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tv   [untitled]    September 20, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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washington isn't the right time for a third party in this country a new poll suggests that americans want. from the heart of. the matter with us let's take a look at the. un secretary-general ban ki moon has urged the member states to make good on their promises despite the economic downturn world leaders are in new york
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for a key summit. goals of reducing global poverty and hunger. political deadlock following the country's a general election the government coalition is without a majority and after the green party refuses to join them they have already ruled out a union with the controversial sweden democrats who entered parliament for the first time on an immigration. three car bombs in baghdad. thirty six people it is the worst wave of violence since the u.s. officially ended its combat operations earlier this month fifty thousand troops remain in the country to train security forces but many iraqis believe it's not enough to protect. thirty minutes with a full look at news but right now it's back to washington for the second part of the show and we find out why nearly sixty percent of americans believe the u.s.
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needs a third political party to represent voters. angry for the feel we've got. the biggest issues get invoiced face to face with the news makers. well it's time for tonight's to all time award and it goes to see and the most trusted name in news had some major breaking news to tell us this morning they declared the recession officially over in june of two thousand and nine yeah sure that was more than a year ago but apparently it's still breaking news to c.n.n. in fact they even proudly tweeted about it the tweet said the longest recession since world war two eighteen months long and that in june two thousand and nine says the organization that identifies business cycles now this big scoop came from the national bureau of economic research the group that's responsible for tracking
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economic issues now c.n.n. was also quick to send out breaking news e-mails and text messages telling everyone again that the recession was officially over over a year ago really really they thought that was breaking news maybe they just said hey guys a group of economists got together and found the recession was technically over even though millions of americans don't feel that way and they're still suffering but hey we know that c.n.n. is there breaking news they get to send out texts and tweets and put up that flashy graphic on t.v. several today now the once mighty news network has fallen on some hard times by calling this information breaking i can understand why it looks like they really have hit rock bottom so sure the report from the national bureau of economic research was new but it contained information about the recession that dates back to june of two thousand and nine so come on c.n.n. have a little respect for your viewers and at least for yourselves that's why you guys are tonight's told time where. the two party system
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as we've discussed many to. times on this show seems to hold the american population hostage politically for the same two options every election year minimizing the possibilities of change to whoever the lesser evil seems to be at that time but you know what's americans are sick of it according to a new gallup poll fifty eight percent of americans believe that a third major political party is needed because both the republican and democratic parties to a poor job of representing the people now compared to two thousand and three when only forty forty percent felt this way this is a drastic jump especially because in the past conservatives have typically been far less likely than liberals and moderates to support the creation of this third party but this year the reaction is similar across all ideological groups but the people ever get their way or as the two party system simply too strong to fight well
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joining me to discuss it is matt welch editor in chief of reason magazine matt thanks so much for being here this is interesting because you know if you look at the numbers usually conservatives are very cool with the two party system they don't mind it and all of a sudden they're up there fifty four percent compared to you know sixty and sixty one of the liberals and moderates there agree with that so why do you think that is well let's keep in mind it's because conservatives don't hold power and suddenly power doesn't seem as as a well run as it did back in the horrible you know when they would want to promote their party not not a different party an altogether alternative one yeah it's very it's a very interesting move i mean liberals are easily disaffected conservatives this is a new thing it started maybe in two thousand and seven but you've seen a lot of people in the tea party movement is definitely a part of this people who may be a little bit late in the game said this republican party no longer serves my interests you have we've seen it every time we've covered one of these tea party rallies you've been glenn beck rally on the on the lincoln memorial and ask people
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like oh so are you republicans a couple of people. are you. nobody are you independent yes i mean there is this real strong urge for independence in every sense of the word and if you look to long term trends of american politics which the two parties try really hard to ignore what it is that the number of independents has effectively doubled from one nine hundred seventy the two party system is like a doowop believe that it's been a losing market share they're trying to hold that captive audience and do with it what it wants to do but the people like anyone who's treated like captives are looking for ways to defect and so you have this great swing vote moment now with independents well how much do you think of the tea party actually has to do with i mean can we say that they really you know mobilize the population or is it just kind of the right thing at the right place at the right time because we happen to be in a recession and fighting two wars and people are just sick of it may want something different the tea party movement to the extent that any of us can describe it which we really can't because it's so decentralized but it's
