differently to some she's dancing to others playing a guitar some see her in a car or on a horse some see a tiger which is a keeper of buddhism some don't see her immediately this means they have to walk
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more circles around the mountain the more the better then they'll see her though the spot is said to be sacred in general those who come here say that this area has one very special and specific power or chill calling here to create and jim is a very strong god is he she helps people and children she helps us we wanted to have children in fact influence is said to be behind a kind of population surge so the birth rates going out yes we need to have kindergartens opened again but they've all been closed now we need them again and the people who haven't bought a busines say that the power of these rocks is so real that women who have been medically declared infertile are able to have children once they've experienced the miracle here natalia solomon's gay or was an accomplished professional athlete but what she wanted more than anything was to have a child. or professional sport is not good for health because it's just. my body was exhausted in one thousand nine hundred seven i was diagnosed with it
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you might have to keep me you moved i told the doctor i wanted another child he did everything possible for me to have more children but it wasn't to pass a bill. while visiting her parents neighbors suggested she paid a visit to young jima and though skeptical natalia made the journey the other the so i just walked over and asked i have everything in my life all i'm asking for is a child i didn't even care what it would be a boy in a week who returned to my parents' home and went to that place again and just one week later i got pregnant while in her mid forty's natalia gave birth and is now the proud mother of a healthy four year old daughter today she directs other would be mothers down the same path on your own i need pressure to another woman who in their great chance was married twice and had no kids she is a wealthy business woman should look for help everywhere but she had a baby at forty one but i hadn't visited that grace there are many examples so it's
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true that she hopes to have to do the doctors of course will have other ideas but in the absence of a better baby boom explanation as mountain will bring mothers to be in search of a family sean thomas r.t. siberia. from the land which gave a celebrity icon such as marilyn monroe and jennifer aniston comes a new sensation snooki the reality t.v. star is now one of the hottest names in america with other famous figures trying to ride on a wave of popularity. tries to find out if there's anyone in new york who hasn't for the on the snooki spell. she's the legendary sex goddess who in nam heard the world. symbol glamorous and famous friends only fifty of us now women row with each passing decade america embraced a new icon who created trends and fed fantasies. but today's it for
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a snow cave snuffy smoky snuggies snow snooki is here snooki or nicole khaleesi is the smallest and hannah just cast member of m.t.v.'s reality show where he sure. was down. from wall street. to the red carpet and when he got music to the big apple. tree like we need her was she like oh you know she was cool i think she's that way somewhat entertaining the part that would bring. more people to a reality t.v. star has become america's new cultural symbol a reflection some say of a different kind of a more common cause of her lover to look into. the family has her own signature laugh and figure out that americans really have called the jersey sure so
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relatable even the u.s. president when he speaks of snow exploded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill. snooki then gets caught short snoeck a run as mayor of was it left. out of that almost nothing. that is r t chemistry set in manhattan right on able to find even one person who doesn't know snooki yeah i would take me for a drink right absolutely why because she's is the air is just like me making it through we make it popular cast member snooki of that hit reality shows the. rested with a reported salary of thirty thousand dollars per episode this reality show star has made it so he's a national appeal may be debatable but her international reach i don't know about the jersey shore is currently broadcasting in more than thirty countries around the globe and foreigners are turning to eat more in about america that might meet.
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the most famous u.s. ambassador and that has some americans believing snooki might be worth what the world thinks of the usa i don't associate myself with i just don't think that she's adding anything to to our cultural experience to love her or hate her i think snooki is a new and different kind of symbol. in america. marina poor nine are to new york. on long few twenty four hours a day. more stores some more on that right now new york will soon be on our shores one of the city's texans are going to extinction. under a piece of real estate on red square a russian right forehead and that is the reason why you don't come.
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during world war two russia's course bowls was the scene of a time in history it was the last major german offensive mounted against the soviet union or twenty nine hundred forty three the tide of war when he turned against. thank. you are my. four months of preparation. players to launch their mind. the last effort to keep the lead on the eastern front . lead sit down. are still.
