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tv   [untitled]    December 14, 2010 9:30pm-10:00pm EST

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we're cool be like us. it's just starting. is going to be low. to the bombs are coming. did you hear about how can we sleep. nobody can sleep here. this minute you hear about. this. every night we have to evacuate the children sara explosions everywhere they're terrified little feet little. with no. life we have.
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little. old houses the tunnels have been destroyed to move complete looks they're digging they don't care i'm with the bombing doesn't stop them from taking one hundred children with but it might work better like us when they get out he said nothing stops a. can. will be it's the same every day visitor we leave in the evening and come back in the morning. who me.
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the same thing every day you get out of the night. for the. evacuees you know back in the morning most of those. sirens your school i have them tell us why you haven't been to school on. this one of these because of the bombing my daughter can go to school. another one who missed school. will eventually but that's to the food and yes sixteen's are useless against almost . less money us money. they can care less about. the owner of the tunnel live sometimes eunice i just didn't think it was a long way from the bulbs sent in that they don't care about you or your host of them so. there was
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a petition against the time of the next day what happens. when you get there are even more tunnels we'll follow that this is somebody asked them to build new ones. there was a petition to stop the tunnels but they were even more. tenderly do you want to do that. how much further to dig down five meters how far exactly. between three and four meters four to five meters five meters are you sure.
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it's the exit we used for the march in. this little book on the egyptians founded most of them blew it up in the. tunnel. there's not a lot of damage one day's work at mobile is going to go if maybe tomorrow we can bring some stuff back. here of this ridge open two days time the tunnel will be full of merchandise. why don't the egyptians leave us alone. because. we've already got enough problems with the israelis do you go.
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oh. wow i'll bring you back a bottle of coke or. she was a prisoner of war we need planks for three meters and she went to the entrances we need to remove it and it will take a day on the national do you want to use it oh yes and when when everything's ready simple the smooth. move. all right my friend. how are you doing. things in egypt is the most. hellish there are roadblocks everywhere. we can't get anything through. checking everything it's not good at all we need to find a solution it cost me twenty two thousand dollars to repair the trauma and i have to pay my men. we're being closely watched right now.
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yes the police are causing the trouble with. the first time i've seen so many cops . recruiting on it's a major operation. just buy me something to bring back i have to pay the man. there are checkpoints all around my place. we'll keep working in the tunnel if you give us we'll see what happens in a few days probably you'll be. ok and if anything happens we'll let you know. by me we.
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know that we've been working for two months since the war we saw it in the many meters of each other but even in. the move than i committed. to in the bomb tunnel. more than fifty. five thousand dollars no ten thousand dollars it's double the price i don't know it's five thousand dollars of it will split the difference no way it's double the price . and two thousand that makes five thousand dollars and now we get the tunnel finished done with on the. internet for the whole show magical although you know didn't count the second explosion they counted everything and the additional repairs listed i counted them two of them start to finish the problem while the an article you talking about were not crazy. when losing out here to me. i'll
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make you an offer. i'll make you an offer of seven thousand dollars for all the tunnel work. i have to pay the ehlers out of my own pocket are you nuts seven thousand dollars you think that's another. seven thousand dollars for all the day's work. if that's the case you do the repairs. had. a many workers having. more than ten of the national. but the alarm bell shattered among ten. look at my accounts. the record of everything. from the first day just from the first day nursing care thursday january twenty second two thousand and nine when through our government i noted everything except the four days when i worked with that welcome. him so they're free is that it's off. i mean lose two hundred dollars which is seven thousand
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dollars tossers about a thousand dollars and it's not even worth three thousand dollars to play by three shows the notebook we'll talk some more well today thursday i mean that there was at least half of you on thursdays. a little work out where you go in the dozens they're going to see someone i'll be back.
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with when are they coming. and i know we've been waiting for two hours just me and god and. it's lonely yeah. he'll tell you know open up yes we can open it and the boss says to open it lou we'll tell him to tell the egyptians to open their and tell him to open their side to help us out sometimes problems of televised spit up. listen up a little early. but we need five people here. and the rest all along the tunnel would. be a little. i think. i'll bring down the bags and pass them along. to someone knock on the other side you know nobody.
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be careful it could collapse. i said shut up take the planks. and don't make any noise. because he asked me apply for a. showing of assembly yes with a plank. how. if i can't hear. you.
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tell me the comfort of the exits open. i will get as he's in egypt. these are moving with sound so we can open up. we're waiting for suppliers. they bring us the goods and we transported. on the. bus and. tell the guys not to make any noise if. we do want to spend the night in jail. here this is for. their cigarettes. would not doubt it. it's ok but not over there where the planks are. so we
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send them back. put them aside for the moment. where the rest of. the cops turn off the lights. they are gyptian accomplices a sign i see you know. where you are here's one. are you doing buying thanks how's it going with the cops. same as always. and when you put the merchandise or check points. yes they catch you what do they do with the goods. that they don't give a bag it's lost what is your boss does he pay bribes.
