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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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the stories that shaped the week here on our t.j. plus see versus death by years since the uprising began syria remains a culture cares with peace efforts they're being challenged by war propaganda and terror attacks and. a loving father called in a tragedy the media's take on the u.s. soldier accused of turning a sleeping out village into a bloodbath with washington yet again not sorry for what happened. anniversary arrest for occupy wall street protesters get more heavy handed policing leads many wondering if western nations practice the democracy they preach.
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is a common broadcasting to live from the heart of moscow karen terror raji a car bomb has reportedly exploded in a residential area in the syrian city of aleppo there were similar attacks on saturday in the capital damascus which killed twenty seven people and injured over one hundred others our middle east correspondent paula slayer can tell us more paula syria still reeling from saturday's terror attacks what do we know about this latest blast. well a cop on has exploded in syria's second largest city of aleppo state television is reporting that the car was parked in a residential area not far from a security building now according to police the car was parked behind a security barrier and a tow truck was in fact on the way to tow the car away when it exploded now at this
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stage we have no indication in terms of numbers of people killed and injured but we are hearing reports that the casualty count is high at the same time witnesses on the scene say that they heard an exchange of gunfire immediately after this car blast now people are gathering at the scene they are protesting against what has been brewing. loss both in a leper and in the capital city of damascus over the past few months this is the second bomb blast in just as many days yesterday twenty seven people were killed in a twin blast in damascus and back in february on the tenth of february twenty eight people were killed in a late pope when a twin blast happened there not far from the security building now these latest blast come just three days after the opposition marks one year anniversary against the syrian president bashar assad and there are demonstrations that have been
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organized plot the day to day in syria and they will be we expect similar in nature to the demonstrations back on friday which marked the one year anniversary so we are witnessing the violence in syria continuing to climb against the backdrop of the former u.n. chief kofi annan making some attempts at reaching some kind of peace agreement between the opposition and the syrian regime parallel to this violence on the ground there is a different kind of war that is taking place and that is the information war with many people saying that what happens in terms of how liquids are covering the syrian story is nearly similarly in the conflict as my colleague reports. clashes in the streets of syria have been raging for a year now but behind the scenes there is a media war that's just as damaging as the one taken serialize cloth freelance investigative journalist from damascus says he's found what he thinks is proof of
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media manipulation of the conflict in syria and this video from the syrian town of homes a camera focuses on the city's all the refinery the shooting begins seven hours before media viewers around the world see a pipeline explosion allegedly caused by assad's army bombardment you can clearly see that something is slowly burning in the distance when the smoke has thickened english speakers correct their cameras position for a better shot of what's going on they shake it to make it look like amateur video. the navy is going to be receiving it's clear it's not an explosion ignoring people reporting it the way they need to see it. in another video from a hospital in homes someone behind camera talks to a doctor in the corner we see a little gnat. you should job good will punish you don't talk about his word ok let's hear his will again after some thirty minutes away take in
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the crew starts to get nervous let's go. read no we need al-jazeera while life on al-jazeera eventually the girl will forget some details. god punish you bashar and your children in this footage we see danny holmes activist known for his exclusive reports from the very epicenter of the conflict is preparing to go live on c.n.n. he's relaxed and calm. and there is no shooting until he asks for it was subdued you choose a target. no worries just do it. so why should i see the whole deal. tell them there are some buildings collapsed and we're taking buildings right. there could be two hundred get get here in the last
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hour or. two hundred that they love me i would. never. do for you and i see activists if you come james try to make a chaise as hard as possible. just to show you the proofs. but not everyone is happy about it the politics of the channel were changing with the word from on high . leftist and progressive was such as mine were not going to be as welcomed as not anymore obviously the qataris that decided to shape the picture of the news a little more than we used to wish that's always a mistake. well known war correspondent elise hashim history report for al-jazeera from the world's conflicts hot spots but syria has become the rubicon he couldn't cross he mentioned on the groups fighting against assad's army his boss is a felt he needed to have occasion he has just resigned because of biased coverage
