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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2011 12:31am-1:00am EDT

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and themselves. later today will see a historic something live norwich later on thursday with the russian rockets taking out from a western nation for the first time this so users carrying multibillion your equipment or they got the lego system which is europe's answer to america's and g.p.s. . up next we'll discuss russia's hopes of joining the world trade organization with the mob is at the heart of the country's negotiations. let's go thank you very much for being with us today. so the latest round of talks between russia and georgia have failed now georgia wants international monitoring of cargo and goods to live and enter the pretty fine corridor trade corridor of
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south such an appositive so the double it your membership is so important for russia why can't it lead international long to it it's true it. is very important for us however to the double cherish of the treaty organization for us the requests to reach we receive georgia is not double check it's something else. we have proposed on many occasions to georgian kuwait to negotiate trade issues so the same way as we did with the eight there were two members but atrociously that was not in georgia the requests of each we received. rules so the next ambassador to russia us investor mr netball set that united states thought that switzerland has mediating the talks between russia and georgia came up with a pretty balanced solution why was it rejected it's not clear question to me here
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seems it's a question to believe because we have not rejected this proposal rejects it. josey be prepared to a concerted basis but we are not there we hope is a problem with yoko next meeting we will we will come more closely as it's possible forestry agreements of business or not but we have not for turkish can russia actually enter w. without a unanimous approval. it's an interesting question double cheroots very clearly say that if there isn't a consensus in respect of accession in this case there is a procedure of hooty. who can practice it was used to be in the history of the. i was it would be used in case of pressure or not it's a decision of the members should be taken whether there's been so many allegations for the longest time when russia will listen w.t.f.
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lately premier putin said that he's very hopeful that will happen towards stand of the year i want to hear from you what is your realistic estimate because we've been hearing forever next loans and of the are more ballast estimates say three to five years what's your estimate is that three to five i think it's too much. should we are in the negotiations we have concluded. almost everything we are supposed to say so we have very few technical questions which are still standing. that we need even not a few months apart few weeks or even days in order to be able to resolve all of them timetable we should have currently in our working party working party it's usually to both the public session is very tired we have to completely phone discussions. twenty seconds of trouble. formal meeting
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should take place. so we have a schedule and we would like to implement it as soon as we do it we would be close it. before and also couldn't set that the only obstacle in the way of russia becoming a member of w.t.f. are the political issues do you or do you agree. that actually this whole process is hostage to politics rather than anything else i suppose this argument by fact we have completed negotiations on market access. six with all countries involved. and after that. we are to be many different things most was not connected. with trait politics
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it was a mixture sometimes of a mixture of political of course succession of such big countries russia it's always a balance between trade and politics which are but i would sure normally normally isolate itself from politics you know it was not always possible but how does that make you feel when you're an economist your negotiator over economy how does that make you feel that you also have to deal with politics in this whole process never do politics trade negotiator mike my colleagues we negotiated through issues but political event in. this process so we again we have never received directives to make he said politics and there were two exceptions but sometimes this session stopped. just because of political developments which. we never connected with straight also want to quote
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me who is the head of the w t o when he was speaking about there are going to zation he said that there is definitely a paralysis in a negotiating function of w t o what exactly is broken and is that an additional challenge for russia. therefore journal meant what happened in the current doc around to negotiations. we have not felt any particular problems except a big interest so many members to get more concessions which is normal to withdraw from the us as much as possible it was normal that resisted by all means in that process but i don't think it was a real. our position was substantially different from a position of trying to predict china has faced more of the same problem so that way and then there's also a whole other round of questions that arise. what will happen after russia becomes
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a member of w. here for example the critics say that russia secession to this organization will kill its chances to bill a modern industry how do you sponsor that we do not seem to. believe it's made for a simple reason. aim is to complete with an additional to come it's impossible to do. economy being connected to be other parts of the world and result market access to markets so we for many years. for many doesn't a few years apart afford to come to me but we played different routes because we were not members of the so we think that in order to be successful movies motivation of the economy we have to be into it bring to us much more benefits i'll
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give you a process example for example last year russia had to make available two and a five point eight billion dollars of extra cash for agricultural producers because of the drought well extreme measures like these be able once winter w.t. or for example why not just to help negotiate a reasonable amount of subsidies. to. pay to farm what we want. next in the next five years secondly it's not about provision of subsidies you may continue to provide subsidies to farmers but subject to certain rules and. absolutely sure. if you do it in a clear way you may go into any conflict with you future obligations that at least the experience of many other countries united states european union many others
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which have commitments in the woods which continue to subsidize the farmers but in a way which is not conflicting with the big asians are there in the industries debt will suffer or florists more than others ones will become the member of the you well of course those rich are connected with experts ration of goods and services real good more than those which are. there are people working for domestic market because we of course expect that competition will grow but if you grow steadily so we have links a transition period. for opening of markets and. traditional periods we will continue to. have the right to implement. i would not say high terrorist but terrorist which would be enough to protect competitive industries from injury. caused by employers and also how critical is the jacksons earning amendment to the u.s.
