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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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insiders gregory white next will question the cyber games being conducted by the department of homeland security this latest exercise is being called cyber storm three and frankly doesn't sound like much more than just a video game so is this just fun and cyber play for homeland security also space fans are celebrating today there's a discovery of a new planet it's called glee's up five a one g. and scientists think that there could be life on it so could this put a jolt into a dying field of space exploration space entrepreneur jeffrey manber will give us his take on the discovery then there are crude lewd and hell areas it's the web site text from last night which shows all those dirty messages that result after a night of debauchery is becoming a popular page for college students and we're going to speak with one of the creators of the page at the end of the show and now let's move on to our top story . u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton announced yesterday the for the first time ever the u.s. is imposing sanctions against iran based on human rights abuses apparently president
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obama signed the order on september twenty eighth that sanctions eight iranian officials who have been involved in quote serious and sustained human rights violations since june two thousand and nine spewed presidential election now under these officials watch iranians have been arbitrarily arrested beaten tortured raped blackmailed and killed that's what hillary clinton said now the reason that they could impose such punishment on individuals is thanks to the comprehensive iran sanctions accountability and divestment act of two thousand and ten the punishment is that these eight individuals will now be subject to financial sanctions and a denial of u.s. visas but of all the bad guys in the world why is that just these eight are being targeted directly why don't we just make a sixty billion dollar arms deal with saudi arabia one of the most conservative and oppressive muslim countries and yet eight people in iran are deemed worse than the rest once again brings the question to the table as to whether the us likes to pick
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and choose who to criticize for human rights violations according to our political interest or earlier i caught up with jake leader of the young turks and i asked him just that. absolutely i don't think there's a rational person who could make it can argument to it there's a lot of people with political or business interest that would make it hard to you know said but we look at it we're supposedly great allies with saudi arabia and i know we're a great allies with them because we're about to sell them i think about sixty billion dollars worth of weapons and saudi arabia has a terrible human rights record. and a lot of this is almost identical brahms' that iran has in well actually iran treats women generally speaking much better than saudi arabia does and then you've got the same issues with executions lashings extreme sharia law. cetera but there's nary a peep about what happens in saudi arabia because we have business dealings with
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them and we make money from them and they want to sell us oil and they're willing to give our contracts to our business interests i mean keep it real that's one more thing about that between iran and saudi arabia the height of the iraq war there was a news story about how sad. some people perhaps even involved in the government but certainly people who were getting rich off the government of saudi arabia were following in millions of dollars to the iraqi insurgency and getting our american troops killed but you never heard a story about that all you heard was our iran iraq is attacking our troops there as attacking your troops look it's propaganda doesn't mean iran isn't it doesn't mean iran doesn't have about human rights record it's just what do we choose to emphasize well yeah it's exactly what do we choose to emphasize and you know what do we choose to turn a blind eye to and then why do we choose to emphasize i mean who is that interest is it really and to put these human rights sanctions on people and iraq you know i'm kind of confused as to how you know punishing eight people really is going to
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change anything within the country itself. look i don't want to give too into plots that are too you know conspiratorial or nefarious but for whatever reason let's put it that way there are some people in this country who have decided that it is to their advantage for us to have a war with iran and they are pushing out every conceivable way and they are powerful people so they will get you know whether they're senators or people new ministration or people in the media they have connections in big push out story and so a senator leaks a story about how iran is terribly dangerous in doing this or he pushes legislation to do that and so the focus is constantly iran iran iran and our media in america they have a blindfold on they you know like the horses with the things on the side where they can see the side be just whatever the government or speaks them that's all they see so nobody ever actually goes up those who wait
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a minute those in saudi arabia have the same exact violations as iran and how come we never talk about that who say the government didn't force feed him the information on saudi arabia so look there are some people in this country that come hell or highwater want to attack iran and they're going to do their damnedest to make sure that our happens and that's why you're seeing the story you are today that's right and i think you know name a few names i can say that john bolton's the joe lieberman's of the world that have been calling constantly almost every day you know for an imminent bomb attack on iran the you know the sad thing as you said there are media here doesn't seem to pay attention to these stories they don't seem to get it same thing i think with a lot of american people but you know the rest of the world it's not the same because the rest of the world doesn't understand the different dynamics and they do actually look at the way certain countries function and the way the u.s. approaches that we know so what do you think that this well can you know how does it make us look abroad. it makes us look incredibly hypocritical we lose