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a manifestation and maybe an organizing principle around the right of center disaffection with the two party system and with the with government and it makes perfect sense if you look at tarp and the bailouts and all these kinds of things this was a two party job every step of the way they differ a little bit in style but only really a little bit if you think about it the growth of government really began under george w. bush and it was consistent throughout his two terms in office obama has just increased it there was an interesting article in a poll in the wall street journal today that looked at just the independents vote which again is really huge and they want to third party and they asked what why are you independent what are you motivated by and they said relentlessly we're motivated by where you want to cut down the size and the scope of government and we don't believe republicans when they say they're going to do that which is a very interesting shift well quietly if somebody's got a little sense in them and realize that they're liars but you know it's interesting to me here too is that the american population is just known for being apathetic
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politically i mean you know the less than fifty percent of our population even comes out to vote for a presidential election so are we. really seeing things change or is this the same small voting blocs that are the only ones that actually fill out polls and you know if you look around you look at the primary election season which is just finally come to a close mercifully you will see that in the republican side which is animated by the tea party movement incredible numbers of turnout there is something new a foot in the democratic turnout is depressed largely right now for a lot of reasons that make a lot of sense i think obama in the administration has disappointed liberals on a lot of issues that have overlap with libertarian he kind of started waking people up himself and when people did come out and very large numbers especially young people for his two thousand and eight presidential election so maybe he really got the ball rolling he did but then he disappointed them on issues like the drug war which he continues to enforce and celebrate even how up is a dangerous word always say to take a very dangerous words you can't always deliver on that but let me tell you this is something that i found kind of funny which you know when asking in this poll what
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role the tea party played in it they said that sixty two percent of tea partiers wanted a third party so do fifty nine percent who are neutral of tea party but tea party opponents people who don't like the tea party are less likely to see the need for third parties to do you think of this is a negative reaction that people were liking the idea of a third party then they saw what that turned out to be and the tea partiers and the crazies in donal's in the sharron angle's of the world and they decided to back off a little sure and they are the ones who are aligned with power right now i mean it's traditional interest group democratic politics which no one really has any enthusiasm for but if you're part of that super structure you're going to view anything that's different with some kind of shudder of revulsion normal but i don't i don't look for that to last of the question will be will this conservative in this independent sort of distaste for the two party system last beyond the bamber second if it does then we're into something new that we really haven't seen in a long but then what are the chances knowing how our system works knowing how much
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money is involved and how much influence that money has you know what are the chances of a third party actually breaking the. well system is rigged against it for sure i mean the ballot access requirements we've had to legitimate third parties in this country for four decades the green party and the libertarian party and they can't get on the ballot in all fifty states it's a really corrupt card to lies system however everything else in american life is going in the direction of individual choice people organizing on the internet creating enthusiasms i mean rudolph giuliani was supposed to win the republican nomination in two thousand and eight he got out voted in forty five states by ron paul out of nowhere stuff happens there's a lot more dynamic going on in this country that people normally give credit for and you have hope that there can be change yes. that it will also really quickly quickly if we do have a third party then who is it going to be is that going to be a independent libertarian what name will they have i think the closest chance will be a tea party is party but they are furiously resisting the urge so for now it's
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a. no win no great name i was loving they have values voters conference over the weekend and michele bachmann who unfortunately really is a mesmerizing speaker is saying of the tea party is not read the tea party is not blue but they are red white and so on the third party i mean i'm all for them but they need to get their messaging i think they should call themselves third party and be in there is very like you know the can of peter. thanks so much thanks for having me well still to come the fall out over a planned military tell all book takes another twist on the way i'll explain that in just a moment and we'll continue our discussion on fracking a dangerous practice of drilling for natural gas we'll have an update from our team correspondent christine for in just a moment. came
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as being too they are trying to speak. for the first russian fleet was. market goes to the area which holds toxic gas resources. where the biggest russian salmon can be our processing factories look. where unique species are can be found. here close up. our job. we are going to get. back on track. we'll have a rally we'll sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage
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is the black family and but very little damage in the way. they are the key to our problem are all right. last week we told you about the pentagon's plan to buy and destroy thousands of books in order to stop information written in them from being released now the uproar is over the planned release of operation dark heart this is a book written by anthony shaffer a former defense intelligence agency officer analysts had
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a colonel in the army reserve now the debate is over whether the book reveals too many military secrets which the. gone clearly felt it did hence their plans to buy and destroy all ten thousand copies of it fahrenheit four fifty one style now all of this despite the fact that the army reviewed the book suggested various changes to it back in january and then signed off on it once those changes were made to as we told you people inside the publishing industry and intelligence agencies say that they have never seen a case like this or an agency wants to dispose of the book that's already been printed so what could it possibly contain that's so sinister well the new york times got a copy of the book that was sent out to reviewers and they compared it to the new redacted version and you will absolutely be shocked by the critical information that shaffer almost made public let's say to begin with the n.s.a. has been located in fort meade maryland for over half