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russia relationship right now because the u.s. in fact doesn't there would imply the amendment to russian war so who benefits from its terminations for the person never implemented. of course believe as you know for twenty years. at some point if so this. should be withdrawn because it's unfair to continue to have it for russia but it has no real trade to pick a chanst for us. of course supports. of his row across from that amendment. basically so easier for us congress to decide like a general question to do you think that maybe financial problems in the united states and the european union well actually result in rising protectionism all around the globe nobody knows what will happen so a taste there are different scenarios. be sure may be permitted may be
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not what. we should expect. and this expectation should not be connected to raise a gross or protectionism because a hook to beauty is. in washington or in brussels saying to trading part was very much committed to retreat and say i understand the risks reach any save rate of protection it. may cost to old economy clearly russia gives the world opens to the world an enormous market you always wonder is the world aware of that or and is it ready to jet digest the russian market really well we are not advertised in this market but we we have. negotiated market the access to russian markets for many years really seeing huge interest. from traders sent and best to see this market. being based there would
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be more open and more transparent and we have absolute the same interest in foreign markets industry would like to go to places to or to expose their goods and services so i think it's been a real situation for everybody so medical thank you very much for this interview thank you.
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it. is easy. to.
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see stop stories greece is entering its second day of a general strike which has a ready seen violence and clashes with riot police thousands marched in a column and other clothes for more punitive cuts to try and say this is a recall dead. in the us and to come this protest as a warning of a class war as a wealthy rosenzweig the occupy wall street rallies are into that this week saw me buying some washington for sharing the money and leaving people to find it for themselves. the story excessive i've known some fast day with the russian rockets taking off from. western nation for the first time there so use is carrying not bending your equipment for the galileo system which is europe's answer to america's
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g.p.s. . more news about the ten minutes up next andrew is here with the latest sports news and results. hello there thanks for watching the sport let's start with a quick look at the headlines. mischances is the need to settle for a two two draw with shaq in the champions league. last game of the century love the mighty prepare for the one hundredth european fixture for the europa league showdown against a. fellow flanders again the fourteen time olympic champion takes just one goal from three finals on day two of the world cup stage in moscow. that started the champions league was an eco he says he was disappointed not to have claimed all three points against shakhtar are the sides drawing to two in ukraine last night it was an eventful first half but i'm unsure of called mr penalty after just ten
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minutes but scored an equaliser after taking the lead through willie and the home side then went ahead again just before the break with a goal from lewis. but this spirited second half display from zennie resulted in another equaliser this time conflict of physically to do then how it finished second in the group at the halfway stage behind he drew away a paltry one one. chelsea meanwhile stoke five past belgium side bracing getting the biggest win of the night fernando torres getting two of the goal to stamford bridge studies for goals for games for him chelsea now lead that group a buy a point from. we've got a two one win over valencia blues boss under these fears but while she's happy with how it's performing as a take. i'm very very happy with the performance. normally the way played with the commitment of the team was a game that everybody expects you to will and you know that when. surprise is.
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just around the corner and we were able to keep the concentration and focus. to put a good performance and good results elsewhere defending champions barcelona enjoyed it to no win over victor pails and they stay seconding group h. behind ac milan who beat bar tape to know the san siro and yesterday i was silver scoring goals for passer who had seventy eight percent of the possession maybe the biggest surprise there was that messi didn't get on the scoresheet considering he scored sixteen times this season already but coach pep guardiola was quick to defend their. original media real exhibition tonight played some tremendous food book. doesn't score think of the allow all that to keep his achievement we have got to learn all the new says he doesn't score i wish to continue for many years. and are still fun cells at the top of great best after one year when i'm marsay
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aaron ramsey with the winner in the second minute of stoppage time marsay a second with n.p.r. after their three one win over the receiver dormant it is very tight but gun is boss awesome dangar believes his side deserved to be where they are after last night's performance because i. don't think it was dangerous in the second offered. in turn this was different. but you can see the last fifteen minutes we created some chances and. of course you. want to. because we could. switch to the europa league and lokomotiv moscow aiming to bounce back from there to no home defeat to anderlecht last time out the defeat was the only one so far under new coach jessica zero three his side now host. things are looking for a victor. and the hundredth year a pain fixture for the dow new reports. look a month before only will milestone thursday's europa league clash at home to iraq
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will begin number one hundred in european competitions for the muscovite side although the railway man's head coach just a coup ciro claims this should not affect his players' motivation and that things will go it's a good number for the club no doubt but it doesn't really matter much in terms of motivation we treat every game as a crucial one because all the place take it as an owner to defend the colors of the club will dissolve. however not all of them will be able to do so at the two keys of a stadium with at least four key members of the squad set to sit on the sidelines and listen to those of you not we've got a number of injured players and to be honest that is a problem matilda star us of and a story of our sidelined and tubby ski is just recovery and also i'm not sure if they said it will be able to help us in the front line but will try to get away with those who are fit. the second placed hosts have won one of their two group l.