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credibility and i think you know there's a certain unfortunate because the media's not doing its job there's a certain a bit taming the american people and everyone who are they like oh my god the rest of the world sees us that well yeah of course they do because they see their partner see you don't see so you know whether it's on the issue of being a neutral arbiter between the israelis and the palestinians which is very funny. or it's how we treat iran versus saudi arabia or naming you know how we treat pakistan the government we like a bit of a government we don't like and the list goes on and on but we do it countless number of revolutions that we have for certain latin america depending on our interests it's just the american people are unfortunately it's not their fault they just they have been told there are enormously ignorant about what or real foreign policy it yeah well you know the other thing is i hope americans can at least realize what's going on within the country for going to talk about hypocrisy this
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is something that i have a feeling you might agree with me on you know recently that new rolling stone article with president obama came out where he said that it was irresponsible of those democrats that right now are you know less than enthused about going out and voting it's so irresponsible of them to sit on their hands if they really want to continue having civil rights and civil liberties in this country i mean this is this is the guy that now has put u.s. citizens on an assassination list that is trying to wiretap the entire internet does he have anything to brag about when it comes to a civil liberties record. on m s n b c i once did a segment that just drove them crazy and i'm comparing bush and obama civil liberties record and asking the question who's worse i think it's all really legitimate question because obama is definitely better in some ways he is for the moment being stopped torture for example that's a huge win and i should not be understood having said that he's worse in some ways . order to assess a nation of lucky in yemen it hasn't happened yet he's just give
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a sign the order that if the wind of the day can execute him summarily does something bush never did it's beyond bush when it comes to state secrets or warrantless wiretapping his policy is identical to bush so where is the change that we were promised so in what i'd never understand about them is like there is a talk show host and a commentator as a blogger do they want me to lie to my audience do they want me to say obama is not doing what was wiretapping because he is and as you said he just proposed that. there should be made bigger and that we should be able to wiretap our blackberries our i phones get in our facebook accounts etc so when they say don't worry trust us we'll get a court order no i don't trust you you're not getting a court order now yeah you said they were upset when you did that segment on us and that's n.b.c. who is upset the white house. you know my understanding is that white house robert gibbs etc you know that they they don't like their kind of talk they find it out
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reaches that they would be compared to bush i got a suggestion for them stop acting like bush and we won't compare you to bush i'm totally with you on that let us down professional lefties thanks so much for joining us. thank you. now we have a quick update on a developing story there's chaos on the streets of ecuador tonight as police took to the streets and attempted a coup they attacked the president and have taken over the airport in the country's capital of quito now sources say the president rafael correa was assaulted with tear gas by police who were protesting cuts to their benefits korea's been hospitalized due to injuries this is the second coup attempt on a democratically elected latin american president and less than two years now while this one failed you may remember the first was successful with honduran president manuals alliance make sure to tune into the news at seven pm to get the latest on this attempted coup from the ground. we're taking
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a break but still to come on tonight's show coming to america buying gold is now as simple as getting money from an a.t.m. we'll tell you where the new machine will start popping up in the u.s. in just a moment and the house passed a measure to start cracking down on china for currency manipulation so are the u.s. and china headed for a currency war we'll discuss that comeback. was
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only a matter of time a gold eighty em's are officially coming to the u.s. soon on your lunch break when you're picking up a big mac and fries you can also grab a few gold coins or even a whole bar of gold if you wish gold to go there german based installer and manager of gold vending machines which aims to introduce the gadgets here in america over the next year now florida blog reports that las vegas and probably south beach miami are going to be the first to get that i can see why the owners of picked those two cities they're both tourist destinations where people love to show off their money and to be honest well they both tend to be a little bit tacky and you guys know that i'm telling the truth there and don't worry because you won't get ripped off machines are going to update the gold price every ten minutes to match international markets they take cash or credit card and dispense small bars and coins now you might remember a few months ago we. told you about the gold go machines started to pop up around