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no it's pointless trying to get it back with. police hassling you yes it's really tense the merchandise coming through the trucks. you know how all. the trucks are busy. into another tunnel. and. they're delivering to another tunnel. one hundred dollars per carton. a hundred dollars from us. it doesn't make that much tunnel. profitable ultimately. it's not very. all the merchants want to work with us. what's up.
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is the merchandise coming. to. pass them along. which can be put them into bags.
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what are you doing did i step on you to the. back i don't want to. hurt your little head baby. that i would.
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probably get you some water. tomorrow i'll bring one hundred metres of tarpaulin. then i'll lay it on the ground it'll be perfect. it will slide along nicely even by hand it'll be a lot easier. we can save time. at the bump before the curve. and he makes a very long. shift give jane i told turns right. in total it's like the distance of two tunnels.
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oh bill to be accountants. where you are you know around. the sleeping. me so. you will be. may. do the accounts and everyone will get their share this will be. fine
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don't worry. tomorrow when i've done the accounts i'll call you. so. how much does apple i want to know you. took seventy three cents is that right. thirty six x. fifty and thirty seven more that makes seventy three right. seventy three sacks of cement. that's four thousand five hundred shekels is that right your yes two thousand nine hundred. here.
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now workweeks was. perfect. are we good everything's perfect. god bless you obviously. i'm at your service gentlemen. i hope you can bring back up some more cement of this quality next time i'll bring you ten tons of white cement ok steel a purebred cement mix was sent. over the money one above my cements not mixed. with god bless our egyptian suppliers right god bless them. i swear if you lived as a straight to jail. for did you say you'll wind up in prison do you think i want to go to jail.
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go get a bag for of a statement of the if you've got one that's great. but you cannot eat anything else by then. and i have to pay the workers. out of those that for most of them will notice a myriad of one thousand six hundred dollars. for all the workers on the
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site. still my. g.m. works one day more to the new one more or less i don't hear any other i'm giving you one thousand six hundred dollars you sort out. ok but sometimes there's nine of us and sometimes less than fifty that's going to be yeah i meant you got it all in your notebook driving me nuts if you want my case you pay me for ninety days i don't get worked up. some tunnels transport weapons you should let me. i must tell c.n.n. or the islamic jihad's they organize it to bring their own weapons back and we're trying to get around the embargo. no you did a cousin of a service and you will bring back food so people can survive. and they're dealing
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in guns and rockets any. other for pillows will soon all be over. under an embargo on the border posts open the tunnels will close. only. with missiles there's a faster hammer israel agreement it'll all stop. yes we'll close them down itself. the boss money. made in egypt into gaza city. and up. so a little more. difficult. you can't carry him it'll take two more of us and i'm always at least three hundred kilos but on top of in fact if we don't tell you where in trouble mobile to misread our tides is very big. we'll put him in
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a blanket carry him together. the steps are dangerous when it. comes to. going to pick him up on three of us weapons well. before the bottom of the bus will watch his stomach turns a sudden the time of four corners and. the most too heavy. if he falls where in deep trouble doesn't deliver as we agreed he just has to make a life none of us was like oh. oh. i'm in the building. it's like he's like.
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it's. behind the me and i know i. listened oh good to be taken home. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the huge earth covered. culture is that so much of allaah the people at macquarie are more than a little worse different they have been joining the development relief and education for alien minors act is languishing in the u.s. senate is this bill common sense.
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in india. the move to join. the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly to tell you what. you can to let's. say don't need to go and. read this in the kennel was the term as
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a retreat. a draft report from the council of europe claims that for the last decade kosovo prime minister has been behind a mafia like structure responsible for trafficking weapons and drugs smuggling illegal. no christmas cheer for u.s. lawmakers to a new strategic arms reduction treaty with russia is ratified. the wiki leaks founder granted bail by a british court but supporters feared the u.s. may be trying to get their. six am in moscow i am going to be with you here on r t our top story i deming draft report from the council of europe claims kosovo's prime minister she has been
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running a mafia like organization for more than a decade the paper is based on a two year long investigation that claims the network is responsible for human organ trafficking and drug and weapons smuggling and also claims toci has been violently controlling the her when trading the region for the last ten years pristina has denied the allegations saying it's an attempt to blacken the reputation of the kosovo liberation army. has more. on a monday prime minister she was identified in the council of europe who leaked to the media. head of the major mafia like crime network it's claimed by the report that it's the major dominating of presence in all aspects of organized crime in the region including all human and drug trafficking and most shocking you're full of the killing both during and off the one nine hundred ninety nine course of an.


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