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games so for having suffered their first defeat under the poor to get skill which against under left three weeks ago and adding three points at home against the greek side who are boredom and have failed to clean a point so far it is definitely a must for loko i have. lost two games in these in these competitions of course. and need to. know the game of course is going to have easy games and. i think the next in this game but it is not for us like when people are looking to celebrate their european jubilee in style although it's a safe bet i have different plans for thursday night robert carlin there on r t so still. well arc of rock bottom of group and have their own selection issues ahead of thursday's game they lost nearly sign strike a good chance into
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a broken leg over the weekend they still held city rivals at n.p.r. cost to a one one draw to stay joint top of the domestic league however they continental records say fall leaves much to be desired they have zero points after losing to both group leaders and the late and the place from austria coach nick cost cost in all glue outlined what needs to be done. there are several key points we should stick to. these. for the whole of the marriage especially when it comes to be trendy and then be brave in a group of a lot of resistance and eventually to get three points. for. russia strike a roman pavlyuchenko will make a rest stop for tottenham when the north london club joint group bailey does the looping khazan on thursday public has spent just seventeen minutes on the pitch and his two games for spurs say foreign english premier league this season but he's
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been a regular starter in the europa league games and netted the call isaac in last month's three one win at home to shamrock rovers tottenham behind it is the rubin only on goal difference so the winner would take the and rightly. joe dream what you know all the videos on a million. is up to speed. the good side will organize. into a very good. that wasn't a good night for russian basketball side. they lost their yearly go now to italy's multiple. sienna seventy nine points to seventy one who needs hard dominated most of the game i'm a thirty five twenty eight up to henry from i can't jump shot here. he paced the side with thirty points on the night and the russians held a narrow forty four forty three half time lead but wanted power she went ahead soon after the restart my mark though struck twice from downtown italians were sixty four fifty five in front and they went on to win seventy nine seventy one mark
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a lead top scoring for them with seventeen points. and the other game in green bay last night turkish side gullet asteroid got the better of a program and in group a they will win. and throw. over to tennis but top seeded is of another breeze into the quarterfinals of the kremlin cup here in moscow the world number five powered past job and off ski six one six one in her opening match the russian is aiming for her third title of the season for sea francesca schiavone made a premature exit day after losing an assault against the stoniest. but eighth seed dominated you bulk of. after beating polo in straight sets and also through is better to share who acted fellow russian. well in the men's draw be in defending champion big detroit she has reached the quarter finals team with a straightforward win over perry britain spain and he was joined in the last eight
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by fourth seed. who had the better. believe in an all russian battle. finally to swimming an american star michael phelps has once again taken just one gold out of three races at the third stage of the world cup here moscow constantine but top of the data. moving to be formed. fourteen time olympic champion michael phelps produced almost an identical santa result on day two of the world cup in the russian capital in the two hundred metres freestyle the twenty six year old american was overtaken in the last fifty by john the world record holder paul be there month and had to settle for silver. and phelps competing in moscow for the first time frame to make it to the boredom in the one hundred metres butterfly where world record holder you gain you can out the skin ripped first place to the delight of the home crowd. you mean you have all of it was very important for me to win today so i can say i want to beto and now my
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aim is to win a war and by that i mean the london olympics. however just as he did on the opening day shelves showed his competitive desire as he bounced back to claim gold in the two hundred metres backstroke after being fourth for the first one hundred fifty meters then american found a burst of power and managed to surge to victory as our hero and some of the small things said to really get to the end of the year being able to tie together some of the stuff you know the starch turns under waters have i can do that. as many times as i can lay off in the feel of a child or makes us in our direction. the london olympics are just nine months away and berber ations are well underway for the swimming event however there are still four stages to go before the end of the world cup giving press fondant and swimmers alike educational economic twenty twelve games is about about r t. cannot raise the
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end of the sport say well we've got the weather coming up next here an arctic. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around for sure. we've got the future covered. the new hero in the russian european space partnership. the future of the european satellite navigation system. on board the world's most reliable space vehicles. soyuz rocket is gearing up for the first ever blast off from a foreign base. the landmark launch. life. shutting
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down and shouting out striking creaks ground in parliament which says yes to no punitive cuts to try and so i will train dead. america's anti-capitalist protesters and warn that citizens are being called cost and clowns to slamming wall street on washington for sharing the might even people to fend for themselves. and a russian rocket record as a so used takes its first foreign trip to help europe set up its own stock not satellites giving america's g.p.s. the plan for its money. and in business news russia's so much capital investment group and oil trading giant being sold also.


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