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tv   [untitled]    August 25, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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talk about it without the larger moscow were two of the afternoon other headlines now. after launch emotions the crews are searching for the unmanned russian a space freighter which crashed on wednesday in siberia so use a rocket was ferrying food and fuel to the international space station when it fell back down to. rebels in libya a promise of the bounty of two million dollars for colonel gadhafi dead or alive but says western nations wasted no time in just looking for a slice of the country's oil under the new government. and the u.s. and e.u.
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are pushing for more sanctions against syria after the crackdown there against protesters meanwhile journalists on the ground say there's a lack of object different coverage coming out of the country. well it's not just syria that's experiencing a media war have been conflicting reports coming from libya in the past few days as to what's actually going on there which according to some experts has been done on purpose thanks to r.t. hears from a member of a western fact finding mission who recently returned from the north african country with certainly if you interesting details to tell us. it's been described as the file chapter think it out it was the ends to the war in libya seems so near the realization now setting in that there still remains a little tough battle ahead we're joined now by yvonne de vito he's just come back from libya where you work and piling in independent dossier on what is happening on
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the quality thank you very much for joining us in saying that it's because certainly here in italy the news reports about what was happening in libya i was very confusing a lot of conflicting information cicle tell us what you saw and what you found was you with their resume and i think we went to libya on the twenty eighth of july and we came back on the seventh of august and we found a totally different situation because nader was bombarding civilians the bombings were not only carried out to a military target but they also hit houses hospitals schools television centers and this was totally against the humanitarian reasons these that they were there for i believe they were doing these to bring panic in the city that's why they were bombing the things that people use daily places with food and dissension utilities like hospitals this was a very difficult period because of ramadan and that is why they do time there on their housing and went to tripoli and to the town and we saw huge protests with thousands of supporters turning out against nato and all of these demonstrations
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were not shown in italy also visited to do work and since we were there and found a lot of women that were screaming at us asking why you were tania bombing us what did we do why are you killing our children that was the main question is it time the same day they bombed the heils and this house two children were killed and we tried to show the pictures of these children between dead but apart from us no one else did the same except the things that missile with our own eyes visiting these places that were born and have so much. press officers and journalists from libya gave to us as testimony to the dad from the nato bombing this after all the things that we still we have one question where is this a humanitarian rule are they really helping the civilians better because i believe all this is because of economic reasons or at least there are other reasons why this war happened troian rugby's also visited libya before and what we found was a normal situation where people were fine differently from other countries that
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went through or rather lucia libya is considered to be the swenson and of the african continent and is very rich and schools are free for the people are hospitals are free for the people and the conditions will give him an a much broader than in other arab countries but it gives a person like us yourself a number of occasions what you think post war and post libya is going to look like you are going to if all television stations are showing people fighting and demonstrating against gadhafi i personally saw many people demonstrating for khadafy i don't know why so many journalists are not showing this or that because they're manipulating the situation into kind of media show these videos on the internet because there is more freedom from what we saw personally when we were in libya and from the documents because we saw the rebels as disorganized groups others other sizzles the people that the rebels coming to power will prefer a continuation of the volatile situation but i believe that the rebels not being
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able to do a good job after gadhafi among them there are many groups islamists tunisian people i don't know why they are there al-qaeda rebels from libya just wanted to change but there is too much as organization to make of the people we interviewed were very afraid to imagine that the rebels could take power because they think that they are not able to govern the country or to take control in a proper way the chief of these groups the rebels are x. politician. former politicians before war with gadhafi and then they completely changed their fate they went with the wind as they say in italy though there are concerns of the monks the rebels loyal there are many exploitation citizen they take off their uniforms joining the rebels and are living fights another day i think of a corrupt politician as well and this was also demonstrated as the chief of the robbers was killed at the order of the leader of the rebels we've seen many times
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that these rebels are making criminal acts for example they've taken we've been soldiers and killed them by cutting their heads off and they take their hearts out and show them to people so our question is i want making our noise of these people that are committing criminal acts and can these people really govern a contrary when we talk of the nato mission for humanitarian reasons to think that justification for the war in libya stands up to scrutiny. and i believe it's not a valid justification because most of the targets were civilian ones and many people say the people were targets on partners to create panic on the ground how much of a discrepancy. between what later was saying or you're saying i think many many discrepancies every day the first very major bomb to civilian target i apologized saying it was a mistake but the day after they kept informing civilian targets and when the libyan government was asking why are you bombing civilians need to why denying it
