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and in the u.s. france fears over a new era of racial hatred. also a growing number of russians are choosing cheap copies of luxury brands but psychologist caution buying fakes can lead to living if they wife. this is already coming to life in moscow armory and josh welcome to the program four hundred children of the of workers are to be deported from israel despite being born there and speaking haber oh they were never given citizenship because their parents are not israeli or jewish as are reports the situation is many people questioning the government's drive to preserve what they call the jewish character of the state. he's five and a half thousand miles away from most of his family living in
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a country where his mother is unemployed and frightened and now they're about to be deported but this is the only world a four year old john michael knows born in israel he speaks hebrew in his friends are israeli and he understands precious little about the place he's about to be seen to the very place his mother came from the philippines she asks us not to name her killer in his speak with the language he knows their food their friends i asked him one time j.m. you like to go to filkins. philippines. full. we're still friends of course you don't know that the place in my contract where my popeye yes and he said ok i'll go to field beans with my friends. and explained to him. it was a journey that started with so much hope john michael's mom like forty thousand
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other filipinos was lured with a dream of work and a new life in the promised land but soon after she became pregnant she was fired and her visa canceled for months now israelis have been torn over what to do about the future of hundreds of children who like john michael are born and bred in israel but who are not considered israeli citizens most of the children's parents arrived in israel in the early ninety's they were placed cheaper palestinian neighbor that was becoming harder for israelis to access curfews and roadblocks have made it difficult for palestinians to get permits to work in israel which is why today as many as half a million foreign workers live in israel earning much more than they would back home but the payoff is the uncertainty that now clouds the children's future the interior ministry says it has to the fourth is children because they are already so many illegals in this country it says they threaten the jewish character of the state but it's a controversial decision that has many are still white schools and should have to
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pay the price for the government's lack of a clear policy. and the anger of many has spilled over onto the streets after months of thinking it over the israeli government now says it will deport four hundred foreign children and their families who do not match strict criteria that would have allowed them to stay in israel these include living in israel for five years being part of the school system and having parents with valid work permits. holidays over they make ten times more money here than they do in other countries like romania for example enough with this very parkers to any of these children rise up and cry stop talking rubbish they will return to their families that's where they need to be up the protesters say it's by expelling children that the very character of the jewish state is threatened for me personally it's ninety's children working with them already for three years seen their. and understanding that they're not only the best israeli because they love this country just want to
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contribute and be a part of us so i really can't understand how anyone the treaty knows them can stand aside and let them be deported from their homeland these very very important democratically product really probably will be made its voice very loaded very clear and gross. has to do is to make the right decision is read or says that every jew around the world has the right israeli citizenship but for john michael who sees radian every since of the wood just lost his faith that citizenship is a distant reality he's one of the four hundred children threatened with deportation . tel aviv. now one of the world's most pressing problems immigration is the source of political debate all over the world in the u.k. the government is divided over the issue amid shocking the reports that some homeless immigrants in britain have resorted to eating rats simply to survive more details in just a few minutes. and with the situation in iraq far from stable we ask
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a former cia officer why the us has pulled out its troops. the us is a multinational country which has always attracted people seeking a better life but recent violence against hispanics emigrants has prompted fears over a new wave of racial hatred lauren lyster is a new york for us. the united states has always been a country of immigrants but they're not always welcome we've seen mexicans targeted in the western state of arizona which passed a tough law targeting undocumented immigrants there's many many people to come to this country and they go through the proper channels to do the proper thing and and the people that don't do that they're breaking the law despite a backlash. now we're seeing more signs this sentiment is making ripples across the country far from the mexican border in one area of new york city.