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a century and everybody knows that it's nickname is the fort yet the pentagon is that of the that was were secret i worth blacking out entirely in the book really people you couldn't figure that out just by googling it you can that's not a secret now another suppose it's secret removed from the second printing of the book is the location of the cia's training facility camp perry virginia hello pentagon here's a newsflash that is already online you can just check. and then there comes my personal favorite the pentagon also blacked out colonel shaffer's cover name while he was in afghanistan his cover name was chris stryker and even more importantly they deleted the source of this unit that source would be john wayne's character in the one nine hundred forty nine movie the sands of. oh my goodness don't let the rest of the world know that we looked at john wayne movies for our cover names that would just be tragic or maybe show our lack of creativity anyway i think you get
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the point here this is an example of military bureaucracy and oh. overclassification at its best and now that it's public well they better feel stupid schaefer on the other hand should start celebrating because the second the story broke last week preorders for his new edition but the bucket and number four on the bestsellers amazon and one censored copy sold for more than two thousand dollars even though one point shaper zero for the pentagon. now back in april we first told you about hydraulic fracturing or fracking the method in which gas companies drill for natural gas and it's also responsible for many people getting sick last week we spoke to the director of a new documentary called gas land which looks into that disturbing practice now r.t. correspondent christine for south first brought us the story from dimmick pennsylvania months ago where homeowners have learned a very hard truth that fracking is affected their lives for the worst let's take
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another look at. a lot of metals water and very i'm. saying well fed an acceptable level i don't want to hear it's an acceptable level i want to hear that it's not there they keep on telling us just be patient with us be patient with us you know well you know it will straighten out all straight now it's killing the flowers it's killing the rose bush if he's killing. it's killing everything i had here for years they are the desperate voices of people who say their quality of life has evaporated before their eyes people accustomed to waking up to the sounds of nature. who now wake up to this. news night sky was once lit only by the moon now they see this. and people used to clean drinking water who now instead get this. they are the people of carter road it's a quiet street talked off the main road in dimock and speckled with homes many
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envision spending the rest of their lives in now most here say they want to move far away but how about a zero percent chance of being able to sell their home or their property paying the mortgage on a house that's completely worthless julian craig sonner planned on retiring here the swing set in their yard for their grandchildren sits empty and unused my daughter and my son in law used to bring the grandchildren over here she doesn't bring them over anymore sunder says her children don't feel safe at the house ever since their water supply became contaminated when cabot oil companies started drilling and something got into their well water our son broke out more like open sores down his legs from from using the water here her daughter had big. big sores of eczema so i want to go and the house itself well you can call it extreme make over cabot addition to pumps carbon credits are right here and now that filter
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gas separator right here require an air pump on here in the front yard a new tower to vent the methane so it doesn't collect inside the house and explode . and in their driveway water from their well this was taken out of the well on march twentieth. the sautner is like most others now they. water delivered into a separate tank every day for her to see of cabot oil. it was supposed to be a win win situation the people of dimmick live above the marcellus shale inside which lives in abundance source of natural gas one of the best alternatives to oil in the country so residents here signed leases with capital oil and gas to allow them to drill into their property and set up paths like this in exchange they get the royalties from the gas it's retrieved from a process called hydraulic fracturing or fracking where a mixture of water sand and chemicals are pumped underground at
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a high pressure it causes fissures in the shale to force the natural gas to the surface according to the pennsylvania department of environmental protection the marcellus shale is eight thousand feet below the surface but cabot struck gas from a shallower source called the devonian shale as they went down to the marcellus gas they failed to isolate the shallower gas deposits and it was a shallower gas deposits that actually migrated from the drill site to two people's property it migrated into the water of the finale family as well my kids started getting sick early on in the drilling process i think i think i think they started throwing up and. having you know it's sort of like a very bad intestinal bug. instead it was gas in their water she said her kids were fine at school then would come home and get sick again never once crossed my mind
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it was water down the street norma furin tino's well blew up one night tore open for. a first quit reading and then they covered it up with a tarp and hey they put the thing down and read one hundred percent as far as cabbage so far they're not saying anything in part two more from the department of environmental protection and from dimmick residents happy with the drilling. but for most of those on carter road about twenty five dollars an acre for the drilling and are hoping for royalties in the future quality of life is gone for us ever since all this happened our senators and representatives don't seem to want to to do anything for us they're all for the drilling they're all for the almighty dollar twenty five dollars an acre is not anything compared to what we're losing here in dimock pennsylvania christine freeze out r t. well christine's joining me in the studio to give us more details on this story now christine it's been months since