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saying it was because we compound our way that wasn't true we saw it as it was quite by years a war if this information how much of that did you see on the ground who can see us still how much of the media are manipulating the situation when you say that gadhafi fans have been arrested why was this done partly untrue the reported all of tripoli have been taken over by the rebels and this also corazon true number really a friend of ours who is a businesswoman who lives in tripoli and one of the created a commission to make an investigation. because back to what happened in libya she told me she found some journalists who were making false reports saying that the rebels were behind them when in fact the city behind them was empty we saw pictures of green first wow that is completely full of rubble is what if you compare those pictures to other pictures of green square it's completely different it's in five percent that was created on partners to make the public the little ball of tripoli was taken over by the rebels and all the gadhafi family was dead we think this is
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a nato tactic because they want people to think that radicals have taken power and i believe they're doing this because nato is in a hari to show this before the thirtieth of august because they don't want to have to provide further financing for the ruling other thistles the people that the rebels coming to power will probably. continue ation of the volatile situation that this was not a popular demonstration but a huge military action against gadhafi i think after gadhafi it will be very difficult and may to one lead the national transitional council to govern as they have put a lot of money into this war so probably they will want some of that power and to be in charge there was just an excuse or justification that they want to have the people who will continue to take control of the city you're talking about the tribes in libya just think that western culture is undisturbed exactly what it's going to take. to bring democracy to libya and was that before it was
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difficult to maintain the government in libya because it's made of many tribes it's a society made of tribes that have conflicts with each other so it was difficult before and i imagine now it will be even more soubry what he thinks is going to happen in the in me and many other people that are watching libya are afraid that this may become another of ghana's county a country that's doubtless created by wars that last for years it's a society completely different from ours and our idea of democracy we don't approve of. their idea of government is based on groups and trying to get have their own change than those chief together from the national council they believe that this is the only way to represent all social groups for example they don't like our democracy because the sixty percent of the country votes for one president then the remaining forty don't agree with the president they believe this is not a form of democracy this is the first time that a country was attacked even though they are asked for
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a commission to go into the country and to investigate and find facts that didn't happen i just attacked this one started with was pictures sent by al jazeera through the media other media to raise and confirms dumbest true underwood was on the most important thing is that the governments that it was open to negotiations at nato didn't want that. the a. move. to.
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fuel costs and says fish now in the palm of your. question on the column. is no song was sixteen years old when he committed his mom's that's not inside the song so in sanaa honest for his crimes sean is being punished no rational person than i found out components is punished and will be punished. the sellers must be executed for the brutal crime who committed this is consonant this is not. a mention. that it seems to. cause you've been immersed number one so her. and i didn't come here last chance has. been heard of a person. this congressman about. martin
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. and i that is now. more news today violence is once again flared up the family these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china for a shelter offered a clear.
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but headlines on a hottie and a failure after launch emergency crews are searching for the unmanned a russian a space freighter which crashed on wednesday in siberia the soyuz rocket was ferrying a food and fuel to the international space station when it fell to a. rebels in libya promise a bounty of two million dollars for colonel gadhafi dead or alive that's as western nations waste no time in just playing for a slice of the country's oil high under the new government. and the u.s. and e.u. are pushing for more sanctions against syria after the crackdown there against protesters meanwhile journalists on the ground say there's a lack of objective a coverage coming out of the country. as are the headlines here on r.t.
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next though as andrew sports. hello there welcome to the sports and these other headlines touching down so i'm led to a rise in russia he would and he hoping that superstar signing will deliver a european glory of. champions league dreams shouted failing to make the group stage article ceding a last minute goal to leon. djokovic the man whose number one has a laugh at your issue rather than the expense of the usa. i was in the last few has arrived in russia to cameroon striker touching down after his thirty million dollar move from into milan to angie how the thirty year old will have his first training session with his new team mates the stuff they need to do is sign for three years
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with some reports saying receive a quarter million dollars a week he's the third big name to be signed by angie this season and joins brazil right legend call us and russia international unity zero cough and he spokesman alexander golts of said he did not want to come at first but was swayed by the ambition of the club owner to be a man clearly more he wants champions league football that he will make his debut against frost of that weekend with russian pundits predicting he will make an immediate impact. right here in just a surreal i mean he's thirty years old is at its peak his first home game i think. against of organization and off growth it's just when you see what he's done to defensive sort of manchester united real madrid's talking folly and so it's a terrifying and pure football terms it's a real coup for arsenal for instance or brings back the first time they've really had a top star who's still in his prime come to russia and choose not to go to another european team. well angie spent millions another russian top flight club has just