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there has been a string of a dozen attacks on hispanic residents in recent months the victims like were helio . infidel you can literally find them simply walking through the neighborhood and the suspects unfortunately most of these attacks most recently in the acts against him which according to these victims they were targeted by teens while minding their own business was registered in the back of my head. and then they hit my our entry point for no other reason than being mexican they were peers to be a divide between the minorities sharing this poor area of new york despite this when you go through these statistics you want education and trying to bring the bottom the blacks and hispanics before the show before we were in common then we don't have that here the rift appears to be growing but the influx of hispanic immigrants city blocks that used to be vacant are now flourishing appearing to
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leave behind he she a lot of mix if you were here you know what's working here this is the main thoroughfare of this neighborhood it's where many of the mexican shops and markets like this one have popped up it's also where many of the anti mexican attacks have occurred now the police presence across the street as a result is new but residents say the issues. or not or was he just such a he's up to forty. two years. when i was in high school i was really getting peculiar so with mexicans some argue now blacks are unfairly targeted by all the attention that blacks feel slighted they feel mexican and share in the blame too and i here legally and they commit crimes here is an argument being made from this talk to a new york town to the streets in arizona so in a country of immigrants does this point to a pecking order that has always been looking really new and the latest royal always
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has to get people to go through the tension among races simply evolving to a new era like the ones you something that was a period now is that wise you can do more secure and has america always been a melting pot where someone's getting burned we leave. lauren lyster our teeth new york. and as the us declares an official and to its combat mission in iraq many are asking if the war is really over around fifty thousand troops remain in the country in a supporting role into local forces take complete control but former cia officer jack rice says the u.s. government and the pattern god are misleading the american public by glossing over of the true situation and iraq. the obama administration and even the pentagon to some degree as well as basically look at the political side of this they can't
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continue this indefinitely they can't and so they've looked at what the american people and everybody wants this war to be done in the united states the problem is is it is it is not done i mean a lot of the problems that we face that a lot of the problems with iraqis themselves faced in the past they're still there i'm a schism that you're finding within the country still exist the problems that within their legislature still exist the violence still exists just because it's under the surface doesn't mean it's disappeared it's just that we desperately want it to disappear so we relabel it shining up and say well mission accomplished unfortunately a lot of the things that we thought were going to be major ships in the obama administration simply turned out to be a little bit more of the same specifically i recall the argument of transparency of this war is both or is that how we deal with the war on terror and i was in the room in the white house in the situation room as they were talking about this and what they talked about at the time was that there was going to be more transparency
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and then his people came out and said well we decided it was actually continue with the bush administration on those same policies so the more changes the more it stays the same. watching r.t. live from moscow and there are more stories available to you on our website which is r t v dot com let's now take a look southern russia is facing a threat from the tropics the deadly west nile virus is spreading in the region in the wake of an unusually hot summer. also singing in the rain but spirits were far from damp as the first russian you to concert rocked moscow with tens of thousands of fans bopping to the legendary irish band. clocks on the tower and alleged by chapman is facing a legal case after a photo shoot with a russian magazine visitor to a dot com to see how the station got her into trouble.
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the british coalition government is divided over plans to place a cap on the number of immigrants and who are in the country some politicians say the decision will damage the international image of the u.k. and harm the country's economy while they debate the future of the immigration system many of those directly affected are struggling to survive on the streets. in london they said you are never more than two meters away from of rocked the disease infested often poisoned but according to charities homeless migrants from eastern europe have become so desperate that some of have no choice but to the east of new peon migrants. living on streets in school in extreme situations is a consequence of the transition period in european union so basically for the first
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year of their stay in the war. and they have no rights whatsoever if for example someone becomes addicted to alcohol or something they lose their job and end up on streets no rehabilitation is of valuable no detox no accommodation for homeless eastern europeans the problems so serious that polish charities like barker work in conjunction with local authorities to get eastern european migrants off the streets and encourage them to go home if they fall in on hard times recent figures show a quarter of london's four thousand homeless are from central and eastern europe because of their lifestyle many have serious alcohol problems with reports of some drinking alcoholic handwash stolen from hospitals for people are known to have died often it only takes a relatively minor life event to pull the rug from under their feet.