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he says. you know from both things. syria. egypt tunisia whatever but i don't think for example that the revolution in behind on saudi arabia and this is just a proxy it's a proxy used by but it's never followed by several governments by going to the west to fuel this war. was no and look proof and virgin all of the international media is involved in the arab spring revolutions the question remains open to what extent they influence events and how much responsibility do they therefore share for what follows refill shot see beirut lebanon. a u.n. team is set to visit damascus to discuss the deployment of international monitors to syria this comes as part of a special envoy kofi annan peace mission pushing for a cease fire and political power between the assad government and the opposition also has backed the effort and warned against attempts to thwart
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a problematic outcome there is because the sluice hope this mission won't be ruined we have a feeling it every time we manage to achieve some positive change in the stance of damascus there's an immediate counterweight reaction in any steps forward are just missed i hope this won't be the case of how countries in the middle east and some western states treat the mission of kofi anon it was very strange that two days after his first visit to damascus the opposition syrian national council claimed the mission had already failed for sending definite signals to damascus to cooperate with mr nods and we hope that other members of the security council also demand the opposition does not provoke the escalation of violence and cooperates with mr nonce mission. still to come in a few minutes a grieving mother and an angry. when you look at you do you through the can intimidate the police into signing. a few things confession has two convicted metro bombers are executed in belo roost relatives as well as human rights groups say
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their trial was too quick to be fair. and as economic sanctions piled on iran to be here to backfire with spiking oil prices europe may be forced to rely on emergency stockpiles for. short on money emotionally traumatized and down on his luck father of two all just part of the media's justification for the actions of an american soldier accused of carrying out a massacre in southern afghanistan sergeant robert bales was a spirited away by the u.s. military in order to save him from calls to face trial there and as a guy in a chicken reports in his wake come yet more apologies. sixteen innocent afghan villagers slaughtered in cold lot nine of them children u.s. officials are going out of their way to present the american surgeon to apparently
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committed the massacre is just one bad apple. this incident is tragic and shocking and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that the united states has for the people of afghanistan this is not who we are in no way does he represent. the ethics and morality of the american serviceman and service woman and i think afghans understand that but afghans don't seem to be buying that and all. the rage and humiliation felt by afghan people appear to be way beyond what apologies can make up for they've heard them all before in the last few months all too often and each one very similar to the next just weeks ago the white house apologized for the burning of the copies of the koran by u.s. troops an incident that triggered a surge of violence this was a deeply unfortunate incident that does not reflect the great respect our military has for the religious practices of the afghan people and weeks before that in
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january apologies again over footage showing u.s. marines urinating on dead afghans these actions do not represent the values of the vast majority of coalition forces who serve their nation's honorably contrary to what u.s. officials say some analysts believe that those incidents are symptomatic of how the military operation in afghanistan works it is increasingly the case that this is looking like. a brutal occupation which is killing laws on provide. afghans film cells humiliated insulted incidents like this will be regarded as a symbolic of exactly what is wrong with the american not place for it is an absolutely cynical operation to say that they can't be complete in afghanistan for another free how many more people will die how many more instances like this the only solution to this is to bring the troops now and then for these for these governments just opens of a name in countries where they have absolutely no rights when the copious apologies
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handed out by the administration don't seem in. when to appease war critics back home let alone the afghan people but what about the whole idea of aiding a country and occupying a country and disturbing their country creating hundreds of thousands of refugees and suffering this it ever get to a point we're all joking about the qur'an is rather minor to some of the other problems that we have created the taliban has vowed it will take revenge and analysts expect a fresh surge of violence children shot in the head women slaughtered it's incidents like the latest soldiers rampage in afghanistan that extremists of all kinds used to it new people to their ranks those new recruits go out to kill not even the most heartfelt apologies can change the minds of people dead set on revenge it becomes a vicious circle that breeds even more danger spreading far beyond the borders of afghanistan i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t.