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been saved from bankruptcy the russian premier league has given f.c. tom a two point two million dollars bailout the club will receive the cash in installments its players haven't been paid for three months. saying with full blown rubin will not be in today's draw for the group stages of the champions league they drew with lee on one one in the second leg of their play off to go out for two on aggregate but trouble arsenal were among the teams that did make it. were at home and they did it so you know win or battle to go through after losing the first leg three well in the gulf and not go gave the russians it's ten minutes left but as they search for a second they were caught on the counter. politely to give leon a forty a good win elsewhere benfica throughout the b.c.s. the twenty three one czech sides a jury of girls and made the last thirty two expensive copenhagen what it bought us of are also there and so to our arsenal despite selling stars some in at recess they beat naisi two one in italy on aggregate. after
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trick and offering to complete your group challenge of the germans. still i'm very happy. because you trip to france compulsions in the second half would you draw one you. could dominate you trying to play different or do you want to kill you. because you can fall to be real. but in the meantime find about jay have been removed from the group stage by to his football federation because of an ongoing investigation into match fixing by the national champions on a south african sport would take their place. in action in europe continues this evening three russian teams are battling for a place in the group stage of the europa league lanny i have the toughest task after losing three nil to the chiefs this in the first leg of my team's travel to slovakia with a two goal. plus take away goals. with
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negative warsaw throwing in ireland last week from costa has more. that it's a result after the first leg of the europa league play off match seems to be more inspired talks favor than their rivals a leg yeah after all the muscovites can still qualify for the next round even with a nil nil or a one one draw however the polish side are probably not going to stick around in defense and will want to charge the red and whites goal continuously while an other two two draw seems unlikely in this return leg only one goal could send either team on to the group stages of the europa league it would probably even sufis much since i began coaching like you know a year ago but we're not afraid and came to moscow full of desire to fight and we hoping to win we had a few chances he moves through and i hope we'll have enough of them here to the leg ace coming off a c. one hundred feet in a match where it was considered a hot favorite in the latest round in the polish league that could mean several
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things including the fact that the team finds it hard to cope with so matches a week well it's either that or leg it was conserving energy and head of the europa league play off against spartak moscow because i don't think legume lost that match because the team is we couldn't just particular opponents a match against them in poland was very emotional and took away a lot of their energy goals admitted that match against spartak was their best performance in the recent years well spartak drew in their last away match in the russian premier league against their namesakes from egypt where it seems that sport socks performance doesn't fall into a certain pattern after all before their two two draw in the first leg against the red white thrashed one of russia's most promising sides and by scoreline of three nil. and additions as part socks away goals in this tie the red and white it's also. home pitch advantage on this reserved leg it's highly unlikely that the
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eighty thousand seat luzhniki stadium will be filled to capacity however the fans the smiles decorated russian cloth book are known for their great support and a number three man call for a card see. a chance to say maria sharapova as you've never seen her before she was introduced to the sponsors event ahead of next week's u.s. open i'm raised a few eyebrows if you go. and in fact if you look closely at men's number one novak djokovic having a bit of a laugh at her expense he's renowned for his impersonations on the tour and then came face to face with the russian and lucky enough sort of funny side she'll be getting serious next week when the u.s. open gets underway she could fall after winning in cincinnati last week. says the shoulder injury picked up there isn't serious you personally it was a big step for me. in a really good direction because i had. been in
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a couple of years in this whole year so my game isn't you know my it's been a long journey back since my shoulder surgery so it's it's been a nice year so far they said going into the last grand slam of the year this is kind of for all the efforts go into. think everyone's just going to fight for that last part personal shoulders. you know just just a couple days rest and that's all i needed there was. a. major issues no diagnosis no torn muscle no nothing you know it's just just minor inflammation that i had because of too many matches that i've played and it's all. it's been another when the russian cycling team could too sure at the top of spain jochen rodriguez taking stage five after a blistering finish on the final climb there have been several breakaways
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throughout yesterday and continue to work hard on the front of the peloton there to really win back in with eleven kilometers to go though it was they were one county who led for the cup for his tea but with just one k. to go he was caught as was held up the final steep climb by teammate daniel marino on the day before and i gave the bush team needed to attack in the closing stages to show ryder crossing the line first four seconds ahead of ragged poles or brigades enjoying the moment i'm moving to between just nine seconds behind overall leader silva shower now and keeps the great jersey. running volleyball world champions russia have also made a winning start to their campaign in the world grand prix finals in china after surviving a minus class hyland on the tightening were making their debut in the final final round of the prestigious event and favorites russia julie took it seems set lead but they wasn't in the set to lead it twenty seven twenty five however they pull
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themselves together to win the match in four sets but also victories for holders america top ranked brazil and hosts china. and finally red bull are leading the way in formula one at the moment and they're also the first to try out a new f one track in america as you can see it's still a long way off being ready but it's part of a p.r. stunt consultant and former driver david coulthard got back behind the wheel and had a little outing on the track in texas it's set to host the last one race of the twenty twelve season and it is hoped this will raise the profile of f one in america. that is all sports kate will be here in a couple of hours with. hungry for the full stomach we've got it firsthand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our teeth.
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