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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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to illinois congressman john shimkus who is a candidate to chair the energy and commerce committee so it seems that the republican congressman is not too concerned with the whole climate change issue here on earth take a listen to his statement about why we don't need to worry about it. and only when god declares it's time to be over. man will not destroy this earth this earth will not be destroyed by a flood. so god promised no of it he'll never again destroy the world well i guess that means there is no such thing as human damage to the planet right so forget about recycling doing your part for mother earth because the bible says that everything will be chill god promised but you guys find it a little odd but god only speaks to republicans i mean what is up with that. this is going to listen to the world. it is not that would destroy the world but you. please a. hole that you believe you will be
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suited to but. hey god thanks for the info now it's nice to know that he speaks to us mere mortal liberals to make the law man stay in touch and now back to congressman john shimkus you are an i told time whenever thinking of the bible tells us we shouldn't be worried about climate change it's good to know that with the republicans who control the house these are the type of people who are actually going to be in charge of policy sleep tight america because god says everything will be ok. now forget burgers and fries this drive thru window serves up sex toys pleasure seeking just got a lot more convenient if you live in huntsville alabama where residents can now pick up a few sex toys without having to leave their car the owner of the drive through said that this is the first adult store in the nation to offer a car service and it's all part of her crusade to take the stigma only from sex
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shops to the huntsville store has three drive through lanes and it could easily be mistaken for a bank if not for its name pleasures and in fact before pleasures moved in and installed the sign with the tagline one stop romance shop the building did in fact tells a bank that the owner of the store first captured the national spotlight in two thousand and seven when she challenged a state ban on sex toys saying that it violated the constitutional right to privacy all about passed the ban in one thousand eight as part of a broader anti obscenity law now the ban remains in effect because the u.s. supreme court refused to hear the case which might i add is absolutely ridiculous but anyway the law has a medical loophole so alabama residents are headed to buy sex toys with a doctor's note talk about an embarrassing chat with their doctor so when customers arrive they will find a menu posted in the drive through lane as to what items they can buy now we imagine what the menu might include i think they'll have some of the following
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items maybe a little bit of a loop maybe condoms in various sizes and colors dildos again various sizes and colors inflatable dolls and of course no sex shop would be complete without a little whip for your furry handcuffs and blindfolds now here's a warning to anyone heading to the sex shop make sure that you speak clearly double check your order before you pull out because that could lead to some serious problems when you arrive at home and have the wrong items and just remember huntsville residents when you're purchasing your titillating toys that pleasures drive through you must be allowed to the proper paperwork stating that these items are for medical use only. only in america. now do you remember when it came out that the cia had destroyed ninety two interrogation tapes in two thousand and five well according to the justice department a federal prosecutor has decided not to bring criminal charges in that case the tape showed to interrogate interrogations of two men believed to be top al qaeda operatives at a klan distance yeah
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a prison in thailand and the interrogation tactics included waterboarding which just spite what george w. bush thinks is illegal now they did this despite direct orders from the white house not to destroy the tapes they withheld disclosure of the tapes destruction from congress from the courts and from a commission that investigated the september eleventh attacks and all the while jose rodriguez the head of the cia's clandestine service at the time who approved the tapes destruction well he's been described as an american hero by his attorney so we don't say for obama's d.o.j. is this just another example of them looking at the other way when it comes to torture earlier i caught up with christopher anders senior legislative counsel in washington for the american civil liberties union i first asked him if this decision by the court is a serious disappointment for the a.c.l.u. . it's a huge disappointment there is no reason why there should have been a prosecution brought based on the destruction of these videotapes they were
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federal court said multiple times told told the government the bush administration that they had to preserve all the records still of the torture issue and of all the records would be most helpful videotapes actually depict people be waterboarding depict be people be peace subject to other forms of torture would be the most important documents that the government has all the more reason to get rid of them a for the government you're trying to cover something up well that's and that's that's a concern that we have is you know this was this was evidence that was destroyed shortly after the abu ghraib incident and the abu ghraib story broke and it really means. that the world would never have a full depiction and a full understanding of what it was that the united states was a gauge of torture well also i want to walk through kind of the timeline here because these this interrogation they took place the tapes were made in two thousand and two then you can say that in two thousand and four they were asked to