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the world the first one was placed in abu dhabi is emirates palace hotel in may and the machines now operate in other luxury hotels in abu dhabi and italy and madrid and in germany now the owner of the machines hopes to have about thirty five this year and several hundreds of gold a.t.m.'s in places around the world in two thousand and eleven and his gold prices continue to skyrocket this just could be the next big thing we'll have a chart for you it shows gold closed on the new york mercantile exchange yesterday at nearly one thousand three hundred and nine dollars an ounce gold prices have risen more than eighteen percent this year and more than eighty percent since the start of the crisis which began in late two thousand and eight so it sounds like a solid investment during these trying times so you know what americans buy up that is of course if you have any money or job or even a home to store your gold in which brings us right to our next story. yesterday the
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house of representatives approved legislation that would allow the u.s. to seek trade sanctions against china and other nations for manipulating their currencies to gain trade advantages u.s. lawmakers are hoping that this could bring jobs back home they blame the loss of over two million manufacturing jobs in the last decade all on china's currency games but china is not exactly taking this news laying down they have quickly rejected legislation saying that these protectionist measures don't fit into world trade organization rules so some are calling this the beginning of a currency war so what we expect to come of it or joining me from our studio in new york is business insider's gregory white gregory thanks so much for joining me now i first want to talk about some of the language you know that came out of the lawmakers miles when they were trying to get this passed here they were calling china cheaters they also referred to them as a click of gangsters and it sounds like some serious trash talking here so do we look at this as the u.s. perhaps you know giving that first punch the first blow in this war. yeah well it's
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certainly one of the first blows in this war but it's a lot of populism to i mean these are guys who are going home to districts where unemployment rates are sky high and they'll do anything to get to get more support from there so punching china is a good move for them politically well you know nancy pelosi has been saying that one million american jobs are going to return if the chinese government just allow their currency you know perhaps to respond to market forces do you think that's true or again you think this is just these are just political games. well it's certainly political games because there's no way that you can specifically say that that many jobs will return and what's true is that if that many jobs were to return to the u.s. by china changing things china would lose way more jobs than we would even gain you know multiple you know one hundred times or something like that so there's no way that china lets that happen i mean there's no way that they'll let all these people go and put an unemployed in their country for the sake of the americans won't tell me this because they're criticizing the u.s.
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saying that you know that this goes against world trade organization rules can you tell us what rules exactly they're breaking in the sense. well they're not allowed to be you know putting tariffs up against any sort of chinese goods under world trade organization goals i mean there's free trade agreements in place but these aren't really ever followed i mean it was an organization there to provide trust but right now nobody trusts each other because they're so worried about the unemployment rate's in their country they'll do anything to get them lower and that's what we're seeing right now is the end of that trust between countries and china in the u.s. is the best example of why even if this does happen and let's say the chinese goods don't become is cheap and their prices go up by about ten percent well that in essence then affect the american consumer what they hurt. right so there's this idea that this is going to bring all these manufacturing jobs back to america that's not exactly what it will do what a lot of the papen is will just buy from brazil or india or somewhere else and prices will go up because we can get stuff cheaper from china so no more jobs in
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the u.s. will really come out of it or at least not that many and prices will go up so it's a lose lose move and it's just a populist move to gain support amongst unemployed americans you know i wonder because just on monday brazil's finance minister in fact said that there is already a currency war going on you know this isn't something that's about to start this is already taking place so i mean this is bigger than just the u.s. versus china is it now becoming something of the you know the developing countries versus the developed world. well it's definitely involving a lot more countries i mean brazil is one of the game japan certainly is they're the ones most worried you've got peru that was making moves today mexico also really some sort of derivative in which they're dealing with the u.s. dollar and the peso so who knows how to alex going to work out you've got poland involved so everyone's getting in and this is because something simple they don't want to lose jobs and the only way to keep jobs is to keep your export costs low so more people will buy it but it's
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a race the bottom and nobody wins this race now how could we see china retaliating here perhaps because chinese officials already you know they just completely blocked at this news and they said that you know the fact that america's problem is that you simply borrow too much it has nothing to do with our currency this is your own fault. all china's right to a certain extent and they could respond the same way they respond to japan this past week with the issue with the captured sell off the coast by banning the export of rare earth metals which are vital to the production of every military and regular technology in the u.s. that would really crush u.s. industry and if things get bad china could definitely do that now i want to ask you interesting question here joe weisenthal also of the business insider had written an interesting piece today saying that you know if the tea party happens to win big in november's elections that this trade war is just going to escalate very much so because of the tea parties i guess you could say isolationist views do you agree