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the most heavily reinforced. lasted forty. one of the bloodiest battle. of the turning point. burning. on our team. as you can watch our special report about ten minutes here on out. but this is a little and then news that russia is on the lookout for foreign workers and willing to make it easy for them to work a lot on a small hello that's right russia will sir current more ex-pats is going to make changes to the visa low to make it easier for farm professionals to come over but have the details later in the program and your johns may be about to pay on the global communications market russia's vanpool com is reportedly in talks to buy two telecom companies it lays wind a middle east in our us calling for six billion dollars gas as
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a county owned by gyptian tycoon achieved through various nick pool reports. vimpel com is in talks to buy one hundred percent of wind and fifty one percent of or a scam the russian operator will reportedly fund the deal with shares and around one billion dollars in cash if it goes through vimpel com will more than double the number of its users but analysts say the main attraction is the development opportunities it offers an asia russia and ukraine. growth drivers. at least of key of will russia can't deliver such high growth rate the way the earlier several years ago in that case a reasonable for all. their many activities such markets as the markets. are still on the pin trade the market is not taking kindly to vanpool coms
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plans shares in the company fell dramatically as news of the possible acquisition emerged investors are worried about the debts associated with the companies the egyptian try coom wants to sell in when the wind has long been ridden currently its debt standard eight billion euros this was one of the main problems nigeria service was trying to resolve by during new loans he had difficulties financing his activities i believe his main objective with this deal is to resolve the problem of wins debts. another reason for the market to be unhappy is that the profitability of wind in our risk is much lower than that of import com so while the deal would mean vimpel com will become the fifth largest mobile communications group in the world for users it may be a case where more is less nick poole business r.t. . time now to check out the market from here in moscow they're calling him
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a day trader after a shaky start from zero six whoring in the black is our money the main players driving games on the lie sex with trans ness through shares are up more than two point five percent. and over in europe so long as they've opened higher with more rumblings on the mergers and acquisitions side of the focus the mind is keeping investors busy shares of brewer s.a.v. miller was sent off to report that he may have bid up to ten point nine billion dollars through operations of books to prove. an iron age of japanese shares and low exporters weighing on the market as the yen remains near fifteen year highs hong kong shares of slaves as a result shares pushed low while weakness in some commodities. now russia has set new visa terms for foreigners planning to work in this innovation center skulker business professionals will get a single thirty day visa after handing in up location if they come into the country for two weeks highly qualified specialists will have an opportunity to get
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a three year working visa which can be extended several times but being close to a specialist we based soley on salary for others must earn five point six thousand dollars or more a month the government has been discussing a new visa term for professionals since spring this year. and also means russia making it easier for foreign workers to come to russia is also strengthening its recruitment drive more than thirty percent of ex-pats working in russia were forced back to their respective countries because of the financial crisis the companies in russia are starting to rehire foreign labor as the economy rebounds has the details . russia for foreigners has always been a country of perceived risk but it has always been a risk with potentially huge rewards big salaries and low taxation have been a draw for many in addition russia is a relatively undiscovered country for the people in the west and offers a sense of adventure although that sense of strangeness works both ways in russia there is very much the concept of local we're now seeing in central eastern europe
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much less of this because if an american works in the u.k. or a german works in italy this isn't an ex-pat this is just somebody working in a different country and i think eventually that will happen here the recent crisis spell the end for many ex-pats working in russia as companies cut costs by letting go high paid staff with a recovery has come renewed demand for outside expertise and the ability to pay for it. but headhunters caution against the idea that foreign is necessarily better on the whole i have to i'm a little bit skeptical about how successful foreigners have been when working for russian companies because far too often they're brought in for window dressing purposes that you know hey we've got this guy let's wheel him out to the investors because he's got a big name clearly it's a question of hiring the best person for the job but russia presents its own set of challenges for business where local knowledge is often of paramount importance is
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vast majority expatriates are not grades as general managers see those of the corporations not because they're bad but because state dominates g r as a function is vital here so you shouldn't high expatriate for this difficult role as first deputy heading up marketing heading up operations expatriates are great the key to rush's appeal is that there is still so much to do and accomplish something that foreigners from a saturated and developed west are keen to be a part of and should president medvedev strive for modernization and gain momentum it could open up a new range of opportunities in small and medium sized high tech companies michael christian go business r.t. . over there thousand a can always find more on our website r.t. dot com slash.
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some. mums. the book. mum.
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mum the borrowing money mummy. this history still keeps its secrets but now it's time to move feel up to the soviet farms and onto some. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to look for asians are relieved a. mum.


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