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preserve all of the documents in two thousand and five despite orders from the white house they went ahead destroyed these tapes anyway nobody found out until two thousand and seven the last attorney general didn't really ask for this full investigation until two thousand and eight and now with yesterday's decision the statute of limitations has expired so they're essentially saying oh time's up you know there is still a possibility with these exact false statements people who are covering up the cover up. could still be criminally liable for the actual destruction itself but the government said yesterday was that they were not going to prosecute anybody did they give a reason i mean did they say that sorry we don't have enough evidence or just we're not interested in the investigations over no they just said investigations oh that's it you know that's not that's not our job for american prosecutor american prosecutors generally if your investigation does not result in. someone actually be charged with a crime they generally don't say why it is that they did so but do you find it disappointing that the obama administration who criticize the bush administration
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so much for their policies for their handling of the war on terror detainees interrogations that they would just let this slide i guess it doesn't look like they're turning the other cheek you know i think i mean i think that this is a this is a problem and i think it also makes us a little bit worried about you know what the larger investigation the investigation into the use of torture more generally is going to produce and that's so we have a worry about you know kind of this this idea that people at the highest levels of the cia could make a decision that they were going to on their own or maybe with the words from others destroy these video. but but then we also have concerns about you know if that's the way that this prosecutor operates how this prosecutor are going to operate with the much bigger question of what crimes were committed the actual torture what is my what was actually depicted on those videotapes exactly i mean is there any other evidence that they can use can you look at perhaps at george bush's memoirs that
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were that came out yesterday his interview that he did with matt lauer where they said did you condone waterboarding any said damn right i mean is that evidence that they. broke the law it is i think one of the things that we want to make sure is that the george bush president bush gets investigated the same as everybody else who may have been involved in the use of torture and abuse and what has happened unfortunately since abu ghraib is that the only people who have been held criminally liable are people at the very bottom soldiers soldiers and sailors who are privates and corporals sergeants there's only one civilian was a low ranking person so it's the little guys that are just a little bit is but we'll also know and there's an abundant evidence that this was that these were decisions that were being made at the very highest levels of government the decisions being made at the white house and i think one of the one of the amazing stunning things about what president bush is memoir is he's saying
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that he's the one who ordered that it was his decision that he authorized it both of the beta and khalid shaikh muhammad and these were crimes that were being there would be ordered by american president sitting in the white house in washington and occurring in secret in secret prisons in the case of khalid shaikh muhammad in poll . and so you know these are these are crimes across the board you know international where there's a mission there i mean did he just get himself in trouble or knowing our political landscape knowing the way that it seems our justice system seems to work do you think he's going to get off scot free and there'll never be a real investigation a real consequences for what they did well i think for the united states i think for any. the country that is you know prides itself on you're living under the rule of law what you need to have to have to do is make clear that nobody is above the rule of law it doesn't mean. that president bush will definitely charge or definitely be convicted or or that this was over this was absolutely
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a crime those are all things that would have to be quickly investigated but one of the things that we still don't have an assurance is that is that the prosecutor in this case actually has the authority to go up the chain of command as high as possible even if that means going to as high as the president states and just yesterday's case in terms of the interrogation tapes already is leaving people with quite the bad taste in their mouth and worried i guess for how it could go any further chris thank you so much for being here. we got quite the bit of bad news today about the war in afghanistan according to nancy yossef from mcclatchy who spoke to anonymous administration and military officials that whole deadline to begin withdrawing troops in two thousand and eleven yeah well that's off apparently the obama administration has decided to begin publicly while king away from what it once told it is key deadlines to deemphasize obama's pledge the made to americans at the white house is for now the emily denying the claims but they don't really
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have all that long to prove the statements see the new policy will supposedly be put on display next week during a conference of nato countries in portugal where the new deadline will be set for two thousand and fourteen that's the year the afghan president hamid karzai said the afghan troops will be able to provide their own security. where do i begin with this i guess this couldn't shouldn't come as much of a shocker considering the fact that a number of congressmen and senators have been publicly criticizing setting a timeline and now the republicans won the house they're going to have more influence military officials of course including general david petraeus well they're no fans of setting timelines either hell general petraeus said the he believes this is a fight the last decades generations but that was obama's strong point that was where he flex his muscles or he may be american people believe that he's dedicated to getting out to bringing american troops home to stop wasting billions of dollars and thousands of lives now as a pledge we thought we could believe now don't get me wrong i don't think anybody
