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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2011 2:31am-3:01am EDT

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in town stay with us. great. so to. go.
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our welcome to the let's go out show now in the past we've discussed the rising world hostels to five star hotels here in the russian capital what about the middle market today know a style lodgings didn't look so bad. so joining lots of the news as we explore to all three. starting off i think threads that out hotel also suitcase was situated at the former red october chocolate factory a cultural melting pot the island located near the kremlin is packed full of nightclub swanky restaurants and trendy arts galleries although central the narrow streets are often called to traffic late at night because we know the closest metro is a fat walk away take notes. if
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you want to be where the action. is the perfect place. not just because of its low prices but also because. many of the. provides a range of books and magazines to visit. every year.
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but they do cater for the younger market. the middle of the range. of serious competition. just one hundred meters from. there are several shops. have. various prices but it's close proximity. i think it offers.
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this room. up to four people the price. around two hundred dollars amazing. may not be fancy but the staff speak english it has a friendly atmosphere and more importantly it's clean comfortable and safe. it's convenient location it's very much a station i also appreciate the friendly and authentic stuff here. over the years but in the twenty first century to be cripplingly high prices. to the city as one of the most expensive destinations in the world and accommodation. for thousands of travelers every week. when looking for accommodation anywhere in the world research is the key location facilities design value for money
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a lot to think of but a little time and effort and you can now find what you want. here is a great example just because you pay less doesn't mean you always have to do without standards and to discuss the topic of middle range accommodation in the russian capital let's meet this week's guest you know. well i think it was a clever move from my dad who started the first here in moscow about fourteen years ago so it was probably a way to get me interested in the business and now of course it's a huge responsibility to have my name on the signs. and one here now. it is a little bit of a problem as well the hotels in moscow as you probably know they're all very different we have a lot of five star hotels and we have. quite
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a few old soviet style titles and there's really an issue that we feel that is not well not filled that it's really a lot of the bit like that. and we feel that there's a big demand and that's exactly where we are working it's only about your heart oh well i think that we try the essence of what we tried to deliver is a chameleon state so we would never charge for breakfast for example who would never charge you for internet for wife i would have it all through the hotels in a hotel very far as the hotels are. now and it's like water isn't that show so that's really important and we included that about three years ago and it's always included in the rate and what we have done is also maybe. a very convenient thing for business travelers but also for tourists is that we have included the mini bar in the rate and we have set we have seen statistics over the years with people take
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from it and it's usually water a little snack you know even if you're working with you coming home late just want something small you know dreaded toward room service and way for half an hour we need something something small and for us it actually costs more to handle that kind of the sales of it just has to include it's always included in the rates yeah so that in the yes quite appreciated yes. and we always said that say that we are three plus that you know it's hard to say what is a three star hotel what is forced out of our service i would say is a five star but then maybe we don't have that you know twenty five metre swimming pool that what we're good for a pizza place. or our viewers are thank you very much. and what other two or three star hotels worth taking note of. is located in an old building in the historical area of downtown moscow constructed in the nineteenth century this house. parts of
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the nobles family mansion. current interiors of the many hotel are nothing like the look. of the old house but quit with new furniture and facilities such as. various categories. for thousand rubles around one hundred thirty dollars per night cheaper economy rooms and even. the hotel in the north of the city is a three plus. with six rooms aiming to combine european companies with hospitality . not only standard accommodation but also several design a room named. you'll even find if you can use the right in the center of the room.
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in the west of moscow. where there's a large hotel called. providing over two hundred rooms accommodation. hundred dollars per night. tells. us and they tell us. the hotel is not close to the city center but there is a free of charge shuttle bus. metro station. if you prefer to stay closer to the action of the hotel might be a choice for you as it's located five minutes walk to the kremlin central street. designed. for thirty five rooms in this mini hotel but you will have to pay more
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for the hotel's convenient location. single standard rooms here cost two hundred dollars. by no means least we travel to the northeast area of the city located next to the. final location acquainted only three star hotel in comparison to a large hotel chains hotel forty five here. a comfortable location and living conditions to european standards recently renovated the rooms are bright and contemporary there's a real family feel about this hotel no surprise that there are. more of a personal service and the hotel industry i think has finally worked up to the fact that it's in desperate need of accommodation slowly. is getting rectified through accommodation for worldwide travel and the country's. three wife soundproofed room and a large library of books. very. in the hotel forty five guests
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are also free to use the shared kitchen. this is a great. family home. here as most develops changes. in the many areas of its everyday life where the hotels restaurants or close shops growth and development why the choice and more competition capital can be daunting the price of a budget travel is yes but now you have seen for yourselves. you will do sleep over until you go shopping. so some great choices for you that the russian capital doesn't have to be so expensive after all . well unfortunately that's all the time we have left on this week's program on two and three star hotels i'll see you again at the same time next week and. so then
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for me and the rest of the crew from hotel forty five here for the. monetary. historic. friendly. dynamic. plans. coke. wealthy british style it's time to.
