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tv   [untitled]    December 29, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm EST

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these are the images seeing from the streets of canada. thirty here in moscow now these are the top stories. of another deadly school again. iran says it's ready to attack ships sailing too close to its. routes after its threats to block passage if the west insists. on firefighters put out a blaze on a nuclear submarine in northern russia off the scaffolding surrounding it.
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next we visit a world renowned ship breaking side sure its workers risk their lives as they wrestle with thousands of tons of shit every day a special report. so . why is the pressure so low. go in there and get rid of the oil.
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my name is mohammed repeat i'm forty seven years old i dismantle old ships i've spent thirty two years of my life here. to. get down from there. and
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most workers come from the north the poorest part of bangladesh. they all yearn to come here they consider this place to be like somewhere abroad. you understand chittagong is like a foreign country to these people make. i'm here to work. to make money. the first impression of the workers here is that they are innocent. guest got a roof leak confirmed that impression. and there was another one twenty one year old. he is quiet and has an innocent smile. i've been working here for nine i know ten years i was twelve when i first came here. nobody wanted to hire me them. i brought my younger brother too.
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he had just finished fifth grade. no actually fourth grade he could barely write his name. this twenty thousand ton cargo ship arrived here two months ago. today's task is dismounting the engine without damaging it. the four point seven ton engine of this ship will be sold for ten thousand dollars . we're always in danger eight hours' work means eight hours of danger. only recently we started wearing helmets used to wear just
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caps. a small melt falling from above could kill us. fatal accidents can happen at any time because we work with heavy materials.
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a ship that just finished an exhausting trip arrives in chicago. once it arrives the distance. more than half of the world's retired vessels dismantled. p.h.p. is the oldest among the more than thirty ship breaking. an authorized entry is strictly prohibited.
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today an old ship is arriving here to be dismantled flagpoles a used to indicate a place for the. so. i could live i would never have loved all of that. want to.
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see both of them a little money because when a ship arrives we have more work to do better and make more money. it's hard work but we are happy because we should feed ourselves. i think. the tank had been crossing the oceans for the past thirty two years now it will have its funeral. with. this ship should be pulled as close as possible to the shore tonight during high tide other was the company will lose lots of money.
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back all the.
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for the past two months a cargo ship was being dismantled and an oil tanker arrived last night both will be broken down bit by bit until nothing is left. this train is nothing get back to work you know.
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it's the job of the wide group unskilled laborers to pull the four ton metal chain they have from the north the poor part of bank today. they not so fast. so. let's. cut.
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our lives are like this a build a oil tanker here we live and die. if you get it this is all we have. this is a ship graveyard but it could also be a grave for living humans. in this area approximately twenty ship breakers die every year.
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get out of the way. if. get out of there. accidents always occur in a flash. here is a good example of what can go wrong suddenly.
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number one one of the i'm. going to be. saved you. you know you're scared me to death. i'm. really saved you know you could have died if you were crushed down there. already. or you're going to go well you've got to be strong your hardest still pounding. a little bit.
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he got any money and nobody can escape from accidents while working here. but i'm not scared i can die today tomorrow or the day after. was. often fate comes with an accident
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a random event shaped the destinies of both. i'll tell you a story. there's a huge cycle in the sixty's one morning after the cycle. stranded on the shore. it was washed down there on thousands of people came to take a look at it and they wondered could there be a ghost or devil in there. they decided to dismantle and recycle it. they started to strip the ship with tools this is how we started breaking ships in bangladesh. now about twenty thousand people work at over twenty sites. the ships that came here to many people from starving the ships. that's why i love the sea.
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but so many people have died. on. the furniture please come in. and. two weeks later auction is rushing to p.h.p. four to five. on each item everything from a generator to dishes. twenty four thousand dollars today.
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nothing is wasted here. without these work as hundreds of huge old vessels would have sunk into the ocean like the titanic. lead ship breaking of hundreds of recycle shops that often stretch for over two kilometers on both sides of the road it is in a way a huge recycling factory.
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and i looked it up properly you.
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will place a migrant on our bodies i'm it will stay there do you know why. well there are an iron flakes in our bodies we work with iron every day we are iron eaters our bodies have become pieces of iron themselves. in order to survive in such a hotshot environment one must be strong. here the crows build nests out of fragments of on while. the workers here call those tough. in english on crows. this boy's eyes are full of those little boys work here to.
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they work to feed their hungry stomachs. and this is. this is scheifele. this is the youngest we've called him the smallest this is pothole this is dolly everyone works here for their hungry stomachs. i mean the children are starving i'm crying you don't want to welcome parents do with that children are born with nothing to eat. you know what kind of parent really do nothing so many crazy things happen i mean some hiding themselves or others leave home poverty drives them into despair it's all because of famine. i will show you. level twelve. i'm twelve. and i must work no matter how difficult it is you know why when there is nothing to
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eat at home. why are you taking this this is mine. i don't know how. you can go and get one. why are you taking mine back now. what is the most important thing for human life. therefore the law that bans child labor doesn't make sense here. and the
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fact that asbestosis fatal for humans is not even an issue. who lets these boys work here they need to eat they're not old enough to work don't you see them working boys are not allowed to work. when there's nothing to eat a tiger will eat grass. you think they like to work they come here because they have nothing to eat a. criminal stopped working i told you clearly i don't want to get into trouble with the boss if you keep doing it you'll be fired first and never work here again . listen they are poor boys at the make some money to buy a ticket to go home. send them home now you will have to leave otherwise. what am i supposed to do.
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the youngest boy. came to chittagong three months ago following is uncle. mo said a fourteen year old boy came with. just a fifteen year old has been here for over a. actually it was. end of the think you get angry with the cheese that could get
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infected. me sometimes you need to strip both the filth me and the guy i did yesterday. look it's clean. oh wow that looks cool. did you pay for your shirt. dollar twenty. and he wants a dollar twenty one and i don't want to talk about it i'm hungry why i said you look cool. on their young boys let's go eat. he did what was it was the menu for the night. cauliflower potato and eggs.
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and what he bats why it costs eighty cents. does when you eat you know we eat a lot.
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wealthy british style. sometimes. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name two kinds of reports on our t.v. . sets.


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