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with that you think that they're going to get us into more trouble. definitely i think so i mean that you've got a populous group there that's only interested in rowing in space and they don't really understand what the impact would be of putting up those trade walls you know there's history of this in the united states there was history of it during world war two and prior there's no reason why it can't happen again and certainly the tea party could push that forward damn tea partiers they're bound to deal with. our greg thank you so much for joining us. well we're taking a break but still to come tonight congress finally acts to help the first responders on nine eleven i had my unplugged moment on there and it took nine years and just a moment and cyberwar games are being used by the homeland security department this week but as the term cyber war being a little overblown by the government we're going to be the issue in just a minute. imagine your life a big city this. crystal
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clear water. or galaxy. living in harmony with nature. sounds impossible. some people have already chosen. a place. and are hungry for the full story we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. last night the house finally approved the james zadroga nine eleven health and compensation act now this is a bill that provides medical care for those first responders and the cleanup workers who were exposed to harmful toxins from the nine eleven terrorist attacks now it's no secret many first responders have been afflicted with serious medical
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conditions with asthma with cancers some of already died and considering the sacrifices that these people made for this country the heroism that they showed during the largest terrorist attack on american soil helping them with their medical costs is the least that the government could do before we start patting congress on the back for the good work that they've done i just want to step back from it it's been nine years since those attacks and sure the medical effects we're seeing right away but these people have been fighting for years to get help and yet our lawmakers who claim that they represent and stand by the american people have let politics get in the way you see to pay for this bill's estimated seven point four billion dollars cost over the next ten years the legislation is going to require multinational companies a corporate in tax havens to pay income tax on the income that they earn right here in the u.s. that sounds fair to me and yet some republicans were in opposition of this
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legislation because they felt that it was nothing more than a corporate tax increase do you people need your head checked how many members of congress who are out there responding to the nine eleven attacks it really is just ludicrous to me that a bill like this could be held up for so long so while sure we can applaud the fact that it's finally been passed let's not forget that if our lawmakers really represented the people this would have happened a long time ago. now this week an international cyber war game is being staged by the homeland security department exercises even has even been given a flashy title cyber storm three thirteen countries eleven states and seven cabinet level federal agencies are going to take part in the exercise which will simulate a sophisticated hacker attack that undermines those trusting relationships between computers on which the very architecture of the internet lives sure it sounds
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really flashy but is it necessary you know we have former intelligence director mike mcconnell warning the us numerous times that we are unprepared for a cyber attack and must overhaul our defenses there are a lot of critics out there a lot of people that say that cyber warfare is just an empty threat so what do you make of cyber storms three is this an important way to prepare for the threats of the future or just an excuse to play a little game well here to discuss it with me is our chief producer with the cabinet lucy thanks for being here now this is what's interesting to me there won't actually be any networks that are hacked in this. game the technical aspects of the response aren't what they're testing so if all that is good i'm not quite sure what they're going to be doing well i think you hit it right on the head or whatever the expression is of the game i mean they're doing the same thing that i guess little boys do in first grade which is pretending to be a big scary war except the difference here is that is going to be covered by the media and it's going to make the government look like look at how proactive they are being on this scary frightening threat of
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a cyber war and the thing that we have to remember here is that you know there's millions upon millions of dollars being funneled into defense contracts for cyber security you know we saw all of our taxpayer dollars being spent on the brand new cyber command and there's a new there's another multi-agency cyber command operation that they've launched and so in some ways it's an excuse for the government to show that hey you know this this money hasn't been completely wasted watts are you know this is the third time that they've actually been holding these cyber war games and every time they hold it every few years it just gets bigger and bigger. bigger and the people that are involved you know keep increasing so i think they are having some fun with it but you know it's funny because they say according to the website to the descriptions that this exercise has been designed to test how well how quickly government agencies can declassify their information and then share it with the private sector companies which is so funny to me because normally it's exactly the opposite normally we have the government trying to do whatever they can to steal everyone else's and for me i don't know about the strange reversal in the trend but