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market. scandal find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tuning in to cause a report on our to. close up team has been to the region where technological breakthroughs save human lives. now archie goes to the sea. for unusual ways to protect nature. where farming pioneers place local cuisine to the highest pitch. and where future developments depend on the way. russia's black sea coast should close up on our t.v. . fever in greece as the country's prime minister backtracks out a plan for a bailout referendum that angered european leaders and he faces
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a confidence vote at home greek turmoil also dominating g twenty summit in france where the e.u. heads hailed pop and re-used latest decision. back from mars the longest simulation in space history coming to an end six volunteer is about returning from a mock mission to the red planet and see daylight for the first time in more than five hundred days. are british student could be handed over to the u.s. for alleged copyright infringement committed on home soil despite the terminations of a criminal case in the u.k. the young man faces punishment in the u.s. thanks to a controversial extradition treaty between the two countries. and to farmers out now with all the latest in the world of sports and a russia with injury problems ahead of the federation cup tennis fight yeah that's what they faced the czechs in moscow this weekend but have put two new players on standby to face that it is of on a video may not be fit of course in the sports but it's in just after this.
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thanks for watching the sports and these other headlines. being blow the europa league group wide open with the victory. while looking mighty on the brink of extending their european adventure three one victory. and heads roll in the k h l is the champion. pole starts the new season. started to feel all the way to being have boosted their chances of reaching the last thirty two with the europa league but the one now when i would talk to me because dan is right midfield they. but as an actor having in a second half free kick and that secured all three points for the russians we now move up to second being group a and it's just
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a point behind each broke his three one but it is this tie does anything spurs also on the same number of points as the roof being too much is that the play the top two sides will progress to the knockout stage. lokomotiv moscow are also on the brink of qualifying for the next stage their three one win over i bins in greece means they only need a draw from their last two matches denis and micron i'm glad this topic now on target for the railway men leaders and elect booked a place in the last thirty two of the three no win over ten months to that are. now this growing speculation world number seven bid is one of the over may not be fit for russia's fed cup final against the czech republic this weekend she is fighting to recover from a shoulder injury picked up at last month's cramming cup and russian captain she is now brought him plays at catalina mccarver and their university in are on standby they are around forty and fifty six in the world respectively seen here does have fed cup experience unlike my carava teams are allowed to make changes to their line
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up to two hours before today's draw the final will get underway on saturday in piskies stadium in moscow. meanwhile for the russian that he betrayed her is through to the semifinals of the tournament of champions in barley china six six three events each is the sixth highest ranked pace and won a title during the season but failed to qualify for the season ending their p.t.a. championship trophy will play defending champion and wildcard and ravana vision for a place in the final after the birth of vinci in straight sets event of it she was ranked twenty six in the world at the moment great victory twice in the first set taking it six three and she had a few problems in the second to win that by the same scoreline for the match in a little over an hour and ten minutes. in the men's going world number one novak djokovic has reached the quarter finals of the swiss indoors tournament in bars or he's returning after six weeks with a back strain and didn't have any problems against newcastle box six one six two
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the final score against the polish qualifier makes up for djokovic in cypriot markets but after this. andy roddick into the last eighteen but only after a feisty comeback win over but i think stepanek to take the first set six two only for the american to find another gear and take the two following sets six three six three to set up a quarterfinal with roger federer a. fellow swiss. also needed three sets to make the last eight he got astrovan haas after training is set to love next step forward germany's florian my. other news the international cricket council denies corruption in the game is widespread after three top pakistan cricketers were jailed for match fixing former captain someone but seen here arriving for sentencing at a london court was jailed for two and a half years for his part in a spot fixing scandal teammate mohammad a safe was sentenced to twelve months
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behind bars while nineteen year old mohammed amir was given six months after he pleaded guilty before the trial began in return for money all three plotted to deliberately bowl mode. at certain times during a test match against england at lord's last summer their agent he'd who organized a lucrative scam received the heaviest sentence he will spend two years and eight months in jail afterwards cricket chiefs denied corruption was a big problem in the game but said it needed to be tackled certainly not indicative of corruption in the cricket the vast vast majority of players are not incredibly skilled play with great sportsmanship. ethical approach to the game the true spirit of cricket but equally on fortune would have to say it's probably not. choose to never be complacent we can never drop our we must be ever vigilant and we will be everything to. switch to basketball and action from last night surely. to
