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tv   [untitled]    March 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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two bomb blasts killed twenty seven and leaves scores wounded in a coordinated attack on security compounds in the syrian capital damascus. two belorussians sentenced to death for last year's terror attack on the metro have been executed this despite calls from human rights groups to reconsider the sentence. nationalist marches in a lot of the honoring s.s. veterans it sparked concern over the resurgence of the far right groups in the european union. and in six months on the occupy wall street movement seems to have entered a new phase as activists ditched their tents but found to carry on with the battle
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against greed and inequality. and broadcasting live direct from our studios in central moscow this is our t.v. glad to have you with us in syria at least twenty seven have been killed and one hundred forty injured as twin bomb attacks on security compounds rocking the capital damascus the state broadcaster claims the attacks were carried out by terrorists who detonated car bombs blasts come at a sensitive time as the former u.n. secretary general kofi anon struggles to find a diplomatic solution to the year long crisis in the country our middle east correspondent policy or has more. preliminary reports suggest that vehicles packed with explosives were discriminated targeting the security complex and hitting the
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police and intelligence buildings now the government is calling this the work of terrorists and state television has shown pictures of charred bodies vehicles and blood stains to the streets these blasts come after a string of recent suicide attacks just last month on piddly the tenth twenty eight people were killed in two thousand blasts that hit the security complex in the government stronghold of aleppo and since december there have been three suicide bombings in damascus these blasts also come just two days after the one year anniversary of the uprising against syrian president bashar assad there is ongoing and spiraling violence in syria and we are also receiving reports that al qaeda is now operating there calling for the opposition groups to unify their effort and they fight against the syrian regime the latest if it at a diplomatic compromise comes from the former head of the united nations kofi annan last week and he was in syria where he met with both the syrian president bashar assad and opposition groups and he is urging all members of the united nations
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security council to give the nod to the proposals he's put forward on the table now the russian from minister sergey lavrov has members of the u.n. security council to come forward and give this support russia is also calling for a political dialogue that will see an agreement between the syrian regime and the opposition. has handed over a set of balls also the syrian leadership i can assure you that these proposals do not mention any demands on president bashar al assad to step down i believe it's up to the syrian people to decide this issue any consensus decision that the government and or position groups come to as a result of dialogue russia is not supporting the syrian regime to support the launch of a political process a cease fire is needed for that in the first place in the coming days they will be a delegation from the united nations visiting syria to assess what is the reality on the ground and this is the latest if it to reach some kind of political agreement between the syrian authorities and the opposition. artie's policy or
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reporting for us there and sticking with this story james petrus a sociology professor at binghamton university in new york says the bombings could be the opposition's response to the un's diplomatic mission in syria the opposition refused to look to just fade in a referendum they refused to participate in the election they refused to look negotiate they're only interested in violent overthrow of the government and it also reflects frustration over the sacked that the un is moving toward a position of dialogue and not regime change as kofi annan mission was the need for a cease fire negotiations and a repudiation of that by the opposition using bombs instead of dialogue is an indication that they they're losing international support and as always we
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would like to hear your opinion we're asking do you think kofi annan mission to syria will bear fruit you can cast your vote now at r.t. dot com taking a look at those old so far only five percent of you think that anon will manage to negotiate a cease fire in the country meanwhile the majority thinks that the mission will fail because the u.s. and its allies do not want to see a compromise but rather want assad out of the country six percent think that at this point finding a peaceful solution is difficult and the rest of you believe that it's simply too late for a diplomatic resolution our t. dot com is where you can go to cast your vote. and still ahead for you this hour a post revolutionary take on justice. thousands of vigilantes take over maintaining security interest down as police are pushed aside. convicted nazi war criminal john demjanjuk has died in
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a care home in germany he was ninety one years old in a two thousand and eleven he was convicted of assisting in the murder of around twenty eight thousand jews while serving guard duty in a death trap in poland however he was sentenced to just five years in prison because the court ruled no particular crime could be directly attributed to him he was also allowed to stay in their home for the elderly while his appeal was being the review. elsewhere in europe as veterans have been honored as heroes in the annual march held in las vegas capital has been widely condemned as a glorification of naziism despite that still receive support at the highest political levels as jacob grieves reports now from rita there's been decades of change since the world where nazi germany dominated despite the bloody legacy and some courses of europe that you still have an audience. are you ready for the jews are crying about the holocaust which remains you forty nine hundred forty one the