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you originally went to dimock to film what was going on there and take a look at these people's lives since then fracking has really blown up it's been in the media there now is a documentary called gasland out about it there have been massive hearings in new york to look at it but you know if you go back to these people i know that you've kept in touch with them have their lives changed at all of their lives have become very entrenched in this problem a lot of them they say their entire identity revolves around the fact that they've got fracking in their community and that it totally has disrupted everything about what they do i met some people who actually work for cabot who got fired there were local dimmock residents thought oh this company's coming into town this will improve our economy we need jobs because they were so outspoken about the. orrible practices and things that were going on with their friends and family members they ended up getting let go so you see a lot of that there is also a lawsuit that is moving forward they haven't faced a judge yet or anything like that but there's at least fifteen families who have
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joined on the lawsuit to sue cabot oil and gas for affecting their lives in such a negative way i mean you saw in the story people that you know bought a home that they thought we can sell this and and that money can go for our retirement those homes are worth nothing now nobody will move into a place where clean water doesn't come out of your sink and this is america i mean have we seen cabot oil and gas try to make any efforts to i don't know of make things better make amends with these people anyway it's really interesting alone because cabot oil and gas is this company and they've come in the majority of their workers are from texas but they've come into these small communities like to make and they say we are doing such good things for you or writing you checks when we get natural gas from your property we've provided jobs to the area and recently as you mentioned i have kept in touch with some of these people recently they held a huge barbecue for the whole community saying we want to be treated better by you but we want to reach out here's an olive branch huge barbecue they provided lots of
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food well guess what the woman you saw in my report julie sautner she went to the barbecue and she and her husband one of the things they do they sort of become the faces of this problem everywhere they go they carry around a jug of this yellowish murky water with them they call it dimmock water so julie brought her gallon of dimock water to the barbecue with her guess what she was accosted by two security guards with weapons and bulletproof vests they said what is that she was it's my water and they said what are you doing with it she says will cut it only just as i can drink it so if i want to maybe i'll drink it they pried out of her hand one finger at a time this water and dumped it out so this is when i tell them that i talked to them about the fact that they're possibly on a homeland security watch list they say they're out. rage they say the worst thing about this is our tax dollars are going to pay for this but they're not at all surprised because this is what they're dealing with has just incredible that you bring the water the thanks to this company you are forced to drink and they treat you like a criminal and you know it's interesting you mention the homeland security department
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because we covered this last week too it turns on pennsylvania they had been taking down the names of people who were attending certain rallies or protests people who had just gone to a screening of the documentary gasland and they were you know keeping them for their records for the homeland security department but do we have even more updates as to who i mean they were giving that let me tell you something a lot of these are very simple people they are people who live in places like to make in very rural areas because they like nature and they like having lots of property these are people who were told if you don't sign away the middle mineral rights to your property we're going to drill anyway they were told that everyone around them was signing in a way they were told that they would get thousands of dollars in checks they got maybe a couple hundred a fraction of what they were promised still they didn't say anything or complain it wasn't until they started getting sick to their stomach until they found rashes all over their skin that's when they started to speak out and they didn't say we're going to sue you they said please do something about this please fix this these are
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people that it took them a while before speaking out. for their property and their community these are not people carrying around guns they're carrying around murky water in water jugs the fact that they're you know being treated like they're criminals like they deserve to be on some kind of a list to be monitored you know we discussed last week the term eco terrorist some people are being branded just for you know trying to save themselves let me tell you that harry is part of this really quick the fact is that the homeland security was monitoring these people and they were bringing the intelligence that they were found and giving the reports back to cravat oil and gas so that is a clear sign to me that at least in this case the government and this oil company are in bed together. there is not right christine thanks so much for joining us our before we go it's time for our tweet of the day over the weekend the values voters summit here in d.c. did a straw poll to pick their presidential and vice presidential hopefuls for two thousand and twelve now they picked congressman mike pence of indiana for president and
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sarah palin for v.p. so we thought well what obama and biden tweet about this team in two thousand and twelve we thought they'd say another white dude of white hair and sarah is this two thousand and eight all over again that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back tomorrow we'll speak to an author who says that there's an economic network in the shadows that's more powerful than the federal reserve the international banks the governments of the g seven countries and the european union they'll definitely want to hear this in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the a lot of facebook and follow us on twitter and if us any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it on the you tube dot com slash the alone a show where we post the interviews as well as the show and it's and coming up next is the news with the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.
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