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you know they did a similar sort of exercise back in february where they simulated a frightening cyber war and we actually covered it here at our t.v. and i guess one of the takeaway lessons that the folks at that were involved in learned is that you know all those laws that we have in america to protect our constitutional rights and privacy protections and freedom of speech well apparently they kind of get in the way of the president's ability to deal with a cyber war properly so but her i mean and stupid laws that we don't even you brought up mike mcconnell even this week he said he was speaking at some form in washington he said that you know these laws are so outdated meaning the laws that prevent the n.s.a. from essential or spying on its own citizens on american citizens somehow prevent us from being able to deal with a cyber attack well i mean that's kind of dangerous because where do you cross the line and i know there are a lot of critics out there mike mcconnell you know like what's what specific things that they've been saying well i mean his big thing is that because the laws don't really reflect you know new advances in technology we don't really have the ability to figure out where the threats might be coming from whether they're from within or
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whatever and you saw for example this week with the obama administration trying to for example expand its ability to wiretap online communications communications blackberry communications i mean the broader danger here is that when you have somebody who's beating this cyber war drum you know and making lawmakers legislators and the public terrified of some sort of impending doom of some sort of an impending attack it's too easy to rush to judgment and pass legislation that may or may not hurt us in the end i mean we also. happened right after the aftermath of the nine eleven attacks with the bush administration you know passing all kinds of laws in order to deal with the war on terror and we're still trying to untangle that mess so i think we just need to be really careful when when when these guys are you know nine eleven is coming in my family if you are that you know of all people really part that's a little ironic here too is that mike mcconnell is left over from the bush administration i mean he is you know one in the same with these people that are constantly beating these war drums that need these things to continue and it's
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interesting you know you mentioned that the legislation that the obama administration said that they're going to propose next year about being able to have this backdoor into all skype communications into facebook whatever it takes but you know when saudi arabia wanted to ban blackberrys our government was up in arms and we were criticizing them for this and you know now i want to do you get exact same thing it's a double standard but i mean it's not just the legislation that the obama administration is proposing i mean you have countless bills on the hill for example there was one introduced by senator leahy recently where you know in theory it's to fight privacy i mean piracy but in practice it could effectively shut down certain websites and prevent americans from exercising their freedom of speech on the internet and it's just again it's this fear mentality that leads to a rush to judgment a rush to legislate and ends up hurting us in the end what was that bill exactly that senator leahy was proposing to remember what some of the details were about i mean there are so many of these crazy internet kill switch something or other bills
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that i've stopped keeping track of them i mean they're they're just absolutely ridiculous and dangerous and i think we're just going to keep seeing more and more of them lizzie thanks so much for joining us still to come tonight there's a send there the says the country might be better off if congress does nothing he's going to be our tool time winner just a moment and a big discovery out in space researchers are saying that they found the first planets that could support life some are discussing with space pioneer jeff just a few. every month we give you the future you understand. and want to bring the best in science and technology from across russia and around the world to join us. on our. culture is that so much good news really made a lot of people a variant of the leaders in the world polarized opinions more than venezuelan
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president hugo chavez he was denounced by critics as a dictator what does the future. and broadcasting live from the center of moscow this is our look at your headlines showing afghanistan's opium harvest falls around a half. to disease devastating the problems but the shortages drug prices soaring. pakistan has a block to vital supply route for u.s. led coalition forces into afghanistan after across the border a nato airstrike is blamed for the deaths of three pakistani soldiers. chaos in ecuador where a state of emergency has been declared after protests by police and soldiers over budget cuts sparked widespread violence and unrest president heard earlier in
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a tear gas attack has been freed under a hail of gunfire from a hospital where he was trapped by rebel police. about thirty minutes with a full look at your news but right now it's back to the show. well it's time for tonight's tool time award goes to republican senator jim de mint of south carolina here's the dimensions having a bit of a bad week probably not as bad as christine o'donnell but still better now on monday he threatened to put a hold on all legislation in the senate unless it had been pre-approved by his office so needless to say his coghlan colleagues in the g.o.p. were none too happy about it and i don't blame them demand is one senator from a small state and he thinks that everything should be cleared by his office why did he become god anyway demand to.


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