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was naive enough to believe that setting a date to begin with drawl of the war be over anytime soon but at least it was a starting point it was a light at the end of the tunnel that at least some type of removal process would be in the works i guess now we can kiss all of that by maybe we should kiss any type of honesty from this administration and trust from the people could buy oil get your base back obama do you really think that afghanistan is going to be able to provide its own security by two thousand and fourteen we've been fighting this war for nine years we're losing their government as failing and the longer we're there the more anger arises from the people the more civilians die the more insurgents will be born and this administration the generals they know they'll keep feeding the massive military industrial machine because it'll keep them paid it will keep them in office and it'll keep the american people scared so hey why don't we just forget the words deadline timeline withdraw all forget they even exist in
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the english language because after this move we can be sure that all the meaning they may once have held has now been lost. still to come on tonight's show the media is having a field day over a possible missile launch near los angeles take a look at some of the best and craziest theories behind a launch in just a moment and then eagle activists are now being called terrorists stopping here in the u.s. i will speak with will potter a blogger for green is the new read after the break. are you. comfortable. just. observing. and scary cars.
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are included. a photo with the wow the lunar rover. news today. game flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations around the day. those so many years of. see saw in the prisoners. still in law.
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as well as for sure. those so many years of. summer hoping to find the same. others take your executioners longing for justice. those so many years it's just. a memory is still in my eyes. as well. as. hate. the media had a field day yesterday what a news chopper caught footage of a trail i was in a plane was a rocket nobody knew what it was in fact not even the pentagon or least that's what they want us to believe they've been oddly silent on the entire matter so until anyone could determine for sure what really left the trail in the sky of course everybody started playing scientists using their professional opinion to find out what it really could be well now back to that mysterious and missile launch the
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bright light could easily be seen up in l.a. but tonight we're still trying to figure out what it was it was definitely something big leaving a huge trail in its wake the pentagon said there was no threat to national security but what is the answer i'm just speculating ellsworth said maybe just maybe with president obama in asia this could have been a show of our military muscle it could be a test firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a submarine it also could be a jet aircraft contrail from something you're looking at if it's horizontal and it goes a long distance almost to the horizon it looks to the eyes though it's vertical the pentagon says tonight the most likely fury is that it is an airplane but they don't . now it turns out that the last expert's opinion is what most people are going with believing that it was in fact the contrail of a plane leaving hawaii a defense expert for the pentagon determined that the trail left an optical
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illusion created by an usual atmospheric conditions now i'm still not sure that i really buy it but i don't have a theory of my own thankfully though there are plenty of crazy speculations coming in from the public some said it was a rocket from a submarine others said this was a military missile some thought it was a u.s. missile strike retaliating against the chinese who crippled a cruise ship a few days ago one lady even thought that it could have been a u.s. missile going for iran either way just goes to show that there are a lot of really creative people out there you know if the media or the government they don't have a definitive answer right away about something or lord knows what people can come up with when they just use their imaginations now past failed missile launchers around the world have sparked some pretty fun ideas to for example back in october people thought in manhattan that there were u.f.o.'s in the sky of course upon closer investigation turns out they were just party balloons now i'm still not sure that i buy the entire jet plane being like i told you but i will sleep well tonight knowing that i don't think it was the chinese who cripple the cruise ship and we're
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retaliating for years. now in attempts to step up israel's counterterrorism efforts the mossad has turned to their female espionage experts let me explain a rabbi has officially blessed the use of female spies to sex as a means to gain information about terrorists and a study put out by rabbi are called illicit sex for the sake of national security he says it's acceptable to have sex with quote terrorists in order to obtain information leading to their arrests seems a little shocking right now the jewish community has condone spies prostituting themselves for the state but the rabbi argues that these honeypot missions are the oldest in the book that they date all the way back to five hundred b.c. but cites most hollywood spy movies are notorious for their leading characters falling for an intelligence agent think bought cheap spot. mail to deal.
