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tv   [untitled]    October 3, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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and all that's inside one man well but no surely luzhkov the patriot was always in love with the mosque a his passion to build and rebuild change the face of the city in two decades the russian capital was transformed from di's trades to move to make a law place that's corruption allegations and suspicions of a cave's a business relationship with his property tycoon wife which to prove his downfall he would do to the authorities began to look more attentively at private activity soon it turned out that john's allocators what we construction and expansion of law school street and rules were invested in some enterprises for which someone receives it he dropped it first. called has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing he says do so with his wife's company were transparent and above board but resentment careers they would've contracts to learn about to his company how to become russia's only female billionaire and would have placed on the forbes rich laced
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yelena nickel live now but is something else again hard charging in the plastics business in the construction business widely said to be in the corruption business there was also anger when i did t. to the city's cultural heritage he ordered the demolition of seven hundred historical buildings and new ones who put up in their place so that ministration pay no attention at all to public opinion and this is one more example of. crime no approach to the cultural heritage and architecture her the true moscow but it was lost cause handling of the summer's wildfire crisis which proved the final straw while the capital was choking from toxic smoke for more than a month the city's mayor refused to kushal his holiday preferring to clean it all the alps. will formica this bitterly if the mayor. school comes back from holidays
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the day after this man has dispersed i think it's unacceptable when i think he should have been here after it started in the end started taking the blame for everything the night traffic jams on his lawful ugly monuments around the city it seemed there was a loss of trust now destroy one the true many people and a perception could be no face too long. just like many of the mourners he approved of course was a political figure who was hard to ignore loved by some he was hated by others and after eighteen years in office it was his growing band of critics who wore out the end. refreshing our team more. or forced by the story from michael benny in a former moscow correspondent for britain's times newspaper he says that despite the mounting criticism mackoff deserves credit for improving the capital's infrastructure. no i think one shouldn't underestimate his achievements particularly in the early years in office when he really got things going when he
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came to power last year was really a chaotic mess had very little renewal of its infrastructure he cleaned up the buildings admittedly he knocked down a lot of the historic ones which should have been preserved but those that were preserved were wonderfully cleaned up and he presided over a real boom in the city's infrastructure but of course the taint of corruption lingered so long now the question is whether in fact the corruption charges will stick whether he actually will be accused of corruption i think it would be a messy trial if it came to that. head tonight as more high level musical chairs on the other side of the atlantic in brazil where it's going to hold power on the march as we reported the brazil is getting ready to choose a new president on the move the silver maximum term is moving later become the first ever woman in charge the cage opinion and. while germany parties to mark twenty years of being reunified economy struggle to stick together we talk to
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experts ahead but the fact should future facing the. russian oil will be pumped directly into china by next year which will triple supplies the pipeline to make it happen was open during president medvedev three day visit to the country the trip included talks with the chinese leader about boosting regional security but as artistic son of a report snow russia is also keen to study the secrets of china's economic phenomena. three c.d.'s in three days a cascade of liftoffs and touchdowns that old russia and china to leave major projects up the ground and touch upon their strategic partnership. attention to detail has always been a china's very. they may have rolled out the red carpet for the russians but their meticulous bargaining proved just as tiring as climbing the great wall of china.