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war for the bolsheviks and killed mainly i think they received it would be deserved . this is one thousand five hundred people gathered to fishy commemorate those who alongside his bizarre mes and joined the waffen s.s. the meeting stoking fears of a neo nazi resurgence in latvia. we can't be silent when the people. in the memory of the now disease of the earth and this are marching in the streets of a member of the european union those in the crowd defend their start saying the so called legionnaires' were fighting for liberty at a time when tyranny faced latvia from all directions it was a military force formed in one thousand nine hundred forty three from volunteers and members of the disbanded latvian auxiliary police responsible for the mass killing of jews this image of these youths lining the streets to welcome in
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veterans commemorating legionnaires day is one that has become commonplace it's also something that is increasingly warring observers if it may represent a rise of the far right both sane commentators are asking why this message is being supported at the very top of the country's leadership. i love being president but as inch as argued it is foolish to assume that an s.s. veterans are criminals same it deserves the public's respect people who are in charge in positions of all thirty should not be setting examples where young people start to believe that a veteran s.s. is something that you should wish to follow echoing such sentiment anti fascist groups governing by the protests of the amul march the rise in far right rhetoric is not unique to latvia was a continent rich by financial crisis ultra nationalists and has been growing
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throughout europe we've got the fascist right people who are proud of being sort of a threat or ins or whatever and you've got the flashlight of people who like probably marine le pen in france are actually coming from that kind of million coming from that kind of position is a growth most apparent in march is a celebrate those who others struggle them accompanied by personal messages such as this or made it a latvian t.v. station they stand as a striking image of europe's lingering past one that could have increased the impact of its future degrees r.t. reader in latvia. and still have value in the program an escape from modern civilization. these close up series takes you to one remote village that seems to have frozen in time. two belorussians sentenced to death for last year's natural
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bombing in minsk have been executed the family of one of the men confirmed that they had received notification from the country's supreme court and state media leader reported the executions the case has attracted much criticism from human rights groups and the e.u. has condemned the decision calling on the russian leadership to impose a moratorium on the government parties as more. sooner accused of carrying out the blasts in the admin metro in two thousand eleven in april of two thousand and eleven they were arrested just a couple of days after the blasts to place and were put on trial and they all were accused of carrying out not just a terror attack in april of last year but also over another one which also happened in minsk in two thousand and eight one of the men dimitri kind of olive has actually pleaded guilty to both cases where is the other men. has pleaded not guilty he has also written a letter with a petition for pardon to the belorussian president that petition was refused
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officially now this case was very closely followed by human rights organizations especially those in europe as literal facts the chairman all figure at pm parliament has also written a petition regarding the plea for pardon of the two men to the bill russian authorities but that plea has also been refused of course valerie's has been on the reader of the european human rights organizations for a very long time a lot of people in europe question the tactics and the policies of people are so thirty's one comes to matters concerning human rights and the freedom of speech and freedom of expression and valorous and as it stands right now bellers is the only country in europe still to employ capital punishment system. reporting for us now you can get the latest news videos or stories you may have missed dot com here's some of what. we want to the whistleblower gets ready to run for the senate in his native australia and won't let his house
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arrest in britain get in the way. and are yours. as cia agents. keeping tabs on your family. it's six months since the occupy wall street movement swept the world with millions taking up the battle against corporate greed and inequality and now even though their camps are shrinking activists say the movement is far from going down or peace christine for reports. never doubt free will is but they'll meet at the globalists a simple holds up a nation a soulfire media saturation we first met joe northam in the early stages of the occupy wall street movement here since october second degree
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a little bit just the whole. government corruption held by most of the really incestuous relationship that they got a lot of. like it's thought it was possible for multiple atrocities world wide a former children's mental health counselor jools position was cut and he was left without a job and instead found a place and a person here still. this is the rule supplement that we just i'm directed to protect us from the outside conditions and those conditions not all thanks to mother nature every night or something there's always some fights there's always some kind of drama happening there's a lot of theft a lot of ice where the police have been telling my drug he's a drug is a good one i've got to hang out what if there's. big fierce and square one of the longest lasting occupations ended up becoming a microcosm of society itself with similar issues from timeliness to crime.