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and. i couldn't get. the money and. decided to come here instead of going home david felt he was better off squatting in london and that's true of latvian martins too he ended up sleeping on a park bench and scavenging for food from bins after several job losses now squatting and hoping to find work he's got a message for anyone considering coming to the u.k. to seek their fortune. before you come here find who you're going to work what you're going to do no one is waiting for you here and just doesn't ring them from the sky many homeless eastern europeans day because tomorrow might be the day they find work and a better life that the feeling that going home would be an unbearable admission of failure the major problem that faces migrants from eastern europe is the lack of a safety net what may seem like relatively minor misfortunes can easily leave them
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on the streets in mid two thousand and eleven. the e.u. will enforce regulations that mean migrants will be able to claim housing and unemployment benefits after just three months in the u.k. but if you are forced to survive by eating maybe three months is still very you know you are abit nazi. while existing immigrants in the u.k. manger more rights from next year the number of new migrants coming into the country could be kept out of the founders of the ukraine depends party gerrard biden believes and control entry only harms britain immigration into our country has been out of control for a very long time now purely on the numbers basis we are one of the most about the most densely populated country in europe it is absolutely absurd to have effectively unlimited and uncontrolled immigration into this country we have anyway from within the european union where we can't stop people companied wanted to and
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we don't really control it from outside either so yes you have to have very strict controls the time has come to say this we need an end to mass immigration we need controlled immigration on a very limited level and only where it benefits britain its people and its economy all of this increased immigrant immigration and population growth which is entirely due to immigration actual facts and burst to immigrants we see it's simply unsustainable on the basis of amount of land we've got to live in our public services roads hospitals and all the rest of it and it amazes me how people on the left specially the greenies. you know very much in favor of unlimited immigration. alice take a look at some other stories from around the world and in western turkey two hundred firefighters are battling wildfires caused by a spark from a welding iron and flames fanned by strong winds now spread to almost eighty have to reserve would line dozens of people have been evacuated from their homes in the region is on high alert for courts to buyers are spreading to eastern greece.
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an american citizen has been freed from a north korean jail after an intervention by former u.s. president jimmy carter aijalon mahli gomes was sentenced to eight years hard labor for illegally entering the country is thought to have crossed the border from china on a one man peace mission and was jailed in january last year president clinton secured the release of two american journalists from north korea. and a u.n. draft report is accused the wand an army of genocide and crimes against humanity in the democratic republic of congo the paper says soldiers and allied rebels targeted hutus and wondered who the refugees were ten years from nine hundred ninety three hundreds of thousands were killed during the violence in the final version of the report is expected to be published in september. new video of thirty three workers trapped in a chilean mine shows them in good spirits a man i've been struck underground following
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a cave in early this month and be received oxygen food and water via pipe myers might also soon get videos of mary donna and other food greats to relieve their boredom they face several months underground until they can be brought to the surface some relative say they will soon be owners and inspectors of the pit. that russia is a country with a wide income gap and while some shoppers enjoy buying luxury brands others opt for fakes the counterfeit goods market is thriving and on the rise are these test us you know you have met some of those who claim to prefer the imitation to the genuine i am. meet the proud owner of a fake rolex he doesn't understand why people even buy the real thing in the first place to be together with others i usually tell people it's fake it's funny i think those who buy real rolex watches and real luxury products are stupid for buying such expensive things they're just showing off i respect businessmen who are cheap
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stuff this mindset contributes to what analysts an esper group called a thriving counterfeit luxury goods trade in russia they say shoppers forked out a fifteen billion dollars on fakes last year and growth has risen from just about five percent in two thousand and eight to fifteen percent in two thousand and nine this year. there are two reasons why people buy fakes on purpose first is the mentality of having style and status the label is important second there is a large gap between luxury and cheap products so there is not my choice in between here so it seems fake products fill that gap the owner of the shop selling copies of luxury goods has jumped on the opportunity and he swears by the quality of his merchandise but. there are good and bad fakes their factories in china that made the real thing in the ninety's and today he was the same materials to make copies they're exactly the same you don't have to pay
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a lot of money just for the stamp of the brand name so what's in a brand name different people have different opinions but whatever the reason behind the super pattern is a fake luxury products the fact of the matter is the russian market is a lucrative one and for as long as there's strong demand it's bound to stay that way but psychologist yana laputa warns that opting for an imitation could mean opening a can of worms yes the i need to step in the station if you keep buying fake things you'll believe in a fake life you're trying to be someone to you're not there's nothing wrong with reaching for something better but if you do it through fake things it's ridiculous . still there are people like denise will stand their ground even if their heels are fake. r.t. moscow. and i g.'s martin anders is off on his golden ring travels again today's destination is an ancient town of over one thousand years old both some beautiful sites including a spectacular kremlin building i catching silver don't you can see that next hour