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these are serious important talks as there are a large number of issues to discuss here. oh you know what while both the natural partners in each other for years russia and china have been haggling over the process of russian hydrocarbons but almost fifteen years to build this oil pipeline the first between the two neighbors because of the money issue here talks on the price of gas still ongoing. china doesn't want to have a pay it claims that it can offer a rapidly growing market in the future. and is waiting for the price of natural gas and its share on the chinese market to increase at the moment gas accounts for just ten percent of the overall consumption of energy resources in china but it's too little to be interesting to gazprom tough bargaining is a useful skill in these beijing neighborhood nickname to russia town that attracts thousands of vendors to on a hong. says not so sure the winter when there was this is a here it used to be an open market with rows of the counters only recently they've
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built everything that our expense. but it's shamelessly low prices and high turnover areas like this one managed to transform themselves from shanty towns and to shopping quarters russian chinese trade has undergone a similar may call for in two thousand and nine china surpassed germany as russia's largest trading partner. we've overcome last year's negative tendencies the global financial crisis was the reason for the collapse and our trade turnover volumes sure i.q. this year we have managed to make up for us and will most likely get back to the pre-crisis level in trade aleck anomic cooperation it's a big achievement for the former communist allies while meeting second world war veterans and the russian president was once again reminded the two countries shared . for us you're a symbol of a country that gave us marxism leninism and communism. for two days later in
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shanghai it became clear that it was now china's turn to spread the word of wisdom to its economy and infrastructure rebound in just three decades china seems like a perfect case study for the my den is a sure hand to the russian president when you go to show this exhibition is a unique chance to speed up the modernization of our economies and institutes innovative development is certainly the choice of our country we are following this path and we will do everything for our economy to modernize change and adapt to modern life. and while a three day visit may not be enough to learn the secrets of china's economic miracle the russian delegation was still able to take home a few piles of them for the course of this visit russian officials think about picking a liking to citing confucius china scholar her mother had by few followers again developing friendships with somebody who can a teacher any good well china is definitely not the case this country has made such
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a dramatic leap forward that you want to comment is big brother russia is more than willing to learn. from the work of art basing china. hoaxers force a passenger plane to make an emergency landing in russia's south while it was on route from moscow to the chechen republic skeletal the alarm was raised shortly after takeoff one of the anonymous call was made to moscow for airport saying there was a bomb on board the russian made you're clear forty two jet diverted to the city of volgograd and all seventy three on board were evacuated and the airport including six children emergency services and more enforcement experts found no explosives on the aircraft after a thorough investigation. the u.n. panel says opium production in afghanistan dropped by half this year but it's led to an almost three fold surge in prices first his report says that could encourage farmers to cultivate more of the heroin producing crop the survey also suggests the hike was prompted by
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a plant infection the devastating feels it adds that despite major water rationing the size of the area used to grow poppies remains the same south and west of the major growing regions which are also taliban strongholds allowing extremists to break in the cash result is policy or explains now for many farmers it's still their only source of income which is tightly controlled by militants and drug addicted police. are doing well you know used to put people behind bars for doing drugs now he's been put there himself but the former army commander denies the charges he insists he never swayed on the white side of the war. we saw a truck driving on the main road something made me suspicious and i checked out the cargo we found heroin in some drugs but what for him claims he didn't expect to find a driver who told authorities he was involved in drug smuggling. by
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himself is guarded by another policeman if. he's been taking drugs since he was twelve and went for treatment only recently after the prison warden found out he's in good company according to a recent us congress report nearly half the afghan police are doing drugs well. when i graduated as a policeman as i was there i can't quite account for about two years although they are the policeman who knew about quite a few police drucker that's not telling anyone they're just saying i'm smoking something about politics hockey afghanistan's biggest jail many of the five thousand prisoners here are doing time for drug smuggling and all drug use but the . knox i'm not sure a safe way of keeping the drugs out. there on the menu these are the different kinds of drugs we collected over the past years. this is a mix of opium your context. but i know this is opium but this is
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the kind of tricks drugs and side of calm family members coming to visit bring these with them we found drugs in shoes over the years prison guards have been charged with lending a hand because they are marked up the really good of yes it's true when i joined a few years ago lots of guards were involved in smuggling drugs into the jails they are not very good educated they don't have enough cider and they are not joining to produce truth out of the people joining the police through the south and south but the ministry of continent caught it insists it's now got a hold on the problem but questions remain what if some of those fines in afghanistan's drug war are actually foot soldiers for the other side and with the many challenges the country faces doesn't really have the resources to tackle the
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corruption within its ranks inside these four wars as a snapshot of the problems facing afghan society tell it members drug traffickers and petty criminals and the prisons over crowded point to syria are teen pretty cheeky frozen kabul. this week pakistan blocked nato supplies to afghanistan after cross border fire by lions helicopters killed three pakistani soldiers the convoys had to take an alternative route through the north but with deadly consequences on friday suspected militants torched several dozen nato trucks as a result twenty seven fuel tankers on route to troops in afghanistan with destroyed u.s. led strikes against a mage militants in pakistan have been taking place for years but it's a partnership it's becoming increasingly dangerous these days as i'm about says it will consider getting tough on nato too if its forces continue coercions into its territory. with explains why the pakistan's patience is running out right.