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still joel and many others here remain undeterred or today is january the third two thousand and twelve. year of the revolution as i'd like to call it. it is close to . maybe twenty six twenty seven degrees outside but it wasn't the cold but these addiction notices that were posted on the occupiers tents setting off a firestorm of both anger and support and the construction of this tent of dreams that. most people did end up leaving joel included i guess something that maybe stopped would be there was a wade. that was i mean that was i mean they had infrared helicopters flying around at night you know having like little formal vision on the tents to make sure that people are in the sleeping but even police crackdowns have not meant the end of occupy wall street and this is an experience where today nearly six months after
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the occupy wall street movement began a few tense remain but it's largely symbolic though and the others say the occupation aspect of this movement is simply one chapter in a longer story many more still yet to be written but we do the dirty work for them the desire for radical change and a newfound belief that it can actually be achieved is strong enough not to be subdued in the brought me here was that feeling that something was incredibly wrong with society in the system in general and everything that we you know are you know should be naturally against this human beings and. i think i found that there is actually something that we can do about it in washington christine frizz now r.t. . the u.s. soldier accused of killing sixteen civilians in afghanistan has been named as staff sergeant robert bales he's already back in the united states in a military prison but has not yet been charged army officials say he is being held
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in solitary confinement and afghan investigation claims bales was not acting alone and that up to twenty others u.s. troops may have taken part in the massacre international affairs commentator rick ross off believes the cold blooded killing of civilians by american forces is history repeating itself. and we have reason to believe you know received notes right all we have to recall is seven years ago in iraq in the city of the fire there twenty four after iraqi civilians were killed by nine u.s. servicemen none of whom were prosecuted for their crimes the leader of the group was simply charged with dereliction of duty and he broke and ran. you know which is it is hardly a comment sort of you know punishment but there is a difference between so-called collateral damage and targeted killings another kind of style sunday several of the houses in the in the village where the attack there were people around that often kill in the sixty's the afghan government state seventy you know more than forty seven of nine children three women and so forth
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and this suggests first of all that one person could hardly have perpetrated by prime minister on this is a very grim reaper you know action and for us to try to provide as anything else is just your own rules. two violent revolutions in just seven years that's the price the people of the central asian republic of kyrgyzstan have paid so far for a free and democratic future the public has grown increasingly hostile towards the police and the culture of vigilanteism is on the rise on the boycott reports on those who patrol the streets in the name of justice. perfecting their blows and kicks in bishkek to downtown these young men of a constant reminder of violence the current leader of kurdistan street politics for the past decade and this is who should be serving in the police the punch line stretched to the heart of the country's security problems two years ago during the last koreas revolution a police opened fire at protesters almost seventy were killed forcing the president
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to step down and since then the country's north origins have effectively replaced the police because of vigilante groups will move here move i told you the movement of dresden yukio people's guards counts tens of thousands. one is ready these men patrol the streets at night and just a phone call away during the day organized in small cells their mobile and is a limb energy bill and increasingly they're being trained by the very same security forces they're supposed to be filling for. the interior ministry in the ministry of defense train or volunteers and in time of need police and the army or the more allies we are ready to defend our country the new security arrangement was in full display during the recent presidential elections in addition to observer and regular police each blowing station had a group of heavily built man who called themselves people's guards all candidates
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in the corridors elections extolling the virtues of democracy and the rule of law but to make sure the base for graphic values work in their favor many of them chose the natural rather than political muscle of the country. or interior minister sas rewiring the regular police allows the theories as an excuse to maintain their own private armies and keys the public discontent boils over once again. under the pretext that the police would be moralized the new authority to creating their own security units whose primary goal is not to protect the law for all but rather to protect the private interests of the boss and. the succession of the revolutions has also led to a rise in the number of private security agencies here in the center of this character cars train weekly to hit targets. during the last revolution protesters raided several depots and many of their weapons are still at large. it's
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true that grows in times of instability but we're really tired of all these revolutions and what we need is stable economic development evolution. and peace to be evolutionary fatigue plays well into the near thirty's hands they may have been brought to power by the popular uprising is with thousands of well trained guards under their command they sure hope not to leave the office in a similar fashion it's not going to artsy. and in a few minutes we'll bring you the party for st patrick right here in the heart of moscow. if you're not in the islands and you're not iris how do you become a friend pat is bad with a dance and a drink at the center of the capital revels in things irish report firsthand from the festival. take a look at some other news making headlines around the world for you. libya's former