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with the good of. the country. you see even the most experienced by can let his guard down around offend a back to the issue at hand shot claims that women are more inclined to be permissive he was anyways so i guess he thinks hey if you're going to sleep around why not do it for the sake of protecting your country jerk now keep in mind that the rabbi's report doesn't give any details for male intelligence officers i mean also says that if a female mole is married it's best for her husband to divorce her during her mission but then of course take her back after the mission's been accomplished talk about a strange mix of modern society and old fashioned values. now in september we told you that pennsylvania's office of homeland security has been tracking groups and gauged in a lawful peaceful protest including those opposed to natural gas drilling or fracking they even tracks people who went to see the documentary film on the
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subject gas plant now if this as if that was an embarrassing enough for them to admit that they were scared of a few environmentalists now we have even more information on this story turns out that in memos they were comparing environmental activists who al-qaeda all paying a private security consultant to help them monitor these green villains because watching a documentary totally makes you exactly the same as international terrorists waging jihad against the west. and here to discuss the story with me and how ridiculous that is will potter founder of the blog green is the new red well thank you so much for joining me but so like i said we discussed this the last time when we first found out that pennsylvania's home it's pretty department is doing this now we find out that they were hiring a private intelligence contractor to gather this data that was also working with the corporations and then they were putting it all together and in their memos they were even linking it to al qaeda i mean i don't get it i don't really get it either but these e-mails are pretty hilarious but they're hilarious because they're taken
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so seriously between james powers who's the head of department of homeland security or he was in pennsylvania and this intelligence firm and they're going back and forth and you're right in one of them this is this terrorism research institute so they're much like al qaeda because groups like the reinforced that work are very large but they have local operatives around the country so if you have a local operative perhaps your internet savvy to and you know how to tweet or post a video on you to think clearly you must be a member of al qaeda is what they're saying absolutely i mean if you know you have your terrorist web page or your facebook account and that's clearly what's going on here i mean you know this is the homeland security department it's supposed to make us feel safe in our homeland because they're supposed to be going after real terrorists and we find out in from. like this i mean does that make you feel like the homeland security department is becoming a bit of a joke well it's actually really serious question because by focusing on these types of cases and spending government money to create these reports who are we not focusing on in the department of justice actually had
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a report by the inspector general a few years ago and that they raise these questions and they said you know we were focusing scarce government resources on animal rights and environmental activists the f.b.i. and the d.o.j. actually wrote back and said we're not going to change we think this is the right way to go about it so they've been so adamant in going about this this path to the rest of the world into the rest of the country it seems completely asinine to how much money do you think they spend on this too because to me it's very interesting that there is a private intelligence contractor that the government is working with but who also works with the corporations because then you feel like well there's no objectivity here that it's clear the government is picking sides is working with the companies to provide information on their own citizens well not only that but there are seventy two of these so-called fusion centers around the country they're receiving about four hundred million from the government all of them are contracting with these private companies to create their reports and like you said these are the same companies that are being hired by corporations to identify threats to their