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there's a strong feeling it backs down that box down is getting though the bad side of the stick we didn't get what we really expected from this alliance with the united states with nato in afghanistan and of course pakistani interests are not being looked after or respected throughout the past eight years of course box one has been coming up with suggestions in order to defuse tensions inside afghanistan back study ideas box any suggestions pakistani input were completely ignored and in eight years of course we've seen the situation go from what from bad to worse in afghanistan i don't think it is possible that you could do and you could achieve that kind of an end in afghanistan without having a strong pakistani involvement. all the way so not everyone's idea of fun but we show you the debt ceiling go to big stress. all they started the bill in my grave was it well yeah this feels very very strange the soil is very cold and also heavy they are doing all right at the moment it is going to get more scary and traffic correspond explores what it feels like to be buried among all the
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interest and taking away the strain. for that though germany has been marking twenty years of reunification chancellor angela merkel led the celebrations in the northern city of bremen where tens of thousands of people turned out it marks the culmination of a process sparked by the fall of the berlin wall in one thousand nine hundred nine bringing together east and west germany but that led to a turbulent decade with a huge cost of rebuilding infrastructure east causing recession even today there's a large gap in living standards between the two halves of the country after surviving that recession europe's largest economies now covering the costs of much of the e.u. banking crisis political and business consultant crystal horse towards the germany can't afford to keep a. debt. they feel they do have enough to deal with and they are not really happy to pump out more money to europe that's quite understandable and the last bailout
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we had to organize for greece which amounted to guarantees to five hundred billion euros half a trillion that was so to say enough because very clearly germany doesn't have that kind of money and is obviously not ready to extend more and you have all these kinds of economic guided movements of populations inside europe and of course how to see the present crisis is not really getting out to the solution of that it gets to an amount now of an interest which may endanger the eurozone as a whole it is very clear that try. i'm was rising right now might lead to another financial crisis and the next financial big crisis like the one we had in two thousand and eight and in the. disturbed very heavily the growing together of the european union. says america's biggest country and one of the world's largest developing economies is choosing
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a new president but brazil's hugely popular leader known as lula can't take part because he served the maximum term allowed that's not stopping the running of a successor who could become the country's first female president artie's loyalist is in power of four. it is a really big day as you mentioned that later lou led to silva has enjoyed eighty percent approval rating in this country over the last two terms it's because he's credited by his supporters with creating pretty much a silent revolution where the poor have had a voice and hope for the first time through a number of social programs while the same time lula catapulted brazil much further ahead in international diplomacy and trade brokering relations with latin american countries also with russia india china and the bric nations of course so today really determines which direction the country is going to continue to head lula has anointed a successor dilma rousseff who is not very well known to the brazilian people for her track record she's lula's chief of staff and she's running on the fact that
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she's choice and that really matters in this country because though they don't know anything about her all of the supporters of low lula who you speak to in the streets and they have been out in the streets in full force over the last week they also border and believe that she can carry on exactly what lula started according to the polls it looks like that's where it's tracking as well she's in a slightly with about fifty one percent to forty nine percent for the two opposition opponents so today will really determine whether she continues what lula has started or the country goes another direction or if it goes to a runoff but in any case she is running exactly on the platform that lula started and continues social programs such as bowls of familia which has helped people that were never able to access education children because they had to work be able to go to school because there's money given to their parents but they're held accountable programs like that in addition he's continued to grow the economy creating jobs
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seven point five percent economic growth is what they expected so dilma is to is believed by by lula as well as supporters to continue brazil on this exact spot now the opposition candidate in. well the bit more conservative a d. a leader in this country support him the upper class so really what you see in this election and in an election quite divided by rich and poor by the lines in this country so we're just have to wait and see what how that turns out. following brazil's presidential election from some poll for r.t. . the north korean leader's youngest son was given to keep promotions this last week it was widely seen as lining him up to take over from his ailing father kim jung un was appointed second in command of the country's central management commission and made a full stand general it took place in a rare convention of the ruling workers' party to richard ricci's of. which. is the
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first time anyone seen him as an only child with pictures of him show up what was the first such meeting in decades cannot be awarded top post to other family members to win ford who had the european parliament delegation to north korea says appointments could mark a whole new era for the country's foreign policy. this party conference is going to see some i suspect unprecedented strangers in terms of generational changes in the in the leadership of the korean workers party we've already seen that some people like you can guy go on both who've been negotiating with the americans i've had recent promotions within the supreme people's assembly within the ministries people within the united states administration who actually find it very convenient that it's next to the ploy theater missile defense in japan which obviously deters to north korea the same time puts pressure on the chinese to move more money into their military and of course the analysis of the chinese as being exactly one of