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. a follow up so far has been extreme with the taliban terminating peace talks with the us and already launching at least one revenge attack former afghan m.p. a small town zoya believes there is now absolutely no benefit to america's presence of the country. poverty corruption lack of rule of law and proper off even the international community that is here to save us is is not able to control its own psychopaths and. the people say well what is it for us this is a question that everybody will as what is in this for us the government on one hand corruption on the other hand lack of rule of law on the earth the only good thing that can happen in my opinion from this disaster is for the united states to go to the people of this country that justice is the best justice is immediate and wherever it may go this is really a whitewash really is this really
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a slap on the wrist there should be a decisive and severe punishment still to come this hour the price of help. racked by deathly ill hungrily eyes china's the re trillion dollar counts of volunteers in a savvy beijing that lays down the rule. the two men convicted of last year's deadly metro bombing in the belorussian capital have reportedly been executed there's no official confirmation except state media reports and a court letter sent to one of the men smelters she believes her son was scapegoated by the authorities. they threw the can intimidate the police into silence my son said they fulfill his confession exposing their who kind of investigation and trial otherwise they could have executed him long ago he said revenge on him and me. from the very beginning of human rights observers have questioned whether or not the men were given fair trial this is just the last straw in the already strained relations
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when valerie say in the european union in fact a lot of the human rights organizations and i'm sure there's along with the chairman of the european parliament have said requests to the bill or should president alexander lukashenko for two grounds clemency to the two convicted men but those requests and i were disregarded in fact a lot of the european out of the european human rights observers and officials have long been looking in belarus and questioning the officials approaches to human rights freedom of speech and their treatments all of the opposition this has in fact to lead to diplomatic route bellaver was told it's in basters from several of the european countries and in retaliation the european union has also recalled all of their ambassadors from delhi rose to the european union foreign affairs chief catherine ashton already said that she strongly condemns the executions and she was seconded by the chairman of the european parliament martin short also said that he
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is horrified at the news and this is just about to worsen the situation and the relations which are in belarus and the european union even further. are reporting there. thousands of people have been arrested in new york are scores of protesters marched to mark occupy wall street six month anniversary police swept through the birthplace of the movement in zuccotti park as hundreds of demonstrators began to brecht tents over the past six months occupy rallies nationwide happened during. the transfer and tear gas at this protests. the actions at home are in stark contrast to washington's words in condemning other nations which don't match aside their tomorrow as we are in a port now explains. the u.s. and its european allies have many things in common security politics and a familiar practice of old and outsiders about the democracy the running people
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have a universal right to assembly and free speech this is the policing suppression human rights democracy and there's a big step. for democracy rule of law human rights these are all we believe these must be respected by the egyptian authorities in russia we've seen crackdowns on civil society groups as western leaders wag their finger around the world. why didn't the times in google force have been used to public protest at home. why is police handcuffed and iron fists have repeatedly been used against unarmed demonstrators in greece spain and london where thousands flood the streets to protest against austerity measures and unemployment they should focus on getting their own house in order and practice what they preach rather than noticing about
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you know other countries and trying to you know grandstand on an international scale rather than deal with you know they are there are very serious democratic deficit on the other side of the atlantic uprisings against economic inequality and corporate greed have left countless occupy wall street activists covered in blood temporarily blinded. and behind bars the movement is currently planning to draw tens of thousands of demonstrators to the upcoming g eight and nato summit in may. but this week the u.s. military is unveiling its latest non-lethal weapon to members of the press. it felt like opening up in your own most mixed with from about my sternum to my. venue active denial system can repel crowds using an electromagnetic being that delivers a blast of intense heat up to one kilometers away without a sound a smell or even a warning the weapon promises to disperse crowds and reinforce security while the
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military weapon is it currently intended to be used by police critics say ray guns like water cannons could eventually be ruled out in the land of the free we're seeing an intensification of repression because people are challenging the system and challenging it in europe the challenge to get in the united states and it's easy for our leaders to point the finger somewhere else rather than take responsibility here in america do anything differently lecturing others on democracy and human rights has become a branch of western foreign policy i discoursed that means to be based on the highest of standards but as recent years has shown it's a lot easier to scold others when everything is why i. may say protesters in all or injured students in europe might suggest that their leaders do a more before hunting to be
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a teacher of democracy. artsy new york. we've got plenty more lined up for you on our website r.t. dot com healthcare for the latest news and comments here's a taste of what's already on. has your friend yawning along saying you had a late night well don't be fooled by the excuses chances are he's a terrorist at least that's according to a new pamphlet issued probably u.s. homeland security. and the emerald isle entertainment across the capital as moscow joined hundreds of thousands of people around the world to celebrate st patrick's day festival but a. is that r t dot com. this week a worldwide banking communication network links with iran as part of tough economic sanctions employed by the u.s. and its allies the standoff over talk runs nuclear program is driving oil prices up and may force america and britain to dip into the mastic reserves but as archie