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corporate interests and they're also identifying threats to government interests and it's a complete conflict of interest absolutely it's a vicious cycle and now i know this is a serious topic but we have to have a little bit of fun with a right. to our screen here and know that there are events in decks of cards put out about the most dangerous people out there the most dangerous terrorists so we wanted to look at first you know the real ones where we have moved all maher osama bin ladin anwar locky but these days if you're the homeland security department you've got some other people you think deserve to be on these carts. going to these girls are dangerous to you well what do you think would you be scared do you think that they have you know some other agenda behind them with their let us be exact. i mean you don't know what they're hiding in their bikini it's so that's i think the police have their cut work cut out for them because there's not a lot of room for explosives. national security concern you know this man josh fox people were monitored they just want to go see his documentary i can't be the fact
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that you have to go see a film should put you on this i guess terrorist watch list now you know this is another environmental group do you think you're right about these issues a lot right when your entire blog is going to green is the new red so do you think that you're being monitored. you know i think. you know without a doubt and i've had some incidents come up that have become aware of but i think that's part of the mythology of all this it's to make people ask the question constantly am i being watched who's paying attention will come out of this protest can i go see this movie and it instills this fear and it really has lawyers who call it a chilling effect i mean as silly as this stuff sounds and is absurd. because it's had real consequences because people hear these stories and it makes them stop and think about what they're doing i mean the intimidation factor i think it's absolutely absurd not to mention the millions of dollars that are being spent on it but this is america right it's supposed to be about democracy you're allowed to go and say whatever you want to gather wherever you want to see whatever movie you
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want and hear exactly what they're doing is by intimidating people they're trying to subvert the very principles that make this country what it is worth and you're allowed to say whatever you want as long as you're too effective and i think that's really been the bottom line with this these corporations targeted by environmentalists and animal rights activists have been really feeling the hurt from this campaign and so because of that they're pushing back and they're using government agencies to do so i mean there's really no separation of this point clearly in these court documents and in the legal documents between corporate interests and government interests i mean they're completely conflated and they're definitely seeing more investigation into this because pennsylvania for example the state is only held one hearing on the monitoring so far in a lot of residents there and very well thank you so much for joining us. are you guys before we go it's time for art. wheat of the day the nation's capital may have beautiful monuments but beautiful people that's up for debate travel and leisure magazine just released its annual hotness list and d.c. fell short very short in fact the city ranks number six on the ugly list so here's
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my tweet on this new ranking no ships sadly there's just not a lot of eye candy here on the streets of d.c. the moving on that's it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in to make sure you come back tomorrow it's veterans day we're going to speak with kayla williams former sergeant in the hundred first airborne division and author of the book love my rifle more than you also have a live report from seoul south korea on the g. twenty summit and the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it all at youtube dot com slash the alona show we now post the interviews as well as the show in its entirety they're coming up next is the news of the latest headlines from the u.s. and around the world.
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in indonesia and she's available in hotels coming dolly results in spawn's resort and spa only. remote have been turned on. the result in spawn sunday of peach otoh the wisdom result use of doing something so if you tell someone you're cloning the result in spawn the ritz carlton hotel ground many as you call it a hotel full seasons hotel the sultan which owns. so shows global powers at the g twenty kicks off the debate shared recovery beyond the crisis. violence on the streets of london a student protest against the hiking tuition fees and the government it says has
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broken its promise is. selling a fantasy as the u.s. pulls out all the stops to recruit soldiers some veterans warn that youngsters are being sent to the army under false pretenses. there and welcome to our team we're broadcasting live from moscow twenty four seventh's well straight to south korea where the g twenty leaders are gathering on the one thing on their minds this day is money the ruling the world's major economies are confronted with preventing a recurrence of the financial nightmare of two thousand and eight that cross live to seoul and he said no way is there for us. as we speak at present his meeting new case prime minister david cameron we understand.


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