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here. welcome to saudi rust off this week if you want to look which is golden ring cities and towns only two hundred kilometers north of the crazy capital moscow what's different is the traffic to be seen the air is fresh from the pace this. brings us up today for more memory can always log on to our website which is our team dot com right now though we're turning to the world of business daniel is here with us in the studio with warning today and nice the roof can slash travel time between atlantic and pacific oceans. is opening up new opportunities for transport
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it's all top story this hour a russian gas tanker completed a point here in voyage this week through the northern route the new journey is expected to transform global trade. culture no reports from the ports of public. russia is keen to open up the north and sea routes from europe to asia the passage could cut ten thousand kilometers or so more compared to journeys that go via this canal and the indian ocean russia's biggest private gas producer no attack is acting as a pathfinder it wants to open up a directory to export its liquefied natural gas to asia the arrival of the tank a ball to go with seventy thousand tons of gas condensate aboard in the eastern russian port of pervez signified and new milestone in that ambition the most difficult part of the route between russia sicily a woman in china and here in the port of havoc the cargo ships of course is going
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nuclear icebreakers completed its journey in eleven days which was even quicker than expected nova tax as the shipment through the suez canal cost up to three point five million dollars for one cargo going via the north and route knocks about half a million off that figure not to mention the time saved and the fact there are no pirates along the way. we are very pleased with the result of the journey i think will drive the ship several cargoes maybe up to six next year and will try to make this route usable for our energy projects notas only working in summer when the ice is thin but we hope to make it. the afa to make it would commercial is the undertaking with the help of russia's nuclear company are going flawed that provides the nuclear icebreakers and soft conflict which leases to tankers and other mary term support. for us it is very new to work in tandem with tankers his journey showed was possible the aim is of course to make that route commercial and
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it will take a bit of trying to get used to working together. primary motivation for opening there were other gas fields in the u. malcolm in the market is the biggest investor in the project the liquefied natural gas plant is scheduled to start operating in two thousand and fifteen it will have a capacity of around fifteen million tonnes anneli and just to compare the only ellen g. facility in russia sakhalin to produce is nine point six million tonnes the company hopes by the time you mel is up and running so well the north and route although the northeast passage considerably shortens the journey to asian markets there it is difficult to navigate due to climatic conditions which make the help of expensive ice breakers necessary. to secure the cargo ship raises the possibility that maybe more will follow by due course not seen for
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a comeback it might be hard to go. to check on the stock markets now asian shares are mixed this hour amid concerns over the global economic recovery over avoided estimate for us second quarter gross domestic product two later today stocks are still struggling against strong media and that hurts exporters. here in moscow russia's number to refer to as a producer kelly gained over two percent on them was six the ante monopoly watchdog says it may approve the merger with chief rival silver that country's top mobile operator m.t.s. came one percent of the raising its full year revenue for crossfire. russia's international reserves have declined for the second week in a row the central bank says they decreased by around zero point six percent over the period to four hundred seventy four billion dollars that's the level from two thousand and seven business reserves include foreign currencies go. profits that
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russia's explosive retail group plummeted eighty one percent year on year in the second quarter to twenty five million dollars that's worse than this for costs the country's biggest grocer boy sales took a seventy two million dollars hit on foreign exchange due to significant ruble depreciation but the headline figure only tells part of the story was one of the first retailers to cut prices during the downturn to win budget conscious customers he says is now reaping some of the benefits of the recovery and margins are improving. but actually the situation is pretty good because if you look at this figure and this is the figure that you should be focusing on then it does actually grew year in year by thirteen percent and this is an outstanding performance for a company that is operating in a very challenging environment and if you look at the like for like sales dynamics like sales grew by five percent but what's even more important is that if you look at the gross margin evolution gross margin actually improved quarter on quarter but
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even the sprints this means that almost the worst behind that. finally this the drought wildfires and small group of the summer have done much to blacken the mood of russians number of russians experiencing a double dip recession has jumped to over a third in the last two months it may only who was disappointed in the future the most people are in the unions and sinful region which are the areas most affected by the drought and world fires those have fueled fears that food prices will continue to rise. as the latest business join us for the opening of russia's stock markets next. you.
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