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intelligence chief has been arrested in mauritania in a joint operation with french authorities. sunu seen a close gadhafi confidante is wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity during the uprising in libya and by friends for the one nine hundred eighty nine bombing of a passenger plane both libya's national transitional council and france now want him extradited. japan says it's considering whether to destroy a satellite in north korea plans to launch next month over fears that it's a covert long range missile tests young young insists it's just a satellite it wants to send into space in april to mark one hundred years since the birth of kim il sung the founder of the communist state u.s. russia and china head games north korea's plants. and the head of egypt's coptic christian church pope shenouda the third has died in cairo at the age of eighty eight he had reportedly been suffering from cancer as the leader of the
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country's largest religious minority for almost forty years and was prominent in recent months for calling on be egyptian authorities to do more to prevent attacks on cox muslim leaders have offered their condolences. and time now to head to some of russia's hidden most corners in close. and today we take you to a remote settlement in the ural mountains that boasts a unique name in the village of newspaper time seems to have stood still for almost a century and our kids tom barton has found his way there. you could turn berg is one of russia's biggest cities but a few hours away it's a different world where we were going even tarmac would be a luxury that's the end of the road from here to the village it's just forest time
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for me to do this and go even further off the beaten track. eventual e we saw it welcome to the village of a new spate of population ten people two horses to cows and no running water no electricity and one rather strange name it was founded in one thousand twenty four by a group of collective farm workers and wanted to branch out on their own but they had a problem what are we going to establish in your village they had to have permission so they applied for it through the local paper when their permission was granted their name to use paper in things. they had said lorna is one of only two people who have lived here all their life the other is cleaner after her husband died she continued to live here alone every winter snowed in so what if they need help.
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you don't get help if something happens you're on the road and if you can't get through the phone no one will come. said larner with her two horses he's essentially the village taxi service for twenty one year old son lives here too and for the moment is content working on a local logging site. he doesn't want to leave in the town he likes it here but i'm not sure if he'll stay here long it might be fun for here while he's still young but i think you might get more of it the cows can roam freely. dogs don't need to be locked in fact apart from tending the livestock the only law and order necessary here is to stop the dogs fighting but newspaper is incredibly small too small and i wondered to survive i was surprised to find it was killeen or
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disagreed with me but in india the village has a future given its hold on it's a nice quiet place and that's why i said to residents come here we would need new people for some houses. so it looks like far from dying out gleaners granddaughter could be joined by many more visitors i wouldn't hold out for the road though tom bottom r.t. then it's time for guinness and a green lager again as moscow hosts its st patrick's day celebrations revellers gathered in the capital's center to mark island's most famous holiday to join the festivities. there's no doubt that when you think of us in paddy's day you think of the irish people themselves but also the most iconic google. today of the old regime just bad just like the rest of the world from new york to baton called to beijing as well as here in moscow now moscow has actually been celebrating these
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days of nine hundred ninety two and its cultural events like this that actually tied to russia and i didn't get into the business and trade. out of houston in terms of a joy having fun and making people smile and having a few drinks so none of them patrick's day celebration is complete until you have an island that's the drought and the beginning and today we might even have a special green that will you know as they say. in ireland sunday everybody. must go. and it certainly seems to be had a good time there but doesn't for the news this hour i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments. this
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respect the british gentleman's choice was. trees jackets and those whiskey. a much younger wife. and more than twenty years of intelligence service in
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profits of the soviet union. killed his choice on forty. end of the boer war and the going away of the soviet union many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by just to be exposed to a little nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. but most of the victims who do see right there as a threat or as an accurate record you know if you keep spinning a trillion dollars a year on weapons of eventually you're going to flora revive the young you you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see if people don't wake up to get nuclear weapons so bill. that represents all of the firepower of the second world war this second sound is the equivalence of fire power the world's nuclear arsenal today.
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the first. mission for. cribbage a should three.


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