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the reasons for the fall of the soviet union was the fact that the economy was forced to live alongside spent too much on the military sector novel nuff all improving civilian standards of living let me bring you up to date if you will and some other world news headlines now in brief tonight is sunday the united states has issued a travel alert to its citizens in europe because of intelligence suggesting an increased risk of terror attacks in main cities britons echoing the warnings about a high threat level in france and germany but this is a being told be vigilant but are being advised against traveling. continent france refers to the threat as real but isn't increasing security levels of germany says there are no concrete indications of an imminent attack. fierce fighting in somalia capital to government troops and rebels left at least eight dead and eighteen others wounded there's been a surge in violence in the past but group intensified efforts to overthrow the un support government the militants become more powerful in recent years now control
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much of the south from mali hasn't had a fully functioning government in almost twenty years. egypt and jordan are supporting the palestinians refusal to negotiate with israel if it continues to build settlements in the west bank comes after health separate meetings with america's middle east envoy george mitchell the arab states said that israel's decision to restart construction is undermining the peace talks underway right now israel refused to extend the suspension despite a palestinian threat to walk away if it was you know the. ballots are being counted in bosnia as presidential and parliamentary elections which saw parties encourage people to vote ethnically in the deeply divided country it's fifteen years now since the devastating war which tore apart bosnia's muslims. communities the results are also likely to signal whether bosnia will be fully accepted into the e.u. and possibly the country plans for joining nato. most of us have to take a degree or two of stress at some point in our lives but when things get too much
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in russia there is now an extreme therapy on offer it is being buried alive the spot a few grave concerns artes of a bennett spring to try out this earthly past self and like. above ground there are a few signs of life. below the surface a man trapped with his greatest fear is pavel has just been buried alive for twenty minutes not torture but extreme therapy. the first thing you experience is a panic once your face is covered with dirt if you start tasting as i'm thinking of what the hell am i doing down here or for the bee i don't want to come down to simply know on a place like these these are the grave digging therapists modeling the burials on an ancient form of self in light and practice by shamans they wanted to make the rights more accessible believing everyone can benefit. is the most effective and
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powerful method overcome an internal problems person can neither see nor hear in it nor even move underground they have no other option but to delve deep inside their minds. the burial cost you around one hundred sixty dollars attracting both men and women from students to fifty something professionals all aiming to suffocate their worries the maximum burial is fourteen minutes beyond that the mine struggles to cope with the lack of physical function. thirty centimeters any deeper and the pressure would be too great to stand once under the volunteers briefly this chewed the organizes a ten year veteran of living burials and says this shouldn't be tried at home. but are we have to be able to get the person like very fast and also contact them earth for us to be distributed in a certain way across the body so that the key joints or pressurized you can't practice burials without knowing about things being. done until now i didn't think
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i suffered from any cost a phobia and that could soon change because i'm going to try this for myself now me given this to breakthrough which i'm told that we monitoring at all times so when i stop and all i have to do is make a noise so here we go. well they started to fill in my grave as it were yeah this feels very very strange the soil is very cold and also heavy i'm doing all right at the moment but i think it's going to get a lot more scary and i was right five minutes after being buried alive i was very ready to see the light of day again. one of the weirdest experiences of my life i felt completely trapped and i'm definitely never doing that again are the bennett artsy moscow. for i've been the same since you were out looking ahead
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a little bit next on the program we will portfolio on the safe return home of a russian boy who was abandoned abroad his adoptive parents left behind in the dominican republic now police want to know if he was sold for drugs also in the program next. well i just don't feel like we're getting all the facts news media isn't just news anymore no news is news slaps entertainment it seems like they try and think a show like everything we ask why don't americans trust the big news anymore the residents of this opinions when you. thanks for being with us nights now coming up to a half past eleven pm here in moscow stay with r.t. if you can for our top stories just ahead i'm kevin and thank you for being. with.
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hungry for the full story we've got it for us have the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. if. brighton. soon from phones to its. screen starts on t.v. . more news today valan says once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china corporations are today.
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stories tonight moscow's man for almost two decades and the president's bust of capital. with a major oil. deals with. drugs . poppies but surging. officials to.
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discover the hidden beneath the russian soil. your own mountains have always had a strange. tales of underground treasure troves have been passed down from generation to generation but today few people in the year olds know they're surrounded by these forgotten gems. and still fewer practice the age old methods of mining. harvests these precious pearls of the year old and how do they go about it are there modern day treasure where x. really marks the spot. in mine shafts the secrets of gemstones still buried deep. the border between europe and asia the word belt an old church and a chain of precious.


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