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the second defeat they were thrashed ninety three sixty five by barcelona who keep the one hundred percent record in group d. one colace nevada was instrumental for the spanish she scored nineteen points during this crashing down and helped them to a twenty three fourteen lead at the end of the first quarter but he was outdone by law back in the basket here is twenty four point four helping barcelona stay well ahead of the russians who next telling a lie day with a three pointer top scored for the hosts but they never looked like closing the gap on the catalans as the business enjoyed an easy ninety three sixty five when puts barcelona on top of three day with one sienna also three wins from three weeks of fourth in the group with one win and two defeats. but another match is last night for about she got their first win of the campaign beating nancy nine hundred eighty six in group a york they were in that group then account to held on for the win
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over the sky billed by carvey electra at least group c. after their win over real madrid eighty eight eighty two the score not one and underling ethicist. got the better of armani all seven groups a composite and when is included a. new k h l season maybe less than two months so but heads are already rolling both last season garn cup finalists have sacked their coaches runners up atlanta split company with the league's first swedish coach banged all the stuff than the scandinavian specialist was the first ever trainer to win both the lympics and the world championships in the same year back in two thousand and six but the fifty three year old has failed to make an impact in russia staring at blanche just nine wins in seventeen games so far this season while reigning champion sound about a live five. cut off tenure at the club blasted for just five months. and finally russian cruiserweight tennis lebedev has weighed in half
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a kilo lighter than his opponent james toney ahead of the interim w b a title fight in moscow tonight the local thirty two year old who's considered one of the best cruiserweight in the business will start is the favorite his american opponent is now forty three maybe in the twilight of his career however what a career he has had he's one of the world titles at three different categories while he's only lost six of his eighty four career paths with more on the build up ahead of friday's five days from at the time. russia's top prospect in the cruiserweight division in the celebrity of. one of the world's most degraded boxers james lights. with the boat has been steadily growing since september when the pair first came face to face and like many others in the profession players didn't bother to verbal abuse one another to respect. herbert
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junctions have been on edge since down to the scam including former star every week . and geared also. giving a time of day to the coos isn't over there man's age forty three year old to me is a fool eleven years older than. the thing is when you get older you get wiser and james is just you know he's a junkyard dog man i joke with him i say you know if james came back to boxing at sixty years old he still beat everybody over forty you don't have to really coach him it's a business you know he's been doing it a long time you know i mean showed he knows what he has to do and once we have the wrong one we make the adjustments we need to make for this fight he's been working really hard i got to say what. we had to slow down and then we got here i got off the plane he wanted to go train i'm like are you crazy we just want to play for you know two nice pre-vis curtis in the months leading up to the quite
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a world away from his utterances now the confidence levels nudged up to maximum on the smack talk in overdrive will come off for far this guy was going. to know that the city. i'm here to give the first two were fine for the super final world of going through a bad thing i'm not too. good but i got a monotone. voice but it's true that i want to tell tony something that there is something slightly wrong with his records he's never been defeated by we have no record i respect him but i will do my best to correct this stat. professor is this to me as a response to you or your use of. the heat was then turned up further days before the w b a the interim title oh no i don't want to go to the
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dark oh i'm going to have it all over the world today. was almost the point. all fired because they were promptly storming out of the press conference following this seems real or staged leeson and left a sour taste in local ice mostly. we are in russia and it's not a good idea to behave in such a disrespectful way james will have to answer for what he said and. there is just hours to go no before the fire is sort out their differences the old fashioned way meaning we want to have to wait long to see if can live up the bouquets favorite tag or whether too many is able to back up his warning words for but for r.t. . let's hope the fight is as entertaining how that is all sport a bit like. cultures that so much i was about the feeling that i
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think you have a real fan be ready for the party just fine over at least it was twenty years ago the end of the communist party of the soviet union was the final step before the collapse of the us.
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discovery. communicate with the want to. become free. nature can give you. a. little. fever in greece as the country's prime minister backtracked on a plan to hold
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a bailout referendum that angered european leaders and he faces a crucial confidence vote later on friday. as the greek financial turmoil dominates the g twenty summit is protesters gathering nearby resort to methods of drawing world leaders attention to people's problems by locking their meeting. back from the red planet the longest simulation in space history coming to a close a six volunteers about their mock space ship and see daylight for the first time in more than five hundred days. at a british student could be handed over to u.s. authorities for alleged internet piracy committed on home soil thanks to a controversial extradition treaty between the two countries. eleven am in moscow.


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