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sarah further explained it's not every country can rely on such a safety net. spain is among the biggest imports is iranian oil but all that fame is when the sanctions come into force in july spain haven't tell their. sources of crude supply and all around a real risk to the country that in found out has been by iranian oil. prices are on the rise and there are fears that they're about to be can't even higher with the iranian oil embargo looming in the e.u. in piece band comes as the west's been making waves a virtue runs nuclear program it's shaping shitting around while revenues in the country to the bargaining table even assuming that the case against iran is a strong sanctions right now. exercised by countries like spain or greece or italy that much those countries more than it will damage iran was countries like
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france and britain and poor thingy a very small percentage of iranian oil and supported the band is the country struggling the west economically right now spain greece and italy but again to feel the effects of the sanctions the most we have is we can't refuse the pressure from the u.s. it is still the foreign minister actually said that if you should. seek to seek to make it even if you assume you could in your account the fact that you can be forced to make you suspicious once you get in a healthy economic situation a rise in oil prices might be problematic coming at a time when spain is on the brink of a second recession is proving a nightmare for the population. it's terrible that we should pay for decisions taken in brussels is not known to conform and certainly not for simple reasons. certainly should trigger a rise in prices we should follow the example of the us to tighten our belt and
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keep the issue of nuclear weapons in. harsh to revive our economy. of course i'm afraid because they're already too high if they go any higher and won't be able to afford gas cans to calm fears about a rise in prices have been made saudi arabia says it's good enough oil to make up for the loss of around supplies when the in buggery comes into force because she's like spain will still be paying the price of lost trade with iran and the cost of replacing these oil contracts ever likely spain's imports of oil from iran have increased since the e.u. backed libyan war now the prospect of history of peace with iran is causing huge concern. while those new war crisis collation students mentions can be corrected the problems will come if. you can see a real crunch. now countries like spain elect at the mercy of a volatile situation no one wants to see ignites. r.t.
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state hello or upon a crisis management specialist in brussels says the pirate wants to force iran into changing it sounds but it will most likely just switch. this. as we know from the news. is already making agreements with india and china to have exchanges. currencies and this is what will not be sold to europe will be sold elsewhere the issue of sanctions is something that of. europe follow because that is. all they can reason is to try to for suited to the negotiating table but not the magically change the course of the.
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poor greece says even given its second one hundred thirty billion euro bailout the i.m.f. is warning that it may soon need a third cash injection that's not sitting well with the e.u. with africans having drained much of the glocks emergency cash suppliers to avoid a default and with belts tightening across the western world there's only one place left to seek help as has our silly reports with china's three trillion plus dollars in foreign currency reserves it was only a matter of time before deadly the jurors came knocking on its store from the chinese side of the leaders always say ok they are willing to shoulder with him it's too hard it's like you're not putting in practice maybe we want some kind of a deal for me well it's not even a maybe i'll china's call is clearly on the rise and so is its confidence this time around china has no qualms letting the e.u. know that it is well aware of its trump card and that any help will come at a price top of its list of demands gaining the status of
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a full fledged market economy and lifting the one nine hundred eighty nine ban on its purchase of military weapons from the e.u. . and for the first time china has openly used its potential cash card to lash out at the e.u. for a recent anti subsidy and anti dumping investigations into imports of chinese made steel products it does would emerge. as. you know. these it's from cards where they can with your patent thrown in the towel just yet it still has the power to grant china's wishes and as the country's second biggest trade partner the fall of one is the fall of both the e.u. also has its own demands for one backing on syria and iran part of the political game and. politics given that there's been and is very much committed to economics
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in particular for resources but behind the gates of cash rich china it's fighting its own battle trying to sell the idea to its people chinese internet forums were abuzz with annoyance at what they see as poor ordinary chinese paying for rich europeans so that's why the chinese prime minister. try to persuade people when they think people and. you can seem the government. helping the european union is also helping ourselves not all the chinese are convinced but if business must go on one local commentator wrote don't hand over a dime without asking for the world in return tesser cilia r t brussels a look now at some of today's world. colombian rebels have reportedly killed ten government soldiers and an officer there tattoed place near the venezuelan border
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patrol it follows part and else saying that it would release ten soldiers and police officers held hostage for over a decade the group has been fighting. the government since the one nine hundred sixty s. and baby gather kidnapped and campaign in the eighty. five people have been found dead aboard a migrant ship off the coast of southern italy fifty two others were rescued safely from the boat which it travels from going to are they are telling coast guard says many on board were dehydrated or suffering from hypothermia and human figures show around sixty thousand migrants landed in italy last year mostly africans fleeing their countries because of the conflict in libya every copy of the week's top stories in a few moments stay with us. if
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